Monday morning memory

There are a lot of moments in Dodger history that stand out for people, apart from what takes place when the ball is thrown. Today marks the 35th anniversary of such a moment.

When two fans tried to set fire to the American flag at Dodger Stadium, a Cubs outfielder swooped in and stopped them from doing so. No one could know at the time that the following year, he would become a Dodger outfielder, play eight seasons for the team which included three NL pennants, several key moments for the 1981 World Championship team and then become a broadcaster for the team for nearly two decades.

Rick Monday – a true patriot and a Dodger hero in so many ways. Happy Anniversary, Mo. You’ve represented the Dodger organization with class for more than a quarter century and did so even before you got here. Your efforts are lauded and appreciated by all of us inside the organization and millions of fans around the country.


Thanks for the new thread, Josh. I remember seeing Rick pick up the flag and, love it to this day. A true hero in my mind.
Here’s hoping for success in Florida. Would love to see Andre continue the streak. GO DODGERS!

Happy Anniversary Rick!! And thanks!! Truely one of the most memorable moments in Dodger and baseball history!!!

Very interesting, indeed, Jhall. Nellyjune and many other Ethieraholics would disagree with his assessment 🙂 Besides, he is a fan favorite and brings in revenue. The first group mentioned would certainly get the heave-ho.

I figured the part about Ethier would not sit well with the die hard Andre fans!! I can’t argue the numbers but I think this is a case where the pure numbers don’t paint a true picture of his performance and value to the team!!! I would like to see the Dodgers keep him!!!!

I can’t say the same for Loweeney however!! He sucks and the Dodgers need to go in a different direction soon!!!

I’m afraid Loweeney will be gone too, Jhall. I do think the assessment of Dre’s fielding skills is wrong. He’s got a great arm and, is as good as any right fielder out there. His ability to hit lefties has improved too 🙂 Sorry, I love Andre!

I agree with you on Andres’ defense!! I’m not sure where they get that he is not that good. I think his defense is above average and he is one of the best right fielders in the game.
As for Loweeney, good riddance!!!

I think the real reason they brought up Jerry is to replace James at first base. Do you think so too?

I’m not convinced that was the primary reason, but, as Loweeney continues to decline, it has to be looked at as an option. I would actually like to see them play Gwynn in the outfield and Sands at first base for awhile!! At least until T Robinson is ready.

What is sad is that a patriot like Monday has to be reporting on a team owned by a real scumbag, who unpatriotically finds devious ways not to pay any taxes. Hopefully the IRS will sort that out very quickly and put Frank where he’ll have a hard time managing anything except on visiting hours.

Great stats re: Loney. I like Loney mostly for his glove. I think he saves many runs a year. As a ss that has a wild arm I know I loved my great fielding 1bman! But I do agree that his batting has been very bad. I’m just still hoping it can improve. His power just won’t ever come – that’s now obvious. If we could trade him for a closer that would be something that might be a good move. However with Ned doing trades… Need I say more?
I just think for now let them run with what they have. Once the ownership situation is resolved then hopefully we’ll also have a new GM & then make some moves.
The article linked above is a good read and I agree with some of it. Dre’s d isn’t great due to his lack of speed – but he seems to take good routes to the ball – has a good arm & some intangibles that stats don’t show.
I feel that a few FA moves along with locking up Dre & Kemp now & Kersh in 2012 would be the way to go. I would love Albert over Prince any day.

I’d take either Albert or Prince but not for 10 years and the amount of money they are looking for. Fielder is over 3 years younger than Pujols so he looks better to me on a long term deal. I think the money would be better spent on pitching in the long run and somehow upgrade 3rd base!!!!!

Sorry Ethier fans: I am a fan of his myself. A move to 1b or lf would help. Worrying about Dre is way low on the list of things to worry about however.

Andre Ethier, “RF”, Dodgers
2010 UZR: -16.3; Plus/Minus (2008-10): -22

If there’s one clear surprise in the numbers, it’s that Ethier is among the worst outfielders in baseball for the second straight year, as measured by both systems. Ethier has gotten consistently, progressively worse since his rookie season, and is approaching Hawpe-like numbers in the field in 2010. Ethier doesn’t look like he would be a bad defender, but the consistency of the measurements serve as a lesson: defense cannot be measured by observation, no more than you would look at a batter all year and determine whether he was good or not from your memory of his at-bats. The presence of James Loney means the Dodgers can’t move Ethier to first base but perhaps more time in left field — the easier field in most parks — would limit the damage he can do.

Read more:

The bottom line is: Ethier is not presently hurting the team and Loweeney is!! Big Time!!!

agreed…I also think Loney’s defense at 1b is over rated. Yes it is good, above avg, but not good enough to warrant him playing, even when he was hitting at his best. So even if Dre is moved there and not as good on defense his hitting will more than make up for it. I think last year Loney was ranked between 10-12 in defensive 1b rankings. Solid of course. But for a franchise in the number 2 market in baseball, not good enough all around. I don’t care if Loney dosen’t hit for power like others might. Fine be Mark Grace.

But then be Mark Grace damnit! in 16 seasons .

303 .383obp .442slug .825ops

.283 .342 .427 .769 (loney)

Well, right now I would go with Blake at 1sr, Uribe at 3rd, and trade Loweeney for just about anything I could get. Perhaps move Ethier to left and play Gwynn in center and hope T Robinson continues to develope quickly!!! Grady Sizemore between Kemp and Ethier would look pretty good!!!

Or try Sands at 1st for awhile. It can’t hurt!!!

I look at Ethier, and see a good fielder, just like I look at Loney and see a good hitter. That’s how I make all of my decisions by eyesight, that and sometimes I flip a coin.

The past week makes it very clear!! Really good starting pitching patches holes in the lineup better than the other way around!!!

good call. When I talk about moving Ethier to 1b, I mean next season (if at all)

Like you said earlier Jason, Ethier is presently not on the list of things to worry about if you are a Dodger fan!!!

not even close. even in terms of who we would worry about just on defense. C, SS and CF are areas where at least IMO where i’d take Defense over Offense. I am not saying anything bad about those currently playiing those spots BTW, just saying those are the main areas that really effect team defense the most..This team needs all the Offense it can get!!!

I’m not going to worry much about how the rest of the season unfolds, or how Loney and a few other team members perform in 2011. I’ve certainly enjoyed the last two series, but I still don’t see how we’ll finish in the playoffs this year. I’m concentrating on how Frank will finish the year with the ownership of the franchise and being under the thumb of MLB or under the threat of being so. It still comes down to EMPTY SEATS. I figure if the attendance can dwindle down by about half a million over the season, that should really put the hurt on the son of a bitch. Not enough of a mathematician to convert that attendance loss into real dollars, but as thight as things have to be for Frank with the lenders, with Jamie, and with unpaid bills including the lawyers, that whould really grab him by the short hairs. You have to assume that Selig will not approve any new deal that helps Frank our personally, and MLB should be able to lock up the cash box, so that Frank can’t convert much money from the team to his personal use and needs.
So I say, SUCK HIM DRY, and EMPTY SEATS are still a sure fire way to do that.

Agreed Bear!!! Empty seats are still the best way for the fans to express their opinion and speed the departure of scumbag Frank!!!!

I have been doing my part. I vowed not to go to another game until Frank is gone or the Dodgers are in the WS. Last game I was at live that I paid for was the 04 Lima playoff game and I did go to one game (for free) with my son a few years back just cause i was a proud new Daddy who wanted to go! And I used to go to roughly 20 games a year. Frank disgusted me along time ago. Right when he bought the team I saw through his act. Because my job for years was to interview and hire people, being a judge of character has been one of my few strong suits, lol. You can just see is a squirmy little weasel. People like him disgust me.

I also have not bought any gear since 04, though dang I need a new hat, my other one is thrashed. It looks like Gagne’s old lid.

