Taiwan bound

We’re just about an hour away from boarding the bus to the airport, with a 10 am scheduled departure for Taipei. This job comes with some unique perks and safe to say, traveling around the world is one of them. While some may not be looking forward to a 15-hour flight to Taiwan for what amounts to three days on the ground, I’m personally excited about checking out another country that I’ve heard so much about for the past 10 years.

As PR representatives, we’re constantly promoting the players and the team and so we’ve probably written the word “Taiwan” 1,000 times in relation to Chin-Feng Chen, Hong-Chih Kuo, Chin-lung Hu, Chin-Hui Tsao or the Dodgers’ overall international efforts over the years.

Just last year, we signed a partnership with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and had a news conference at Dodger Stadium talking about how beautiful the island is and encouraging people to go there, yet we had no clue at the time that we’d be going there six months later.

Speaking of Chen, he’ll actually play against us in the series and it’ll be nice to see him. He was always a nice guy and over there, I’d imagine he’s a legend in the game of baseball. Yesterday, with the Rockies in town, I reminded Jim Tracy of Chen’s first day in the Majors when we were in Denver…there was just one Taiwanese reporter in town who was lucky enough to get an exclusive on the first-ever Taiwanese Major Leaguer and yet, with Trace speaking in all of his baseball lingo, had the kid completely confused. It was hilarious.

Anyway, here are some of the documents we put together for the trip for those interested.

Game Notes Fri and Sat.doc 
Dodgers History in Taiwan.doc  
Taiwan roster.xls 

I hope to post here at the blog at least daily and will be tweeting @dodgertownusa as much as possible, so follow us there if you aren’t already.

In addition, we’re bringing a number of media members with us so keep an eye out for some fun and unique coverage from Ken Gurnick at dodgers.com, Ramona Shelburne at espnlosangeles.com, our friends at PRIME TICKET, FOX News, and of course, photo galleries from Jon SooHoo on the site.

Talk to you all from Taiwan in about 20 hours… 



  1. fmontez1@yahoo.com

    Be sportsmen, and get some hits ! Make us proud out there, and show em how Los Angeles plays the game !

  2. trublu4ever

    Have a safe trip. And, remember to spread to Dodger love! Let everybody know why we all bleed Dodger Blue!

  3. Dodger4life

    Good Morning………..Have a nice flight and enjoy Taiwan everyone…..
    Per Dylan Hernandez Tweet
    Tony Abreu is playing shortstop and batting leadoff for the D-Backs vs. the Dodgers today.
    Per Tony Jackson Tweet
    AJ Ellis will face his brother, Dbacks pitching prospect Josh Ellis in today’s game
    Trivia Time……….This one was new threaded
    I was playing Dodger trivia with dodge16 on FB tonight and ran across this. I just thought someone would enjoy the challange if it is one??
    In the 1996 MLB All-Star game, which fellow Mexican did Fernando Valenzuela strike out to tie Carl Hubbell’s famed record of five consecutive strikeouts in MLB All-Star game history??


  4. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD!
    Have a safe trip!
    Why not Tony Jackson? Was he busy? I spoke to Pepe Yniguez and he said Jaime Jarrin was also going.
    Where do I find the Spring Training schedule for the games broadcasted in Spansih?
    I still have not had a chance to post some pictures! We took a ton of them!
    Tonight I am going to attend an event at the Downtown LA library.

    From the Los Angeles Downtown News:
    7.p.m.: Author Jess Katz will discuss his memoirs “The Opposite Field” with Father Gregory Boyle of the gang intervention group Homeboy Industries.
    Katz’s book tells a story of good love and failed love, of Los angeles and Portland, Nicaragua and Mexico and a father an son in search of a place to play baseball.
    I don’t think I ever heard of this book or Kats before, but I know of Father Gregory Boyle and the Homeboy Industries.
    I am excited about attending this event!

  5. Dodger4life

    Dodgers Fact
    The top hitter on the Dodgers 1965 World Series championship team was actually pitcher Don Drysdale, who batted a team leading .300 with 7 home runs, a National League record for pitchers.

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Folks
    Just settling in after going with Truebluewill, to CitiField for the tickets to the Mets series April 26,27 & 28.
    Nice to see Ethier lean into one.

