Mattingly Baseball Charities Launch Party tonight

If you’re a Dodger fan in New York and can find a way to get out from under the snow, head to Mickey Mantle’s tonight for the Mattingly Baseball Charities launch dinner.

Details can be found here and it seems many baseball legends will be in attendance.

Donnie’s charity was created to serve underprivileged youth by supporting programs which promote baseball and softball participation. Many of you may know that he has donated bats and other equipments to our most recent Dodgers Dreamfields and took part in the grand opening of the DDF Dreamfield at the L.A. Boys & Girls Club.

He’s a very community-minded person and having spoken with him several times in the past month, he cannot wait to get to Camelback Ranch. He’s actually heading to Arizona early to get settled in and will make a trip back to join the annual Dodger Caravan on Feb. 14.

Details on Caravan stops and the incredible lineup of players and former players who will be taking part should be coming out next week, so keep an eye on



  1. crzblue2

    Woohoo! I cannot wait for Caravan Day! In a few minutes I will head to Dodger Stadium for Select A Seat. I know Deuce and dad will be there.

    Wish the SABR Day on Saturday. in the LA area was at Dodger Stadium. The one in Boston is at Fenway and in several states they are having it at the team’s FanFest. I’ll be at Ervine on Saturday.


    I’m all in support of charities, but I find something inherently wrong with publicizing first Torre’s now Matingly’s charitable efforts in New York City. We are Los Angeles and deserving of promotion for LA charities, unless of course Frank abuses his charitable efforts by paying some front office guy an outrageous sum of money that defeats any charitable intention in the first place.

    So, F New York, and Boston for that matter!

  3. thesuckometer


    With the new fishing season just around the corner, please be advised that our current resident bear, has awaken from his winter slumber. With the spring run of fish still weeks away, it is imparative that you follow directions closely.


    This particular beast is protected by the endangered species act. [ ITD code #90090 ]

    Any use other than those deterrents approved by fish and wildlife are strictly prohibited. [ per section 99 of your fish and game handbook ]

    Although pepper spray has been known to work in certain areas of the country and stop, drop and cover should always be your last effort. This unique and highly regarded beast has been known to have a penchant for an open can of Frank and Beans.

    We highly advise you to surrender your Frank and Beans and back away slowly!! This is the only known method to have shown a success rate of 100%, in our geographical region!!

    This message was funded jointly, in cooperation with the “Save the Bear Foundation” as well as the “Surrender The Frank and Beans Campaign!!”

  4. crzblue2

    Deptoffishnwildlife, LMAO!
    My friend Alex posted this on FB:
    cute line of the day…noting that 500 truckloads of dirt were spread over Dodger Stadium for a supercross race and a monster-truck show, reader Doug Thomson of West Los Angeles e-mails to ask, “Did all that dirt come from the McCourt divorce trial?”

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