Well said Jason!!! Frank is a self centered, morally devoid, and loathsome human being!!! I haven’t bought any new Dodger gear since he became the owner. I don’t live near there but, if I did, I can honestly say that I would not go to games right now or until new ownership is in place!!!

It looks like former President of the Rangers, Tom Schieffer, id to be named the Dodgers Trustee.

Thanks Nelly!!!

I’m starting to feel another Loney song coming on…

Oh bring it on enchanted!!!! I need the laugh!!!!

I hope they trade him outta sight!!!

can I make a request? And my apologies if this was your other song..while I was away from the blog. This seems taylor made: Set it to the tune…

Lonely Is The Night by Billy Squier

That would be awesome!!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I hope he does well wherever he may end up!! I think the Dodgers and Loney would both be better off if he goes somewhere else!! I think he would have a better fate if he went to a situation more like Russell Martin. And, I hope he gets the chance. For his benefit as well as the Dodgers!!!

Yep Beav, his bat is “Rusted”!!! LOL!!! Looking forward to a new NedCo© Loweeney song!!!!

Yep Jason, Loney is our blight!!! His hitting is a fright!!!

“@molly_knight: Is Frank McCourt still breathing?  Because what every Massachusetts liberal wants is for a Texas Bush Republican to take over his empire.”



Schieffer is actually a Democrat, but has close ties to Bush – both with the Rangers and as an Ambassador to Australia for Bush.

Today’s lineup:
Miles 3B
Carroll SS
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Sands LF
Loney 1B
Barajas C
De Jesus 2B
Garland P

Thanks STT!!

I guess Uribe had too many Deep Dish Pizza’s and Hot Dogs in Chicago..

I hope Shieffer has a good eye, seeing as to how he’s dealing with a major shell game artist. It should be fun finding the money being shifted from the team to the Dodger Stadium entity, to the real estate arm, to pay all the personal bills that Frank owes. I’d love to see that first meeting when he lays down the law to Frank and Ned.

Sounds like this guy has the right pedigree/tools to see thru Franks business smoke and mirrors!!!!

Its a shame it took something like the Stow incident to finally bring all the guns to bear on McCourt. However, his slimy business deals and money funnelling will prove to be his downfall!!!

This series with the Marlins is going to be much tougher than playing the Cubs!!! Gonna need Garland, Kersh, and Billz to pitch really well to take this series!!!

Marlins are second in the NL in team ERA. But at least we don’t face Josh johnson

Yep, we’ve got some pretty good pitching match-ups this series!!!

Not promising anything, but Garland has added a splitter to his repertoire. Maybe that helped him last time out.

Just wanted to add some more fuel to the Loweeney fire. Not only has he been terrible this year, he has been consistently terrible. His weekly OPS this year:
Week 1 – .325
Week 2 – .527
Week 3 – .320
Week 4 – .426

Courtesy of STT!!!

Here are some facts to back up my statement about Loweeney’s performance in 2008 through 2010. The following information compares Loney to all MLB first basemen who had at least 502 plate appearances each season.
In 2008, Loweeney ranked 24th of 27 with an OPS of .772
In 2009, Loweeney ranked 26th of 28 with an OPS of .756
In 2010, Loweeney ranked 24th of 26 with an OPS of .723
Yes, Dodgers Stadium is a pitcher’s park. But that fact never hampered the offensive production of Ethier and Kemp. Even Russell Martin did not consistently under-perform compared to other players of his position the way Loweeney does. Yes, his offense is good, but we really need a first baseman who can rake.
By selltheteam on April 25, 2011 10:32 am – Reply

There’s no debating that we have the worst first baseman in baseball in 2011 and no logical reason to believe that Loweeney is going to get much if any better!!!

Thanks for reprinting that Wally!

My pleasure STT!!

Cue up the Navarro songs – he’s back!! Ellis going to Alb.

Juan Pierre .278 .327 .311 .638
James Loney .167 .191 .211 .403

OK Beav, now here’s a song theme!!! LOL!!!

Phew is outslugging Phoney!!! Pathetic!!!!

That was weird – I posted the song, but it didn’t show up, so I tried reposting and it wouldn’t let me because I’d already posted it. I’ll try again…

I’ll have to checkout that song Jason – I’m sure there will be ample opportunity this season. Another one might be Only The Loney by Roy Orbison. No, I fished this one out of obscurity – don’t even need to change the title of this song. Here’s the James Loney version of Manhattan Transfer’s Trickle Trickle. Couldn’t find a decent version of it on Youtube, so you’ll have to go to Yahoo music:
Trickle trickle, slap slap
How much longer can this guy last?
Ain’t no hits droppin’, career’s a floppin’
Tell me how long will this guy last?
Dribble dribble, pop pop
Don’t hit liners, he just hits slop
We’re here waitin’ that’s why I’m statein’
Battin’ him sixth has got to stop
Loney’s dug a hole here boys
Not passin Go
His fielding’s sharp, a bat he lacks
Why don’t Ned just give him the sack?
Loney blows Loney blows just like Marty – yeah
Shoont be in the show
Well I just can’t take it
We know he can’t rake it
Don’t want to see James Loney no more
Trickle trickle, slap slap
How much longer can this guy last?
Ain’t no hits droppin’, career’s a floppin’
Tell me how long will this guy last?
Dribble dribble, pop pop
Don’t hit liners, he just hits slop
We’re here waitin’ that’s why I’m statein’
Battin’ him sixth has got to stop
Loney he’s beat, he’s done yeah boy
And he’s gotta go
Well we know he can’t make the party
Man Ned, make it so
Loney blows Loney blows just like Marty – yeah
Shoont be in the show
Well I just can’t take it
We know he can’t rake it
Don’t want to see James Loney no more
Trickle trickle, slap slap
How much longer can this guy last?
Ain’t no hits droppin’, career’s a floppin’
Tell me how long will this guy last?
Dribble dribble, pop pop
Don’t hit liners, he just hits slop
We’re here waitin’ that’s why I’m statein’
James Loney’s time’s already past
James time’s already past.
©NedCo Broken Records 2011

LMAO!!!! Good job Beav!!!

Excellent Song, Enchanted!


*AWESOME 🙂 🙂 damn, I wish I could type…lol

ha that’s hilarious.

I don’t think it liked when I put the link to Yahoo Music in there, so I took it out and it went through fine.

Wow, Garland drew the short straw!!! Not the time to rest Blake. I would let him rest at 1st base tonight!!!

Miles 3B
Carroll SS
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Sands LF
Loney 1B
Barajas C
De Jesus 2B
Garland P

Gosh damn it I wanted Ellis as our backup not Navarro. Kuroda does good when Ellis is catching for him.

At least Sands is protecting Kemp I like that and just reward Miles for his good performance yesterday. Gosh Loney need a night off.

Yep, Loney needs a month off and a change of scenery!!!

I would wait until that change of scenery because the first 2 months are always he slow start and he seem to get hot in June but he’s not showing me nothing.


Perhaps Shad!! I hope you’re right!! We can’t wait until June however!!!

lol did I see someone said Ethier to 1st bases? If Green can do it so can Ethier.

Wow Uribe was finally hitting to and this is the 3rd games he’s going to miss.

Yeah, it sure hurts to lose the hot hand.

Kind of sucks!!!

Good Day Everyone!!
I love that clip of Monday grabbing the flag. Thank You Sir!

Let’s Fry Some Fish Boy’s!
Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!
Enjoy the game and your evening everyone, Think Blue!


Garland Career vs. FLA 7 7 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 46.1 35 15 12 4 12 35 2.33 1.01 .213

Fabulous song enchanted!!!!!
I am ignoring all the talk about Andre. I just hope he is out of here before enchanted has to write a song about him (in a bad way anyway). lol!!!!!

Well, I hope we can keep him!!! I guess the numbers geeks metrics say he is a sub par defensive RF!! I think he is at least average at worst. Anyway, it would be nice in the future if he moved to LF and we got a CF like Grady Sizemore or T Robinson is ready.

