Kim Possible

People talk all the time about mixed emotions when someone departs a company for a promotion someplace else and while it’s a cliche, there’s no better way to describe the way I feel today and the way many people at the Dodgers feel.

Kim Ng, who has been with us for the last nine-plus years and has played an enormous role in our four postseason appearances and two NLCS appearances, is the new Sr. Vice President of Baseball Operations at Major League Baseball. That’s an incredible position with huge responsibility and oversight for the sport we all love. We couldn’t be more proud.

It’s also somewhat ironic that on International Women’s Day, Ng becomes (I believe) the highest-ranking female in the history of the game of baseball. How cool is that? Of course, I hesitate even writing about her gender because frankly, I think it’s a tired story and an easy one to fall back on when someone is looking for an angle to write about. Kim deserves to be recognized as a top-notch baseball executive, independent of the fact that she’s a minority as both a woman and an Asian. She just gets it and she goes about her business in the most professional manner you could ever imagine. She’s a great leader, a great baseball mind and she will be a huge asset to the league. Consider this: in her 13 seasons as an Assistant GM, she has reached the postseason eight times, the LCS six times and won three World Championships. I’m pretty sure that’s unparalleled.

So, of course, we will miss her. I’ve learned so much from her both personally and professsionally over the years…at the Dodger Stadium offices and as a roommate (we have rented a house, along with another baseball operations executive for the last five Springs) and the perspective she brings to anything she’s discussing is invaluable.

I know she’ll be working for the Commissioner’s Office and for Joe Torre, but she’ll always be a Dodger and we’re honored to consider her a friend.



  1. scott_in_arcadia

    Congratulations Kim Ng! Please come back to be our GM after Frank is forced to sell the team and the next owner cleans house.

  2. nellyjune

    Congratulations Kim Ng!!! You will be missed!!! I agree with Scott. Come back and be the Dodgers GM when Ned is finally gone!

  3. koufax1963

    Another Frank mistake, Kim Ng should have been promoted to GM, Not Ned Colletti, I was disappointed then, and doubly disappointed now that she is out of the Dodgers organization. What was good in the front office is now gone.
    From schmidt to now uribe, what else can Ned come up with.
    ah I suppose Kim Ng couldn’t of landed Cliff Lee or Halladay anyhow with the impending financial debacle. It will be interesting to see what russell martin does now outside the dodgers team. How do you say “sinking ship” with a “T” for team in it: Stinking Shi*


    To give credit where it’s due, someone on another blog said that “only the rats are staying on this sinking ship” – I find that comment highly appropriate.

  5. kpookiemon

    Ng denied that the Dodgers’ current ownership turmoil — and the possibility that the divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt ultimately could result in new ownership — played a role in her decision to leave the club.

    “I have a chance to help Joe and help the commissioner change policy and impact the game in a meaningful way. That really wasn’t part of this. Frank has been very good to me. Ned has been very good to me. This was an extremely difficult decision for me”
    –Kim Ng

    Ummmmmmmm, right. Kim, you’re an ethical young woman…but I don’t believe you. In your place, I’d split too.

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    It’s sad to know that Kim Ng will no longer be apart of the Dodger head office but this is a great opportunity for her and a plus for baseball.
    It surely will add to her resume and make it extremely hard for anybody, I don’t care who, to turn here down the next time she interviews For a GM job. I personally think she’s the MOST qualified.

  7. nedajerk

    What Gwynn hit a HR off of Saito? Say it isn’t so. Go to see Ethier and Kemp hit one but blah at Miles getting one to. Even in ST they were a freaking brawl that I miss.

  8. nellyjune

    Andre Ethier hires mariachi band, now entertaining players and fans. Matt Kemp: “I’ve got a Jamaican band coming next week.”

  9. crzblue2

    Per Tony Jackson, Mariachi band paid by Andre Ethier and Juan Castro. Wish I was there but I am going back either this weekend or the next
    I love my new Dodger season ticket bag!
    Everyone have a beautiful Wednesday!

