Yankee finale…

What an awesome series this has been so far! Fifty-six thousand fans, waving towels and getting into the game the last 48 hours. While some say that it feels like postseason baseball in the stadium, I’m not sure it’s quite reached that level. I’d say it’s more like late September pennant-race baseball. But it’s been a heck of an atmosphere in stadium and the finale is just a few hours away.

We’ve been so busy with the extra media and all that’s going on, somehow we didn’t post anything Friday or Saturday, but you guys have kept the conversation going on Inside the Dodgers. We’ll figure out a tour soon…and it’ll obviously be open to any and all who read these messages.

Should be cool to hear Orel Hershiser break down Clayton Kershaw on tonight’s national telecast. A series win could do a lot to boost the confidence of the team after a tough couple weeks. And with a six-game road trip looming back against the NL West teams the Dodgers seem to play well against (with Billingsley coming off the DL), a win today would be huge.

And by the way, if you come out early today, be sure to stop by Viva Los Dodgers and get an autograph from Steve Yeager, who will be signing out there.


  1. nellyjune

    Thanks for the new thread Josh!!!! And thanks in advance for another tour!! Can’t wait!!!

    GO DODGERS!!!!!

  2. northstateblues

    Thanks for offering the tour again, Josh. Won’t be able to make it this time, but for anyone that didn’t go last year, it’s well worth it.

    Tour’s probably gonna be HUGE this year with the addition of Facebook and Twitter to the Dodgers’ multimedia arsenal. Seeing as this is the Los Angeles Dodgers we’re talking about, and not an indie garage band from Canoga Park, nobody should really be that surprised.

    But I hope that the commenters here and everyone who wants to meet-and-greet each other have more of an opportunity to get together and hang out more than we got to last year. Everyone should make it happen, should be fun.

    Let’s hope the Colletti-era Dodger Stadium magic has turned Andy Pettite into a PVL over the weekend. Hell, if we get this win, maybe even Frank McCourt will start believing in this team enough to go balls-out and put this team over the edge of competitors to Contenders.

    What do you think, Joe Morgan?

    Joe Morgan: I think, no, I KNOW that that’s a tall order for the Dodgers against the second greatest franchise in Baseball history.

    Jon Miller: Hold on a minute Joe, are you calling the New York the SECOND greatest team in baseball history? Who’s better.

    Joe Morgan: :: scoffs :: The ’72-’79 Cincinnati Reds, of course. :: self-righteous cackling ::

    Jon Miller: … Ooooookay… :: checks watch :: :: rolls eyes :: :: sigh ::

    Tim McCarver: As bad as New York was yesterday, that’s as not-bad as they’re going to have to be good today.

    :: Jon Miller turns to notice Tim, turns to see Joe’s reaction… which isn’t happening, as Joe is primping and smiling while checking himself out in a mirror ::

    Jon Miller: Uh… Tim, it’s Sunday… you can go back home now.

    Tim McCarver: They don’t let me ride with them anymo… SQUIRREL!!!

    (apologies to Seth MacFarlane and Disney Pixar)

    (No apologies to Joe Morgan)

  3. nedajerk

    Jackson gets break after 149-pitch featEmail Print Comments7 Associated Press


    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Arizona right-hander Edwin Jackson will get extra rest after throwing 149 pitches to complete the fourth no-hitter of the major league season.

    Diamondbacks manager A. J. Hinch said Sunday that Jackson will pitch Friday or Saturday against the Los Angeles Dodgers instead of his scheduled start Wednesday at St. Louis. Arizona explored several options to ensure Jackson’s arm recovers before his next start.

    Jackson walked eight and allowed 10 baserunners overall while beating the Tampa Bay Rays 1-0 on Friday night.

    It has not been determined yet who will replace Jackson on Wednesday.

  4. nedajerk

    Garret Anderson 82 33 3 0 3 10 1 11 .402 .410 .549 .958
    Manny Ramirez 77 32 8 0 4 20 7 7 .416 .465 .675 1.140
    Jamey Carroll 15 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 .133 .235 .133 .369
    Rafael Furcal 12 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 .083 .083 .167 .250
    Reed Johnson 11 1 1 0 0 0 3 1 .091 .286 .182 .468
    Casey Blake 7 1 0 0 0 0 2 2 .143 .333 .143 .476
    Ronnie Belliard 4 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 .250 .250 .500 .750
    Russell Martin 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000
    Totals 210 71 14 0 7 32 15 23 .338 .383 .505 .888

  5. northstateblues

    Rick Reilly just laid the smacketh down on Frank (and Jaime) McCourt on National TV (ESPN).

    Most of it was stuff we’ve said on this blog for years, but the surprising thing to me was the passion in Rick’s delivery. He sounded as irate and discontented as any of the posters here (as well as the uncensored FB comments).

    One thing I wish he hadn’t done, though, is say that there were no single game tickets sold, and you had to “buy a season ticket package” to get tickets. Wish he would’ve done his homework a little more, since even that little bit of doubt he created can be used to discredit him.

