MLB Industry Meetings

Those who have followed Inside the Dodgers for a long time probably recall that every couple years, our industry heads to one spot to share best practices and talk about the future of the game on the business side of things. No different than what most of you do in your own jobs at various conferences around the country.

So, we find ourselves in Orlando, having talked about the international future of baseball (the Dogders’ trips to China and Taiwan came up several times), the changing landscape of media (lots of talk about blogs, Twitter, Facebook, flip cam videos, etc), the World Baseball Classic and even those who cover the business of sports.

It’s always a great way to network and pick up some ideas from others in the industry and tonight, there’s a team building event in which we’ll all be building 100 bikes for young kids from the local Boys & Girls Club. Pretty cool way to tie into their theme of “Going Beyond” which you’ve seen throughout the postseason.



  1. nellyjune

    LOL!!!! very funny enchantedsunset 🙂

    Josh – I can definitely relate to those team building activities, but that sounds like a great one for a wonderful cause.

  2. colliethec

    Josh — I’m not in the industry but here’s an idea… Ask Frank to please sell the team.
    Seriously though — thanks for running this blog and putting up with us. We know you have a tough job and I do appreciate you & your work here.
    Nelly posted a link about possibly trading Dre to Boston. I would hope before that is done that we would look at possibly getting Uggla. He could be a good power bat in the middle of the line up. 30+ dingers around .300 ba and 100+ rbi’s in the middle of the order would be one of the things we were missing last year. Someone to drive in some runs. Having 10 hits a game is great but when they are all singles and spread out through a 9 inning game that usually gets you 0-2 runs a game. We need someone with some pop and he would cost less than Werth or Crawford. Cost a couple of players but it sounds A’s if Florida is ready to deal and he might not cost so much.

  3. trublu4ever

    Good Morning. I’ve been reading about the willingness of the Dodgers to trade James. The question is, for who?

  4. colliethec

    Well Uggla went to ATL and it looks A’s if the Fish are going to sign Buck. Oh well 2 players I thought might be good pickups look A’s if they won’t wear Blue next year. Hopefully I was wrong about them!

  5. kpookiemon

    Keep reading where the Dodgers are thinking of moving Loney. Ummm, why exactly? Hopefully, the rumors are unfounded. I’m not really a stats guy, but Loney’s averaged 92 RBIs in his five seasons, and better yet, is hitting .349 in five post-season series. What the hell else do the Dodgers want, when the rest of their stiffs fold their tents come playoff time? Throw in a great glove and its more lunacy from the front office. You want power? Try third base and left field, for starters. Geez, who’s calling these pathetic shots? Oh, that’s right…never mind. Can’t wait to see Adam Dunn or Cecil Fielder down there…two slow, brick-glove DHs if I ever saw one…or two.

  6. enchantedbeaver

    Uggla went to Atlanta for virtually nothing, or let’s at least say the equivalent of maybe McDonald and Lambo, and maybe throw in a May or DeWitt.
    But Ned just have to have 18 innings of the Roach Dotel and the flip him for the great and powerful Anthony Jackson, who happens to be 26, never played above AA and have a minor league career line of .252/.331/.340 in 2,290 plate appearances. That’s quality Ned. What astounding baseball acumen it must have taken to parlay McDonald and Lambo, two quality prospects for a career minor leaguer with a BA of .252.
    How is it this man still has a job?

  7. nellyjune

    Article focusing on Russell, and here’s a little on James…..

    The picture is a little bit clearer elsewhere. James Loney, despite rumors the team is looking to trade him, is all but certain to return at first base. And although Colletti said the Dodgers have “a couple of position-player spots we’ve got to sort through,” the team is not expected to enter the bidding for free-agent slugger Adam Dunn or make an offer on Tsuyoshi Nishioka, a 26-year-old switch-hitting shortstop for Japan’s Chiba Lotte Marines.,0,2399262.story

  8. koufax1963

    To beat the giants, for that matter the padres/ rox, pitching staff certain Dodgers wil have to have career years. Martin: don’t know the effect of his stupid injury will have, but I don’t trust our medical evaluations (remember Schmidt?) so get a back up catcher( barras) and have AJ, martin and back up fight for the postion this Spring. Loney is a keeper, his glove alone, saved many a run and over 88 RBIs each of the last 3 seasons is as good as anybody else on the team. Who is really going to play, and I mean PLAY BALL, at 2nd, 3rd and Left, we need production at these spots, and those career years need to come from Matty, Dre, Furky and Loney and any other willing to earn, I mean be hungry for, a WS ring. It all starts with pitching but I cant go there, when Ned settles for kuroda and Lilly(3 yrs geez) and I was thinking we would be looking for a #1 yet Ned is probably looking at #5 now. and our Bullpen (tronco, beli and brox) could turn it around, that career year I was talking about.
    Which brings me to Ned, never trusted a former Giant in the ranks, except for amalfitano coaching 3rd. So the guy that brought us Andruw, ortiz, dotel; traded away our farm system and makes critical comments in May 2010 specific to players is still at the helm to make a better 2011? Prove me wrong that something smells funny here. Im tired of the fishing, use a gun and a bat and get some pitching and hitting.


    koufax, I agree that everyone will need to step up in 2011 for the Dodgers to have a chance. I really don’t expect the Dodgers to be able to fill all the holes. I am o.k. with Blake at third but like the rest of you I have concerns at left field, second base and catcher. If Martin’s production had not been in decline the past two seasons this injury might not be as big an issue but even without the injury, the Dodgers would be in the same quandry. My gut reaction says the Dodgers should give him a chance but certainly not at a very high price. The problem is the Dodgers have so few options at these positions and nothing in the minor leagues as a last resort. I am o.k. with signing Lilly and Kuroda and do not expect the Dodges to sign any high priced free agents. I would be surprised to see Loney traded unless it is for a huge upgrade at first base, and how many of those players are available? I hope Matt comes back with a vengeance just to prove everyone wrong (and for that next contract), Andre comes back with all his fingers in good working condition but still with a little chip on his shoulder, and Furcal comes back with a body that doesn’t break down a few weeks into the season.

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