Yes, Grady would be great!!!! …..and I know what you’re saying about Trevon Robinson. Either way works for me!!!

I’m hoping for an Ethier-Sizemore-Kemp or Ethier-Robinson-Kemp outfield next year with Sands at 1st base.

Nolasco the Marlins starting pitcher graduate from the same high school as me. I really don’t know him since I graduate in 97 and he did in but I knew one of his teammate Whiteside and was drafted by the Nats but had a little stinct with the dback.

oops he did in 2002.

The only remaining options are Jamey Carroll(notes) and Aaron Miles(notes).

Carroll has a .372 on-base percentage, one of the highest on the team, yet batted eighth for the ninth time in 18 starts Sunday. Mattingly instead had Miles, who has a .233 on-base percentage this year and .320 for his career, bat in the leadoff spot.

Mattingly’s reason is because of the frequency that Carroll gets on base with two outs, thereby ensuring the pitcher doesn’t lead off the next inning.

“I know it doesn’t seem a like a big deal,” Mattingly said. “But it’s so nice to start the next inning without the pitcher up there—and starting with one out. That’s huge. That’s why I like using him back there.”

Nine times this year, including twice Saturday, Carroll reached base so the pitcher could make the final out of the inning, instead of the first out the next inning. Both times, the Dodgers scored runs the following inning.

“This guy might be the best No. 8 hitter in baseball,” Mattingly said. “You see how many times he turns the lineup over? I don’t mind him batting leadoff. I try to create a lineup with length all the way through it. If (Juan) Uribe was playing, I’d have led off Jamey (on Sunday).”

The Dodgers didn’t need Carroll turning over the lineup Sunday. They scored five runs in the first inning off Carlos Zambrano(notes), starting with Miles’ leadoff double, en route to a 7-3 win over the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Miles had three hits in the game, including an RBI single in the sixth.

Well, it only works as long a Miles continues to play over his head and get on base. Otherwise it is ignorant. Donny has gotten lucky with Miles so far. It doesn’t do any good to turn over the lineup if there aren’t baserunners on for Ethier and Kemp!!!

lol oh that the reason huh Donny.

OK, let’s play ball!!! GO DODGERS!!!

Don’t you just hate it when the Sabrematic guys take players you like and think are doing a decent job and turn them into something short of an axe murderer?

LOL!! Yep Birky, it is annoying!! Sometimes the numbers don’t tell the whole story(as with Andre). Sometimes as in Loweeneys’ case, they do!!!!

You said that perfectly lbirken!!!

Wah-Hoo, 22!!!!!!!

Ethier now with a 22 games hitting streak.


Under-rates, my ass!

Under-rated 🙂

I think you mean over-rated Trumom!!! :)))

I sure did…I’m a little off today…sorry 🙂

LOL!! It’s OK Trumom!! I knew you were caught up in the excitement when you typed it!!!

That’s me….Ms. Excitement 🙂

Geez, Donnie is such a rocket scientist. If you’ve got a guy like Carroll who is hitting over .300, don’t you want him leading off or hitting #2 so he can be on base ahead of Ethier and Kemp? Oh no, put him in front of the pitcher.
What an idiot!!!!!!

Yep, its bullshit!!!! If its so damn important, then why not do it today?

Kind of like saying, I like the way Loweeney gets RBI’s. Put him at #5 after Blake, Ethier, and Kemp, so when there’s a baserunner at 3rd and Loweeney hits his weeney soft grounder, the runner at 3rd will score.
What a doofus!!

If you go with Donnys logic, then it would be better to just do what LaRussa does and bat the pitcher 8th!!!

I’m still not convinced that Donny is the sharpest knife in the drawer!!!

🙂 🙂 !!!

Why the heck doesn’t Donnie put his best hitter at #8 just so that he’ll never have the pitcher start off an inning? Why not? Because then his name would be Joe Torre, who consistently batted Matt Kemp in the #8 hole for way too long.

I’d rather see Ethier and Kemp moved up to 2nd and 3rd and the hot Blake for now batting 4th with of course Carroll leading off.

Yep, me too Shad!! Makes too much sense for Donny!!!


lol try it for one week.

I could live with it!!! However I would rather see:
Carroll SS
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Blake 1B
Sands LF
Uribe 3B
Barajas C
Miles 2B

They’ve got to get Loweeney out of the lineup and right now, Miles is less of a black hole than Phoney!!!

Oh that could work to but don’t want to hurt Loney feeling lol.

I like Sands protect Kemp and look at that a single.

Andre 🙂 #22 Awesome!!!

There goes Loweeney with yet another ineffective plate appearance, dropping his OPS from .403 to .399

They should make Loney bunt everytime with runners on and less than 2 outs right now. At least guys will be moved over. I can’t belive they are still playing him. It’s like watching Andrew Jones.

Wow, that hurts. But it is a true statement.

It sucks cause I was pretty hopeful for him for a long time. Like other say, I like his glove, his ability (when on) to hit to all fields and to hit well with RISP..but this is getting ridiculous. Maybe he is injured or something?

At least Loweeney doesn’t have that galactically stupid grin permanantly on his face!!!!

LOL. So true. You just wanted to punch him thru the TV. Also you knew the MOFO was making more than the gross national product of most countries.

lol at those empty stadium to bad DS would not come close to it even though it would be cool.

I mean sit not stadium.

Poor Loweeney….everybody’s picking on him. You guys watch, just for you, he will have the winning hit tonight 🙂

Whatever it takes!!! Don’t bet your milk money on it however!!!

that would be great. Maybe Al Micheals can make the call.

Of course as soon as Steiner opens his mouth about Garland not allowing a hit in the first 3 innings of any of his starts, Coghlan homers!!! Charlie you bonehead, you don’t talk about anything to do with no hits until after there is a hit. Dipshit!!!

I’m glad I don’t have to listen to Charlie! I’m watching the Marlins’ feed…there announcers aren’t too bad.

I’m tempted to switch over!!! Steiner is a galactically stupid baffoon!!!

Actually, Dobbs already hit a double in the second inning. But I hate Charlie Steiner, he always puts me to sleep! Which is especially dangerous on the commute home!!!!

Oops, my bad!! He’s still a bonehead however!! LOL!!!


or Vinny at home in his Pajamas can bust out:

“In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened.”

Dammit! Too bad that Jamey Carroll single did not come with two outs and the pitcher in the on-deck circle!!!! Donnie, what were you thinking?

Come on Bison…bring ’em home!


Wow that was a CS? That would mess up your CS%.

Maybe not and yahoo and espn not given Sands a CS with that CI.

great at bat by Sands

followed by whatever the f that was.



Yep Sands should be batting behind Kemp

WTG Jer-rey!!!!

Sweet hit, Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!

Sands a 5 tools player.

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Loney phoney baloney makes me moan-ey.

LOL!!! He makes me want to vomit!!!

Pretty gruesome bottom of the line-up we got going tonight – or is it every night?

Well thats because Donny didn’t bat Carroll 8th to turn over the lineup!! Geez!!! Did you read that bullshit Beav?

Indeed I did Wally!!

Actually, Garland is a career .142 hitter. He should be batting sixth protecting Sands. Since Loney, Barajas, and DeJesus don’t have a clue as to how to get a hit!

Its trivial to even worry about turning over the lineup, when most innings are going to die long before that with Loweeney batting 6th!!!

Barajas has me looking forward to Navarro.

Jon Weisman over at Dodger Thoughts just wrote:

It pains me to say this: Loney’s .394 OPS is so bad, it’s more than 100 points worse than Andruw Jones’ OPS as a Dodger.


Good Grief!!!

I know it early but are starting pitchers numbers or way better than the Giants our than baa but Lilly had something to do with that lol. To bad I can’t say much about the bullpen.

