A big weekend by the Bay

First pitch is happening right now and while nothing is truly must-win until the end of the season, these are some pretty huge games right now against the Giants and Padres.

Charley Steiner pointed out that including tonight, we have one third of our remaining games (20 of 60) against these two teams. Obviously that gives us a lot of opportunity to make a move and at the same time, gives these teams a chance to create some distance between us and them.

Should be a fun series, with tomorrow’s trade deadline looming large…less than 20 hours away.


All we can do is keep our fingers cross, Josh.

s/b crossed.

I hope the players took a huge dose of Geritol….our bats are extremely anemic!

Oh Casey Blake was playing with a hurt back just danny.

I hope that was a warming Lincecum didn’t get the last game vs us.

oops warning

Yeah Martin

I hate runners at 1st and 3rd with less than 1 out that didn’t ended up as a dp and we only scored 1 run instead of 2.

When was the last time two different Dodgers (Martin & Furcal), has RBIs in the same game?

lol 10 runs for the Rockies with 2 outs omg.

The new pitcher couldn’t get no one out

Good evening all. I hope all is well with everybody.
Josh — I want to thank you for putting together the tour & it’s details for us. I appreciate it.
Funny story about Josh from today. I was at the park this afternoon and evening to try to get an autograph or two. The players pull up in cabs and walk into the park past a couple of barricades and sometimes stop and give a few autographs.
A minivan cab with tinted windows pulls up & there were about 50 people waiting to see which player it was. Well out jumps Josh and he says that he’s sorry but he’s not anybody important. You’re important Josh!!
I agree with the points that Birk made in the last thread about Josh. He is doing his job. I don’t expect him to slam his bosses. My guess is he has some pretty good chats with his wife at night. The McCourts haven’t made his job very easy.
I’m not happy at all with the ownership. But I will probably go to the tour. I love the Dodgers for the Dodgers & not for the owners. I realize that me paying for stuff at the stadium puts money in their pockets. In this instance I will attend.
A point was made that we here had asked for a tour and I’m one of those that was looking to go. So if I can I will go. I’ve never been on a tour and it would be fun to be there with many that I chat with on here. It would be great for everyone on here to go even if they aren’t happy with the ownership. I will be there because I love the Dodgers and I want to meet some of you and hopefully see Nelly, True, D4, and the Norcal crew again. Enchanted & Bear it would be great if you both went as well. It’s obvious that you love the Dodgers and I appreciate your passion. Just go and don’t have any food or drink!

Freaking infielder singled and 2 outs hits would kill you.

They ended up with 12 runs in that inning.

Well is a good thing I am having a second drink. I am drinking Lemonade with Ketel One.
Is unbelievable the difference in a Weaver at Dodger Stadium and on the road.

Pathetic!!! Time to unload as much crap as you can Ned!!! G’nats need a lefty reliever, see if they’ll take Sherrill!! LOL!!

It now occurs to me why Ned went out and got Posednik and is looking at guys like Theriot, Lilly and Maholm – they’re used to losing.

“You do it to yourself, you do,
And that’s what really hurts.
You do it to yourself, just you.
You and no one else.
You do it to yourself…”
– Radiohead, “Just” (from the 1995 album “The Bends”)

Thought that was appropriate.

hahahaha why do that to them Wally? Given them back there Trashner too.

LOL Beav!!! This team is toast. And, if the McCourts aren’t forced to sell soon, this organization will be set back 10 years or more!!! You called it Beav, Pirates and Royals West!!!

Good one North!!! Yep Shad, that is one way to screw the G’nats!!!

I want someone to get beaned tomorrow I don’t think those 2 hbp that Blake got were unintentionally.

I have a bad feeling he would be light out for them and I don’t know why lol. Mota was light out than he turned into garbage that fast. Last year Mota was garbage the first 2 to 3 months and he turned it around.

