Dodger Bobbleheads in history

Recently, a Dodger fan on Twitter asked for a list of all the bobbleheads the Dodgers have given out over the years.

With Clayton Kershaw on the mound today and his bobblehead night coming up on May 17 (click here for tickets), we figured today is as good a day as any to research the question and provide an answer for @JoeChacon.Β 

Name Date
Tommy Lasorda 4/4/2001
Kirk Gibson 6/9/2001
Fernando Valenzuela 7/29/2001
Paul Lo Duca 5/31/2002
Shawn Green 7/18/2002
Hideo Nomo 8/24/2002
Eric GagneΒ  5/2/2003
Brian Jordan 7/1/2003
Fred McGriff 9/12/2003
Eric Gagne (Cy Young) 4/30/2004
Don Newcombe 7/23/2004
Don Drysdale 8/20/2004
Cesar Izturis 6/1/2005
Jeff Kent 9/29/2005
Ron Cey 6/2/2006
Fernando Valenzuela 6/23/2006
Steve Garvey 7/28/2006
Nomar Garciaparra 4/26/2007
Rafael Furcal 7/6/2007
Russell Martin 8/2/2007
Tommy Lasorda (HOF) 9/14/2007
Joe Torre 4/25/2008
Takashi Saito 6/5/2008
Brad Penny 7/25/2008
Joe Bimel 8/12/2008
Casey Blake 5/20/2009
Manny Ramirez 7/22/2009
Matt Kemp 8/19/2009
Manny Ramirez (Grand Slam) 9/16/2009
Andre Ethier 5/18/2010
Jonathan Broxton 6/8/2010
James Loney 7/20/2010
Matt Kemp 8/17/2010
Clayton Kershaw 5/17/2011
Don Mattingly 6/1/2011
Hong-Chih Kuo 6/14/2011
Andre Ethier Throwback 7/7/2011
Fernandomania 7/26/2011
Duke Snider 8/9/2011


  1. enchantedTheBeav

    Pile it on Puds – this team stinks and doesn’t deserve the few fans it has left.

      • enchantedTheBeav

        Exactly Wally. That and you not only get reminded just what an idiot Ned is by that article, then he goes and proves it by optioning Jansen because [I presume] he doesn’t want to “lose” Cormier? Granted, Jansen probably needs the steadier work he’ll get in AAA, but from a purely personnel standpoint, it just leaves you scratching your head yet again.

      • jhallwally

        Hell, they could have called up Ellis instead of Navarro and used him for mopping up!! LOL!!!

    • enchantedTheBeav

      Because Navarro sucks – its the Ned way. You can probably count on one hand the number of right decisions that Ned has ever made.

      • enchantedTheBeav

        In fact, you can probably count the number of Ned’s right decisions on one finger (if you know what I mean.)
        Unfortunately, our “monitor” only has reign over finances and not personnel.
        On the other hand, Ned has reign over stupidity.

  2. enchantedTheBeav

    Really playing some inspired ball today…
    Even if Frank’s forced to sell the team, Ned will still sell off more prospects at the trade deadline for washed up PVLs so that any new owners will truely start off with just about nothing. The way the roster and the farm have been laid waste, it’ll take a new owner at least 5 years to rehabilitate it.

      • Nellyjune

        Oh boy!! That’s funny, and it’s funny because it’s definitely doable due to Ned’s incompetence.

      • Nellyjune

        I know!! I find myself laughing, but it’s sad we are laughing at things that in all likelihood could haopen. I guess it’s better to laugh than to cry πŸ™‚

  3. jhallwally

    Wah-Hoo, #27!! I guess the official scorer needs to give the Dodger fans something to cheer about today. They’ve been pathetic!!!

  4. lbirken

    Josh, thanks for the list. One day I will compare to my collection. I know I don’t have them all but I have a lot. I know I have the cherished McGriff and Brian Jordon dolls. Isn’t that special?

    Speaking of empty seats, we were at the game last night and I can report there were plenty of them. But I can also report how polite and friendly everyone is from the crossing guard in the lot to the police in and out of the stadium.

    • enchantedTheBeav

      Hmmm… if they let Frank have his Fox deal and gave him back the team, how long do you think the pleasantries would last?

    • lbirken

      I am afraid if Frank gets the deal and is able to keep control of the Dodgers, there will be even more empty seats although there really is no way to tell why attendence is down.

  5. enchantedTheBeav

    You brought up Brazo Wally – how about all the young arms that have been laid to waste by NedCo – Wade, Brazo, Tronco, Belli… Lindblom’s been set back a couple years in his development trying to make him a starter down at AA, Mac… who am I forgetting?

  6. Nellyjune

    They gave the stats on where Andre’s hits were located, and he has been pretty equal in all areas of the field, including 7 infield hits.
    So, how long before Kuo is back on the DL. I don’t think they needed to pitch him today. This game doesn’t seem worth the risk.

  7. messagebear

    What, will all the EMPTY SEATS I’m glad there are so few fans there watching this debacle. All that with one of the weakest hitting teams in MLB. Mr. Schieffer, can you see what the Frank and Ned combination have brought to this esteemed franchise. For the sake of the fans, take their toy away from them. Make Frank SELL THE TEAM.

    • jhallwally

      We should probably get used to it!! This team just isn’t very good. Especially with the worst bullpen in the NL and second worst in baseball. With our lineup we would have a tough time with a good bullpen!!! Very sad that it has come to this. Thanks Frank and Furter!!!

  8. kpookiemon

    Hey, this team may be sub .500, but at least they are a very entertaining…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…team…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…to watch.

    • jhallwally

      Wow!! Just not gonna win many games unless Kemp and Ethier have monster days!!!! Garland actually didn’t pitch too bad. Only 3 hits. Too bad they just all happened to come at the same time.

  9. jhallwally

    X-Paul was 2 for 4 today with a triple, 2 rbi’s, and a run scored. Way to go!! I hope he does well!!!

  10. Nellyjune

    That’s great Jhall!!!
    BTW – WOW!!! What about those Indians. It must be great to be Grady and Company these days. Fun to watch for sure!!!

    • JhallWally

      Yep, it is!! Reds and Indians are both very entertaining!! When they get down by 2 or 3 runs early or mid game, you don’t feel like you are doomed. And both are built from the farm system and on a low budget!! Really puts the exclamation point on how bad the McCourt ownership and Ned management have been!!!

      • Nellyjune

        You are right! Both teams are exciting to watch. I am finding myself watching a lot of games just because there are other teams playing baseball.

      • JhallWally

        Yep Nelly, I love the Dodgers but I also love baseball and it is fun and exciting to watch really good teams play!! Hopefully soon, Frank and Ned will be gone and we will be able to say that about our Dodgers!!! If it weren’t for Ethier, Kemp, and Kersh, this team would be unwatchable!!!

