Have you voted for Matt and Andre yet??

Hard to believe that Kemp and Ethier rank fifth and fourth in All-Star balloting despite the monstrous season Matt’s having and the impressive numbers Andre continues to put up.  Or perhaps even a write-in vote for Jamey Carroll, who has been tremendous this year and would undoubtedly relish a spot on the All-Star team.

Dodger fans have answered the call before and helped get several former Dodgers to the All-Star Game in the past and this year. We need your help again!

Remember, you can vote up to 25 times online and with our longest homestand of the year, hopefully we’ll get a strong push in-stadium, too!


And yes, let’s at least vote for Matt and Andre for the AS Game.

Matt Kemp definitely deserves to start…i feel like voting for Ethier takes those votes away. VOTE KEMP! and this is Kemp’s year to shine…

They both deserve to be there. Those two, along with Jamey, are the bright spots of our team.

New gravitar coming soon TruMom. 🙂

Oh good its arrived already. Figured it was kind of apropos for most of the threads we’re getting.

LMAO! Love it! You have to see my new one….I put it up last night but, got embarrased. I’m the shy type, you know. What, the hell, I’ll do it now!

Changed my mind….maybe later.

i voted 125 times they better be starters

I’m voting 81 times this year – with my wallet! Not going to DS, not lining the pockets of F___k.
Sell the team!

Gordon SS
Carroll 2B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Loney 1B
Uribe 3B
Barajas C
Gwynn LF
Kershaw P
Now would be a good time to DFA Navarro and bring up Ellis.

I’m for that!

Should be big crowd tonight. afterall, it’s Kuo’s bobblehead night.

Don’t count on it. I have been to two bobblehead nights so far this season (not going tonight) and the attendence is down for those games as well. Wait till tomorrow’s day game if you want to see a lot of empty seats.

Any time would be a good time to DFA Navarro, plus a couple of other stiffs, while they’re at it.
Any game until Frank is gone is a good time for a lot of EMPTY SEATS.

Hi Everybody
It would be great to see to see Andre, Matt & or Carroll in the All*Star game or even Aaron Miles for that matter. It always seems hard to get Dodgers into that game no matter how well they perform. And they’re all performing great. I enjoy underling their names in the leading batter columns in my morning papers. Tonight’s another must win night and we got our “Ace” on the mound, lets hope he can make it past the 6th inning

Yes, because we need his bat, too.

Both Lilly and Kuroda would benefit greatly if they learned to swing the bat a little better.

lol I think Carroll would need to hit some homeruns and I acutally been voting for Carroll to but I felt dirty doing it.


Kershaw pitching in his 100th career games.

Hi everyone. Just so you know, you might be able to catch Vin calling the game on the MLB network.

I’m really liking Dee Gordon, hope this kid sticks for a while.

Love mlb.network! i thought for sure they were going to show the A’ game instead, though. Can’t stand the A’s.

Me too, if I can’t find anything else on tv, it goes straight to MLB Network. It’s like ESPN, minus the crap.

How ’bout that Gordon 6-4-3? Nice.

Wow I love Gordon defense.

Nice glove work Dee!

Happy Flag Day, btw….


Happy 85th Bday Don Newcombe

I knew Baker bday tomorrow was share with Lincecum and Lindbloom and probably a lot more.

Wow tru I can understand you hating the Giants but you don’t like the A’s either?

They are just boring and play in the worst stadium on earth!

I guess that why that stadium is always half full. Is it really that bad? I really hate when they played football/baseball together in one stadium.

It really is bad. Just not a fun place to see a game.

lol Dusty Bake toothpick bobblehead


Way to battle Kersh!

Can Kershaw played some 1st or PH?

Perhaps Uribe, Loney, Barajas and Navarro should watch Kersh. That was an impressive AB.

Like the new gravatar beav! Lipstick on a pig. Classic!

Thanks VL – feel it makes a statement. 🙂

It sure does! 😉

Come on Kersh, get out of this damn inning!

Wow….Gordon did it again!

Another assist for Gwynn. I love OF’s assists from our guys.