I was so happy at the start of this game. I was watching the game, in Peoria, AZ, with a table-full of gnat fans (none of which were my family)and I thought “yes!! – this game is going much better”, and then it just kept getting worse and worse and worse. I love the Dodgers, but this is just painful to watch at times, especially when it is these two teams, and we are on the losing end.

The Lakers and Kings season can’t get here fast enough.

Don’t dispair, I think we’ll be able to catch the Rox.

Looking forward to meeting you and the wifei. yes, you can bring your own food at Dodger Stadium. Also D.S. is the only stadium (correct me anyone if I there is another one) from the ones I’ve been to that allows you to bring plastic bottles of soda, juice or gatorade in addition to water as long as is sealed and I believe 20 oz. The ones I’ve been to only allows water.
Also according to my friend William who has a 3 year old, Dodger Stadium is the only stadium that he has been to that he does not have to pay for his son because he is 3.
hmmm… Tim only hit two this year and he hits Blake twice…

Don’t do it Ned forget Lilly and Theriot.

Team needs guys that can drive in runs, Ned gets us one JP and is looking at another…

Is it me or is there a large disconnect in Ned’s brain?

Let’s try seeing what you can get for Blake and Manny and Furcal and Martin and DeWitt and Kuroda and Padilla – should be able to restock the farm pretty good and let’s bring up a few young guys and see what they can do. They obviously can’t do any worse offensively, and it would at least be something you could root for.

Collie did you read my post about Bautista? I wouldn’t mind if it was a Blake for him swap but him having a fluke year bother me. I even calls him Blake because of the slow start in his career.

Podsednik’s first Dodger RBI.

Shad ~ I think we are getting Lilly, sad to say. We will have Shirley and Lilly…just swell πŸ™‚ and, the poor Yankees, always needing more, signed Kearns and are about to sign Berkman.
However, I think the Yankees may want Lilly too…so, they will probably do the deed!

Sorry Nelly, but Andre has stunk up the joint since coming off the DL!!! He’s a freaking mess right now!!!!

That’s 5 2 out runs we’ve surrendered tonight…


Oh well, more sub par crap!!! I hope they at least take note, don’t pitch to Huff!!!

Turn out the lights the party’s over…

That was a swell way to start the series in S.F. The Dodgers were lucky to get within striking distance… it really should not have been that close… they got a couple of lucky breaks but not enough of them.
Did anybody notice the way Broxton was shaking out his arm after the game the other day? I wonder if he has an injury?

Bullpen fails again. Sell Ned. No way we should be buying!!!!

I agree Jhall!! I am not sure what is up, but something sure is.

We should be shopping Kuroda!! About the only thing we have that could help another team that is contending. I’d unload Billz if the return is very good. Martin for some good prospects!!!

Hi’Ya Nelly!!! They brought Andre back a week or so too soon!!

What Wally??!! Ned’s saving our season with Posednik, Castro and Trashner, maybe even Lilly and Theriot.

Honestly, outside of their hometowns does anyone even know these guys are major leaguers? They don’t exactly fill one with dread. Well, except maybe me in that Ned would even think these guys could make a difference.

Yeah OldBrooklynFan, definitely an improvement.

There’s signs of life yet, hope they make them pay tomorrow.

Get Mitchell up here trade Blake.

Bullpen fails again. Sell Ned. No way we should be buying!!!!
By jhallwally on July 30, 2010 11:31 PM

I agree jhall. Let’s sell Ned. Who do we sell him too?

I’m out. Have a good night everyone.


If you want a pitcher from the Cubs take this guy and even though he got lit up tonight in Colorado. I’d take him over Sherrill.

Yep Beav, it is a no-brainer!!! And that is exactly what we have with Frank, Ned, and JoJo!!! If brains were dynamite, Frank and Ned couldn’t blow their noses!!!!! I agree Shad!! Unload Blake if you can!!!!

Don’t look in Colorado because the Rockies had 12 runs with 2 outs.

