The Dog Days of…February? – Josh Rawitch

Tomko_dogIt was a quiet day at Dodgertown today, but plenty of work still got done on the field and in the front office. One fan brought a dog the size of a baseball glove with her to Dodgertown and Brett Tomko proceeded to play with the puppy for a few minutes in between workouts. If it sounds like I’m setting up T.J. Simers for an easy line, don’t worry… I know he’s more creative than that.

There were several more arrivals at camp today, including new third baseman Bill Mueller, center fielder Kenny Lofton and outfield prospect Andre Ethier, among others. The rest of the guys will report tomorrow and take their physicals before the first full-squad workout on Tuesday.

For those of you who have been asking about pitching prospect Chad Billingsley, take a look at the feature on him by Tony Jackson in today’s Daily News.

And for those of you who are Jim Hill fans from KCAL/KCBS (and who isn’t?), be sure to watch today at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET for his live interview from Holman Stadium with Tommy Lasorda. Last night, Jim and his crew were at the stadium until 3 a.m., reporting live back to Los Angeles and they’ll be here again all night tonight. As most of you know, we’ve started a new relationship with KCAL this season for 50 of our home games, in addition to 100 games on FSN West 2. Both stations are always looking for interesting features to run on our players, so be sure to keep tuning it to get the latest news about the team.


hi josh,
I love this new dodgers blog and i hope you guys can keep it going all through spring for all us baseball starved fans who can’t be in Vero with you. It helps the work days go by smoother. In Ken Gurnicks article he mentions Penny is working on a sharp breaking ball. Is this a new pitch?

Tonights Lineup: Courtesy of Trumom!!!!
Gordon, ss
Blake, 3b
Matt, cf
Uribe, 2b
Loney, 1b
Navarro, c
Sands, lf
Rubby-baby, p
By trublu4ever on June 7, 2011 1:21 pm – Reply

Good afternoon everyone. Interesting lineup for sure. Good luck Rubby and Dee!!! It seems ashame to bench Carroll and Miles, as they have been doing a great job at the top of the order. Oh well, I guess we need to get a good look at some of the young prospects to see what we’ve got going forward.

I’m hoping the kids do us proud! And, I’m proud of Jerry for being so patient at the plate for a rookie.

Yep, I think we’re all pulling for the kids. Gonna be some growing pains, but will be more tolerable than watching the washed up feeble crap Ned has been culling from the dung heaps of baseball. Still can’t believe we let XPaul get away for nothing so we could give Gibbons and Thames a look. Ned is a freaking idiot!!!

Enchanted said last night that he’d like to set Ned’s balls on fire! lol I think we need a graphic for that πŸ˜•

LOL!!! For sure!! One problem however, Ned has no balls. As well as no baseball saavy. I imagine his fat ass is already burning somewhat knowing when Frank goes, his days are numbered as well. Just 8 days till the next payroll. Seems like an eternity with Frank and Ned still here.

(_|_) – o o = No balls πŸ˜•

LOL!!! (_|_) – oo – ? = Ned

Good! I like it! dodger4life is having trouble loggin in with this new format. Any hints?

Not really. I guess you’ve got to be logged in on the Word Press site.

That’s what I told him…he is working on it.

YAY….I found you, Jhall! πŸ™‚

Hi’Ya Trumom!! Good to see you!!!

Good Afternoon Everyone…
I can’t stick around long tonight, I just wanted to say
Hello and that few things would make me happier than to Defeat the Phillies tonight!!
Enjoy the game

YAY….you made it! πŸ™‚

Hi’Ya D4. Hope you have a great evening. Go Dodgers!!!

How come there is only 1 post here before?

It was back in Feb 06 and the blog was new and just getting started.

I guess there wasn’t many people back than figuring this site out. All the thread why you have to sent us to this one and it bring back bad memory of Bombko.

I read this on TBLA last night with one of there manager blog posted it.

Ted Williams had 795 RBI through 934 games.
Ryan Howard has 795 RBI & this is his 934th game.
by Eric Stephen on Jun 6, 2011 5:16 PM PDT

Pretty impressive!!!