    Just a small thing, though. It was entertaining, but somewhat embarrassing as well. I don’t want to be pitied, I just wanna see my team win a ballgame today.

  6. nedajerk

    Clayton Kershaw & Walks
    Split IP BB BB/9
    April 29.1 22 6.75
    62.1 26 3.75

    hmmmmmm and Kershaw is ranked 3rd in walks and if only Kershaw walks was down in April.

  7. northstateblues

    Wish I had found this yesterday… this weekend marks an interesting moment in Baseball history, the 66th anniversary of a 3-team game between the Dodgers, Giants and the AL squad as well.


    (from http://espn.go.com/sportscentury/moments/9906.html )

    (June 26) 1944: Baseball supports the war effort with an unusual exhibition game at the Polo Grounds. Presented by the War Bond Sports committee in connection with the Fifth War Loan, the game among the Dodgers, Giants and Yankees swells New York’s quota in the current bond drive by $56.5 million.

    The crowd of 50,000 contributes $5.5 million to attend, while the Bond Clothing Co. pays $1 million in bonds for an autographed program. The overwhelming majority of the money comes from the city of New York, with Mayor Fiorello La Guardia purchasing $50 million worth of bonds.

    As for the game, each team bats six times, plays defense six times, and watches six times in the nine-inning game. It takes a professor of mathematics at Columbia to figure out how to accomplish this. The Dodgers win the three-cornered game with five runs, while the Yankees score one run and the Giants are shut out.


  8. kpookiemon

    bear, the only news on Frank this morning was his hiring of yet another big-time lawyer to combat Jamie’s big-time lawyer. Sigh……………………………….

  9. nedajerk

    Wow another Red Sox injuries I don’t want to wish anyone to get hurt but why does team seem to play full strength against us than other teams someone get hurt.

  10. nedajerk


  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Hello Everyone
    Well I’m ready for another big one tonight with Kershsaw dueling Pettitte.
    It shouldn’t be as easy as last night because Pettitte is having one of his best seasons.
    But I’m sure Kershaw is up for the challenge.
    I see Torre is giving Kemp a breather. He looked like he could use one.
    Well it’s time to get started.
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  12. nedajerk

    I don’t expect that dp Manny and you’re #1 on the team with the highest batting average against Pettitte in your career.

  13. kpookiemon

    First off, trading Kemp for Zambrano would be horrid, ill-advised, and plain stupid. Second, just to stir the pot and rile ITD, as far as Frank is concerned, the L.A. Times figured a few months ago that the divorce would cost $19 million before it was all said and done, and that was BEFORE Frank and Jamie each brought in their own super-star “hired gun,” each billing at something like $1100/hr.

  14. truebluewill

    Alright Johnson! He has great numbers against LHPers, I think that’s why he’s starting tonight.

  15. nedajerk

    Wow that was there 27 errors for them this year tied with the Twins for lowest in the league so I guess they were due to make one.

  16. truebluewill

    I like the way Kershaw is pitching tonight. Only 2 strikeouts, but no walks. He’s letting them put the ball in play and keeping his pitch count down.

  17. Dodger4life

    Good evening all………
    I am a little late to the party tonight…..but it is rocking!!

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    I’ve been having “page loading” problems.
    IF this gets through.
    It was good to see Clayton immediately shut them down right after we scored 3 runs.

  19. oldbrooklynfan

    I just notice that ESPN can been seen on the computer.
    But I’d rather watch it on the TV screen.

  20. northstateblues

    Me too, OldBrooklynFan. Too bad it could’nt have been as easy as it felt.

    More runs would be nice now, heheh.

    And thanks, Dodger4Life. I didn’t know I could watch it on my HD laptop, instead of my standard tv, which cuts off the outs on the scoreboard graphic. Awesome.

  21. nedajerk

    Career vs. LAD 17 63 8 11 1 0 1 7 7 17 4 0 .175 .268 .238 .506

    That was Arod 2nd career HR’s and both in this series vs us in 18 games?

  22. truebluewill

    An A-Bomb for A-Rod. As long as the Dodgers don’t give up any more we’ll be alright. Lets get them back.

  23. northstateblues

    My Loney has a first name, it’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name, it’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him everyday
    And if you ask me why, I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With D-E-F-E-N-S-E!!!

  24. nedajerk

    He didn’t have a 4 out saves and he came in with a 9-4 lead. Yeah probably Link and Travis. Broxton had thrown 19 pitches last night should’ve never been pitching tonight. Torre take full blame for this. Broxton had no right to come in to start an inning with a 4 runs lead. I knew he was going to blow it. Poor Kershaw to for pitching so well.

  25. truebluewill

    I’m listening to the game on the radio. Monday says Loney should have thrown home. How did look on TV?

  26. crzblue2

    Ok I am so pissed! 4 hours her? No! 5 1/2 hours since I got here early. I am sick of losing in Boston, sick of losing here.

