Time Warner Dodgers on Demand…

Those who have been following the Dodgers during the past decade have probably seen Tony Kinkela and his crew all over Dodgers on Demand…they do a great job covering the team on a daily basis from a visual standpoint and they’re up for a 2011 Telly Award.

It’s a YouTube competition where you all can vote for your favorite video so check it out and hopefully you’ll give it a thumbs up.

Otherwise, a relatively quiet day at camp. Lots of position players have reported early. Billingsley and Broxton were among those who threw bullpen sessions today and Manny Mota and Jamey Carroll both celebrated birthdays. No sign of a cake anywhere.



  1. jhallwally

    Hello Gang!! Hope everyone is doing well. I am enjoying reading all your comments. Nice song Beav!!! Well, in my humble opinion; staying healthy is paramount in our pursuit of taking the NL West. If we stay healthy, we’ve got as good a chance as any team in our division. Also, I am looking forward to seeing how Mattingly runs the show and how he uses the bullpen. I’ve never been a big fan of Torre and especially his use of pitchers. A younger and fresher approach from Donny could make a big difference. Not only in the bullpen, which I think will be a big key to contending/winning the NL West, but also, with Kemp, Ethier, Loney, and Brox!!! Right now I am somewhat optimistic and a “glass half full” kind of opinion about our players, manager, and new coaches. Not at all with our owner, GM, head trainer, and pitching coach. Oh well, gonna be fun to see what transpires!!!! GO DODGERS!!!

  2. jhallwally

    Also, give Paul a decent shot at left field. I think given the opportunity, he will be a good if not great left fielder. Unfortunately, Ned would rather throw money that could be used for better bullpen pitching or a 3rd baseman to patch up LF with over the hill or underachieving temps. Geez!!! If Paul falls flat on his face, you can grab a decent fill in in July!!!

  3. nellyjune

    Fabulous posts Jhall, and everyone this morning from the previous thread.

    Kahli/Kpookiemon – It looks like we are finally rid of our time-warping, submission error nightmare. Thank goodness!!!

    From the photo on the previous page…….I can relate to some of those players who appeared to not want to be there. I have those kinds of meetings all the time nowadays. However, ours lately are more of the rolling the eyes and you have got to be kidding me ones – LOL!!!

  4. nellyjune

    Jhall – I am holding out hope that Mattingly will be different from Joe and pay attention to how Xavier does do, and he gives him a decent shot at the left field job, unlike the Ethier/Pierre issue we had a few years back.

  5. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Nelly!!! Me too!!! I’m glad JoJo is gone. Now if we could just get rid of Frank, Ned, Stan, and Beav’s Honeybuns!!!! LOL!!!

  6. nellyjune

    Oh…………….and Josh, thanks to whoever got the blog fixed. It’s seems to be much, much better……. knock on wood 🙂

  7. jhallwally

    Hey Nelly, speaking of fixing the blog. Do you remember when we had to put up with Joey P/Joey Rock from the old Dodger Thoughts blog and all his profane tirades and threats of physical retribution?!!! I figure he must have gone to prison. Geez!!! We’ve come a long way. It is a credit to Josh and all our ITD gang that this blog has lasted while so many have failed.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    I agree brother Wally – Larry, Curly and Joe needed to be gone. I think that alone lifts a giant weight from Kemp and a few others.

    And yes, Paul needs to be give a legitimate shot at LF. How could he possibly be worse than a platoon of JaMarcus Thibbons?

  9. jhallwally

    Well Beav, if Loney doesn’t get it done this year, I think he is gone. Ned has his eye on Hee Sop Choi!!!! LMAO!!!!

  10. enchantedbeaver

    The frightening thing Wally – that’s about Ned’s speed. And LaChoy was what? in the bigs 5-6 years ago? That fits Ned’s criteria.

    I think Loney has to busta move this year as do all the young guns. They’re all young vets now. Its time for them to shat or get off the pot.

  11. jhallwally

    Totally agree Beav!!! This is it for Loney!! Also Brox!! Quite honestly, if these two don’t get it done this year, perhaps, it is time to go in a different direction. I hope they can keep Kemp and Ethier as a core. However, I feel we will loose one or both in the fall out if we are not very successful this year. JMO!!!

  12. nellyjune

    Jhall – OMG!!! I so remember those days!!! You can add PaDodgers to that list as well, and I am sure there are a few others that will come to mind as I think some more.

  13. enchantedbeaver

    If this team isn’t any better off at the trade deadline than it was last year I would hope Ned would for once in his life sell instead of buy and at least try and replenish the farm. Hell, even if we’re somewhat in it they need to get rid of Furcal, Blake, Kuroda and a number of other vets. Blake, Kuroda and Furcal are gone anyway.

  14. jhallwally

    Yep Nelly, those were the days!!!! I’m with you Beav!!! Unfortunately, Ned doesn’t know when to hold’em or fold’em!!! We should have been sellers last year in July and August.

  15. colliethec

    Hello there everybody! I hope all is well!
    In case anyone has MLB Network their 30 In 30 preview of the Dodgers will be on 3/6 at 6:00.
    Take care…

  16. nellyjune

    Collie – Thanks for the info Collie. I look forward to that series each spring training season. It’s always good to see what the other clubs are doing as well as the Dodgers. I actually designed my baseball geography unit around that show this year. We are doing a team a day, and it’s been fun so far.

  17. kpookiemon

    Yahoo top 300 Fantasy Players, as figured by voodoo, I guess…Dodgers crack in at 47. Who is it? Pujols is #1. Don’t go look it up…just say who you THINK it is…………..

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