This is getting offensive!

On the recently completed road trip, the Dodgers scored 61 runs and had 115 hits  in just 10 games. For the non-math majors out there, that’s 6.1 runs and 11.5 hits per game. Overall, the team hit .311 with a .370 OBP, which is hopefully a positive sign that they can start to turn this thing around while the pitching gets back on track at Dodger Stadium.

Jamey Carroll hit .500 on the trip (15-for-30), Matt Kemp batted .472 with 7 homers and 16 RBI and Aaron Miles hit .438 (14-for-32) with several clutch hits. And of course, James Loney hit a key grand slam yesterday.

Entering the road trip, the Dodgers had batted around in an inning four times and during the 10 games, they did it five times!

The longest homestand of the season starts tonight – three games each against the Reds, Astros, Tigers and Angels. As Vin always says, hope you’ll make your plans to be part of it!

Photo by Jon SooHoo


I’ll be “part of it” by continuing to urge many EMPTY SEATS. BOYCOTT!
Otherwise, we’ll cheer for the team and look forward to breaking Frank and riding him out of town.
Fuck Frank and Ned and most of the front office.

Let’s keep in mind that much of the offensive show was put on in the mile-high stadium. Just because Loweeney can hit a fly ball over the fence at an altitude of 5,200 feet doesn’t mean he can do it anywhere else. Yes, Kemp is a monster anywhere. That doesn’t hold for the rest of the lineup. As long as the bottom half of the lineup includes Loweeny, Uribum, Barajas/Navarro, and Gwynn, this team will struggle to score more than two runs per game.
Is that what you want to see when you go to the ballpark? No? Then don’t show up at Dodger Stadium, because Frank McCourt has built a losing team. The only way to turn it around is to get rid of Frank – so continue the boycott!

I think Coors Field should be banned from baseball. it simply gives the players a false sense of how good they really are and, a complete nightmare for the pitchers. Because outfielders play so deep, ball drop in for a hit where, in any other ballpark, it would be a fly-out. That being said, i’m glad we were able to take two games there. Let’s see what happens at home….a reality check for sure.

Since Frankie owes Manny $8.3 M by June 30th, it may just be the final nail in mccrook’s coffin 😉

I think I’d support Frank not paying Manny his money. Let one fucker sue the other fucker.
In the end there will be a lot of suits floating around, and I have no sympathy for anyone who trusted Frank on deferred salary payments.

I know many of you don’t think our team is very good. However, we do need to put Matt and Andre in the All-Star game…..Andre is currently 4th and Matt is 5th (unbelieveable)

How is Kemp behind Ethier?

I’ve done my part. I’ve voted the maximum allowable, and spread the word.

Can’t believe Matt is behind Andre. There’s no question in my mind that Matt is having an All-Star year. Typically All-Star outfielders must have power, and that’s where Andre is surprisingly lacking this season.


• RHP Rubby De La Rosa(notes) left Sunday’s game with a cramp in his right forearm that led to a cramp in his pointer finger. The Dodgers don’t think it’s serious and he should be able to make his next start. If he can’t, the Dodgers have an off day Thursday, so they could skip him, and not need a fifth starter again until a week from Tuesday.

• LHP Ted Lilly(notes) collected his first hit and stolen base of the season (on a head-first dive) in the third inning Saturday. In the fifth, with two runners on base and nobody out, No. 8 hitter Tony Gwynn Jr.(notes) attempted a sacrifice bunt. No, they weren’t suddenly bunting to set up Lilly, who had snapped an 0-for-41 hitting streak with his single. Third-base coach Tim Wallach came down to talk with Gwynn, who missed a sign. Gwynn then swung away and flied out. Lilly allowed a run in five innings, and picked up the victory to even his record at 5-5.

• 3B Casey Blake (pinched nerve in neck) was out of the starting lineup the past two days. Blake came off the bench and delivered a three-run double Saturday in the fifth inning, and he grounded out as a pinch hitter Sunday. He was hurt while fielding a bunt in the fifth inning Friday, and he noticed he didn’t have much range of motion when in the batter’s box his next at-bat.

• RHP Kenley Jansen(notes) (right shoulder inflammation) pitched two clean innings for Class AA Chattanooga in a rehab outing Saturday, striking out two. Jansen faced nine hitters in two games, retired them all, and struck out five. Jansen is eligible to be activated from the disabled list Monday, but the Dodgers would prefer giving him another two-inning rehab game. It will depend on how much the bullpen is used Sunday.

