Dodger prospects making headlines

A couple of Single-A Dodger prospects are in the news in Midland, Michigan for all the right reasons.

Great Lakes Loons’ prospects Rafael Ynoa and Elisaul Pimentel helped save a life last weekend. We’re proud of actions and would like to think that everyone in the Dodger organization would have reacted the same way, had they been in their shoes.

Down here in San Diego, the Dodgers are getting set to try and complete a perfect road trip for the first time since the end of the 2006 season. Andre Ethier is en route to Los Angeles to be checked out by a hand specialist. We hope to know more after the game, so keep an eye out for the latest news. Hopefully it won’t be too serious and he can avoid a DL stint.

Homestand opens up tomorrow at Dodger Stadium, with two against the ‘Stros, three against the Pads and three against the Tigers.


  1. enchantedbeaver

    I see by the line-up that this is one of Joe’s throw away games. Nice thing to do when your team finally has some momentum.

  2. trublu4ever

    I think it sucks to put this team out there when we have a chance to sweep the first place team. I don’t see any other team resting all but 3 of their starters.

  3. colliethec

    Yup — that’s not a very nice looking lineup.
    Hopefully they can get some timely hits, nice D and continued great pitching and get W#7!

  4. enchantedbeaver

    I mean, I know we had the great Juan Pierre to lead off last year on days like today, but now that we don’t have the great Brad Ausmus as back-up all of a sudden Martin never needs a day off?

  5. enchantedbeaver

    And I don’t know what’s more depressing – .140 batting sixth, or .000 batting seventh.

  6. kpookiemon

    That’s just about the quickest new thread I’ve seen around here in some time. Guess we didn’t want to wallow in the “ticket explanation” too long. Shakespeare said, “brevity is the soul of wit,” so I always become suspicious with long, verbose explanations of anything. Allow me to simplify. Frank McCourt can make more money selling tickets the “mini-bilk” way. There…was that so hard? Pretty brief, too.

    As for the game, better pitch well, Chad.

  7. northstateblues

    In the hopes my message won’t get lost in the mail:

    (CC: Josh)


    The Dodgers aren’t keeping tickets out of the single-ticket-minded / out-of-town fan’s hands, they’re keeping FACE VALUE TICKETS out of the single-ticket-minded / out-of-town fan’s hands.

    Single ticket buyers will get into Dodger Stadium. Ironically, it’ll be by getting fleeced by the very people the Front Office is bending over backwards to accommadate. Not the season ticket holding fans or mini-plan buying fans. The green-hued Franklin, Grant, Jackson and Lincoln. (Washington is probably valued very little and doesn’t sleep there anymore) Guess if one’s sold 7-14 additional tickets, one could really care less what becomes of the other ticket.

    Once again, good business sense. But it’s not the Dodger Way I remember.

    By northstateblues on May 16, 2010 1:46 PM

  8. enchantedbeaver

    Jeez, they’re finally getting a well pitched game from Billz, and this pathetic line-up of Joe’s can even muster a hit, let alone a run or two. I just don’t get these throw away games.

    And if I was a fan that went down to SD to see the game, I’d be pretty pissed.

  9. koufax1963

    We know this is a big swing game, I guess JT doesn’t feel it.
    To put the best team on the field today, and win, to sweep the first place team at their house, to be two games out instead of 4 games, thats a big deal. I can take the “rest day” vs the astros, but lets go dodgers despite, broken bones, and bone heads, lets start it up by getting some hits, this no hitter stuff sucks.


    brownpaperbag, obviously you haven’t actually been watching Dodger baseball today or lately since every stand-in is there for a reason. Reed Johnson is in right field for Eithier because he fractured his pinkie. Garrett Anderson is hitting for Manny who hasn’t been hitting poosly but went 0-4 yesterday with 3 strikeouts (not that Anderson has been hitting either but he did get a two-run triple yesterday and Manny could use the day off). Ronnie Belliard is playing 3rd base for Casey Blake whom Joe usually sits on day games and who’s been in a major slump for about 10 games now. don’t worry; Joe knows what he’s doing…

  11. colliethec

    Give Joe a break — all these subs could be starting on any team in baseball in AAA!
    The above was made as a tongue in cheek comment…
    Ok seriously though I also agree with some of what Liz stated. Either is a given. Seeing Blake & Manny sit today when they aren’t hitting all that well anyway is ok with me.
    I would of also liked to see Russ sit today and Ellis play.
    But oh well.
    Go Blue!!!

