Turning point?

We’re hearing a lot of fans who think that last night could have been a turning point in the season. Let’s hope it was a lesson learned (the hard way) and that it jolts the team back into some positive results prior to tonight’s game and the big weekend with the Yankees.

As a reminder for all coming out this weekend, gates open half an hour early (4:40 tomorrow), so please try to carpool and come early so that you don’t have to deal with traffic headaches. You can meet Bill Russell at autograph alley and there will be a buzz in the stadium, I presume, like we haven’t had in a while. It’s rare to get the longtime rivals here, let alone a few months removed from their latest World Series title.

But first, the team needs to go out and play well tonight. There’s no looking past a big game against the Angels so let’s hope last night’s game was the lowest point of the season and that it’s all good stuff from here on out.

And thanks to those who provided feedback on an Inside the Dodgers Tour. We’ll figure out something…


  1. northstateblues

    “Oh, oh, people of the earth
    Listen to the warning, the seer he said
    For those who hear and mark my words
    Listen to the good plan…” – Queen, “The Prophet’s Song”

    Here. Two animated gifs courtesy of “Memories of Kevin Malone”:



    Soak it in, feel the burn, feel the anger… then let it go. It’s not getting any worse than losing to Anaheim like this, standing on the precipice of the wrong end of a Freeway Series sweep after a couple of missteps that would make the Daffiness Boys’ heads spin.

    I’m going to be a bit of an optimist, but it’s going to be a very frail toothpick-and-matches frame supporting a flimsy house of cards. Still, I’ll do this for one reason and one reason only: If the Dodgers have any of that L.A. magic left in ’em, this could be the start of their way out of the doldrums, bringing the team together to succeed in the face of amateurish failure they won’t want to relive again.

    The NY AL ballclub is watching. They’re laughing. Hooting, hollering. “Old Joe is in over his head,” they think. “He thought the Boss was insulting, how about this bush league Boston real estate agent who won’t spend money on the one thing Joe asked for when he walked through the door: pitching”, they’ll think. “The L.A. Dodgers become the Brooklyn Clowns.” Why even bother breaking a sweat for these “clowns”, this is essentially a Joe Torre and Don Mattingly meet-and-greet.

    Well… they only stand 2.5 ahead of Boston, who will swing that half game one way or another when they play tonight.

    And they won’t have the comfort of their DH.

    And they’ll have the NY Media giving them sunburn with all the flashbulbs, ready to make a mountain out of a “They lost to those clowns?!!” molehill for NYC to wake up to the next day.

    All with Tampa and Boston breathing down their necks.

    Us? With a salvaged win tonight against the Angels, and SD and SF already in the loss column for the day, we’ll have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

    If we lose, then we’re still in the same spot, and have even less to lose.

    We weren’t supposed to beat Oakland in ’88, but thanks to a battered Gibson armed with a scouting report, we persevered against all odds. That was a loooooong time ago, I won’t pretend like I don’t know this, but this series, like the Lakers-Celtics series a week ago, is overshadowed by history.

    Nothing to lose, not even the fan’s interest. Almost everyone heard the iceberg crash into the hull last night. Everyone’s ashamed, and thinks that this team is done for.

    But we don’t know. Only 25 men know, in their heart of hearts, if this is true. And if we pull upon Sunday night with a 9 game losing streak, not even showing fight against the mighty NY AL ballclub, we’ll have our answer.

    But I think they’re done being embarrassed.

    Now to see if that house of cards holds up… against all odds.

    EDIT: Guess we’re thinking a little alike, Josh. I posted this on the last thread just before you posted this.

  2. thinkingblue

    GREAT POST NSBLUES….that is what we need…to stay positive & focus. Hopeful that yesterday was the LOWEST point for our BOYS IN BLUE.
    JOSH thanks for keeping the tour in mind!
    And now It’s a new day a new game…I will try and stay positve regardless of who is pitching!
    This will be tough!

  3. nellyjune


    Thanks Josh for continuing to think about us. We know we are difficult at times, but like you, we want was is best for our team, which we cherish so much.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!

  4. kpookiemon

    In the words of Earl Weaver:

    “Nobody likes to hear it, because it’s dull, but the reason you win or lose is darn near always the same – pitching.”

    “The only thing that matters is what happens on the little hump out in the middle of the field.”

    “Momentum? Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher.”

    So the Dodgers can lick their wounds and come out blazing with renewed purpose…but if Charlie Haeger lays his usual egg, the Dodgers will be the yoke of baseball yet again.

  5. trublu4ever

    Don’t know if it matters, but, here’s our lineup tonight: Furcal; Carroll; Ethier; Ramirez; Kemp; Loney; Blake; Martin and Johnson.

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Last night’s game had a strange ending but there were many strange endings in the past. Some bad, some good.
    All we can do is move on.
    Tomorrow night my hometown Yankees will be here and it’s another opportunity for the Dodgers to make an impression. I just hope it’s a good one.
    But first it’s Charlie Haeaeaeger time. Let’s hope he fools everyone tonight and goes deep in the game.
    These knuckleballers can be pretty surprising.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!

  7. oldbrooklynfan

    I love the way Scully put it, “It was Carroll who got the hit when the merry-go-round fell down”

  8. trublu4ever

    We were very lucky to only give up one run this inning…..to win this game, we will need many, many runs because Charlie sucks!!!!!