  10. enchantedbeaver

    Mariachi bands. Chickens in the clubhouse (Furcal’s idea.) So much for Ned’s sensing an “urgency” about the team this spring.


    Congratulations to Kim Ng!! She has waited in the wings FAR too long. The real loss for the Dodgers is not that she is leaving now, although that will hurt, but more so that she was not hired as GM instead of Ned. Hiring Ned from the Giants clearly showed Frank’s total lack of understanding of what was needed to return the Dodgers to greatness. With Kim as GM, things would have been vastly different and all of Ned’s devastating blunders would have been avoided. But unfortunately that can’t be undone and the Dodgers will continue to suffer from Frank’s decision for years to come.

  12. jhallwally

    Amen RedFox!!! We can complain about Ned, Stan, etc… ad nausium, but, the ineptness and ignorance started with the McCourts being allowed to purchase the team!!! For which I blame Selig and Fox!!! It will only end when they are forced to sell the team to a viable owner!!!!


    Here’s my early call:

    Furcal, Blake, Uribe, and Gibbons are certifiable LOSERS.
    Thanks so much for Uribe, Ned. I also doubt that much of value can be had for Furcal and Blake. As for Gibbons, I hope his major league contract is not guaranteed.

  14. jhallwally

    Yep Bear, those four have great potential to peg the Dodger Suck-O-Meter!!!! And you are correct, it is not like they have any trade value that we could unload in July!!!!!

  15. nellyjune

    It is confirmed that Jon Garland has an oblique injury. Waiting to see doctors to find out the extent of the injury.

  16. jhallwally

    I’m looking forward to Blake and Furcal being gone next year. Ned screwed us big time by signing Uribe for 3 freaking years. The bad part is, even if we rebuild with good young talent, the current ownership and most notably Ned, will screw it up again!!!! The glass will never be half full while we have a McCourt ownership and Ned GM!!!!

  17. jhallwally

    Bad part is, if Furcal stays reasonably healthy and has a decent year, Ned will resign him to some idiotic 3-4 year deal!!!! Geez!!!

  18. jhallwally

    Hey, at least it seems they fixed the submission error/time warp problems with the blog!!! Baby steps!!! LOL!!!! At least we can moan, groan, and b*tch in real time without delay!!!!

  19. jhallwally

    The Dodgers to me right now are like a Cat Litter Box!! They keep piling on the cheap/ineffective Kitty Litter(Gwynn, Uribe, Gibbons, etc…), fail to remove and bury the t*rds(Frank, Ned, Stan), and hope it doesn’t stink too much.


    To me the glass can never be half full with Frank and Ned around, because I’m inclined to chug-a-lug whatever is there – gin, vodka, moonshine, etc.

  21. enchantedbeaver

    This seems apropos in light of this afternoon?s conversation. I started this one back in 2009. Frighteningly, all I had to do was change a couple names. Elton John – Bennie & The Jets.

    Hey Ned, get your shat together
    Gibbons ain?t got nuthin?
    Matt throws lighter than a feather
    Don?t want a Boras fatted cow
    Who won?t stick around
    You?re gonna hear how Uribe is a
    Wonder he foooound
    Frankie and Jamie have you seen them yet?
    Oh but they?ll soon be ours
    N-N-N-Neddy and his ?jects
    Oh but they?re weird and not too wonderful
    Better ready us some lidocaine
    They?ve got defensive goofs, and no strong suits
    You know I read it in ol? Billy Jaaaa-mes… oh ho-ooo
    N-N-N-Neddy and his ?jects
    Great kids, but our GM is faithless.
    Gets him a vet?ran
    Cuz Neddy thinks they?re ageless
    We can?t survive another Neddy dingdong
    Fowl in clubhouse, mariachis in cleats
    Why can?t you see its just wrong?
    Frankie and Jamie have you seen them yet?
    Oh but they?ll soon be ours
    N-N-N-Neddy and his ?jects
    Oh but they?re weird and not too wonderful
    Better ready us some lidocaine
    They?ve got defensive goofs, and no strong suits
    You know I read it in ol? Billy Jaaaa-mes… oh ho-ooo
    Neddy and his ?jects
    Oh Frankie and Jamie have you seen them yet?
    Oh but they?ll soon be ours,
    N-N-N-Neddy and his ?jects
    Oh but they?re weird and not too wonderful
    Better ready us some lidocaine
    They?ve got defensive goofs, and no strong suits
    You know I read it in ol? Billy Jaaaa-mes… oh ho-ooo
    N-N-N-Neddy and his ?jects
    Neddy, Neddy, Neddy and his ?jects…
    [repeat into fade]