• LHP Hong-Chih Kuo(notes) struck out all three batters he faced Saturday for Class A Rancho Cucamonga in his second rehab outing as he tries to fight back from an anxiety disorder that put him on the disabled list. Kuo retired six of seven batters in two games.

• C Hector Gimenez(notes) was activated from the 60-day disabled list, cleared waivers, was outrighted and accepted an assignment to Class AA Chattanooga. Including his rehab games for Chattanooga, Gimenez was hitting .353/.450/.588 after six games.

• INF Aaron Miles drew a walk in the sixth inning Saturday, his first in 119 plate appearances, dating back to April 27. With a four-hit night, it raised his average to .301, but his on-base percentage is just .314 because of the infrequent walks.

By The Numbers: 23—Rows cleared by CF Matt Kemp in his pinch-hit home run June 10 at Coors Field. Kemp’s home run cleared all 23 rows of the left-field seats, took one bounce, and quickly skipped into the Rockies players’ parking lot. The ball was estimated to travel 458 feet, going 111.4 mph off the bat at a 31-degree angle.

All that offense we had just mean that we’re not at the bottom of the NL league in runs scored but it seem strange that we’re in front of the Phillies in offense except triples. To bad we didn’t average 6+ in that Phillies series with them having good pitching. All those singles really did help them be in front of them in slg/ops and the obp is close. It sure kill the QS which were rank 1st and 2nd behind Phillies all season long in the NL and now they tied for 5th. We always done better hitting on the road and scoring runs but can we do that at home?

Do you guys want to see something? Check this out and these are numbers on the road but don’t bother with the home numbers lol.

I see where the Rays released Cory Wade. And, I guess we will see if Loney can keep hitting when he returns home. Loney feasts at Coors Field. Not so much at Dodger Stadium(.699 career OPS). Same with Badajass and Urectum.

lol no way Wade was released because of a log jam. I guess Rays fans aren’t happy at all considering they got there former pitcher back in Cormier.

Yes, a lot of balls may fall in front of outfielders playing deep at Coors but a lot of balls hit deep that might be out of smaller parks get caught.

I really don’t care if the Dodgers pay Manny or not.

Gordon ss
Miles 2b
Ethier rf
Kemp cf
Loney 1b
Uribe 3b
Navarro c
Gwynn lf
Kuroda p

I would prefer Carroll to Uribe any day! Then again, I’d prefer Frank, Ned and Donnie be gone 😉

Can we played all of our home games in Albuquerque lol?

Power Outage: HRs @ Dodger Stadium 2011
Gordon 0
Miles 0
Ethier 2
Kemp 8
Loney 2
Uribe 2
Navarro 0
Gwynn 0
Kuroda 0
Total 14
Don’t go to the game expecting lots of HRs – in fact, don’t go to the game at all!
Sell the team!!!!!!!

It is highly unlikely any of the players with 0 would hit one anywhere else.

Let’s hear an early update on how the EMPTY SEATS are looking.

Surprise, surprise, surprise – Padilla due to have neck surgery. I guess he is not coming off the DL anytime soon, but you really didn’t think that would happen, did you?

Maybe Furcal can give him some recovery tips. I kinda wonder if they have the same agent.

Good evening everyone. Just watching the game on Fox Sports Ohio. Wow, they are panning the stadium and talking about the attendance issues of the Dodgers. Wow, does that place look empty.

Looks like we are playing for he Marlins’ home crowd.

Yes, it does.

I’ll bet when Vinny gives the attendance it will be over 30K.

Let’s get this party started!

Everyday Dre 😉

How dare thy hit our Bison!

Well, I guess in a couple of days we will find out what part of the Dodgers future Frank has traded away for pennys on the dollar to stay afloat. At least that will give Jamies claims that he is hurting the value of the team more weight in court on the 22nd.


Great way to start the game – I love it!

Way to go Andre, Matt and James!!! So, does James get another 24 hours of being Loeeny Free?
Is it true Frank is reaching out to religious organizations for money. If that turns out to be true, shame in him and the organizations that are supposedly doing this.

From what I’ve read, some AME pastors have reached out to him, citing the Jackie Robinson signing and the team’s historic background in the integration movement. These pastors are calling for forgiveness and giving Frank a second chance. Don’t know if they’re giving him any money, though.

It is true. However, the Times reporters think it’s a crass act on Frank’s part! Nobody is buying that crap!