  9. enchantedbeaver

    To Maxwell?s Silver Hammer

    Frank?s an imbecile, Joe he?s never critical
    Jamie wants to roam
    All Kemp wants him is his Rihanna
    Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
    Dennis Man-ni-on, he?s our Port-A-Potty man
    Neddy?s on the phone
    Hoping to hook up with a pitcher
    [For] Jo-o-o-oe
    But as Ned?s gets ?em ready to sign
    A voice comes oer the horn
    Uh-uh Frank McCourt he says
    Patting Ned upon his head
    Uh-uh Frank McCourt he said
    Made sure our hopes were dead
    Martin looks the fool again, sure could use Phil Jackson?s zen
    Neddy gets annoyed
    Wishing he hadn?t seen what he really
    Ned got Blake to play, but Carlos was the price he paid
    Haeger?s on the hill
    Sherrill?s waiting out in the bullpen
    Hoping to get a chance at the Roy
    A note comes from up high
    Uh-uh Frank McCourt he says
    Patting Ned upon his head
    Uh-uh Frank McCourt he said
    Made sure our hopes were dead
    C.C., Halladay, two more that had got away
    ?Cente?s who gets signed
    Another Neddy miscalculation
    Bear and Kahli ?gree from the peanut gallery
    Frankie SELL THE TEAM
    (Frankie sell the team)
    ITD concurs and it tells them
    And if we had Cliff Lee on the line
    A voice?d come from behind
    Uh-uh Frank McCourt he says
    Patting Ned upon his head
    Uh-uh Frank McCourt he said
    Made sure our hopes were dead
    Frank McCourt he says…

    NedCo Broken Records 2010

  10. kpookiemon

    I don’t know, but when I watch this ball club, I see 25 guys doing their own thing. I don’t see a team.

  11. trublu4ever

    Thank-you, BPB1 for making this bleak evening a little brighter.
    Just how long will Joe stick with Charlie? Until we are completely buried or, get his sorry asss out of there now?!

  12. jhallwally

    Outstanding Beav!!! LMFAO!!!! Also singing along!!! Great stuff earlier North!!! You are all helping to take the sting out of last nights boner!!!!

  13. kpookiemon

    Was thinking last night about trades before “the meltdown,” and with the Mets having just drafted a hard-throwing right hander named Matt Harvey, I wondered, would the Dodgers want Lee, Harvey or Oswalt?

  14. jhallwally

    Actually, on second thought, last night we couldn’t get a boner to drive home the tying run. They were flaccid!!! And stupid!!!!

  15. jhallwally

    Any player getting picked off in the next month should clean the clubhouse and stadium toilets for a week!!!!

  16. kpookiemon

    Enchanted, you inspired me…with apologies to Robert Zimmerman.
    “Well, Frank McCourt and Jamie Squeeze,
    They were the best of friends.
    So when Frank McCourt needed more money one day
    Jamie quickly pulled out a roll of tens
    And placed them on the box seats
    Just above Chavez Ravine.
    Sayin’, ‘Yankee mini-plans, Frankie Boy
    Fans’ loss will be your gain.'”

  17. jhallwally

    You could fine them, but they make so much, it wouldn’t sink in. Put a toilet brush in their mitts and I’ll bet they will wake up!!!! Hey, Tidy-Bowl Man!!!!!!

  18. kpookiemon

    How about every base-running blunder means you run sprints ’til you puke…and with Napoli’s bomb, I’ll remind myself this game is FAR from over.

  19. nellyjune

    Great job Dodgers!!!!!

    That is very good Kahli!!!!

    Hey Wally and Beav!!!! How are the boys tonight ?

  20. jhallwally

    Solo homers don’t kill you!! Just don’t walk people or make errors. It ain’t rocket science!!!!!

  21. enchantedbeaver

    What I want to know is just exactly who Ned thought would claim Haeger if they put him on waivers.

  22. enchantedbeaver

    Wow. Martin’s well on his way now to 20 RBIs!!

    I suspect along the end of July he’ll be there.

  23. enchantedbeaver

    Are the vets just trying to show their leadership on the basepaths by taking the heat off of Kemp and Martin?

  24. jhallwally

    Haeger did well. I didn’t even expect to be in the game in the 5th or 6th inning with Haeger against Kazmir. Can’t let up against a Scioscia team!!! Offense needs to keep it coming!!!

  25. jhallwally

    I love ya, OBF. But “What were we going to do with Carlos Santana? There wasn’t any place for him here.
    By oldbrooklynfan on June 23, 2010 9:24 PM”

    I don’t know….. what could we do with a catcher who hit 21 HRs with .326 .431 .568 .999 in the minors (for 3 teams, two of them ours) in ’08?
    Who hit 23 HRs with .290 .413 .530 .943 in the minors in ’09?
    Who hit 13 HRs and .316 .447 .597 1.044 in 57 games in the minors this year?
    And who so far has hit 2 HRs and .355 .487 .710 1.197 in 10 games in the bigs for Cleveland so far this year? Oh, I know, so we could have Casey Blake. Wait, not quite. So we could have Casey Blake WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY BLAKE ANY OF HIS REMAINING SALARY IN ‘O8.

    I’m thinking that, no, I’m SURE that we got hosed BIG TIME with that one. And most of us knew it when the trade was made. Even if Martin was to progress instead of REgress, you don’t trade an almost-sure thing just to not pay an average major leaguer’s salary for 2 months. And to think the media gives Ned credit for getting Blake for no money.

    OK, on to cpompe’s questions back up yonder:

    “So I thought I?d pose the following question for our ITD statisticians to ponder. I was asking myself this: I?d like to know how many runs were scored against the Dodgers when the bullpen comes in. No, more specifically, how many runs did the bullpen give up ? runs that were inherited runners from the previous pitcher and charged to the previous pitcher and how many were charged to the bullpen.”

    A quick trip to baseball-reference.com (as/per Junie) will show you that the Los Angeles Dodgers relievers have allowed 58 inherited runners to score in 2010, worst in the NL (the next-worst is the Reds’ 45). But, you say, statistics can lie. Yes they can. How many runners has the bully inherited? you ask. One hundred and 24, also the most in the NL (the Giants come next with 118). So, what’s the percentage? That will tell us. The Dodgers have allowed a ******** 47% of the inherited runners to score, tied with the Dbacks for the worst in the NL. (The next-worst are the Nats and the Reds at 38%.) The league average is 32%. Who is the best? Wanna guess? The Padres at 15%.

    So we are 68% worse than the league average. We are 311% worse than the Padres.

    Plainly, we suck.

    Now, for the rest of your question:

    “And how many of these runs were given up by a reliever when he came into the game (1) in the middle of the inning and (2) to start an inning?”