    ©NedCo Broken Records 2011. NedCo – ?if it ain?t broke, it will be when we get ahold of it.??

  22. jhallwally

    I’ll drink to that Bear!!! A toast to Jamie. She’s the only person/intity that is in a no lose position. Well done girl!!!!

  23. jhallwally

    ©NedCo Broken Records 2011. NedCo – ?if it ain?t broke, it will be when we get ahold of it.??

    That’s it in a nushell!!! LOL!!!

  24. enchantedbeaver

    Thank you ladies & germs! Actually, an assist goes to sparkles (if I remember correctly.) Between us we halfast the start of this song back in the summer of ’09. Been sittin’ in the vault all that time just needing another line or two. Seemed the right time given the conversation and what with all of Ned’s acquisitions doing so well.

  25. dodgereric

    It’s only a matter of time before Can’tHe announces Garland’s move from the 30 to the 60-day list. So we’re back to using our usual flotsam starters. What’s Jeff Weaver doing these days I wonder?

  26. enchantedbeaver

    I think I can live with that Big E :))

    Hell lets give Ely a shot at it again. He has more upside than Redding, though given that Mattingly had no say in his coaching staff, I doubt anyone but Ned picks who else makes the team, and that will be Redding because he’s one of Ned’s great “finds.” Right about now McDonald would be looking pretty good, but that’s all water under the Roach Dotel.

    Honestly though, given this team’s inept offense and poor defense, is a fifth starter all that critcal? On the otherhand, having a fifth nearby is a must for all fans this season.

  27. nedajerk

    I normal find this thing but can’t seem to find it and I wonder what Troncoso numbers look like this ST? I really hope we have the 2009 Troncoso back now that Belisario seem to have trouble again.

  28. dodgereric

    A fifth starter is usually a minor concern, but isn’t the “dynamic, best-in-the-west starting five” what we’ve been listening to for the past few months?

    On the other hand, maybe we’ll see it around July and most of ’em will be rested.

    Sell the team, jackassss.

  29. nellyjune

    lny4loney – I love the last line by the writer…… lol!

    No word just yet on how many times Torre changed situational relievers during the interview. You know, to make sure each reporter was facing someone with the same strong hand.


    Looks like Brox is showing his mid-season form. I always maintained that the team should have required him to shed about 50 lbs. before he comes into camp. Oh, well – who cares.

    I don’t know what kind of form Andre is showing, unless it’s “I want to get out of here now”. One day he can’t read a lineup card; the rest of the days he plays like his head is in some restaurant menu for his side-job blog. Nobody dares say anything about Andre, but it might be the right time to let him go rather than wait for free agency. The problem as always is the fact that Ned is the last person you’d want making a deal for him – we don’t need half a dozen more PVL’s.

  31. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t think it matters much what anyone does one way or another this season Bear. If it even “competes” I’ll be surprised.
    Another juggernaut on the offensive and defensive side from what I glanced at on Gameday this afternoon. I’m no expert, but I’m thinking Blake may need to hit a little better than .077 in the 2-hole, which is where 85% of this team belongs in Ned’s and Frank’s.
    Its gotten so that I’m getting guilty pleasures from watching this club fail.

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