School Pride, Dodger style

If you haven’t yet seen School Pride on NBC, be sure to tune in tomorrow night. Among the Dodgers who came out to speak to the kids were Andre Ethier, James Loney and Joe Torre.

It’s on at 8 p.m. (7 central time) and the filming of this episode was among the more rewarding things we did this year. It just so happened that it took place on the day Vin Scully announced he was coming back, so we even had all the kids yelling up to the press box “We love you, Vin.” 

For a sneak preview of the show, check out this link.


  1. enchantedbeaver

    I read where Cory Wade signed with the D-Rays organization. I wish him well and hope he comes back. Probably another young arm that JoJo The Clown blew out with overuse. At least Torre won’t be around to screw up Jansen, unless Little Joey is going to be just like him.

  2. nellyjune

    You will be so delighted to know that the Dodgers have added Hector Gimenez and Luis Vasquez to the 40 man roster 🙂

    Also, Delwyn Young and Andy LaRoche have been DFA’ed from the Pirates.

  3. Dodger4life

    Hey Frank…..I like you, had a marraige that was all…..we’ll arguementive at best…….I left due to the fact, that comprimise, was not something she was willing to do……I bit the bullet. ( almost took a hollow point once, yeah she had her finger on the trigger)…I for the best of my children (that is debatebale always will be) I walked out the door with my clothes, and the tools of the trade……….I’m a drywaller… Bazooka a pump to fill it, a coulpe of flat boxes…..enough to keep money coming in…….That was 6 years ago…….My wife hasn’t divorced me, since that day…..I haven’t divorced her either………..What I am trying to show you here, is a love for something other than yourself……….Now I am poorer than poor, but in my mind my mind, I am richer than rich …….cause the way I look at Frank……..after 6 years of bieng seperated, and no divorce decree……..I am a lucky, fortunate man!!! One Love Baby!!!
    ONE LOVE BABY!!!!!
    Dodger4life!!!! Family4life !!!

  4. nedajerk

    Dang I’d rather keep Wade over Troncoso only because of the age different but maybe Troncoso can turn it around if he not overused like last year. It just to bad Wade got hurt last year he was a good addition to the bullpen 2 years ago. I’ll give Broxton one more year to turn it around.

  5. enchantedbeaver


    I read yesterday that Lopes is signing on. Knowing Ned, not sure if that’s as a coach or second baseman.

    Toss-up as to whether I’d rather have Andy LaRoche at third or Blake.


    Right now, I’d take Lopes at either position and call it an upgrade. I’d keep Duncan, though. Put him somewhere. Actually I’d fire one of Frank’s kids and give him his job.

  7. colliethec

    D4 — Happy day of coming into this world!!! I liked your post.
    I for one try to be classy. It’s what my Mom tried to instill in me. I don’t always obtain it — sometimes i flat out fail at it – but I still want to be that way.
    I’m sorry to say but our owner’s really come accross as greedy jerks. I would think that at this stage of what they are and have gone through they would see where greed has gotten them. Do any of you think they at really happy? I sure wish they would be classy as an example to at least their kids.
    I DVR’d The school pride show and watched it this morning. Great show and really made me think of Nelly and how precious so many of our teachers are out there. It also made me think of what am I doing to change lives. Not sure what I can do or how to go about it but that show is a great show and everyone should check it out. It’ll really make you think.

  8. dodger 32

    Isn’t it just like No Head Ned, we need a left fielder, a 3rd baseman, a 2nd baseman, a catcher, and another starter, and he’s worried about the pen? Yes the pen needs to be upgraded also, but the other positions would and should be his priority. Doesn’t he remember how many times this pathetic group got shut out? That had nothing to do with the pen. Wake up No Head Ned!

  9. nellyjune

    Collie – Thanks!!! I got to see the show too, and I thought it was incredible, not only what those teachers had to live with (conditions and all), but then in the end how all that help really paid off. I am very fortunate to work at a school that really doesn’t have challenges like that (aestically speaking). However, we have come along way, academically, since I have been there. We have come from being a low performing school to one of the top in our city/county.

    We, as teachers, find ourselves asking on the tough days or on days where we are spending a great deal of our own money on things, why do we do this? It always comes back to, for me, what all of my teachers meant to me, from the school I teach at now (I am an alumni of the school I am teaching at) all the way through my Sac State days. And, it was never how I learned how to do reading, writing and arithmatic. It was all the extra things the teacher did to make our day special. In my classroom, it is all about sports, and even though I have had to live through many of my students suddenly becoming gnat fans, it has been great to see how the interest in the sport of baseball, football, basketball, and even NASCAR and the NHL now has made them become interested in reading about it.

    The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who come in and say hi now all talk about my love for baseball (and sports in general). It is never, “I remember how you taught us how to do this, that and the other. It’s more like, “Did you see that game/race last night?”, “How is Dodgereric?” Yep, we are going on two years since he visited my classroom that day in January, and that class (3rd graders now) still remembers it like it was yesterday. Same goes for the group in 4th grade that got the letter from Andre (It is still on my white board to look at everyday). Those are the things that students remember. Not what you taught them, but how you taught them and the little extra things you did to make their day special. And in these times, some kids are dealing with some major, major issues that it makes you wonder how they even function on most days.

    Okay, off my soapbox, but that episode was a very touching one, and it does come very close to home in terms of why I do what I do. Thanks David, for thinking of me 🙂

    Dodgereric – Congrats to Jimmie!!! It was a great season, and I am glad my driver was right there with him the whole way. He, Denny and Kevin (blah!) made it a fun 10 weeks to watch, but like Denny says himself, if he is going to get beat, then he wants to get beat by the best, and in Denny’s eyes, Jimmie is the best. I guess I now know what you are getting for Christmas – lol!!!

    To do some baseball news………………….84 Days until pitchers and catchers reports 🙂 Oh, and Frank – sell the team!!!

  10. thinkingblue

    Good morning ITD. It is great to see what others are doing for the community, specially our schools. Great job for all those involve in the show!
    NELLY A great teacher will go out of their way to make sure their students learn. The teacher that gives a little extra is the teacher students will remember and admire. So all the things you do for them and those students coming back to you will ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU. I agree with you. The more fun you make it for the students to learn, the more they will actually learn.

  11. nellyjune

    Thank you thinkingblue!!!!

    I find it hard to believe any pitcher is worth this kind of money, considering they only pitch every 5 days. I would love to have Cliff Lee, but the price tag is just ridiculous.

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