    Don’t know. I can’t seem to find this particular breakdown. Perhaps someone can pick me up here. But I’d like to share some more interesting numbers along these lines. Bear in mind that if you’re totally bored, you have the ability to scroll on down to the bottom of my post.

    Inherited Runners Scoring % for the LA Dodgers individual relief pitching 2010 (keep in mind the league AVERAGE is 32%):

    Let me first tell you that do not have a single relief pitcher with a 0% record here. Not one. In June.

    We have two pitchers under the league average:
    Jeff Weaver is our best, 16 inherited runners, 3 scored, 19%.
    Justin Miller is the other (7/2/29%)

    Then come the rest:
    Ramon Ortiz (11/4/36%)
    Belisario (16/6/38%)
    Kuo (13/5/38%)
    Broxton (8/4/50%) (surprised? I’m not)

    I’m going to mention these 3 out of order (because of their low opportunities) to save the best for last:
    Schlichting (3/2/67%)
    Elbert (2/2/100%)
    Monasterios (2/2/100%)

    Now get these:
    Troncoso (22/13/59%)
    Sherrill (24/15/63%)

    For the sake of comparison (and that’s what really gives statistics meaning), of the 19 relief pitchers in the NL who have inherited at least 20 runners, the worst is Tyler Walker of the Nats (20/13/65%). Then comes Sherrill, then Troncoso. The next worse is Peter Moylan of the Braves (20/5/45%).

    Tonight. Wow. Just when you think you can’t be more embarrassed. Kemp, huge brain fart in the 9th. How big a lead does someone who can run like him need. But I think the much bigger brain fart was Russell. I think Russell was actually safe, but there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for letting yourself get thrown out while the tying run is about to score in the 9th inning. That’s basic Baseball 101, you have to be thinking that while you’re on first in that situation. There was two out. Even if he was able to take 3rd on the throw home, there were TWO OUT. But watch, the Times will rate Kemp’s idiocy more than Martin’s.

    Sorry for the long post.

    By dodgereric on June 23, 2010 11:11 PM

    Absolutely great post Dad!!! Really points out the fact that we don’t have a great bullpen. I tried to comment on it last night but got submissioned by the long thread. I think this is worth reading my friends!!!!

  26. nedajerk

    Yes, according to my calculations San Diego has let only 13 of 66 inherited runners score (0.197) And the Dodgers: 61 of 126 (0.484)

    Wow that suck ball.

  27. nedajerk

    There were nothing wrong given Troncoso 2 innings but hate when he have to pitch in the middle of the inning with runners on bases.

  28. jhallwally

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that fake to 3rd, throw to 1st work. I guess even the Halo’s can have Recto-Cranial Insertion at times!!!

  29. oldbrooklynfan

    Jhallwally~But we already had Russell, unless they could have made Santana an outfielder.
    I think at that time they liked Russell.

  30. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Sparky!!! Good to see you!!!! I think Dad’s post pretty much sums it up folks. Our bullpen ain’t that good. We turn the ball over to them and it is a crap-shoot.

  31. trublu4ever

    Billz is supposed to come off the DL and pitch Monday in S.F. I wonder who will develop a mysterious ailment this time?

  32. nedajerk

    You probably trade Martin next year or in 2 yrs and moved Dewitt back to his normal position that he used to played when we call him up 2 yrs ago at 3rd.

  33. jhallwally

    Hey Brooklyn!! I hear you. At the time, Martin was looking like and all-star and we had a black hole at third. I’m not unhappy with that move. Blake has actually stabilized 3rd for the first time in 15-20 years. Heck, Cey was a .260 hitter with 80 RBI’s/year and he was revered. My main point of bringing up Dad’s post was the fact that, our bullpen is not that great!!!!

  34. lbirken@aol.com

    These games against the Angels have been entertaining if nothing else. Where else can you see so many runners picked off, thrown out and downright caught in no man’s land this side of a little league game? And wild pitches. And batters swinging at bad pitches. And the best part was Weaver pulling off the fake pick off throw to third, catching the runner on first in between the bases. When has that play ever worked? I almost forgot to mention all the pick off attempts at first by the catcher, even with runners on third. The only thing left is a triple play.

  35. nellyjune

    Submission Error Hell :((((

    What do you really think is up with Troncoso? He had such great stuff last year and so reliable. Don’t you have to start wondering what the coaches are (or aren’t) doing? He is not the only young pitcher to go sour on us like this. It just seems there is something missing in the coaching. Having a son who is a pitcher, it really is all in the coaching at times, and not just mechanics but how they mess with their head as well.

    Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go!!!

  36. oldbrooklynfan

    I agree about the bullpen Jhall.
    It’s not what it use to be and that’s what got us two straight division titles.

  37. koufax1963

    what the heck am I seeing, dodgers winning! Just came in, what a surprise and how many teams experience power outages during a season, 2 for the DODGERS, New record!

  38. nellyjune

    Andre – you gotta thank Dustin for us. Your buddy just hit his 3rd home run for the night to go ahead of the Rockies 13-11.

  39. lbirken@aol.com

    Yes, the bullpen has not been as strong this season as last for the Dodgers. Buy why? Some have suggested the coaching but nothing has changed there since last season. Did these guys catch everyone by surprise last season?

    Another random note: Jamie Carroll has been a big positive this season. As much as I like DeWitt, I might consider letting Carroll play more at second.

  40. sparkleplenty_1

    Great heads-up baserunning there! I was beginning to wonder if we’d have to take up a collection for white canes and seeing-eye dogs for the Dodgers baserunners, but I guess not!

  41. jhallwally

    Woo-Hoo!!! This should be the start of a win streak. Having trouble getting comments in. If this gets thru, hope you all have a great tomorrow. Perhaps, we embarrassed ourselves enough last night to wake up. Let’s whip some Yankee ***’!!!!!

  42. lbirken@aol.com

    That shot on TV of the Dodger dugout got me thinking: what slobs major league baseball players are with all the trash on the ground.

