Baseball on TV by Vin Scully

For those who saw yesterday’s game from Vegas, it was Vin’s first game of the spring and from what I understand, he’s in midseason form. I guess 62 years of calling games will do that to a man!

It’s the perfect time to share this column, which he recently wrote for an MLB publication that just came out.


scully.jpgBaseball on Television

By Vin Scully
Technology may have changed the quality of television screens and the viewing experience for baseball fans watching at home, but there are a few basic elements still relevant for a broadcaster sitting behind a microphone.

Calling a game on radio is similar to an artist walking into a studio with a blank canvas, a lot of paint and a lot of brushes. You begin to paint the picture, the total picture. You begin to shade a little here and go a little heavy there, and when you’re finished, you put your hands together and say ‘That’s the best I can do.’

With television, the picture is already there. So the first thing, interestingly enough for me, is the audio. It’s a director’s medium, so what we do is follow the director. But the crowd is so important, whether you see them hollering or screaming in joy, or praying and doing everything imaginable. And it’s the same with players, not that they pray or anything like that. But you can see the various looks.

So where radio is the picture and presented by the announcer, television is the picture that is provided by the director. To me, silence on television is more important certain moments than anything I could say. So if you’re home and watching the game and there is a dramatic moment, it’s in the hands of the director. And the wise announcer kind of lays back and lets the director take the close-up of the pitcher or the hitter or the runner base or someone praying in the stands. That’s all part of the enjoyment of the game, besides the actual play itself.

One of the temptations we have today is like the song of the Lorelei, wrecking you on the rocks. So much is provided to you with statistics and information that you run the risk of looking down when a play is taking place. So you really have to be careful about that. Every game has somewhat of a story, an individual or maybe both of the pitchers. Someone is doing something that adds to the story. And then, of course, you can’t go overly dramatic in fourth game of the season with 158 games to go. But everything seems to fall into place in terms of the schedule, the game, where you are, the history of the teams. And they can get dull. Let’s face it – there are some games when nothing happens. And then it’s up to you to come up with a story or a historical aticidote to add a little spice to the telecast.

Even today, the sound of the crowd means everything to me. When I was a kid, I used to crawl under the radio and I’d listen to college football games. That’s about all we had in those days. I’d have the speaker above my head and when the crowd would roar, I’ve said it a trillion times – it was like water flowing out of a shower head. It would pour down over me. And I would get goose bumps and be thrilled by the roar of the crowd. To this day, I still get goose bumps when that crowd lets out some emotional roar. To me, without the crowd, it would be like going to a movie without the music in the background. It would be deadly.


  1. scott_in_arcadia

    Thank you Vin Scully. You are the best. I still remember as a kid waiting for the 1st Spring training game with the awesome Vero Beach back drop every year to hear your voice inaugurate another season.

    I hope you stick around long enough for Frank to sell the team.


    Great blog by the smartest man in baseball. I can’t think of another sportscaster who treats his listeners (or readers) with such respect and never dumbs anything down. We’re happy to have you as long as you care to stay.

  3. dodger 32

    I love Vin as much as any Dodger fan out there, the man is truly an icon and a gem. He’s everything or should I say the only thing left of the class and dignity that used to be the Dodger organization. How sad. Now the only thing I can look forward to this season is listening to Vin. Sell the team , McCourt scum.


    Thank you for all the joy that you have provided me and my family for all the years that you have been in LA! I grew up listening to you as my Mom was an avid Dodger fan, she never missed a game whether in person, on tv or on the radio. Bless you Vin!


    You have been a constant in my life for over fifty years. It started with the transistor radio and has continued to today. Your love of the game, the Dodgers and the connection the fans have for you has transcended from one generation to the next. You embody the essence of one who truly loves what he does. Thanks for the memories and for the ones to come.