  7. Dodger4life

    Yes, it was OBF….what a sweet stroke!! Kemp’s hit in the gap for a triple was nice as well.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. messagebear@msn.com

    I’m enjoying Abreu showing up Ned for the F’ing A**hole that he’s always been – miserable F’ing #482.
    Eat sh**, Frank, and

  9. dodgereric

    Good one, D4! Teddy Higuera. Kirby Puckett stopped the string. Only it was ’86, not ’96.

    ……..and sell the team, McCourt. We deserve better than you.

  10. trublu4ever

    I knew you’d get the answer, Dodgereric! Dumb-asss me, I did look up ’96 and couldn’t find anything. lol

  11. nellyjune

    Yeah!!! That’s for Andre’s homerun!!! There was no mistaking that one today. And LOL!!! That’s for thebatting out of order mistake – pretty funny!!!

    BTW – I think I have said this before, but I think the trivia game should be called “Who Can Stump Dodgereric?”, especially if it is Dodger trivia. I have seen the maticulous notebooks he kept, and he knows it all. Well, maybe not all, but 99.5% of it all 🙂 It would be up to us to figure out what .5 % he doesn’t know.

    oldbrooklynfan and truebluewill – I find it fabulous that you two get to enjoy Dodger games together in New York. That is just so fun knowing you two will be there.

  12. Dodger4life

    I don’t know if I can stump Eric, or anyone else for that matter. I will give it a go though…
    1) The Dodgers won more World Series championships (2) during the 1980’s than any oter team in baseball. Who were the only two players to play for the Dodgers during every season of that decade???
    2) Who did Dodgers pitcher Hideo nomo beat out for National League Rookie of the Year in 1995???
    3) What base is known as the keystone sack???

  13. jhallwally

    Hey gang!!! Hope you are all well and happy this evening. D4, great questions. 2nd is the keystone sack and I would venture a guess that Mike Scoscia is one of the two to play the whole decade of the 80’s. I’m still contemplating the other. Don’t give it away too soon. I’ll get back to you. LOL!!!

  14. jhallwally

    My best guess for the other player would be Fernando Valenzuela. Just off the top of my head as I know he was on the roster in 88. I’m not sure if his first year was 80 or 81 though.

  15. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Trumom!!! Always a pleasure to see you my friend!!! I sure hope our injury bug doesn’t continue!!!

  16. nellyjune

    Hey Jhall!!!! How ya doin’ ?

    Dodger4life – I wouldn’t know any of those for sure without looking it up to make sure it was right.

  17. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ I’d rather have injuries now than later. Blake is okay but, I’m not sure how serious Russell’s injury is.

  18. jhallwally

    I agree Trumom. Groin injuries take alot of time to heal. And catching has to be the most difficult on every body part, especially the groin.

  19. jhallwally

    If we don’t absolutely mash on offense, the NL West will come down to the pitching. Heck, it might anyway!!! Unless Billz, Kersh, and Kuroda come up big, we may not win the division. JMO!!! We’re going to need a lights out bullpen!!!

  20. nellyjune

    They were talking about that on talk radio when I was picking up Michael. They were saying if it weren’t for Nomar’s injuries, he could have had the chance to be HOF, along with Jeter and Rodriguez (who they were comparing Nomar to at the time). The injuries pretty much killed those chances.

  21. trublu4ever

    I saw that about Nomar, nellyjune. He got to sign a one day contract with Red Sox so he could retire as one of them. He threw out a pitch during game today. He will be an ESPN Analyst.

  22. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ I know pitching is very important. I was trying to hide my frustration at us not signing another starter. If, however, Billz, Kuroda and Kersh do their job, we should be fine.

  23. jhallwally

    The McCourts are more interested in acquiring lots of houses than spending the money on top line pitching!!!

  24. nellyjune

    If you think about it, if Manny can be the scary Manny again……………..having any pitcher face Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Manny Ramirez, and, IMO, James Loney……….has got to be to our advantage in the offensive department. I know we were saying this last season, but they are capable of scoring alot of runs with out offensive lineup. Let’s hope we see it this season, and perhaps, pitching will take care of itself. However, having said that, I hope the Bullpen is once again ready for a lights out season.