That’s a surprise. There would be no comparison in striking out though. Teddy Ballgame was a machine.

lol you got that right.

.. <—– Now THAT'S Ned.

LMAO!!!!!!! :~ Yep Beav!! He’s a limp dick, no ball, lame brained, suck ass, loser!!!!


I hope that Ned doesn’t think he will make us happy by drafting one Santana to make up for trading away the other Santana.

Look what I just found and this was the game Carroll was playing for the Indians and Kemp thrown out Blake. I think back than Lee wasn’t so dominated in the k’s but I think he had his best season that year. I’m sorry I have to bring this up with Pierre and Sweeney on it.;_ylt=AsL4EnOAb2pU7KoYIrby8r6FCLcF?gid=280620119

There’s that Sweeney batting avg of .109, kinda reminiscent of the Thames batting avg of .158

As least Thames does have 2 PH’s homeruns Sweeney none.

I don’t have high expectations of Dee Gordon. I only expect him to:
a) bunt himself aboard
b) steal second before Casey swings the bat
c) score from second on Casey’s fly-out

lol thank for the jinx Colling for that 1 win in 7 starts for Oswalt.

YAY, DEE!!!!!!!!!!!


( | )~~

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I’m so sick of Blake. I want to thank Ned for trading away all of our third base prospects so that we could keep Blake, and next year, Uribe.

By the way, is it just me, or, do Blake & Uribe suck?!

Well Andy LaRouche is still out there.

It’s definitely them.

Gosh damn it.

That’s okay, Rubby, settle down…you can do it!

Whew! Now he can return to normal respiratory functions. . .

Whew!! WTG kid!!


Oh crap. I’m supposed to be working…

I won’t tell.

Watching the Dodgers is work!

I think we should wait until Blake is in Uribe rang in batting average lol.

OMG….a run!

Thanks for the gift run Utley.

This poor kids getting squeezed on the strike zone.

He sure is!

Rats!! Throw strikes kid!!!

I’m shocked that Matt could score without hitting a home run.


Gosh the bullpen going to be busy tonight. I wonder if he was on a PC if wasn’t getting squeezed.

Damn I wanted the dp.

See what I’m talking about.

Poor kid…the ump isn’t giving him anything close!

Looking at the pitch location on the gameday. This kid’s getting robbed.

Well, only one run. That could have been a disaster!!

I hope this is just a case of the jitters for Rubby. We are all asking a lot of him today.

I need to see the gameday strike zone. Those pitches can’t all be ball.

They aren’t! some are borderline and could have been called srikes.

Wow Oswalt you should be a shame of yourself.

Hah…way to go Oswalt! Walk our pitcher!

Wow I love Gordon to bad he didn’t advance to 2nd on that throw.

Hey! The kids are allright!!

lol wow Oswalt

Daaaamn! Oswalt’s having a bad day. Good for us!


Damn these remind me of the Giants defense.


lol wow Oswalt have one of those 66 mph pitches.

Oswalt has to be steaming right now.

Good! I hope we can keep it going on him.

Come on Rubby Tuesday….get them out!

I’ve often wondered while following along on gameday and seeing some of the perfect pitches that are called balls (for quite awhile now) if Selig has perhaps suggested to the umpires to maybe tightened things up on our pitchers to make things a little harder.
How’s that for a conspiracy theory?

This ump is really squeezing Rubby! He won’t give him anything borderline. It sucks!

Yep like that home plate ump John Carlson giving Lee most of the call.

Don’t get me started on conspiracies! Being a life long Raider fan, I’m used to them!!

Sweet!! WTG Andre!!

That how you block the plate Posey.

LOL!!!!!! Pose\|/

Squeezed or not Rubby is fighting it out there.

The kid’s showing some moxie.

I love that Gordon speed.

Raffy who?

I can’t wait til we never have to see Rafrail Fuckal again!!

I see a big green pasture in his future. . .

Holy shit a SB’s to boot.

This umpire really SUCKS!!!!!!

Rats!! Ethier blew that scoring opp!!!

Alright Rubby!!

Five tough innings for Rubby! I am sure not what he wanted but at least he stll has a lead.

