Do you ‘like’ Matt and Andre?

There’s just about one day left for you to help propel Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier into the starting lineup for the National League All-Star team and you can vote up to 25 times at and take part in the “Meet Matt” sweepstakes for a chance to meet the Dodger center fielder.

Even Matt and Andre are getting into the fun of voting…


  1. messagebear

    Unfortunately for both, there’s not a ghost’s chance either of them will make it on the fans’ votes. Frank has created so much turnoff that most fans won’t bother to vote anything Dodger. Might as well learn, Andre and Matt that you don’t want to stay near anything named Dodger either. Good luck to you both with free agency as soon as you qualify. Thanks for the good years.

    • lbirken

      I have been saying this as well. While I am still upset at Peter O’Malley from selling in the first place, I hold Bud Selig and MLB responsible for letting the McCourt’s buy the Dodgers. I will concede Bud may not have known how greedy these two people would be but he had to know or should have known more about their character. He needs to go as well.

    • northstateblues

      Me and a lot more posters, for sure.

      He’s still a joke, but I stopped laughing long ago.

      If only the Dodgers “fan” who relieved himself on the Willie Mays statue had the option to do so on Selig’s instead…

  2. trublu4ever

    Love Dre and Matty. I can’t see them making the starting roster with the severe ballot stuffing in other ballparks and, the lack of fans attending Dodger games. And, with Bochy as the NL manager, he probably won’t pick them either!

    • selltheteam

      If I were Bochy, I would definitely add Kemp to the team. It’s in his own self-interest, especially the G’nats having a chance of actually being in the World Series again this year. For us, though, because of Frank McCourt, our World Series drought has been extended at least another twelve years – seven years during his ownership plus at least five more years to rebuild.

    • JhallWally

      Kemp should definately be a starter in the AS game. However, that’s up to the fans. He will definately be selected by Bochy. I also look for Kersh to be selected especially if he has at least one more really good start before the break. I think he will get two more starts before the break. Ethier is on the bubble. He’s pretty high in the fan voting so Bochy might select him. Depends on who he has to pick from other teams to get at least one player from each team. Also injuries. April Ethier deserves to be there. May/June Ethier does not. Overall, he’s as deserving as any of the other bubble outfielders in the pack. Negative Dodger publicity and overall poor team play is probably not helping him.

  3. selltheteam

    If you are bankrupt, you are disqualified from having anybody on the All-Star team. Just ask Ken Lay from Enron. Oh. Yeah.

  4. JhallWally

    Riddle me this, why is Oeltjen not a good enough option to start over Thames against a right handed starter, but is good enough to pinch hit for Thames against a right handed reliever?
    • Some are amazed that Frank McCourt continues to try to hold on to the Dodgers in the face of severe financial troubles. One lawyer familiar with the case said, “The guy’s desperation and arrogance is going to kill him. Financially, he’s desperate. And emotionally, he’s desperate.” Another person, pointing out McCourt is several hundred million dollars in debt, said that even if McCourt agreed to sell the Dodgers, he might not leave with any money. McCourt bought the franchise for only $431 million, so he has a substantial IRS bill for capital gains when he does sell.

    Read more:

  5. MartinLoneyKemp

    The Dodgers problems (and that of the NFL in Los Angeles) can actually be traced back pre-O’Malley selling the team to former L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas who led the charge to destroy any NFL facility outside of the Coliseum, a venue which the NFL had made clear would never be accepted. Part of this was the withdrawal of the O’Malleys from building a football stadium at Chavez Ravine. If that had happened, the O’Malley family would have continued the classy ownership of the baseball Dodgers and brought a football team to the city.
    In short, the culprits:
    1) Mark Ridley-Thomas
    2) Fox/Rupert Murdoch
    3) Bud Selig (THE worst figure in baseball history)
    4) McCourts (The worst figures in Dodgers history)

  6. MartinLoneyKemp

    No need to fret about Matt Kemp being on the All-Star Game; it’s a no-brainer. Whether he’ll be voted on may be a question, as many Dodgers fans simply do not have the interest in the team to bother to vote for him online, and of course few are at the stadium to fill in hardcopy votes.

  7. nedsajerk

    Dodger draftee David Wingo College World Series MOP
    I really hope that they sign this guy soon. He was our 14th rounds picks.