  43. nellyjune

    Jhall – I have been locked out since those first few posts until a little while ago. Have a Fabulous Friday my friend!!!

  44. nedajerk

    Miller has been good for us believe it or not I’m just waited for Troncoso Sherrill and Belisario to get there ERA under 4 if they all can do it but I don’t think it possible for Milller to explode and I hope I’m not jinxing him.

  45. nellyjune

    I told you not to relax yet – LMAO!!!!

    Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny (who really shouldn’t have to be here right now!!)

  46. lbirken@aol.com

    I know we have been tough on Marin lately but you got to give it to him for his arm in this series.

  47. nellyjune

    What does Johnny say boys and girls?………………..
    Fu Q y’all!!!!!! I shouldn’t have had to do this!!!

  48. lbirken@aol.com

    Finally! Let’s hope this really is a turning point. The good news is the Dodgers have been pretty good at Dodger Stadium this season, so bring on the damn Yankees. Goodnight everyone.

  49. nedajerk

    Weaver stole Troncoso win for being garbage hahaha Troncoso you didn’t deserve it but feel bad for Haeger.

  50. kpookiemon

    George Sherrill threw one pitch tonight. Joe wanted that losing streak to end before the Yankees could hit town.

  51. thinkingblue

    JHALL – Great post (The long one)…and it is true. Martin should of been smart enough not to try and get himself out.
    ENCHANTED – Great song…like always! Amaze on how fast you come up with the words…great talent.

  52. thinkingblue

    Overall this past series with the Angels was very strange.
    **Terrible ending for Game 2
    **Lights out
    **Fun to watch PICK-off (but Dodgers worked as a Team?)
    **Confused Carrol

  53. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD!
    Great song Enchanted! Like Rosie, it amazes me how all of you talented people come out with those song parities!
    I felt much much better last night after that win.
    I am excited to be back at my happy place Blue Heaven on Earth! Oh yeah, the Yankees are in town. Love the black and white pictures in the sport section of the LA Times today. I am wondering if Sandy Koufax will come to any of the games!
    shhh. don’t tell my boss I will leave early today. He is working this week and next week at one of our locations in NH. Heck for the times I get calls at home to log on to the system, is OK if I leave early every once in a while.
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  54. nedajerk

    We had our top OF prospect suspended for 50 game in Lambo and now another one. Prentice Redman I just don’t get it. Well glad it wasn’t a youngster but a Mets reject. I think they need to check this people out before they played first.

    Redman banned for positive test

    NEW YORK — Los Angeles Dodgers minor leaguer Prentice Redman has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for an amphetamine.

    Major League Baseball announced the suspension Friday. The 30-year-old Redman was batting .332 with 10 home runs and 41 RBIs in 61 games for Triple-A Albuquerque.

    A 10th-round pick by the Mets in the 1999 draft, he played 15 games for New York in 2003 but has otherwise bounced around the minors in his career.

  55. nedajerk

    Los Angeles slugger Manny Ramirez is 12 for 21 with four homers against Sabathia. Facing the Yankees for the first time since 2008 with Boston, Ramirez is a lifetime .321 hitter with 55 homers and 163 RBIs in 200 games against New York. He is 16 for 38 with eight RBIs in his last 10 games overall. Alex Rodriguez, criticized in Torre?s 2009 book ?The Yankee Years,? is 8 for 55 with 15 strikeouts in 15 games against the Dodgers.

  56. nellyjune

    The Blue Jays having to play their home series against Philly in Philly is just wrong. Even the MLBTV guys are saying ” it is not much of a homefield advantage.” No kidding!!!!

  57. lbirken@aol.com

    So the series with the Yankees is finally here. The importantance of this series is not that Yankees are in town but because the Dodgers need to get back on track towards winning the division. They have some ground to make up and that can only be done by winning regardless of the opponent.

  58. enchantedbeaver

    I bet Ned’s on the phone right now to Chicago asking about Zambrano.

    Of course, having someone on the team with some emotion could be a welcome change.

  59. nellyjune

    Shad – the best quote from Lou on that is “You can’t catch a ball that is in the seats” referring to the fact that Zambrano chewed out his defense for not catching those balls, one being a home run shot into the bleachers. JP’s hit was a legit hit for him right down the right field line. I am sure Derrick Lee wanted nothing better than to punch him out for chewing his butt, but he definitely did a good job in restraining from doing so.

  60. nellyjune

    BPB1 – We have Andre!! That’s enough emotion for me – thanks – LOL!!!! However, I do like his emotion. It means this game means something to him.

  61. lbirken@aol.com

    Nelly, rumors start somewhere but look at it this way. Fans discuss possible trades on call in shows and we know our friends in the media like to talk about these things as well. So it only makes sense that the people who actually make these sort of decisions talk about potential trades as well. Would I make this trade? Probably not, but Mr. Kemp is not doing a lot right now to make me feel confident he is the big star in the making we all thought he was.

  62. trublu4ever

    Nellyjune and I are going to dinner and won’t be here for the start of the game. You guys be sure to take care of things while we are gone, okay?
    Keep the faith and GO DODGERS….SPANK THE YANKS!!!!!

  63. enchantedbeaver

    I would hope that even Ned would be smarter than to trade Kemp for nothing more than a two month rental. He’d better get half Seattle’s team for Kemp, including Lee. Why trading a top flight player for Lee would be like trading a top hitting prospect like Carlos Santana for someone like Casey Blake for two months. Nobody’s that stupid.

    Oh wait…

  64. dodgereric

    Hey Joe! I hope I didn’t get you too mad by insisting we should have not traded Carlos Santana for so little return.

    Remember that switch-hitting Dodger infield back in the 60’s? Wes Parker, Jim Gilliam, Maury Wills and Jim Lefebvre?

