Throwback to Brooklyn

With the news of the last 48 hours, you can imagine that a win like today’s is much welcome. What an awesome day today was at the Stadium.

Admittedly, I’m biased, but those uniforms were really cool and judging by the feedback we’re seeing online, the overwhelming majority of fans agree. What do you guys think?

The half-price food and soft drinks seemed to be very well received, as more than 4,000 fans walked up today, which is the largest walk-up crowd for a midweek day game that our VP of Ticketing, Billy Hunter can remember…and he’s been here for 41 seasons.

And of course, with Kershaw dealing and nearly throwing a complete-game, the fans were treated to a few extra innings and in the end, yet another Matt Kemp walk off sent the Dodgers to Chicago back at the .500 mark after taking three of four from the Braves.  

Here’s to maintaining the momentum of today’s game during this six-game trip and a big return home against the Pads on April 29.


  1. trublu4ever

    Thanks for the new thread, Josh. I’m not in love with the blue uniforms. However, if they continue to win while wearing them I’ll gladly change my mind.
    Hoping the guys have a successful road trip.

  2. messagebear

    I dare say that the large walkup crowd is less of a testimony to the uniforms and half priced stuff than it is a rejuvination of the Dodger fans’ spirits due to the McCourt apparent demise. The last two victories have given me more pleasure than before just for that reason alone. In spite of Soboroff’s flowing comments, I guarantee that most Dodger fans hate McCourt’s guts.
    DOWN WITH FRANK and all his cronies, and you know who you are!

    • nellyjune

      I wholeheartedly agree with you Messagebear!! I don’t even think I would have even minded a loss today. Just knowing Frank’s days are numbered, makes watching the games enjoyable again, regardless of the outcome.

      • messagebear

        Thank you so much. Maybe I’m imagining, but I think I can see an extra spark in our guys. I know I want to keep guys like Andre and Matt as Dodgers, and I feel that they would like to be here if the franchise is really poised for the future. If Bud knows what’s good for baseball, he would see to it that it is possible. I’m now hopeful, and I think we can all share in that.

  3. JJ Blu

    Love the throwback look – I have to say, the Braves’ socks ruled the day, uniform-wise. Better than that lame camouflage they trot out to patronize the military fan base in SD. Every Sunday? Come on.

  4. nellyjune

    Josh – Thanks for the new thread!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you as I am sure you are smack dab in the middle of this whole fiasco. May everything workout for the best with the players, the staff, and the fans.
    As for the uniforms, I wouldn’t want them wearing them all the time, but on occasions like this, not bad at all. It definitely works better when the visiting team wears theirs as well.

    • ThinkingBlue

      Nicely said and I agree. My thoughts and prayers are with Josh and all the employees and players stuck in the middle of this mess!
      I did enjoy the throw back uniform. It was fun and once in a while it will be great.

  5. GM Ned Colletti

    Thanks for going to the game fans, boss still lives your money, and if attendance starts to improve, we might even get to keep the team.

    • selltheteam

      Ned – We expected your boss to just love our money. The fact that he lives our money is the real problem. The lavish lifestyle, the 12 houses, the $100,000 haircuts, all show he was living our money instead of just loving our money. I’m grateful that Bud put a stop to it, but I think North State Blues said it best, that Bud is the real problem and needs to get the same message:
      “You’re fired!”

  6. dodgereric

    If I want to see unis like those, I’d walk down to watch the next local softball game.

    Game 12’s attendance (2010): 35,659
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 30,711
    2010 attendance (12 games) – 537,959 (44,830 average)
    2011 attendance (12 games) – 451,984 (37,665 average)
    Drop of 85,975 total
    Average drop of 7165
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 580,331
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 3,050,331
    So it’s back to the road. It will be interesting what the attendance will be when they get back.

    • JhallWally

      Thanks Dad!!! Hopefully the trend will continue until Frank is actually gone. Stay away fans, its the best way to show MLB and Selig how you feel about the McCourt ownership!!!