  12. enchantedbeaver

    Blake I could care less, and Dre’s a given. But left handed or not, I’d prefer to see DeWitt over Green. And if a 38 year old Anderson can play a day game after a night game, then a 37 year old 20 million a year Manny should be able to. I’d take a slumping Manny who at least gets respect over a sub .140 Anderson who doesn’t. You’re already down the triple crown leader, why cripple your line-up further when you’re facing the division leader with a chance to sweep?

    I’ll stand by my statement – Joe’s an idiot.

  13. northstateblues

    Well… I’m glad Russell’s playing today. At least someone’s driving in runs here.

    I get worried about Russ starting so much too. But then I saw Yeager once started 58 games in a row (yipes). Either , or recently had a list of Dodgers catchers consecutive streaks. Not sure which at the moment, but all three blogs are good reads.

    Hope the streak isn’t stopping up Ellis’s development, though.

  14. trublu4ever

    I agree with you BPB1.
    And, lizzlee, we watch way to often and know this is Joe’s style. Every game counts and, even if we luck out and win this today, eventually it will come back and bite you in the asss!!!!

  15. bluesplash09

    There has to be a better left-handed pinch hitting outfielder than GA out there, yeah he had a triple yesterday but it was a fluke cause that dude was playin short and then fell down, GA needs to go cause i’m sure someone can hit better than .137. Nice couple of catches Reed! GO DODGERS!!!

  16. enchantedbeaver

    Good thing Anderson sucks so much that it takes the heat off or I might be calling Johnson just another one of Ned’s PVLs.

  17. enchantedbeaver

    Got away with one today. One run and two hits with Billz pitching usually gets you beat.

    That was a mighty fine game Billz pitched today. That’s why he’s so frustrating – you know he can do it.

    And Johnny says, “Fu-Q Y’all!!”

  18. bluesplash09

    I guess when the pitchers see the kinda lineup like we had today they know they gotta be close to perfect. 7 in a row, lets keep this train rollin right on in to 1st place! get well soon Andre! GO DODGERS!!!

  19. 636566cy

    Pretty amazing win condsidering the boys only managed two hits…a win is a win and a sweep is sweat.

    Could believe my eyes when I saw that Josh made two posts today. I think maybe he realized his dribble about the Yankees series wasn’t his best work so he wanted to get something out there quick 😉

  20. nedajerk

    Of course he love GA is because what’s the Angels did to all those Yankees teams but can you blame him?

  21. nedajerk

    April 22 88 8 17 0 0 0 1 5 4 9 3 .193 .260 .193 .454
    May 13 54 8 19 1 0 0 3 2 4 9 1 .352 .397 .370 .767

    lol what’s the hell Pierre?


    Ely for Pierre..what a steal already. no pun intended.

    The temp loss of Dre is less important to me than the importance of the reemergence of Billingsley.

  23. nellyjune

    I agree with both statements jungar. This minor setback with Andre is nothing compared to getting the pitching to the way it should be (hopefully it can maintain this winning way for a stretch). This whole series was about the pitching. The pitchers came in and did their job allowing the offense to do theirs. It was great to see Billz have another good game………….and this one being better than last.

  24. nedajerk

    I don’t know if was the pitching are that pathetic Padres offense that made are pitching look good. Now we are playing the worst hitting team in the league at .228. with an ugly .276 obp and .324 slg lol.

