Coaching staff in the fold…

The world’s worst-kept secret – the Dodgers’ coaching staff, was announced today with a combined 176 seasons of big league playing, coaching or managing experience, including two former big league skippers (Lopes and Hillman).

The staff also has six former Dodgers (Lopes, Hansen, Honeycutt, Howell, Mota and Wallach) as well as holdovers Jeff Pentland, Rob Flippo and Mike Borzello. Here’s what Donnie had to say this morning. He’ll have more depth to his comments as the day goes on and media begins to fully report…

“I’m extremely excited about this coaching staff, which has a great combination of experience and youth that will create a positive environment for our team. We’ve been able to reach back and bring in a number of coaches with Dodger roots and that’s one of the things that was very important to us. Not just the quality of the people and the experience they bring with them, but the history of this organization – where it came from and where we want to go.”



  1. thinkingblue

    Thanks Josh for the update. I hope this coaching staff gets along with each other and the players. And I hope they can coach our boys and have a winning team…..LET’S GO DODGERS!

  2. enchantedbeaver

    Knowing “where” you want to go and knowing “how” to get there are two totally different things. With no ability and no vision, I’d like to tell Ned and Frank in which direction they can go.

    However, for the most part I do like the coaching staff put together. Too bad they recognized too late what types of coaches they needed for the young guys now that they’re about to go FA, but I guess once they let a little old Joe get into the system, it had to run its full course just like a bad case of diarrhea. Nothing to do now but wipe and go on.

    Too bad there isn’t a remedy for Ned.


    I am glad to have Davey Lopes back in a Dodger uniform. Not sure why but it always bugged me to see ex-Dodgers out there trying to beat the current squad.

    Scott, as far as I know no matter what the judge decides a McCourt or two will still own the Dodgers. Figure the “losing” side will appeal the decision. Sadly, this could go on for a long time and as long as the creditors are satisfied, little may change. Happy holidays!

  4. nellyjune

    According to Dylan Hernandez, LHP Dana Eveland, agreed to a minor league contract. He pitched for the A’s, and hecwas pretty good.

  5. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Well what can I say but, ?WELCOME BACK DAVEY!!!? I like this coaching staff a lot. Not crazy about Honeycutt but hey, can?t have it all I guess. I LOVE IT that we?ll be seeing Davey back in a Dodger uniform! And not that the rest of the coaching staff is chopped liver, but I?m thrilled that Davey will be tutoring our Young Guns the fine art of running the base path. And it?s nice that we?re restocking our farm system with young arms again. Let?s just see how the two Japanese hurlers turn out?

  6. kpookiemon

    Lopes, Wallach, Hanson…it IS nice to have some Dodger blood back on the bench. Not sure who’s brainstorm this is, but I hope it’s Mattingley’s. Can’t be Ned’s…he’s had quite a while to do something just like this. Unless he couldn’t stand up to Joe. Either way, that’s some GM we have here.

  7. enchantedbeaver

    I think Ned not being able to stand up to Joe, or at least being trumped by him is a valid point Kahli. I always got the feeling that Joe’s “sage” advice was always adhered to right or wrong (as was mostly the case.) Not that it excuses Ned in any way, shape or form from doing what he does or doesn’t do.

  8. nellyjune

    It seems like the coaching staff is a definite improvement. I am liking the Eveland signing. I know he had a rough season last year, but I think he can definitely add to the bullpen, and depending on his spring training, might make a good 5th starter. Now, if we can figure out some position player issues that would be great!

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