      • enchantedTheBeav

        This team IS unwatchable.
        Unfortunately, new ownership is going to have to start totally from scratch to rebuild the farm. Only way I can see them achieving that is to trade Dre and Kemp at least, maybe Kersh so that MAYBE in 4-5 years they could have something worth getting behind. And that’s only if they don’t hire another fool like Ned.
        Honestly, Ned is THE MOST incompetent GM I’ve ever seen in ANY sport.

      • JhallWally

        Yep Beav, they’re going to need some deep pockets to buy good players until they can rebuild the farm. And like you said, if they have a GM even half as stupid as Ned, we’re still screwed!!! Ned is the worst representation of a GM I have ever seen!!!!

      • Nellyjune

        Yea – the only reason I tolerated the rest of today’s game was to see how Matt and Andre were going to finish up their day. They both have 56 hits in the same amount of plate appearances. They really are a dynamic duo, but they have nobody helping them “consistently” every game.

    • JhallWally

      I checked out the replay on Andres’ hit Nelly. He smoked it and the call could have gone either way. So, it might as well go our way. It would have been a really good to great play to get him out.

      • Nellyjune

        Yea – most reported the ball he hit was a rocket, but it could have been a webgem play for Brad as well if he got him out. So, I guess that is the angle most of the media took on the hit. It would have been a hit or a great play to get Andre out. So, it’s good knowing that πŸ™‚

  11. enchantedTheBeav

    I’d like to know exactly how Ned has “built a team” around the core players. If you mean turning over half the roster each and every year with PVLs, then he’s succeeded. If you mean with major league talent, then he’s failed miserably.
    Next year, this team is going to need a 3B, SS, LF or 1B, C and closer. Not to mention an entire bench, an entire bullpen and probably 2 starters. Out of 25 men, we’ll have:
    Billz, Kersh, Lilly, and maybe Garland (whoopee two the last two)
    Sands, Dre and Kemp
    Loney (only if they tender him, which they won’t)
    Kuo (if they tender him) and Jansen
    That’s 11, but maybe only 9 returning from a 25-man roster, INCLUDING 4 regular starters.
    How is anyone going to fill that many openings with ML talent, at least at the starting positions? Not to mention Ned has yet to make his patented stellar moves at this year’s trade deadline.
    This team is toast next year going in, then it’ll lose Dre & Kemp, because who wants to play for this loser of a franchise? I might be overly optimistic in my assessment that new ownership can field a decent team in 4-5 years. It could easily be 6-8.

  12. Nellyjune

    What a good ending to a great weekend!!! Thank you and God Bless to the men and women who fight for our country so we can enjoy the simple pleasures we have in this country, like loving this game of baseball. THANK YOU!

  13. dodgereric

    I was watching the Mets/Phillies game when the announcers told us of Bin Laden’s death. I switched my tv to picture-in-picture, keeping the video of the close game on the silent side. While listening to CNN’s explanations of what was going on I noticed the cameras at the baseball game showing the fans looking at their cell phones, telling each other the news. They started chanting and the game situation didn’t call for it. I switched the pictures so I could hear what they were saying. It was, “USA! USA! USA!” What a thrill it must have been to be in that crowd as the news spread!
    God speed to all those brave soldiers involved. I’m so happy that all of them are well, and I’m looking forward to hearing their stories in the next few days.
    Back to our world. Here are the attendance updates. To damned many people still buying tickets, IMHO. Although the total number in attendance continues to fall, the rate is decreasing. Good news is coming in the Cub series, I’m sure. The next 3 games in ’10 had 140,000+ fans, and I doubt there will be that many this week. Plus, without the Yankees coming to town this year, it’ll dive bigtime when that rolls around.
    Game 15’s attendance (2010): 42,287
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 39,869
    2010 attendance (15 games) – 659,269 (43,951 average)
    2011 attendance (15 games) – 563,426 (37,562 average)
    Drop of 95,843 total
    Average drop of 6390
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 517,552
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 3,042,500
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
    God Bless America

    • Nellyjune

      I started out watching the Phillies/Mets game just for the pure fact it was a good game, and then ended up very proud to be an American. What a great sight to see at that ballpark tonight.
      Thanks for all the attendance updates and thoughts last night and tonight.

  14. GM Ned Colletti

    I gave away Paul because it was hard for me to constantly spell Xavier, that and because Gimenez reminds me of that Bill Dana character Jose Jimenez and it makes me laugh every time I see him play. How about that game last night, I’m so proud of my players, they actually managed to get 5 hits. Lets’ see if they can get 6 today?

  15. selltheteam

    Ned: Outside of Ethier, Kemp, and Carroll, you have given Donnie a bunch of hitless wonders to work with. Keep it up. The more shutouts, the fewer people will go to the ballpark. Tell Donnie to keep Carroll down at #8 in the lineup. Why bat him in the top 2? Just to set the table for Ethier and Kemp? No, keeping him at #8, and we will set a record for shutouts this year.
    Looking forward to total of attendance below 3 million this year. Heck, with all the empty seats that we can see on TV, I would think concession sales are drying up.

  16. messagebear

    Less than 3 million attendance now pretty much guaranteed for 2011, and those numbers are probably somewhat fudged by Frank and his publicity staff. If Frank keeps putting up a fight rather than giving up the franchise, I hope the fans really decide to stick it to him and make the numbers fall under 2.5 million. Now that would be an achievement, and I’d like to see Frank handle that.

  17. Frank McCourt

    Ned, I think we should mount an ad campaign similar to what my mentor Donald Sterling uses. Let’s put the opposing team’s best players on billboards as the dates approach when they’re coming in. We’re out of luck with the Cubs because it’s too close and they don’t have any stars. But for next year, just put a big Cubs cap in there with maybe Ernie Banks and a word balloon saying, “Let’s play two!”. See what I mean? We’ve maxed out the local chumps so let’s start appealing more to the fans of the other teams. So get working on that, and get me a carnitas burrito. Wet.

  18. selltheteam

    Quandry of the day:
    Root for Ethier’s hitting streak to continue?
    The Pro’s: (1) Of course, he’s Andre! (2) What the heck kind of a Dodgers fan, are you, SellTheTeam? How can you even ask this question?
    The Con: Andre’s hitting streak is the only thing bringing fans out to the ballpark right now. It sure isn’t our shining bullpen.

  19. Nellyjune

    Andre is definitely a reason to go to the games, but FranknNed take all the fun out of it 😦

  20. Frank McCourt

    What the hell? I’ve owned this damned team since ’04, but I don’t see my name on your list, Josh! How come? I’m as big a bubblehead as the next guy! Bigger even! I want my own bubblehead, doggone it! And I want it now! If I can’t have…….what? Oh, bobblehead! Nevermind…

  21. Frank McCourt

    “Paid” attendance is such a relative term. Paid by who? You. Me. Someone’s paid for it.