  8. lbirken

    Where is the King and His Court when you need them? For those who might not know, this was a group comprised of 4 softball players: a lights out pitcher, a catcher, a first basemen and one fielder. This group would go against all comers, including major leaguers and dare them to as much as hit a foul ball. I saw them once at Dodger Stadium and as I recall, the pitcher, Eddie Feigner, threw bullet strikes from second base blindfolded and they still could not hit him.

  9. grizzy

    Very tru,trublu. In spite of my forced optimism, I’m starting to get the feeling this is not going to be a successful season. Just how in the hell did it come to this? I know, it’s all out there to see, but I’m just f*****g astounded by this. These are the Dodgers?

  10. Glo

    I’m a fan of both players and it’s so hard to chose one.. Now for those who are saying that either one of them will make it because of the current situtation..It shouldn’t be based on the problems with money and ownership of the Dodgers, It should be based on the players sats and performance. I’m a TRUE BLUE Dodger fan til the day I die! It sucks that the Mccourt’s stupidity has a reflection on the team, but true Dodger fans will always have love for them!

  11. nedsajerk

    R. Dempster 8.0 2 0 0 0 6 0 1.40 4.91
    Pitches-strikes – T Lincecum 114-69; R Dempster 78-57
    Oh my look at that PC for Dempster.

  12. nedsajerk

    Gosh damn it Cubs why did you pulled Dempster? Lincecum always seem to get freaking lucky and this Giants luck is freaking dumb.

  13. bob lee

    LAST PLACE. Just where we belong. What a pathetic team. 25 hits one day and then the nect day we can’t hit crap. What’s Ethier’s problem? Never saw him swing at such bad pitches as he has lately. He’s lost his swing.

  14. david

    I hope they both make it. Im sure its in matts bucket list ( matt should remember the bucket list from spring training) Go dodgers and hope to see u two in pheonix..

  15. northstateblues

    Speaking of Dodger paychecks…

    Here’s a non-descript few paragraphs hidden-in-plain-sight in a Dylan Hernandez article about Rubby de la Rosa (,0,6666202.story?track=rss ) :

    Some security guards and ushers who work at Dodger Stadium were told this week by their banks that their latest paychecks had bounced.

    The reason: The Dodgers had filed for bankruptcy Monday.

    A team spokesman said in a written statement that the Dodgers’ bank accounts were frozen for 48 hours upon the bankruptcy filing. The affected part-time employees were issued new paychecks Wednesday and the team assured them that it would reimburse them the check-bouncing fee charged by their banks.

    Players and full-time front-office employees were unaffected.


    Thanks to VinScullyismyHomeboy for the heads up.

  16. nedsajerk

    Save The Dodgers L.A!
    Time Saturday, July 9 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
    Location Sunset Blvd and Elysian Park Ave – Dodger Stadium Entrance

    July 9, 2011 We Take Our Team Back!

    We are calling for a day of Rally / Protest / Boycott. This is the scheduled MLB game of the week on Fox. We want to gather in front of Dodger Stadium at Sunset Blvd and Elysian Park Ave. We need to voice our displeasure with Frank McCourt, MLB, and Bud Selig for allowing the collapse of this once proud franchise. We the Fans need to speak up and show that we will not allow this to happen to our Beloved team. Please come out with banners, posters, and most importantly your voice. We will be heard and many news media outlets will cover it. Please remember this is a peaceful protest to get our voices heard by MLB. Thank you for your support!

  17. ThinkingBlue

    Let’s keep this protest civilized….THINK SMART…and together we can claim our DODGERS back, send FRANK back to BOSTON with no $$ and most important with NO DODGERS and also let’s proof to all the other fans that we are not all like the Dumb ASS that beat up Brian Stow. I’m getting a bit tired that when I’m wearing Dodger Gear I get asked not to beat them up!

  18. JhallWally

    I’m starting to get a bit worried that Frank will somehow come out of this with the Dodgers. If so, I think the Dodgers as we once knew and loved them will be gone permanently. As this thing has unfolded over the past couple of years, I have found myself becoming more and more detached and apathetic about the Dodgers. Perhaps a defense mechanism. If Frank somehow manages to keep the team, I hate to say it, but, my days as a die hard Dodger fan are over. It saddens me but, it will be time to move on with Kemp, Kersh, and Ethier.

