Deadline dealing…

What a whirlwind morning. With a series of moves over the last few days, Ned was able to improve the team in four different spots – outfield, rotation, bullpen and second base (though some have said they feel it’s a wash with Theriot and DeWitt). Hopefully this is the shot in the arm the Dodgers need to go on a roll.

There’s no doubt Ned likes to make deals and at the deadline, he seems to do his best work. Obviously only time will tell how the various prospects turn out, but he’s acquired numerous likely HOFers (Manny, Maddux, Thome), and a ton of other valuable veterans that have helped enormously down the stretch (Sherrill, Belliard, Garland, Padilla, Podsednik, Dotel, Lilly and Theriot…well, we still have to see what the last four do down the stretch).

That said, it’s never easy to say goodbye to an indvidual as classy as Blake DeWitt. He’s gone through so much in the past few years and I’m not sure I can name anyone whose handled it with more grace. It’s a good opportunity for him to be closer to home, which is cool, though I’d imagine the fine folks in Sikeston, MO are going to have a hard time rooting for the Cubs in Cardinal-town. I wonder if they’ll start to carry Cubs’ games the way they carried ours!?

Chad did a great job today on short rest and as the team looks to hold on to a 1-0 lead, the team has got to be feeling pretty good about the moves that were made today. Should be a fun final two months! 


  1. kpookiemon

    Me thinkest Broxton is ailing, and given the history of this management when it comes to transparency, it will probably come out in late November. Broxton just looks wrong, even before the batter whacks his pitch.


    Well, I never watched the last few games. I did get the scores. I do believe Brokton should thing about another pitch besides the fast ball. Major league batters can hit the fast ball consistently, no matter at 100 mph. Maybe a nice change up would be great, or maybe even a great curve. They have all caught up with him. The team stinks big time right now.

  3. enchantedbeaver

    Oops. Looks like another ones gotten away.

    Still see anything worth saving Ned? Well done. And you didn’t even have to trade Manny. Well done indeed.

  4. enchantedbeaver

    How could a person look at this everyday line-up, look at the personnel available that you could afford, look at all the holes this team has, and STILL be a buyer rather than a seller?

    You know, trade everybody Ned because its the only way these young guys are ever going to have an iota of a chance to experience being on a winner.

  5. jhallwally

    LOL!!! Jamie already sh*t in his bedroom!!!

    By jhallwally on July 31, 2010 4:53 PM
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    F*cking Rats!!®

    By jhallwally on July 31, 2010 4:55 PM
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    Brox just doesn’t have the closer balls!!!!!

    By jhallwally on July 31, 2010 4:56 PM
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    I’d be seriously considering making Kuo the closer and putting Brox back in the set up roll. He just doesn’t have the sack for closing.

    By jhallwally on July 31, 2010 4:59 PM


  6. nedajerk

    WTF was Kuo pulled. No reason for that ****.

    By sellthetm on July 31, 2010 5:05 PM
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    Timmy should had a lost last week and got bail out. Now Zito should had one and got bail out also.

    By sellthetm on July 31, 2010 5:06 PM
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    Why in the hell would you even get those players Ned? You freaking moron.

    By sellthetm on July 31, 2010 5:08 PM

  7. colliethec

    Again with the 1 slider & then 5 straight fastball. Learn how to throw a fricken change up and then throw it! But a straight fastball over & over again isn’t going to cut it. I’m starting to agree that Brox can’t close in the big games. This was a huuuge game for this team. If they weren’t done before they are now.
    We wanted Capps & we got Dotel. We wanted Lee or Oswalt and we got Lilly. Stop the madness!!!!

  8. northstateblues

    Ned: “OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh………………………
    I’m a Blue GM, and that’s okay,
    I trade away kids for vets who can’t play”

    Frank and Joe: “He’s a Blue GM, and that’s okay,
    He trades away kids for vets who can’t play”

    Ned: “I trade away kids, and if they’re good,
    I’ll sign ’em 10 years later
    I wear orange tights and skirts at night
    To avoid all the haters”

    Frank and Joe: “He trades away kids, and if they’re good,
    He’ll sign ’em 10 years later
    He wears orange tights and skirts at night
    To…. avoid…. all the…… …. huh?”

    [awkward pause]

    Joe: ” [clears throat] Ooooohhhh,
    I’m the manager, and that’s okay
    I sit down kids for vets who can’t play”

    Frank and Ned: “He’s the manager, and that’s okay
    He sits down kids for vets who can’t play”

    Joe: “I lean on the rail as my team fails,
    Take trips to the lavatory
    I take 2 Advils and 2 Nytols
    With Bigelow’s Green Tea”

    Frank and Ned: “He leans on the rail as his team fails,
    Takes trips to the lavatory
    He takes 2 Advils and 2 Nytols
    With… Bigelow’s Green… … ”

    [Frank and Ned are silent, look at Joe]

    Frank: [spoken] you might want to seek help for that, Joe…
    I’m the Blue owner, and that’s okay,
    I buy cheap vets, sell kids I can’t pay.”

    Ned and Joe: “He’s the Blue owner, and that’s okay,
    He buys cheap vets, sells kids he can’t pay.”

    Frank: “I spend my cash, though not on the team,
    Don’t care about the fans’ strife,
    I wear blush rouge for ladies,
    Just like my &!%(# ex-wife”

    Ned and Joe: “He spends his cash, though… not on the team?
    Don’t care about the fans’ strife [Ned: Neither do I!]
    He wears blush roughe for … ladies…?!”

    Ned: YOU MEAN YOU HAD MORE MONEY?!!! I COULD’VE GOTTEN MAHLOM, LIVAN AND CHIPPER TOO?!!! [tears up] I don’t even know you anymore.

    Joe: [sigh] Can’t believe I left the Yankees for this [rolls eyes]

    Ned: But Joe, the Yankees let you…

  9. enchantedbeaver

    No worries CP – sorry if I offended you. I hope all that go to the tour have a great time. I probably should have clarified my agreeing with dodger 32 to the part where all Frank cares about is the money. Ned, Frank and Joe would probably try to jump me if I went anyway.

    So tell me all, what would be the difference if Ned had stood pat from last season to what he just got done trading for:
    Wolf = Lilly
    JP = Posednik
    Mota = Dotel
    DeWitt = Theriot
    All the guys he traded for are exactly the same type player as what he got rid of. So how on earth can Ned say that this team is better? Better than what? He should’ve walked away with an even-up trade of DeWitt for Lilly and Theriot let alone throw in two minor leaguers. And JMac and Lambo for a 36 year old Dotel/Mota? If Ned wasn’t a certified moron before, he surely is now. Especially when anyone off the street could look at this team and tell you that there’s no way anything short of Lee AND Halladay AND Pujols would even give it a chance.

  10. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Collie, you’re on it!! Brox is pathetic!!!! He does need a change-up!!!! He really doesn’t have that killer instinct. Big ole boy with little balls!!!