OMG!!! Why doesn’t Frank just go on welfare while he’s at it?

Sparkleplenty ~ he might have to after he is forced to pay Manny $8.3 million by June 30th!

lol what the hell was Sherrill problem last year and did anyone see what he’s doing this year in Atlanta?

Back to the game – we’re seeing some great fielding tonight.

LOL…Dee makes Pierre look fat!


Where’s my Wally & Beav?

Looking at their dad’s magazines?

It’s very quiet here tonight . . .


I seriously want to know how many runs we given up with 2 outs?

Why is Miles playing instead of Jamey/!
Crap! Errors kill you every time!!!

To be honest why is Uribe playing over Jamey?

Either way, he should be in there!

Carroll should be in there over Piles and Urectum!!!! Dondildo is a clown.

lol can Carroll played 1st bases? I can’t really blame Donny on this and Torre probably would’ve done the same thing.

Damn stupid errors.

Too bad, Hiroki. It wasn’t all your fault.

Too bad. Back to back errors really hurt. He hardly ever gets much offensive support either.

And, why the hell is GrrrrRear still on this team?!

Ka-Boom!!! Guerrier sucks!!!!

No shit! 😉

I don’t think we can blame this on Guerrier when the innings should’ve been over without those 2 innings.

Why not? He gave up the damn home run!

That homerun would not had happen if Gordon and Miles didn’t make that errors. I don’t think this is ghe game to blame him.


Because Belisario and not resigning Wade mess this up.

I about fell out of my chair on that piles & urectum post wally!! They go so well with each other. LOL

Gr-rear has really been lit up his last few appearances.

Now THAT is offensive.
Oh well, by losing tonight, we get more empty seats tomorrow night.

Unbelieveable what errors can do.

I know I haven’t been around during games much, but I have been paying attention. Our bullpen sucks!!! You can’t defend homerun shots like that!! Goodness!! Andre and Matt didn’t even move from their spots on the field. They just turned around and watched it go over the wall – lol!!!

That was a shot. MLB Network broke into the game and after it was hit out they were all commenting that they knew he was going to go yard — funny A’s I was thinking the sane thing as I’m sure many of you were as well.

Yes we were, Collie. As Jhall said: “Kaboom”!

Heh, heh…. When Grrrrear came in, I got a feeling of impending doom. The errors didn’t help,but, I have no faith in Grrrrear and we are stuck with him for 3 years. I would unload him in July.

We have to many dead weight on this team and didn’t someone said they don’t mind this team to losing and I’d rather this team lose and attendance dropping to have Ned trade some prospects for more wash up players.

Good inning Lindblom.

31,372 is supposed pid attendance. No way are there half that many there!

Thanks Trumom. Yeah, there can’t be over 20K there by the looks of it.

I think it going to be more tomorrow night on Kuo bobblehead night.

Shad — sorry but I signed off yesterday before I saw your question — I do have family members and many friends (actually most) that are Giants fans. Wifey was actually a Giants fan when she was younger but wasn’t into baseball like I was – so after watching Dodger games with me she has grown to love them. She gets more upset than I do sometimes. I don’t have as tough of a situation that Nelly has with her Husband & Son & Daughter. But all of us in Norcal have to deal with these idiots before they won a trophy — now that they’ve won one I hear about it every day.

NP I knew you probably was tired and wanted to head to bed.

Geez yahoo even thought Guerrier gave up that HR’s those runs are unearned because of Gordon and Miles errors.

That was Guerrier 1st HR’s allowed in 32 1/3 innings.

Run Rabbits Run!!!

Wow – Gordon’s making up for that error. Did you all see him fly on that triple?

Damn why couldn’t this be on kcal I don’t even have cable?

Hey, I think I have those supposed attendance figures “figured”. They’re counting feet, not heads.
After tomorrow’s game the numbers are really going to take a hit.
Game 32’s attendance (2010): 48,046
Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom : 31,372
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 26
15th straight game of negative attendance
Games less than 30,000 this season – 5
Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – 2010: none
Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704
Lowest attended game of the year: Game 8 – 27,439
Largest single game drop: Game 18 (55,662 – 28,419 = 27,243)
2010 attendance (32 games) – 1,379,455 (43,108 average)
2011 attendance (32 games) – 1,140,791 (35,650 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 238,664 total
Average drop of 7458
Extrapolated for 81 games – 604,118
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,887,627
2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (33) attendance in 2010 – 43,299


Nice Gravatar Trumom!!!