I was hoping the cameraman would pan up during the Torre interview so I could see who is in the picture on the wall in the visiting manager’s office wearing a Yankee uniform…

Goodnight North!!! Good seeing/reading you as always my friend!!!!!

What is the risk for not bring him up? Who’s are top prospect at 3rd bases since Josh Bell is gone? Pedro Baez? lol that name is scary for some reason. A combined of Pedro Feliz and Dany Baez hahahaha. I still don’t think are farm is this weak. I just want to see what’s Mitchell can give us at 3rd bases.

Can’t argue with that Wally!! LOL

Russell Mitchell is already 25 years old and I know he can’t be another career minor leaguers like John Lindsey and Mitch Jones.

Jhall – he must have so much going on in his head right now about what he is doing wrong that nothing is going right. Hopefully he gets it all worked out. I worry about him because he wears this team on his shoulders so heavily, and he maybe just needs to relax and think about himself for just a tad, even though that is not how he thinks normally.

I agree Nelly. He’s obviously trying way too hard to shoulder the whole load!!! He needs to relax and realize he can’t do it all!!!

Well folks I’m going to hit it. Can’t wait until tomorrow to see what Ned “lands.”

And afterall, tomorrow is another day.

I know Jhall, but he wants to do it all, which is the problem I am assuming.

So, is it set that we have Lilly are is this just more talk? ………….because if it is just talk, then I will believe it when I see it in writing. I just don’t understand why we don’t go after pitching from the beginning. We have known since November of last year we would need pitching and what do we do?…………wait until Friday at midnight to do something about it.

Good Night BPB1. Have a great Saturday!!!!

Here is what is being reported over on facebook………….

according to a good source, Ted Lilly becoming a Dodger is a done deal. Still working on the tail end of the deal which could bring The Riot (or another position player) to L.A. If we get Lilly AND The Riot, Cubbies want Blake DeWitt, a prospect and a good amount of cash. Deal should be announced in the morning.

My questions are…………..which prospects and what amount of cash? If Frank has a good amount of cash, why did we wait so long?

Gawd… I wish we were selling and not buying.

On the season Theriot is hitting .284 with 1 dinger and 21 RBI’S in 388 ab’s. Lifetime he’s a .287 hitter.
DeWitt is hitting .270 with 1 dinger and 30 RBI’s in 256 ab’s.
I don’t think another #4 pitcher is what this team needs. Do you???

I just came back from this game. I’m so pissed-off. Im sorry but the dodgers has so many chances. Bat furcal, then pods. Ethier Im sorry, but you had the chances, perhaps the 60 day DL, back in may and things would be clicking. I f we go 3 of 4 vs padres next week there hope. Bils gives us 6 food inning tomorrow would be amazing. Trades: dont see Lilly as anything worth giving up, a value added concern,
Drink tequila , it helps.
away with me. Go dodgers!

Koufax — Next time you go let me know and we can meet there. I was there until about 5:30. It would of been cool to meet you!
Your points are right on. I think Ferk should stay at leadoff. He does have more pop but I think he also is used to hitting there so why change it up.
Dre was brought back too soon. I felt it then and still feel that way. There is a fine line when dealing with a swing or a pitch. If something is off/painful even just a little you alter how you pitch/swing so there isn’t pain. Sort of like when you hurt your ankle so you alter your walk a little differently to stop the pain. This in turn can cause a knee injury.
They all seem to be pushing it. Ferk tying for 3rd when Dre is on deck was a mistake. I’m all for going all out put that is trying to do to much IMO. He stays at second and Dre gets a single and that’s a run.
They are all pressing and have for much of the season.
Shad — I did see your comments. I was just thinking that trading for Bautista would add some pop to a popless lineup and also getting Uggla would help. Then they could of traded DeWitt or Blake.
My thought is just that there isn’t any plan that is used by Nedco. We need pop and they get Pod. We need pitching and they get Trashner, etc… As Nelly said we all knew this in November and we are still here. There never seems to be a plan to get a player and backup plans. It just seems very willy nilly.
It boils down to they don’t have $$$ and they $$$ they have they want to use for houses and Mani/pedi’s. I bought their BS the 1st few years but now realize I was duped.
They could of gotten Hunter in ’07 the offseason but they didn’t. They could of gotten CC in the ’08 offseason but they didn’t. They could of traded for Uggla or Josh Johnson in the ’09 offseason (At the time, Marlins ownership had stated they didn’t want to give Johnson a large contract & Uggla was on the block as well) but they didn’t. They also could of had Lee and possibly Halliday & Oswalt in the last year or so but they didn’t.
There really wasn’t much in the free agent market last offseason which is why they should of gone after CC. They should of been looking at who would be a free agent not the coming year but the next few years and plan ahead. I’m all for homegrown talent but also to fill in with some players in their prime. CC, Bills, Johnson, Kersh, and Kuroda would be a pretty good staff if you ask me.
They just seem to live by the seat of their pants and they don’t have the checkbook to run a team like that.
By the way, hows that #1 pick they made coming????