  6. colliethec

    I love Vin & I love the Dodgers but this is really going to be a tough year. Sorry to be a glass half empty guy. I’ve been a glass half full guy but not now. I’m sorry if anyone is annoyed by my posts or comments but I just post my feelings.
    I noticed in today’s lineup of the 9 position players that were starting 5 were hitting .200 or below so far this spring. By the way no pitchers are included there…
    I saw with 1 out a tough hop ground ball to 3rd that was missed for a 2base “hit”. The next ball was hit to Velez who “caught” it with his chest and then made a poor throw to 1st where it wasn’t caught. Next batter is Hamilton who goes yard with a 3 run bomb.
    One the news front — 3 vets are ailing – 1 left camp to get his eyes examined – 1 has tightness & 1 they don’t know if his ribs or back (Again I scream for Conte to be fired – he doesn’t seem to be able to diagnose an injury).
    So with the poor overall play and bad news I’m seeing the glass as half empty…

  7. colliethec

    Oh I forgot to add that after leading off with a double Gimenez he was doubled off 2nd on a little flare pop out to the second basemann. So let’s throw poor baserunning into the mix which has been going on all spring.
    They look as bad fundamentals wise as a team in my softball league. & one of the bad teams.

  8. colliethec

    I just read Vin’s entry above and wow. He really knows his craft and continues to impress all these years later. One of the things I enjoy about Vin is he knows what is important with the game of baseball – the fans, players and the game itself. He doesn’t have to have some HR call to make a special moment special. He just let’s the moment do it’s own “talking”. Thanks Vin for all that you’ve meant to me and the Dodgers & all of us fans. You truly have class and are an artist.


    Vin came into my life in 1975 when I was 9 years old, had a transistor radio, and stumbled across him calling a game against the Mets who had Tom Seaver pitching for them. I remember not being able to turn it away from the game, and could not believe that at the end of the broadcast the last thing he said was “hope you can join us tomorrow at the same time for game 2 of this 3 game series on the Dodgers radio network”. I was hooked and have been ever since. Vin, you will never know what joy you have brought to my life, and I could never in words express my gratitude. I will continue to savor every word that you say during the broadcast of games as long as you continue to want to do it. Southern Cal is the greatest place to live, and you are one of the reasons why. Thank you!

  10. jhallwally

    Thank you Vin Scully!!! You are always a bright spot even when the Dodger fortunes are bleak!!! I’m with you Collie!!! I like to be optimistic and stay upbeat, but, sometimes you need to take off the rose colored glasses and call a t*rd a t*rd!!!! The same half full people will be preaching the “its early/not that bad yet” crap in July and August. Kidding themselves!!! Then they disappear entirely in September only to reappear with sunshine, lollipops, and rainbow thoughts in March. Geez!!!

  11. jhallwally

    The glass will never be half full or better as long as the McCourts keep slurping from it to support their extravagant lifestyle!!!! We’ve been conned!!! Please force a sale of this team MLB!!!!!

  12. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Wally!!

    Other than Kersh, I just can’t see a bright spot to any of this year’s club. Look at all of Ned’s old farts breaking down now. What a surprise. Just need to stamp a big “L” on his forehead. Most incompetant GM of any sport I’ve ever seen.


    We all love Vin; we all love Tommy. They are part of the best we remember of the Dodgers. When we read the story above we get that fuzzy warm feeling. What is disgusting is how the current front office likes to lead with stories like that, as if to say, “Hey, we’re all the Dodger family – Frank, Ned and everybody working for today’s Dodgers”. It’s a neat diversion, my friends. There’s nothing I can think of that Vin, or Tommy have in common with Frank and Ned. PERIOD.

    How can Ned bring in people like Velez, Kapler, and Gimenez, plus too many other forgetables, and expect the fans to buy into this Spring Training charade. I got to admit that Donnie Boy is doing his best to strectch things out and give everybody a playing chance, as if to show like it’s some real decision to be made here. Well, when you have the ingredients provided by Ned, it doesn’t matter how much and how long you mix that crap, it will still smell and play like crap in the end. That’s what I see in this Spring Training.

    What is even more disconcerting is that our payroll of over $100 million should be adequate to field a decent team, especially since we still have a bunch of guys not getting paid very much. Of course, we’re paying for some crap long departed. Then add a million or two each for this year’s select stiffs, and you’re paying out the big dollars collectively for Ned’s continuing and perpetual incompetence. This franchise needs to be sold NOW, and Ned needs to be GONE even sooner.

    I pity Vin having to finish his career with the team we’re looking to field this season, and even more so for having to associate with shietts like Frank, Ned, and company.

  14. jhallwally

    This team and the McCourt ownership remind me of being a kid and my bicycle tires. I’d get a flat and couldn’t afford to get a new inner tube. Just kept slapping on patches. After a couple of years, I was just patching the patches!!!!!