  27. oldbrooklynfan

    Yes Monday’s right but I think Loney was trying to end the game, which made him lose time to get the runner at the plate. It was a bad decision.

  28. northstateblues


    The only way to see CHRIS GUCCIONE call a game on June 27th is by buying a 14 game mini-plan!

  29. Dodger4life


  30. truebluewill

    That game was a killer. The worst. It makes me sick, I can’t even analyze it. I’m just going to go to bed. The worst thing is I have to face my Yankee fan co-workers tomorrow.

  31. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Yeah, Loney should have come to the plate first, hind-sight says anyone but Broxton in the 9th, and John Miller’s an idiot.
    This is getting real old.

  32. robertelee@yahoo.com

    Broxton needs another pitch besides a fastball and he doesn’t have it. Last game I’m watching for awhile. This will be a first time in 58 years than I’ve been so pi**ed at this team and management. I’ve got a lot of other things to do and one is go to bed earlier in the st. louis area. Good nite all.

  33. nellyjune

    Once again, why not let Kersh finish a game? He looked pretty irritated when he found out he was done. Edwin pitched 149 pitches the other night. Torre does this all the time. How are you going to know if he can go a complete game if you don’t let him try. He wasn’t even in trouble at the time. Very frustrating because we pretty much lost Brox for tomorrow and perhaps Tuesday as well with Zito and Cain on the mound for the gnats.

    Andre, Garrett, and Casey shouldn’t have even be put in that situation. There is a big difference in coming from behind and seeing a game just completely gone within one half an inning.

  34. nellyjune

    I didn’t realize Billz is back tomorrow. Nothing like throwing him into the fire pit of hell the first time back off the DL.

  35. nedajerk

    Well look like Link is going to be sent down to activated Link. You telling me Link could’ve had started the inning? I know is alot of pressure on him but I think he could’ve done it.

  36. nellyjune

    Kersh did such a great job tonight and really deserved that win. He pitched well (very few walks and pitched to contact) and he batted very well. The offense did their job this game as well. They played good fundamentally sound baseball tonight. It is amazing how one half an inning can change the entire complexity of a game.

  37. nellyjune

    With that being said, I do love to watch Brox pitch, and that half inning is going to be painful for him for a couple days while he sits and watches his team take on the evil Bay Area team. I really think Torre should have done something other than putting Brox in at the time, but I am sure that is his fear in not knowing if the other members of his bullpen could handle it. I don’t think other than Kershaw doing it himself I would have trusted any other pitcher in our bullpen to come in and finish it off.

  38. kpookiemon

    Broxton’s getting pretty good at laying an egg on the big stage. Does he have a closer’s ice? Not so sure. I feel a real bad vibe right now. Etheir’s lips were easy to read after he rolled out to start the bottom of the ninth. “Unf**king believable,” were his exact words, before slamming his helmet and smashing his bat. Not sure if his venom was aimed at himself…or his chagrined teammate.

  39. nellyjune

    Kahli – I saw that and immediately thought how often we say that very same thing around here. It was like we were hearing Jhall’s phrase for real. I think the frustration was a little of both………….frustrated he couldn’t finish it off and frustrated that he even had to have the bat in his hands again in the first place. Andre never seems to be the type to blame others, but it’s been contagious around the league this weekend, with Zambrano’s meltdown calling out Lee and another one in the Rays game today between Longoria and Upton.

  40. colliethec

    So that was ugly tonight. I missed the last few innings as I was at my softball game. I haven’t been on here much lately as I’ve been busy at work and every time I try to post it takes forever.
    Robertlee had a great point about Brox throwing the same pitch. When I got into my car after my game I looked at some stats and his pitches were all fastballs and a few sliders. It seems often he just goes with a fastball and an occasional slider. He needs a 3rd pitch. A change up would be awesome if he could/would use it once in awhile.
    Also I agree with Nelly. I would of gone to Brox as well. Someone questioned his ability on the big stage. I agree he’s blown up in those situations but he closed it out yesterday so I think he can do it. He is the closer and needs to be counted on in these types of games. I think he can do it but he needs the help of a vet or the pitching coach to show him how to use his other pitches. I would hope him seeing Rivera would be something he could learn from.
    In the last few years I’ve been a supporter of Torre. But it seems as he’s lost control of this team. They have their heads down and mope and look like they are feeling sorry for themselves.
    I’m all for being fired up and getting hacked off and showing emotion but I’m tired of seeing Russ get upset for watching strike 3 get thrown by him and then throwing a hissy over it. When he got hosed at 2nd the other night and then spiked his helmet I was mad at him. Not the ump. Yes the ump IMO blew the call but he had no business being off the bag there.
    They just aren’t playing smart ball. Today they started out well but then couldn’t close. Not just Brox. But Belly was up with runners at 2nd & 3rd and 1 out. What does he try to do? Go yard and pulls the ball to the 3rd baseman. That was an important run that he cost by not going the other way. Good team get that runner in. Bad teams try to be a hero and do too much. When that play happened I thought to myself “that could come back to haunt”… Well it did. We’ve seen this kind of ball all year long.
    This team isn’t playing like a team at all. They seem to be doing all their own things. Torre included. It seems as if most of them are all checked out.