  65. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    I follow both the Yankees and the Mets everyday in New York’s Daily News so I’m familiar with both teams.
    The best thing that could happen for me is the Dodgers play the Yankees in another World Series before I die and I hope it’s while George Steinbrener is still alive so he can apologies once more to his fans for losing to the Dodgers (before he even congratulates the Dodgers) .
    I take a lot of crap from Met fans, in my neighborhood and at Citi Field because I never hide the fact that I’m a Dodger Fan.
    Yankee fans have been off my back for the past 30 some odd years but that’s probably due to the Dodgers ineptness.
    As you might figure the Dodgers don’t get much respect here in the Big Apple and every time we play one of their teams, it’s an opportunity to gain some of that respect back, but the only way for that to happen is to beat these two New York teams.

  66. trublu4ever

    I wonder what Charlie has against Andre….I wish he’d stop bad-mouthing him every time he comes to bat.

  67. oldbrooklynfan

    It looked like Padilla made a remark after being hit and that’s why Posada walked him to first base probably also saying something in response.

  68. northstateblues

    Hey everyone!

    It’s just another game… :: snicker :: :: snicker ::

    Who am I kidding?

    Glad to almost come home to a tie, only to hear Charlie Steiner butter up the NY AL ballclub as A-Rod hit it out. Still in it, though, and the Dodgers are going to have to score more than 1 run to beat the pinstriped ones.

    C’mon Dodgers! You know you can do it.

  69. lbirken@aol.com

    Poor Charlie Haeger. He can’t control the floater and his fastball is just not effective enough so he ends up on the DL with a mysterious injury. He works his way back, makes some rehab appearances that are nothing much to excite anyone but the Dodgers are so desperate for arms they give him another shot. That shot comes on the heels of a horrible losing streak and no one really expects much from him. So he battles and comes within one out of a possible win. I felt bad for him that he could not finish the 5th inning last night but the Dodgers did win the game and stop the losing streak. And what does he get for his efforts? The DFA most us thought about weeks ago. It was clear he had trouble getting major league hitters out and it was clear he could not control his pitches. I am just not sure why the Dodgers went to all the trouble of putting this poor guy on the DL. Were they hoping for some miracle cure to his real ailments? Did I miss something?

  70. oldbrooklynfan

    Let’s hope that Charlie Haeger doesn’t find another team and finally finds himself and comes back to beat us.

  71. jhallwally

    Martin is what, 26? He looks like he’s 39 at the plate!!! His bat has slowed considerably from what I can see.

  72. jhallwally

    Nice job by Padilla!!!! Yep, poor Heager!!! He’s one of those guys who hasn’t done jack for you, but you still feel bad for him..

  73. northstateblues

    Why does Charlie Steiner sound bummed when the other team flies out to end the inning, yet sounds excited when a Dodger strikes out?

    I like Charlie Steiner usually, but tonight, I hope they send him away with NY for cash.

  74. jhallwally

    Yep, Rivera gets those Maddux strikes by reputation!!!! Tough loss!!! Ferk, Martin, and Eithier didn’t go anything at the top of the order!!! Rats!!!®

  75. crzblue2

    Mo. Makes looks so easy. Hate that on my blackberry I put M o and it comes out month
    Good night everybody

  76. lbirken@aol.com

    Loney never had a chance with that ump. Mariano doesn’t need the help. No matter, the result is another loss to an AL team and another game in the standings.

  77. dodgereric

    Good to see some fire (FINALLY) from the Dodgers. Too bad it was after the last out.

    ….. and I wanted Padilla to drill Sabbathia in his last at bat. He was done anyway, and Torre sleeps through the game anyway. Maybe a little skirmish on the field is what the Dodgers need.

  78. lbirken@aol.com

    The problem is the Dodgers show emotion after over running bases or taking questionable third strikes.

  79. nellyjune

    Well, Wilson is making the gnat game interesting. He just loaded the bases with 2 out in the top of the 9th.

  80. jhallwally

    Right now our offense is like watching grass grow. Not very entertaining or inspiring. Goodnight Gang!!! Let’s get’em tomorrow!!! Excelsior True Believers!!!!!

  81. dodgereric

    lbirken, that ump’s attitude is one of the things that is wrong with baseball. The game was over. What the hell difference does it make if Loney mashes his helmet after the last out? But no, he’s got to make a spectacle of it all by tossing him out of a game that is over.

    No one, except for maybe their relatives, ever, ever bought a ticket to a game to watch an umpire work. They need to walk away and stay part of the field. That’s all they are. Loney was just walking back to the dugout and mumbling when that idiot tossed him.

  82. lbirken@aol.com

    Eric, that makes two Dodgers thrown out of a game this week after the game was over. Is that a record?

    But I agree, the umpires have to realize players sometimes get frustrated. Still, you would not tolerate your little leaguer throwing his (or her) helmut in the same situation.

  83. nellyjune

    I know a loss is a loss, but I actually thought we would get mashed on tonight!!! If we weren’t haven’t such a hard time just winning games, this loss really wouldn’t have been so bad.

  84. dodgereric

    Yeah, that might indeed be a record lbirken. Let me see if baseball-reference.com has a stat on that! LOL!

    IMO, umpires are way too sensitive and they continue to act as if they are part of the game. They’re not. They are literally part of the field. “Showing up” an umpire? What exactly is that? There is absolutely no way to show any disappointment in that situation that couldn’t be interpreted as “showing up” the umpire.

    Padilla certainly had a good game tonight, but we all saw the difference tonight between good pitching and BETTER pitching.

    SELL THE TEAM, you cheap rat *******.
    You’re absolutely right, I wouldn’t tolerate my Little Leaguer tossing his helmet. But I wouldn’t toss him out of the game. I’d take him aside and tell him not to do that again. And, in fact, Loney wasn’t tossed for throwing his helmet. He was tossed for something he said, about 5 seconds after the helmet got dented by the ground.

  85. dodgereric

    WHOA! That’s interesting! My 3rd paragraph got shifted to the end of my post! I haven’t seen THAT happen before!

    BTW Junie, I saw your questions last night about DodgerLyrics. Kahli’s Bob Dylan parady was song #599! And I ran a test earlier that shows a 3 hour difference in posting. Must post on Eastern Time, huh? But then again, I posted a question to Joe Pierre that got stuck on Pacific time above his other posts. Let me try again now that I’m in the Warp. Nope, still 3 hours ahead.