  7. selltheteam

    The pants are super ugly and look like a cross between pajamas and sweat pants. I don’t know anybody who voted for this option. I bet Frank was the only one who voted for the powder puff blue colored uniforms. Please switch to either of the other two options for the other five games.
    Since Frank is no longer the boss, his vote no longer counts.

  8. selltheteam

    The report on the radio today was that they interviewed many fans at the ball park, asking them their opinion of who should be running the team. The unanimous choice was
    Anybody but Frank!!!!!!!!

  9. selltheteam

    Eric – Those attendance figures are looking better and better! Keep the heat on by staying away from the ballpark until Frank sells the team. Then, yes, TruMom, I will gladly be changing my name.

  10. selltheteam

    From the above AP story:
    Now, Soboroff said, any team expediture over $5,000 has to be approved by MLB.

  11. selltheteam

    ESPN just reported who is on Bud Selig’s short list to be “caretaker” of the Dodgers:

    Stan Kasten
    Corey Busch
    Say it ain’t so! Corey Busch, a former Exec VP of the SF Giants????? Puh-lease, anybody else!!
    If that happens, Bud Selig needs to be run out of the USA on a rail!!!!

  12. selltheteam

    My top picks for who should be leading the Dodgers post-McCourt:
    1. DodgerEric
    2. EnchantedTheBeav
    3. JHallWally
    4. Kim Ng
    5. Peter O’Malley
    6. Tommy Lasorda
    8,999,999,677. George Steinbrenner
    8,999,999,678. Joe Torre
    8,999,999,679. Ned Colletti
    8,999,999,680. Anybody else with current or former association with the Giants
    8,999,999,681. Bud Selig

  13. northstateblues

    I feel dirty.
    I’m on vacation in SoCal, couldn’t make it for the Day game, so I missed ‘Dem Bums stick it to the Nouveau Beaneaters (nice jerseys on both sides, btw, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Boston Brave patch in this PC era). Would have loved it, and would’ve been a lot less guilt, too.
    Both my sister and my cousin live in San Diego now, so I’m gonna visit them, and we’re going to take in the SD-PHI game.
    For background, I grew up hating the Padres (except for Gwynn, who I always respected) twice as much as I dislike the Jints today. An interfamily rivalry, as my uncle is a huge SD fan.
    Now, living in NorCal, the Padres hold a place on the cooled rivalry shelf, though still more feverent than ATL and Cincy. But they’re playing the Phils, and I will be like a robot contemplating a paradox (“does not compute…” BOOM!). I think I’ll enjoy the game and the park, but it’ll be a small substitute knowing I could’ve seen Kemp save the day in YET ANOTHER extra innings game in Dodgers-Braves history (I went to one in the mid-90’s that lasted 18 innings, a day game, in the LF pavillion. Thanks a lot, Mondesi 🙄 ).
    At least this will leave the Stick, the (Collie-coined) Phone Booth, the Rose Bowl and the LA Colliseum as the only outdoor fields in Cali I’ve yet to visit.
    “From hence to Inverness, and bind us further to you.”

  14. messagebear

    Have given some thought to who Selig will select to run the Dodgers at the operational level. Fox of all people has a poll on their Web site, and O’Malley is well in the lead of opinions with Ng in second place. Torre and LaSorda are also on the list along with a couple of people who have drawn such previous assignments. I personally think that O’Malley has been removed from the game too long, although he would bring the psychological feel good element. My own choice would be Ng, even though she hasn’t built up the credentials equal to some of the others. She knows the organization and presumably all the operational aspects of a major league franchise. An assignment like that would be a real building block for her career development, as a GM position would then seem like a logical next step, maybe even for the Dodgers. Bud is not likely to listen to me, but I think that Ng would make good sense. Of course, I’m also thinking of how that would rub Frank and Ned, Ha, Ha.

