Hoopin’ Dodgers

Another solid win for the Dodgers, who have taken seven of their last 11 games and tonight, look to win their fourth consecutive series for the first time in over a year. Of course, we aim to provide something a little different here at Inside the Dodgers, so we switch gears for a moment to basketball.

With the NBA Finals in full swing and Dee Gordon getting called up yesterday, it sparked a dugout conversation during Don Mattingly’s pregame interview about Dee’s athleticism on the court. He played primarily basketball until high school, when he finally started playing baseball. And it got me thinking – who would be the best basketball team made up of current or former Dodgers?

Of course, you’d have to include Sandy Koufax, who went to the University of Cincinnati on a basketball scholarship. And Matt Kemp, who had offers to play collegiately, who probably be your forward. Dee Gordon would be  a nice point guard and our center would have to be Mark Hendrickson, who was the tallest Dodger at 6-foot, 9-inches and also played in the NBA as a power forward. Perhaps Billy Ashley could fill that role for the Dodgers – he was a house, but I have no idea if he could hoop. I guess that’s my starting five, without much research.

Honorable mention as a sixth man goes to Double-A manager John Shoemaker, who never played in the bigs but was the captain of the Miami (OH) basketball team and was selected in the sixth round of the 1978 NBA draft by the Bulls. Stories of his shooting exploits on the court at Dodgertown in Vero Beach are legendary. And from what I hear, Donnie Baseball was actually a pretty good player growing up in Indiana.

Anyone know any good stories about Dodger players who could pass, shoot or dribble?

Just a fun little diversion from the everday stuff on ITD. As promised, I’m trying to post more often and this popped into my head yesterday watching Dee fly around the bases in his first big league start.


  1. trublu4ever

    Thanks for the new thread, Josh. I do appreciate you giving us much more lately. I hope we get the good Kuroda tonight…..we need him to give us a chance to win. And, WIN, we shall! GO, DODGERS, GO!!!!!!

  2. selltheteam

    Assuming that Gordon and Loney sit against the lefty Hamels, which dud will Mattingly put in the lineup? Miles or Thames? I’m guessing it’s Thames in LF and Blake at 1B.
    My preferred lineup against Hamels tonight:
    Gordon ss (let him prove whether or not he’s effective against lefties before you platoon him)
    Carroll 2b
    Ethier rf (God knows he doesn’t need another day of rest, and if Thames starts ahead of him again, TruMom may commit an act of violence!)
    Kemp cf
    Uribe 3b
    Blake 1b
    Sands lf
    Barajas c
    Kuroda p

      • JhallWally

        LOL!! Hi’Ya Trumom!! I’d sure like to see Nelly get her hands on Ned and DonDo if Ethier gets benched for Thames again. Whoa Nelly, lookout!!!

    • JhallWally

      I like it STT!! Any lineup without Loweeney and Navarro is a good start. I really think you need to keep Carroll in the lineup.
      Ethier should start. He may not be lighting up lefties, but, Thames is not lighting up anyone. And Ethier can play some semblance of defense.

  3. Tommy H

    What about Chuck Connor (aka, The Rifleman)? Wasn’t he a former Dodgers first baseman and player for the Celtics? (And, if I am not mistaken, the first player in the NBA to break a backboard.)

  4. trublu4ever

    Another thing ….. suppose Hamels is awful and doesn’t make it though 3 innings…then Donnie boy is stuck with crap in the lineup….which he would be anyway, if ANDRE does not play!!!!

  5. Paul

    Rumor has it that Clayton Kershaw and Zach Lee both have reputations for holding their own on the hardwood.

  6. messagebear

    Anybody reminding me of Mark Hendrickson as a Dodger needs to have his head examined.
    That’s probably just the point – Ned would be better qualified putting together a basketball team than he has proven with his lack of baseball talent.
    FIRE NED, right after Frank is GONE.

  7. enchantedTheBeav

    Ah, I perfect segue into my tribute to Ned. ABBA – I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do