  25. nedajerk

    That’s opp baa by the Padres is sick and they don’t even have Chris Young and it doesn’t seem the Padres pitching is that good with all that junk they throw.

  26. selltheteam

    Unbelievable seven game winning streak (I hope this doesn’t jinx it).
    Ethier needs time to heal his finger. If you were the GM and/or manager, would you:
    A) Put him on the DL and bring up Paul
    B) DFA Anderson and bring up Paul
    C) Other

  27. thinkingblue

    God bless the two prospects! Thanks Josh for sharing.
    I hope Ethier heals fast. It sucks that he might not play for his bobble head night tomorrow! But him healing is more important. I will be there tomorrow cheering loud. GOOOO DODGERS
    I’m glad that finally FRANK release some money to buy some brooms. SWEEPING the D-backs & the Padres is great! Keep on cleaning!

  28. nellyjune

    I think tru and I have fallen under an Enchanted~Bear Curse………….otherwise known as EBC!!! My Ethieraholicism gave in to the Enchanted~Bear rule of thought – “don’t give Frank your money!!!” Why a curse?……….because ever since I bought the tickets, bad things have happened.

    The day after I bought the tickets (which was in February), I found out I have Open House this Wednesday. For the 9 years prior to this one, it’s always been on the Thursday of this week. The Open House isn’t the problem, it’s the driving there and back in a day that is the hard part, which I was willing to endure because it was Andre’s Bobblehead night, and us Ethieraholics have been waiting for a long time for this, but then…………………………

    Andre falls victim to some freak accident where he fractures his right pinkie during batting practice in which a ball never makes contact with his finger, and he probably won’t play. Now, I am not saying I am just there to watch Andre, but I wouldn’t have gotten tickets to a game in the middle of a school week for just any Dodger (at this point).

    What else could go wrong………………..possible rain in So-Cal tomorrow. I was just telling Dodgereric yesterday we have had a record number of rainy day schedules here at school and have just added another one today. Then to find out it might rain in LA tomorrow……… fun!

    So, I am thinking what else could it be other than a curse – LOL!!!!! I am really just kidding, but it sure was fun thinking of something to blame on why this is happening.

  29. perumike

    Nelly, let us pray for no rain tomorrow. I too am a little bummed not to see Andre tomorrow, but I love the Blue! My last few games at the stadium were with Hiroki pitching, and he has won them, so I’m hoping for some more magic, especially against a guy named Bud! I am still riding high with our boys winning, and excited to get out to the stadium tomorrow!

  30. nellyjune

    Messagebear – I always, always enjoy reading what you have to say. I would have went rain or shine for this occasion. I honestly was just playing. I am sure Andre will be there even if it’s just to see him up on the rail eating his pumpkin seeds and chatting with the players. We are on the first base side (between home and first base) so we will have a great view of the dugout. It certainly wouldn’t be ITD without you (or enchanted), and all the other wonderful personalities. I am not sure who said it (I am sure Dodgereric knows – lol!!), but ITD is like a quilt made up of a whole bunch of wonderful personalities, and you are certainly one of them.

    Perumike – I was at the Kuroda game in 2008 when he almost pitched a no-hitter. That was fabulous!!! I was hoping to see Ely pitch, but Kuroda will do just fine!!!

  31. nellyjune

    Oh yes, as for your question Crash. I rather see a healed Andre in June, July, August and beyond and bring up Paul.

  32. kpookiemon

    crash, in answer to your question, I’d DL Ethier, retroactive to his last game appearance. I played softball with a broken finger, or should I say, tried to. The hitting was easier than the defense. Ethier cannot play major league defense until the pain subsides. Every time the ball hits the glove…OUCH! He’ll be flinching, not going all out like he’s used to. And if Ethier bats, he can’t help but alter something, and probably for the bad. Let him heal. It’s only May. Bring up Paul, make sure he acts like a “major leaguer” so Ned won’t chide him anymore, and then tell Ned where he can go later on down the line!