Wasn’t going to vote at all, but decided Kemp and Ethier deserved some support. I think Carrol could be considered, so I subbed him for Furcal. And, what the hell, I voted for the rest of them on the ballot. Not that they play like all stars very often, but they’re my boys.


I hope Posey was watching and I knew if Kershaw didn’t put Bruce away is was going to hurt. Damn Kemp should’ve stay at 1st.

Oh come on DBack geez.


<——-Frank, Ned, Nabatro, Grrrrear, Badajass, Loney, Urectum, Fuckal…….

Attendance for the matinee tomorrow should be minimal.

Hope so VL. Maybe we’ll set a new season low tomorrow.

I think so too. Tonight looks better than last night…not much, but, little bit.

I wanted a catcher who can throw these guys out. Where is Wise going to hurry up and get demoted to double A.

Bring back Ellis.

<——– Bunnynutts!

<—-Broxton, Thames…..

This list could go on forever! 😕

<——-Especially you, Conte!

Yep, pretty damn pathetic.

Nice tru.

Dback is coming back.

Dee runs so fast, you can’t see him! lol

Gordon’s making a serious go of it since being called up! Great Wheels!!!

For a second there, I thought Gordon was going to try to steal home.

He should have! 😉

That would’ve been cool.

The lousiest GM in baseball!

Ned’s an asshole.
There, I’ve said it.

What enchanted said!!! The man is unbelievable!!!! Well, I actually do believe what comes out of his mouth. Nobody else in this industry is more of an idiot than he is. Just another tap on the shoulder to remind Andre and Matt there is so much better out there.

What a tool! He makes me sick. The other day he opened his mouth & inserted his foot too. He’s got some set of big brass ones to make these statements.
Move over Ozzie, there’s a new A-hole that’s numero uno!

BTW, I see we’re mashing again tonight.

Dang I thought that was gone.

You gotta run that out Urectum!

Damn! I didn’t realize I was making a Taco Bell statement. LOL

Now, Uribe gets a freaking hit! With two out!

That was a gift double from Jay Bruce!! He butchered it big time. Of course, Badajass can’t cash it in.


Fatajas can’t get out of his own way. Damn is he slow!!!

Why couldn’t Gordon have been running for Uribe? That would’ve been an easy inside the park homerun.

Nice Donny let’s Kershaw back out there to get that standing ovation but that wasn’t aloud one.

How in the heck you miss that Loney?




Deja vu!! WTF is up with this bullpen?!

You would think something have to give.

<——–the entire blow-pen!

Good one.
From here on out, that’s what they should be reffered to; “The Blowpen!”

( ( ( 🙂 ) ) )

We wouldn’t have this problem if the freeloaders on the DL would just play.

( ( 😉 ) )

Or we might consider that this team just isn’t good.

Ya think! lmao!

LOL!! Yep, its not like there’s any real impact players there. Just more dung. The DL is just a poor excuse to try and hide a shitty team.

Knew it….here she blows!

Here comes your McDoo-Doo!

Great Balls-o-Fire!!

Maybe they’d play better if their balls were on fire! 🙂

Insert name here?

( | )~~~~ Pfffffffffffffft

I still hate using McDougal with runners on bases think he’s given up like 40% of inherited runners to score.

39,233….paid attendance

I think Dodgereric is right…they count feet instead of heads!

Thanks Trumom!! A hell of a lot of no shows from the looks of things.

There sure are! I long for the days when people were counted at the gate!

Yep, me too. Although, Frank has to pay his percentage (34%) of ticket revenue towards the fund to help smaller market teams based on Paid Attendance. And those no-shows aren’t paying for parking, concessions, and merchandise.

Who’s in charge to pay these people who work at the stadium?

Not surprise of that attendance especially on a Kuo bobblehead night.

I was a bit surprised to hear the attendance was that high; when the game started it looked as if there were 20 people in the seats behind home plate.

Paid, perhaps. But, there more more no-shows than actual people there.

<——Thanks alot McDooDoo! As if one run weren't a big enough deficit!

This bullpen is freaking curse and more runs with 2 outs allowed.

Thar she blows! Nice going McDon’t!!

Been meaning to ask – does this orange lipstick make my hams look fat?