  25. jhallwally

    It’s going to be alot closer than it was last year gang!!! Look out for Colorado. And, if the G’nats get some offense they will be right there as well. If that isn’t enough, Arizona will be no pushover. It’s going to be a battle to win the west again.

  26. trublu4ever

    That’s what makes it fun, Jhall, isn’t it?! I’ll bet you a beer, Lincecum has an injury this year. And, another, that Webb fizzles! lol

  27. nellyjune

    Nice photo of Gibson and Lasorda in the gallery on the homepage. The photo of Andre’s smile caught my attention.

  28. nellyjune

    Isn’t Webb already starting the season on the DL? ….and listening to the gnat radio, their biggest concern is just playing defense. They aren’t too sure about Panda’s range at 3rd, Renteria isn’t getting any younger, and Freddie Sanchez needs to stay healthy. That, and Fred Lewis can hit the ball, but he can’t necessarily catch the ball in the outfield and they are placing DeRosa in the outfield, which he can play, but it’s not what he has played in the recent past. Then there is going to be the ongoing issue with who catches?…………..the young and talented new kid on the block Buster Posey or the old and aging veteran Bengie Molina? So, there pitching is definitely strong (barring injury), there offense seems to be a tad stronger than last year, but all their sports analysts think defense is going to be their biggest obstacle.

  29. nellyjune

    I know…………..I am still a little miffed about that comment in the LA Times that Andre is moody. First of all, he has been asked, a number I am sure is unimaginable, how he thinks his season is going to play out this year. I’m sorry, but if I am asked the same question over and over and over again, and it’s a question that is impossible for anybody to answer (like Andre said without a crystal ball), than I would tend to give the look like……….”you’ve got to be kidding me”. In Andre’s case, he didn’t crack a smile when he gave the crystal ball remark. As an Andre fan, I don’t blame him one bit for reacting that way. First and foremost, his job is to play baseball and to play it to the best of his ability (and I am sure it is all serious when it comes to that), and from what I have seen of the things he does off the field in the communities, both in LA and Arizona, he does plenty to show his fans he cares about the rest of the world too.

  30. jhallwally

    Andre hit 30 dingers and drove in over 100 runs. He can be as moody as he wants. He’s probably fed up with our ownership and GM spin crap!!!

  31. nellyjune

    Always 29 Jhall…………………always 🙂 LOL!!!! You are going to be 29 and Dodgereric is going to be 4 a few days later – LOL!!!! ……..and I believe oldbrooklyfan’s B-Day is the same as yours if I am not mistaken. All of you are so young at heart, numerical age doesn’t really seem to matter.

  32. jhallwally

    At 11, I played baseball, football, and basketball, had all my meals served to me, had a roof over my head at no expense, traded baseball cards with my buddies, bought comic books for 12 cents and pop or 5. Geez, all I had to do was keep my room reasonably clean and get decent grades. What a freaking deal!!! LOL!!!!

  33. jhallwally

    :))) Nelly!!! I don’t envy them. I think things were better when the telephone receiver was attached to the damn’ phone with a dial!!!! Bless their hearts, they’ve got a tough row to hoe!!!!

  34. nellyjune

    Things were definitely alot more simple back when I was a kid. Just the freedom to play outside in your neighborhood is something that these kids don’t have these days. It still happens, but in a very limited form and most likely more supervised than before. We used to go play by the creek for hours and hours and not think anything of it. Nowadays, a much different feeling when kids aren’t checking in more often.

    ………..but then there are some kids who have no boundaries at all these days, which they have their own unique and sad set of circumstances as well.

  35. jhallwally

    Sorry to get too sentimental and philisophic my friends. Alot of good memories coming back. Thanks!!! I think alot of you have that going on now and I am happy for you all.

  36. nellyjune

    Definitely jhall!!! I think I have maybe 8-10 students out of 24 in my class who currently have both parents living in the home, and three of my students are in foster homes. Out of the remaining students, about half of those actually have a situation where the two parents are in a good working relationship with each other even though they are separated/divorced. The rest…………….it’s a crap shoot and kid (s) tend to be the most responsible out of the family.

  37. jhallwally

    It’s tough on them Nell’. H*ll, all we worried about was a nuclear attack. Now you have to worry about sexual predaters everywhere and your friends posting everything you do on the internet. Geez, I’ll take the H-bomb!!!

