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The Hot Stove is burning…

As always, Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts has a very good caveat for enjoying this time of year if you’re a baseball fan. I, too, thought it was rather odd how every major media outlet jumped all over a supposed conversation with one person who supposedly had knowledge, but I guess that’s part of the fun of this time of year. In any event, Jon says it better than anyone, so check it out.

Also, there are three cool things coming up at Dodger Stadium that you might or might not know about. The first is the Madonna concert on Nov. 6. For those who haven’t heard, she’s performing here next week…that’s about all I can add on that front.

The second is a chance to take batting practice on the field, with Russell Martin and Andre Ethier serving as instructors. The event is called “Under the Lights” and I know how many Ethierholics there are here (that’s your term, not mine!) so check it out.

And finally, there’s an event going on this Saturday — the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s annual walk, which is one of the primary fundraising events for JDRF in Los Angeles.  I have to be up front and honest here – I recently joined the board of directors for the LA chapter of JDRF, so obviously I think this is a very noteworthy charity. It was brought to my attention by former Dodger Todd Zeile, whose daughter, Hannah, battles Type 1 diabetes every day. Adding to the grandeur of Saturday’s walk is an appearance by Nick Jonas (for any of you with kids or those of you who are Jonas Brothers fans). Plus, it’s a reason to come to Dodger Stadium in early November!

Anyway, if you would like to donate to the JDRF, here’s a very easy link and I know a lot of people who would be extremely grateful for your big hearts. You can donate at the main site of JDRF or the site I’ve started to help raise money, which is here.  


It’s coming down pretty hard outside so I’m guessing the first pitch will be delayed, if the game gets in at all. Most talk is that we’d play a day-night double header tomorrow if we don’t get this one in, but as I type this in the clubhouse, everyone is preparing to play at 3:55 as scheduled. I guess that’s how you have to do it to stay ready to go.

Speaking of rain (this is arguably my worst transition ever), tickets for the Madonna show at Dodger Stadium on Nov. 6 go on sale tomorrow. She once had a song called “Rain.” Anyway, she’ll join a long list of incredible musicians to play at Dodger Stadium as part of the “Sweet & Sticky Tour”…what else can I say? I figured maybe some of you are big fans, right?

Moving on…it was 31 years ago today that Joe Torre the player became Joe Torre the manager and in fact, he was both at the same time for a few weeks. He’s gone on to become the only person in big league history with 2,000 hits as a player and 2,000 wins as a manager, which is a truly impressive feat.

For the Dodger history buffs, that same day J.R. Richard threw a complete game against the Dodgers in a 5-2 Houston win.

As for today’s game, same lineup as yesterday, with Billingsley on the bump. 

Pierre, LF

Kemp, CF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

DeWitt, 3B

Maza, SS

Billingsley, P