You look marvelous! 😉

Thanks Tru. You know I like to strut it around the barnyard.

LOL! I’ll bet you have a lot of hogs chomping at the bit!

<——–Andre, to Frank & Ned!


Mason Raymond out for 3-4 months.

That suck for the Canucks at least they have 1 more game.

Giants won so, with a loss tonight, we will be in the dumpster and won’t be able to climb out!

Cellar bound!

Damn it Giants win 6-5

Wow Weaver just had a 128 pitches cg/shutout.

That was a hugh run the Reds got. Come on Blake walkoff time.

oops huge

Holy cow, Blowney got a hit!!!

Damn it Blake.


<——-Casey & Rod!

Phew-Hoo, losing streak!!! Good job Kersh. Darn shame you pitch for a dung heap.


I love it when you talk dirty 😉


Do the yankees need some reliever pitchers?

Thirty nine thou? That would mean 2/3rds full? Right.
A really nice article on a really great guy, Brett Butler: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-0615-simers-20110615,0,3829737,full.column
Tomorrow starts 6 straight games of well over 50K in 2010’s attendance. I’m hoping for a 150K drop over those 6 games.
Game 33’s attendance (2010): 43,299
Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom : 39,233
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 27
16th straight game of negative attendance
Games less than 30,000 this season – 5
Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – 2010: none
Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704
Lowest attended game of the year: Game 8 – 27,439
Largest single game drop: Game 18 (55,662 – 28,419 = 27,243)
2010 attendance (33 games) – 1,422,754 (43,114 average)
2011 attendance (33 games) – 1,180,030 (35,758 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 242,724 total
Average drop of 7355
Extrapolated for 81 games – 595,777
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,896,437
2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (34) attendance in 2010 – 52,407

That article about Brett Butler is much nicer than the article Jhall posted about Ned’s recent radio interview :). Thanks for the attendance stats.

Sorry about that Nelly!!!

Thanks for the attendance data and article about Brett Butler. He is one of my favorite Dodgers ever. Hope he gets a shot to manage. Keep those seats empty.

Great article by Simers on Brett Butler, who seems like a deserving guy to make major league manager. Wish we had somebody like that instead of Torre’s leftover. On the other hand, Brett has already survived cancer and doesn’t deserve having to live through Frank and Ned also – worthless piece of shit bastards.

Happy Bday Baker and Lindblom.

Good Morning. It’s going to be hot, hot, hot, here….I don’t mind. I love the heat. I guess it’s too much to ask for the Dodgers to get hot! Luke-warm would be nice 😉 I still watch every game. Don’t know what draws me in, I guess I keep thinking things will turn around. Enjoy your day all!

Hope there’re more EMPTY SEATS than occupied ones today.
Hope judge Gordon makes them SELL THE TEAM.

<—–BlowPen has given up 25 runs in the last 12 games. GrrrRear, 8 runs in 5 appearances. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE FOR MAJOR LEAGUE PITCHING. Ha-Ha, did I just say major league?! 😉

Good morning all! Hope all are doing well! I am hoping we can get some good, healthy pitchers back to bolster our pen, as they have been blowing it the last 2 weeks! And yes, we need Matt and Andre to be starting the All Star Game! I haven’t voted yet, but will be stuffing the ballot box this week! Have a great day!

Todays exercise in futility:

1. Gordon, SS
2. Carroll, 2B
3. Ethier, RF
4. Kemp, CF
5. Uribe, 3B
6. Thames, LF
7. Loney, 1B
8. Barajas, C
9. Billingsley, P

I’m OK with 1 thru 4 and Billz. 5 thru 8 is pathetic. I realize that is the best we’ve got to offer. And that is the truely pathetic part. Good job Ned, you ass dildo.


Wouldn’t you know, Uribe and Thames get on base! I’m amazed!

Billz….show B.U.T. (Barajas, Uribe, Thames) how to hit!

Dodgereric ~ don’t think I need Vinny to give me the attendance today. I can count the “crowd” myself 😉

Jamie Carroll could be the worst clutch hitter in the known universe. Does this guy EVER knock in a run? 8 RBIs in 232 ABs. And I see where Ned is doing his usual foot-in-mouth radio show. How this guy still has a job is beyond my mortal reasoning. But hey, school is OUT, so life is good!!!!

