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Taiwan bound

We’re just about an hour away from boarding the bus to the airport, with a 10 am scheduled departure for Taipei. This job comes with some unique perks and safe to say, traveling around the world is one of them. While some may not be looking forward to a 15-hour flight to Taiwan for what amounts to three days on the ground, I’m personally excited about checking out another country that I’ve heard so much about for the past 10 years.

As PR representatives, we’re constantly promoting the players and the team and so we’ve probably written the word “Taiwan” 1,000 times in relation to Chin-Feng Chen, Hong-Chih Kuo, Chin-lung Hu, Chin-Hui Tsao or the Dodgers’ overall international efforts over the years.

Just last year, we signed a partnership with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and had a news conference at Dodger Stadium talking about how beautiful the island is and encouraging people to go there, yet we had no clue at the time that we’d be going there six months later.

Speaking of Chen, he’ll actually play against us in the series and it’ll be nice to see him. He was always a nice guy and over there, I’d imagine he’s a legend in the game of baseball. Yesterday, with the Rockies in town, I reminded Jim Tracy of Chen’s first day in the Majors when we were in Denver…there was just one Taiwanese reporter in town who was lucky enough to get an exclusive on the first-ever Taiwanese Major Leaguer and yet, with Trace speaking in all of his baseball lingo, had the kid completely confused. It was hilarious.

Anyway, here are some of the documents we put together for the trip for those interested.

Game Notes Fri and Sat.doc 
Dodgers History in Taiwan.doc  
Taiwan roster.xls 

I hope to post here at the blog at least daily and will be tweeting @dodgertownusa as much as possible, so follow us there if you aren’t already.

In addition, we’re bringing a number of media members with us so keep an eye out for some fun and unique coverage from Ken Gurnick at dodgers.com, Ramona Shelburne at espnlosangeles.com, our friends at PRIME TICKET, FOX News, and of course, photo galleries from Jon SooHoo on the site.

Talk to you all from Taiwan in about 20 hours…