Oh man I thought that was Sands 1st career HR;s.

I hate typo

Damn, Jerry almost had a homer!

Yep, I thought he had it!!!

How is Loney even hitting .161? Me thinks its time for us to give someone else a try for awhile.

Yep, this farce has gone way too far!!!

Wow! You guys sure are all over Loney! Of course he isn’t doing anything to prove you wrong.
To steal a saying we use on my team… When asking who’s up after Loney the response is beginning to become a resounding “the other team…”
He’s even having trouble getting it out of the infield.
As Bear said I’m not ready to see all that many changes this year other
than with Management.


Time to call Ellis back up.

Can we have a suicide bunt with Miles?

That would work Miles and Carroll.

I knew it. Coghlan was like 2/13 vs Garland before he hit those 2 HR’s.

Coghlan was hitting .133 vs us before today so he was due 12 45 5 6 1 0 1 3 3 14 1 1 .133 .204 .222 .426

I love how reliever have to come out and get the starters out of the mess and you can get a blown save. I can’t believe how lucky Gagne have been not to get any blown save before his streak.

Enchanted ~ you got your wish…Navarro is in there 🙂


When do I get my wish for Donny to bench Loweeney Trumom??

Any day now, I would assume 🙂


Of course, assume means Donny will make an ass out of you and me 🙂

Well WTG Phoney!! That base hit probably bought him another week!!!

Webb and than Mujica how many former Padres ptichers have you guy have? No wonder there bullpen is the best.


Oh my, Loweeney…a single & an rbi !

I honestly didn’t think it possible that we could have worse numbers at catcher than we had with Martin last year, but boy was I wrong. And I don’t even mean comparing them to Martin’s numbers this year. These guys are even worse than if we’d follow Martin’s downcurve over the last few seasons and projected the numbers for this year.

Yep Beav, its sad!!!

lol I did but didn’t think it would be this bad. Urgh that not a good start Padilla.

It’s a miracle Loney got a hit up the middle.

In other news Arod broke up the no hitters and Martin is 0/3 with 2 k’s. WB Navarro with that DP.

Seeing eye single by Loney… he had another RBI because of Dre’s slide… that’s why RBIs are such a misleading stat. Instead of RBI they need to list % of runners on base driven in. Of that, Loney is extremely pathetic, unlike the announcers trying to say that Loney usually drives in the run when given the opportunity.

You’re right Beav!!

That’s why I get paid the big bucks Wally!! LOL!!!

As well you should my brother!!! LOL!!

Maybe should’ve had let Garland start the inning.

Good grief…..our blow-pen!


Urgh an 0-2 single I hate that.

Alright Kemp!!!

What a throw from Matty! Thank-you for saving Padilla’s ass!

Never run on Kemp

Get ready Pepto Broxotal is warming up 🙂


I sure would like a half dozen insurance runs for Broxton!!!

At least!!!!!

Here come the big man.

I freaking knew it and it never come easy.

Crap! All this with 2 outs!

Damn you, Carroll!

Son of a bitch!!!


This team might be dangerous if they
(A) Got a gloser
(B) Got a manager that knew what he was doing
Cut Brox loose – he’s toast.

That’s “closer” – shouldn’t type without my glasses on.

I agree Beav!! They will just point to the error and ignore the fact that it should not have come to that point in the first place!!! Brox will fail under any pressure!!!!

Wow broxton you stink! I turn the game on with 2 out nobody on in the ninth and witness broxtons meltdown.. I hope when kuo comes back he gets the ball in the 9th

The game ain’t over until the fat man pings.

As soon as he walked that guy with 2 outs I knew we were doomed.. Broxton is just the farthest thing from clutch every pitch he threw after that was hanging and right down the middle

Shit happens. You just have to wipe and go on.

Words of wisdom 🙂

Yep, Brox happens!!!

What the hell happened to broxton anyways?? a year ago this time I thought he was the best closer in the national league now he looks like dotels second coming

I’d take Dotel over Brox nowadays.

lol I take Tomko seriously that is hard for me to say.

Well, look at the bright side…
OK, there isn’t one, but if they all of a sudden started winning, that might get crowds to come back to the stadium and let Frank keep the team.
Sad thing is, I doubt we could get anything if they tried to trade Brox now. I sure don’t see them re-signing the big man after this season though.

I hope not Beav!!!

Ya gotta go with Padilla or Kuo to close!! Brox just doesn’t have the stuff or the moxy to be a closer!!!

I think Brox is too worried about getting his next cheeseburger.

I’d rather have Lilly and Padilla back in the starting rotation.

There’s four wheels on this buggy – defense, hitting, starting pitching and the pen. Look at his team the way it was built and who built it. Chances are that at least one of the wheels is gonna fly off every game.

Well said Beav!!! It is sad and disappointing but should not come as a surprise!!!

Yup beav the hitting and the pen are some shaky wheels

Holy shit I knew it was dead there.

11,633 (30.2% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

Without carrolls error , we might of pulled it out, maybe not, but Im up for shot to ease the pain, that loss stung, ouch!

This team was also never built to win, it was built to compete.
Tonight it competed for 8 2/3 innings…

I think what’s frustrating us all is that we see some good components – Dre, Kemp, Kersh, Billz, Sands… but they get no help. You can’t win anything with no production out of 1B, 3B, SS and C. Throw in a pathetic BP and you’ve got the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell of winning anything. I think realistically if all breaks right this team is .500 and maybe screws up a team or two from taking the west or wild card.
They also need to be sellers at the trade deadline. Honestly – are they going to re-sign Furcal, Blake, Brox, Loney, Barajas, Thames, Gwynn, Kuroda, and a grocery list of others? If the answer is no, then they need to be traded to upgrade the farm system which is all but void of anything useful.
We know this season’s going to be a waste. We know the way Ned builds a team that 1/2 of the starting 8 will be new next year (or should be), and that can only mean scrubs or rookies, so 2012 will be a waste also. I say play for 2013-2014 and do what needs to be done now to get there.

I have to agree with you 100% Beav!!! Way too much wrong with this team and I hope we are sellers at the deadline. We’re going to get a new owner and GM eventually and until then there is no way to fix all that is wrong with the lineup. Might as well try and stock up the farm so when the new owner and management comes, they have some pieces to work with!!!

Thought I’d check in on the Broxton hate fest. He’s fearfully defensive, exuding ZERO determination on the mound. Torre saw it last season…Mattingley must see it, now, too. Give him the ball in the 7th. Psychology experiment over.

Boy, tough crowd tonight – LOL!!!!!

I don’t know who mentioned it up there, but you are right! They didn’t blame Brox for the blown save. They said Carroll’s error was more of problem to the radio guys. They also went on to say that the entire league has had issues with closers blowing saves lately.

It was I mom!! The radio guys spread the blame around very well. They really gave most of the blame to Brox for walking the hitter with 2 out and not challenging him since he only has 1 home run in almost 1000 career at bats!!! Also, Sands took a little of it for misplaying the winning line drive!! It was just a cluster f*ck and we need to shake it off and come ready to whip their a** tomorrow!!!

Yep, we do!!!! …..and I think we will.

It’s the kind of loss that just eats your ass until you can get back out there and get a win!!!

It would have been a tough play but that ball to Sands also could have been an out..that said i’d replace Broxton for now.

Well it was Carroll fault but it would never happen if Broxton took care of business.

We should’ve been 14-10 not 10-10.

I meant 12-12.