  15. Dodger4life

    Good Morning and Good Friday All…
    It must of been a long day yesterday for the Boy’s. Extra innings win ( Good Job ) at home and all. Anyhow’s we have a day game at Wrigley today and a little momentum on our side.
    Giddy Up! Giddy Up!
    Enjoy the game today everyone…

  16. enchantedTheBeav

    Corey Busch helped in the sale to Frank in the first place – being an ex-Gnat exec, should that be a surprise? Now he could run things? Incredible.

  17. selltheteam

    The more I think about it, the more I want Tommy Lasorda to take control. He’s the one who really feels the franchise, bleeds Dodger blue, and obviously knows baseball.

  18. Emma

    Good morning ITD!
    The Dodgers look so cute in their blue pajamas ;-). the first person that I saw was Broxton so I just laughed seeing him. The unis maked them look bigger. Broxton only had the pants and a batting practice top. It was a good thing that it was a cool day at the stadium. Most likely that will not be the case for the other throwback days.
    Anyone see me being interviewed by KCAL or the picture that came out in the LA Times? I was taking a picture of Deuce and Jerry Sands when they snapped that picture.
    Love that they were using the old logos for the Braves and Dodgers. The background on their picture on the big screen was of Ebbets Field.
    Great win yesterday. I treated myself to buying a white Brooklyn jersey. The fish tacos from Camacho’s were good. I was disappointed with the fish tacos from Petco Park since they no longer have Rubios there.

    Have a great trip Dodgers!
    Josh: Enjoy the trip to Chicago & Florida!

    • Nellyjune

      I am so sorry I missed you Emma!!! I guess that is the price I pay for living in the Central Valley. We don’t get K-Cal here 🙂

    • JhallWally

      Cool Emma!! Didn’t look like it was very crowded at the stadium. The fans are speaking out and making a stand against the scumbag con man!!!

  19. selltheteam

    This morning’s lineup:
    Carroll SS
    Blake 3B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Uribe 2B
    Loney 1B
    Sands LF
    Ellis C
    Billingsley P

      • selltheteam

        It looks like it will be rained out. The forecast is for 1/2 inch to 1 inch of rain in Chicago today. The hourly forecast at game time is for 100% chance of rain. And thunderstorms!
        Let’s send Frank and Ned out onto the field with metal umbrellas! Better yet, on top of Wrigley Stadium, attached to copper grounding wires!

  20. GM Ned Colletti

    Didn’t you fans love the powder blue uniforms? I tried to have them wear the matching skirts, but they wouldn’t. Anyway it just goes to show that if boss cuts prices on food for one day people will come out. Keep it up boss, if more people show up to the park, you and I will still be able to ruin the team. As far as yesterdays win, I told you people that I know what I’m doing. Okay, I have to go and comb the squirrel on my head now.

    • JhallWally

      Hi’Ya Nelly!! Its overcast and drizzling here, but about 54 degrees. Not wonderful, but not terrible!!! Thanks!!

  21. Paddy

    I hope whoever the commish appoints will get rid of Eric Collins as soon as his plane lands. A classy organization like the Dodgers is used to classy announcers. Why are we forced to suffer through the inane ramblings of an ESPN uber-geek…..?

  22. dodgereric

    Interesting. I tried to do those in one post and I got the Your comment is awaiting moderation. notification. So I cut and pasted the first one only. It went. Then I did the second one and I got scolded, “You’re posting too quickly. Slow down.” HAHAHAHAHA!!

  23. selltheteam

    Ned is communicating with Frank by text message, because Frank is too afraid to show his face anywhere in public.

  24. JhallWally

    Rats!! Kemp just still doesn’t get situational hitting!! He needed to choke up and get the ball in play with 1 out and a runner at 3rd!! Luckily Uribum picked him up!!

  25. JhallWally

    Good eye Jer-rey!! Sure need Sands to do well!! Every hit he gets keeps the Gibbons cloud away!! I sure hope X-Paul clears waivers!!

  26. selltheteam

    43 degree rainy weather is just what the doctor ordered to kick our offense into gear. Or is it Casey Coleman’s inferior pitching skills? Whatever, I’ll take it!

