It’s Draft Day

Right around the first pitch of tonight’s game against the Phillies, the draft room on the eighth floor at Dodger Stadium will start buzzing as the Dodgers gear up to make their first selection, the 16th overall choice this year. You can watch it live on MLB Network or follow the unparallelled coverage at, as Maury Wills and Dodger scout Rich De Lucia represent the team at the draft in New York.

Last year, the Dodgers were the surprise of the first round, snagging Zach Lee with a pick late in the day though he was considered “unsignable.” With a bonus of more than $5 million, he joined the ranks of Dodger prospects which includes the last eight years worth of first-round pitchers (James Loney in 2002 was our last position player taken in the first round).

A day like today (and the next few days) are the culmination of an insane amount of work by all of our scouts who traverse the country looking for the next great Dodger player. It could be a first-rounder like Clayton Kershaw or a sixth-rounder like Matt Kemp…or even later in the draft, as many success stories come from then, too. But these scouts are truly the backbone of the game of baseball and rarely get the credit they are due.

So tune in tonight and give a shout out to the Dodger scouts and administrators who have made it their life’s work to find the next player you’ll root for at Dodger Stadium.


  1. trublu4ever

    Thanks for the new thread, Josh. This Philly series will be a tough test for us. I’m hoping we can continue hitting the ball well and, please, make our pitchers solid!

    • trublu4ever

      Very good article, Dodgereric. Except for the Juanpy part…I never thought of him as a glove man πŸ™‚ I had a glove my Dad bought me (wasn’t the Barbie Doll type) and I had to get it conditioned by wetting it, wrapping string around it and yes, put it under my mattress. I wasn’t the best player but, I had a cool glove!

      • dodgereric

        Oh, he has a glove. He just isn’t sure how to use it.
        Yeah, I’d condition mine that way too. I’d also rub neatsfoot oil into it every spring. Had to be neatsfoot oil.
        I thought the different methods of conditioning was interesting. Never thought about whacking it with a bat.

  2. messagebear

    If I was one of the top draftees, I’d want to make sure who I’m signing with. It would not be Frank and Ned.
    SELL THE TEAM, you freaking piece of garbage!

  3. kpookiemon

    L.A. Times now has Hershiser interested in joining a possible Garvey group in purchasing the team.
    Frank, the day the divorce court heard your “vision” of reducing payroll while increasing ticket prices is the day you ceased to be relevant in L.A. And the fact that you and your ex would be stupid enough to go to trial and air this s**t is proof you are an incompetent, prideful fool.
    S E L L

  4. Emma

    According to the Dodgers:
    Gibbons, Castro DFA; Ely, DeJesus optioned. Dee Gordon will wear No. 9 and be with club tonight
    activated Uribe, Hawksworth and Thames from the DL and purchased the contract of Dee Gordon, who will be in uniform tonight

    • selltheteam

      Emma – Thanks! I am so stoked about this, the second wave of the youth movement. Rubby, Sands, and Gordon team up with Kershaw, Bills, Kemp and Ethier to make this a team worth watching.
      Now, if we could just get rid of Frank McCourt.

    • JhallWally

      Well, it’s about time. They should not have been signed in the first place. More wasted money by Ned. Although, if that speeds up Franks removal, it will have been worth it.

      • JhallWally

        Cormier 800K
        Castro 380K
        Gibbons 650K
        Thames 1M
        Barajas 3.25M
        Navarro 1M
        Since they are going with the youth, designate Thames and bring up Robinson. I also consider the Barajas/Navarro signings as a waste. 4.25M for the same production as Ellis could have provided, which is virtually nothing.

      • JhallWally

        That doesn’t even take into account, the ill advised Uribe, Lilly, and Guerrier deals. They’re only looking so-so to bad presently. Wait till 2013. Geez!!!!

  5. JhallWally

    Tonights lineup:

    Jamey Carroll SS
    Aaron Miles 2B
    Macrus Thames LF
    Matt Kemp CF
    Juan Uribe 3B
    Casey Blake 1B
    Jerry Sands RF
    Rod Barajas C
    Ted Lilly P

  6. selltheteam

    Really? If you were the manager, would you sit Ethier for Thames against Lee? Consider the following:
    Lee’s splits are pretty even against L/R.
    Thames has hit 3 HR in 36 AB against Lee.
    Ethier is hitting .222 against lefties this year.
    Thames is hitting .200 against lefties this year.
    Thames is hitting .176 in total this year.
    If I was Donnie, I’d be playing Ethier. Rest? He rests on Thursday.