Oh god those runner on 3rd bases with 1 out and we can’t score our back?

Well shit!! Another 1 out runner at 3rd opportunity missed. Unacceptable!!!

Have you ever seen a team as consistantly pathetic as this with a runner at third and less than two outs?

Hmm, let me think – NO!

No!! F*cking bullshit!!!

lol time to check those risp numbers again.

Really sad. 😦

Damn…Navaro…you suck too!
You guys will have to keep the guys in line for me. I have to attend my grandson’s birthday party. See you when I get home.

Have fun Tru!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. πŸ™‚

See ya Trumom. Have fun!!

Wow on a Tuesday?

Up to the bullpen now.

On come on let’s Hawksworth hit and he can pitch 2 innings.

C’mon bullpen!!

How can this be possible? Ethier is just to good to hit .243 in his career with risp with 2 outs.;_ylt=Ap6..AhdYPE9ty4uIXJUZj6FCLcF?year=career&type=Batting

Men on, 2 outs and .238.

Wasn’t Romero busted for ‘Juicing’ a while back?

Yep I remember he was suspended for 50 games.;_ylt=Ap6..AhdYPE9ty4uIXJUZj6FCLcF?year=career&type=Batting

Kemp split is strange.


Thank a lot for jinxing Utley.

The shift finally work.

Wah-Hoo Matt!!!

Woo hoo!

Yeah Kemp just tied Bruce in homeruns and leading in RBi’s.

Gosh damn Barea missing a layup and Terry miss 2 FT’s.

Wow Donny letting him facing RHB to. He should’ve done this more often.

Great job Elbert!!

Who is this Scott Elbert, and what has he done with the old one?

Exorcism? LOL

Daemon by GONE!!!
Think it would work on Frank & Furter?

Should be “be” not “by.”
Shouldn’t try and type without my glasses on.

Shut them down Guerra.

From the WTF Dept, I see the Rays signed Lance Cormier.

WTF is Maddon thinking? LOL

Unbelievable!! Well, he is free!!! There are some desperate teams out there. It’ll be interesting to see where Gibbons lands.

They did have Cormier in there bullpen the past few year maybe we can get our Wade that dumb Ned didn’t resign.

Should be get our Wade back.

They can have McDooDoo too!

I take that you don’t like MacDougal at all since he does have a good ERA and was realiable before May 16. I could understand Guerrier but MacDougal a guy who’s just making 500k.

Good job by the rookies & bullpen!
Hope they take the rubber game tomorrow!
Go Mavs!

Woo-Hoo, nice win!! Congrats Rubby and Dee!!!

Yes! And, from what Emma said yesterday, Rubby will be sent down tomorrow. Don’t you think we should keep him?

Gretzky’s son selected by Cubs in baseball draft

I didn’t even know Boras had a son in the draft wonder if he’s going to be his agent lol.

Trade Garland and/or Lilly and keep Rubby in the starting rotation!

About damn time Mavs.

B Hand (L, 0-1) 6.0 1 1 1 1 6 1 100-61 1.50
E Mujica 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 14-10 3.45
R Webb 2.0 1 0 0 1 2 0 26-17 3.81
Totals 9.0 2 1 1 2 9 1 140-88

It suck to take a lost after given up that 1 homerun and you was just making your major league debut.

Stadium Sun Life Stadium, Miami, FL
Attendance 13,302 (34.5% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

Ouch I know the Heat are playing in the final but still this is bad.

My wish list is that Furcal recover before the end of the trade deadline and come back long enough to show that he might help somebody in contention. Then I’d like to see him and Blake both traded before the end of July for a couple of decent prospects. I think the Dodgers can handle the infield quite adequately without the two, what with Carroll and Uribe and Gordon available. I don’t think that we’ll place higher than third in the division no matter who we have in the infield, and we could use some more prospects.
Of course, my biggest wish as always if for the chief asshole to SELL THE TEAM.
Then we can start with a clean slate in the front office and the coaching ranks.

Bear – there’s a new thread!
I’d add to your wish list to trade away Garland or Lilly.
And echo you comment – SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!! (7 days to next payroll date)

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