Colorado 15 7 .682 – 6-4 9-3 111 89 +22 Won 1 5-5
LA Dodgers 12 12 .500 4 7-5 5-7 99 114 -15 Lost 1 6-4
San Francisco 10 11 .476 4.5 4-5 6-6 87 88 -1 Lost 4 5-5
Arizona 9 12 .429 5.5 5-5 4-7 100 115 -15 Won 1 4-6
San Diego 8 14 .364 7 3-9 5-5 63 73 -10 Lost 4 3-7

D Lowe 6.0 5 2 2 3 8 1 107-63 3.21
E O’Flaherty 0.2 0 1 1 1 1 0 10-5 1.54
S Linebrink 0.1 1 0 0 0 0 0 5-2 5.19
J Venters 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 9-6 0.71
C Gearrin 2.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 26-17 0.00
C Martinez 2.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 19-14 3.29

Look at those 2 innings guy.

D Moseley 6.0 4 3 3 0 2 1 79-50 1.99
C Qualls 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10-6 3.65
M Adams 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 14-9 0.75
H Bell 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 16-10 0.90
L Gregerson 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 0 13-8 1.59
E Frieri 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 14-9 1.35
C Luebke 2.0 3 0 0 0 2 0 27-22 6.00
Totals 13.0 8 3 3 0 10 1 173-114

Other than Luebke why can’t we have a bullpen like the Padres?

I felt bad for Moseley record is 0-3 with an ERA of 1.99 and the SD give up low run support.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
I know, it’s late and I can’t stay long, but I’ve gotta chime in on a few things.

I too wonder about the one who wrote that article and said that Andre is a below average fielder. What has he been smoking lately? I’d take Andre in RF any day. And for heaven’s sake, LOCK OF KERSHAW, KEMP AND ETHIER LONG TERM!!!

No, you DON’T want Dotel or Tomko back; FOR GOD’S SAKE NOOOO! Broxton CLEARLY isn’t a closer anymore, but I’m not entirely sure that either Kuo or Padilla is the answer either. Kuo is still too brittle and Padilla is getting there too. Personally, I think it’ll be better to give the closing role to Guerrier. Donny just has to make sure to only let him pitch for ONE INNING PER GAME!

Sands certainly has been a breath of fresh air. At first I said that if Loney doesn’t turn things around in a hurry, he’ll be traded and Sands can take his place at 1B. But as soon as I say that, I remember who I said the same, “…breath of fresh air…” comment last year: John Ely. Like most good teams do, they will eventually get a book on any up and coming player and, no doubt, there will be a book on how to pitch to Jerry Sands. It’ll be a matter of how he adjusts to the league adjusting to him. I think Sands has the tools to adjust. But as badly as Loney is doing now, unless if we get a SERIOUS upgrade at 1B, I don’t think that Loney will be going anywhere any time soon. Sands will have some turmoil soon and there will still be room for Loney at 1B; even at his low OPS self right now. And with the issues with MLB and Dodger management, I won’t count on us getting Albert or Prince during the off season. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it happening.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…
Here are some of my thought’s on this season so far…
I like the attitude of the ball club!
Injuries to key personnel, ( Padilla, Garland, Furcal and Kuo ) haven’t helped us any, although, considering where we are in the standings, things could have been worse. It was my thought at the start of the season that our bull-pen would be the weak link. In 09 we stumbled across Belisario, Troncoso and Weaver and all three performed above expected levels, heck Mota even had some shining moments. Broxton was throwing heat in excess of 100mph ( something rarely seen these days from Johnny ) and batters were unable to catch up to the ball, leaving the batter in a state of amusement as they slumbered back to the dug-out. These guys wanted to succeed and it showed on the mound, it even filtered off onto some other guy’s ( whose names escape me at the moment ), making everyone’s level of play become elevated. Heck, it was an exciting time, and nothing put the exclamation point on fun! Quite like Johnny!
This year so far… I haven’t seen any excitement, nothing that compares to100mph or 110% from anyone. Plain and Simple.
Nothing peeves me more than giving up a lead in late innings. What’s the deal? We weren’t prepared, we went out and battled hard for ¾ of a game and the back-end, whom has had more preparation time than anyone else isn’t ready! UNACCEPTABLE! That was cleaned up some, for the viewing public
Kershaw, Billingsley, Lilly, Kuroda and Garland sounds stable, although each has had some early disappointments. We need these guy’s to step up and be steady.
Andre and Kemp, all I can say is carry on!
Blake, Uribe and Loney, should be sound pillars in the line-up we can rely on! These guys need to drive in runs and create momentum, consistently. I can’t emphasize this area enough!!
I am enjoying young Mr. Sands. I am also willing to give him some time… as I like his approach to the game. He seems to be a hard worker, always hustling and eager to belong!
The new and improved running game, I believe, has already changed the demeanor of a few close games.
Guys like Miles, Thames and Gwynn were hired to be the guys on the bench whom when called upon, have the desire as well as the skills to achieve the directive. We need clutch ability here! You guys have to succeed!
We need to keep feeding and fueling each other. Unacceptable is Unacceptable! Giving up a lead or failing to obtain a lead, is Unacceptable!! Anything less than success, is Unacceptable!!
Once again Unacceptable is Unacceptable!!
Now!! Let’s Go Out and Play like Winners!!

Where is Oldbrooklynfan?

Even I know Broxton isn’t a closer, but nobody listens to me.

First – last night’s game, a BUMMER.
You’re going to have a couple of those in the course of any season, and you have to hope that you get one or two of those that turn your way.
Now, back to Broxton. First of all, the velocity seems to be down, and he’s throwing more non-fastball stuff, but that’s not turning out to be his out pitch. I still put a lot of his problems on conditioning. Does he really need to be 300 lbs. to have his best fastball? Make him lose 20-30 lbs and see what effect that has. I’ve said that for the last four five years, but nobody is listening. Next, his pitching style. A closer needs to be mean, or at least perceived so by the opposition. A guy who can bring it near 100 mph needs to plant the first pitch or two under the chin, not outside the plate. It would be like telling the batter, “that inside part of the plate is mine, see!”. I don’t remember if Brox has ever been able to do that, and I don’t see that he’s being coached to do that even once in a while. More about coaching in the next paragraph.
Then, where is that bum Honeycutt in all of this? He’s
been around forever now, and how many problems have we developed with our pitching over the years? There’s Brox, there was the implosion of Billz, the abuse of Troncoso; too many others that failed and didn’t make it at the major league level. Honeycutt is not a coach; I don’t know what he is without resorting to my typically foul language, but he’s proved that he is no coach. I’m sure nobody will do anything about it in the short run, but Honeycutt needs to GO.
I’m glad to see Schieffer coming, and I think it’s telling that he hasn’t yet been in touch with either Frank or Ned. It’s as if they’re irrelevant, as they hopefully will be before much longer. I don’t think Schieffer or MLB will have any impact on our season. I just want him to make sure that all the cash coming through the turnstiles stays with the team and our baseball operation. It’s probably already too late for all the season ticket sale dollars, which Frank has purloined, I’m sure. Not being able to use the incoming dollars for paying off his personal bills, to make the periodic payments required to Jamie, or to repay his loans that don’t have anything to do with the Dodgers’ every day operation has to put Frank into a bind that he may not be able to get out of. No quicker way to push him to SELL THE TEAM than that. That needs to be Bud’s end game, and supposedly that’s supported by the other owners.
So, I’m willing to be patient, because the big things now seem to be on course. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy the games. The season will be over before we know it – for us probably sooner than it will be for some other teams with legitimate owners and GM’s.

Random thoughts for today:
Will Kershaw have to pitch a complete game in order to ensure a victory today? Obviously I have lost all confidence in the bullpen. If Kershaw does get stretched to a complete game, will that ruin his arm? Five days ago, his pitch count was 121 through 8 2/3 innings, and he was definitely done at 110 to 115 pitches.
Will Loney continue to be a phony baloney?
Will Uribe come back tonight, or is he going on the DL?
Casey Blake will likely be back in the lineup tonight. Does that mean Donnie will bat Jamey Carroll eighth, so he can use his .329 average to “turn over the lineup”? This guy should be setting the table for Ethier and Kemp.