  41. northstateblues

    I’m over the loss last night.

    What I’m not over is that the LA logo wallpaper on the dodgers.com site has been changed to a Dove advertisement.

    Makes me wonder how many people in the organization, from the top down, actually WANT to be Dodgers…

    The most angering thing to me was the amount of opposing fans at the stadium last night. Surprising that so many NY fans would buy 14 or 7 game miniplans. A shame and a disgrace.

    Usually I get mad when National broadcasts call out Dodger fans for leaving early, but last night, it was hard to argue. Dodger fans left early to a seemingly-insurmountable lead (which, if they had spent any time watching the team, they’d know no lead is insurmountable, on either side of the plate).

    The big loser this weekend: Frank McCourt. This team was 1 run on Friday and 2 outs on Sunday from sweeping the “Mighty” ones, but they just couldn’t get over that hump. The thing is, that obstacle isn’t created by other teams, or even the players themselves, it’s created by Frank McCourt doling out money left and right to EVERYTHING BUT the product on the field.

    Cut the promotions.

    No one cares if the cast of Entourage (mostly NY fans) throws out the first pitch at LA-NY. No one cares if there’s tons of billboards up with the Osbournes, Landon Donovan, George Lopez or Spongebob Squarepants lending their support to a team that they probably don’t support.

    I’d give other advice, but it’s obvious that Frank McCourt doesn’t give a damn about the Los Angeles Dodgers as anything but a money factory.

    He’s Georgia Fronitere.

    Georgia Frankiere.

    He has disgraced LIFELONG DODGER FANS by turning our beloved franchise into a JOKE.

    And he doesn’t give a DAMN.

    There’s always the 7 houses.

    There’s always the L.A. Marathon.

    There’s always the next photo-op.

    Any fans that care about this team that express their opinions are brushed off as “angry bloggers”… but the dissent has spread far beyond the clutches of the internet.

    Frank thinks the fans are behind him. Men and women far greater than him have made the same mistake, and have quickly found themselves on the outside looking in from their own personal Elba.

    But Frank McCourt is less Napoleon then he is Nero, playing the violin and laughing as Rome burns.

    But that’s just my opinion, and opinions are like… well, you know the saying.

    I want to know what YOU think, Dodger fans.

    HERE’S MY CHALLENGE TO ALL DODGER FANS READING THIS: Let us know whether you give Frank McCourt a Vote of Support, a Vote of No Confidence, or a Show of Indifference. Everyone. Not just the normal posters, but the readers of this blog who don’t normally post as well.

    Are the Dodgers fans discontented with McCourt out of line (due to the impressive rate of playoff showings since he took over)? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. Hopefully everyone will be civil towards one another when it comes to differing opinions, but I’m just curious as to the scope of opinions on McCourt’s Ownership.

    As for me, as much as it pains me to disrespect the position of Owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I give a Vote of No Confidence.

    Votes of Support: 0
    Votes of No Confidence: 1
    Shows of Indifference: 0

  42. northstateblues

    (Note: Out of the billboard people named, I do want to qualify that George Lopez is a diehard Dodger Fan)

  43. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Do not know about the rest of you, but I’m not over last night. Sure as hell do not want to hear that “turn the page” crap.
    So Brox lays an egg in a big game. Again. So who else can you use. I would have called for him myself. This team needs pitching, which is hardly a secret. Now would be a good time.
    Not voting as of yet. Not for the next couple of days.

  44. nellyjune

    NSB – I am with Messagebear, both in no confidence in our owner and the fact that your post requires no embellishments because it is perfect as it stands alone. Okay, so I embellished a tad 🙂

    I am hoping if anything, last night’s turn of events showed the entire nation what we on ITD have been saying for two to three years now. WE NEED PITCHING!!! (or at minimum a new pitching staff). If anybody didn’t believe it until yesterday, they sure as hell should believe it now. Yes, Brox had a meltdown, but once again, he shouldn’t have even been put into the game. Torre was left with no options once he sat Kersh (which was probably the original mistake IMO) because nobody left in the bullpen other than Broxton could have finished either.

  45. nellyjune

    When I wrote pitching staff, I meant coaching, not the pitchers themselves. I still think it is very odd that Troncoso has just seemed to have lost his stuff and being so young either he is hurt or he is just being left to figure things out on his own.

  46. blueteapartymember1

    I think northstate wants it like this, with my vote added:

    Votes of Support: 0
    Votes of No Confidence: 5
    Shows of Indifference: 0

    However, I’d like to add something to the ballot.

    I love Frank McCourt and hope that he owners the Dodgers forever: 0

    *Contraction for Bostonian without a father

  47. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Not long ago we talked about cleaning up the language on here and I supported that. But last night was just unf**kingbelievable. Nothing else covers it.

