Independence Day at Dodger Stadium

There are only 24 hours left on arguably the best ticket offer of the year at Dodger Stadium – on July 4, you can catch a ballgame and the city’s best fireworks show for just $4 on the Reserve Level, $14 on Loge and $24 on the Field Level. That’s a $130 ticket for $24, a $110 ticket for $14 and a $45 ticket for $4, but the sale ends Monday morning at 9 a.m.

Oh, and you can watch the fireworks show from the outfield grass, as always.

For tickets, visit this link and use the promo code July4

We know a lot of people make their Independence Day weekend plans in advance, so this sale comes a few weeks before the actual game. Hope to see many of you at Dodger Stadium to celebrate on July 4.


  1. trublu4ever

    Thanks for the new thread, Josh.
    I’m hoping we can win today and get a split for our road trip. I’m hopful too, that Rubby won’t get the Coors Field bombardment. Put a decent lineup out there, Donnie to give us a fighting chance.

  2. messagebear

    Great advance ticket sale. Obviously Frank is trying to raise money for the payroll.
    Resist the giveaway, fans! EMPTY SEATS is what we need this coming week, and maybe Frank can be sunk before Independence Day. Wouldn’t an Independence Day from Frank be Great!

  3. messagebear

    I love Rubby, and he’ll have his day, but let him have it after Frank and Ned are GONE.
    In the meantime, BOYCOTT!
    As for Independence Day, go to the beach.

  4. dodgereric

    Good afternoon, taking a commercial break from the NASCAR race. I wanted to repost something from late last night.
    Remember when I posted our 9th inning pitching stats? Remember how horrible it was? Let’s update it. This time, let’s compare it to the rest of the NL.
    League average .244/.319/.359/.678
    ATL .181/.281/.258/.539
    SD .197/.267/.278/.545
    CIN .202/.306/.314/.620
    MIL .205/.311/.256/.566
    WAS .213/.294/.267/.561
    SF .225/.337/.266/.603
    AZ .229/.298/.394/.692
    PIT .247/.290/.374/.664
    FLA .249/.316/.361/.677
    NYM .254/.330/.359/.689
    STL .261/.325/.436/.761
    PHI .262/.335/.361/.696
    COL .265/.296/.439/.736
    CHI .271/.358/.380/.737
    HOU .293/.348/.451/.799
    LA .333/.403/.500/.903
    Wow. Ugly with a capital UG. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to the AL with the DH. Ah, let’s look anyway, just to make ourselves feel good about the team Ned’s put together. You know, the one that the owner likes so much.
    ATL .181/.281/.258/.539
    SD .197/.267/.278/.545
    SEA .202/.270/.251/.521
    CIN .202/.306/.314/.620
    MIL .205/.311/.256/.566
    LAA .209/.281/.327/.608
    TB .211/.276/.283/.560
    OAK .213/.274/.270/.544
    WAS .213/.294/.267/.561
    BAL .214/.280/.385/.665
    CWS .221/.310/.368/.679
    SF .225/.337/.266/.603
    BOS .226/.259/.321/.580
    AZ .229/.298/.394/.692
    MIN .229/.301/.401/.702
    CLE .237/.317/.328/.645
    DET .239/.349/.330/.679
    TEX .240/.330/.380/.710
    KC .242/.327/.384/.711
    PIT .247/.290/.374/.664
    FLA .249/.316/.361/.677
    NYM .254/.330/.359/.689
    STL .261/.325/.436/.761
    PHI .262/.335/.361/.696
    COL .265/.296/.439/.736
    NYY .270/.326/.375/.701
    CUBS .271/.358/.380/.737
    TOR .290/.355/.493/.848
    HOU .293/.348/.451/.799
    LAD .333/.403/.500/.903
    Oops. Wow again. Not just worst. Astoundingly worse. The only team over .300 in batting average against. The only team over .400 in On Base Percentage. The only team to reach .500 in Slugging Percentage. The only team over .900 in On Base Plus Slugging Percentage.
    Putting this horror aside for a moment, it isn’t really surprising that the NL has 4 of the top 5 teams in this catagory. No DH, lower stats, right? But the NL also has 9 of the worst 11.

  5. nedsajerk

    Go figure Carroll and Miles is 0/2 and Loney and Uribe is 2/2.
    Loney was like 43 7 2 0 1 5 3 8 0 1 .163 .234 .279 .513

  6. nedsajerk

    Holy crap Tommy Hanson the Braves SP have 14 k’s in 7 innings and I guess Liriano lost his prefect game/shutout..

  7. vl4eccjr

    I sure hope they get Rubby’s finger fixed. Sounds like a nerve issue. The last thing this team needs is another pitcher going on the DL. . .

  8. nedsajerk

    What is this Uribe and Loney is still hitting? How many HR’s have Barajas hit with runners on bases?

  9. nedsajerk

    We should’ve had been 3-1 and how many different Dodgers relievers recorded at least 1 save this season? I really wanted Hawkworth to get one.

  10. nedsajerk

    WTG Mavs Kidd and Dirk deserve it and Marion for knocking out the Lakers when he was a Suns players 2 years in a rows.