  11. koufax1963

    Why was broxton put in the 8th, joe? Wasn’t Kenly already loose.
    Brox hasnt been lights out of late, so why subject him to a non-9th close out? and yea Brox gave up the HR, but we had our chances on the offense, and excuse me, this is what bothers me, NO Offense. Dodgers got MOTAfied today. The core have got to start hitting. Dewitt I wish him well, since he first came in at 3rd to cover those DLs, I liked him. Lilly I hope the change in the club house suits you and dodgers well. Prove It!
    Yea the only thing that keeps hanging is that we have a many games with out NL west rivals.
    Note to CollietheC: next game I go to Ill drop the word, but if the bats dont start to rock, friday’s game may of been my last of the season.

  12. jhallwally

    Interesting, we get a starter and infielder when we need bullpen help the most. Just underlines the fact that Ned is clueless!!!

  13. kpookiemon

    This one is on Broxton (again) and the hitters (again). Broxton is not right. Look for a trip to the DL soon.

  14. jhallwally

    Yes Shad, it has been established 3 years ago, and underlined each year since. Ned is the PUNK of MLB GM’s!!!!

  15. jhallwally

    Amen Bear and Kahli!!! Josh is certainly in a tough spot. I’d love to have beers with him and hear what he really thinks. I don’t believe he is dumb enough to buy what Frank has him put out there.

  16. nedajerk

    We knew we didn’t have the pitching from day 1 and are pitching been pretty good the past few weeks but where is the freaking offense? lol why can’t we seem to have both. With the Giants hot month I think they score almost 80+ more runs than us since Molina got traded and now they have score more runs than us for the season.

  17. jhallwally

    Hey Josh, I’d do the same thing. It’s a great gig and probably pays pretty nice. Somebody’s got to do it, eh??!!!!

  18. nedajerk

    San Diego 60 41 .594 – 32-21 28-20 440 347 +93 Lost 1 6-4
    San Francisco 60 45 .571 2 32-20 28-25 467 385 +82 Won 2 8-2
    LA Dodgers 54 50 .519 7.5 32-21 22-29 459 452 +7 Lost 4 5-5

  19. kpookiemon

    We’re all a bit pi**ed off right now–rightfully so–and shooting from the hip. This team is probably going to miss the playoffs. But the sun comes up. At the end of the day, Ned did what he usually does. The team is a bit faster now, a bit better in pitching, but still dropping below the radar. If hatred is where it’s at, then so be it. But without a doubt, the McCourts are NOT in the best interests of baseball–not their lack of paying income taxes, not their hedging finances against future ticket sales, not their sons being on the payroll for zero services rendered. And they most certainly are NOT in the best interests of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  20. nedajerk

    Those 400+ RS look so good when you’re team giving up under 400 RA. The Giants are just having one of those month and we not.

  21. nellyjune

    This is exactly what I don’t like about this series. I have every gnat fan within talking range talking crap, but all last season when we won the division I just sat and let the scoreboard/standings speak for themselves. Pathetic gnat fans!!!

  22. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    First of all, I?ve got a note to en chanted. I meant what I said before, but I should have worded it a little differently. I come on ITD to read and chat with my fellow ITDers and even get a little insight on Dodger baseball that I didn?t realize before. I just don?t like to come onto ITD to feel personally attacked. Maybe I?m a little too sensitive. Maybe? CP, try saying yes, I am sensitive. I didn?t mean to attack you.

    Okay, with that said, yes we made a lot of moves today. And I actually applaud those moves. I?m REALLY sorry that Blake DeWitt isn?t a Dodger anymore. But honestly no amount of moves will amount to a hill of beans if this team doesn?t start creating the kind of offense that I KNOW they are capable of doing. JB looks hurt. He?s looked hurt for a long time now. And this offensive downturn, slump, whatever word applies here, can be stamped on the back of EACH AND EVERY HITTER ON THIS TEAM. NO EXCEPTIONS. I don?t want to hear about this excuse or that excuse. Just start hitting and scoring runs on a regular basis again!

  23. jhallwally

    I feel for you Nelly!! They have a short memory don’t they. Seems to me, we’ve won 6 World Series since 1954 when they won their last one.

  24. jhallwally

    Oh well, win or lose, I will root for my Dodgers and look forward to all your opinions, rages, personalitites, and friendship. EXCELSIOR TRUE BLUE BELIEVERS!!!!!

  25. jhallwally

    Hi’ya BobLee!!! In a nutshell, that about sums it up!!!! The fish stinks from the head down. The team basically s*cks because the Ownership, GM, management, and coaches s*ck worse!!!!

  26. nedajerk

    NY Yankees 65 37 .637 – 34-16 31-21 558 418 +140 Lost 1 7-3
    Tampa Bay 64 38 .627 1 31-20 33-18 519 392 +127 Won 7 8-2

    Wow insane +127 with TB payroll being way less than the Yankees.

  27. nellyjune

    Headline on homepage………….

    “Ned Sees Improved Team at Deadline”

    I think the key word in there is “Sees”. He hasn’t seen anything that we have seen for years now. I am not totally against all the trading that happened today. I am just not sure if it is really going to help at this point.

    Also, it’s not like the other teams aren’t positioning themselves to get better either. The Padres and the Giants have both made moves. I am guessing the Rox are feeling good about who they have and the D-Backs are doing what they should be doing selling and building for a better year next year. So, the race is on to see who thinks they made the better choice. My heart wants to think the Dodgers, but my mind is thinkikng the Padres. By getting Ludwick, they just got the extra bat they needed, and unless a pitcher of their’s goes down, then they look good to go to finish it out.

  28. jhallwally

    Looks like there is some interest in Manny from AL teams. He should not have any trouble clearing waivers, so, get some pitching prospects for him!!!!

  29. nellyjune

    It will be interesting to see what happens when/if Manny comes back. I understand that he was an intrigal part of our young core’s development, but I will not cry when he is gone.

  30. nellyjune

    ………….and it’s pretty safe to say messagebear won’t be shedding any tears either 🙂


    Well, congratulations Ned! You were able to take a pennant winner and change the roster by your actions and failures to act to successfully transform it into a third or fourth place team in less than a year! And you were able to give away more young talent to boot. Nice going! Any thoughts that your creation is going anywhere down the stretch are totally delusional!

  32. nedajerk

    Than you should also blame McCourt for Ned problem to be in this position in the first place with his divorce.

  33. verprop

    I hate the fact that this Dodger team suks because the owners are trying to save a buck to fund their divorce. Who do they think they are doing this to a proud city of Angels. We deserve better.

  34. cpompe1

    Enchanted, you didn?t offend me. Again, I was just being ultra-sensitive. I?ll be more than happy to brush this off my shoulder (brush, brush)? Plus, this is just the reason why I REALLY want to meet you in person! 🙂 But your little list (Wolf = Lilly, JP = Posednik, Mota = Dotel, DeWitt = Theriot) is actually spot on; as usual. That?s just what I was thinking before. JP#2, hearing how Lilly pitches sounded an awful like Wolf, etc. I went onto the Cubs? website and put a few comments about DeWitt on their messages (you know, the one below the article).