  48. trublu4ever

    Votes of support: 0
    Votes of no confidence: 5
    Shows of indifference: 0

  49. nellyjune

    knouffbrock – I believe Andre even said it himself last night after his last at-bat. So, it wasn’t just the fans thinking or saying it.

  50. blueteapartymember1

    Sure can, bear!

    knouff, usually I get so angry at games like last night’s that I can’t get to sleep for hours. For some reason, I was unbelievably calm. I think it’s because my expectations have been lowered dramatically now, not only for this season, but for the future. As long as the Bastonian McCourt owns OUR team, there is no where to go but down.

    There are a lot of parallels between this situation and the Woman Who Sells Herself Frontiere who stole my Rams away. What are the odds that the Bastonian is driving the team down to lower attendance so he can move the team to, say, Las Vegas? Or just flat-out sell them to, say, Steve Wynn? The new indoor Dodger Stadium and Hotel/Casino? Giant slot machines in the park? Attractive airline/hotel/game packages for Dodger fans wanting to get away? The imagination just starts flying.

    OK, my tongue is firmly in my cheek here. I just don’t trust that guy.

    About last night.

    Broxton tired? He’s 26 years old, 6′ 4″, 295. He had Friday off. If he was tired, he better man-up.

    Loney? Yes, he made the wrong play. I’ll agree with the Idiot Morgan for one of the few times in my life. He should have that play worked out in advance. “If it’s hit to my left, I’ll step on first. If it’s hit at me or to my right, I go home.”

    But, if that ump were calling the same pitches for Broxton he was for Rivera, Huffman strikes out for the second out and Curtis’ grounder to Loney is the third one. Game over, Dodgers win.

  51. trublu4ever

    After last nights game, I sure wasn’t calm! Just ask Hubby 🙂 I felt the way Andre did…totally pisssed off!!!! Luckily, I didn’t break anything but it could have happened very easily.

  52. nellyjune

    Calm? LOL!!!

    Well, during the entire game I had been telling myself, “I need to go grocery shopping”,but the game up until that point was actually enjoyable. So as they were going into the 9th I said, “might as well wait until the end of the game now.” However, as soon as the 3rd out in the bottom of the 9th was called, I left because I knew the game was over. There was no way Sherrill or Troncoso was going to be able to keep a run from scoring, and our offense had already shut down for the night. So, because I didn’t actually see the end of the game, I can honestly say I didn’t go crazy mad about it. However, I did have a healthy conversation with the guy helping me with my groceries about our idiot owner. That felt good!!!

  53. thinkingblue

    I FREAKEN HATE BROXTON! I have never liked the guy, don’t trust the guy and the freaken a-hole knows how to give away the games…the important games. AND why SHERRILL what has he done all year long.

  54. thinkingblue

    Oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA. Hope you are having a great day and don’t let BROXTON ruin your day.

  55. kpookiemon

    When Ethier stormed the length of the dugout, from the helmet slam, all the way to the other end for the bat slam, Broxton sat there, right in the middle of the bench, all alone, and didn’t even dare twitch. I think he was afraid Ethier would kill him. That’s why I see this loss as a real burner. I sense hate crimes popping up everywhere. I don’t see the clubhouse as cohesive…probably hasn’t been all season. Of the two “vets,” Blake is a quiet, under-performing gentleman and Manny is way out in his own declining orbit. Things change, but I’ll bet if you asked Torre today, he’d say retirement is looking better and better. This team seems an odd fit for Torre, or should I say, ownership seems an odd fit for him. He actually looked sad this weekend. Maybe Frank announces today he’s sold the team to a consortium of Lasorda, Hersheiser, Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey.

  56. thinkingblue

    NSBlues…LOL great post. Eventhough I AM NOT OVER LAST NIGHTS LOSS. I was fine with Friday’s loss, but not fine with last nights loss. I am going to be a bratt and just blame freaken BROXTON. I know it wasn’t only him but he was the MAJOR REASON WHY. His mistake triggers the others to get mad and start making mistakes themselves. I HATE BROXTON. I will hold a Grudge!
    And it seems that all the Dodgers are throwing hissy fits…not just Martin. But if the miss called out just cost the game I would freaken throw something at that ump…LOL not just my helmet. A shoe will probably hurt more…LOL It was stupid mistake done by all.
    And oh yeah those billboards…I agree not all of the celebrities are Dodgers supporters. If you give a celebrity a check, they will take a picture. But since the owner is not really a Dodger fan, they why should the celebrities hired to throw the 1st pitch, be put in a billboard, or sing the national anthem be a Dodger Supporters.
    And oh yeah there was a lot of NY fans supporting the Dodgers, which made “LISTENING” to the game confusing. Sometimes didn’t know if the cheering was cause of the Dodgers or NY…sad sad sad.