    • JhallWally

      Yes!! And I hope its for more than 24 hours. By the way, Uribum is below the Phew line.
      Phew 259/324/304/628
      Uribum 224/291/327/618

      • Nellyjune

        That doesn’t surprise me about Uribe, and I hope James can get himself out of the Loweeny title for good

  11. nedsajerk


    • RHP Rubby De La Rosa(notes) left Sunday’s game with a cramp in his right forearm that led to a cramp in his pointer finger. The Dodgers don’t think it’s serious and he should be able to make his next start. If he can’t, the Dodgers have an off day Thursday, so they could skip him, and not need a fifth starter again until a week from Tuesday.

    • LHP Ted Lilly(notes) collected his first hit and stolen base of the season (on a head-first dive) in the third inning Saturday. In the fifth, with two runners on base and nobody out, No. 8 hitter Tony Gwynn Jr.(notes) attempted a sacrifice bunt. No, they weren’t suddenly bunting to set up Lilly, who had snapped an 0-for-41 hitting streak with his single. Third-base coach Tim Wallach came down to talk with Gwynn, who missed a sign. Gwynn then swung away and flied out. Lilly allowed a run in five innings, and picked up the victory to even his record at 5-5.

    • 3B Casey Blake (pinched nerve in neck) was out of the starting lineup the past two days. Blake came off the bench and delivered a three-run double Saturday in the fifth inning, and he grounded out as a pinch hitter Sunday. He was hurt while fielding a bunt in the fifth inning Friday, and he noticed he didn’t have much range of motion when in the batter’s box his next at-bat.

    • RHP Kenley Jansen(notes) (right shoulder inflammation) pitched two clean innings for Class AA Chattanooga in a rehab outing Saturday, striking out two. Jansen faced nine hitters in two games, retired them all, and struck out five. Jansen is eligible to be activated from the disabled list Monday, but the Dodgers would prefer giving him another two-inning rehab game. It will depend on how much the bullpen is used Sunday.

    • LHP Hong-Chih Kuo(notes) struck out all three batters he faced Saturday for Class A Rancho Cucamonga in his second rehab outing as he tries to fight back from an anxiety disorder that put him on the disabled list. Kuo retired six of seven batters in two games.

    • C Hector Gimenez(notes) was activated from the 60-day disabled list, cleared waivers, was outrighted and accepted an assignment to Class AA Chattanooga. Including his rehab games for Chattanooga, Gimenez was hitting .353/.450/.588 after six games.

    • INF Aaron Miles drew a walk in the sixth inning Saturday, his first in 119 plate appearances, dating back to April 27. With a four-hit night, it raised his average to .301, but his on-base percentage is just .314 because of the infrequent walks.

    By The Numbers: 23—Rows cleared by CF Matt Kemp in his pinch-hit home run June 10 at Coors Field. Kemp’s home run cleared all 23 rows of the left-field seats, took one bounce, and quickly skipped into the Rockies players’ parking lot. The ball was estimated to travel 458 feet, going 111.4 mph off the bat at a 31-degree angle.

  12. JhallWally

    Oh heavy sigh. Very sad and frustrating day. Another 3 weeks of waiting. Most people still believe Frank will be gone eventually and Bud is just being compliant with the Bankruptcy court to further get his case in order. I really don’t know if I can continue to invest my time and heart into the Dodgers if McBroke is allowed to remain as the owner. I think if he does remain as the Dodger owner, once Kemp, Ethier, and Kersh are gone, I will be also.

      • JhallWally

        Yep!! Well Frank said early on that his financial plan was to cut player payroll and increase revenue by raising ticket, concession, and parking prices. Well, he managed to do that except for Ned wasting so much money on Manny, Andruw, Phew, Schidt, etc… Also, that he thinks this is a very, very good team and if money was no issue, these are the type of players he would want and be happy with. It is very clear that if Frank keeps the team, the Dodgers will continue to decline and will not be relevent again in my lifetime.

  13. vl4eccjr

    This process could be a long & painfull one. Prolonging the fans suffering stinks. I was hoping this mess would be cleared up by the all star break. McCrook just can’t get out of this picture fast enough for me. .:-(
    I hope the hit parade continues for Lilly tonight.
    Sure seemed like the whole team had to vent off alot of steam last night exploding for all those hits & runs. Maybe playing home at the ravine is a sad distraction these days.

  14. trublu4ever

    The fans will NOT support the team if Frank keeps control. If we all think the attendance is way down now, just wait and see what will happen if McCrook keeps this team.

    • vl4eccjr

      Looks like Frank will still be in the picture when the next homestand comes around. You’re so right about the attendance dropping. I have a feeling it will be DRASTIC! Fans are fed up, and should stay away.

  15. lbirken

    It just is not in Frank McCourt’s nature to give up. This bankruptcy filing did not come out of thin air; he had to be working on this for quite some time to get the financing deal in place. It is refreshing to read MLB’s response trashing the McCourt’s in plain English and in a public forum. Let the battle begin.

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