Must be the throw-up uniforms.

LOL….they make me want to throw up!

I like it Tru!!!

It isn’t that Billz is bad, he’s just trying to take some of the criticism off the bullpen.

Let’s have some fun….predict the final score.

Speaking of bullpens, Donnie’s trying to limit the damage by leaving Billz in.

I’d like to up mine……..make it 12 – 5

BTW, how do you have 3 walks and 3 hits in 2 innings and only 1 run?

This is your 2011 Los Angeles Dodgers!

Can I submit Billz for the OINK OINK Club?
He got his bacon a little crip today.

He sure isn’t makin’ bacon!

Bear, we’ve got more pigs than Farmer John.

It would be a shame to lose this game in front of such a large crowd.

<<<<<———Thames! Why not take a pitch or two? He just hit Dre and walked Uribe (of all people)!

Just 5 more runs and we’re right back in this game.

Make that 6. Just 6 more runs and we’re right back in this game.

I think the Reds have a better chance of getting 6 runs than we do 😉

And, yay, we get to see what our pen can do!

Hopefully, the final score on paid attendance will cheer us up.

Sign me up for a final score of 12-2

🙂 ) ) Done!

All we need is a six run super grand slam! Just one swing of the bat, maybe with a couple guys riding piggyback on guys already on base?

How ’bout we just get Selig to bend the rules for Frank again and say that every run we get counts as 10?


About time to hide Billz on the DL. Another 3 year deal gone Ka-Boom!!!

And, now we get Lindbomb to see what he can do!

He doesn’t disappoint!

Goes to show that no matter what Ned touches, it turns to shit. Does anyone have any doubts that if we signed Fielder or Pujols that they would immediately become Andruw Jones upon putting on the Dodger uniform? (The real ones, not the satin pajamas.)

LOL!! Neddy has the fecal touch.

Yeah Wally – seems the only position Ned’s truely qualified to hold is stable boy (if you catch my drift.)

🙂 Yep, he sure can shovel shit!!!

Isn’t this where we bring in Padilla?
Oh that’s right, he’s injured. Who could’ve foreseen that?

Out for the season, no less!

Ken Levine: Must be anorexic day at Dodger Stadium……half priced food and there’s no one there. 😉

Time to sell off all the useless crap on this team. Kemp and Kersh are my only untouchables. Aside from the kids. Rubby, Dee, Jerry, etc…..


I agree both with you and the article Wally (umbrage taken with calling Ned’s work “respectable” if you look past Schmidt, Jones, Pierre and Uribe.) Only two tradeable commodities that would bring some upper eschelon prospects would be Dre and Kuroda IMO. However, I’ll GUARANTEE you today June 15th, 2011 that Ned will still be a buyer at the trade deadline.

Yeah, I choked on that one too. Respectable my ass. Abysmal is more like it. You are right however, you couldn’t give most of these guys away aside from Dre and Kuroda.

“Respectable” aside, don’t you judge the work of a GM as a whole? Throwing out what you would consider bad deals is like cherry picking stats. I DO have a list of most of Ned’s other “respectable” work (at least the ones that actually made it on the roster at some point) should that writer need a refresher.

Yep, his complete body of work is anything but respectable. I sure wouldn’t call the Gibbons, Thames, Navarro, Barajas, Uribe, Guerrier fiascos respectable. Just freaking stupid. And thats just the tip of the iceberg.

Wow, it doesn’t look like there are more than 10K there today.

Well, I guess the Coors Field, bad Rox defense illusion that this team is a contender has gone up in smoke.

Can’t believe Thames is even on the team, let alone making a million dollars.

Isn’t that what Ned was hired to do 😉

And Navarro!! Geez!!!

Looks like the Puds are gonna give us a battle for that cellar spot.

They are the Puds and we are the Duds.

( | )~~Duds :)))

Paid attendance: 30,443

Thanks Trumom. Thats pretty hard to believe. Then there must be at least 15K no shows.

I take it a lot of them are dressed like seats.