    But I?m looking forward to watching Lilly. Even if he pitches like Randy Wolf, that shouldn?t be too bad for us. Randy did well for us (until he got hurt). If Lilly pitches just as well, then I?ll be happy. I?m just glad we have a SP with a pulse; not Ned?s reclamation projects?

  35. verprop

    Who approved the sale of this team to a manipulating Boston swindler and his unstable wife to which caused all this torment to millions of fans who support this team. This is worse than when Fox Entertainment Group bought the team for purely investment reasons and mismanaged it into the ground.

  36. trublu4ever

    Thanks, BPB1. You made my already terrible day a little bit worse after reading your article 🙂

  37. enchantedbeaver

    These two excerpts from the article I posted I found particularly interesting:

    Back to the Lilly deal for a second, this tweet from the Chicago Sun-Times isn?t going to make you feel better:
    Lilly says not ?overly excited about it,? despite looking forward to battling for a playoff spot.

    Nor will the fact that actually has a name for Theriot?s base-running exploits:
    TOOTBLAN. Acronym for Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop. Baseball statistic invented for Ryan Theriot of the Chicago Cubs, for his penchant for ill-advised steal attempts and general lack of skill running bases.
    Theriot?s current TOOTBLAN number is 19.

  38. nellyjune

    Hey CP!!! How does your hubby feel about all the trades since he is a Cubbies fan? You may have already said, but I am still reading through the thread since I left and came back.

  39. kpookiemon

    “New York opened a roster spot by designating right-hander Chan Ho Park for assignment.”

    Ned????????? Do I need to worry, here??????


    It would be interesting to be closer to the team and get a feel for the reason(s) they have gone flat. These guys are making carloads of money and they’re sleepwalking. That’s pretty chicken s**t in itself, but I’d like to know why.
    And, yeah, why did Joe bring Brox at that point? Kuo is obviously our best reliever at this point, so let him finish the inning. I think Joe does a good job, but I did not get that one.

  41. enchantedbeaver

    What now folks? Forget this season, it was history the minute Manny decided he wasn’t going to take an interest in it. What of the next several years?
    What little talent is left in the minors is 2-3 years away. The three most sorely needed positions – 3B, 2B and C we have no one even remotely close now because Ned’s chosen to trade every single prospect at those positions away, which leaves us with another year of Blake, another 2 of Martin, and a black hole at 2B. Maybe at third you could call it a Blake Hole.
    Starting pitching’s shaping up real well for next season what with Kuroda, Padilla and Lilly out of the picture. That’ll leave us Kersh, Billz, Ely, Monasterios and who – Haeger? Though I fully expect some ?bargains? to come our way along the lines of Ortiz, Milton, Sele and Erikson. My choice for Ned in 2011 ? Rausch.
    The entire bench, save Carroll and maybe Posednik (who’s already isolated himself from his teammates) or Paul (whichever one doesn?t start) all gone, not that anyone cares, but all those spots have to be filled with something, and we know what that something will be.
    Bullpen? Brox (with or without balls, we don’t know), Kuo (always one pitch away from ending his career), Beli ? (can?t count on him to even get out of his country), Tronco (a mess), Wade (done), Sherrill (won?t even be tendered), Dotel (didn?t want Mota, but we?ll have this 37 year old), Weaver (doubt he?ll be offered another contract), Jansen (let?s see how he does over a period of time), Lindblom (not exactly lighting it up in Alb.), Schlicting/Link/Leach (oh please). Though I?m sure Ned will add the D-Train ? that one?s almost a certainty.
    With the exception of Dre who puts up numbers when his pinky?s not hurt, Kemp and Loney are under achievers (hard to tell with Loney though ? he may be what he appears to be.) Furcal will be another year older and a back tweak away from the 60-Day DL. We?ve gone from Hudson to Theriot inside of a year ? are you freakin? kidding me?
    No investing in high draft pick prospects. No investing in Latin America.
    Did I miss anything?
    Well perhaps I missed that ticket prices will at minimum stay the same and probably will go up for a team that even Kansas City would reject.
    My only hope is that this franchise loses value at an astounding rate so that McCourt if/when he?s forced to sell, doesn?t even get back what he paid to Fox.
    Its already lost value at an astounding rate to its fans.

  42. dodger 32

    Josh you have to be kidding, how does anything Ned has done improve this mess? All he did was make us older. Lily is not what he once was and where is his upside? He’ll be gone after this year anyway. I’d rather just let Monastarios pitch and maybe he can improve. Also you trade Dewitt for a guy who’s also older and with a worse obp and slg pct? Where is the improvement? Then you give away a young starting pitcher who could get better and throw in one of our power hitting prospects for an older rental in Dotel? Again I ask how does this improve this mess? The only thing we can do as fans is boycott all games and merchandise until McCourt is forced to sell. I’m so sick of this crap that I very rarely even watch them on TV anymore. What a shame it came to this with this once proud franchise. McCourt has ruined the Dodgers!

  43. dodger 32

    That’s not even to mention Posednik, he’s fitting right in , what is he 1 for 11 since coming here? We needed a power hitting RBI guy and we get another lead off hitter, what happened to getting what you actually need? If he couldn’t figure out how to get what we needed he shouldn’t have done anything. Philly gets Lee, Halliday and Oswalt, and we get Posednik and Lilly? What’s up with that? Which franchise is trying to win and which is blowing smoke up the fans …..? Sell the team low life!!!

  44. dodger 32

    The White Sox figured the million they offered to pay for Manny , McCourt could use to pay his wife’s 1 month of support and he’d still have money left over to go out for dinner. This is almost laughable, and Selig is getting what he deserved by letting this lowlife buy the team, the only bad thing is Dodger fans don’t deserve this. We’ve become the laughing stock of MLB

  45. enchantedbeaver

    Ned’s only made one good trade in his life, and that was Andre for Bradley. Manny I was a gift (Manny II was a mistake, but then does that surprise anyone?) His list of FA acquisitions are 95% joke, 5% luck. He’s gutted the farm for marginal parts, and Frank’s seen to it that it hasn’t been replenished with draft picks which means it was Ned’s job to restock it through unloading of vets. However Ned’s always buying, so he failed at that as well. Some will argue that Ned’s hands are tied by Frank’s cheapness and he acquires the best he can. I say that I could throw a stone into a crowd and whoever it hit would be a better player than what he’s come up with. Let’s just say that talent recognition is not one of Ned’s strong suits.
    At one point they embarked upon a plan of building a team from within. To a point Ned kept with that his first year (though he did sign Nomore, Lofton and LGon which didn’t help elevate Kemp and LaRoche.) But what totally killed any idea of building a team fron within was the assinine hiring of Joe I Can’t Manage Anything But Vets Torre. After that it was one steady stream of PVLs to appease the Mighty Joe Old and block another youngster from the position. Except the vets Ned got weren’t quiiiiiite the same caliber as what Joe was used to getting in NY. (And while I’m on the subject of JoJo, does it irritate the hell out of anyone else that even after 3 years he still refers to everything and every player in reference to the Yankees?)
    What we’re left with is a team that isn’t old, it isn’t young. It isn’t a speed team, it isn’t a power team. It isn’t based upon pitching. It isn’t based upon defense. In short, it has no direction, and with the people running the show, no hope of ever having any.

