Going to battle with Guerra

During his pregame media session today in Minnesota, Don Mattingly said that Javy Guerra has emerged as the guy who will likely get the ball late in the game, presumably in save situations. He’s done a great job since his arrival and with the news that Jonathan Broxton is going to be shut down for about three weeks, and with Kuo still getting back on track, that’s the route Donnie is planning to go.

As far as everything else that’s going on here over the last couple days, I’m certainly reading all of your comments and really do appreciate your thoughts and the sentiment is always passed along. There’s no doubt a lot happening but at the end of the day, everyone in the front office remains focused on trying to provide the best experience for the fans at every game.  The same goes for everyone here – at the highest levels to the game-day staff and of course, the players, who came out last night and put up a record-setting performance.

We truly do appreciate your support, through the good times and the tough ones.


Thanks for the new thread and update Josh. Guerra is doing a great job.

Guerra has done well since he came aboard. The kid has some pretty good stuff.

It’s time for MLB to step up and pull the franchise from Frank. We can’t expect any relief from the bankruptcy court. Their main interest is in protecting the creditors, not the Dodger fans. The court couldn’t give a shit what kind of owner Frank has been or will continue to be. There is a reason so many corporations incorporate in Delaware. That is because they find a favorable climate there, and their bankruptcy courts will pretty much give them what they ask for in their filing. I can even picture that their bankruptcy court would take some pleasure in asserting its superiority over the MLB rules, so there won’t be any relief there. The only thing to do is to terminate Frank’s franchise of the Dodgers, have him sue, and then let a regular court settle the issue.

Totally agree with you Bear. From what I’m hearing and reading, that is what Bud is planning to do before the July 20th hearing.

Lilly won’t last long at this rate. They’re running wild on him.

Geez!! Looks like we got Lillomko tonight.

What a terrible hybrid concept!

What a difference a day makes!

What is this crap? Anybody ever hear of a DH batting .203?

Or, a 1st baseman who can’t field worth shit!

Sad isn’t it?!! Donny is a dildo!!

So, James can’t hit lefties….Yawn can’t hit either righties or lefties! At least, Loney can field the ball!

Anybody following the game on GameDay? If so, what the hell is that picture of in the upper left hand corner of the scoreboard. Looks like a bad parade float of a brown birds head.

Maybe a slide going into a base?

I will check when they show the scoreboard for real…I wonder if it is the Twins mascots.

I think they are called Minnie & Paulie for the twin cities.

Wasting away again in Juan Uribeville. That’s in Thames county.

It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?!

lol great I hate hbp with a 1-2 and a soft tosser like Lilly.

Miles?! OMG First dinger of the year!

It now Carroll and Gordon turn to hit there 1st and maybe Ellis.

WTG Miles didn’t know you can hit homerun.

Andre delivers!

Woo-Hoo….love our Dre!

Yeah thanks a lot Ethier

WTG Andre!! C’mon Matt.


Now you take him out, Donnie! Idiot!!!


Lilly stinking it up once again. . .

2 1/2 more years of Lilly, Uribe, and Grrrear. WTG Ned. But Frank likes them.

Fun, fun, fun!

( | ) ( | ) ( | )

40+Million, down the drain.

Your gravatar says it all!

And, thank-you Ned, for Thames!

Of course Dondildo could have and should have pinch hit Oeltjen there.

WTG Thames! Back below the Mendoza line…………Pathetic!!!

Uribe will join him after tonight!

Both are just high dollar dead weight.

Should’ve had PH for Oteljen.

Gwynn was safe! Not even that close!


So was Carroll at home! We got screwed this inning!

I remember that good arm Repko had.

A possible ray of hope.

A person familiar with the league’s plans told The Associated Press that MLB “probably” will file a motion to seize the Dodgers, which has been operating under the oversight of a monitor appointed by league commissioner Bud Selig in April. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation.

Baseball’s constitution allows Selig to take control of a team that seeks Chapter 11 protection, but the league first must file a motion seeking termination of the franchise.

Damn, Matt, we needed you that time. Now you left it up to Uribe 😦

Navarro (.168)pinch hitting for Carrol (.301)? That makes alot of sense. .

Donny is a dildo!!


Baseball will “Probably” seize the Dodgers…..Let’s make that “They Will Seize The Dodgers” I feel bad for the players in all this crap…..McCourt ur a scumbag

I really am trying not to read all the crap from today….Court BS…..I’m with you all when i say McCourt get the hell out of LA you Fing Scumbag

I’d like to hear everyone’s odd’s……What are the odd’s we have a new owner by spring training……Thanks all….Hopefully sooner but who know’s….McCourt you SCUMBAG

Hi’Ya Dzona!! I’m thinking(or hoping) that Bud has his ducks in a row. I think I would go with 80-20 that MLB will prevail and we have a new owner by next spring.