Uribe & Blake are ailing..which to me means, old age is catching up to them 🙂 Like you, I don’t understand the logic of batting Carroll 8th. However, with our bottom part of the lineup, we might as well all go for snacks when they are batting. If Kersh can’t go deep into the game and we don’t score oodles of runs, we are doomed.

Between going for snacks during bottom of the lineup and going for snacks AND drinks after the starting pitcher is yanked, I predict that I will gain about 100 pounds this season.


Xavier Paul was claimed by the Pirates. Good luck with the Pirates Xman!!!!

Hope he plays today and comes up with the hit to beat the Gnats 🙂

Good luck to Xavier Paul!!!

“@molly_knight: Ned Colletti says Braxton is being removed as Dodgers primary closer until he gets his confidence back. Team will use Padilla/Brox/Kuo.”

Gee, that’s so nice, but Kuo is on the DL.

And, how many outs will we get with the “soap bubble”? 🙂

Good one Trumom!! LOL!!

Well it’s about time!! Now, someone needs to wake up and bench Loweeney!!!! Geez!!! But hey, overall, win or lose, its a happy day; Frank is on his way out!!! Brighter days are no longer in the rear view mirror. Now at least I can see them thru the windshield!! GO DODGERS!!!!

Confirmation of how bad he is. Not too many people think he’s going to get much better soon.

I don’t think he is ever going to get much better with the Dodgers!! Do the guy a favor and trade him. He needs a change of scenery and a fresh start somewhere else!!!

Sure would like Donny to start Blake at 1st tonight!! With Blakes leg being a little tender, why not let him play 1st instead of 3rd.

Miles 3B
Carroll SS
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Sands LF
Loney 1B
Barajas C
De Jesus 2B
Kershaw P

I suppose, Blake and Uribe are still ailing.

Good Grief!!

How come Jamey Carroll doesn’t get old man’s disease like Uribe, Blake, and Furcal?

I’ll bet it’s because he doesn’t want Enchanted to refer to him as Carol Channing 🙂

LOL Trumom!! And we’ve got Uribe for 3 freaking years!!! Duh!!!

To be fair, Uribe is only 32. [Or is he?] But the extra weight he is carrying makes him look 45.

STT, how come that doesn’t make me feel any better?

Because all that extra weight causes him extra injuries. Can you just imagine sliding into 2nd base with his amount of weight?

Lineup I would run out there:
Gwynn LF
Carroll SS
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Sands 1B
Miles 3B
Barajas C
DeJesus 2B

That’s too easy, JHall! You’re improving the offense and the defense at the same time!

Seems like a no brainer to me!!! LOL!!!

Logical and pretty smart moves. However, logic and Donny don’t go hand-in-hand, do they? 🙂

Does Donny need Ned’s permission to sit Loney? Given Loney’s over-sized salary, does Ned need permission from Schieffer to sit Loney?

Well, whomever is calling the shots needs their head examined for not benching Loweeney!!!

Maybe they can get creative with the DL the way they seem to do when someone needs to sit!!!

Someone needs to step up to the plate and make a decision to keep Loweeney away from the plate!!!

This is an interesting article dealing with older players breaking down without steroids to buck them up and the willingness of managers to stretch starters past that ridiculous 100-pitch limit.
“Teams have learned not to build rosters around older players and not to commit long-term money to them.”
……….well, not every team……..

Hi’Ya Dad!!! Good to see you!! Good article. Thanks!!

Yeah, between Frank stealing all the money and Ned signing all the PVLs who are now broken because they can no longer take their ‘roids, we are in deep doo doo.

Broxton told he’s still the Dodgers’ closer
What we got here is a lack of communication.

I just saw that….as you say, typical lack of commuication! What a way to run a ball club.

This one’s for Bear:
Teams seek solutions to declining crowds
“And this year has seen the most drastic drop-off: Dodger Stadium. The Los Angeles Dodgers are indeed saddled with a mess of problems: the takeover of the franchise by Selig amid owner Frank McCourt’s financial problems; the disappointing playoff bow-outs in 2008 and 2009, followed by an under-.500 2010; and the savage beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow on opening day, which highlighted the seediness that has infiltrated Dodger Stadium.
That said, a year-over-year drop of 7,144 tickets per game is harrowing. At this juncture last season, the Dodgers were averaging more fans per game than the Yankees. Now they’re behind the Twins.”

Andre is the man!!!!! Awesome!!!!!

Wah-Hoo, Andres’ got the record!! WTG!!!

Tough game to lose last night with a lot of what ifs. Yes, if Carroll makes a play the game might be over, if Sands can catch the ball the game might be over, but clearly the problem began with Broxton walking a below average hitter. Broxton can still bring it but as others have suggested, the hitters have made adjustments to him when not that long ago they couldn’t touch him. That Yankee game last year sent Broxton and the team into a funk and Broxton still is there. Last night may have been his first blown save but I believe his win came after he gave up a tying run and he was the pitcher of record when the Dodgers scored the winning run. Where he used to go 1-2-3 in the ninth inning with a minimum of pitches, he now needs a bunch of pitches, often because the hitters foul off a lot of pitches. Sadly, for whatever reason, Brox clearly is not the same pitcher he was; something has changed for him. Maybe it is physicall, maybe it is mental, maybe it is both. I do not think it has anything to do with effort or desire.

Andre!! 23!

Andre 🙂 #23 – yeah!!!!!

Rats!! Gonna need some more runs.

I think all of you got Loney mad a little bit – maybe just what he needed.

Jansen could’ve close that out and lol at Carroll making these easy play and I think last night was even easier than that.

lol the Pittsburgh Pirates of Dodgers. Did I see that right? Paul was claimed by the Pirates after they just claim Wood and he’s playing for the Pirates.

First they claim that bust Wood than Paul man those guys are desparate.

Loney broke the Mendoza line going 4 for 4. Is it too little too late?

Nah and I hope is a start for him to get going and look at that Jansen pitch 2 innings I know take notes Guerrier I know you had a rough time in your 2nd and the first time you gave up runs but I like how Jansen is so calm when he pitch despite those 5 runs vs the Giants and Braves. I can’t believe Sands is coming so close to a homerun.

Stadium Sun Life Stadium, Miami, FL
Attendance 12,150 (31.5% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

Oh wait that in Miami not LA lol

Proud of you James…….. James Loney that is!!! 🙂

Five consecutive hits…1 last night 4 today 🙂

How come it’s so quiet around here??? Wha happen????


I’m well – thanks Nelly! Still trying to find a car to replace my totaled one. Just got back from Vegas as you know. We had a blast. Back to life & reality now though which is a bummer. Sometimes work is a drag. I think people watch so much reality crap on tv they think that’s how they should live their life!

I hope your trip has been fun. Sounds like they’ve had some good play! That one game was an early one. A few years ago I had a tourney game that started on a Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Ouch — especially since we had stayed up until about 12:30 at a bar on Friday night. We won the game but were hurting! Some of the guys stayed up all night. I’m not that wild…
I hope work is ok.

9,832 (25.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

That’s the Pirates attendance

Regardless of what you think of the choice to leave Broxton as the closer, this guy is stoked that Donnie Baseball basically told Ned to go F himself. If you read between the lines that is. Like BTFU I am the manager. Why don’t you go trade a couple of minors for a PVL or something or whatever makes you feel useful.

You are right!!! It seems like Mattingly is for the most part doing what he thinks is best and not worried about the media, the old way things were done, and now, the GM. It will be a fun thing to watch as the season unfolds.

I am currently online about to buy tickets to Angel stadium to see the Dodger Angel game July 1 or July 2 (friday/sat) anyone want to meet up? Of course i’ll be bringing the family. Of course I will not go to DS cause I do not want to die or give McCheap any money. The extra money I will save on ticket prices and parking by going to Angel Stadium instead of DS I can get way better seats! lol

I heard that Donny thinking of a closers by committee.

Hey Frank, If given the chance…I’d beat you down!! Litteraly!!