  57. colliethec

    NSB — I will embellish on your post… You need to send that to the times and every other outlet that you can think of. Facebook it and see the vote total.
    No confidence vote for me.
    I’m going to the city now to try to get some autographs as the players enter the stadium but I’m not sure if I’m going to say anything to any of them because coming from me would just get me punched. But I wish someone on this team would become a leader and call their teammates out for the poor play. Kemp is quickly becoming Andruw Jones with walking away from strike 3 with a oh well look on his face.
    These guys need to get a tongue lashing for their mental errors & then just go out there and play ball. Relax and stop pressing. Go & try to have some fun and get their swagger back. They need to go out there and think to themselves — screw McCourt — we are all going to pull in the same direction and get this done without his help.
    With that said … GO DODGERS!!!

  58. blueteapartymember1

    Oh, sell outs. If those games were sell outs, I’m Grandma Moses. Every time I saw the corners of the Reserved deck, I saw small blocks of fans painted like empty seats. Perhaps they were filled with people who all went to the bathroom at the same time.

    And if the whole reason for going the extortion route was to deprive the Yankee fans from attending, that was an abmismal failure. I’m guessing that the Bastonian McCourt created a bull market for seats that the season seat owners cashed in on.

    Nice plan.


  59. enchantedbeaver

    Folks it ain’t one game, it ain’t one series, and it ain’t one season. This franchise it broken from the top down, and adding a starter, or a reliever, or a position player isn’t going to change anything. This dam is bursting and sticking a finger in it to plug a hole isn’t going to stem the tide of what’s coming.

    Frank McCourt has proven time and again that he (and Jamie) are all about the money whether they really have it or not. They have all the respect for the institution that’s the Dodgers that I would expect a Bostonian to have that couldn’t buy his hometown team. You can’t continue a tradition if you don’t know what it is in the first place. We all know why Selig allowed him to purchase the team – to keep from having a west coast version of the Yankees who can spend money freely (and secondarily to get Boston an owner who COULD compete with NY to keep them in check.) Several years into his regime now and we’re all seeing the benefits of that.

    First thing Frank does once he owns the team is hire bay area GMs. We know why he hired moneyball Depo, says it right in the word money. I?m sure DePo sold him on the idea that he could give Frank a competitive team on the cheap. Next he hires away someone from probably the most hated franchise of any Dodger fan, who then promptly proclaims that he’s with a franchise now that’s ALMOST as storied as the Giants, and wears around his losers? ring because he’s proud of it. That said all you needed to know about Ned within the first 24 hours. Ethier aside, his acquisitions speak for themselves. He?s unknowledgable, reactionary, and unqualified to be a major league GM.

    Which brings me to the field managers. Tradition of hiring from within the organization? Hell no, let?s get Grady Little he must know his stuff because he?s from Boston (and while we?re at it, let?s get Lowe and Nomar and anyone else we can find that?s ever been a Red Sox.) Did Little not field the most schizophrenic line-ups any of us have ever seen? Then with that disaster put aside, in strictly a PR move he hires Torre who comes from probably the second most hated franchise by Dodger fans and who?s underlying philosophy of aged veterans before young talent is totally opposite of what they purported to be building towards. Torre?s one of the worst in game managers I?ve ever seen, and is THE WORST I?ve ever seen with a pitching staff.

    Now let?s look at where we are now… we?ll there?s a farm system bereft of any major league talent because they?ve raped it by giving away good prospects so they wouldn?t have to pay the salaries of guys like Blake and Manny. They don?t (or can?t) replenish it because Frank won?t allow them money to invest in Latin America, nor will sign any first rounder that has a large asking price, nor will they even offer arbitration to FAs they know won?t sign because they can?t afford to sign the compensatory draft picks.

    As if that?s not enough, we have a team in need of 2-3 MAJOR LEAGUE starters, not Vargas, not Milton, not Estes. Torre?s blown through the bullpen in 2+ years so that we need a good 3-4 more arms there too. We?ve an aged 3B, a catcher that?s regressed so far its embarrassing, a shortstop that?s one bad move away from a career ending back injury, a left fielder who could seeming careless and who?s gone after this season anyway (unless as I suspect Frank will break with tradition and actually offer him arbitration so he can keep Mannywood intact.) A 2Bman that has all the pop of a squirt gun and no gold glover he. All but Ellis and Carroll off the bench who?ll need to be replaced during the offseason… Am I missing anything?

    And sorry folks, but this franchise hasn?t even come close to hitting bottom yet either. That comes when the Andre?s and Kemp?s and Brox?s go FA to greener pastures. In the meantime we?ll get to see more of the Berroas and Greens and Andersons on their last legs because they?ll play cheaply for one more paycheck. Meanwhile Frank and Jamie will just cry themselves to sleep in their mansions and count their money because I?m sure there?ll be 3 million fans just dying to come see it.