  22. perumike

    Hey all, hope you are doing well! I have been super busy first with a state interpreting exam, which I nailed, and then getting ready for my wife to come home from a visit to her family in Chile. Now I’m back, and heading to the stadium tomorrow, mainly because of my need to be at the stadium and see Dre and Kemp, which are the two main highlights so far this season.

    Also, during my time away, I was in a 99 Cent Only store, and found what Frank has really been doing all this time. And yes, I did see Ned there looking for players! See my gravatar for details on Frank! πŸ™‚ Have a great day all!!

  23. selltheteam

    Carroll SS
    Sands 1B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Uribe 3B
    Thames LF
    Barajas C
    De Jesus 2B
    Kershaw P

  24. GM Ned Colletti

    You got it boss, I’m working on a campaign featuring all of the other teams stars because other then Kemp, Either and Kershaw we don’t have any, and we both know as soon as they make more money they’ll be gone, I’ll trade them for Dotel again, he works cheap., it will be shown the series before so our many suckers, err, I mean fans will see it in time for them to buy more tickets to these upcoming games. I just sent Soboroff out for the burrito, it will be here asap if he doesn’t eat it himself.

  25. Dodger4life

    Good Evening All…
    Today’s a brand new day!!
    Go Get Em’ Kershaw and Crew!! Enjoy your Evening and enjoy the game everyone…

  26. enchantedTheBeav

    They need to get on the PA system and callout seat numbers for open tryouts in left. Shesh.

    • nedsajerk

      lol nice crowd is always 18,997 there and glad both team played around the same time. To bad we can’t played in a basketball arena than we would’ve had that crowd lol.

  27. nedsajerk

    Let’s to the party wtg Ethier #28 and he’s batting 2nd I think it really does matter in the batting order. I see Sands got a 2 runs double and as I type this Soriano just hit a homerun.

  28. nedsajerk

    I’m still piss off that Donny used Kuo yesterday and this would’ve been a good game for him to pitch.

  29. vl4eccjr

    Padilla has been a pleasant surprise coming out of the pen since coming off the DL.
    Good job!

  30. dodgereric

    Well, we’ve crossed a significant threshold tonight! Over a hundred thousand drop in 2011 so far. Not bad, but I think we can do a lot better. I figure tomorrow night we’ll go under 3 million projected.
    Game 16’s attendance (2010): 40,718
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 30,239
    2010 attendance (16 games) – 699,987 (43,749 average)
    2011 attendance (16 games) – 593,665 (37,104 average)
    Drop of 106,322 total
    Average drop of 6645
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 538,255
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 3,005,429
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

  31. nedsajerk

    lol Padilla can’t pitch 2 innings seem like a damn waste even with the double switch he still can’t pitch the extra inning.

  32. Nellyjune

    Please fasten your seltbelts and have your seats and tray tables in their upright position, and get ready for another turbulent ride. Herrrrrre’s Johnny!!!!

  33. nedsajerk

    I still can’t believe Donny let Kuo pitch yesterday and we’ve probably see him tonight to closer instead of Broxton.

  34. Nellyjune

    Wow!!! That wasn’t too bad at all tonight!!! A nice smooth landing too!!! Way to go Brox!!!!

  35. vl4eccjr

    Not too bad for Brox. Seems he does better with a 3 run lead or better.
    I still think there’s something wrong with his arm. His velocity continues to drop. That wicked slider he had previously is pretty wimpy these days.

  36. dodgereric

    I agree vl. And was it my imagination, or was he finally throwing inside occasionally last year? I don’t think I’ve seen him do it once yet this year. Have to put that Fear Of God into the hitters.

    • vl4eccjr

      The league is getting wise to him. With his loss in velocity, his sliders that used to be in the high 80’s – low 90’s are down in the low 80’s with ALOT less break. He’s been getting lit up with alot of hits, and his K’s are way down.

  37. perumike

    Thanks vl. No dogs tomorrow, just not in the budget, but I am going for Dollar Dodger Dogs on Memorial Day. I’ll mail you a couple! πŸ™‚

  38. enchantedTheBeav

    Question – If Frank’s forced to sell, who’s front runner for GM? (Because you know it won’t take 5 seconds for the new owner to figure out Ned doesn’t have the tools.)

  39. Nellyjune

    Andre is looking very uncomfortable talking about this hitting streak. I am thinking he just wants it to be over so he can move on and focus on the team.

  40. dodgereric

    I’ve been doing a little math, and I know just enough to be dangerous.
    We can all see that Broxton is throwing no faster than 95 mph these days, right? We all saw that the “healthy” Broxton was good to hit 100 mph occasionally, right?
    If someone finds me wrong, please correct me. But 95 mph should translate to 139.33 ft/sec.
    100 mph = 146.67 ft/sec
    Assuming that the pitcher should release the ball about 56′ from home plate, and not knowing how acceleration and friction would affect this, but a 95 mph pitch should reach home plate in 0.4019 seconds.
    A 100 mph pitch takes 0.3818 seconds, a difference of 0.0201 seconds.
    So, assuming I’m right so far, a 100 mph pitch will cover 56 feet in 0.3818 seconds. A 95 mph pitch will cover only 53.2 feet in 0.3818 seconds. Right?
    Therefore, if Broxton has lost 5 mph on his fastball, the ball is 2 feet, 9.6 inches away from the plate in the same amount of time nowadays. And that seems to be the difference to let hitters catch up with his fastball.

    • Nellyjune

      Boy, that’s good stuff!!! It sounds and looks accurate to me. It’s also why he needs a change-up. He could be effective with a fastball that is 95mph if he could get some off speed stuff to go with it. Like I am telling you something you don’t already know – lol!!!

    • JhallWally

      Great numbers Dad!! That extra 2 1/2 to 3 feet make a big difference. Especially when you don’t have much movement on the fastball like Brox.

      • Nellyjune

        The funny thing is as bad as he has appeared to be, Beox has only blown one save. Some closers are doing a lot worse than he is. I mean, he is certainly giving me breathing issues when he is pitching, but compared to some, it could be worse too.

    • messagebear

      Wow, Eric!
      I’m, still working on: Train A leaves the station at 10.50 A.M. going at 60 mph, and Train B leaves the other station at 11:30 A.M.

      • Nellyjune

        LMAO Messagebear!!! I had to read it about 10 times to figure out what he was trying to do so you are definitely not alone. πŸ™‚

  41. Nellyjune

    Andre has been the play of the day on “Quick Pitch” for four days straight now for his hitting streak. JP actually caught a ball today and made a play of the day grab tonight as well.

    • 32and53fan

      He is probably the only Dodger to be featured on MLB-TV since Manny came to town. It seems that it is very rare for any Dodger to be seen on a highlight play on that network or ESPN.