  46. nellyjune

    Well, it’s not quite what I thought would show up. The Cover photo showed up, but not the article itself with the other photos. I will keep trying to get the whole thing.

  47. kpookiemon

    OK, Point/Counter-Point. SOMEONE has to look at the glass as half full on this Sunday summer morn, so it might as well be me. It?s either that, or play scrabble on-line and weep for my Dodgers.
    1) Kershaw and Billingsley–improving each start. Could be the staff anchors for a decade. There will be potholes, but while other teams like to trade their young arms (see Phils and J.A. Happ), Ned hasn?t, and please don?t point to McDonald?they begged this guy to perform. Remember, he was the 5th starter coming out of Spring Training in ?09.
    2) KempEthierLoney–great hitters, solid defense, young. A bit of a blip this season, but huge upside in the long run. I mean, whether anyone will say it out loud, with McCourt being McCourt and Manny being Manny, it?s a wonder this team doesn?t trail the D-Backs.
    3) Kenley Jansen–just looking at the glass half full?maybe he?s the real deal.
    4) Broxton–has a great future as Jansen?s set-up man.
    5) Logan White–still employed by the Dodgers.
    5) Torre, McCourt, and Colletti–can?t be here forever, can they?
    That?s about all I can find. My son is 12-years-old and doesn?t care for baseball. Still, by the time he?s a middle-aged adult, the Dodgers should be close!

  48. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    Nelly ? My husband, like always, keeps kinda tight-lipped about things. I mean if you think us ITDers are sick of the way our Boys in Blue are performing (or underperforming, as it was) the only thing he has to say about the trade is what he keeps on saying. He knows things are going to look bleak for the Cubs for a long time because they have SO MANY huge contracts that NO ONE will touch. All he keeps saying is, ?Now if only they could get rid of the Ramirez contract, Soriano contract, Zambrano contract.? So when we paid way too much for Princess Druw and/or for Manny and as much as I wish neither slipped on a Dodger uniform, I keep on saying, ?At least it?s short contract and that we don?t still have them for much longer.? Now I know we?ll still be paying for Manny long after this year, but again, at least I won?t have to see his mug all over the tube as ?our hitting savior? or Mannywood splashed all over DS, or anything else that irks me about the guy. For me, the worst contracts the Dodgers have gotten themselves into for the past, oh, 20 years were (in no particular order) were Jason Schmidt, Darren Dreifort and Kevin Brown. Not only were these guys always hurt, but it pissed me off that they continued to collect a paycheck while doing absolutely nothing to help the team. And they had horrible contracts (fantastic for the player, lousy for the team) that kept them on the Dodgers? books for a long time. And then there?s JP?s contract. Not only his noodle arm pissed me off, but we had him for 5 years; over twice as long as we should have had him. Yes, he did contribute a bit (very little) but he still had a lousy contract because he was way overpaid for what he brought to the dance. Not his fault that the Dodgers offered him that kind of a contract, but still, I was not happy about it. And I didn?t even think that we?d be able to trade him when we did. I thought we?d be stuck with him until now or until after the season. That?s why it?s so important, in my eyes, to limit contracts to 2 years at best.

  49. lny4loney

    Given 1) Divorcy McCheap’s lack of money; 2) the depletion of the minor league system due to A) trading away top prospects for i) short-term fixes and ii) much more appallingly to save a few bucks (see 1 above) and B) recent inability to replenish the farm system because of failure to offer arbitration (see 1 above); 3) significant holes in the lineup at A) left field, B) second base, C) third base and D) catcher; 4) questions all over the pitching staff (sole exception being Kershaw); and 5) the approaching free agency of core youngsters like Ethier, Kemp, Loney, and Billingsley (who will not be retained because of 1 above):
    Dodger fans should prepare to enjoy baseball for the next two (very optimistic) to ten years in the way Pirates fans have learned to enjoy it. 1) Enjoy the ballpark experience. 2) Root for the team to win that game with no thought of how it affects non-existent post-season hopes.
    Even in this, the Pirates fan has an advantage because without the promised upgrades to Dodger Stadium, PNC Park surpasses the aging (but fairly easily revived) Dodger Stadium.


    were now up to 42 prospects traded by Ned. I think the only guy still with us that has been traded for (and then not resigned as a FA) is Ethier.

  51. nedajerk

    dodge32, Josh is not kidding even Ned said he improve it and Jeff Passen in his article say we’re winner. There is no freaking upgrade for Theriot he suck regardless and I’d rather leave Dewitt alone in that spot. He got Pods because we don’t know the extinct of Manny being out and speed kill at the top of the order and is an upgrade over GA/Paul for now or we can go back using GA because we all know Ned won’t released GA and hopefully when Manny and Johnson come back GA would be release and Paul would be dfa.

  52. nedajerk

    Philly waste more prospect and I’m all in for saving the farm you know Ned wasn’t going to get any 3 of those pitchers with McCourt owning this team. Halladay, Lee and Oswalt would’ve been a 3 month rental.

  53. nedajerk

    Timmy should?ve lost last week but had a no decision and SF came back and won. Timmy should?ve a lost but crappy risp hitting and he won it. Zito should?ve a lost but they came back with that 2 runs homeruns by Burrell which Kuo would had stay in. All we need is Cain to get his 1st career win vs us after going 0-8

  54. nedajerk

    Lilly happy to be back with Dodgers
    12 minutes ago

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP)?Ted Lilly signed a minor league contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1996 and envisioned pitching for the big league club.

    The left-hander is finally getting his chance?14 years later.

    Lilly, acquired from the Chicago Cubs on Saturday, will start Tuesday when Los Angeles hosts first-place San Diego in a key NL West matchup.

  55. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Here we go- a new month, I just hope it’s a lot better than the last. It has to be way better if we are still entertaining dreams of returning to the postseason.
    I think we gained a legitimate starter in the rotation in Lilly but I’m going to miss DeWitt, but I’ll get over it.
    The offense has to remember how to hit major league pitching if anything at all good is going to happen.

  56. nedajerk

    You have to remember some of those prospect doesn’t turn out good but the way Santana is this might be the only one.

  57. nedajerk

    lol 3/4 of those prospect played in rookie ball and probably won’t even have a chance to make the big league.

  58. enchantedbeaver

    Hey boys and girls, Colorado already won so we have it in our power to take sole possession of 4th place.

  59. nedajerk

    I had a feeling Jansen was going to close it but still why did he lift Kuo after that hbp? I surely don’t think a few more pitches wouldn’t had matter and he’s not going to pitch back to back even though it seem he can if he can go 2 innings and thrown around 20 to 30 pitches.

  60. nedajerk

    I surely hope DeJesus is ready by 2012 and how long is Theriot contract by the way and does he have an option next season?

  61. nedajerk

    DeJesus at 2nd, Gordon at SS and Mitchell at 3rd surely would look good. Gordon need to cut those errors down.