    Julio Lugo, Juan Pierre, Juan Uribe
    We’ve been screwed
    Been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed
    Manny Ramirez, Marcus Thames, R. Martinez
    We’ve been screwed
    Been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed
    Ohman, Mark Sweeney, Jones, Wells, Schmidt, Robles
    Wolf, Nomar, Baez, Lurch, Tomko, Gibbons
    Mientkiewicz, Proctor, Carter, Miles, Green, and TheRiot
    We’ve been screwed
    Been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed
    [Musical Interlude – preferably with kazoos]
    Both Ortiz’s, Vargas, Blake, Dotel,
    Weaver, Hill, Bennett, Milton, Park, Towers
    Vicente Padilla, Ted Lilly, Scott Posednik
    We’ve been screwed
    Been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed
    Dioner Navarro, Jack Taschner, E. Loaiza
    We’ve been screwed
    Been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed
    Angel Berroa, Anderson(s), Aaron Sele
    We’ve been screwed
    Been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed, been screwed
    ©NedCo Broken Records 2011.
    Some of the others who didn’t make it into the song: Lofton, Mueller, Alomar, Furcal, Saenz, Schmoll, Saito, Carrera, Ledee, Maddux, Betemit, Dessens, Lieberthal, Seanez, Clark, R. Hernendez, MacDougal, Sao, Hillenbrand, Castro, Park, Kuroda, Ethier, Sturtze, Falkenborg, T. Martin, Chavez, J. Johnson, Sherrill, Ausmus, Mota, Hudson, Loretta, Belliard, Thome, Miller, Guerrier, Barajas, Gwynn, Garland, Monasterios, R. Johnson, Hawksworth, Cormier, Carroll, Ely, Link, Gimenez…

    • selltheteam

      I agree; against lefties, he should be batting 2nd, moving Dee over and setting the table for the big boys.
      I’d rather have Sands than Thames in lf – Thames should be on the bench, Sands needs to play every day.

      • nedsajerk

        Sands is surely not making his case with his hitting lately going 1/17. Dang I miss his .300+ batting average on the road.

      • selltheteam

        Hopefully, he can get back on track at Coors Field. I’d like to see him knock a couple balls out of that park.

    • nedsajerk

      Why not used Carroll in the 2nd hole and put Blake back in the 5th hole and move Uribe down a spot?

      • selltheteam

        Who would put a .308 hitter in the 8-hole (besides Donnie and his mentor, JoJo the Clown)?

  8. nedsajerk

    Let’s go Kuroda and continue your dominate over the Phillies in your career and snap that 3 games losing streak.

  9. nedsajerk

    Kuroda Career vs. PHI 4 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 26.2 7 2 2 0 7 24 0.68 0.53 .084
    Harmels Career vs. LAD 4 4 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 30.0 22 6 5 2 3 26 1.50 0.83 .208

    Someone is due to take a lose here.

    • nedsajerk

      I’m going to ignore that playoff start Kuroda had 2 yrs ago because he probably should’ve had started that game.

  10. selltheteam

    Finally found documentation of Frank McCourt’s leveraged buyout of the Dodgers – he only put down $9 million on a purchase price of $430 million – that’s 2%!!!! Stupid Bud Selig approved the deal.
    “The sale price for the ball club and its stadium in Chavez Ravine was $430 million. McCourt borrowed all but $9 million of the purchase price, an unusually large amount of financing.”
    Sell the team, you miserable low life!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nellyjune

    Glad to see Andre in the lineup. I am not opposed to Andre sitting (necessarily), but when they do sit him, don’t give the media/fans the excuse that it’s because he needs rest due to the heat. I am tired of being lied to about everything that involves this organization. It’s bad enough we have to deal with Frank and Ned’s deceitfulness, but when it comes to the team itself, it would be nice to hear/read some honesty for a change. Glad to see Dee Gordon in the lineup again.

  12. nedsajerk

    Wow Cervail just had 2 throwing errors and either Martin is in Giradi doghouse or Martin is really struggling.

  13. vl4eccjr

    Good evening all.
    Whew! I thoght Kuroda was in the commoda for a bit. If the heat there is as bad as here, it’s probably draining him. 106 here today. Hotter tomorrow!

  14. nedsajerk

    I want to see a combo of Gordon and Robinson at the top of our lineup. Why does Blake always seem to swing at the 1st pitch?

  15. nedsajerk

    That was the 1st HR’s the Philly hit this month not to mention that was Howard 1st hit in his career.

  16. JhallWally

    1st and 3rd, no outs, and we get freaking nothing!!!
    Uribe, Thames, and Barajas suck. Way to go Ned!!!!

  17. vl4eccjr

    I’m feeling alot more hate & discontent towards players & management these days on the blog.
    I have nothing more to add to what’s been posted. You all have covered the bases – so to speak.

  18. lbirken

    I don’t see any reason to hate anyone. The players are what they are and even Andre and Matt don’t get the job done every at bat. But I do understand great disappointment with the management of this franchise, not so much on the field but certainly in the front office. That is where responsibility lies for all the negative press the Dodgers receive and the play on the field only magnafies the front office issues.