  27. selltheteam

    After the lifting of the yoke of Frank McCourt’s robber regime, the Dodgers celebrate by putting up a wickedly crooked number!!!

  28. Nellyjune

    Wow!! I leave for a few and comeback to an 8-1 lead. I think Messagebear is correct. It’s like the Dodgers are relaxed and actual seem to enjoy playing these days unlike they did a few days ago…………..pre-McCourt-you’re-outta-here Day. Speaking of……………….this would be the one time I would love to hear Jon Miller’s “It’s (He’s)outta here!!” when Frank actually is escorted out of Dodger Stadium for the last time 🙂

      • Nellyjune

        I will know not to go make copies when the Dodgers are up to bat – LOL!!! I am actually at school eventhough I am on spring break. It’s a good way to get work done without all the students and the boss around. Well, the boss is technically here 😦

    • selltheteam

      I would love to be there when Frank does the perp walk out of Dodger Stadium – escorted by IRS – handcuffs and all!!!!

  29. nedsajerk

    I’m glad they change that Bills ER’s to an unearned run because it would’ve been dumb if it was earned.

  30. nedsajerk

    With all those walks that would improved our pathetic obp. Uribe is the only one that hasn’t walk yet.

    ON BASE PERCENTAGE .310 21st

    • Nellyjune

      As long as we are winning games, OBP doesn’t mean a whole lot at this point. The gnats weren’t in first place in any category offensively and they won the WS.

  31. enchantedTheBeav

    Wow a week’s output in one game. Sands appears to just be overmatched at his level right now. But then again, so does Loney. Uribe en fuego!
    OK, back to my hole…

  32. Nellyjune

    The fact that we are only in the 7th inning means there is a lot of baseball left to play. Let’s hope the bullpen can hold an 8-run lead. Then again, maybe we need to tack on a few more runs for good measure juuuuust…… case 🙂

  33. Dodger4life

    I’m heading out to the pub to get some suds…I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say…
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 8) 🙂 🙂 😎
    🙂 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
    21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
    31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
    41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
    51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
    61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
    71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
    81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90
    91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
    Soulshine Time!!!
    Enjoy the rest of the game and your Friday all…

  34. selltheteam

    Of all regular position players in the MLB this year, Loney’s OPS is fourth-worst:
    Phoney Loney .410
    Ronny Cedeno .405
    Dan Johnson .393
    Carl Crawford .371
    Regular as defined by minimum of 57 plate appearances.

  35. Nellyjune

    Yea James!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be positive James!!!!!!!! You will get there!!!! I have faith in you James Anthony Loney!!!!!

  36. Nellyjune

    It sure seems like the pitchers are happier these days. My goodness what some news about a possible change in ownership does to a team.

  37. Nellyjune

    I am listening to Charlie and Rick, and they are saying their are more seagulls in Wrigley Field than people – LOL!!!!

    • JhallWally

      Most of the fans are probably across the street at the Cubby Bear!!! Win or lose, those Cub fans have a good time!! And they don’t beat up people after the game!!! Good crowd and great place to see a ball game!!!

      • Nellyjune

        I hear that too Jhall!!! I would love to see a game at Wrigley Field. However, this summer, I get to visit the Twins and Dodgers at Target Field with my girlfriend – yeah!!! Her Andre is Joe Mauer :)…however a hurt and flu bitten Joe Mauer – poor guy!

  38. JhallWally

    Well, let’s just hope the boys don’t go out tonight and forget where they put the lumber tomorrow!!!

  39. enchantedTheBeav

    Looks like Jansen got a little of his mojo back today. Think its time to let Gwynn and Thames platoon again in left and send Sands back to play at Alb. Maybe we’ll see him again in Sept. He ain’t ready yet.

  40. vl4eccjr

    WGN Cubs announcer/former player & manager Bob Brenly just informed the audience that Cormier is the reason he got fired from The D-backs blaming him for giving up too many dingers……….Talk about sour grapes!!! What a tool!!!