    It dosen’t matter if the prospects make it or not. What matters is not trading them for ****.


    Our slugging percentage just went down with those trades. This team lacks any kind of real power and he bring in two hitters who have a combined 6HR for the year.


    Were paying Juan Pierre way more this year, not to play for us than we are Posednick to play for us.

  65. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, I’m not actively rooting against Ned’s guys, but I must admit I do take some perverse pleasure in watching them fail.

  66. nedajerk

    Since the team is struggling it really doesn’t matter maybe speed would make them score more then the 2.2 average last month would work. Maybe they why Theriot is batting ahead of Furcal right now and if these 2 get on bases Torre better send them every chance they get. Do you really want Dunn and Uggla on this team meaning even more around 6 to 7 more prospect to be gone demonlished the farm system even futher and as I type this freaking Kemp got caught.

  67. nedajerk

    Of course is matter or else you wouldn’t post that message. There was no reason to trade McDonald and Dewitt. McDonald would’ve been fine if they didn’t try to change him from SP to RP back to SP and back to RP.

  68. truebluewill

    I guess that’s why Torre did it. But it backfired, like everything else the Dodgers have been doing lately.

  69. nedajerk

    Discussion: Manny Ramirez
    By Zach Links [August 1, 2010 at 5:45pm CST]
    After being unable to land Nationals slugger Adam Dunn, the White Sox turned their attention to another target in the hours leading up to the Trade Deadline: Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez. The conversation reportedly didn’t last long as Dodgers GM Ned Colletti essentially told White Sox GM Kenny Williams, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Reportedly, the Rays made an inquiry of their own as well.

    As they sit a surmountable seven games back in the NL West, the Dodgers made moves at the deadline to improve themselves in the short-term. Octavio Dotel and Ted Lilly were brought aboard and younger players with upside and team-friendly contracts like Blake DeWitt, James McDonald, and prospect Andrew Lambo were shipped out. However, the club’s goals can change very quickly if they are unable to make up ground or even tread water in the coming weeks.

    The enigmatic superstar has spent a good deal of time on the disabled list this season but has still managed to put forward a .317/.409/.516 slash line and eight homers in 61 games. For a team still in the playoff hunt, the 38-year-old could be very attractive, even for the roughly $7MM he is owed for the rest of the year. If the Dodgers can’t keep their playoff dreams alive, one has to imagine that Ramirez will be an August trade target. The White Sox, Rays, and other contenders will certainly be keeping an eye on the club.

  70. nellyjune

    It’s official – Joe Torre just sucks!!!! Did he not see what we saw yesterday when he did that? Does he ever learn the lesson about intentionally walking players. I think he is purposely trying to lose these days with all of his crazy thinking.

  71. northstateblues

    Wow, timewarped… let’s see if this works (probably not):

    When we got Posednik, I said I’d view him as innocent until proven guilty. After viewing our trade acquisitions today (sans Lilly, of course), I must report that the Jury has returned a verdict. The verdict, Judge? :
    By northstateblues on August 1, 2010 8:12 PM


    Since the Dodgers refuse to score, the pitchers have to try to be perfect. It’s impossible, of course, and another great effort looks to be wasted.

  73. nellyjune

    correction…………we already are in 4th place, but I guess we can set a new goal of catching the D-Backs 🙂

  74. nellyjune

    On top of this being a crappy series, we have had to deal with the Fox announcers yesterday (which are not a delight) and the ESPN announcers who are even worse…………not to mention 2 of the 3 are pro-gnat anyway.

  75. dodgerzona

    Hello all….Nelly how ru? What a wonderful game….NOT……I could not agree more Nelly….Morgan and Miller are the worst

    I surly hope this is it for Torre…Go away already
    Look’s like News Corp/Fox is one of the bidders to buy my Dallas Stars….Weren’t they owners of the Dodgers? Have to ask because i am not sure….Or was it just Fox

    Thank u

  76. nellyjune

    I am doing good Dodgerzona!!! The same can be said about the series. When was the last time we got swept by the gnats? The Dodger fans at AT&T Park are not enjoying this at all. Poor fans 😦


    This team sucks. I’m going camping for a week. I know they are playing the padres. i really don’t care. I’m not going to be getting a score for a week. I’m be in the deep woods in southern Illinois. I’ve had it with this team and their players who choke with runners on. Lousy excuse for a team.

  78. enchantedbeaver

    Shouldn’t be surprised that these guys just roll over and play dead. They don’t even have enough pride to finish out the season. Then again, they haven’t had any heart all season either.

  79. nellyjune

    juan for 4 – LOL!!!!!………….haven’t had to deal with that one for some time. Better start working on some of those songs for our new players enchanted. Not like I have to put the thought in your head.

  80. trublu4ever

    I would fire Ned and all the staff and get rid of most of the players!!!! I’M JUST A LITTLE MIFFED!!!!!

  81. dodgerzona

    So true bpb….Loads of fun tru lol…..Sherrill coming in…O Boy….I wish the season was over….This is just crazy….unacceptable

  82. dodgerzona

    Torre,Ned have to go…Like yesterday….Honeybuns sucks to……The only ones i would even think about keeping are Ng and Logan White….That’s it

  83. enchantedbeaver

    I’m really hoping we have enough time to catch the Snakes. 5TH PLACE MUST BE OURS!!!

    Be nice to have that high draft pick we can’t sign.

  84. dodgerzona

    lol bpb…..we sure aren’t going to sign our pick this year…Zach lee….The way it look’s we will catch the D’Bags

  85. enchantedbeaver

    No runs. Check.

    OK boys. You’ve been able to take sole possession of 4th. Let’s set our sights on those Snakes! Remember, nothing is impossible.

    Well, except scoring.

  86. nedajerk

    As long as the Padres win the division and somehow the Giants fall to 4th places and we somehow finish to 3rd than I’m ok with that.

  87. kpookiemon

    If you’re the opposing pitcher, just who in this line-up scares you right now? Exactly. This team’s scoring reflects the talent. My favorite image from this lost weekend was J. Martin striking out on three pitches against Mota last night to end the game. Not that it mattered, but remember, a catcher can hit any pitcher he’s caught before. Hell, I’d have taken a foul tip.


    Who would even buy the team knowing they have to pay roughly 20 million in player salaries for guys not even on the team.


    When u think guys who hit singles but don’t get on base but have speed is the way to go..then u make that trade. I have written over and over again how Ned is a joke. Many of us felt this way back in 2005 and as I have said before the goal of McCourt has always been to take all the dodger natural resources, pillage them, drive the value of the team up and then sell. Of course he wants to win but is not willing to do the things it takes to achieve it. Even the big signings were guys who were older with questions and basically on the cheap even when expensive. There still has not been 1 in his prime player brought in by Ned other than maybe Furcal the first time, but even then he was 30. Yet ace after ace is dealt not to us and real franchise players are signed by others.