    • vl4eccjr

      I guess I was a bit harsh.
      Personally I’m disappointed with alot of the players not carrying their weight. I realize Matt & Andre can’t do it all, but it sure would be nice if they would get some help more often.
      As far as management goes, like most I’m just plain disgusted with their ineptness.

    • JhallWally

      Very true!! The players on the field are a direct result of a greedy owner and an inept GM. The players are what they are. Washed up rejects from the baseball dung heap. Can’t really expect much from them except a smelly mess. And that’s what we’ve got!!!

  19. Collie

    Good post Birk. I for one hate that Uribe seems to like to pop the ball up and is anxious when he’s at bat. Often swinging at the 1st pitch. That being said I don’t hate him at all.

  20. messagebear

    It’s hard to hate a guy like Uribe. In fact, you have to admire Uribe. Here’s a guy who’s had a rather mediocre career as a major leaguer, but had one excellent playoff series and WS. He managed to parlay that into more money for the three year contract than anybody on this blog is likely to make in their lifetime. Hate Uribe? No.
    Ned is a different matter.

  21. phan52

    Relax guys. The 7th and 8th innings was more about Hamels than the hitters. He’s in a sick groove right now and just gets tougher when he’s in a jam. As Charlie says, “He’s all growed up” and might be the best pitcher in the NL right now.
    I hope you get your front office mess straightened out. It’s always better when the Dodgers are a contender.

    • phan52

      Thomas is the best goalie in the league and he will carry the Bruins to the Cup when they have to win a game in Vancouver. Sucks, because I hate the Bruins, but I gotta give them their due.

      • nedsajerk

        Well Phan we hate the Celtics and Red Sox here so you probably can tell we hate any Boston team.

  22. JhallWally

    DonDo is an idiot. You start a righty at 1st today because we’re facing a lefty and Loweeney sucks against lefties. He basically sucks shit overall, but even more against lefties. So when it is time for a pinch hitter against a lefty reliever, you bring in Loweeney and leave Sands who is mashing lefties on the bench.

    James Loney was sent to pinch hit off Hamels with one out and a runner on first base in the top of the eighth, and drew a 3-0 count. Loney, hitting .242/.292/.312 on the season and just .176/.232/.196 against left-handers, swung 3-0 and popped out weakly to left field. Keep in mind, the one thing Jerry Sands has done consistently well this season is hit left-handers, to the tune of .294/.400/.588, yet he sat on the bench against the southpaw Hamels.

    Is it me, or is that just total stupidity?

    • JhallWally

      Correction, Loweeney was pinch hitting against the lefty Hamels, not a reliever. Same difference except that Hamels is better than a freaking reliever.

    • nedsajerk

      Well either that or Sands is like 3/39 in his last 10 games but really it should’ve had came down to that in the 1st place if Sands was in the lineup where he was suppose to be. Loney should’ve had no problem hitting against Chacin tommorrow but I’m not going to hold my breath on it and this would be the prefect game for Loney to break out of it. Isn’t this suppose to be Loney month to get hot? In the career month of June he’s has a stats lines of .318/.383/.474/.857.

  23. Nellyjune

    I don’t hate the Red Sox, or the the Yankees, or the gnats, or even the Phillies. I hate the fact we have an owner that never gave a shit about this team. I envy those aforementioned teams because they have owners and GMs who are looking out for the best interest of their respective teams and their fans. Phan is right!!! It would be so much better if we were contending. And he’s right about Hamels too. Tonight was about him and not about our lack of RISP. Hamels did exactly what most pitchers in this league will most likely catch on to. All you have to do is get through Andre and Matt, and the rest will take care of itself. On occasion, it will backfire and the rest of the lineup will decide to show up for a game or two and actually help Matt and Andre. However, for the most part, we have two consistent hitters in the lineup, and the rest are hit and miss.

  24. sparkleplenty_1

    I’ve been trying to cut Mattingly some slack being that this is his first managerial gig, but no more. He is showing his inexperience in making crucial decisions. Sure, he’d been a player and a coach, but now he’s in the driver’s seat and he’s driving this vehicle right into a ditch. Hindsight certainly is 20/20, but the stats speak for themselves. Maybe he really is The Second Coming of Joe Torre who didn’t pay attention to stats and just went with “feeling”. If so, why does he feel that Thames can do the job? Why does he feel he can he sit Sands and expect him to develop into an everyday major league ballplayer? Why does he feel it’s okay to sit Ethier when he and Kemp are the ones who are carrying this club? Darn, I hate rhetoric!!! He’s got me talking to myself . . . .