  15. jhallwally

    Amen Bear!!! If it looks like crap, and smells like crap, its probably crap!!!! I just wish they would not try to put some perfume/spin on it and tell us it isn’t crap!!!!

  16. enchantedbeaver

    I guess a hundred mil doesn’t buy what it used to.

    Maybe that’s what we should nickname Ned – Patches. Hey Patches, did you get us Crawford for the outfield? Pfffft. Pffft. Pffft. No, but I got you Gwynn, Gibbons and Thames. Hey Patches, did you get us Cliff Lee? Pfffft. Pfffft. Pfffft. No, but I got you Lilly, Padilla, Garland, Kuroda and Guerrier. Hey Patches, did you get us a catcher? Pfffft. Pfffft. BOOOMMM!!!

  17. jhallwally

    LMAO!!!! Blowout after blowout!!! It got to the point that I was fixing the bike more than riding it!!!!

  18. enchantedbeaver

    Wally – if you’re comment wasn’t a perfect description of this year’s club, I don’t know what is.

  19. jhallwally

    Oh well, another loss today. I guess it is still too early to get worried about it. Should see the first wave of cuts this week. I hate to see players get injured, but, our injuries could actually force the Dodgers to go in the right direction despite themselves!!!! Of course Ned will find a way to screw it up!!!!!

  20. jhallwally

    I’m living for the day that the boot lickin’, boot wearin’, mustachioed sycophant with no baseball acumen is gone!!!!!!

  21. jhallwally

    I guess I need a WWVSS bracelet these days!!! “What would Vin Scully Say”. Nice Dodger Blue with White lettering.

  22. oldbrooklynfan

    Hello Everybody.
    It’s amazing, many people have come and gone in my life, many things also. My parents, most of my relatives, my wife, my friends. Nothing seems to be with me longer that Vin Scully and the Dodgers. The Dodgers have changed too, but they’re still there. I’m very happy to continue to hear Vin’s voice, after all these years.

  23. enchantedbeaver

    “I hate to see players get injured, but, our injuries could actually force the Dodgers to go in the right direction despite themselves!!!!”

    That’s the glass half full spirit Wally!!


    Yes, hearing Vin’s voice means it is time for baseball. I am so thankful he is still with the Dodgers. They need him more than ever right now.

  25. nellyjune

    I am with Jhall on the injuries thing. It’s those types of injuries that gave Andre his real shot to prove he should be Everyday Dre’, and it just might be these injuries that give some other young guys a real shot. I was talking to enchanted this morning, and I don’t look at what some fans are saying as negative. It’s more of a realist point of view. Realistically, our team doesn’t look that good right now. Yes, it’s spring training, but at the same time, other than Kershaw, our pitchers are getting pounded. I am of the mindset that anything is possible and nothing is impossible.

    Just look at the gnats. A year ago, they certainly weren’t in the talks of a WS contender. Now, they are packing their spring training venues each day they play. It’s what winning a World Series does, but as long as Frank and Ned are in charge, I honestly don’t see that happening. They don’t care about brining in or raising a championship team. I love this team, but I also have a realistic view of what I am expecting too. For the players sake, I am okay with that because it’s really not their fault, and I will support the players all that I can. Most are getting paid a pretty good fortune to do something they truly love to do. Frank and Ned put this team together, and maybe, just maybe, the team can figure it out despite the despicable owner and GM we have. How’s that for half full? :)))

    BTW – Love Vinny too!!!


  26. dodger 32

    Don’t worry fellow Dodger fans, this team will be in the race all year. That is the race to stay out of last place with Zona. I wonder if a manager can get fired in spring training? Donnie 2 trips is already having his team in mid season form. What a sad state of affairs this team has become because of total mis management and ownership. I actually miss the Fox years.

  27. Dodger4life

    62 years is truely amazing! I am 45 and even know there have been some lean years… without access, everytime I hear Vin describe a ballgame, I know I am home. After 62 years surely, there’s are an abundance of people, who feel the same way. Thank You, Mr. Scully!