  42. 32and53fan

    LOL – I am watching the DVR’d “DodgersLive” broadcast and the guys were talking about how Ethier is not getting a lot of airtime. Steve Lyons remarked “You know, West Coast baseball…. the people on the East, they don’t care about us. They’re asleep by the time Andre makes his second at bat.”

    • Nellyjune

      He’s right too! …. But it’s been said west coast baseball is casual, we, the fans l, don’t take it seriously like east coast fans do. I think those people need to meet some of us πŸ™‚

  43. Dodger4life

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 8) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 8) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† 16 17 18 19 20
    21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
    41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
    61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
    81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
    Soulshine Time!!!

  44. GM Ned Colletti

    No ones taking my job as long as I can eval talent. And yes if it bit me in the ass I might notice it, as long as it doesn’t bother my stache or my rug.

  45. Frank McCourt

    Funny, I was just listening to those two honks on ESPN radio a few minutes ago. They claim that they’ve been my biggest critics in the media and they’re going to give me a bad time. What a couple of losers! They’ll cave just like everyone else does. They’ll be licking my boots before the first 10 minutes is up. That’s right. They’re bragging every 5 minutes on 710 that “Frank McCourt is going to be taking questions from YOU, the FANS!” Bullshit. I only agreed to 20 minutes on the air, and the first 10 are reserved for the two hosts. Hah! It would take at least a half an hour for one of you clowns to list the reasons you all hate me! HAHAHAHAHA! I’m going to play those two idiots like a fiddle. Just listen in. Everyone loves me, down deep inside. And once I start in on how wrong I’ve been done by Selig, no one is going to have the heart to take me apart. Hell, if one of you losers manages to get your call in, all I have to do is pontificate for 9 minutes telling the same clap-trap I always do and then, “Whoops! Your time is up! See ya, don’t wanna be ya!” and I’m outta there!
    P.T. Barnum was wrong. There wasn’t a sucker born every minute. There’s at least 100.

    • JhallWally

      Hey Frank, why don’t you sell 3 or 4 of your houses that you bought with embezzled Dodger money and pay back the franchise!! Oh, I forgot, they are probably so leveraged that there isn’t any equity in them!!

  46. Frank McCourt

    Hell, I would sell them if I could. The bitch has them in her name, remember? But even if I could, I wouldn’t be using the money to “pay back the franchise”. I couldn’t care less about the Dodgers, I’ve been trying for 7 years to break it. Why else would I hire an ex-Giant for a GM? Why else would I hire a couple of ex-Yankees to manage it? Why else would I take the names off the backs? Why else would I triple the parking and the ticket prices without upgrading the roster with actually decent players? Why else would I spend all that money on crap like outfielders who can’t field or throw? Why else would I sign pitchers who I know are injured? Can anyone blame me for my lack of respect for you “fans”? You’re all hopelessly STUPID! I do all this stuff to your “beloved” team and you still keep shoving money in my pockets!!!!! “Thank you sir, may I have another?” comes to mind.

    • JhallWally

      Thanks Frank!! I don’t know what came over me. I forgot that you are the franchise and the Brand, not the team or players!!! I’ll go back and join the other 3M plus fans/suckers that continue to attend games while you are the owner and line your pockets. By the way, your hairdo sucks!!!!

  47. Frank McCourt

    That’s ok, jhallwally. But if you think my hairdo sucks, wait until you see the hair on those two radio schmucks after they “interview” me and have to pull their heads out of my butt!

  48. selltheteam

    Frank says: People been lyin’ about me, don’t believe them! I’m a great guy, you need to get to know me!

  49. Frank McCourt

    “If the things that were written about me were true….” Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. Man, I love me. Have you ever met anyone who can lie like I can?
    What did I tell you? Only four fans got in and one of them was on my side.
    Thanks for all the softball questions, no follow-ups when I didn’t answer the questions directly and letting me continually hype my Fox deal, guys. I owe you. Man, I’ll never get tired of saying that.

  50. selltheteam

    Since Josh isn’t giving us new posts on a regular basis, here is today’s post.
    Frank cozied up to all his fans today on ESPN radio. Frank talks double-talk like all crappy politicians.
    In other news, Thames has developed a mysterious injury and is put on the DL to make room for Jay Gibbons.
    Tonight’s Lineup:
    Carroll SS
    Sands LF
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Uribe 3B
    Loney 1B
    Barajas C
    Miles 2B
    Billingsley P
    I’ve got a solution for you Frank, that will make all the Dodger fans like you:
    SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!!!

  51. messagebear

    If Frank is broke and can’t make payroll at the end of the month, who does he cut first, front office or players on the field. Don’t worry, Josh, experience tells us it will be the players on the field. That does bring up a point – what the hell is Soboroff doing on the payroll?

    • JhallWally

      I’m sure it is SoJerkOff behing the “I’m sorry” and Crocidile tears campaign we are being subjected to from Frank!!! It’s just Too much, Too Little, and way Too Late!!!

  52. perumike

    Got autographs from Cormier, Garland, Gwynn and Kuroda, and now sitting top deck right behind home plate! Thanked Gwynn for saving Brox’s bacon with his catch the other day. Let’s go Dodgers! Hope you all are doing well!

  53. nedsajerk

    Once again why is Cormier still on this team? This is bad Navarro can come back and who went on the DL I forgot than Jansen get send down for Kuo and now Thames on the DL for Gibbons? I know Uribe been hot but he’s hitting .302 at home but on the road he’s hitting under .200.

    • nedsajerk

      Yep that’s average out to a .247.
      Home .279 .323 .488 .811
      Road .232 .277 .375 .652

      Career at DS before this year 272 .321 .399 .720 of course it help when you hitting good at home this year.

  54. perumike

    Don’t worry jhall! All food and drink was bought outside the stadium, even the peanuts! πŸ™‚

      • JhallWally

        A pea brain with no nuts!!! That’s our Neddy. Their hasn’t been a decent set of kahoonas’ aroung here since Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser!!!

  55. perumike

    Just saw the kid get his signature from Loney, and then he proceeds to run and step on second, and then head towards third! The funny thing is, it looks like James put him up to it!

  56. vl4eccjr

    Good evening all!
    Luckily I got the telecast on WGN, but I have to mute The boob Bob Brenly, and have Vin on the radio Broadcast.
    All Good! πŸ™‚

  57. JhallWally

    OK, What is worse:

    A) Charlie Steiner
    B) Franks continuing cry baby act.
    C) Loneys’ bat
    D) Neds’ transactions
    E) A condo in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  58. nedsajerk

    WTG Ethier and now tied Wheat and now is Davis 31 is next. They should’ve gave Kemp that assist to bad Ramirez was safe and came off the base so not assist for Kemp.

  59. nedsajerk

    I hope Dempster don’t give credited with his 1st QS this season in 7 starts and the Cubs a team only have 8 which ranked them dead last in the NL but they are missing 2 starters.