  25. nedsajerk

    Maybe Donny doing us a favor to get Ned fired and McCourt to sell the team but what do we have to lose bring up Robinson now?

  26. grizzy

    Of course nelly is right. I’ve said before it makes no sense to pitch to Kemp. Under these circumstances he ought to break the league record for intentional walks.
    Well, our starters are doing the job. But it certainly sucks the Phillies average just over two runs a game and win the series. I had hoped to be back to .500 by the break and build on that,but I’ve good this sneaking suspicion we just do not have the horses. But I’ll keep hoping. A good series in Colo means a winning road trip.

  27. selltheteam

    Kemp will also be drawing lots of “unintentional intentional” walks. Like on Sunday, when the Reds pitched around him twice with runners on first base. But a high OBP for Kemp will do us no good with the likes of Uribe and Thames hitting behind him.
    I was in SparkePlenty’s camp in terms of cutting slack to Mattingly. Up until he used Loweeney to pinch-hit for Gordon, when he’s got Sands sitting right there on the bench. Sure, Sands is in a 1-17 slump. But why do you have a right-hander like him on the bench if you’re not going to use him in this situation?

  28. GM Ned Colletti

    Boss is working on some new promos to get more people into the park so he can make payroll. Right now he’s thinking of having a Jamie bobble head night so people besides her driver can watch her head go up and down. Then boss also want to have a free beer night, of course he’d be charging $20 a trip to use the restrooms. Just to change topics isn’t Donnie doing great, what about my signing of Thames, doesn’t he have a beautiful swing? Of course he doesn’t hit much but his swing is still pretty, and he was cheap.

  29. jason ungar

    Through June 1, home attendance at Dodger Stadium is down a total of 221,984 from last season, an average 7,161 fewer fans per game. This represents a 16.7 percent overall drop, which is by far the worst in baseball this season.

    “Until the McCourts are not the story, the Dodgers on the field cannot be the story,” said David Carter, executive director of USC’s Sports Business Institute. “I think the recovery would be swift with new ownership because there are so many people around Southern California that revere the franchise and have loved the Dodgers for generations. The minute the message changes and they ask for another shot it will be a breath of fresh air and I think the fans will return to Chavez Ravine rapidly.”

  30. selltheteam

    Gordon SS
    Blake 3B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Uribe 2B
    Loney 1B
    Navarro C
    Gwynn LF
    Kershaw P

      • trublu4ever

        Just a thought…maybe James should go to the minors and try to ge his swing right….I believe their instructors are much better than ours.

      • enchantedTheBeav

        Heaven forbid we get rid of Thames.
        And so will begin the legend of Jerry Sands, now destined to yoyo up and down this year and next before Ned gives up on him and trades him for Dotel or just flat out releases him. Sure hope Jerry will like Pittsburgh.

      • selltheteam

        We really need a resolution of this ownership problem soon. The sooner Frank is gone, the sooner Ned will be gone. If Ned’s not gone by July 24, we can kiss goodbye to any of our decent prospects. That means Ned will be trading Tolleson, Sands, Gordon, and Rubby away for some PVL’s that Frank & Ned think will get them into the playoffs.
        Would be really nice to have the Judge decide on June 22nd that the Dodgers are community property, and the McCourts will be forced to sell out.

    • JhallWally

      Thanks for the lineup STT. Just saw the news about Sands. Well, he’ll be back. Hopefully as a 1st or 3rd baseman. He needs to be playing eveyday in my opinion. It’s a shame that Neddy and DonDo can’t just put someone in a slot and give them a legitimate shot. I think XPaul would have done a good job playing LF and batting 1st or 2nd in the order if given a chance. But, we lost him for nothing because of Ned and DonDos’ ill advised and stupid Gibbons/Thames bullshit.


      • selltheteam

        Sands did a pretty good job for a while. Then his bat started getting stale. Send him down for 30 to 60 days, have him work on a few things. Then he’ll come back up for good in August or so. Like you said, as a 1B or 3B, because Loweeney and Blake won’t be doing us much good in 2012 and beyond. (Not that they’re doing much of anything in 2011)

      • JhallWally

        Agreed STT. Loweeney and Blake won’t be around next year. As well as Frailcal and Badajass. I will be glad to see them gone. This team needs a complete rebuild from the owners box on down. The sooner Neddy and DonDo realize this team is a pile of shit and start the better off we will be. I don’t see good things happening until Frank and Furter are gone however. Going forward, they need to get a long term deal done with Kemp and start the rebuild around he and Kershaw.