  90. enchantedbeaver

    And this team had 4 All-Stars…

    Well, let’s look at it philosophically. For years they’ve gutted the farm without replenishing it, so they’re reaping what they’ve sewn there.
    They spent millions and millions of dollars on the most ill-advised FAs ever, so that tapped the till in that respect.
    Everything Frank’s ever touched has been leveraged, so when the economy takes a downturn, all of that’s exposed and there’s no money to be had.
    Just about every cent has been sucked out of ticket sales, parking and merchandise to feed the McCourt’s lavish lifestyle, while none of its been put back into the team on the field or the minor leagues.
    Franks already borrowed against future ticket sales, so even 4 million butts in the seats won’t mean more money for payroll.
    They’ve a buffoon running the club and making the roster decisions. They’ve another buffon running the team.

    It all had to catch up with them sometime, and now’s it. I’d like to say we’re just about hitting bottom, but that won’t come until they trade or lose the “core group.” Even at that point if McCourt still owns this team, it’ll remain a dead organization. Whereas most organizations when they hit bottom have no way to go but up, under McCourt’s ownership it’ll hit bottom and flatline.

  91. nedajerk

    Hey bpb nice and I’m surprise you would waste the time and type alot of things we already knew from the start.

  92. nedajerk

    I’m glad July is over and time to bring up those awful stats lol. The freaking Giants top the list with an average of 5.32 runs and I wonder if they still hate there Owner, GM and Manager now. Is still hard to believe that after getting rid of Molina they hitting improve of course some of those rpg came with Molina was still on the team at the beginning of the month. The Dodgers ended up 15th with a 3.53 but after the AS break it seem like and average of 2.2. The Mets are even worst with a 3.38. The Astros are ranked 14th and average 4 rpg and was 1 of 3 teams that had the fewest game played with 24 games and are front of the Dodgers and Mets.

  93. crzblue2

    Hello ITD!
    Like yesterday, I had to go for a drive after the loss to get my mind off the Dodgers.
    Anyway, got a question: Why is it that LA Times magazine is not included in certain areas? I never get it with my subscription. I went around a few places where they sell the newspaper and it was not included. How far do I have to go to find a Sunday paper with the LA Magazine? I”ll ask that to the LA times too.

  94. nedajerk

    timmyt77isback Posts:4973

    Yeah Wallach has what I look for in a pitcher………fewer hits than innings pitched and more than a K an inning.
    I guess I had my hopes too high and I was set on getting one of the Dodgers better prospects. They have a pretty weak system and none of these guys even rated.
    BBA says Wallach has #3 starter potential.
    So if you look at it as getting Lilly for the 2 pitching prospects and then DeWitt for Theriot, it’s not so bad.

  95. nedajerk

    Range Factor/9Inn as 2B s c a p y
    1. Guzman (WSN) 5.44
    2. Utley (PHI) 5.26
    3. Schumaker (STL) 5.18
    4. DeWitt (LAD) 5.03
    5. Barmes (COL) 4.99

    hmmmmmmmm Dewitt RF is better than Theriot thanks alot Ned.


    Interesting article from t.j. on Bowa in the Times this morning.
    Any more lost ground to the pads the next four days and I would say the season is a goner. Maybe these players Bowa is talking about need to play in another city. I don’t care who they are.

  97. enchantedbeaver

    Right now, there’s nobody on this team that’s untouchable, save maybe Kersh and Dre. The rest underachievers all, and make no mistake they too bear a huge brunt of the blame for this season.

    However passionless the players though, they’re no different than their owner and manager who display all the passion of warm milk. Even Ned at least gets upset.


    I am beyond being mad and upset at the Dodgers performance so far this season. After all, nothing is guaranteed in sports and sometimes things just don’t work out. However, I am disappointed at how things have gone even with all the signs that this team had some holes, especially at how bad the Dodgers have looked on national television appearances. I understand the complaints about the Fox and ESPN announcers but the Dodgers have only themselves to blame, from the front office down to the field, for giving these folks so much fodder. Better play on the field and these know it alls in the booth have nothing to say, and that includes Orel.

    I encourage you to read T.J. Simers column in yesterday’s L.A. Times. Usually Simers is a jerk but this time even he was surprised at some answers he got from Larry Bowa and Matt Kemp. I hope that Kemp was sincere in what he said in this article.

    As Nelly has mentioned, Andre was featured in the L.A. Times magazine yesterday. It was a light, fun piece you Ethierholics will enjoy but you need to see the photos. All I can say is Andre looks uncomfortably good in pinstripes.

  99. dodger 32

    Maybe instead of posing for pictures in a magazine and writing a food blog, Dre should concentrate on what he gets paid to do. Play ball!!

  100. perumike

    Hi all! Long time no talk! Been very busy, and also pretty down with the way our team has been going lately. We really MUST take two of three during this series, or I’m afraid to say I think it’s over. While I am not a huge fan of the trades that were done, I do kind of like them, especially considering that it could have been a lot worse. Can our boys just put a whooping on the Padres during this series and make them think twice about making plans as NL West Champs?


    Dodger 32, when I read the article about Dre and still thinking about how the team had been playing lately and especially how Andre had been performing, I thought the same thing. However, I don’t begrudge the players for some well deserved time away from the game and just hope these articles and commercials are not much of a distraction.

  102. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Folks
    They say it’s always darkest before the dawn and it looks pretty dark out there for the Dodgers.
    Are they facing quality pitching or has the league adjusted to their individual hitting patterns, know just how to get them out and are not making any mistakes?
    Whatever, the overall batting slump has to end sooner or later.
    As we all know the longer things take to change the worse this team will end up this year but things have a way of turning around.

  103. oldbrooklynfan

    Some goals for the Dodgers:
    The Dodgers need 27 wins to be certain of finishing at .500 and 9 more to assure themselves of not losing 100 games, which they have never done.

  104. truebluewill

    Hi guys ~ I just turned the game on. How could we get 3 hits in the first inning and not score a run?

  105. nedajerk

    Loney should be freaking shot now. lol must had caught the Kemp bad baserunning. Did that really freaking happen?

  106. truebluewill

    Did Kemp not hustle on his way to the plate and Loney got thrown out at third? Please don’t tell me that’s what happened?

  107. trublu4ever

    Loney was thrown out at third but, if Matt would have hustled, his run would have scored before Loney was tagged out.

  108. oldbrooklynfan

    You have to admit that this is kind of interesting 7 hits, 5 in a row and still no runs in 3 innings.

  109. truebluewill

    Vin said that Kemp turned around to see where Loney was and that caused him to slow down and that is why they were able to tag out Loney before Kemp scored. TB4, if you don’t mind I must say that was U N A C E P T A B L E !!!!!