  41. messagebear

    Isn’t it fun when we can forget about Frank for a while, ignore Ned, and when the boys are banging the ball all over the place. Way to start off the trip!
    SELL THE TEAM, you has-been!

  42. enchantedTheBeav

    What was it? 14 hits and 10 walks? That ought to help the old team OBP.
    2nd good game in a row for Billz too.

  43. vl4eccjr

    Former teammates Lilly vs. Dempster tomorrow. Should be interesting to say the least. Here’s hoping they keep the streak going.

    • nedsajerk

      In 4 games this year Dodgers killer Dempster has no QS this season and I read an article on Monday that the Cubs went like 15 games without a QS not show if that string is snap since than but I hope if it not it won’t snap against us. This is the 1st game that Cormier pitch when he hasn’t given up any runs.

  44. Emma

    Is a lot of fun when the boys keep winning. It takes away from the other debacle.
    Basically in my interview I said that I want an owner that will put a good team on the field and how sad it makes me feel what they have done to our beloved Dodgers and our house that is Dodger Stadium. Also that Walter O’Malley must be turning in his grave.
    Glad I get the MLB at bat so that I can listen to the game while tryng to get some work done. I listen to the Spanish broadcasting but quite a few times during the game, I lose the transmission and have to reconnect.

  45. JhallWally

    I know this may be premature, but, when we get new owners; I hope they put up statues of Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, and Vin Scully at Dodger Stadium!!!!

  46. messagebear

    Which would you rather have:
    The Fox Stadium or
    The Time Warner Stadium
    It’s all for sale if Frank has his way, and SuckerOff says we need more people like Frank.

    • nellyjune

      I read that about the naming rights, and all I kept thinking was, I hope Selig gets Frank outta here as quickly as possible.

  47. nellyjune

    Carl Crawford is batting .135. James isn’t looking too bad with his .169 average. Carl is getting paid just a tad more than James. Glad the Dodgers aren’t paying Carl right now 🙂

  48. nellyjune

    Dylan Hernandez is reporting that Frank may be planning to file bankruptcy to avoid Selig taking over.

  49. messagebear

    It’s proven time and again how great legal minds can subvert the legal system to their own purposes, so I’m not saying that this can’t be done. I don’t see how bankruptcy would be applicable to Frank’s situation with the Dodgers. Normally you see bankruptcies deal with situations where the debts exceed the assets, not to fix shorter term cash flow problems. By the asset measure, there should be no problem with Frank – all he has to do is sell the asset, meaning the Dodgers for what is felt to be around $1 billion. So, I think that MLB could justifiably step into a bankruptcy filing, and I would think that Jamie would also, because that sham would seriously damage her interests.
    The simple answer, of course, is SELL THE TEAM, and all your problems will be over.

  50. GM Ned Colletti

    You fans thought my signing of Uribe was my worst signing. No way was that worse than Schmidt or Jones or Pierre. See I told all of you that you were wrong. Na Na na na na! If Loney doesn’t step it up, I’ll bring in Wilie McCovey, but please keep it quiet, that’s what boss has been texting me about, that and if I could reduce payroll before Selig’s people get here.

  51. Dodger4life

    Good Morning Everyone

    Enjoy the game today and enjoy your Saturday as well…

  52. trublu4ever

    Ugh….come on guys! Let’s get some runs next inning! I know you can hit Dumpster! I always knew the Gnats announcers were bad but, Brenly takes the cake….yuck!

  53. nedsajerk

    NOTES: Thursday marked the 121st anniversary of the first win by the Dodgers franchise, which was then known as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. The team they beat was the Boston Beaneaters, who are now the Braves. In honor of that occasion, both teams wore throwback uniforms, with Atlanta dressed in circa-1944 Boston Braves apparel. … Braves RF Jason Heyward , who was 0 for 13 in the first three games of this series and struck out three times on Wednesday, got the day off against a left-handed starter. He is 3 for 41 lifetime against Dodgers pitching with 15 strikeouts. … Thursday marked the Dodgers’ 900th consecutive regular-season home game since their last rainout on April 17, 2000, against Houston. It also was the 44th anniversary of their first rainout at Chavez Ravine.