OK Ned, here’s the plan. Put on your Al Campanis genius cap and get Jayson Werth from Philly somehow. Once Manny comes off the DL you put him on the waiver wire, and when the smoke clears he’s a Minnesota Twin for two months. Get Lilly if you want, but no Theriot, and then cane yourself for allowing this team to trot out Haeger, Monasterios, McDonald, the Ortiz Twins, and Ely over the course of four months. And I know I’m forgetting a pitcher or two….

Blake DeWitt over Ryan Theriot

Yeah Collie I was thinking the same thing.

My boy Weaver isn’t getting it done lately. Somebody pointed out a week or so ago, if one part of the team steps up another part breaks down. O well. Beat ’em today!!!
Can’t see giving up much of anything at this point in the season for a two month pitcher.

Hey, PObear, the White sox have inquired about your boy, Manny. May not happen today but, perhaps, in August. Apparently, our management is not happy with him always being on the DL. πŸ™‚

Maybe we can get JP and Andruw back….LMAO!!!!

Padres get Ryan Ludwick.

Wow, now there are three teams intersted in Manny….imagine that!

Wow, now there are three teams intersted in Manny….imagine that!

No Dre in lineup today…..GA taking his place πŸ™‚

Done deal…Lilly and Theriot for Blake DeWitt and two minor league pitchers.

You bite Ned. Theriot is no freaking upgrade over Dewitt.

Did I just here that 2 more teams want Manny other than TB?

I see the game is on Fox this afternoon. Today would be a good time to turn this thing around. Right now, in fact.

Career vs B. Zito 64 21 1 2 2 9 7 12 2 2 .328 .384 .500 .884

I’m sure Torre is playing GA today for his success against Zito but him in RF. You have to move Kemp to RF and Pods to CF.

Just freaking terrrible Theriot bite.

Podsednik, LF
Furcal, SS
Kemp, CF
Blake, 3B
…Loney, 1B
Martin, C
Anderson, RF
Carroll, 2B
Billingsley, P

I am sorry, but even on Andre’s worst days, I still rather have him in Right Field than Anderson.

They did it!!! Blake DeWitt and two minor league pitchers for Lilly and Theriot. Here we go boys and girls!!!

They did it!!! Blake DeWitt and two minor league pitchers for Lilly and Theriot. Here we go boys and girls!!!

They did it!!! Blake DeWitt and two minor league pitchers for Lilly and Theriot. Here we go boys and girls!!!

Kyle Smit and Brett Wallach are the minor league pitchers.

Two perfect trades for this lost, neglected season. Podsednik, Lilly and Theriot. All things considered, much ado about nothing. At least DeWitt gets to play closer to home. Guess that’s the best thing I can say…that, and the fact that Haeger won’t take the ball again. Appears Yankees, Angels and White Sox all inquired about Manny. I’m sure they basically offered nothing in return.