  110. trublu4ever

    Hey, PObear, the Mannywood sign is coming down. Franks can make more money by using the space for advertising (John Hancock Insurance) lol

  111. 32and53fan

    I am at my wits end with Kemp. I could not believe it when they showed him casually jogging home and then looking over his shoulder just before Loney got thrown out at third. And this was after he was reamed out by Bowa via the T.J. Simers article today and vowed to improve his play: “There’s more there,” Kemp said. “I agree. It’s something I need to sit here and think about and then change.”
    I am sick of his pea brain approach to playing baseball. I was the one who wrote to Steve Lyons on his blog last year about Kemp being a five tool player but questioned his sixth tool: intelligence. Lyons has since written and spoken about it, graciously calling it “baseball instinct”.
    I have been watching this guy and having to hold my tongue while people here were having orgasms about his physical gifts two years ago and writing any of his miscues off as inexperience due to him really being a basketball player and not playing baseball until late in life.
    Bowa said if he had Kemp’s physical gifts, he would be in in the Hall of Fame. I’m sorry but Kemp is just not that bright. If you stood close enough to him, you could hear the ocean. I had more “baseball instincts” in little league than Kemp has now. I have a feeling he has never watched any video of how a true Hall of Fame caliber player, Pete Rose, approached the game with the “sixth tool”… intensity, intelligence, guts, whatever.
    I wish I could see things from Kemp’s point of view, but I can’t get my head that far up my ***!
    Sorry for the rant but guys that make mental mistakes really push my buttons.

  112. jhallwally

    Yep Brooklyn, the beat goes on!! Well, let’s see how our boys respond. Still somewhat early. Get a couple of runs here and there and we can at least make’em sweat!!!

  113. enchantedbeaver

    If they had a closed door meeting and Torre did most of the talking, is it any wonder they’ve been inspired to go out and do again tonight what they’ve been doing? Maybe they’re trying to drive Joe into retirement, in which case I applaud their [non]efforts.

    If on the otherhand they’re not, this team needs total overhauling, and if that includes Kemp, Loney and the rest of the “core” (or should it be corpse?), then so be it.

    First they need to start with the worthless vets this month.
    Say goodbye to Blake, Manny, Kuroda, Dotel, Theriot, Posednik and Furcal and get some damn prospects back in the system. You find anyone that’ll give you an egg beater or cookie cutter for Belliard and Sherrill, take it.

    Work on dealing the Martin’s and Kemp’s and Loney’s during the winter after you’ve fired Ned’s worthless asss, and start all over. You aren’t going to win with this group anyway.


    the Milwaukee Brewers have scored 16 runs in eight innings at Chicago tonight. The Dodgers have a term for a 16-run outburst, too. It’s called “July.”

  115. enchantedbeaver

    LMAO jungar!! And how are you? Wait – don’t answer that!!

    You’d think after having Pierre leadoff, and you’d think after getting rid of Pierre, that you wouldn’t go back out and get Pierre and bat him leadoff.

    But I’m just a dumb blogger.

  116. enchantedbeaver

    Weaver I’d trade for a sock puppet at this point in time.

    Now when Weaver was throwing well awhile back, JoJo’d forget he was on the team. Now that he throws batting practice, Joe has him in all the time.

  117. jhallwally

    Amen Trumom!!! Weaver is useless!!! I get the impression that alot of our players have already mailed it in and made their early October cruise reservations!!!!


    I know this is sac religious but part of me is sorta happy about all this in a sick and twisted way. I just hope this pushes the for sale process faster along. You all know I stated we would never win a WS under McCourt based mainly on the fact that he just seems to reek of bad karma. Maybe we can sell, Ned can be canned and we can start over. I am at a loss for words and am really unhappy truth be told. If the team wanted to win, they would have taken those prospects and got Adam Dunn who hit 1 homerun today or 1 more than theorit and posednick will hit combined.

  119. enchantedbeaver

    Here’s a thought that might help:
    Everytime we lose to the Pads, we’re screwing the Gnats.
    And you guys thought you couldn’t use screwing without using Jamie in the same sentence.

  120. jhallwally

    Yep Jason, it has gone to the point where you wonder how long it will take for the deceribrates in the Owners box and front office to wake up.

  121. jhallwally

    LOL Beav!! I like it!! Screw the G’nats!!!

    Hey Beav. Jamie was riding in a limo, and NAILED the driver!!! Thus, screwing Frank.


    I don’t know if they will. They will say well 2 outta the last 3 aren’t bad…. I think the goal from McCourt was to buy the team, turn it back around to be competitive (he has, we are better in general than the fox years) rape the team of it’s resources in order to keep the MLB club above avg, spend money on stadium improvements to drive up the price of the franchise and then get rid of all the young players before they become too expensive, and then sell.

  123. 32and53fan

    Ned must have been decerebrated to trade Dewitt for Theriot. I haven’t seen anything written about his reasons for doing so. The only thing I can figure is that the Cubs demanded that they trade those two in order to get the Lilly deal done.

  124. jhallwally

    Hey JoJo, just leave Weaver in there to continue this mess. Then bring in Sherrill to mop it all up.. No use to waste legitemate arms for this crap!!!

  125. jhallwally

    They won’t Jason. Frank and Ned don’t have to brain cells to rub together. That, and no ‘Nads between them, makes them incompetent and impotent. Ask Jamie!!!!!

  126. jhallwally

    Good point 32!!! Please JoJo, its time to bring in Sherrill to finish this off. He either gets his sh*t together or we get to see a major league shelling. Right now, I would enjoy the shelling. We aren’t winning this game anyhow!!!!

  127. nedajerk

    Torre just forgot Weaver in the 1st half of the season and should’ve had pitch more and now that he’s been using him he’s been awful in the 2nd half.

  128. enchantedbeaver

    In the good old days, stealing when you’re up 6 would get Venable hit his next AB (which should be later this inning.)

  129. jhallwally

    It’s alright with me Trumom, but Frank will probably get dibs and try to make money from it. The Ned, bobble boob doll!!!! LOL!!!

  130. enchantedbeaver

    Don’t do it Tru – if its a Dodger surgeon you’re just as likely to end up with Ned’s mustache instead.

  131. 32and53fan

    The only thing that has made watching the Dodgers somewhat bearable lately is that I was given a broken 22″ LCD monitor, had the factory upgrade me to a full 1080p HD 23″ monitor under warranty. That allowed me to swap my cable set top box for a HD DVR box so now I can watch this crap in glorious high definition and skip through the commercials. Now I can see all the empty seats behind home plate with a lot more clarity.

  132. nellyjune

    Make sure you go back and check for songs :))

    Tickets sold and actually attendance are two totally different things.

  133. 32and53fan

    Wally, here’s a short song in honor of Mitch Miller, who died a couple of days ago at the age of 99. One of the many hits he produced for Columbia Records was “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”:

    “I saw Neddie kissing Frankie’s rear
    underneath the owner’s box last night.
    He answered McCourt’s beeps
    on his phone and signed some creeps;
    So now we have a guy that drops
    the ball whenever he leaps.

    Then, I saw Torre praising Matty Kemp
    for wearing a uniform so snowy white.
    Oh, what a laugh it would have been
    If Torre had only seen
    Bowa kicking many butts last night.”

    Congratulations Matt for going 5 for 5. But I still would like to see you develop that sixth tool and learn when to hustle and when to back off on the base paths.

  134. nellyjune

    Well, at least when the Dodgers aren’t playing up to their potential, we can always count on the ITD crowd to make things a little more bearable. Funny stuff boys and girls!!!!!