  38. jhallwally

    Thanks for the thought provoking conversation gang!!! Goodnight and Excelsior True Blue Believers!!!!! Catch you all down the road a piece!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. nellyjune

    You can share all you want jhall!!! Love reading your stories/thoughts.

    We (Dodger4life and I) were just talking about the fun in just watching young kids (little league through high school) play baseball. There’s no money involved, and it’s just about playing the game……………..bad umpires and all – LOL!!!! We had some pretty bad umpires at Michael’s last game, but that also made it fun in it’s own way.

    I got submission errored Jhall!!! Good Night and THANK YOU for the conversation as well. Take care and have a wonderful tomorrow :))

  40. messagebear@msn.com

    Sorry, Tru – I guess I don’t consider that a sitcom. I can see Jamie more on something like Bravo in “The Real Wives of Malibu”.

  41. trublu4ever

    This morning on ESPN’s First take, they picked the #1 Sit-Com of all time….with their winner The Simpsons, just beating out Seinfeld. I have never seen an episode of the Simpsons….but, it got me wondering….what is your all time favorite TV comedy?

  42. Dodger4life

    Good morning everyone……….
    RIP Merlin Olsen……..
    My favorite sitcom is probabaly Cheers, probably the beer and baseball connection.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  43. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD
    So sad to hear Merlin Olsen passed away today. My heroes of yesterdays are passing away. I could not help shed a few tears this morning. See, I was a football fan before I becoming a baseball fan.
    Rest in peace Merlin.

  44. jhallwally

    Good morning gang!! Very saddened to learn of Merlin Olsen’s passing. I grew up a huge LA Ram and Fearsome Foursome fan!! Rest in peace big guy!!!! My prayers are with you and your family.
    I think Frasier is the best sitcom ever.

  45. jhallwally

    Hey D4!! Great stuff. I know Valenzuela was one of the pitchers with a no-hitter on June 29, 1990 because I was there. I’ll think about the second for awhile.
    I would guess Frank Robinson was the 100 HR guy!!!

  46. crzblue2

    My favorite episodes of the Simpsons are baseball related like Mike Scioscia Tragic Illness, the Isotopes but my all time favorites? Hmm. I did used to watch Seinfeld, Fraisier too and Cheers was another favorite but my all time favorite would have to be M*A*S*H. I still watch replays when they air. Hawkeye was my favorite doctor.
    Tough week for LA sports fans.

  47. jhallwally

    Hey D4!! I seem to sense a little Dodger theme in your questions. I’m going to change my 100 HR guy to Frank Howard after more thought. I’m thinking the pitcher with the most games must be a reliever. I’m still drawing a total blank on the second no-hit pitcher on June 29, 1990.

  48. nellyjune

    Dodgertown USA just posted that Brian Giles retired.

    Best sitcom ever………….let me think about that and get back to you.

  49. Dodger4life

    Two no hitters have been thrown on the same day twice in Major League history. The first was on April 22, 1898, when Cincinnati’s Ted Breitenstein and Baltimore’s Jim Hughes each tossed a ” no-no.” The second time occured on June 29th 1990. Can you name the two players who accomplished this feat?
    Name the pitcher who has taken the mound in a record 1,252 Major League contest?
    What was the first year the American League allowed the use of the designated hitter?
    Who was the first player in Major League history to hit 100 homers in both the American and National League?

  50. jhallwally

    Thanks D4!! Keep’em coming. I still can’t think of the other no-hit guy. Mike Marshall appeared in alot of games but I’m not sure he was around long enough for 1,252. I’m still contemplating.

  51. nellyjune

    I have watched only a few of the Simpsons show, but “Family Guy” is hilarious. So, as far as cartoon sitcoms, “Family Guy” over “The Simpsons” any day. I do like MASH. I didn’t learn to appreciate it until I was older, and now it’s one of my favorite. However, in recent decade or so, I loved (and still watch) “Spin City” up until Michael J. Fox left (but I still watch the ones with Charlie Sheen too), and I am an “Everybody Loves Raymond” kind of person because my friend has a mother-in-law who is just like Debra’s on the show As for the new ones, I don’t watch any of them.