  28. crzblue2

    I went to Arizona over the weekend. We went early Saturday and went to see the Dodgers practice at Camelback Ranch, then it was decision time since there was a split squad games in Scottsdale and Surprise. Surprise we chose as we did not want to see Jint fans at Scottsdale. Yep, that was a horrible game at Surprise where Dodgers lost 19-7. On top of it, I got hit by a Wilson Betemit foul ball so I am sporting a big bruise on my left arm. Good thing he is a light hitter.
    We headed to LAs Vegas afterwards to see the Dodgers play against the Cubs. The highlight of that game was greeting Vin Scully! It was from the lower level but he heard me when I yelled “Vin Scully! We Love you!” He got up, aplauded. I showed him my Vin Scully shirt and he gave me the A OK sign (the front of my picture is Vin’s pic with the words around “Is Time for Dodger Baseball” The lady sitting next to Vin asked me to turn around (the back of the t-shirt says “Scully” with a mike in the middle.) Vin again made the A OK sign.
    Many running blunders. Davey Lopes did not make the trip but I can imagine he heard all about it. It was a good game with De La Rosa & Zambrano starting. We lost in extra inning by one run.

  29. nedajerk

    I don’t think Gimenez should be on that list when he actually having a good spring but I think Gimenez should be replaced by Navarro with Velez and Kapler.


    Instead of hearing the heart-warming stories abou Vin, Josh should let us know what Frank thinks about the Dodgers’ Spring Training so far this year. Then we would have something to comment on, and no, I don’t really care what Ned says about it – Ned will say whatever he thinks Frank wants to hear. How else do you think that Ned got his contract extension?

    And yes, Gimenez is actually having a good Spring, and I did earlier list Navarro in the “get rid off” category. Unfortunately Navarro is probably designated to make the squad and Gimenez is not, so this is just part of Frank and Ned’s charade. I’m not even sure how much of the final decision belongs to Donnie Boy. With this team it’s the big Asssholes who are in charge.

  31. nedajerk

    I just don’t get it and what the point having ST when you know you can hit bad and still make the team regardless? I’m all in on given Gimenez a chance and he’s just 28 years old but 2 yrs older than Navarro but with our bad management they won’t do it.

  32. nedajerk

    In Velez case I don’t want to see him no more. That guy is just an error machine and his arm is ala Juan Pierre 2 lol.

  33. nedajerk

    Thames look like another guy that had good numbers last year and was mashing against LHP and in ST and I don’t know what the deal is but I know Paul should get a chance regardless.

    Thames was a nice surprise for the Yankees last season, battering left-handed pitching to the tune of a .302 average, mostly out of a designated hitter role. Overall, he hit .288 with 12 homers and 33 RBIs, while slugging .491 in 212 at-bats. Expect him to provide power as a bench bat for the Dodgers this season


    I think that Gibbons will also make the team, although they may find a way to put him on the DL with the eye problem. Unfortunately he just may be damaged goods. I understand that some years ago he had lazer surgery on his eyes. While that has been judged reliable on a larger scale, you do hear of a lot of cases that simply went bad, and when it does it’s not correctible as far as I know. I feel sorry for Gibbons, because he’s tried hard in his comeback, but I don’t see off the Spring Training outings how he’s going to contribute anything. Let’s just alternate Gwynn (as long as he keeps hitting half way decently) with Thames, and we probably get a much improved defense.

    It’s kind of ironic in a way. We have a team in Spring Training with people who can’t catch the ball, people who can’t throw the ball, people who can’t run the bases, and now people who can’t even see the ball. NED’S TEAM!!!

  35. nedajerk

    Those batter average are insane especially Blake (2/13 but he’s a lock), Furcal (5/25 a lock), Navarro (4/20 probably a lock), Carroll (4/21 another lock poor Miles), Uribe (4/19 a lock), Velez (1/20 I’m glad that he probably have no chance now). Hoffman and Sands are killing it but have no chance poor guys.

  36. nedajerk

    Did we really get a steal getting Hawksworth? I guess he would take Belisario spot for the time being. He had a tough year last year with injuries but he was good in his rookie season back in 2009 and probably could be a big surprise for us. I still don’t like that Guerrier signing (not for 3 years and with his age either) even it turned out good for us but I’d rather stick with Schlichting despite him not having a good spring.

  37. nedajerk

    So how many AB’s should we give Thames or Kapler if one of those 2 make the team to be in the Sweeney and Anderson batting average range lol?


    I think that Fatty Uribe has a real good shot at making it into the Sweeney/ Anderson category.