    I was at Chase Field tonight watching the D-backs/Nationals game with 5 players from my son’s team. As far as the stadium, it was fun being at an indoor ballpark, but strange at the same time. The good thing is I paid $25 bucks for right field baseline seats and $5 for parking. You can sit behind home plate for $50, and if you want to sit in the D-Backs version of the dugout club, it’s $150. The attendance was horrible, and I understand the D-Backs are in last place so I am not sure if the prices would be different if they were not in last place. However, the last time I checked, we were in 4th and are probably staying there for a while.

    As for the Dodgers, I was watching the scoreboard not liking what I was seeing so I had to check into it on my phone……………as I figured, not good at all. I was wearing my Ethier All-Star shirt hoping it would give him some much needed support, but I guess that wasn’t the case. However, in that first inning if they hadn’t had those crazy stupid outs, the first inning could have been much different seeing how Andre did get his one hit for the night then.

  135. oldbrooklynfan

    I met Mitch Miller walking around the Lincoln Bld. in Manhattan. I recognized his face from T.V. I said “Your Mitch Miller, right?” and he smiled and said “yes I am?” He kept going and I thought “wow”.
    Sorry to hear of his death, My condolences to his family and loved ones”.

  136. dodgereric

    Even if somehow a spark can be found that will turn the offense around (hitting, and therefore, NOT hitting is contagious), it will be sure that Colletti had no part in it. Only one of his deals actually improved an area that needed it: Dotel. Granted, he’s old. Granted, he’s no more than ordinary. Granted, it may have cost far too much. But at least improving the pen was a need. He could have done as well as Lilly by keeping Garland or Wolf and we’d still have DeWitt. Of course, it would have been more expensive and maybe that is the point.

    Colletti and McCourt are depending on Ramirez’ effective return to revitalize the offense and save the day. That much is apparent. I thought Sparkle’s comment about Ned’s moves being a “great sideways move” was perfect.

    As bad as things are right now, it could actually be worse. We’ve lost 6 straight, right? Before that, we won 5 out of 6. Before that, we lost 6 straight. Now, back up. Of those 5 wins, four were by the score of 2 – 0, 2 – 0, 1 – 0 and 2 – 0. If our admittedly stellar starting pitching were just a little less fabulous and gave up a respectable 3 runs per, we’d be staring at a record of 1 – 16 in the last 17 games. And the one win was 3 – 2.

    Finally, noting the anti-Kemp hysteria around here, can anyone (except shad, who noticed) admit that Loney committed the higher error in the first inning? Making the last out at third is a baseball no-no. If you’re going to take third with 2 out, you had better make it easily because the gain is not worth the risk. Perhaps Kemp could have hustled more, but has anyone here actually PLAYED the game? If you know there isn’t going to be a play on you, it’s only human nature to back off a little, particularly in the first inning. But regardless, Loney screwed up here a lot more than Kemp. But Kemp is the lightning rod these days. So be it.

    PS – I know the gate was announced as 40,000, but there is no way there were more than 27 – 28,000 in the park for an August matchup with a division rival who happens to be leading the division. People are staying away.

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

  137. nedajerk

    Urgh I guess that picture didn’t work. It show Ted LIlly getting mad and throwing his glove on the ground.

  138. nellyjune

    I really don’t think Manny is going to make that much of a difference. The only difference it will make is one extra outfielder, and it will probably send Xavier down to AAA. It’s not like he has been great offensively, but I am still of the mindset………………Let the kids play!!!! Heaven forbid they should DFA Anderson.

  139. nellyjune

    …………and playing miserably always leads to great songs as well. Funny how that works. LOL!!!!!!

  140. nellyjune

    Well, having family members who are Giants and Padres fans doesn’t make it real easy to not be a tad miffed at times. Those of you that work with those fans know what it is like too I can imagine.

  141. dodgereric

    I doubt that Ramirez will come back very strong either, I’m just saying that our genius management team is counting on it. And when he doesn’t, they’ll use him as the scapegoat.

    Your family members who gloat during the good times show the lack of class that they are known for. You are to be commended for holding your tongue in the good times. It’s too bad that pointing to that fact is completely lost on them. Don’t forget to say “56 FRIGGIN’ YEARS OF GARBAGE” to the gnats and “REBUILDING SINCE 1969” to the puds.

  142. nellyjune

    I am not a Manny fan, but I have no doubts Manny will be used as the reason for everything gone right or wrong at this point. If they manage to turn it around, he will be the savior, and if they continue down the drain, he will be the cause of that as well because he didn’t fix what was wrong. I know the players are the ones hitting, catching and pitching the ball, but I am still pretty convinced that the underlying issues have more to do with our ownership/management, or lack there of at this point. Even as a player for this team, wouldn’t you be just a tad miffed if for three years in a row now (talking about our core group) your management team has not gotten you anything better than pvls that maybe will or maybe won’t work out. With the exception of Manny (to some degree), who else has really come onto this ball club (pvls) and actually helped our offense and/or pitching?

  143. nellyjune

    ….and as far as Giants and Padres fans, at least when I am at home, I can walk into another room or just leave. I actually feel more for those that have to work around the gloating idiot fans. There is always a pretty cool photo of an empty SF Giants World Series Trophy Case that really gets the point across.

  144. colliethec

    I like that photo!!! I also like to ask them how they enjoy looking at that 2002 wild card banner and gosh you were so close… Well maybe this will be the year you can feel what I’ve had the privilege of feeling. I mentioned to one of my pop off friends after the sweep that now I know what it feels like to be. Giants fan.

  145. nellyjune

    I think you are the one who showed me that photo. Collie – I can’t imagine what Dodger fans living in the Bay Area are going through. The same with the Dodger fans down in the San Diego area.


    Since our base runners want to do things to keep the guy in front of him from scoring, does this mean the next hitter who hits a homer will have to run like hell so the on deck guy can’t do something stupid? I’ve never seen this crap before. Except when Kent and Drew both were out at home. That was another crowning moment.

  147. dodger 32

    When mediocrity and worse are excepted and nothing is done about it As per Mattingly, Anderson and Sherrill, and Martin , it sends a message to the rest of the team, that this is acceptable and you don’t have to worry about your performance because your job is also safe. I remember in the old days if a guy wasn’t hitting over 250 he either was released or sent down or traded. Also if a team stopped hitting the first to go was the coach, and if that didn’t solve the problem then the players that were underperforming would also be gone. It’s just another example of bad ownership and management.


    well putting a 900 OPS guy in the middle of the lineup would help for sure. We were a great offense at one point. I think the whole lineup has felt the effects of No Manny. Dre in particular who has hit about 240 now for two months without that protection or perceived protection. I agree Manny is the scapegoat but again the blame is on management. You don’t pay one guy 20 million and expect the others to just not care. Not when the guy making 20 million isn’t a leader, doesn’t play two ways and this year hardly making the effort to be on the field. The lakers paying Kobe 20 million isn’t an issue for example cause he leaves it on the court each night and demands that his teamates do, aside from being a gate attraction (which IMO is the only reason we resigned the guy, so McCheap can make money)

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