That’s an actual guy at the game! He even has one that says:Donnie is an idiot! 🙂

Is there one that said McCourt sell the team?

Hi’Ya Dad. Thanks!! Gotta love it. The fans are speaking out.

Great stuff Dodgereric!!!! You keep adding little tidbits of information.

Don’t puck an ex Giants.


How about “plunk” 😉

Nice thrown Navarro.

Thanks lol that work.

Well done Lindblom.

Reds walk Kemp to set up the Loweeney DP

That work Kemp.

Someone should stand outside the stadium and pass out signs that say “Frank — sell the team!!”
Then in the middle of the 5th everyone holds them up at the same time. That would be sweet!!
Oh & I also hope that Loney can loose that nickname and have us sing the Loney Song!!!

Kemp calls them on it, would rather die on second base than be doubled off first.

Trumom, you’ve got me LMAO!!

Wait for my next one 🙂

Believe me, TruMom, based on the last few days you’ve got all us guys waiting with baited breath.

Help me with this one: is it
Bud Selig = excrement?

He’s still Loweeney to me.

Heh, heh, heh…….

A turd by any other name, is still a turd…

No Loney Song tonight — however he has improved as of late.

Loneys’ song should be “Hit The Road Jack”.

As well as Urectum, Badajass, and Nobatro!!!

Don’t forget GrrRear!

Come on Barajas.

Navarro stinks!!!

Oh well, back to normal. Sitting Carroll for Urectum or Miles is a joke.

Just what the hell is Navarro doing on this team besides taking up space?

Same reason why Barajas have the job over Ellis? Those catchers they got drafted 2 to 3 years old better hurry up and Ellis need to get a shot at the fulltime job.

lol what a waste just added 0/3 with risp to our pathetic numbers.

Shad, I think you asked about 7th and 8th inning pitching stats. I’m not going to do the entire MLB again. That took forever. But here are our stats compared to the league average.
LA 7th inning .277/.341/.455/.796
NL average .264/.335/.399/.734
LA 8th inning .246/.351/.344/.695
NL average .238/.318/.355/.672
Much more representative. Still below average but not so incredibly horrible as the 9th inning. Oh, let’s look at the updated stats. Just for fun.
LA 9th inning .344/.412/.521/.932
NL average .246/.321/.362/.683

Thanks you don’t have to I just wanted to see the numbers since it seem to take forever to find it. I wish espn would’ve listed stats by 1st innings, 2nd innings and so on.

lol I think I was asking for both pitching and hitting but that ok the 8th innings doesn’t seem so bad but that obp is to high. I’m going to see if I can find the pitching in the 7th and 8th.

LMFAO!!! Well done Trumom!!

Navarro was a bad signing. I was ok with Miles as a bench guy. But Navarro was just plain stupid.

Bring back Ellis.

Lindblom is looking ok however.
I had 3 goals this year. #1 rid the McCourts & #2 see some of the young guys and hopefully there will be some diamonds which would result in #3 — trading the older vets for some young talent.
Thus I’m trying to not get upset when they loose as my expectations were low to begin with.

I guess Blake wasn’t available.

I also want Wade back and he should’ve never been out of our organization.

STT, we know he’s supposed to be giving Barajas a rest occasionally. But he’s started 11 of the last 20 games. Now Barajas isn’t actually setting the world on fire with his .233/.272/.407/.679 line, but Navarro’s .176/.233/.250/.483 is as obscene as the BP’s 9th inning stats.

Ellis .267/.421/ .267/.688 in 19 AB’s and in the minor .300/.467/.411/.878 an a impressive walk/k’s ratio as 24/9 k’s and it a better cheapie option.

I know it’s not fair, but compare Barajas & Navarro to Kemp’s line for the last 7 days: .476/.542/1.286/1.827

Ooooh, how about his pinch hitting line? 1.000/1.000/4.000/5.000
OK, it was only one at-bat.

Except for Dre, Matt and Jamey, our hitting is really pathetic. As time goes on, opposition will no longer pitch to Matt and, we will be at the bottom of the pile!

One more run of stats and I’m outta here.
Before today’s games Kemp was
3rd in the NL in Batting Average: .331 (1st among OFs)
4th in OBP: .411 (2nd OF)
1st in SLG: .641
1st in OPS: 1.052
……. and 5th in All-Star OF voting.