Two perfect trades for this lost, neglected season. Podsednik, Lilly and Theriot. All things considered, much ado about nothing. At least DeWitt gets to play closer to home. Guess that’s the best thing I can say…that, and the fact that Haeger won’t take the ball again. Appears Yankees, Angels and White Sox all inquired about Manny. I’m sure they basically offered nothing in return.

Thanks for the news, Nelly. As far as I can see, this trade is a giant step sideways.

If it makes you feel any better Dodger fans, the Cubbie fans are just as irritated as we are. They are upset they let Theriot go. One commenter said they were first in their division……………..”The Idiot Division”. For what it’s worth, Theriot does give the Dodgers a hell of a time when he plays us so maybe it isn’t such a bad thing he is on our side for a change. However, sad to be losing DeWitt, but I wish him luck on another very historic team.

However, the Padres are making some pretty good moves themselves so they certainly aren’t going down without a fight. The gnat and Rox camps have been quiet. Wonder if they have anything in the works?

Ned?s ears must have been dirty? he thought Joe said, ?We need to get a little more poop in the line-up.?

Leave it to Ned to get the minimum for someone he should?ve at least gotten a couple of decent prospects for. Lilly?s gone in two months, and in the meantime will be lucky to sport a .500 record while in the blue. Theriot is yet another JP with the bat.

I?d take a bag a balls for Manny at this point. Ned must be holding out for a rosin bag too.

Between Frank?s greed and Ned?s stupidity, is it any wonder why we are where we are today?

Theriot isn’t that good big mistake. I’d rather have Lilly for the other 2 prospect.

Brett Wallach is the son of AAA manager Tim Wallach. So much for sentiment….

Well 1 of Tim Wallace son are gone.

They’re saying on Fox that we got Octavio Dotel – anyone have a confirmation on that?

Bring back Mark Grudzielanek.

Bye bye JMac . . . . .

Shad, you are SO right!!!

Shad, you are SO right!!! We need Belisario.
I’d love to see Sherrill suck it up and take the demotion. He’s obviously not helping the club. Doesn’t he know that there’s no “I” in “team”?

The Giants are looking for BP help…perhaps Down from Toronto.

The Giants are looking at BP help. Perhaps Downs from Toronto.

The Giants are looking for BP help…perhaps Down from Toronto.

Someone have to bite on Sherrill.

Has-been players (and Theriot) signed by a never-was GM.

Once again Ned Colletti goes to his dog-eared trade papers from 7 years ago.

The real losers today? Poor Blake DeWitt’s family, Cub-hating Cards fans born and raised in Missouri.

This must be pennance for moving the team from Brooklyn: 50 years of awesome, and we pay the piper by having this huckster as an owner.


No freaking Dotel. We just need Belisario back.

Yeah Nelly I knew it was that time of the month dang.

I see Ned’s trying to gut what’s left of the farm.

JMac and Lambo for Dotel – well done Ned. Well done.

Sorry folks (or some of you may not be so sorry! πŸ™‚ I’m done. This organization has no direction and no intention of ever winning anything. Call me when Frank sells the team.

My head is spinning from all the changes. Not sure how I feel about all these changes.
Good luck JMac. good luck Dewitt.

“Speak up now, yeah, speak up now.
Speak up ’cause no one’s listening.”
– At the Drive-In, “Speechless”

That lyric should be the motto for Dodger fans in the McCourt era, as FRANK McCOURT DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE DODGERS (and especially their fans, unless they bring money).

Lambo earlier this year received a 50-game suspension for a second drug offense, so that’s probably the thinking. Sounded more like weed or coke than any PEDs. McDonald? Many chances here, both as starter and reliever. Dotel? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I trust Logan White’s analysis of farmhands; he usually keeps the best. As far as Ned, he is what he is, and Frank, he is what he is. Non-vital moves for a club spinning its wheels in a non-vital season. Could have done without the Theriot/DeWitt part, but in the scheme of the universe…whatever. Best trade scenario? FRANK SELLS THE TEAM…and before the winter meetings!