  60. nedsajerk

    Come on Randolph and you need to heat up and I had you guys taking that series vs the Thunders.

  61. vl4eccjr

    CRAP! Par for the course. Bills does good for a while, then gets complacent, hangs one, & BOOM!

  62. nedsajerk

    Damn of course Pena 1st homerun of the season dang after Dempster gotten his 1st QS of the season.

  63. northstateblues

    I had the game recording on WGN while I was at work, but lucked out and found that they have the Dodgers feed w/ Vin on the MLB Network.

    Too bad they won’t show tomorrow’s day game, I want to see the throwbacks. The Cubs jerseys are going to look sharp tomorrow, too.

    Interesting side-fact: in the last game, the Dodgers owned the Braves throwback jerseys too, they kept them after the game, and are going to auction them off for charity, as well as the Brooklyn jerseys.

    Nice interview at Uni Watch with the guy who made the jerseys.

  64. GM Ned Colletti

    Boss you aced that radio interview. The way you danced around all of the questions was a thing of beauty. Then again you’re playing with mental midgets, not on your level. Just one thing, could you please not take all of the credit for putting a cheap and crappy team on the field, that’s my job.

  65. selltheteam

    Gonna need a couple more runs tonight, boys. Make that five, to give the bullpen enough cushion.
    Meanwhile, in San Diego, O-Dog pulled his hamstring.

  66. selltheteam

    So was Loney’s hit to left a line drive or a lazy fly? Looked like a lazy fly that just dropped in to me. Pay up, Loney Phoney.

  67. enchantedTheBeav

    What’s the point of having Miles swing away if you were going to PH for Billz? Shouldn’t Miles have sacraficed?
    Shades of JoJo…

  68. selltheteam

    Because Miles has incredible power – look, he’s hit 16 dingers. Oh, over nine years. Never mind!

  69. selltheteam

    Paid attendance 38,017 ?? I must have heard that wrong. There are no butts in the seats tonight!

    • vl4eccjr

      I’d die from lack of oxygen the way he’s pitching.
      Talk about shaky!! NO velocity to speak of, and can’t throw strikes!!!

  70. dodgereric

    Lost a little ground tonight, but we should make some hay tomorrow. Game 18 last year drew 55,662.
    Game 17’s attendance (2010): 35,282
    Today’s attendance courtesy of selltheteam: 38,017
    2010 attendance (17 games) – 735,269 (43,251 average)
    2011 attendance (17 games) – 631,682 (37,158 average)
    Drop of 103,587 total
    Average drop of 6093
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 493,562
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 3,009,779
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

    • vl4eccjr

      He just looked lost, and completely out of it!
      Donnie should demote him at the least, and make Padilla the closer!

  71. selltheteam

    I’ll give Donnie the credit of taking him out at the right time. Too bad we don’t have anybody in the pen we can count on!

  72. enchantedTheBeav

    In the words of that great American, Strother Martin – Some men ya jist caint reach. So, you get what we have here today, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gits it. I don’t like it any more then you men…
    Mattingly just caint git it that Broxton’s toast and no amount of trotting him out there is going to change it. Maybe if we had a decent pitching coach it’d be different, but we don’t.

  73. enchantedTheBeav

    That’s the ballgame. The Dodgers would like to thank you for your attendance. Please drive safely going home.

  74. enchantedTheBeav

    OK, its gotta be asked since Brox claims there’s noting physically wrong with him…

  75. dodgereric

    Boy, that was weird-looking. Am I crazy, or does the cut-off man let the throw go through to the plate unless he hears the catcher yell, “CUT!”? Barajas sure didn’t look like someone who yelled “CUT!”.

  76. enchantedTheBeav

    I also think the euphoria of having MLB take control of the finances has worn off and they’re back to playing to their ability, which ain’t much.
    Oh well, best we treat this season like the joke that it is. Be prepared though, next year will be as bad if not worse.

  77. selltheteam

    Just one step closer to
    (a) a losing season
    (b) 91 losses on the year
    (c) Dodgers in bankruptcy
    (d) the end of Frank’s ownership years
    (e) the end of Ned as GM
    (f) rebuilding of the team from the ground up.
    Unfortunately, by the time the team is any good again, I’m afraid Vin won’t be there to call it :((

  78. JhallWally

    It’s really kind of funny. How long does it take a GM and Manager to realize that your closer doesn’t have it!!!! Say goodnight Gracie!!!

  79. dodgereric

    Sometimes cherry-picking stats can be fun.
    .405 .472 .613 1.085
    Know what that is?
    That’s our pitching line in the 9th inning so far this year. Without tonight’s game, obviously. Remember when we had a damned good bullpen? It wasn’t that long ago. My theory: Torre killed ’em all.

  80. JhallWally

    Yes, to all the above comments!! Total bullshit!! Thanks Frank. You can’t be too sorry for this and giving us Ned. Way to go Andre!!!

  81. vl4eccjr

    This completely blew the big one!
    Billz deserved the win. Other than hanging that change-up to Pena, he did well.

    • nedsajerk

      You can’t really blame Hawkworth this was all Broxton fault and Kemp probably should’ve had dive for that ball.

      • nedsajerk

        I bet Hawksworth would’ve had done better than given up a 1 out 4 pitches walk.

  82. selltheteam

    After waiting years for the young guns to come into their own, this is what we’ve got: Ethier, Kemp, Kershaw, and Billz and no supporting cast. It’s like having a well-tuned Chevy big block engine sitting in a rusted out Yugo with a blown-out transmission.

    • vl4eccjr

      I’ve seen that happen, a looong time ago, except the engine was put in an Opel. Remember them?

  83. swood

    Others have said this already but as soon as a new owner comes this team needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from scratch around ethier kemp kersh and billz. And the first one to go should be Colletti

  84. enchantedTheBeav

    OK Big E, for you, who was the hottest entertainer/actress when you were a teenager?
    I’d have to say mine was Cheryl Ladd.

  85. dodgereric

    Sorry about that, but I had to do something to get a smile on my face.
    Just to be fair, this is what our hitters are doing in the ninth:
    .279 .311 .395 .706………ooh, let’s bring the pitcher’s stats back
    .405 .472 .613 1.085

  86. kpookiemon

    Children, there is zero reason to bang our collective heads against the wall over this team. It is what it is. Look at the much bigger picture. 2011 will be viewed as an ENORMOUS success if the 2012 season finds a new, benevolent owner with deep pockets and a passion for Dodger baseball, a new GM, and Ethier and Kemp locked up long term. I believe all the above are not only doable, but will, indeed, occur…and we can once more dance to the rhythms of our favorite past time.

      • 32and53fan

        Ditto on Sophia…

        Don’t forget Leslie Caron from “Father Goose” with Cary Grant. And another one with a sexy French accent also captivated me… Claudine LongeΕ₯.