  60. nedajerk

    I was still mad and I meant activated Bills not Link and yes Broxton blew it but you’re blaming the wrong ******* person and it should be Torre not ******* reason to bring in Broxton again after the 19 pitches the day before. Broxton= 4 runs lead no save opp starting an inning over is touchie. I bet Broxton was squeeze therew 2 walks and 1 k’s and that seem not right

  61. nedajerk

    Broxton shouldn’t be tired because he hasn’t had many save opp. It would be nice if Kuo can pitch back to back but he can’t but I wonder if Kuo had gotten 3 outs on 3 pitches the day before can he come in a back to back game while only throwing 3 pitches?

    Broxton game log and he’s not even overworked. I think the 3 games in 4 night before this caught up with him. Did he really need to come in that game when the scored was 9-4? Isn’t like he needed the work at all. To bad Monsterious is on the DL.



  62. nedajerk

    LA Dodgers
    H. Kuroda (W, 7-5) 5.1 7 4 4 3 5 1 1.32 3.27
    H. Kuo (H, 12) 1.2 0 0 0 0 2 0 0.69 1.16
    J. Weaver 0.1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1.21 3.22
    G. Sherrill 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.17 6.50
    J. Broxton 1.1 0 0 0 1 2 0 0.95 0.83

    No reason Weaver to pitch 1/3 of an innings what a waste and yeah he gave up a walk and a hit but Sherrill got really lucky.

  63. nedajerk

    iwanna yes he had friday off but he thrown 19 pitches in 1 1/3 of an innings on Saturday night and has pitch 3 of the 4 night.

  64. Dodger4life

    Good Day Everyone……………..
    I will agree, that Loney should have went home with the throw to get the runner. Although if his throw home, after tagging first last night, was online and Scoisc, whoops, I mean Martin was blocking the plate. We are having a different conversation today, I believe.
    The night before, Weaver was called upon, to close out the ballgame and could’nt. Correct me if i am wrong, but wasn’t he in jeapordy of not even being invited to Camelback? Jeff has to elevate his game, otherwise having been there and done that means squat! He cannot have a year, that is a totaly flip flop, from last season.
    Johnny hasn’t had a flurry of opportunities this season to get in a good mental rythym either. It is like he has little mini vacation’s but is still on call……getting him on some regular intervals would help.
    About our new fired up attitude…… I like the intensity levels, but at some point breaking bats and throwing helmets will just add to the frustration.
    Call me crazy, but I wish Manny would speak, everyone else on the team has too.
    I think that it is a foregone conclusion, that Joe will retire, and the players either know of this, or can read it in his eye’s. Joe has repeatedly asked for pitching and he is still asking for pitching. I don’t think he is talking about Vargas, Coloume and Trashner . I have to think he has lost confidense in Frank completely.
    We have some good players on this ballclub, we could use some more sure. In any event we need the guy’s who are capable of playing fundamentally and mentally sound baseball, to do so. No need to worry about adding if you can’t mantain what you already have.
    The phone booth is alway’s a hostile environment when the Dodgers are in town. Although hostility seems to be rampant just about everywhere these days. I felt a little last night and in the last few weeks myself. I have to say, I enjoy the ride better…. when we are in tune, with the good side of the game.
    I do believe we will get better, just how much is the $64,000 question though!!!

  65. thinkingblue

    Yes TORRE should of not put BROXTON in and yes BROXTON could of say NO and those 19 pitches from the previous game is BROXTON’s responsibility. TORRE is blaming NED for not bringing in the right pitcher and NED blames FRANK for not funding the right pitcher. FRANK blames his ex-wife for SHOPPING and spending the Dodgers funds!

  66. crzblue2

    Hello ITD.
    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Let’s hope we get a win tonight. It was so frustrating seeing that 9th inning at the stadium.
    I thought that game at Angel Stadium was the low point for the Dodgers but last night was just as bad.
    You need to retire Joe!
    Broxton was brought on to pitch for the 4th time in 5th days, two of which were for more than one inning. Obviously the guy was overworked and his fastball never topped the high 90’s. Kershaw never walked a hitter, he was upset that he was not allowed to continue. He should have started the 8th.
    Why was Belisario not allowed to continue to pitch?
    Prior to Cano stepping to the plate, Pepe Yniguez was saying on the radio how well Cano hits left handers. Doesn’t Joe and his coaching staff know that?

    NSB, well said. no confidence here.
    the officiating in this game was just as bad as in the World Cup.

  67. kpookiemon

    Torre, and anybody else with baseball sense, has always said it’s about PITCHING. That Torre had to bring Broxton into the Angels game Thursday, leading 10-6 (Miller unable to register an out and giving up a 10-4 lead in the 9th) and again Saturday in the 8th, leading 9-4, speaks volumes about this staff…and this club. Torre was desperate to stop the hemorrhaging of a real crummy run that threatened the whole psyche of the team. Joe refuses to commit to any more seasons because he knows Dodger ownership has taken a contender and gone backwards. That’s not how it’s done, in Torre’s recent world, at least. The pitching that Ned and Frank have amassed during their tenure is an embarrassment. Short of the home-grown pitching talent Logan White has drafted and nurtured, just what has management brought in. Mark Hendrickson? Again, name ONE pitcher in his prime that Ned has signed or traded for. Name one player, for that matter. I share a bit of enchanted’s pessimism. Last night was just one game…but a very symbolic one.