    Why is that worthless SOB Velez even still around. You’d think that DeJesus could use an extra few at bats to determine his situation. There should be no doubt about Velez at this point, unless maybe Ned is his illegitimate daddy.

  40. dodger 32

    Seeing the way Ned works, it wouldn’t shock me if Velez made the team. After all he is worthless and an ex Gnat.

  41. cpompe1

    Well, I for one am glad that the REAL season will be starting soon. I can?t wait to see the games that count. And Vinny, I missed you when you were in Vegas, but I can?t wait to here you call THE REAL GAMES!!! And yes, I?m taking after my mom; I have my own Dodger bag, blank scorebook, and erasable pens, just waiting for Opening Day!!!

  42. nellyjune

    Hey CP!!! How are you doing? It is soooo good to read your name on here. I can’t wait for the real season to start as well.

  43. cpompe1

    My Nellygirl!
    Yeah, I know; it?s been a LONG LONG TIME!!! I still read (on occasion) and I don?t want to belabor the point, but it?s getting difficult to read. I just posted on Emma?s a little bit ago. She turned her blog over to her friend Erik who parodied a song for our Andre! So when I listed/sang his parody to Andre, I had to come back with my little Andre ditty I did years ago. You should take a look if you want to go back in time (oh, some 3 years ago!)

    Anyways, things are going well. Guess what!?! CP Bookkeeping FINALLY his it?s first client! I started the first of the year. He?s an electrical contractor that got one of my early marketing letters. He held onto it until he called me shortly after the first of the year, we had an interview and came to a mutual arrangement! Nice to have a regularly paying customer! I still am looking for jobs, but kinda half-heartedly. I REALLY want to work to get my business off the floor.

    So how are you? How?s the family? Are the lovebirds still lovebirds? And even if they are gnat fans, how are your husband and son?

  44. cpompe1

    I?m sorry Nelly, but I?ve gotta go. I didn?t pay attention to the time. Go ahead and answer; I?ll read your response later and I?ll try to come back to post tomorrow night?

  45. nellyjune

    THAT is fantastic about your business!!!! Once the season gets started, we are all the same true blue fans, just with different insight and perspective, and we love reading yours.

    To answer your questions…….. I am doing great!! I have a great class this year, and they are a very sports-minded class so it really is a fun year so far. However, as a profession, it’s just becoming harder and harder with all the budget cuts watching alot of colleagues lose their jobs year after year, and if things don’t get better, it’s only a matter of time before it reaches my level of service.

    The family is doing great as well. We are expanding our business (Valley Sports Academy) to include actual baseball fields. We have acquired the fields on the old Castle Air Force Base, and we are in the process of getting the fields ready for use because they have been negleted for so long. So far it’s just been hard work on the guys who are part of the team getting the work done and knowing people who can help with the rest, including our very own enchantedsunset. He’s been helping us with signage and new business cards (getting the word out that we are there). I say “we” like I am actually involved in any of this so far – lol!!!

    Hubby is doing okay – a few health scares, but he is all good now. Michael is doing great. He just started his senior year season for his high school team. Last night he pitched a complete game shut out (5-0) with 9 K’s, a 1B, one BB and one HBP. Last Wednesday, he had 14 K’s, but they ended up losing that game by one run. So, his season is starting out pretty good (head game included). He is just trying to figure out what to do next year (JC or 4-year for baseball). The love birds are still love birds. It’s over two years now, and if you ask them they can tell you to the day I am sure.

    I am so excited for your new business!!! You mentioned the scorebook and Dodger bag. I am more of a notebook keeper. I keep track of all their stats and stuff in it. I might keep a scorebook this year. I have two Dodger bags. One I keep all of our baseball snack food in for when we are at Michael’s games. That one is just an LA one that is Dodger blue and white. I have to represent blue at the games somehow. His school colors are orange and black. Too much gnat color for me. Then my mom got me another bag that looks just like Andre’s jersey but made with durable material. So, I use that one for my school stuff, but I keep my Dodger Blue notebook inside as well.

    Okay, I think I have said enough. That’s what happens when you are not around CP. My mom and I are coming to Andre’s Bobblehead night for sure so maybe we can see each other than. However, that’s a long ways off so don’t be a stranger around here. Love ya!!

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