1. Matt Holliday, STL .407
2. Andre Ethier, LAD .379
3. Matt Kemp, LAD .379
4. Lance Berkman, STL .378
5. Joey Votto, CIN .373

Good Morning All….
No Kathy Lee and Hoda today, we have us a game to play!!
Have a wonderful day today everyone and enjoy the game.

What’s wrong with PVls? Those other GMs know nothing! I’ll take an old broken down past his prime veteran over a young up and coming guy anytime. Remember if a young guy becomes good I have to pay him and then boss couldn’t use that money for new clothes or to have his hair styled. Now besides that he has to pay that blow hard Soboroff.

If Kersh and Bills aren’t going to have much better than .500 records, it’s not going to be much of a season for our team. So let’s hope that Frank can be put out to pasture, and Ned right behind him, to give us something to cheer about.
In the meantime, let’s not forget to keep those seats EMPTY when the team returns home this weekend.

Just heard Blake may be headed to the DL. Infected elbow, apparently his fever spiked last night and he had to go to the hospital.
Today’s lineup: Gwynn, Carroll, Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Barajas, DeJesus, Billz

All the more reason for plenty of EMPTY SEATS this weekend!

I can’t see why anyone would want to go out and spend money to watch this team. They make me sick!!!

And, I want to reiterate, its Frank and Ned that make me want to puke, not the players. They are what they are!!! I’m sure they are all doing their best and giving 100%!!! Alot of them just ain’t that damn good!!!

Billz implodes in the second inning, giving up 5 hits and 4 runs.

WTG Andre!! Well, that’s about all I was watching for!!!!

And, Loweeney with another hit too 🙂


Wah-Hoo!!! Hold the line Billz!!!!

That would be nice. If we can’t win with Kersh & Billz on the mound, we are in deep poop!

our team is so pathetic that I can’t even really find it in me to root for them. I mean of course I love the dodgers and want them to win..but this is like hitting on an ugly, annoying broken down chick at a bar who won’t give you the time of day and can careless about you…and you just want to say to her, who do u think you are? I am only hitting on you cause it’s last call and I am waysted. It makes me feel pathetic


It doesn’t help that three of our position players are injured. Also, our bullpen leaks like a sieve. And there’s no relief (no pun intended) in sight!

Wow, that’s how I met my wife!!

Heh, heh….LOL!!!

A broken down chick at last call doesn’t sound all that bad when you compare it to all our broken down PVL’s.

LOL!! You’re so right!! At least they’re grateful and don’t steal your money!!!

Just thought I’d let all you chumps know that me and my new BFF Sobie are in NY today. I tried to sell one of my houses so I could have some cash to bribe Selig to accept my new Fox offer, but I couldn’t find the pink slip. Bitch probably has it. Shoot, we’re still upside down on it anyway I guess.

Bend over Frank!! Its about time you started getting it the way you’ve been giving it to the fans!!!!

WTG Andre!

Nice…way to go Dre!

Soap bubble closer!!??!!

Way to go, guys! Thanks for a get-away-day win! Have a safe flight home.

All right. Who do I sue? I said champs, not chumps. Josh, we need an edit feature. I would never call all you good people chumps. As you know, you all love me.
Hey, what do you know! Sobie tells me we pulled one out today! Woo-hoo, winning streak! Make sure you all come out to the park to see us when we get home! We have all kinds of new things to buy at the soovaneer, uh, souvanneer, um, suevanieer, you know, where you buy things. We have a new Ethier dreamy-eye sunglasses, a new Kemp beard with removeable earplugs so you can tune out the coaches just like him, and a brand new Sands crew-cut wig!
Sorry to hear that Casey is on the DL again. It pisses me off I still have to pay guys who get hurt. Who told him to get hurt? Anyway, you should be excited when you hear about the guy Ned got to replace him. Don’t want to spoil Ned’s fun, but his name rhymes with Padlock.
So, come on out to the park! Just don’t think about going cheap and buying a GA ticket and move on down to the season seats that everyone seems to be staying away from. We’ll be checking your stub!
Oh Ned! NED! Transfer a couple large to my ATM card, will you? I want a pastrami and some curly fries. Have you seen the prices here in NY?

I am not hurting for cash, I can make payroll and all that other stuff no matter what everyone except people that hope I have enough money to pay them say. That guy just made my hair too poofy.

Way to go Dodgers!!! Glad to see Andre not only got hIs 24th consecutive hit, he had the game-winning homerun too 🙂

Woo-Hoo, win streak!! Way to go Andre!!! I was very happy to see Donny go with Padilla instead of Pepto-Broxmal!! Have a great day everyone and keep those seats empty until a new owner is in place!!!

Yeah I just woke up and have a feeling when I heard the closer by committee that Padilla was going to get 1st crack at it. WTG Ethier to bad we can’t clone him and Kemp in the playoff 3 to 4 more times.

Or, in other words, we only have two position players that are worth a damn. Actually, on a scale from 1 to 10, we have a couple position players that are 9 or 10, and six position players that are 0’s and 1’s.

Well it looks like Selig rejected Frank’s billion dollar deal with FOX:
Franky will of course now sue and drag this out for many more months.

Once again, Frank is wrong when he says no one gave him the Dodgers and no one will take the Dodgers away. First, it does seem Bud Selig, MLB, and Fox did give the Dodgers to the McCourt’s since clearly very little if any of McCourt money seems to have been part of the deal. Second, didn’t Frank say something about just being a steward of the highly respected Dodgers? Hopefully someone can talk sense into this man but that seems unlikely given his background.

The bright side is, if Frank’s lawyers are as sharp as the past ones have been, this will all be over soon.

As for all the injuries to the old farts, it isn’t any different than buying a used car – you buy old you get the previous owner’s problems. Shouldn’t be surprising then they breakdown and you’re having to replace parts all the time. The one time Ned bought new (Andre), it worked out pretty well.
Lesson learned? Unfortunately not.

Nice to see James McDonald throw 7 shut-out innings against the World Chumps, Giants….even Beimel came in and got his man out! Makes you realize what a joke Honeycutt is as a pitching coach!

Well it look like Posey is in a sophmore slump this season after a month.

What do you think are the chances that the Dodgers don’t finish out the season? Hearing some of the strident remarks from Frank after his NY meeting, I don’t see him cooperating at all with this MLB takeover, monitoring, whatever you call it. What happens if he doesn’t let Schieffer function in the manner that the system is designed? The only and ultimate recourse I can see is that MLB decides to complete the season without having the Dodgers play. They reschedule the remainder of the season without the Dodgers. Where is Frank then? The courts can take a long time to resolve the issue, just ask Jamie. Not saying; just speculating; what if?

Let’s see if the ex Dodgers farm man can get the save.

Save? Hell I didn’t even know Farmer John could pitch!!

Bear, interesting concept but highly unlikely. Not sure whether Frank cooperates or not will make much of a difference. Somewhere down the line attorneys may have to decide if it is worth it representing Frank in any action against MLB. It is good news Selig did not approve the Fox deal but I do wonder how much pressure Fox put on Selig. My guess is Fox does not care who owns the Dodgers as long as Fox has a broadcast deal. Those backroom discussions must be interesting.

Boss, you don’t know when to keep your mouth shut, you’re only going to piss off Selig more. You’re right though, as long as these suckers, Er, I mean fans keep showing up, you’ll be fine and Selig will have to back off. Now I’ll start my 3rd base search, how about Bill Muller, oh wait, we’ve already done that one. I know I think boss suggestion of Bill Madlock might work, if not him how about one of the Boyer brothers? I’ll see who will work cheaper and get back to you on that.

