What you missed today at Camelback…

If you’re a Dodger fan, now is an incredible time to get down here to Camelback Ranch. I think I saw about 30 fans, at most, watching batting practice, bullpen sessions and close-up drills with the team a mere dozen feet away. And tons of the players sign autographs…it’s some of the best access you can ever imagine.

I get the feeling that it still hasn’t sunk in to many that Spring is here…and, of course, I know a lot of people have to be at work or school. But it’s completely free and those who take advantage of it will probably get to meet some of their favorite players and see big league action closer than they’re used to seeing it. It’s especially great for kids.

For those who did come, they got to see our newly announced Opening Day starter, Clayton Kershaw, throw his first ‘pen of the spring, in addition to Kuroda, Lilly and Garland. Lots of conditioning drills to start the day, and the first injury of the spring, as lefty non-roster candidate Dana Eveland strained his hamstring.

One thing you can’t see, if you come out, is the private clubhouse meetings but I can tell you, Don Mattingly was impressive this morning. His first time addressing the team as their manager and he really seems to have made an impression. I wish I was allowed to tell you all that he said but you’ll just have to trust me. This guy is really going to make Dodger fans proud.

And finally, if you haven’t yet voted for which uniform the Dodgers will wear on the six half-price food/drink throwback games this year, today is the last time to do it. We’ll announce the winner one week from tomorrow.



  1. lbirken@aol.com

    Josh, sounds exciting. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I was not there to see Dana Eveland strain his hammy.

  2. yunghitterz89

    Man o Man, not even 30 minutes into Spring Training and already and injury. Josh, I’m all for having the best players make the 25 man roster, but can someone please look out for the safety of the other players. Geesh Dana, stretch.!!..Well, that was always your problem. One down, about 10 more to go.

  3. kpookiemon

    Mattingly must be a dynamic speaker…two guys with their chin in their hand…and a third with his head down. Then again, maybe Frank and Ned had just spoken for an hour, in which case I’d be asleep, too.

  4. johnd21972@gmail.com

    Mattingly for mayor. Tremendous person and leader and motivator. I see he was over winded and lost a few in his speech. Oh well hope all come out of spring training well.

  5. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Many of us were sad to see the Dodgers leave Vero Beach after many years but there’s nothing better for the players than seeing a whole bunch of their own fans. Yes it’s a lot easy for them to get to CBR.
    It was always awkward to see more Met and Yankee fans in Vero, after the Dodgers left Brooklyn.

  6. dodger 32

    I would like to know, how much did Frank charge the players and coaches to get into the complex and park? What a motivational speaker Donny must be, everyone looks half asleep.

  7. colliethec

    Looks like Conte got to Dana. I really hope when Frank & Ned go away Stan is right behind them.
    He has been a failure since they brought him over from the Giants. Giving Schmidt a clean bill of health should of earned him a pink slip for that alone.

  8. nedajerk

    We can’t assume every injuries is Conte fault and why would any trainers that was an ex Giants try to hurt the team?

  9. messagebear@aol.com

    I submit that the guy in the middle with the shiny bald spot is Josh. That’s what comes of having to put lipstick on a pig first thing every morning of every day.

  10. colliethec

    Shad — In response to your question… It’s not that he caused the injury. Nor is it the fact that he’s an x Giant. But I live in the SF area and in Schmidt’s last season here, all the talk was that he had an injury and was damaged goods. That off season is when the Dodgers hired Conte from the Giants and also signed Schmidt. Conte should of known his history better than anyone else and they still signed him to a huge contract.
    Then when you look at some of their other signings and those player came in and were injured right away — that to me is they didn’t do their due diligence with the physicals. See Bill Mueller — A. Jones…
    Then you add what they’ve done with some of these injuries through the years. How often have we seen that the player will be day to day — then after a week of that they finally put him on the 15 day DL but hear “he’ll be back — no worries” — then they go to the 60 day DL — then all of a sudden they are gone for the season.
    I for one when Dre came back felt he came back to soon for a hand injury. Your hands are a big part of your swing and with injuries it takes time to get strength and confidence back. Subconsciously you favor the injured part and that can alter what you do physically and cause further injuries.
    An example of this is a few years back when Gagne had if I remember correctly a leg injury in ST in 2005. He still attempted to come back and then he hurt his arm and ended up needing Tommy John surgery in the early season. His leg injury might of eventually caused the arm injury as it caused him to throw differently. This one isn’t on Conte but just an example.
    I understand players are going to want to compete and get back in there but as a trainer I feel you need to be able to diagnose an injury — set a schedule for rehab and then re-assess that as time goes by & know when that player is still not healthy enough to get back in there.
    Injuries are going to happen but it just seems to me that Stan is more often wrong than right.

  11. crzblue2

    LOL. For good laughs, come over to ITD! I know I can’t stay away! I see the ITD group is ready for another season! Sharp as ever!
    Wish I could be at Camelback Ranch now but got to work and make some money for my baseball vacations. Eight days Till my friends and I head to Glendale, Az.

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