    No wonder they wore those throwback uniform. Yeah I know I wrote this couple of days ago but I hate seeing new thread after I post alot of message.

  54. nellyjune

    Everyday is a good Dre’ when Ethier is in the game!!! Way to go Andre!!!! The streak is still alive at #20 🙂

  55. lbirken

    Quite a turnaround for a team that only a few days ago seemed to lack character, energy or the ability to drive in runs. Perhaps it is the opposition, perhaps it is the front office stuff, perhaps it is just one of those things that can happen in baseball. Whatever, this is a lot more interesting to watch.

  56. nedsajerk

    The Cubs (9-10) will try to avoid a season-worst third consecutive defeat while keeping the Dodgers from within one win of tying the all-time series. Since the beginning of the 1890 season, Chicago is 1,021-1,019 against that franchise.

    I love how these 2 teams have a record like this.

  57. swood

    “Mark Cuban may be vocal and over the top but he is just what the Dodgers need. All eyes will be on Bud Selig and his choice for the next owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers.”

    I agree Cuban as owner would be GREAT for our team

  58. JhallWally

    Donny gave this one away!!! 1-No way Guerrier should have been left in to pitch two innings(No faith in the rest of the bullpen). 2-Why is Loweeney still in the lineup? 3-How can you bat Carroll 8th and leadoff Miles? 4-If you are going to move Sands up in the lineup, at least put Kemp or Ethier behind him so he might see something decent, not Phoney.

  59. kpookiemon

    In spite of the loss, I must say, “It’s Getting Better All the Time.” Just think, someday, in the not-too-distant future, new ownership will blow out the inept and, hopefully, install men and women of real baseball knowledge. All the photos I’ve seen of Ned lately paint a very worried and depressed man. “Dumpster Diving” won’t cut it in the brave, new Dodger world. And hurry up, IRS…you can make MLB’s job a lot easier.

  60. lbirken

    Not happy with the loss but a few days ago no one would have expected the Dodgers to come back from an early deficit. At least now they are hitting the ball and scoring some runs. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t.

    I am sure you all saw that Steve Garvey was mentioned as trying to put something together to purchase the Dodgers. As much as I loved Garvey as a player, I don’t much like his character as a person. He has quite a bit of baggage with regard to his numerous affairs with women as well as some questionable business dealings. If all he does is facilitate a deal, I am good with that. I might have some reservations if he ended up in a high level management/ownership position.

  61. GM Ned Colletti

    I’m not worried, depressed maybe but worried, not! Hey bear, I don’t like that Soborliving guy either, he comes between me and boss. I’m going to see if I can trade him for Dotel.

  62. nedsajerk

    We should’ve been 2 1/2 games back of the Rockies at least the Giants lost and both teams are 3 1/2 games back. The Cubs got lucky today.

  63. Jason U

    Martin now with 6 HR. 400 OBP and 720 slug. FU Ned. But we gotta keep James Loney, one of the worst offensive 1b in baseball the last three seasons….

  64. Jason U

    oh and we better not go out and get a lf either. i’d hate to have legit production from probably the two most important offensive positions in the lineup.

  65. nedsajerk

    How can you think this is really Ned fault when McCheap is handcuffing him? Maybe you forgot that Martin demanded more money than he deserve and don’t forget Martin is batting 9th in a stack Yankees lineup. Loney need to suck it up or maybe he need to bat 2nd and who’s going to play 1st bases? If Sands get hot and Loney keep on hitting like crap maybe Ned probably won’t have a choice to trade him.

    • nellyjune

      By the time Ned paid for all those PVLs, he couldn’t have paid for Martin to stay. I know he wasn’t doing great, and hindsight is 20/20. However, the amount of money he was asking for shouldn’t have broken the Dodgers bank.