  31. messagebear

    Instead of the current “Hoopin” Dodgers” I hope the next post is for the “Poopin’ Dodgers” dedicated to the likes of Gibbons, Thames, Gwynn, Navarro and even Uribe, not to mention past stalwart Poopers like Sweeney and company. If it weren’t for them, we would not have half the subject matter for our blog. Of course, let’s not forget the biggest Poopers of all, our own Frank and Ned, who have been poopin’ on the franchise ever since they came to town. May MLB put the torch to their poop pile very soon.

  32. selltheteam

    The lineup is so much more entertaining when you put numbers with it (BA/OB/SL/OPS)

    Gordon SS .375/.375/.375/.750
    Blake 3B .271/.369/.427/.796
    Ethier RF .327/.409/.464/.872
    Kemp CF .323/.402/.595/.997
    Uribe 2B .222/.290/.333/.623
    Loney 1B .241/.292/.310/.603
    Navarro C .197/.246/.279/.525
    Gwynn LF .227/.261/.307/.568
    Kershaw P .231/.259/.231/.490

  33. nedsajerk

    Round 40: Stefan Jarrin, 2B, East LA College – As we all know by now this is the son of Dodger Spanish announcer Jaime Jarrin. Much has already been written about him, but he doesn’t seem to be much of a prospect at all. I bet he does sign, though, just to say he played in the Dodgers organization. Also, it looks like he had a short stint as a Dodger blogger a few years back (and was a big Juan Pierre fan).

    Wow we drafted Jarrin impressive.

    • 32and53fan

      Stefan is the grandson of Jaime Jarrin. He is the son of “The Captain” Jorge Jarrin, the helicopter news reporter.

      • nedsajerk

        I guess the person who always does the minor league/draft article on the TBLA board didn’t know that one.

  34. nedsajerk

    Round 13: David Palladino, RHP, Emerson HS (NJ) – Palladino is a huge 6’9″ right hander and was one of the best pitchers in New Jersey this past year. He went 10 and 1 with 3 no-hitters and a 1.08 ERA. Also, I know this sounds like a typo but Palladino actually allowed just 19 hits in 72 innings this season while striking out 131. The reason I know it’s not a typo is because earlier in the year that same blog talked about how he had only given up 8 hits through 44 innings, and had an 18 strikeout game. He gets his fastball up to 93 mph, but I’m not sure about his secondary stuff.

    A tall right handed Kershaw no way.

  35. nedsajerk

    If Gordon is skinny what about the Dodgers 42 rounds picks talk about being skinny?

    Round 42: Max Povse, RHP, Green Hope HS (NC) – Povse is listed at 6’8″ and 185 lbs, and according to Baseball America “He doesn’t yet use his height to his advantage, as he is slight hunched over in his delivery. He has an 86-89 mph fastball and the makings of a decent curveball.” I read somewhere else that he can get into the low 90’s, but I’m not sure about that. He has committed to play his college ball at University of North Carolina Greensboro.

  36. nedsajerk

    lol damn espn never had something in blue when the scored is 7-3 must mean Kemp need a single for the cycle but I bet he’ll get walk next.

    • JhallWally

      Gordon, Blake, Ethier, and Kemp: 8 for 15, 6 rbi, 5 runs.
      Uribe, Loweeney, Navarro, Gwynn: 1 for 13, 0 rbi.
      Kershaw: 2 for 3, 2 runs.

    • sparkleplenty_1

      Shad, the Dodgers usually play well and have won the majority of games at Coors. It’s just very tough to watch when the Rockies get going.

    • JhallWally

      Fucking Unacceptable. Our bullpen sucks. I’ll bet our percentage of inherited runners scoring is very bad. These guys can’t put out fires.

      • trublu4ever

        Exactly! I can cut Kersh some slack…he had to run bases and he ran out of gas but, that is what your BP is supposed to do! KEEP YOUR TEAM AHEAD YOU MORONS!!!!

  37. nedsajerk

    I know but when you own good pitchers like Kershaw, Bills, Johnson and so on in fantasy league that have to pitch in Coors I hate when my ERA get kill.

  38. JhallWally

    I hate when people point to the bullpen ERA as an indicator of how good they are doing. When the starters usually eat the runs they are supposed to stop.

    • sparkleplenty_1

      He not only can’t manage, I’ll bet he doesn’t know how to spell “manage” either.

  39. vl4eccjr

    Okay! Glad that’s finally over with!
    This ain’t over yet. Have to get up off the canvas, wipe off the blood, clean & treat the cuts, and get back into the fight!!