I didn’t know Holliday was on the DL until you told me Kemp was #1 among OF’s.

Shad – I am not blaming Guerrier for anything. I was just referring to the bullpen in general and that specific homerun. However, we are not the only ones that think our poor pitching is directly related to the coaching. We have way too many pitchers going south for it not to be raising some giant red flags. Guerrier, like many, started out really well, and then it’s only a matter of time before he is completely ruined (or injured).

Donny is running him out there everyday like Torre did with Proctor and last year Troncoso. I really don’t think Guerrier have been that bad even though he could’ve been better but paying him that much money for 2 1/2 more years was a joke. I wish Ned would’ve keep Wade to replace Cormier before released him.

Are we really going to blame Guerrier for every game? Looking over his career, he hasn’t really been a bad pitcher. I know he hasn’t pitched that well this month but it ridiculously to blame him when it should be Donny for overusing him like Torre did with Proctor and Troncoso. I think is so sad that Troncoso career probably would not be the same no more since Torre ruining him the past 3 season. Donny try to get a 2nd innings from him and fail and gave up 4 runs maybe he should’ve pulled him when Cargo hit that 1st 2 runs HR’s in the inning or maybe he should’ve never pitch the 7th but Troncoso hasn’t been bad since he came back up and those were his 1st runs given up since the 2nd games that he pitch. Is not like Troncoso is making a lot of money and is overpaided since he’s only making $335,727.

I just don’t see why the hating with Guerrier and MacDougal or maybe I’m just missing something here.

I, personally, think it has to do with the coaching. I think Honeycutt, for whatever reason, is not the right fit for our young pitchers. I am convinced that pitchers Wade, Troncoso, Elbert, etc.(names are escaping me) are victims of bad coaching at our level. They were so good their first two, three weeks up with the big club, and then it’s like they just crashed and burned. That just isn’t right, and the only common denominator is the coach.

Let’s take that Padres bullpen top 3 relievers of Gregerson, Adams and Bell. How the hell does Bud Black do it? Those 3 guys had been pitching a lot the past couple of years and been totally overused a lot in the month of September trying to get that lead over the Giants but this season Adams seem to be unhittable and having a better year than any other year in his career, Bell is still Bell and Gregerson is on the DL maybe it is the pitching coach. I’m surprise the Padres organization hasn’t run these 3 guys down the same path like we did with are pitching.

I would’ve mind seeing Wade back in our organization if Padilla is going to be out longer with that neck surgery.

When pitchers are changed during an inning, the relief pitcher shall not have the benefit of previous chances for outs not accepted in determining earned runs.
Rule 10.16(i) Comment: It is the intent of Rule 10.16(i) to charge a relief pitcher with earned runs for which such relief pitcher is solely responsible. In some instances, runs charged as earned against the relief pitcher can be charged as unearned against the team.

Wow that rules really does suck for the relievers so I guess Guerrier runs our earned because he wasn’t in the game when an error took places even through there were back to back errors and should’ve been the 3 outs and the scored still tied but Kuroda was charged with 2 of the 4 runs because it was the right thing to do.

Should we blame the Twins for Guerrier ineffective this season since he’s average around 75.5 the past 4 years?

I guess I was late on Wade and he signed with the Yankees.

It looks like the June 30th payroll will be $30 million. Let’s hope 1) the June 22nd decision doesn’t make that $30 doable for the owner and 2) he stops getting advances from his corporate buddies. Perhaps we should make an effort to contact those sponsers to let them know the boycott will extend to them if they continue to assist.

I hope and pray he will be out of our lives soon. I’ll bet the players hope so too.

They really need to hurry up.

Vote for Kemp & Ethier. I voted with four of my addresses and I filled a few ballots at the stadium.
As of yesterday, here is the top 5 for NL Outfielders All-Star votes:

Ryan Braun, Brewers: 2,230,505
Lance Berkman, Cardinals: 1,878,314
Matt Holliday, Cardinals: 1,855,416
Andre Ethier, Dodgers: 1,468,537
Matt Kemp, Dodgers: 1,372,804

dodgers fans always ride the roller coaster of emotion this time of year. don’t sweat it, though, they’ll either do well this summer or they won’t. enjoy the sport for what it is…guys playing with sticks and balls.

Sticks yes, but this team has no balls.

The title of this thread makes me chuckle everytime I log onto it — it just makes me think it’s a truthful article on the ownership…

Yes, Collie. The owner is offensive!

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