      • JhallWally

        Good point Nelly!! Frank had the team finances/budget so screwed that the Dodgers couldn’t afford a 4 to 5M risk. For the Yankees its just a drop in the bucket. And Ned wasted more on PVL crap!!!

  66. nedsajerk

    Maybe just maybe Martin at 3rd and Blake at 1st vs left hand pitching

    C Barajas
    1st Blake(see what you make me do Loney lol)
    2nd Uribe (I can’t believe Uribe is on fire for now)
    SS Carroll
    3rd Martin
    LF Sands
    CF Kemp
    RF Ethier

  67. GM Ned Colletti

    Weren’t all of you people also saying that Martin was finished? OK, I might have made a little mistake, but boss wouldn’t give me anymore of his money, he has more important things to do with the fans money than to improve the club. After all he has to support the legal profession but as long as the fans keep coming to our games, he’ll be fine, that is if Selig leaves him alone.

  68. messagebear

    Martin’s obviously recovered and resurrected his offense beyond what he produced for the Dodgers the previous couple of years. One has to wonder whether Loney will do the same in a different uniform and under different coaching. I’ve had doubts about our coaching for several years; no doubt at all about our medical staff.
    I think a bunch of stiffs need to be FIRED, and none of those I call stiffs take the field for any game.

  69. enchantedTheBeav

    Martin’s a moot point. A majority of us wanted to see him go, myself included. His numbers were steadily declining, particularly his powers numbers. He was coming off a bizarre injury for a catcher, and there was no guarantee he could even play the position anymore. Plus, I’d virtually guarantee if he was still on this club he’d suck. Now he’s with a team that (A) Has a real medical staff, (B) Has a real hitting instructor, and (C) Has a line-up where Martin isn’t under constant pressure to produce. I’d be willing to wager that if you put Loney in a similar situation, he’d thrive too.
    Too bad they blew the game yesterday, but a 3-game winning streak was fun while it lasted – it was one more than I thought this team could ever string together. Let’s not forget despite somewhat of a resurgence that this team just isn’t very good. Afterall, look who built it. Throw in a rookie manager with no experience, still having two black holes in the line-up whether it be Uribe & Loney or Sands & Loney, a pathetic bullpen, Lilly & Garland who are both hit and miss as you’d expect from a 4th and 5th starter, Dre & Kemp not going to hit .400 all year, Barajas, Miles… and I’m sure the uncertainty of ownership and the ensuing power struggle will at some point be a distraction. Plus, SF and the Rox are just better teams.
    In short, enjoy the wins when they come and enjoy the circus that’s sure to be the Frank Show as we watch his misadventures in trying to keep the team, and stave off the IRS, Jamie and the villagers with torches & pitchforks.
    How was that for translation Nells??!!

  70. messagebear

    SELL THE TEAM and FIRE everybody who was brought in by the Frank and Ned regime. We have a good core of players, but we need to get rid of all the top eschalon LOSERS.

  71. enchantedTheBeav

    Oh, and HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!
    Watchout for the Easter Bunny – Ned might try and sign him!!

  72. Dodger4life

    Good Morning and a Very Happy Easter to All….
    Tough way to lose yesterday.
    Today’s a brand new day.
    Have a fantastic Easter, and enjoy the game today everyone.

  73. nellyjune

    Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!!
    Sending some positive vibes for James today to get back on track 🙂
    Way to go Miles!!!! …..and Casey …..and alright Andre!!!!! The streak is still alive at #21!!! One more and he ties Joe Torre for the longest hitting streak for the month of April in all of baseball 🙂

    • nedsajerk

      To bad you can’t used Loney on defense and have a DH in Loney spot with the pitcher still in the lineup.

  74. nedsajerk

    I hate saying this I’d rather have Pierre over Loney at 1st. Wow this is really bad.