  87. dodgereric

    e, I’d have to agree with you about Cheryl Ladd. She was pretty close to perfect. But Raquel Welch in that prehistoric skin with the $1000 hairdo will always hold a special place in my, um, heart.

    • 32and53fan

      Diana Riggs wasn’t too bad either. But for old school true beauty, it is hard to top Gene Tierney.

    • JhallWally

      Michelle Phillips and Grace Slick were hot in there day!!!(our day dad). But Audrey Hepburn transcendes time!!!! And of course, Rita Hayworth, wow!!!

    • 32and53fan

      I met Kam Nelson once when she was appearing on the “Groovy” show, which was hosted by Michael Blodgett and filmed on Santa Monica beach near the pier. It must have been 1968. I also liked the ditzy but sexy Barbara Eden, but also had a thing for the more responsible, but equally magical and hot Elizabeth Montgomery – forty years before Desperate Housewives. Sam is the perfect wife; no matter what bonehead thing you do, she always fixes it and makes you come out smelling like a rose ant tops it off with a long and very sensual kiss. It was left to our imagination where that would lead when they went upstairs to bed.

  88. 32and53fan

    I also loved Anne Francis who was on TV starring in Honey West in the mid ’60’s and was incredible in the 1956 movie “Forbidden Planet” when I was just a small child but my brother was a teenager. I saw the movie on TV when I was a teenager so I guess that counts.

  89. 32and53fan

    It is pathetic that after another Broxton meltdown, we have to amuse ourselves with the memories of puberty. But thinking of all those ladies really sparked some nice thoughts.
    Thinking of the worthless POS that has been the closer is a major bummer. I remember last year after he saved a game, he walked off the field shaking out his arm and shoulder. I mentioned it to Tony Jackson, but he did not see it and nothing came of it. Nobody else seemed to have seen it. I know when I have shaken my arm like that after pitching, I was in pain. I had shoulder tendinitis that hurt so much, I could not move my arm beyond a very limited range of motion without pain.
    He needs to go on the DL and work on his command somewhere other than in the 9th inning of a Dodger game.
    He has a mild case of the Yips and needs to correct it.

  90. nedsajerk

    I would think the Padres relievers arm would fall off from last year choke when they were pitching the same 3 guys 3 to 4 games in a rows.

  91. messagebear

    Never mind the performance on the field, things are coming to a conclusion behind the scenes according to unnamed financial sources. If Frank is unlikely to make payroll at the end of May, what about June, and July, and so forth? Who’s going to lend him money to do that? He may sue MLB, but how’s that going to raise money for the payroll? He may file bankruptcy, but for what purpose? If it is to reorganize, there would have to be some source of lending for the continuing reorganization, and where would that be coming from? Just to liquidate under bankruptcy doesn’t make sense, because the value of the asset if sold would be far greater than the current liabilities. A lawsuit may deal with damages caused by MLB after the fact, but that doesn’t resolve the upcoming payroll issue. So, Frank is between a rock and a hard place – exactly where he belongs, and there’s still Jamie waiting in the wings.
    Well, see how SuckerOff can help you with that one, Frank!
    Or Ned, or Honeybutt, both of whom should be canned just on general purposes.

  92. nedsajerk

    Bring back Weaver and even in those same innings that Cormier pitch his ERA would be down and he also could give you 2 to 3 inning.

  93. trublu4ever

    Good Morning all. I got home last night just in time to see Brox implode….surprise, surprise! Some have suggested on other sights that is wasn’t all HIS fault but, rather, our lack of offense. I conclude that a closers job is to CLOSE no matter what lead he has.
    Loved all of your fantasies, guys πŸ™‚ Next time, maybe us gals can choose ours πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  94. GM Ned Colletti

    Hey boss, will I get paid this month? I told you you shouldn’t have bought all of those houses, although you and the Mrs certainly deserved them. I hope the fans keep supporting us, err, I mean the team.

  95. Frank McCourt

    Ned, to see how you’ll be paid this month, check out what happens at the 3 minute mark:

  96. trublu4ever

    Ready for some excitement? Well here is tooday’s splendid lineup: Miles 2b; Gibbons LF; Dre RF; Matt CF; Juan SS; James 1B; Navarro C; Mitchell 3B and Lilly P. All I have to say is I feel sorry for Dre & Matt πŸ™‚

    • Nellyjune

      Boblee – How are you doing sir? It’s good to see your name on here even though I wish it were under better circumstances πŸ™‚
      Brox needs to be fixed, both physically and mentally, and not under the care of Conte. If that doesn’t work, then you are right, unfortunately.

  97. boblee

    Hey, nellyjune, how the heck are you? Been a while since I’ve been on here. Seems if things have changed.
    Go Dodgers. We need this team to catch fire. Loney looks terrible. Not driving the ball. I could go on and on. Catch you later.

    • nedsajerk

      Dodgers’ Broxton to have MRI on elbow
      12 minutes ago

      Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton will have an MRI exam of his aching elbow to determine the cause of discomfort him in recent outings.

      Broxton won’t pitch until after the MRI, and Vicente Padilla will be the team’s first-choice closer for now.

      Manager Don Mattingly said before Wednesday’s series finale against the Chicago Cubs that he and pitching coach Rick Honeycutt were watching tape of Broxton’s consecutive four-pitch walks to Marlon Byrd and Carlos Pena during Tuesday night’s 4-1 loss when the reliever and trainer Stan Conte informed the manager of the elbow issue.

      Broxton, who got the save in last year’s All-Star game, is 1-2 with a 5.68 ERA in 14 appearancesβ€”converting seven of eight save chances. The six-year veteran, who had a career-high 36 saves in 2009 and dropped to 22 last year, has never been on the disabled list since making his big league debut on July 29, 2005.

      • nedsajerk

        lol something doesn’t seem right here for some reason and it took them forever to do this.

  98. vl4eccjr

    I realize I’m late to the party on the favorite ladies of the screen, but here’s my picks for the silver screen:
    Blondes; Lana Turner, Grace Kelly, and Lee Remick.
    Brunettes; Liz Taylor, and Jean Simmons.
    Red heads; Maureen O’Hara, and Ann-Margret.
    And as far as TV goes, what young red blooded american males didn’t get worked up by Donna Douglass, and Barbara Eden?

    • nedsajerk

      lol really I don’t see no sore elbow in those swing and blah he was hitting over .400 vs Zambrano to.

  99. JhallWally

    Well, I guess the streak is over gang!! Andre has been scratched from the game today with a sore elbow!! Damn!!