  86. nellyjune

    I did notice that when you posted a song or someone commented on a song, it was stamped in EST. 599 – that is pretty incredible. Maybe enchanted has one he has been saving for such a time to make it 600.

    It is sad when our only highlights of the game are James Loney’s ejection and Manny’s miscue.

  87. kpookiemon

    Kemp sure seems to be the scapegoat of the week. But I guess when a team is bleeding someone has to do it??!?! Kemp is a stud and if Rosenthal or Ned or Frank or Joe tried to trade him I’d fire them on the spot. Kemp’s about as raw as they come. He’s the LEAST of the Dodgers’ worries. The bullpen is a mess. And I’m done being mad at Martin. Like Parcells said, you are what your record says you are. Martin’s stats the past few years tell me he’s a very ordinary player.

  88. nedajerk

    Go figure another good pitching gem and we lost to someone that doesn’t do good against us. How the hell does Rivers keep on doing it with his age? I bet he could be 60 and still be effective.

  89. nedajerk

    Wow you know how bad your bullpen is when you let your pitcher thrown a 149 pitches no hitter with 7 walks against your former team. Congratulation ex Dodgers Edwin Jackson

  90. nedajerk

    Another homerun by the great Santana lol. Damn it Ned this is getting bad and bad. Santana is catching up on Martin in homerun and rbi’s and he’s doing it in less games to. If he started the season with the Indians he would’ve been on pace for 40 homeruns and over 130 rbi’s.

    CLE 13 41 6 13 6 0 3 12 9 5 0 0 .317 .431 .683 1.114

    LAD 68 237 35 58 9 0 4 17 36 40 4 2 .245 .351 .333 .685

  91. nedajerk

    I guess the last time we played the Yankees, Kemp wasn’t on the team since this was his 1st game vs them and goes 0/4 with 3 k’s same with goes thing with Ethier. Furcal, Johnson, Anderson, Ramirez, Blake, Belliard, Ausmus (DL still) and Carroll are the other players that face the Yankees more before last night game. That doesn’t seem possible that Ethier, Kemp, Loney and Martin are facing the Yankees for there 1st time in there career.

  92. lbirken@aol.com

    Let’s keep the Santana deal in perspective. At the time the deal was made Martin looked pretty solid. There was no way to look ahead and even think he would decline rather than get better. I still say Blake has done a decent job at third. Remember, Martin did very well when he took over behind the plate. We all loved him and the way he played. Things can change quickly. If Santana becomes a great everyday consistent player so be it.

  93. ncbravefan82

    Hey i was wondering if it true that the Dodgers are looking to Dump Kemp and any true that he can end up a Brave bc they are looking to get rid of escobar so how bout is escobar for kemp and blake would that be something that might interest the Dodgers? or maybe escobar jordan schafer and brandon hicks for kemp blake and reed johnson.

  94. nellyjune

    The fact that these trades are even mentioned is enough for Ned to think about it, and that is a very scary thing indeed.

    I know I am stretching, but is there a chance that Matt is taking pointers from Manny on how to get out of Dodgertown? We all know what he is capable of, and you know there are teams out there thinking, “in our club he would be a sure fire star.” It is a thought that has crossed my mind more than once, and my heart is thinking it’s not possible, but around here we often say anything is possible and nothing is impossible. I am in no way saying this is how I feel (I really do think both he and Andre are just pressing way too hard for whatever reason……..only they know that info in their heads), but it has crossed my mind because I tend to think outside the box on alot of topics. Manny did find a way to get himself out of Beantown, and he was pretty successful in doing so. Maybe Matt will prove to be the smartest one of all because he is trying to get out before the franchise comes crashing down due to an idiot owner.

  95. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I think Blake has done a good enough job for us. Martin was seen to be set at catcher at the time. Right now I’m not exactly thrilled with any of them and I’d never guess Martin would have 17 rbi this late in the going. They’ve caught the Rockies, lets just hope they have not set their sites on the D-backs. ha-ha
    There is still a LOOOOOOOOONG way to go and they could set this right tonight. It’s too early to start getting rid of anybody.
    Except Haeger.

  96. Dodger4life

    Good day all…………………..
    This season has been lackluster as to date.
    Makes me think of the divorce announcement right before the play-off’s last season, and how momentum can go from hero to zero in seconds. I do put alot of blame on the ownership……( The McCourt’s lack of quality leadership is a big hinderence. ) You would think that with all the advisors, that sit in the boardroom, this would’nt be the case, but nonetheless……leadership is lacking. I am not dogging the advisors, although, I do wonder excactly what advice they have been a part of. There have been so many, ridiculous manuevers over the past few seasons, you wonder if it is just an token position, or if they are actually like orderly’s in an institution……there to see that the occupants, do as liitle harm to themselves and the institution as possible. I am leaning towards the second thought……only because it makes them more dignified in thier duties. That without these devoted individuals, our beloved ballclub and it’s cherished history would be that much worse off, at the present time, without even looking ahead to the future. Most of these advisors could just say…..I am done, time to retire, spend some quality time with loved ones….instead of babysitting the caretakers of a once proud and dignified organization.
    Makes me also think…….as I am just guessing, that I am not the only one wondering how this snowballed into the present day. At times it makes me angry…..other times I want to respect the hard work that has been put forth….. ( Talk about a job task!!!)
    Our recent success, in 08 and 09, we seemed to have at least some direction, a bunch of young kids, waiting for thier chance to shine. Some scruffy veterens, willing to do what it takes to help a ballclub grow. A manager who at least had them buying into the fact that they can play…..even if he, didn’t always play them. They did what was good for the team…..no complaints, no animosity, just hard fought, all out baseball, all the time. Everyone who cared about the game, and what it could bring them, seemingly, undetermined to grab it’s many rewards.
    My train of thought here is…..Look folk’s, if we have any bonified leadership, actually left in this organization, and I believe we do……leadership that has stood the test of time.
    They are too busy dealing with quality control issues surrounding the club, to be truly effective at the moment.
    And the so called leadership that is left….( fill in the blanks. )
    Are trying to salvage thier own salvation…….
    What is really eating at my mindset these day’s is what does this have to do with the current status of play on the field…..Have the Boy’s, succumbed to the moment, and given up all hope, determined to just battle and grind thier way through the season with thier heads turned down…..In hopes of a better future, one where the leaders of the organization……Are true and worthy leaders, that care about the legacy they leave behind.
    I sure hope not……that will make the second half of this season…..very little fun.
    My suggestion is screwwww the disfunctional crapppp, all you will ever get from that job task is more disfunctional crappp……
    It’s time to become a go getter and provide this city, your fans, your beloved faithfull, 3 million strong, some dignity.
    How you say…..It’s a no brainer…..instead of battling through the turmoil with less than you have……give more than your asked. Everyone on this club can do much better…..Everyone!!
    The rest of the season can be ethier…..a disfunctional grind everyone down to the bone…….or the other thing……the other thing being, a fun filled, grind your way to some self respect……EITHER WAY the season will be a grind…..One way makes it satisfying to all.
    Hit the darn baseball…Catch the darn baseball….throw the darn baseball…..like you have a sense of direction……a good sense of direction.