  68. thinkingblue

    It was a symbolic series! In the positive side at least the Dodgers were able to handle Pettitte!

  69. enchantedbeaver

    Kahli, let’s take a stroll down memory lane of Ned’s pitching acquisitions:
    Bombko, Baez, Carter, Erikson, Sele, Sao, Hamulak, Saito (blind squirrel theory), Lurch, Proctor, Vargas I, Vargas II, Estes, Milton, Schidt, Ely (blind squirrel II), Wells, Maddux I, Maddux II, Padilla I, Padilla II, Garland, Dessens, Biemel, Carrera, Wolf I, Wolf II, Blowaiza (one of my personal favorites), Seanez, Tsao, Hernandez, Johnson, Park, Falkenborg, Sturtze, Belisario, Kuroda, Weaver I, Weaver II, Haeger, Mota, Ohman, Sherrill, Monasterios, The Ortizi, and Miller.
    That doesn’t even count the other wonders he signed to minor’s contracts that never got called up.

    Look at those names and other than maybe 3-4 that were moderately successful, they tell me two things:
    1. You’ve a GM that has no eye for talent.
    2. You’ve an owner that doesn’t care about winning.

    What it does tell me that we’ve an unqualified disaster as a GM and an owner that will throw anything on the field that’s cheap because he knows he can still bank on 3 million people crossing the turnstiles.

  70. kpookiemon

    enchanted, that is a very frightening list. I almost wish you hadn’t posted it! And I reiterate, other than Ely and Link (how could you forget Link?????!?!?!?!?) these guys are all on the “other” side of their careers. If the Dodgers acquire Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt, two guys pretty much in their prime and at the top of their game, I’ll wear a purple wig and tie-dye to the ITD tour. And Joe’s bully might not be so spent if he didn’t baby the starters. Last night was a perfect example of letting Kershaw finish the almost-masterpiece he’d started. Granted, hindsight is 20-20, but that’s the lifeblood of idiot bloggers!!!!!

  71. lbirken@aol.com

    I attended last night’s game and while I think you all have said just about everything that can be said by very loyal Dodger fans, I have add my “two cents”. NSB, I commend you for your comments about the “This Is My Town” billboards and more to the point, the constant showing of these messages on the video board. I don’t really care if those celebrities are Dodger fans or not. Heck, I don’t even know who half those celebrities are or why they are celebrities but that is another story. The point here is this organization isn’t about celebrities, it is about you and me and every other fan, celebrity or not, who cares about the team, buys the tickets, food and other junk, or who never attend a game but listen to or watch the broadcasts every game. It is about the Joe Pierre’s who up until last year never saw a game at Dodger Stadium and who will forever support the Dodgers win or lose. So Josh, please pass the word along to the video producers to back off from the slides of celebrities and concentrate more on giving me useful information about the players.

    As for the game itself, I felt the frustration but what bothered me most was the cheering from the Yankee fans. I was not surprised by how many Yankee fans attended these games. The mini game plan certainly was not a deterrent for anyone who wanted to see these games. We bought tickets on Stub Hub (I did not get any of these games in the ticket partnership to which I belong) and I suspect many other fans did as well. There are always a lot of fans from the opposition but not like this. Except for A-Rods blast, Yankee fans were pretty quiet until Broxton’s meltdown. I am not used to hearing so much cheering for an Ethier strikeout. Not good.

    Now let me get to how I felt when the game finally ended. First, I had that feeling the Dodgers would lose as soon as the Yankees tied the game. I usually don’t have such feelings and I still had hope. But no confidence. I also came away not terribly angry at the players but at the situation; the reality that the Dodger organization clearly is not ready to compete at the highest levels. Remember we said in order to be the best you had to beat the best? Hasn’t worked out yet the way we want. As it became clear Broxton did not have it, I was asked why the Dodgers had no one warming up; why did Torre stay with Broxton? My response was simple: Broxton is the best we have and it was his game at that point. Was this another Torre mistake? I will let others pass judgment on that but who else was there? Clearly Joe has no confidence in anyone besides Kuo, who at best is an every other day one inning specialty guy, and Belisario.

    It also pains me to agree that getting a big name front line pitcher is probably not enough. In spite of all Ethier’s game winning hits, this team still does not seem to know how to win or overcome adversity. I certainly hope the players are not pointing fingers at each other. Clearly they are frustrated but it is not umpire’s calls that are costing this team victories. The scary thought, however, is that the players are playing to the best of their ability.

    There is still time to turn this thing around. Most of us felt the team won with smoke and mirrors last season and it seems that has passed on to the Padres. Baseball is a game for optomists. It was a horrible loss last night but not because it was to the Yankees but because the Dodgers lost another game in the standings. At least the Dodgers have done well against teams in the Western Division. The time to rebound is tonight’s game.

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