  100. Dodger4life

    Good Day All…
    I hope this is just something minor (Dre’s elbow ) that needs some rest.
    We need to get back on track here,
    Lets’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!
    Enjoy your afternoon and enjoy the game everyone…

  101. dodgereric

    I remember reading something quite strange about what can end a hitting streak in this situation. The story said that if he doesn’t appear in the game, the streak continues. If he pinch-hits and is successful, the streak continues. If he pinch-hits and walks, gets HBP or makes a successful sacrifice bunt, the streak continues. But if he makes an out or – now get this – he hits a sacrifice fly, the streak is over. I don’t remember where I read/heard this though.

    • Nellyjune

      Yes, it’s true……….. that’s what I meant by a recorded at-bat. A walk, HBP and sacrafice bunt don’t go down in the book as an at-bat, but a sacrafice fly does.

    • nedsajerk

      Wow that would suck if you can’t hit a sac fly why not? Is not an official ab’s like the sac bunt and walk.

  102. Nellyjune

    I doubt he would do it, but if I were Andre I would have found a way to take the day off just due to the sucky lineup.

  103. dodgereric

    This isn’t where I read it, but it would appear that it is correct:
    “Consecutive-Game Hitting Streaks: A consecutive-game hitting streak shall not be terminated if all the player’s plate appearances (one or more) results in a base on balls, hit batsman, defensive interference or a sacrifice bunt. The streak shall terminate if the player has a sacrifice fly and no hit. The player’s individual consecutive-game hitting streak shall be determined by the consecutive games in which the player appears and is not determined by his club’s games.

  104. messagebear

    Isn’t somebody going to pick Frank in the male category?
    Look what he did for his previous woman? How many mansions, a substantial alimony, and possibly half a baseball franchise too – oh, and I almost forgot the private chaufeur.

  105. selltheteam

    Sounds like we got some kinda contagious elbow disease going around the club. First Blake, then Broxton, now Ethier?

  106. Nellyjune

    If you think about how the game works, a sacrafice fly is usually not intentional, but a sacrafice bunt usually is because it’s a direction given from the dugout.

  107. selltheteam

    New lineup, and it’s a beauty!
    LF Gwynn
    2B Miles
    RF Gibbons
    CF Kemp
    SS Uribe
    1B Loney
    C Navarro
    3B Mitchell
    P Lilly

  108. nedsajerk

    I guess it time for me to picked up Padilla in my fantasy league dang I love both of my 2 teams and have no one to dropped lol.

  109. JhallWally

    Good God, how much would it suck to go to the game today, walk in and see this lineup on the scoreboard:

    Gwynn LF
    Miles 2B
    Gibbons RF
    Kemp CF
    Uribe SS
    Loney 1B
    Navarro C
    Mitchell 3B
    Lilly P

    I certainly would not pay major league prices to see this mess!!

  110. nedsajerk

    Well we had a no hitter by Liraino last night when he wals 5 and k’s 2 and now the Reds only have 1 hit.

  111. nedsajerk

    The opponent should take notes that we lead the league in OF assists and should’ve had 2 more couple of games ago.

  112. koufax1963

    Just Pissed. Dre out. Broxton probably not being forthcoming about the sore elbow,and we really have no Bullpen. Mc Court now speaking, trying to defend himself, and Colletti being silent as a grave, which should have both him and McCourt in it. A couple years a go we needed a Ace starter, then a second baseman, then a left field and perhaps 3rd base, now a catcher and this revamped Bullpen sucks, so add that to a our GMs list, and next year?? RF and 1B but all these are known to the plugged in, even a little leager could tell Mc Court what I need $$$ for, but none of these things were addressed, except for houses in holmby hills, malibu, haircuts at 50K a year and a rwesidual loss of talent in the farm, count how many productive dodgers farm players are on the 40 man roster for other teams in the last 3 years. Just pisses me off that the right aquisition in 2008/09 would of brought the ring to LA, and now melt down broxton is finally being dealt with. Matt stairs wasn’t a Clue, Ned?

  113. enchantedTheBeav

    It appears that the thrifty nickle has finally caught up to Ned and Frank both on the club and down on the farm. Was only a matter of time.
    This organization is broken from the top, through its coaching staff, through its minor league organizations, you name it, its broken. And I don’t mean turn a screw here and there to fix it. Whomever buys this team will have to take years to rebuild and rehabilitate it back to where it should be.
    Sorry folks, THIS is dodger baseball for at least the next 5 years.

  114. JhallWally

    Crap like this will keep the seats empty for sure!! Down by 2 runs now, might as well be 10 with this lineup!!

      • enchantedTheBeav

        Wally, I doubt this team could even be competitive at the AAA level. I wonder if the 17000 season ticket holders could sue to get their money back.

      • JhallWally

        I’ll bet alot of them won’t renew for next year if Frank is still around!!!

  115. koufax1963

    what is Uribe hurt now, too?
    you can look out to Right field and see what the Dodgers may look like next year.

  116. vl4eccjr

    Well, that’s it. I’m gone. Lily’s giving up cookies to his former team. I’ve got better things to do.

  117. koufax1963

    gywnn, miles and gibbons to start the 6th
    Oh Boy cant wait, so I walk, too nice of a day to think dodgers demise

  118. messagebear

    This must be one of the worst lineups put together ever, including the AAA. I bet you’re really proud, Ned.
    We could also use a new thread. I wish MLB would take over that task as well, rather than leaving it to a front office flunkie who’s too busy covering Frank’s ass.

  119. nedsajerk

    Nice to see Kuo bounce back. Time to used Cormier now and let’s him finish it up since he’s useless for us now.

  120. enchantedTheBeav

    Well, we talked about beer last season. Dream girls last night. What do we talk about now?

    • selltheteam

      Yeah, Bear, I expected zero runs today, and the lineup got us one. Consistently exceeding expectations! Woo hoo!

    • JhallWally

      LOL!! No doubt STT and Bear!! We knew going into the season this team would suck!! Just have to be content watching Frank circle the drain.

    • nedsajerk

      lol just imagine if they were and the same with the bullpen but MacDougal is pitching so well so far.

  121. selltheteam

    What with the miserable game and all the injuries, my 71-91 prediction is looking more and more likely.

  122. nedsajerk

    MacDougal has been a big surprise and he’s used to be a former closer with the Royals just maybe Donny would used him to close some games. The only problem that scare me is his k/bb ratio.

  123. JhallWally

    Well Lilly is sure another great Ned acquisition. 7.5M for a #5 starter at best. Maybe we can unload him in July!!!

    • selltheteam

      Do you think that with a losing record, a lousy team, and an inability to make payroll, that Frank n Furter could figure out that we should be sellers and not buyers at the trading deadline???

      • JhallWally

        I sure hope so!! However, I hope they don’t trade away Ethier or Kemp. Unfortunately, those are the two players that could actually get us something worth a damn. But Ned is not the tool you want for the job!!!

  124. enchantedTheBeav

    Best rack in a [non]supportive catagory goes to… Frank & Ned – the two biggest boobs this side of the Pecos.