  97. nellyjune

    It sounds like Dustin Pedroia may be going on the DL for a broken foot, caused by a gnat pitcher no-less. I saw the highlights and it didn’t look too good. That’s too bad. I am not a Red Sox fan, but I would take him as a second baseman in a heartbeat.

  98. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi ALL
    It’s a good thing we have Torre and Manny otherwise not much was written on last night’s game in my morning newspaper.
    Tonight’s game IMO is our best chance for a win, since Burnett hasn’t been pitching well lately, but of course there’s no guarantee.
    I Think it would help to score a bunch of runs early, since most opposing pitchers seem to get stronger as the game goes on. Also some pitch better with a lead.
    I hope the team doesn’t lose faith, as I’m sure they’ll pick it up, as usual, playing against teams in their own division, even though the other N.L. West teams do better than us outside the division ( A lousy phenomena isn’t it?)
    I’m kind of glad this interleague stuff ends Sunday night,

  99. kpookiemon

    Right on UCLA!

    OK stat freaks, still think the Dodgers lack what it takes, but since June 3, they’ve played the Braves (.581), Cards (.554), Angels (.539) Reds (.554), Red Sox (.587), Angels again, and Yankees (.630).

    During same period, Pods have played Phils (.549), Mets (.568), Mariners (.411), Blue Jays (.527), Orioles (.288), Rays (.589), and Marlins (.479).

    The Pods have played tough teams, too…and crummy teams. During this stretch Dodgers are 8-12, Pods 11-9, losing three games in the standings. What does it all mean? Nothing much, except interleague scheduling is unbalanced and in the end, not fair. No excuses for the Dodgers, though. They have been bad.

  100. lbirken@aol.com

    No one said life (or sports) is fair. Good teams find ways to win and winning teams gets some breaks along the way. It just seems the Dodgers have to work so hard to score runs, a malady that has been a burden for this organization for a long time. Looking on the bright side, the Dodgers have done well against teams in their own division.

  101. northstateblues

    Fox taunts me with this LA-NY pregame coverage.

    I know I”m going to get the Jints vs. the Sox.

    This sux.

    I just might attempt to listen to the game in spanish. I’ve always liked Charlie Steiner since ESPN, but if he says “salad days” one more time, I’m going to puke. (and with how much he kisses up to the Yankees lately [or ever], I’m wondering if these are Charlie’s “salad days”. C’mon Charlie, remember who’s signing your paycheck.)


    (oh, wait, maybe Charlie DOES remember who’s signing his paycheck.)

  102. jhallwally

    Hi ALL
    It’s a good thing we have Torre and Manny otherwise not much was written on last night’s game in my morning newspaper.
    Tonight’s game IMO is our best chance for a win, since Burnett hasn’t been pitching well lately, but of course there’s no guarantee.
    I Think it would help to score a bunch of runs early, since most opposing pitchers seem to get stronger as the game goes on. Also some pitch better with a lead.
    I hope the team doesn’t lose faith, as I’m sure they’ll pick it up, as usual, playing against teams in their own division, even though the other N.L. West teams do better than us outside the division ( A lousy phenomena isn’t it?)
    I’m kind of glad this interleague stuff ends Sunday night,
    By oldbrooklynfan on June 26, 2010 4:05 PM

    Nice post Brooklyn!!! I totally agree, especially about not losing faith. Our team seems to have lost its heart. Alot of times, the best team is not defined by batting average or era. Champions have heart!!!!

  103. jhallwally

    Kind’ah s*cks!!! My butt isn’t even warm in the seat, I don’t even have one cheese curl out of the bag and we’re down 3 zip!!! Crap!!!!

  104. northstateblues

    I’ll tell you one thing… after hearing Steiner’s excitement at Swisher’s homer, I’m getting a Spanish lesson from Srs. Jarrin, Yiguez y Valenzuela.

    Might be done with KABC after the 3rd inning for a while.

  105. nedajerk

    Career vs. LAD 7 7 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 47.2 31 13 13 4 24 49 2.45 1.15 .190

    Of course it mean nothing and start Johnson please this is getting rediciously Kemp.

  106. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya North!!! LOL!! Steiner leaves alot to be desired. Really, not ready for prime time….. He should listen to the “Cowboy”, Jeff Brantley in Cincinnati!!!!

  107. jhallwally

    Casey Blake ain’t exactly been lights out lately either. Darn!!! We got 2 back. Let’s go DODGERS!!!!

  108. lbirken@aol.com

    Interesting start to today’s game but a good example of something I said earlier. The Yankees have one hit and three runs. The Dodgers get three hits, one of which is a ground rule double and two runs, one of which was the result of a sacrafice. Once again the Dodgers have to work much harder to score and have to give up an out to score one of those runs. Hey, but at least they scored the two runs so why complain.