    Pierre 267 .319 .302 .621
    Loney 165 .191 .212 .403

      • nellyjune

        It’s rule #1, 2 and 3 – LOL!!!! (jk). He was even made fun of last night by the White Sox announcers because of the play he couldn’t make last night. Why do I know that because it was featured in their game review on MLB’s “Quick Pitch” last night.

  75. nedsajerk

    I want to see if Loney can hit with Ethier protecting him but since it might not work you would have to put Kemp 3rd and Ethier 4th since you don’t want to have back to back left hand hitters.

      • vl4eccjr

        Very tough bullpen. Best in the league.
        Starters have to go strong & deep. Ramirez is off to a slow start. I hope his bat doesn’t come out of it’s slumber against Dodger pitching.

  76. JhallWally

    Alright!! Braves torched Wilson and G’nats lose!! We jumped into 2nd place!!! Only thing close to a Dodger win is a G’nat loss!!!!

  77. JhallWally

    This part is very disconcerting!!! Frank spinning off the stadium and parking lots into seperate businesses certainly devalues the franchise!!! Hopefully, it will prove to be a big part in Franks undoing.

    Selig is perhaps raising an eyebrow at some of McCourt’s “business entities.’’ The parking lots and the stadium are separate businesses from the Dodgers, and there are seven offshoots of the team’s main business that Selig said he would investigate since Dodgers’ revenues may have been used to pay debts of those entities.

  78. nedsajerk

    Apr 10-19 10 362 31 5 21 .243/.294/.332/.627
    Apr 20-23 4 176 31 9 20 .307/.389/.529/.918

  79. Dodger4life

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 8) 🙂 🙂 😎 🙂 🙂 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
    41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
    61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
    81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
    Soulshine Time!!!

  80. selltheteam

    Post-McCourt Dodgers run their record to 4-1, while carrying Loweeny’s sorry excuse for a first baseman.
    Loweeny was an exciting player when he came up in 2006 and then again in 2007. But at the plate, he has under performed in 2008, 2009, and early 2010, in comparison to other MLB first basemen. Then, in the second half of 2010 and continuing through the early part of this season, he has totally sucked. It’s time to cut him loose.

  81. Collie

    I’m still hopeful Loney’s bat will come around. He had a bad 2nd half and 1st month but I think he can turn it around. I’ve given up that he will ever develop any real power however. His d is great and has saved many runs. Just today he bailed out Brox on a shot that would of gone for extra bases and probably driven in a run. If he could raise his average to around .280 and have 15 or so pops I could live with him for the rest of the season.
    I’m liking Sands in LF. He does look pretty good both with his D and the bat. It would be nice if the team was under new ownership by the off season and they could keep the core of some of these guys & add a piece or 2. Things still could go in a positive direction for the Dodgers. I feel that if they do get new ownership they could retain Kemp & Dre and a few other players and add to it. I think Sands in LF with Dre & Kemp make a pretty formidable young outfield that in a year or 2 could be very good. We also have some good young pitchers in the system that in a couple of years could really add to the depth at the ML level.
    A couple of right turns and things could become pretty good for us fans.

  82. Jason U

    In Loney’s last 400 at bats he has 4 homeruns and 32 rbi. while hitting like .190 so I wouldn’t count on it.

  83. selltheteam

    Here are some facts to back up my statement about Loweeney’s performance in 2008 through 2010. The following information compares Loney to all MLB first basemen who had at least 502 plate appearances each season.
    In 2008, Loweeney ranked 24th of 27 with an OPS of .772
    In 2009, Loweeney ranked 26th of 28 with an OPS of .756
    In 2010, Loweeney ranked 24th of 26 with an OPS of .723
    Yes, Dodgers Stadium is a pitcher’s park. But that fact never hampered the offensive production of Ethier and Kemp. Even Russell Martin did not consistently under-perform compared to other players of his position the way Loweeney does. Yes, his offense is good, but we really need a first baseman who can rake.

    • JhallWally

      There’s no debating that we have the worst first baseman in baseball in 2011 and no logical reason to believe that Loweeney is going to get much if any better!!!

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