  33. nellyjune

    That would be martinloneykemp (aka – lny4loney) and leekfink :)))

    My Loney has a first name
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me “Why?” I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    with H-I-T-T-I-N-G

    By martinloneykemp

  34. nellyjune

    I seem to be stuck in Pacific Standard Time. Oh, by the way………..Dodgereric’s calculations on when ITDFST will hit one hour is going to be very close indeed. We have approximately 5 days, 1 hour and 34 minutes until May 22nd ~ 5:06 pm. We are between 58 and 59 minutes now.

  35. perumike

    My selfish side says I want to see Ethier, and I want to see him now (think two year old temper tantrum). However I do agree that a short stint on the DL would be best long-term.

  36. perumike

    I was thinking, that freak accident with DreN could he have been nicked by a piano flying by? Makes me wonder….

  37. selltheteam

    Hey Mike, be careful with those pianos. Maybe you can send one Anderson’s way. While you’re at it, see if you can arrange one for Frank.

  38. crzblue2

    Hello ITd!
    while checking out what to eat at Petco Park, i noticed this young girl sitting in the grass area with a sign about the Loney song so I had to take a pic. i thought it was pretty neat. sorry I can’t remember the guys that wrote it. Loney and Leef something. My memory is real bad.
    I am tired from the trip to SD but I am excited about seeing ELy pitch again. You know he has no given up a walk in two games.

  39. selltheteam

    Tonight’s lineup vs. Wandy Rodriguez:
    I wonder why Manny is batting ahead of Kemp?

  40. colliethec

    Crash — A.
    I’d love to see Dre in there for now he shouldn’t be Everyday Dre. He should sit and not have his swing get altered by compensating for the injured pinkie.
    Not sure why Manny is in front of Kemp other than I remember reading somehwere that he liked hitting in the 3 spot.

  41. northstateblues

    I seem to be stuck in Pacific Standard Time. Oh, by the way………..Dodgereric’s calculations on when ITDFST will hit one hour is going to be very close indeed. We have approximately 5 days, 1 hour and 34 minutes until May 22nd ~ 5:06 pm. We are between 58 and 59 minutes now.
    By nellyjune on May 17, 2010 3:33 PM


    It’s coinciding with the finale of LOST. Everything that rises must converge.

    To quote Room 23: Ecaps dna emit yb devalsne sloof ylno.


    :: is promptly carted away by Santa Rosa Mental Institute workers ::

  42. nellyjune

    NSB – That would just be freaky if it happened on Sunday instead – OMG!!!! BTW – going to finale party on Sunday night.


    Emma, thanks for the photos from Petco. As I recall, the Loney song came from either leefink or im4loney and both have been absent this blog for quite some time, which is too bad because I liked their posts. Petco is a cute ballpark and has a great view but I think from the two games I attended a couple years ago, the sight lines at Dodger Stadium are much better. I felt the seating area was a bit cramped.

    Once again the makeshift lineup Joe uses on day games following night games got the job done even with all the complaining. As I recall, these makeshift lineups had a decent record last season. I understand the disappointment at not having the regulars in the game and it does sometimes look as if Joe is willing to sacrafice a game to give certain players rest. However, somehow the Dodgers seem to be competitive and win their fare share of such games. Just think if Joe had insisted Martin sit as well. They might still be playing. Oh well, what do I know?

    The bottom line is the team is playing a lot better, especially the pitching. Sweeping the Padres in San Diego is a big deal even if the Padres have little offense. They are still in first place so they must be doing something right. With all the difficulty the Dodgers have had winning in San Diego regardless of the quality of the Padres, these three wins are big, at least to me. Just think, it was not that long ago we thought the Dodgers had no life at all. Let’s hope the good karma continues and Andre is not out too long.

    It would be great if Andre could duplicate Manny’s pinch hitting heroics from last year on his bobble head night but it would be better if he just gets back into the lineup as soon as possible. You know he want to be out there and will push it.