Either of you see Gurnick’s fluff piece on the homepage?
Normally I wouldn’t make a comment on that blog, but I HAD to after reading that.

LOL!! Makes you want to vomit. I see Old Brooklyn still has the blinders on while sipping that weak Dodger Kool-Aid .

Doesn’t make any difference what style of uniform we have on, we stink. I thought when we won a couple of series, we were on our way. Ethier has not shown his power. We can’t win at home. What the hell’s with this team!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d say Ned’s incompetence has finally caught up to him with a vengeance.

P-U, losing streak!! Yep, this team is just bad. I don’t want to hear the money excuses either. There are alot of better teams out there built on less money than we spend. Ned is incompetent.

The good news is that the Padres is losing 6-2.

The offense is still crappy on the road and Bills got rocked 3 times in a rows and especially today when he’s ERA was one of the best at home. What’s the hell? The Bullpen pulled up a 0 ER’s in 4 innings? Why couldn’t that do this very often or maybe the Reds just stop hitting when they know they had enough runs already. Gosh Ethier is totally struggling and this isn’t good at all consider the rest of our offense blow.


Make that 5th innings.

Uribe in his career hitting .300+ vs the Reds but he still blow and he’s have a very good stats lines at home and you would think he would’ve do better at home but no.

How fitting that Uribe would make the last out.

I’d still ike to know how anyone picked this team to win the west.

I assume it was base on a full healthy lineup which was impossible from the start.

I am as optomistic as anyone but Gurnick’s logic escapes me. Of course, anything can happen and the Dodgers have had a rash of injuries. Clearly, a team cannot be judged on what happens at Coors. However, I see things a bit differently than Gurnick. Kershaw cannot do it by himself. He hung on yesterday but threw a lot of pitches early. He had a lot of full counts early and as Vinny kept reminding viewers, the Reds hit a ton of foul balls. For this team to be successful, Kershaw and Bills have to be dominent every time out and that is just not going to happen. Ethier is certainly having a decent season but as someone has already mentioned, the power is not there. Kemp is having a monster year and had a couple walk off homers. But how much better can he play? As good as he has been, the Dodgers still struggle. Jamey Carroll has been terrific but with no power his hits are not driving in runs. The bullpen has been good and then bad along with the starting pitching. The younger players making a contribution have also been spotty. I will reserve my judgement of these players until they have some more game experience. The other players have pretty much done what might have been expected, and that is not much. The Dodgers needed the marginal players to have career years to go along with what we expect from Kemp and Ethier and the team needed to avoid injuries. The only measure of seccess will be a winning streak. Can it happen? Of course it can. Will it happen? Stay tuned.


Los Angeles Angels Waive Scott Kazmir

Jun 15 7:04p by Grant Brisbee

Before 2009 started, Scott Kazmir had a 3.61 career ERA (124 ERA+), a 47-37 record, and a K/9 ratio of 9.7. He was the most successful pitcher in Tampa Bay Rays history, and he was locked up for the long-term, signed through 2011 for $36 million.

After a horrendous first half with the Rays, the team started to get nervous that a broken pitcher was going to command about a quarter of the payroll, so, they put Kazmir on waivers.

The Los Angeles Angels came to the Rays’ rescue, taking the contract and giving up a couple of minor leaguers along the way. The idea was that if Kazmir bounced back, they’d have an ace-type pitcher locked up on a team-friendly, short-term deal. For six starts in 2009 after Kazmir joined the Angels, it looked like a brilliant gambit.

The 29 starts after that? Less successful. Kazmir was one of the worst starting pitchers in baseball in 2010, and after a long stint in extended spring training, Kazmir has been the worst pitcher in the minors in 2011. He posted a 17.02 ERA in 15-1/3 innings, walking 20, hitting six, and throwing five wild pitches. Also, his control was bad. So the Angels finally waived Kazmir on Tuesday.

So while there will certainly be another team that will think they can fix a pitcher who used to be one of the better southpaws in the AL, the Angels and Kazmir are officially splitsville. Like the dust that lufts high in June, the Angels have moved past Kazmir.