  19. messagebear

    I share your feelings, jhall. This thing is getting so convoluted with no end in sight before the 2013 season at best. By then how many players of interest will be lost.
    Can’t help but lay a lot of fault on MLB and Bud as well. Baseball may never be the same again.

    • trublu4ever

      Me too, Jhall. I have been a fan for more years han I care to mention but, if Frankrupt keeps this team….I’M OUT! Like you, I will enjoy baseball as a game, nothing more, nothing less…I will keep my eye on my favorite players but, will no longer support a team.

  20. Frank McCourt

    Hey guys……confidentially……..
    ………promise not to tell anyone…….
    ……I couldn’t care less about you people who call yourselves “True Dodger Fans”. All I have to do is hang on until that Selig boob quits. I’ll make some TV appearances and whip up a few tears. I’ll get most of the sheep back. You might never come back, but who needs you? I have banks and loan sharks lined up around the block who will loan me anything I need to keep this ship afloat. Who cares about terms? Who cares about interest rates? I’ll never live long enough to worry about paying this Monopoly money back to my moron creditors anyway. I’ve given my kids enough money that is making serious bank as we speak that they’ll flee the country and all those idiots will be left holding the bag.
    All I need is the sheep to keep coming in. I’m still drawing more than 2/3rds of the teams. WITH THIS TEAM! HA! I don’t think PT Barnum ever knew exactly how right he was.

    • Frank McCourt

      He forgot about how I unceremoniously dumped Ross Porter on his statistical butt. I guess he didn’t like him either.

  21. lbirken

    While I don’t think I could ever abandon the Dodgers, I do find myself not caring much these days about wins and losses. I am so disgusted with how far this organization has fallen and even more disgusted that Bud Selig’s poor judgement and MLB’s lax oversight may have led us to where we are today. I am saddened that the egos, greed and arrogance of Frank and Jamie McCourt could bring down this once proud organization and even more saddened that Frank believes he can still milk this thing even further. I am preturbed although not surprised that Frank can afford lawyers who will defend him even though they have to know that the best interests of the organization going forward cannot possibly be with Frank McCourt. I am somewhat surprised that we all thought Frank and Jamie were concerned about their image and now find neither one seems much to care about that at all. As a parent, I would never want to drag my children into the limelight but obviously Frank and Jamie don’t much care about that either. And clearly Frank does not care at all about the integrity or history of the game or the fact that no matter what happens, his legacy as the worst and most despised owner in Dodger history is pretty much sealed.

    I still have tickets for games this season and I will still use them. I will try to enjoy a day at the ballpark and I will cherish every chance to listen to Vinny describe the game on the field as if nothing were wrong. I will cheer for the players even though I know deep down they probably don’t much care for whom they play as long as the paycheck doesn’t bounce. I will collect my bobbleheads and put them away as I have always done and file away the ticket stub with the score written on the back as I have always done. I will continue to hear my wife ask, “So this is how Cub fans have felt all these years?” I will hope as I have since 1988 that somehow the Dodgers will be restored to the highly respected and competitive organization it once was and that whoever is in charge will respect the fans and history of the Dodgers.

  22. Nellyjune

    Northstateblues – I had so much fun watching them play at Target Field. I didn’t care whether they won or lost. Going to the visiting ballparks is a great alternative if you are having the urge to support the players.
    As for the home games, I just hope the players understand this boycott of going to the games is really to support them. It’s standing up for the desire for them to have the best that they so deserve. We (the players, employees and fans) deserve better than Frank McCourt. PLEASE!!! Somebody listen to us, the fans!!! WE WANT NEW OWNERSHIP!!!

    • trublu4ever

      I’m hoping the players understand the protest too. I really think they know how we feel about them and how much we want Frankrupt gone! I’ll bet, if you asked them, they want him gone too!
      I’m also beginning to feel this is going to drag on forever….with no light at the end of the tunnel.

  23. northstateblues

    Ethierholics: Andre’s going to make an appearance on Conan tonight at 11pm (though his little scene is between 11:30 and 11:45, when Conan and Tom Hanks do some creative sightseeing).

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