My guess is that even if Frank goes belly-up, MLB steps in and pays the salaries and other operating expenses out of its coffers if it has to. Even a half-filled Dodger Stadium is a fair amount of money though, and that along with broadcasting and advertising should probably come close if not cover all of those type expenses as long as McCrook isn’t there to funnel any of it off.
Frank’s litigious, but he does it to wear down his opponent into submission. If his post-nup and divorce teams are indicative of the quality of representation though, this could be over relatively quickly.
Selig and the other 29 vs. Frankie No-Pockets? I like MLB’s chances. Frank’s situation will be even more exasperated if the IRS really starts delving into his corporate shell game of splitting up the different components of the stadium, team, parking lot, etc.

My prediction is that attendance will skyrocket once the cancer is excized.

Well is not to early to vote for Kemp and Ethier but just hope they can keep it up.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Shawn Tolleson Eyes Future Closer’s Role in DodgertownBy Dennis Schlossman(Dodgers Featured Columnist) on April 27, 2011 689 reads

You’re in the Dodgers Staff Picks.Next
Considering the current state of affairs surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers’ bullpen, second-year relief prospect Shawn Tolleson is providing fans with a gleaming ray of hope, as he continues to dominate opposition in an extremely impressive fashion.

Many followers of the Dodgers may not have even heard of his name. Some may remember him from last June’s draft, where he was selected in the 30th round out of Baylor University.

Regardless, at the rate he’s mowing down opposing hitters, Tolleson is quickly climbing atop the radar of coaches and scouts across the country.

Upon being drafted last summer, Tolleson reported to the Dodgers’ Pioneer League affiliate, the Ogden Raptors, where he tallied 17 saves in all 17 opportunities he was given. In 26 games and 28.2 innings of work, he posted a 0.63 ERA and a 0.767 WHIP while allowing only five walks and striking out 39.

So far this season, for the Single-A Great Lakes Loons, he’s 8-for-8 in save chances and hasn’t allowed a run in 8.2 innings. His 21 strikeouts calculate to an astonishing 21.8 K/9 ratio.

For those who do follow Tolleson closely, they know that he was held in the same regards as fellow Texas native Clayton Kershaw when entering his senior year at Allen High School. Ironically, Kershaw and Tolleson were teammates on the 2005 USA Junior National team.

Kershaw would eventually proceed to become the seventh overall pick in the 2006 draft. Tolleson, however, fell victim to a devastating elbow injury early in his senior high school year and ultimately accepted a scholarship to pitch at Baylor University.

In 2007, Tolleson sat out his freshman season at Baylor as a redshirt while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, which was conducted in March of 2006.

He recovered nicely and never looked back—he amassed dozens of both team and Big 12 Conference honors during his three years pitching at Baylor. In addition, he was named to the Big 12 All-Academic first team twice.

Tolleson, who was a starter for his entire career before arriving at Ogden, was shifted to the Raptors’ bullpen because the pitching staff was already set with five solid starters. He was successful early in middle relief and was quickly moved to the closer’s role—a move that Dodgers management wouldn’t regret.

In terms of his pitching repertoire, Tolleson keeps it simple. He uses two pitches—a four-seam fastball that peaks at about 95 mph and his own version of a two-seam cutter that has the speed of a typical slider.

At 23 years of age, Tolleson is a bit older than most of his counterparts in the Midwest League. Despite being the most effective closer on the Dodgers’ farm, he’s still drawing comparisons to Kershaw, who is now in his fourth season in the bigs. Regardless, Tolleson doesn’t let his age affect his outlook.

“I’m not worried about it,” Tolleson told Hugh Bernreuter of The Saginaw News in an interview. “The Dodgers will make that decision. I just need to keep getting people out.”

At his current rate of success, it’s conceivable that Tolleson could make the jump to Double-A ball at some point this season. From there, it’s not uncommon for the Dodgers to let some pitchers forgo a stint a Triple-A before being called to the big-league roster.

Some scouts feel he may need to develop another secondary pitch to succeed at the higher levels, but for now, his progression speaks for itself. With a 21.8 K/9 ratio, he certainly seems to be on the proper path.

With the current struggles in the Dodgers’ bullpen, Tolleson’s name will be popping into the news more and more as time moves forward.

And if he continues to make opposing hitters look foolish, he may be in line for a Dodger debut sooner than many think.

Thanks for the detailed information on Tolleson. I’ve noted his effectiveness in following daily the results of our minor league teams. We don’t seem to have anybody who compares to him in the higher major leagues at the closer level.

7th Jansen
8th Kuo (when he come back and hopes he can stay healthy.)
9th Tolleson (I know it just the Pioneer League but I would try anything over Broxtonfor now (maybe he could be used as trade bait and do the Yankees want him?)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELLY!!!! Hope you have a great day and a super year!!!!

Thank you Jhall and truMOM!!! Let’s see, I woke to hear Andre Ethier is a Stud on “Quick Pitch” this morning. That was fun to see him up there as the first opening remarks on the show. That was a great start to my day!!! The Dodgers aren’t playing today, but Andre hit his home run for me yesterday so all is good there. I will allow him to have the day off 🙂

Happy birthday Nells!! 29 isn’t it?!!

Enchanted – As Dodgereric would say, it’s my 16th year of celebrating my 29th birthday. The funny thing is I just did the math and it turned out to be 16 – LOL!!!!

Happy Birthday, Nelly!
Dodger fans are always destined to remain young at heart.

Thank you Messagebear!!! …..and yes we are!!!!

Happy Birthday Nelly…Wish you the best and God Bless you! See even the Dodgers took the day off to celebrate with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank you Rosie!!! ……..and that is one way to look at it. And the fact they can’t lose today can’t be a bad thing ethier 🙂

Do you think Andre will be clean shaven or wait until the streak is over, to shave? 🙂

In the past, he has always seemed to have the unshaven look when he is on the road trips, but in this case, I am thinking he is waiting for the streak to be over. I guess we will find out tomorrow 🙂

If he stays unshaven, he might end up looking like Brian Wilson 🙂

Schieffer using Torre to help him understand the baseball side of things.

Put another candle on the birthday cake! the birthday cake!
Happy birhtday Nelly!
Looking forward to seeing the boys in blue back and Vin Scully! Hopefully Ethier will continue his hitting streak.

Thanks Emma!!! I am sure the boys will be glad to be home after that long road trip.

Tolleson, he’s in our system? I wonder what washed up ballplayer I could get for him?

Happy Birthday, Nelly! Here’s a birthday present for you – if you haven’t already read it.
Ethier En Fuego
“Sure, Andre Ethier has been lucky this season; he’s also been really damn good.”

Thanks Selltheteam!!! ……and no, I haven’t read that one!!! That’s awesome!!! Let’s hope the rest of the lineup is ready to help when he (and Matt) come back down to reality numbers.

Let’s keep a lot of EMPTY SEATS at DS this weekend just to show Frank how much the fans are behind him.
Of course, some of those behind him would actually like to plant a boot in his ass.

The Pirates brought up Xavier Paul….hope he does well with them. Go get ’em X-Man!

Hope Paul comes back to haunt Ned. Kid was never really given a real chance.

I agree, Enchanted.

In a situation like we had with X Paul any decent GM would have anticipated that we’d have to release him and would have done something preemptively to get a prospect from somebody for our farm system rather than have to give him up for nothing. This, of course, is Ned that we’re talking about. Can anybody think of a more useless matchup for the owner we have?

What I’d like to know Bear, is why does Ned come up with fake injuries so he can hang onto worthless PVLs by putting them on the DL, but he just releases guys like Paul and D. Young under the guise that he’s going to sneak them through waivers? Between this idiot trading prospects for worthless crap and just outrighting others, is it any wonder why the farm system cupboard’s usually bare?
BTW, its getting so that the Dodgers are becomming the Pirates AAA affiliate.

New thread 🙂

Your site is pretty interesting to me and your topics are very relevant. I was browsing around and came across something you might find interesting. I was guilty of 3 of them with my sites. “99% of blog owners are doing these five mistakes”. You will be suprised how simple they are to fix.

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