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14 years in waiting…

Ted Lilly obviously has a big assignment his first night out and I’m looking forward to seeing him in Dodger blue…I remember following him in our minor leagues when I first started out in the front office and he was at San Bernardino (and he pitched a no-hitter back in 1997). As he told the media the other day in San Fran, he always dreamed about pitching for Los Angeles and it’s taken him 14 years, but he finally has that chance.

There’s not a whole lot more that can be said here…we’ve got three games left against the Padres this week and we need to start winning to put ourselves in a position to make a move over the next two months.

A big weekend by the Bay

First pitch is happening right now and while nothing is truly must-win until the end of the season, these are some pretty huge games right now against the Giants and Padres.

Charley Steiner pointed out that including tonight, we have one third of our remaining games (20 of 60) against these two teams. Obviously that gives us a lot of opportunity to make a move and at the same time, gives these teams a chance to create some distance between us and them.

Should be a fun series, with tomorrow’s trade deadline looming large…less than 20 hours away.

First a bobblehead, then a Sportscenter commercial…

Even without Andre Ethier in the lineup, the Dodgers won their ninth straight last night on his bobblehead night and there was a packed house at Dodger Stadium.

Now, Andre is over at ESPN Los Angeles studios to film a “This is Sportscenter commercial,” which usually means you’re pretty darn big if they’re asking you to do this sort of thing. And even better, you’ll get to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the commercial shoot, as the Dodgers Media Network is here getting some pretty cool stuff. Amazingly, there are like 40 people on the set for a 30-second spot. Pretty crazy.

What’s next for the budding star?

Well, he’s got an upcoming action figure night (July 8), a poster (Aug. 20) and a few other big time media requests we’ve gotten for him. We’re going to try to bang out most of these while he’s hurt because unfortunately, he can’t play at the moment. But, hopefully he’ll be back soon and by then, who knows, maybe the Dodgers will be on a 23-game winning streak…

A chance to move into a first place tonight at the Ravine against the Padres…