Chad Billingsley’s June to forget got worse on Wednesday afternoon, as the Dodgers got swept by the Reds at Dodger Stadium, the final game by a score of 7-2. Billingsley at the plate has done well this month, hitting .600/.667/1.400 in all of six plate appearances. However, opposing batters have been similarly comfortable, hitting .448/.513/.625 in three games (with a .500 BABIP).

Billingsley allowed seven runs and nine hits today in four innings of work, his fourth straight game allowing eight or more hits. The last Dodgers pitcher to allow eight or more hits in four straight starts was Derek Lowe in July 2007.

Dee Gordon had two hits, the fifth time in eight starts he has had two or more hits, and is hitting .333/.333/.389 so far in his young career. Gordon also got caught stealing for the first time in his career, as Travis Wood picked him off in the first inning.

The last time the Dodgers were eight games under .500 was July 26, 2006. They did win 11 straight and 17 of their next 18 games, but somehow I don’t see that happening this season. If they are to start such a streak, it will begin against the Astros on Friday.

Gee, some good news for a change. Vinny is something else, not wanting fans to spend money on his star. Heck, some of us are willing to spend it to buy a share of the team if that were feasible.

Did you sign up, Jhall?

Yes. I added my name to the list.

Please don’t ask Ned to take notes on the Kazmir situation. In Ned’s mind that would mean that he can pick up Kazmir while somebody else pays the bill. He’d probably expect that Honeycutt could fix whatever ails him. On the positive side, Kazmir sounds so bad, even Honeycutt couldn’t make him worse – you can’t say that about many pitchers turned over to Honeycutt.

Kazmir is availiable? how cool, I’m going to be right on that. I wonder what it would take to get Dotel back for the stretch run?

Cory Wade picked up by the Yankees. Pitched a scoreless inning for them today. Ned should have been all over him. He was definately worth a shot for 0 dollars and the crap we are calling a bullpen.

I would’ve throught he would pick him up but how did the Yankees sign up so quick? I guess with the opt clause that he doesn’t have to go through waiver.

Did he forget Padilla need neck surgury? Didn’t he pick up some guy that was already retired?

Dang why did the Kings have to lose to the Candians in 1993?

lol at booing Bettman and I love how they hate him like every other commish getting booed.

I read that Gurnick article earlier today and almost fell off my chair!This team is sooooo bad in so many ways.
& Ned says they need to play better — Hey Ned how about signing better talent!!!
He needs to be accountable for his part of this mess.
Love the new gravatars by the way.

They’re a good team, After all Boss wouldn’t change a thing even if he had mo money. It’s not my fault, they have to play better.

They did the same thing back in 1994. I don’t even know why fans do this?

Well if you listen to what the boss thinks then your #1 a donkey & #2 delusional.
Remember — he thinks the fans are behind him!

We are behind him – pushing on him to sell the team and leave town.

The more I want that to happen, I get a sinking feeling that he will somehow manage to hang on and put this franchise more in the toilet than it already is.

As we know, he’s all about himself and doesn’t really care about the good of this franchise. I hope Selig does the right thing. It is going to be very interesting to learn what Schieffer and his assistants have found out. Keep the faith!

I will try, Sparkleplenty. If we don’t get rid of him, Matt & Andre are goners for sure.

Unfortunately, I think you’re right, Tru. We gotta enjoy ’em as ours as long as they are here. Should they go elsewhere and play against the Dodgers, I know we’ll still root for them and think some not-so-fine thoughts in the direction of Frank and Furter.

I am so tired of watching the gnats night after night win night after night. It is simply agonizing watching them, and then knowing we have an owner who honestly doesn’t give a crap about how OUR team is doing. Oh, I forgot!!! Ned cares! He just thinks they need to play better and stop being pansies and get their asses of the DL. Geez!!! What a nasty bed Frank and Ned have made fir themselves, but they sure as hell don’t want to sleep in it.

I wish Ned would go to the DL…

Holy moly!!! Shaq Fu what did you do?!!!!

A big FU to Ned and to think that Paul got in late and still went 3/3 with 3 runs scored and 2 big rbi’s

b-X Paul PH-RF 3 2 3 2 0 0 12 .284 .315 .375

I read that wrong that’s 2 runs scored.