I’m hoping Jhall is right!

( | )~~Plop……..Pheeewwwwwweee!!!!
At least I didn’t have to listen to Steiner tonight.

—–> 😦 <—–

Oh well. It was kind of a no brainer they would come up short tonight after last nights game. . . .Rubber game tomorrow.

Geez Vogelsong is the 5th starter in place of Zito and got the win and it look like Zito is taken Sanchez spot and also got a win. Gosh I hate those freaking Giants.

80-20 sound’s good to me Wally

It’s 4-1 San Diego in the 6th inning last time I looked – the next sound we hear is us sharing the basement with the Pads . . . . .

Heh, heh, this turd won’t float. A real stinky sinker.

I think it time for Elbert to take Lilly spot.

There is only one person who could end all the drama. Yet, Frank McCourt will not relent.

The attendance dwindles, but Frank’s not the only loser, he’s just the biggest. Employees of the team, from the first guy you see as you drive in to the parking lot, to the ushers, to the team on the field, to the to execs behind the scenes in areas from Marketing to even Team Operations are affected by McCourt’s stubborness as well.

It’s really easy to sit behind a keyboard and criticize anyone on McCourt’s payroll as if he was some despot who’s got his agenda hardwired into the masses that work underneath the Dodgers banner, but ultimately, these are people with jobs, in a historically bad economic situation where the average unemployed person spends 9 months out of work. They have families to feed, they can’t be expected to just pick up and leave like the Breakfast Club because they don’t agree with their boss. Who knows what the current Dodger employees’ job security will look like once the organization changes hands?

McCourt is taking the scourge to them as feverently as he is to anyone who has ever cared about the Dodgers. The empty seats show that, after years of photo-ops and face-time as a would-be LA power player, Frank has finally gotten his wish: He IS bigger than the Dodgers. Thousands of fans find him so repellant, they stay away from a team they love.

All the hard work the O’Malleys put into rooting the Dodgers to the L.A. area’s hearts (the same way Walt Disney had with Disneyland three years earlier) is undone. Even the most positive of fans are staying away, yet Frank dodges every attempt to salvage any dignity the team has left, even in the wake of the second revelation of McCourts dipping their hands into Dodger-branded charities in a year. How could the person who was in charge during that be good for the Dodgers?

There is only one person who could end this, and I doubt he would.

Whatever reason he’s got, I hope it’s a good one.

Wow Mauer was 16/23 in 6th career games before tonight game.

Did anyone here what Bryan Stowe said? I was watching the news and Stowe said that he would rather eat dog poop than a Dodger Dog.

Good Early Morning from Minneapolis!!! Today was a great day! Jill and I did the Target Field tour today, which included up close batting practice. I got some great pictures of most of the players. Both teams were mingling for quite some time so it was good picture taking time for both Jill and I. I stopped taking pictures and just listened and watched the conversations they were having. The your itself was just okay. I wanted more history, but I felt I was listening to a sales pitch on the suites, their version of the Dugout Club, suites, etc. The premises is beautiful, but it’s also new so it’s hard to compare to Dodger Stadium and it’s rich history. Jill thought the same thing after the tour so it wasn’t just me being biased towards the Dodgers. In fact, Jill found out more history about Target Field from the grounds crew. She was hanging out on the Twins side while I was hanging out listening and watching the Dodgers.
The game itself was good. Lilly just needed to step up a bit more. The bullpen kept us close, but we couldn’t come up with the hits in the end. It will be nice to get the win and the series tomorrow. I told Jill she could have one game so I guess that one was it.

Red pen – “tour” not “your”

Dodger draftee Scott Wingo College World Series MOP

It’s getaway day…hopefully, we can get a win. LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!

Bankrupt Lineup for Game 3
Gwynn lf
Blake 3b
Ethier rf
Kemp cf
Loney 1b
Uribe 2b
Thames DH
Navarro c
Gordon ss
De La Rosa p


Oh yeah, nothing but hot air there – lol

And Navarro. ( | )~~~

And, Blake too!

UGH….already in trouble!

Uribe…. 405 games to go!

Uggggggggggggh!!! I just don’t get Dondildos’ fascination with Uribe, Thames, and Navarro. They just plain suck, against lefties or righties.