  40. nedsajerk

    Did I see we called up Oeltjen? I wish Sands would’ve stay and Thames get sent down. If you want a RHB bring up Hoffmann. I have no problem with Oeltjen bring brought up.

  41. enchantedTheBeav

    At least one wheel flies off this wagon almost every night. Tonight its the bully. Yesterday it was the hitting. Always something.

  42. vl4eccjr

    Amazing looking at the gameday pitches. Rox pitchers are getting the corner calls. Dodgers aint!

      • enchantedTheBeav

        I still think there’s an understanding between Selig and the umps to make it a little harder for our guys. Game after game its been like that.

  43. enchantedTheBeav

    Not that it mattered, but wasn’t Uribe brought in by Ned to drive in runs with occasional power? They why did Barajas have to “hit” for him?

  44. MartinLoneyKemp

    Hi Boys and Girls. MartinLoneyKemp here (Not sure this thing will list me that way).
    Well, it took them 17 years, but they finally killed me. Baseball started to break me down with the 1994 strike and cancellation of the World Series. Then followed the Steroids Era under Bud Selig. Along in there, the City of Los Angeles led by Mark Ridley-Thomas leading the way, the O’Malley family was driven out. Fox came in and did their damage. Followed McCourt. The last straw was the Bryan Stow incident and Frank’s initial non-response.
    Baseball in general has lost – strike that — ABANDONED what it once was in an ill-advised and short-sighted attempt to pander to the greatest number of our declining society rather than the true baseball fan. And of course, the Dodgers in particular have become a disgrace.
    Having a crappy team sucks, but the true fan understands that happens sometimes even in a big market. I can live with that. Being a completley classless organization I can’t abide.
    Honestly, I just don’t much care anymore. This from a guy who if you asked someone who knew him well to explain who he is would likely say “Dodgers fan” toward the top of his response.
    No need to expend any energy on asking this dormant fan to boycott. I don’t have any desire to go, or sad to say even much desire to tune in. I do think it’s a travesty that Vinnie is going out this way.

    • trublu4ever

      It’s great to see you again, MLK…..and, believe me when I say that I feel your pain. To see what our once fine franchise has become, sickens me too. I hope and pray that Selig does the right thing and forces mccourt out of our lives once and for all. Then, maybe over time, we can become the fans we once were.

    • trublu4ever

      Right now, the Giants have 0 freaking runs through 7 innings and, I’ll bet they end up winning. The last series they scored hardly any runs but won the series.

      • nedsajerk

        Yeah I hate those lucky runs they get in the 7 or 8 to tied and win it in extra.

  45. enchantedTheBeav

    With McCourt making payroll again, is it time to start thinking about what you’re going to do if the terrible “what if” becomes a reality amd McCourt is allowed to keep the team?
    I think if that happens I may abandon baseball altogether. Just don’t know if I could become an Angels or Snakes fan.

    • trublu4ever

      I could have possibly been an Angels fan because of Mike but, since they disrespected the city of Anaheim, I can’t stand them and what they stand for, So, if Frankie keeps the team…I will be a fan of whatever team Matt and Andre play for…..as long as it’s NOT the Giants.

      • trublu4ever

        The Red Sox and Phillies, NEVER! The Yankees….possibly…I like the way they spend money to put a good team on the field for the fans.

      • JhallWally

        Phillies and Red Sox spend money to field a good team also Trumom!! LOL!!! I’m lucky, I’ve got the Reds and Indians to fall back on.

      • nedsajerk

        I don’t have a problem with the Yankees owner spend money I wish we can do the same thing.

    • JhallWally

      If that happens Beav, I think we will know how the people in Brooklyn must have felt when the team left. Essentially, our team will be gone permanently. It makes me sick to think about. Even sicker than the Dodgers leaving Vero Beach. Another reason for me to hate McCourt.

      • JhallWally

        It goes way up at the end of the month when a deferred payment to Manny is due. Something like 6M bucks.

  46. jason ungar

    Even more impressive regarding Kemp (who many of you, admit it, wanted traded last year) is that the 5 hole has produced a .278 on-base percentage and .333 slugging percentage, numbers that would make Juan Pierre laugh and say, I can do way better than that. Why would anyone pitch to Kemp at this point is beyond me. I wish Coletti would resign. He bugs me way, way more than McCourt.

  47. enchantedTheBeav

    Where does Frank keep coming up with the money to make payroll? Wish we could ge a list of those corps/businesses and boycott their ass too.

