And along came true inspiration…

One year ago today, we posted here about a young man named Christopher Ramirez who was the talk of Spring Training. When Make-a-Wish called us to tell us about a huge Dodger fan from San Francisco, it was expected that this 17-year-old might not make it to see Opening Day. Sadly, with so many of the Make-a-Wish kids we’re fortunate enough to encounter, that is the case.

Christopher came with his sister and his mother to visit Camelback Ranch. Under Ned Colletti’s orders, we treated him like a big leaguer for a day. He took infield/outfield with the team, he took batting practice and he sat in the dugout for a big league Spring game. His story was covered by many media outlets and those of us who spent any time with him took great joy and amazement in his positive outlook, given the circumstances.

Throughout last season, we received updates from him via email about how the inoperable brain tumor he had has been shrinking and we stayed cautiously optimistic. We even got to see him at a game up North in San Francisco. But when he arrived at camp yesterday, with his cancer fully in remission, it was easily the best news to come out of Camelback all year. It was the epitome of ThinkCure!

I’ve written it here before and it’s worth repeating…these are the best parts of this job. The incredible things that the Dodger organization can do for others are what makes this franchise unique. We’ve seen it time and time again – maybe not quite as clear as Christopher’s story – but I believe I speak for all my colleagues when I say that we are humbled to work for such an incredible franchise.

In case you missed the original video and article from last year, check it out and please continue to keep Christopher and his family in your thoughts.


  1. mrespot

    as a Dodgers fan, I enjoy what the Dodgers do on the field. This a great story…glad to see the kid is in remission and the Dodgers made his wish come true. However, the Dodgers did not make this happen. The God of the universe, who is in control of everything that happens, caused his remission.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    Just dropping by to say hello
    Christopher Ramirez, may he be back every year until he signed by a major league team.
    Good news is good to read.

  3. dodgereric

    Everyone ready? I’m about to say something about the upcoming season that isn’t entirely negative.

    Maybe Mattingly won’t be a clone of Torre. I sure figured he would be. Right at the end of this article on Kemp’s baserunning you’ll find:

    “Mattingly added he did not want a so-called situational left-hander, the kind of pitcher who faces one batter ? Adrian Gonzalez or Ryan Howard, say ? and then leaves the game.

    “That can kind of blow out your staff,” Mattingly said.”,0,551721.story

    I guess he wasn’t snoozing during the games with Joe after all.

  4. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Dad!!! Let’s hope so. I don’t think Mattingly can do any worse than JoJo. I have always thought that Torre was/is overrated. I’m ready for a younger/fresher approach. For this team to be competitive, its going to come down to pitching and defense. We’ll be lucky to score the league average in runs. It may be too early to say, but, the Uribe deal could turn out very bad. Heck, I would have saved the money and given the 2B job to Carroll!!! JMO!!!! Have a great week my friend!!!!

  5. dodgereric

    Heyya jhall, mi amigo!

    Yeah, everyone says Torre was a great guy. My Dad was a prince. Everyone loved him, but he was a crummy baseball manager. He played his kid too much!

    It almost always comes down to pitching and defense. Strong up the middle? Are we? I can’t even say “maybe” until I get to center. Yawn Uribe will prove to be the second coming of Dave Kingman………..with half the HRs.

    Later pal!

  6. lny4loney

    I just sent Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness into my SPAM FOLDER!! Dude keeps ripping on James Loney. %#$#@^#$^$#!!!
    I stand by my prediction — now entering its fourth year — that James Loney will put a scare into .400 sometime between 2008 and 2014.
    I’m a sick puppy because I get optimistic every Spring. I still believe in the core of MartinLoneyKempBroxtonEthierBills (albeit now minus Martin) along with the even younger Kershaw. The three-ring circus that has screwed this team and done everything in its power to destroy the work of (how sad, I forgot his first name) White is at least down one clown this year as JoJo took his act on the road.
    The Fox-McCourt years remind me of the 23rd Psalm “Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I will fear no evil, for the Big Blue Fan in the Sky is with me …”
    This suffering will be but for a moment, and then new ownership will come. Please, oh please, let it be an owner who will restore dignity and World Championships to this once-great franchise.

  7. nedajerk

    I know it just ST but it look like Sands just hit his 2nd HR’s a 3 runs shot and a triple to bad he probably won’t make the team what that crap in LF that we have and also look at that Paul just hit his 1st. Damn Redding trying to pulled an Ortiz’s on making the team. Are we really going to run more this year? it look like Lopes is helping a lot so far Velez 3 and Gwynn 5 SB’s of the year.;_ylt=AnfQ2rx9_0l2mgbT_jRlDwO4u7YF?gid=310307127

  8. nedajerk

    I hate to say this but I don’t care what Uribe number is and I want every positions fill out by a youngster under 30.

  9. nellyjune

    Fantastic posts ITDers!!!!

    Josh – wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!

    Until the everyday pitchers are pitching into the later innings, It’s hard to judge how well some of these homeruns hit late in spring training games really are. I don’t know the answer to left field, but I think Xavier and Sands deserve a legitimate shot.

  10. nedajerk

    I know that this reply is late NSB but thanks for that picture of Kuo during a bat flip and I wish is was real lol.


    In his writeup Steve Dilbeck says that Ng is leaving the “Dodger cuckoo’s nest”, which I find an apt description of the owner/ front office situation. Nobody with any real capability should be staying on, and that, of course, includes the players the first chance they get to go somewhere with a winning future. Let’s see a lot of EMPTY SEATS and see Frank squeezed OUT by MLB, the other owners, his lenders, and above all the Dodger FANS.

  12. enchantedbeaver

    I agree Bear – players will flee first chance they get. My only question is, why doesn’t Joe take Ned with him too?
    Of course Ned has no real capability, so I guess that’s my answer.
    Anyone with talent avoids this team like the plague. Its not coincidence that only the hasbeens and neverweres are the only ones that meet Ned’s third absurd requirement of “wanting to be Dodgers.” I would too if no other organization was offering me a contract.
    BTW, Ned’s first two criteria of becomming a Dodger are, (1) Your best playing days were 5-6 years ago, and (2) You once played for the Giants.
    This [dis]organization is beyond a bad joke. Its pretty sad when your best acquisition during the offseason was a 60 year old coach.

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