Well, Ned’s stupidity continues. For Dewitt and JMac it must be a relief to get out of an organization that has been and continues to be decimated by such poor management. The Dodgers aren’t going anywhere as long as the current management reigns. Ned has wasted more money and given away more talent than any GM I know of. Only an owner like Frank would put up with so many bad decisions.

Lambo had no future with the team anyway with that pot issue maybe he needs to be trade asap.

I’d rather still keep JMac not his fault he was bounce from a starter to a reliever back as a starter to a reliever and I think that been the problem.

Ohhh Nooo enchanted!!!! You aren’t leaving US are you? You can’t leave ITD!!!! We need your song writing talent and your bombastic, but fun attitude!!!

If you haven’t already read/heard…………….

SAN FRANCISCO — Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier has left the team for at least the next day or two after his wife went into labor with the couple’s second child about a week ahead of schedule.

I maintain that during Logan White’s tenure as head of player development the Dodgers have traded very few “can’t-miss” prospects. The only two that come to mind might be Edwin Jackson and Carlos Santana, but the jury is still out on Santana. The maddening part is what the Dodgers get in return–middle-of-the-road rentals. But then, given the lack of success Dodger youngsters have achieved after leaving, maybe the other clubs traded wisely. Kind of, our vanilla ice cream for your vanilla ice cream.

Wally, are you sure “pea” is spelled that way?

messagebear – the article made reference to the fact Andre would have probably had the day off anyway because of the lefty, Zito, pitching and that his average this month has been dismal, (which I agree wholeheartedly), but it’s not like anybody is hitting so well right now, other than Raffy.

Again — 1 slider then 5 straight fastballs — please learn how to throw a change!!!!

Yep it was the time of the month but gosh is the wrong time for that lol.

Dang Blake why couldn’t you do that with runner on bases lol?

Hello Gang!! Hope you are all having a great afternoon!!! Although I am sickened by the McCourt/Colletti tenure and what they are doing to our once fabled team, I will continue to love and root for my Dodgers. Been some pretty sad seasons since I became a Dodger fan around 1964!!! One thing is for sure, interacting with all of my ITD friends and true believers, is not something I would give up because of Frank, Jamie, and Ned. The sun will rise again on our team!!! Just need a new owner, GM, manager, and coaching staff. We will prevail together!!!!

Way to go Blake!!! Let’s whip these G’nats!!!!

Blake was probably pissed that he has gotten hit twice! Good for you Casey!

Best wishes to the Ethier family! When we saw Maggie at the All-Star parade, we commented that she looked like she was ready to have the baby. Bet is going to be a nice healthy baby!

Very well said Jhall!!!! How are you today?

Hi’Ya CZ and Nelly!!! Always great to see you both!! Doing well Nelly, thanks, how about you!!! I’m really hoping we can start a win streak today!!!

BPB1 ~ YOU CANNOT LEAVE US!!!!! Who’s going to provide back-up for POBear?!!!!!!

Does anyone see the irony of letting go of Wolf and JP and obtaining Lilly and Posednik? That Ned is really screwd.

OK, so I was done for an hour…

Great job Kuo!!!!!!

Jhall – I am glad when you are around too. We are doing great!!! We are down in Peoria, AZ (at the Padres/Mariners spring training complex) with Michael and his (our) travel team at a National wood bat tournament, and we have been stuck in rain delays almost everyday. The weather has been crazy here, and it’s been alot of down time waiting and not being able to do much else. The good part is our team is 2-0, and we haven’t even used our good pitchers yet so we are in very good shape for the next two days of brackets and hopefully a run at the championship.

Oh did I say screwd, I must have meant shrewd.

That is great Nell’, good for you. Good luck in the tournament and to Michael!!!

For that matter, does anyone see the irony in getting rid of Mota and obtaining Dotel?

And all it cost us was prospects for essentially the same players he didn’t want earlier.

Screwd it is.

Yeah!!!!!!! Your back!!!! I knew you couldn’t stay away from us for too long.