  52. Dodger4life

    My X-mas stocking had a Dodgers, MLB trivia desktop calander inside….so I figured it would be fun, 365 days of facts and trivia.
    Yes jhall, you answered correct on the Valenzuela part and 1973 was the first year the A.L. used the DH.
    Keep guessing on the rest….and yes this particular episode has all Dodgers in it….( maybe not at the time in question but at some point.)

  53. Dodger4life

    Dodgers fact: The 1998 Street & Smith’s Sports Buisiness Journal named the Dodgers ” the most successful organization in Major League baseball during the 20th century.”

  54. kpookiemon

    Well, with Giles retiring today, that’s one down, two to go between Anderson and Mientkiewicz for left-handed PH. Excitement so thick you could cut it with a knife.

  55. oldbrooklynfan

    Looks like McDonald isn’t ready yet to go on passed the 2nd inning.
    That was nice start though.

  56. Dodger4life

    I’ll give you all some hint’s….
    The other pitcher has recently been in the press for the Dodgers…
    The 100 Hr were accomlished in L.A. and Boston
    and Yes the most games pitched in the majors was a relief pitcher……

  57. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s somewhat sad to read that one time Dodger Nomar Garciaparra is retiring.
    I know Nomar will never be forgotten by this blog.

  58. colliethec

    Hello there to all! I hope nobody is having a nice day.
    I hope that you all are have a GREAT day!!!!
    Sorry to read about Merlin. It seems as with me getting older so is everybody else. It seems as if the last 20 years have flown by like a Dre dinger!
    On another note Casey went deep today as well as Dre. That’s a good sign.
    Well take care everybody…

  59. lbirken@aol.com

    I had a good laugh reading the posts from last night. Makes one wonder what kids growing up today will tell their kids how things were in the “good old days”.

    I was a Nomar fan and will never forget the home run to win the game against the Padres after the back to back to back to back dingers tied the game. I wasn’t at that game but it was exciting to watch on TV. Too bad his body just could not hold up and Dodger fans did not get to see him at his best.

    I have had just about enough of reading obits for former L.A. area athletes.

  60. crzblue2

    “It’s somewhat sad to read that one time Dodger Nomar Garciaparra is retiring.
    I know Nomar will never be forgotten by this blog.

    By oldbrooklynfan on March 11, 2010 2:41 PM ”

    A couple of weeks ago, I was giving my friend Erik a ride. War’s song “Low Rider” started playing on the radio and we both just looked at each other saying “Ohhh…” That was Nomar’s entrance song when he came to bat. He is a local boy that went to St John Bosco High School in Bellflower, CA. Wish he played for the Blue in his earlier days.

  61. trublu4ever

    I was also saddened by the news of Merlin Olsen’s passing. I was a huge Rams fan when he was part of the “Fearsome Foursome”. That was a fun team to watch.

  62. nellyjune

    That is so true lbirken………about the kids now and the “good old days”. Just today we were talking about birthdays, and one little boy said his dad was born in the 1900’s. My thinking of 1900’s and his thinking of 1900’s were totally different. I started laughing not thinking that I didn’t really think about the fact that the students I have were born in 2002-4 and think 1987 was a long time ago to them – the year his dad was born.

  63. nellyjune

    You know……when I heard of Merlin Olsen’s passing, I thought of Amy and “Little House on the Prairie”. I didn’t know him as a football player (other than what I had read or seen in highlights), but I certainly remember him from that show.

  64. trublu4ever

    I was thinking all day about TV sitcoms and, in the earlier days, I loved the Dick Van **** Show….later Mary Tyler Moore Show and the Odd Couple. Also loved MASH. Everybody Loves Raymond still makes me laugh. Right now, I think Two and a Half Men is awesome.

  65. lbirken@aol.com

    Nelly, I think Merlin Olsen would be just as happy you remember him from TV as from the football field. He seemed so gentle in that role compared to how we remember him as a player.

    I am not sure if the Simpson’s is the “best” sitcom but it certainly is a favorite of mine. While I agree Family Guy can be quite funny, a lot of that humor is based on crude vulgarity. To me, the Simpson’s is just a lot funnier without all the vulgarity. Both programs have tackled tough issues but for crying out loud, how can something with a talking dog and a wise cracking baby be taken seriously? O.K., the baby is a nice touch and the talking dog is brighter than most of the human characters, so I guess that is acceptable. But what’s next, a program with a talking fish and an alien living in the attic?