  48. lbirken

    How sad to see so many Dodger fans even talk about losing interest in the Dodgers. This blog used to feature some great fans whose passion for the Dodgers was loud and clear whether the Dodgers won or lost. Many of those folks have disappeared. As Frank finds a way to meet payroll and hold on to the organization, I fear even more fans will abandon this team. Frank, please take a look at what you and Jamie have done. Yes, the value of the team may be almost twice what it was when you took over the Dodgers. Bully for you. But what does that mean to us, the fans? It should mean adequate resources to sign and develop players, improve the stadium and fan experience, hire the best people and make this organization even better than it was when you took over. You started the process with improving the field level but something happened. Yes, the economy took a dump but you turned your back on the fans and employees by your greed and ego. Look at the empty seats: even former players and just about every commentator have said something about this. They all notice the difference. Why can’t you? You and Jamie have failed and things are going to get worse as long as you “own” this team. What you have done with regard to how you set up all the companies to funnel money may be legal. It may even be seen as smart in some circles. Clearly you may not even care about fans in those seats as long as you have the big payday from Fox for the broadcast rights. Just know that what you are doing is wrong. These are sad days for Dodger fans.

    • Nellyjune

      Now THAT was worth at least 5 cents – lol! I find it sad that I am complimenting you on such a somber post, but it was so very well said, that I will simply tell you – fabulous!!

  49. Nellyjune

    To answer enchanted’s question, thru ITD and how my classroom has evolved into a baseball-themed classroom, I have become a baseball fan, period. In addition to that, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my son evolve into one of the premier pitchers in the valley, and it will be fun to see him compete at the collegiate level this next year. Can I leave the Dodyers? Probably not. But I am becoming more of a player’s fan these days, meaning I am enjoying the games which involve players I like watch playing.

    I don’t know the answer in how I want all this to play out, but one thing is certain. Frank doesn’t care about the organization, the team itself, or the fans because if he did, he would stop holding us hostage and let us go (SELL THE TEAM!).

    • lbirken

      Thanks for your comments. What a joy it must be for you to watch your son. Enjoy every moment and i wish him all the best.

  50. lbirken

    Sorry to be so somber; just frustrated. Even people I know who usually do not follow much in the way of sports know all about this issue. Anyway, I don’t expect anything to change soon but I feel better for getting this off my chest. Let’s hope the Dodgers can bounce back and get a win tomorrow. Good night.

  51. Nellyjune

    I think somber is needed at this point. Not that Frank is reading or listening, but you are right! It’s good to get it off your chest. Who knows! Maybe you will be the one Frank listens too.
    BTW – martinloneykemp- it’s good to see you, and let’s hope Frank reads or hears about your post as well.

  52. Colliethec

    I went to a U2 concert on Tuesday – was busy recovering yesterday — and hung with Wifey today before going to my softball game — I got home in time to see the end. Nice!! I haven’t read any posts above so I don’t know if this has been covered but there is an article on the homepage that says Padilla & Garland might be lost for the season. Padilla basically for the same injury he had last year. Garland for a torn labrum or rotator cuff.
    So 3 questions —
    1 – Why can Kaiser diagnose my torn labrum but there still not sure of Garlands injury?
    2 – Why did Garland & Padilla pass their physicals & get signed when Padilla has THE SAME injury & most GM’s were not wanting to sign Garland because his MRI’s were coming back showing he had an undisclosed shoulder issue?
    3 – Why is the training staff led by Stan Conte still employed?
    How many out of shape – injuried – crappy signed FA’s have these guys taken on? Why do they have so many injuries? WTH?!!!!!!
    Why do they pass the physical?
    Next on the list is Uribe — I was cool with signing him if they also added someone for LF — ( but his contract is a bad one) — at this point he needs to be moved down in the order. Having him bat behind Kemp is stupid. Blake should be there. It would allow Kemp to have a chance to steal a base. But Uribe is up there hacking away popping pitches up. He usually swings at one of the 1st 2 pitches & often pops to the infield. Blake at least works the count which would give Kemp a chance to use his speed. I still would like to see Kemp hitting in front or Dre and Blake in the 4 spot. It would give them some speed & power at the top of the order. Just my thoughts.

  53. sparkleplenty_1

    Conte is a physical therapist/certified athletic trainer. While he is educated, he is not a physician. As to how the team signs injured players, I’d love to ask Jason Schmidt how he was able to get his contract when everyone knew he was injured prior to his signing and they did the deal anyway. Wish we could find out more details of who conducts the physicals, what takes place and what tests are run during these so-called physicals. I’m sure it’d be eye-opening information.