Game 34’s attendance (2010): 52,407
Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom : 30,443
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 28
17th straight game of negative attendance
Games less than 30,000 this season – 5
Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – 2010: none
Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704
Lowest attended game of the year: Game 8 – 27,439
Largest single game drop: Game 18 (55,662 – 28,419 = 27,243)
2010 attendance (34 games) – 1,475,161 (43,387 average)
2011 attendance (34 games) – 1,210,473 (35,602 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 264,688 total
Average drop of 7785
Extrapolated for 81 games – 630,580
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,883,774
2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (35) attendance in 2010 – 52,806

Happy 27th bday Broxton now get your act together and stop pitching like Franklin.


( ( ( 😉 ) ) )

Well, We’re 9 games behind and fading fast. I think we’ve come up lame.

I keep trying to come up with something to say…but I’m numb……………………………..

With the Astros in town, you’ve got a couple of the worst teams in the league playing, with neither one going anywhere this season. Who gives a sh**!
Let’s get many more EMPTY SEATS going.

Can’t lose tonight.
C’mon, Bud, deliver us from evil.

Remember last season the Dodgers played a home series against the Yankees, all of which were sell outs. Going to be tough to make up those missing bodies. By the way, the Dodgers have not recovered from that horrible come from ahead loss against the Yankees last season at the stadium. Broxton has not recovered either.

Ah, yes… the McCourt World Series of 2010… I remember it well…

We almost swept them, they almost swept us. Came down to key situations in all 3 games, and we were on the wrong end in two of them.

Felt like a consolation prize, and there were Yankees logos as far as the eye could see in the greater L.A. area for the first half of the season.

To me, the Dodgers, as a contending franchise, haven’t recovered from July 31st, 2004. Could the FOX Dodgers, finally getting all the cogs in place and the motor running strong, have prevented the Red Sox from reversing the curse (Dave Roberts was still a Dodger, mind you)? We’ll never know, thanks to Frank “The Red (Sox) Queen” McCourt, praising Dodger tradition with one hand while lopping off its head with the other.

Frank has more important things to care about than the fans, though, so I’ve found more important things to care about than Frank McCourt this season. Still follow the games, but on MLB outlets.

Go Dodgers. I’m forever a Dodgers fan, but I’ve got no confidence in McCourt’s ability to move the Dodgers to even the underachiever status we held before he got his hands on it.

Also… Remember how, at the start of last season, it was only Season Ticket Holders or buyers of mini-plans up to 12 games who would get the chance to buy tickets to the McCourt World Series.

Then… as time went on, mini-plan buyers of 6 games could get the tickets too. That irked all those people who bought the 12 game-and-up plans just for the chance to buy LA-NY tix.

Later, as the games approached, McCourt still hadn’t sold out the stadium and sent e-mails to offer fans on their mailing list the “super special” opportunity to buy LA-NY tix on a single game basis.

Less than a year later, the stadium’s filled with tumblin’ tumbleweeds.

Wonder how that happened?

Frank’s always been so kind to season ticket holders, looking out for their interests (unless you held season tickets before 2004, in which case your front-row seats became 12th row seats, and the tickets skyrocketed above what the patrons had paid for a front-row seat a year earlier).

Sometimes, I feel like McCourt sees Chavez Ravine as a litter box he had to knead, claw at, and settle in before making enough Johnny Cat briquettes to make over 500,000 people think twice about heading to the Ravine this year.

All Frank McCourt cares about is making his mark. Probably an excellent strategy in the Real Estate business, but horrible when you’re the owner of one of the most storied franchises in American Professional Sports.

NSB, well said as usual.

Oh look Ned and a very cheapier option than Guerrier.
Wade (W, 1-0) 2.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0.00 0.00

Wow the Braves won on a balkoff.

If we don’t get a new thread, here’s my suggestion for tonight’s battle to see who’s the worst team in the NL:

Are we for sale yet!

Now that the McCourts have a settlement, our remaining hope is Bud – how ironic.
That will probably involve prolonged lawsuits. In the meantime, all good fans will provide many EMPTY SEATS starting this weekend.


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