      • selltheteam

        We need somebody to man up and provide some protection for Kemp. Yesterday, the Reds walked him twice with a runner on 1st base. Will Uribe do it? Can’t be worse than Gibbons, Loney, and Blake.

      • nedsajerk

        lol the Reds had no choice yesterday but I still rather have Blake there not Uribe.

    • nedsajerk

      According to Lee split.
      vs. Left 12 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 21.1 18 – – 2 1 22 – 0.89 .231
      vs. Right 12 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 58.2 64 – – 6 18 68 – 1.40 .275

    • nedsajerk

      To be fair for Thames he only have 36 AB’s and from what I’ve read his career split vs lhp is great. I knew Thames was going to be in the lineup but not for Ethier.

  7. trublu4ever

    Thames is a lousy outfileder too! Sands, is just so-so….you’d think Donnie would want Andre playing just for his defense alone! I’m pissed! You (_|_)~~~ Donnie!

  8. nedsajerk

    My last post on the other thread.

    J.A Happ .350 .409 .550 .959 (to think Happ were 0/26 last year and 4/43 in 2009.)
    Billlingsley .304 .385 .565 .950
    Zambrano .321 .345 .500 .845

    Bills was like 2/24 in 2006, 4/36 in 2007 and 6/63 in 2008. Zambrano was like 1/30 in 2002.

  9. nedsajerk

    This seem to always bother me is that you get 2 guys back from the DL and you have these 2 in the lineup already and I hate when they mess up chemistry from yesterday game.

      • enchantedTheBeav

        Mattingly learned from Joe and his “give away” game line-ups. Really don’t think it’ll matter much who plays in this series though. You either pitch around Kemp or you pitch around Dre and Kemp and you’re home free.

      • JhallWally

        Thanks to Frank and Furter, this is about as good as it gets. We got lucky that we faced the Reds now, while their pitching is in shambles. Not so with the Phillies.

  10. enchantedTheBeav

    Gordon’s going to have to really show me something with the glove – from what I’ve seen he makes a TON of errors.
    #9… #9…
    Where have I seen that number before?????…

  11. lbirken

    I always like reading stories about how players choose and care for their gloves. Ask 100 players how they care for or break in their gloves and you will get 100 different answers. I used to just rub in glove oil and tie up the glove (usually with a belt) with a baseball inside to make the pocket. Does anyone else out there sometimes visit the baseball glove section of a sporting goods store just to try on gloves even though you have no intention of every buying one?

  12. lbirken

    I would not mind Hershiser having a role in ownership but as much as I liked Garvey as a player, he has a lot of baggage in his personal and professional life. But until we hear those words we all have been waiting to hear (no, not “It’s time for Dodger baseball”), discussing the next Dodger owner is like discussing the reality of an NFL team in Los Angeles. I might add there might be a lot more interest in an ownership change for the Dodgers than whether L.A. ever gets an NFL team.

  13. JhallWally

    Well, at least Gibbons and Castro are finally gone. It’s a start!! Even though neither should have ever been signed in the first place. Another 1.18M down the drain. However, we could not risk 4 or 5M on Martin because of money issues. So we waste 4.25M on Barajas and Navarro.

  14. nedsajerk

    This park bring me nightmare because of Broxton blowing that lead in the 9th. I surely hope we don’t have a repeat but glad Broxton is still on the DL but still don’t trust this bullpen and surely not in this bandbox.

  15. JhallWally

    Thames batting 3rd. DonDo has once again proved he attended the Soboroff Clown School!!! And took classes from professor JoJo!!

  16. Nellyjune

    Andre could have grounded into a double play too! What a crock!!! So what if he’s batting .220 against lefties. Half our lineup aren’t hitting much above .220 (if that) with their good side. Geez!!!! Just a tad miffed – sigh

  17. selltheteam

    Too bad we don’t have a reasonable facsimile of a substitute #3 hitter. After Ethier and Kemp, this offense is a dud.

  18. vl4eccjr

    As soft as Lilly throws, I’m surprised more batters don’t lean into his inside pitches. 😦

  19. Nellyjune

    It is being reported that Mattingly chose to ret his lefty hitter against the lefty pitcher because of the intense heat in Philly. Andre lives in friction’ Pheonix, AZ. He think he can handle it. Granted, it’s not heat with humidity, but I’ve been in Arizona during their monsoon season, and it’s plenty humid.