  54. trublu4ever

    Good Morning. Wonderful posts by lbirken & Collie. I too, am very somber to see the state of our franchise. I won’t have a feeling of hope until mccourt is gone.

  55. messagebear

    Another game disaster unraveled last night, but no great surprise really. Wouldn’t want a sudden winning surge to fill up those EMPTY SEATS at DS. The only real winning solution to this season is the departure of the McCourts, and whatever MLB does, it won’t be easy. Even if forced to sell, remember that the McCourts are not an easy pair to reach a settlement with, so why would a sale of the franchise come easy. They’ll squeeze out every last penny before they’re gone. On the positive side, at least we won’t have to put up with the four sons into the future.

  56. grizzy

    Well….I see we can’t stand prosperity. The previous posts pretty much says it all. I”l always be a Dodgers fan of some sort,but right now I do not expect much in the way of good results. I’ll continue to hope, but all this points to a lost season.

  57. GM Ned Colletti

    Josh, I think you should stop lying to the press and saying it’s a lot of factors that’s why nobody is coming to the ballpark. We all know it has to do with a certain owner, but you don’t have the balls to say it. We

  58. selltheteam

    Looks like Frank cut Ned short while Ned was telling the truth.
    I’d like to say that I hope the Dodgers become deeply mired in last place by Sunday. Then, when they come home on Monday, there will be lots and lots of empty seats and no money flowing into Frank’s pockets.
    Sell the team!

  59. kpookiemon

    It’s hard to root FOR the Dodgers but AGAINST McCourt…though I do my best to accomplish both. I agree with lbirken: a lot of fans have left the blog. I know I come in a lot less, mainly because day after day it’s nothing but the usual–Ned sucks and McCourt’s an unethical thief. I get it…I got it five months ago. Unfortunately, the anger is so high with this owner that it leaves little or no room for a real dialog about strategy or roster moves or a pennant race. Did I say pennant race? Sorry for the brain cramp. So Ned, please sell (don’t buy) at the deadline. And Frank, sell, just sell. Please.

  60. selltheteam

    Tonight’s Lineup – Featuring #5-#8 No-Man’s Land (or no men who can hit land)
    Gordon SS
    Blake 3B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Loney 1B
    Uribe 2B
    Navarro C
    Gwynn LF
    Billingsley P

  61. messagebear

    Wouldn’t it be time to let Oeltjen play left field. Gwynn has already shown that he’s a defensive guy only. Why not let the new guy take his turn to “seize the day”. We’ve only been waiting for somebody to do that for two years now.

  62. Colliethec

    Now Kemp? Looks as if our training staff is continues to impress. Great game tonight. Each lame loss and poorly played game will hopefully affect the gate which will hopefully affect the selling of the team
    SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!

  63. jason ungar

    Not kidding at all when I say this but this is the lowest I have felt in over 30 years as a Dodger fan.

  64. Colliethec

    I like the fight & no quite attitude. Maybe them seeing Matty do what he did on a bad leg made them wake up and take notice a little. Nice to see Rod go up the middle on that hit as opposed to trying to hit it out to left.
    I wish they would realize the difference between winning & losing is very small things. You never know but a better at bat here or there earlier and maybe this game would if been different.

  65. Nellyjune

    This is a quote from one of the commenters on Facebook.
    Ned speaking to the press….”The Dodgers just need to play better.” Ned is pure genius! I thought you would enjoy that many think Ned is an ass too.

  66. messagebear

    I’m hoping we start the “Payday Week” with a lot of EMPTY SEATS. A five game losing streak would go a long way toward that end.
    The only good end to this season is to see Frank and Ned obliterated, stumped on, humiliated, and generally trashed. Could that begin as early as next week? Only Payday will tell.

  67. OldBrooklynFan

    Hi Everybody
    I got into a little basketball in high school for my mid-term and finals of my Gym classes but I got out of them quickly. Baseball was a little more to my liking. Speaking of baseball, I don’t have to tell you that the Dodgers are struggling. I’d sure like to see another Dodger win on this trip, at least.

  68. perumike

    Hey all, LONG time no talk! Sorry, been super busy, but still ecstatic and frustrated with our team (but more frustrated than ecstatic). I love what Kemp is doing, but I fear unless we have a solid owner soon, Kemp will not want, nor be offered enough, to sign long term. I love hearing the Bulldog joining the Garvey group. I think they could put something nice together! Anyway, hope all are well, and we just need to keep pushing Frank and his crew right out the door!


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