  125. messagebear

    “Just have to be content watching Frank circle the drain,” per jhall. Love it – Frank in the crapper and MLB flushing hard. Can’t wait for payroll time.

    • JhallWally

      That is the problem with becoming sellers in July!! Ned is will get taken to the cleaners!!! He’s a fool!!!

  126. GM Ned Colletti

    I don’t have to wait until July to get hosed, I could get hosed anytime by anybody. Besides, I don’t see the problem here, we scored a run today, and that was with a line up with only one hitter batting over 250.

    • selltheteam

      Your boss doesn’t have money for tickets. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if by next week there’s no coffee or toilet paper for the front office.

  127. Nellyjune

    I know this is not new news around here, but it’s being reported that Frank is not cooperating with the investigation.

  128. kpookiemon

    This is some ball club Frank and Ned have assembled. Mattingley just has to play good soldier for a while…then when McCourt is in prison and Ned is working PR for Charlie Sheen he can say what he really thinks about these two bizarros.

    • enchantedTheBeav

      Wouldn’t you like to know what Torre and Ng have already said about these two bizarros?

  129. Nellyjune

    This issue with MLB versus McCourt keeps getting worse and worse. It is being reported that if MLB does not help the Dodgers and Frank doesn’t pay the players at the end of the month they can file for a default. Frank would then have 10 Days after May 31st to pay the players that filed, or they can be released for Free Agency. Frank is a delusional, self-absorbed asshole who needs to go. I would hope MLB steps in and shoves Frank off the nice high cliff he has built considering the hole he has dug this franchise into.

  130. dodgereric

    See if you can guess what my favorite line is in this article:,0,6320201.story
    “In unusually pointed remarks, a senior Major League Baseball official (Rob Manfred, Commissioner Bud Selig’s right-hand man) said Wednesday that the Dodgers have not cooperated with baseball’s investigation into the team’s finances and that team owner Frank McCourt is responsible for his own financial troubles.”
    “MLB officials have been guarded in their public comments in anticipation of McCourt filing a lawsuit, but Manfred didn’t mince words in his response. ‘Any financial problems faced by the Los Angeles Dodgers are the result of decisions made by Mr. McCourt and his management team over a period of years.'”
    “Manfred attended a meeting in Milwaukee on Wednesday with Selig and Tom Schieffer, the trustee whom baseball appointed to oversee the Dodgers. McCourt was not invited.
    Thanks to the predicted drop today, we’ve torn down the 3 million total for 2011! Fine job everyone! Let’s keep sticking it to that bastard! When he’s gone and the 40,000+ crowds return, I’d just love to be there standing in front of the former owner, tweak his snotty little nose and spit in his face.
    Game 18’s attendance (2010): 55,662
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 28,419
    2010 attendance (18 games) – 790,931 (43,941 average)
    2011 attendance (18 games) – 660,101 (36,672 average)
    Drop of 130,830 total
    Average drop of 7268
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 588,735
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,970,455
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

  131. Nellyjune

    I would have to guess the fact that Frank was not invited to the meeting, or perhaps the fact that Frank feels MLB has already taken over.
    This whole thing is just so disturbing, it’s far and beyond ridiculous the problems even got this out of hand to begin with.

  132. Nellyjune

    Obviously MLB has taken over, but what I meant to say is Frank feels he is already out the door.

  133. dodgereric

    Yeah, the owner (I’m unable to type his name anymore, even using only lower-case letters) certainly feels the decision has been made. When he opens his mouth these days, that’s one of two or three things he harps on. I just hope he’s right.
    About the length of the thread, how about using one of the earlier ones that don’t have many posts? I looked back and found the first one that doesn’t have several hundred posts already. It’s “The Two Sides of AJ Ellis”. I made a quick remark on it so it would show up in the “Recent Comments” box and would be easy to get to.

  134. koufax1963

    Streak Musings and other Dodgers related observations:
    Willie Davis is/was one of my favorite Dodgers. He had played for the Dodgers 9 years before he created the longest consecutive game streak for the dodgers (31) he played another 5 years with the team after that, It would be a shame if DRE broke Davis’ record, and then was not a dodger the following year.
    Sorry to say that the MLB/ Mc Court dialogues are more captivating than the Dodgers themselves. Only Kemp, Dre and how Donnie manages keep me tuned in, I can’t expect much spectacular pitching results with a team like this. Once the paycheck does not come for our players, many more sore elbows will appear. SELL THE TEAM NOW

  135. koufax1963

    Oh and I am not buying Franks story of being a changed man. That his lifestyle was encouraged by jaime, and now he is a responsible person with his finances. If he wanted a WS ring he would not let Ned make the moves he has.
    and yep Im sure Josh is really busy to put up another ITD frame of interest, geez historical perspective of Bobbleheads, come on, the dodgers history may be all we can enjoy, last highlights in 2009, and there are very few between 88 and now. Sucks

  136. GM Ned Colletti

    Hey everyone, boss is a changed man, he now has only a poor run down flop house of a room he stays in for a measly 40 grand a month. If you fans stop going to the park, pretty soon boss won’t be able to have his hair done or his mansions side by side. How can we do this to a fine man like boss, when he gave so much for you fans? After all look at the great team he’s instructed me to put on the field.

  137. selltheteam

    For some really lousy baseball viewing, tune in this weekend to watch our AAA Dodgers team take on the New York Mets. This weekend’s play to feature such outstanding players such as Aaron Miles, Jay Gibbons, Russell Mitchell, and James Loney. Perhaps some surprise appearances from Jamie Hoffman and John Lindblom. Who knows, maybe Ned will dig up the Ortizii and Juan Castro? Family fun for all.

  138. northstateblues

    It’s raining tickets, but Los Angeles doesn’t want to play in the rain.

    Sad day when less than 30,000 show up to enjoy a game at Dodger Stadium, especially against the high-drawing Chicago Cubs. The other teams’ attendances may be sliding because of economic reasons, but the Dodgers’ attendance numbers refused to be talked down from the top of the Library (US Bank) Tower, and have plummeted off the edge.

    There must be a pretty big reason for Angelinos staying away from Dodger Baseball. Can’t imagine what it would be.

    Can’t be the play, the Dodgers have had many years worse than this on the field.

    Can’t be the aesthetics of the Stadium, still considered a crown jewel regardless of the tarnish applied this season.

    Could it be the owner? No way! Not in his own mind, it’d never happen.

    The problem must be everybody else in the world. All is right with Frank.

    We are at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eurasia, and have always been allies with East Asia.

    At first sight of a nuclear blast, duck and cover. Then, afterwards, have the wife clean the drapery and living room to keep her mind off the trouble while scouting outside to make sure everyone’s okay.

    Mission Accomplished, right?

    “Disappear Orleans
    because your swan song fell on fallen heads
    You’re raining down again

    Time goes nowhere…”

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