I answered this on Facebook. Guess what my reply was?! 😉

LOL!! Me too. Hell yes they should seize the team.

The poll is currently running at 90% for MLB to seize the Dodgers.
Hurry up and do it now! Frank McCourt has bankrupt the Dodgers in so many ways: fiscally, morally, ethically, and from a personnel standpoint, whether it’s in the front office, coaching, players at the MLB level, and players at the MiLB levels. It’s going to take at least five years to rebuild this team, so trade away anyone over the age of 27. That means the only keepers at the MLB level are Kemp, Kershaw, Gordon, and Rubby.

I’ld like to know who in their right mind (10%) would want Frank to keep the team?!

Probably G’nat fans!!


Good grief, Casey!

Unacceptable!! Another runner left at 3rd with less than 2 outs. Geez!!!

Crap, we’re already 0 for 3 with RISP.

The new word when you want to use the word/phrase “Good Grief”, “Crap” or worse is Uffda!!!! Its a word used up here in Minnesota that was a term used in Norway that Minnesota still uses. Example of it’s use…….Uffda!!! Frank is still our owner!!! 🙂

Uffda, it is! 😉

Rubby has really settled down after his first two innings. Too bad that he already lost the game by giving up one run…

New name for McCourt ~ Frankupt 😉

Nice play by Loney to get Mauer at 3rd.

The only way we’re going to score in this game is by Kemp or Gordon stealing home.

F*cking Pathetic. Hey DilDon, let’s play Uribe, Thames, Blake, and Navarro and sit Miles, Carroll, Oeltjen, and Ellis. I guess OBP doesn’t mean anything in your convoluted baseball mind.

Outstanding outing by Rubby today.

Too bad we couldn’t help him out with some runs!

Well, Kemp up with a runner on and 2 outs. This is the ballgame.

Go ahead, Jhall…..flush it!

Loney, Uribe, Thames, and Navarro coming up in the 9th. Can’t flush, Ned has clogged up the can with too many huge turds. The pot just overflows with losses.

Well if they keep getting pitchers with girly names how do they expect us to win…Lilly, Rubby De La Rosa????

Tell me why Thames played and Trent sat?!

Doesn’t really matter now! Couldn’t get one freaking run!

( | )~~Plop….. Fudged’em again. Darn shame. Rubby deserved better.

Look on the bright side – this loss guarantees that the bankrupt Dodgers rightfully stay in last place.

lol because we though Trent suck weeks ago.



Didn’t bosses attorney say that the team won in spite of being Frankrupt?

Why not let’s Ellis hit for Navarro? That suck Rubby finally get a QS and pitch more than 5 innings and we still can’t give him a run. I hate losing the series 2-1 and we outscored the Twins in this series. The good part the bullpen look good in the past 3 games the worst part the Twins probably do suck.

All of Frank’s actions have taken the attention off Ned. Ned’s the one who put this team together, and he wasn’t really so short on dollars as just short on any baseball sense. Frank and Ned – what a matched pair.
Hope we can flush them both soon.

Amen brother Bear.

Ned is as bad of a GM as Frank is an owner. Frank is devoid of any morals and Ned is devoid of any baseball sense.

I want more Oteljen.

Well it’s official. The blue crew is in last place, sucking hind tit in the NL West. . 😦
Thanks Frank & Ned! You’re both share the blame for this fiasco. Well done. . .

Dodgers have been shut out eight times this year.
Dodgers were shut out 17 times last year.
What’s our record? 20? I’m thinking we’ll break it this year, as long as we keep Uribe, Thames, Navarro,…zzzzzzzzzzzz

Dodgers outscored Twins

19-4 in first half of the series and then get outscored 3-0 and lose two out of three as they go scoreless for the last 13 innings in Minnesota.

by bhsportsguy on Jun 29, 2011 1:02 PM PDT

Here we go on our way to a top 5 picks in next season draft but we know White is going to pick another pitcher.


They should disabled comment on this article and might get ugly from the other teams especially Giants fans..

Kind of glad that we keep losing. Let’s face it – with the bankruptcy things will remain on hold with Frank in control for a long time. The only message the fans can now send is to stay away. Won’t matter much for the rest of this season, but just wait until next year’s season tickets go on sale. In the meantime, don’t look for any of our young guys to still be around when new ownership takes place.
Hate to sound so hopeless, but bankruptcies and lawsuits get dragged out forever.
Don’t expect the legal system to favor MLB in any way – I’m sure many a judge has been waiting to put the screws to the monopoly old boys network.

Selig is responsible for McCourt running amok
NorthStateBlues has been saying this all along, for how many years?

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