  109. kpookiemon

    I predict Matt Kemp will be a Dodger at lot longer than Joe Torre or Ned Colletti. You just can’t lose patience with a player that inexperienced and that good. Hell, he’s a basketball player!

  110. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Shad!! Keep the stats coming my friend!!! Thanks!!! I think, however, it was the 5th game of the Series.

  111. nedajerk

    Wow Don Newcombe and Tommy is at the game. I didn’t even know Don bday past last week so well happy belated 84th bday.

  112. trublu4ever

    I’m watching the Dodger game on the Spanish Fox station….our local station has the Giants…..no sound turned on but, I’m finding I like it tht way 🙂

  113. nedajerk

    2010 SEA 11 11 6 3 0 0 0 4 1 86.2 75 26 23 3 4 76
    2.39 0.91 .227

    Yep that’s not a typo. He had given up 4 walks and k’s 76 so sick.

  114. nedajerk

    April 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.0 3 0 0 0 0 8 0.00 0.43 .130
    May 5 5 3 2 0 0 0 1 0 37.2 38 19 16 0 3 34 3.82 1.09 .248
    June 5 5 3 1 0 0 0 3 1 42.0 34 7 7 3 1 34 1.50 0.83 .219

    In June, 34 k’s 1 walk? Damn didn’t know Cliff Lee was this dominated but he did win 22 games with the Indians before.

  115. nellyjune

    LOL!!!! I didn’t realize we were playing early. Not that it matters because the are showing the gnat game instead (Go Red Sox!!)

    Glad to see Andre got a hit finally. I think Charlie might az well sit in the Yankees press box. It is just wrong to hear him talking about the Yankees as if he is their fan.

  116. jhallwally

    LOL Shad!!! If we had a legitamate owner that could satisfy his wife, we could have had Lee!!! We lost Lee, Oswalt, etal, in the back of a Limo!!!!

  117. oldbrooklynfan

    I’d like to see Burnett come back out next inning but I doubt it.
    I hope that’s not it for L.A.

  118. jhallwally

    Sure wish Martin had some trade value. Too bad we traded away a better choice!!! Sorry folks, but I’m totally fed up and done with Martin. We keep making dumb moves and lineups based on what he did 2 freaking years ago.

  119. trublu4ever

    Russell (or, as BPB1 would call him, Wussybat) is really beginning to tickme off too Jhall. How many times has he let a strike 3 pitch get by him?!

  120. jhallwally

    Unfortunately Trumom, Kemp is turning into a Mondesi!!! He’s a mess, and I don’t think since Ned’s BS, he really gives a sh*t!!!!

  121. oldbrooklynfan

    I wish they could’ve scored more runs off Burnett, now let’s see what they can do with Logan.

  122. nellyjune

    Charlie must really hate Andre!! “Not much of a swing!!” “He’s only batting .250 against lefties. What the f**k Charlie? He is still batting over .300………he is 2 for 3 tonight. What else do you want at this point? He seems to never win with Charlie.

  123. nellyjune

    For your information Charlie,Russell and Matt are batting .248 and .256 respectively, and Matt just got thrown out a home – just fabulous! Notice the sarcasm 🙂 So, until Andre drops his average to their level, then give the guy a break!!

  124. nellyjune

    Good Job Casey!!!!

    Even after that, Charlie seemed happier about Swisher’s hussle than us actually scoring a run.

  125. northstateblues

    If boyhood Giants fan Vin Scully can hold his water when it comes to his (perhaps LOOOOONG gone) preference, Charlie Steiner had better follow suit.

    Has Steiner EVER mentally left the YES network?!!!

  126. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan ~ I’m listening to the game on the computer. What’s going on between Tommy and Reggie?

  127. nedajerk

    Who the heck is Steve Swisher? Geez I can see if it Vinny no excuses for that. Lasorda and Jackson talking about that WS. We need a new thread because this is killing my dial up trying to post.

  128. oldbrooklynfan

    Lasorda and Reg Jax was on Ch5 and were going over the ’77, ’78 & ’81 WS, but they gave each other a hug at the end but Tommy was tough TBW.
    We’re winning guys & girls, Believe it or not.

  129. nedajerk

    Still don’t like the move using Kuo that early but hope he get through this inning. Ok McCarver yeah Kuo should be an all stars but would he?

  130. oldbrooklynfan

    Oh KUO, he was magnificent.
    Torre should let him bat so the Yankee fans can remember him as the Mets fans do, if he hit an HR and flip his helmet.

  131. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan ~ I’m sure Tommy is still mad at Reggie for throwing his hip at the ball in Game 5 of the ’78 World Series.

  132. truebluewill

    Monday criticized Kemp on that double. He said he didn’t run hard out of the box. Did anybody notice that on TV?

  133. oldbrooklynfan

    I guess the game is in BROXTON’s hands.
    We need this game tonight, it’s Pettitte tomorrow.

  134. oldbrooklynfan

    I’ve been numb all week, I absolutely don’t have any emotional feeling at all, ever since Boston..

  135. truebluewill

    Good move by Torre to use Broxton in that spot. He’s hardly pitched at all this month and we really need this game.

  136. nedajerk

    That’s true that was a good move but don’t like that Sherrill move and I think Weaver could’ve gotten out of it.

  137. northstateblues

    Alright! Rubber game tomorrow on ESPN. I don’t think NorCal TV can weasel out of this one.

  138. northstateblues

    Nelly: Oh yeah… There’s always the mute button. And I think we’ll get 3 innings with Vin on the radio tomorrow.

    Joe Morgan: You know, I have never understood why everyone isn’t as smart as I am. It’s absolutely infuriating. As it is, I can barely tolerate you anymore, Jim.

    Jim Miller: :: sighs :: :: looks at watch :: :: rolls eyes :: :: sighs again ::

  139. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Good win. Don’t know about all of you, but I needed that, even if it was a little ragged at times. And Emma got her birthday win.
    We don’t mention Loney a whole lot on here, but the guy is on track to drive in 100. I may start voting for the all star game after all.
    And Reggie Jackson is still a big mouth.

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