  44. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody.
    Here we go again with the kid Ely, hoping he’ll continue the good work this time against Astros. 7 in a row and counting.
    Go DODGERS!!!!

  45. vl4ecc

    Good evening all.
    It’s been a while. Got the game on the tube on FSN Houston. As usual their announcers are boring, colorless, and about to put me to sleep. I would prefer to listen to Vin on the Dodger broadcast, but it sounds like I’m not the only one not getting audio on the gameday. Maybe someone kicked a cable somewhere……

  46. oldbrooklynfan

    I like Ely’s high energy, he always seems to be checking everything out. You’re right Bear, it’s too soon to tell but he’s very interesting to watch.

  47. truebluewill

    I have the gameday on and it’s 1-0 Astros. But, the Dodgers have two on one out in the bottom of the first.


    What the crap is wrong with now. It’s constantly stopping and starting and now off and can’t get it back.

  49. truebluewill

    It’s now 3-1 Dodgers at the end of one. You can get pitch by game action if you put the gameday on.

  50. enchantedbeaver

    Who taught this Ely kid to go out there and just throw strikes? Whoever it was should be our pitching coach.

  51. nellyjune

    What another fabulous outing by Ely. I agree enchanted…………………I mean BPB1!! Whoever his pitching coach needs a job on the big club.

  52. nellyjune

    Well, maybe that needs to be looked into then. Honeycutt for the White Sox AAA coach could be a possibility.

  53. nedajerk

    I was going to do something bad if Sherrill gave up the 1 to 2 runs that Weaver couldn’t get and it better be something wrong with Weaver for him to get taken out.

  54. nedajerk

    Sorry nothing wrong with Manny batting and I want him to get more AB’s like when Torre was bs us having Ethier/Kemp lower and Pierre still batting in the 1st 2 spot glad those days are gone.

  55. kpookiemon

    J.R. Perdew was Ely’s pitching coach at AA last year. Perdew never played major league baseball, though he did enter the MLB draft, opting for the Marine Corps instead. What all this means is nothing….nice hit Blake!!!

  56. jhallwally

    Isn’t it ironic, we got Ely for Juanpy!!! Totally sweet!!! I hope Billz and Kersch are taking notes. Stop walking batters!!!!!!!

  57. 32and53fan

    Nice try DeWitt but O-Dog would have made the play.
    Troncoso the Terminator gets to show his stuff under pressure. Two more outs to keep the streak going…

  58. nellyjune

    WAY TO GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!! 8 IN A ROW!!!!!
    …………….and the gnats are losing to the Padres :))

  59. kpookiemon

    Watching the Astros makes me think how nice Roy Oswalt would look in Dodger Blue anchoring this young staff…a true veteran ace in his prime.

  60. jhallwally

    Nice game Dodgers!!! Ely, outstanding!!! Interesting, we aren’t making errors and we are winning games!! Coincidence? I think not!!! Way to go DeWitt!!! 2 triples!!!! Wow!!! I’m psyched!!!

  61. nedajerk

    8 Atlanta 37 18 19 4.07 4 1 0 322.2 16 146 157 126 258 .248
    9 Houston 37 13 24 4.13 9 1 0 327.0 18 150 170 114 272 .267
    10 LA Dodgers 37 20 17 4.41 7 0 2 330.2 18 162 184 150 294 .250

    lol this is so wrong the Astros pitching ERA is better than us? This might move the Dodgers up to #9. I hate to see Troncoso being overused this year where was Monsterious? He hasn’t pitch since those 2 innings when we had the day off the next day.

  62. nellyjune

    You do know that my hubby and I know the brother of the Astros pitching coach (Brad Arnsberg). Tim is a pitching at our academy, and he just happens to be a Dodger fan. Brad was the pitching coach for the Blue Jays last season when all the Halladay rumors were flying about his departure.

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