  66. Dodger4life

    I thought of Merlin in Little House as well and it was good. I just remember something else being on that was a little more geared toward the male gender and my little sister trumping my show with her little house card. Funny I don’t remember what the show was I wanted to watch so bad….I know it wasn’t Wonder Woman cause dad had the trump card for that one….I just remember being disappointed.
    The Odd Couple was another one of my favorites as well Tru….I loved Oscar.
    The pitcher other than Fernando was Dave Stewart
    The 100 – 100 guy was Reggie Smith
    The relief pitcher was Jessie Orosco

  67. northstateblues

    Farewell Willie and Merlin… both the same age. Let’s hope that this is one situation where death doesn’t come in threes…

    Favorite sitcom? I don’t really watch TV anymore. I watch television shows and movies on my laptop. Sunday night I watch Simpsons, Family Guy and the other Seth MacFarlane toons (heheheh, lbirken, for the talking fish and attic alien comment). Choosing between Simpsons and Family Guy is like choosing between a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Telecaster… both bring different things to the table. Simpsons is a shell of its former self, but the writing is better than it has been the last few years.

    Family Guy makes me happy I got stuck watching AMC and A&E as a kid (when those showed classic movies, not “classic” movies). Humor gets vulgar, but it helps to remember the best/worst lines are spoken by a baby rife with issues, an alcoholic racist dog, and someone who makes Forrest Gump look like Steven Hawking (and has legal documentation to prove it). Yet… the younger fans of that show wouldn’t be exposed to some of the great moments in American movie and musical history if they didn’t have Peter singing Shipoopi after a touchdown, and I look forward to their Hope/Crosby parody every season. It’s appealing to me, who surfs the internet while listening to my turntable (playing now, my “new” Chuck Berry “Golden Decade” double album on the turntable, $3 used).

    What am I talking about…. this is a baseball blog…

    the UniWatch blog had this link to an article from when the Dodgers trained in Havana… it’s about Larry MacPhail’s promotion of the precursor to the Batting Helmet in 1941. Good reading. http://www.flickr.com/photos/65516705@N00/sets/72157623592792890/detail/

    Also from the UniWatch blog, there’s a bunch of pics from the 1959 World Series in this post. Scroll down past the uniform poll to the section called the Squiddie Files: http://www.uniwatchblog.com/2010/03/07/these-go-to-eleven/ .

    Hope you enjoy those, I know I got a kick out of Edward G. Robinson, imagining him telling the photographer “You’re good, kid, real good, but as long as I’m around, you’ll always be second best, see?” (okay, I added the “see” to the classic line. Couldn’t help myself).

  68. lbirken@aol.com

    nsb, thanks for the link to the 1959 World Series photos. Talk about how things were in a different era. I remember going to Dodger games at the Coliseum. I also remember our teacher letting us watch part of Game 1 on TV during school. That was a big blowout win the the Sox. I did not attend a World Series game in 1959 but I was given a ticket stub by a cousin of mine who did attend. I still have it. Have a great evening, everyone.

  69. trublu4ever

    lbirken ~ Me too! I went to a few games at the Coliseum. And, we got to listen to or see games during school. Those were the days!!!!

  70. nellyjune

    lbirken – Does a talking sponge who makes Crabby Patties and has a talking Starfish as a friend count? LOL!!!! I am sure when they were thinking The Simpsons, they were thinking animated sitcom versus cartoon, but there are alot of adults who watch SpongeBob, and it’s not necessarily because they are parents.

    nsb – Fantastic post!!!

    I completely forgot about the Odd Couple…………loved Oscar (Jack Klugman),and then once I saw that post, I thought of all the other ones my parents used to watch……………………Mary Tyler Moore, Dick VanDyke, Barney Miller, Sanford and Son, Welcome Back Kotter, etc., etc. Then there was Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley as well.

  71. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi everybody.
    Well I got up 4 hours earlier this morning hoping to see the game from Taiwan but apparently I’m unable to.
    Even though it says “follow live”
    The only thing I’m able to get is the box score.

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