    • Nellyjune

      LOL!!!! I wasn’t sure who would point it out, but I knew somebody would. That picture of Andre in that cookbook sure does create a great deal of friction – yummy recipes and yummy ballplayers πŸ™‚

    • lbirken

      Not sure if Trevor Bauer is a pot head but he is a bit different. I never saw him in person but I did see him on TV and he is good. It will be tough for this Bruin fan if he ever faces the Dodgers but from what I have read about him, he has the work ethic and the intensity to make it at the next level.

      • Nellyjune

        You are right!! He is good. Two of the top three drafted were from UCLA. Not to shabby lbirken. We have a local kid from Turlock who has been scouted by UCLA since he was a sophomore. He is intending on going. He is a shortstop, and he is expected to be drafted in the 5th round. Not sure what he will do. He wasn’t that impressive to me, but maybe it’s because my son struck him out a couple times, along with a few ground outs. Perspective I guess πŸ™‚

    • nedsajerk

      You’ve gotta to love to get compensation pick from other team signing your players from last year.

    • JhallWally

      Compared to what? Compared to Carroll, Kemp, and Ethier, yes, he sucks. Compared to Uribum, Loweeney, Badajas, Thames, etc…, not so much.

      • enchantedTheBeav

        Not a big Casey fan under any circumstances Wally, though I couldn’t put him in the Thames/Barajas/Navarro catagory of suckosity. I’d have him right in there with Uribe and Loweeney though.

      • JhallWally

        LOL!!! Agreed!! They all suck pretty hard. I’d take Blake over Loweeney or Uribum any day. Andy LaRoche is now available, I’d take a chance on him. Doesn’t cost anything.

      • nedsajerk

        Bring back LaRoche since it was a no brainer for him to getting involve in the Manny 3 way trade.

  20. enchantedTheBeav

    What do you think of the “youth movement”? Despite Ned’s love for Castro, he was a certainty to get chopped, but I didn’t see Gibbons coming.
    Hard for me to say “youth movement” when speaking about Ned though – usually its the word “bowel” that precedes the word “movement” when referring to our GM.

  21. Nellyjune

    The MLBtv crew said we got him because of our unsure future financially. The Dodgers Organization needed to play it safe in somebody they knew they could sign, unlike Zach Lee from last year.

  22. lbirken

    I admit I was surprised to see Jerry Sands survive the cut considering the way things have gone in the past. While Sands has not really been spectacular, he certainly has some potential and what better way to see how he handles things than to let him play. He certainly does not look as if he is intimidated.

  23. enchantedTheBeav

    Nice little league line-up. Kemp must feel all alone. And if they called him up, why isn’t Gordon playing? His competition is Carroll or Miles. Think we could live with one or the other out of the line-up to get a true lead-off hitter in there. Shit, wearing #9 he’s probably speedy and a hard worker too. And I’d be willing to bet he got to the ballpark early too.

  24. vl4eccjr

    Batting ANYONE just coming off the DL at 3rd is just retarded.
    Donnie’s showing more & more what a mental midget he really is.

  25. trublu4ever

    Lilly isn’t doing a bad job tonight….too bad we have nobosy to give him some run support. Donnie should put Andre in next at bat, wheter Lee is pitching or not. I’d put Gordon in too!

  26. nedsajerk

    It suck to have our starters have that one bad inning and it might be enough for Phillies to win.

  27. vl4eccjr

    BTW Bruins up 2-0 against the Canucks – 2nd period if anyone cares.
    Looks like Lee’s done. Maybe this lineup can get to their bullpen

  28. nedsajerk

    I would’ve had guess that Lilly would shut this team down with only 2 runs after seeing what Bills did yesterday?

    • JhallWally

      LOL!! That was great. On national TV, they basically said what a mess the McCourts have made of the Dodgers and that they should do the graceful thing and sell the team. Also, that you could see it coming as they never should have been allowed to buy the team in the first place as they did not have the financial resources.

  29. nedsajerk

    Dang I would’ve had let Sands bat for himself and pray that Barajas doesn’t make the 3rd out.

  30. Nellyjune

    Marcus went 0-4, with a K, and his average is .158. Andre could have done that! Just saying……

  31. nedsajerk

    Wow Blue Jays reliever pitcher Rzepczynski just walk 3 straight guys and had a total of 13 pitches 1 ball.

  32. OldBrooklynFan

    Hi ITD
    Looks like we’ll have to get ready for another tough one tonight against the ever high flying Phillies. I just remember one thing, we’ve beaten this team before. Not often lately– but we have.

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