Oh hell Nells, I was put on this earth to put coals underneath the feet of Ned, Joe and Frank.

And to piss people off too. πŸ™‚

Hello my brother!!! Yep, let Wolf and Garland walk for nothing, and now we give up prospects(which we don’t have an abundance) for Lilly and Posednik. Ned isn’t screwed or shrewd, he’s a moron and out of his league!!!!

:))) We love’ya Beav!!!

I see we’re pounding the ball as usual.

Kemp has so much talent… I wish he’d try using it sometime.

Beav, you’ve got to keep the pea under Princess’s Ned and Frank’s mattress!!!!

I’m not going anywhere, I might indulge in some non $15 alcoholic beverages… today practically calls for ’em

And now for something completely different:

Ned: “OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh………………………
I’m a Blue GM, and that’s okay,
I trade away kids for vets who can’t play”

Frank and Joe: “He’s a Blue GM, and that’s okay,
He trades away kids for vets who can’t play”

Ned: “I trade away kids, and if they’re good,
I’ll sign ’em 10 years later
I wear orange tights and skirts at night
To avoid all the haters”

Frank and Joe: “He trades away kids, and if they’re good,
He’ll sign ’em 10 years later
He wears orange tights and skirts at night
To…. avoid…. all the…… …. huh?”

[awkward pause]

Joe: ” [clears throat] Ooooohhhh,
I’m the manager, and that’s okay
I sit down kids for vets who can’t play”

Frank and Ned: “He’s the manager, and that’s okay
He sits down kids for vets who can’t play”

Joe: “I lean on the rail as my team fails,
Take trips to the lavatory
I take 2 Advils and 2 Nytols
With Bigelow’s Green Tea”

Frank and Ned: “He leans on the rail as his team fails,
Takes trips to the lavatory
He takes 2 Advils and 2 Nytols
With… Bigelow’s Green… … ”

[Frank and Ned are silent, look at Joe]

Frank: [spoken] you might want to seek help for that, Joe…
I’m the Blue owner, and that’s okay,
I buy cheap vets, sell kids I can’t pay.”

Ned and Joe: “He’s the Blue owner, and that’s okay,
He buys cheap vets, sells kids he can’t pay.”

Frank: “I spend my cash, though not on the team,
Don’t care about the fans’ strife,
I wear blush rouge for ladies,
Just like my &!%(# ex-wife”

Ned and Joe: “He spends his cash, though… not on the team?
Don’t care about the fans’ strife [Ned: Neither do I!]
He wears blush rouge for … ladies…?!”

Ned: YOU MEAN YOU HAD MORE MONEY?!!! I COULD’VE GOTTEN MAHLOM, LIVAN AND CHIPPER TOO?!!! [tears up] I don’t even know you anymore.

Joe: [sigh] Can’t believe I left the Yankees for this [rolls eyes]

Ned: But Joe, the Yankees let you…

Joe: [angrily cuts off Ned] I CAN’T BELIEVE I LEFT THE YANKEES FOR THIS!

Yeah I had to come back to keep you out of trouble Wally! Well, come back to at least keep you and Bear from taking ALL the heat…

I’d rather pee ON Princess Ned’s and Frank’s mattress!!

Make sure you repost this on the new thread Northstateblues. It is fabulous!!!!

Thanks Beav!! Your a team player and Bear and I will definately need it. LOL!!! Outstanding North!!! LMAO!!!!

North, you’ve been on a roll lately – well done sir!!!

LOL!!! Jamie already sh*t in his bedroom!!!

F*cking Rats!!®

Brox just doesn’t have the closer balls!!!!!

I’d be seriously considering making Kuo the closer and putting Brox back in the set up roll. He just doesn’t have the sack for closing.

new thread :))

WTF was Kuo pulled. No reason for that ****.

Timmy should had a lost last week and got bail out. Now Zito should had one and got bail out also.

Why in the hell would you even get those players Ned? You freaking moron.

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