Eight straight…

Another great start from John Ely…I hope everyone is enjoying this run of wins. Andres bobblehead night is tomorrow night and well have well over 50,000 screaming fans in the house. There are still very few tickets available left and while it doesnt look like hell play, who knows what will happen. Manny Ramirez didnt play on his bobblehead night last year and we all saw how that turned out!


Good things happen when you get good pitching.

Ole’Ely Y’all!!!!


So how the hell are you tonight jhall?

lol already after my last 2 post.

San Diego 22 15 .595 – 11-8 11-7 150 110 +40 Lost 3 5-5
San Francisco 21 15 .583 .5 13-8 8-7 158 112 +46 Won 3 5-5
LA Dodgers 21 17 .553 1.5 11-6 10-11 196 186 +10 Won 8 9-1
Colorado 19 19 .500 3.5 11-7 8-12 181 156 +25 Lost 1 5-5

I like that +10 but hate the 186. We would’ve had a crazy differential if it wasn’t for that RA.

Freaking outstanding Beav!!! How about you my brother?


The Ethieraholics will be there in force tomorrow night whether he plays or not. Can’t wait!!!

Arizona 16 23 .410 7 7-11 9-12 199 236 -37 Won 1 2-8

There a team in the west that still score more runs than us but there pitching is way worst.

Glad to hear it Wally! Doing OK – its raining again though. Thought this was supposed to be CA, not Oregon.

Have a safe trip down and back Nells & TruMom!!

Better defense will beget better pitching. Defense is very underrated. Ask Dad/Eric!!! Great defense will empower the pitching.

LOL Beav!!! Yep, raining here also. Be safe and have a great time Nelly and Trumom!!!!! Give mine and Beav’s regards to Ned!!!! LOL!!!! It only takes one finger!!!!!

Kansas City 4, at Baltimore 3 Davies (3-2) Bergesen (3-3) Soria (10) 9,299

lol at that attendance. How come we got 2 games in LA and we have played 4 games in Houston? This schedule is weird I miss the old NL West.

You are most certainly right about that Wally!!! I heard that from your father a few times this past weekend.

……………and thanks :)))

The winning streak is a direct result of:
A) Ned’s personal attacks
B) Frank’s hands-on approach to ownership
C) Garrett Anderson’s clubhouse presence
D) Andre Ethier’s incredible, super-human month that could only be derailed by a teensy-weensy pinky bone…combined with Joe’s handling of lights-out pitching

Thanks, BPB1. Poor Nellyjune will just have to watch Andre eat his pumpkin seeds πŸ™‚

Got that right Bro!!! LMAO!!


Stadium Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Attendance 35,282 (63% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

lol that was Sherrill 1st hold and I’m still holding out on him to improve.

I certainly will Wally…………if I see him.

lol Wally

I don’t know about all of you, but, I’m not anxious for Furcal to come back. We’re really coming together.

I’d like to see Ned personally attack Frank (and vice versa.)

Martin is actually starting to produce. I think he has an 8 game hitting streak.

Not surprise of the attendance consider the other 18,997 are at the Staples Center at 6 pm.

I’m with you Beav!!! LOL!!!!

I have to admit so far I’ve been wrong about Carroll being another Ned PVL.

LOL Nelly, throw the old Brooklyn wave on him for me!!!!

Well, in this case, I will be just fine if Andre doesn’t play. This is different than the Sunday/day game sit outs for no reason. I really do rather see him fully healed than to see him push it and make matters worse. Any Ethieraholic should hope for the same thing. Then again, he is an athlete, probably a little on the stubborn side, and I would assume that he just may do the unthinkable. My favorite NASCAR driver did the unthinkable. So, anything is possible and nothing is impossible. However, different sport all together and I am sure Andre will do what is best for him.

Carroll sure has turned out to be a nice surprise. I liked watching him play for Colorado, but I kind of lost track of him when he the Rox. He is definitely a good addition to the team.

Martin had an 11, and missed 12 tonight, which would have matched his personal best.

I think they will DL Ethier in the next few days if the pinky continues to be a problem. Better to take the time now to let it heal properly IMO. We can pick up the slack for a week or so, but we will need Andre for the long run!!!!

Maybe Ethier would pulled a Manny but hit a game winning GS?

Yeah yeah yeah Andre’s pretty good, but I’m really looking forward to getting Haeger back in the rotation.

I got a feeling he would probably PH first and than get DL.

Goodnight Gang!!! Catch you all down the road!!! Let’s get 9 in a row tomorrow!!! Excelsior True Blue Believers!!!!

I didn’t see that but to bad Dusty Baker would take chances on those CG/shutout and ruining pitcher arm.

Someone posted a few threads back that Dodgers would pass the Gnats before the end of the month. Good call!!!!!!!! Time to put the Orange and Black in the rear view mirror.

Night Wally!!

And goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

Wow how sad someone stole some baseball equipment from the special needs children.
He has thrown 18 or more pitches in 16 of those innings

Good Night Jhall!!!! Take Care and have a wonderful tomorrow!!!

Urgh ignore that least sentence.

I had fun tonight with that Kahli and the fact that they couldn’t beat their #4 pitcher as we swept their top 3 pitchers. They were all high and mighty a few weeks ago…………..not so much anymore :))


Good evening everyone. What a great game! I really like the Ely kid! I can’t wait to scream with all the other members of my Dodger family tomorrow at the stadium! Let’s keep it going boys!

Can’t wait ethier Perumike!!!!!!

Time check πŸ™‚
11:08 pm, pst.

So, NSB, would ITD time be considered a flash forward, flashback or flash sideways? LOL!!!!!

Nelly, I don’t know how you’re still awake with the commute you have tomorrow, as my commute will be under 30 min., yours is a bit longer! πŸ™‚

Good nite all, I’ve got a long, great day tomorrow!


Probably a Flash Sideways, since there’s two given timelines going on at any given time: The Warped, and the UnWarped.

I’m gonna be my own finale party, heheh. I’ll probably print out a dharma label or two.

My LOST Theory:

Jack Sheperd, die-hard Red Sox fan, crashes on a plane over the Pacific Ocean. That year, the Red Sox won the world series.

Get Dodger-hat-wearing David Sheperd on the next flight to Sydney, stat!

Jackson (W, 2-5) 8.0 4 0 0 2 12 0 1.56 6.33

Yeah I know we beat him but it look like everyone is having double digit in K’s vs the Marlins.

Good Morning, ITD, Dodger Faithful, and Our Beloved Boys in Blue………..
Were playing some pretty good ball at the moment, having fun and winning games.
Ely is doing what it takes, nice to see some strikes being thrown
Bobblehead night…..GET WELL SOON ANDRE!!!!
ITDers at the game tonight……Enjoy
Faithful at home enjoy the game as well….Have a great day all…

Nellyjune and I will be leaving soon to be at the Ravine for Andre’s night. Even though he won’t be playing it is really cool that they are honoring him. It’s way overdue!
Have a great day everybody and let’s hope the Dodgers win again.

I’m Impressed! The “stunt men” are doing what they get paid for: Performing. I guess they just need to play.
Yes I think the line up could be stronger with healthy Raffy, Dre, and vicente, but the bench is picking them up.
The SP and BP has really come around, and The Dodgers are getting those timely two out knocks for RBIs and not stranding the lead off hits as much. I love this turn around.

and details, Torre is actively managing the Bull pen, and it is working, I use to cringe when he would pull weaver, but lately his choices have worked, like kou, yes even sherril.
also Martin is throwing baserunners out, Fantastic, didn’t see that all last year. Also Russell is hitting to the opposite field.

Message, my piano and I will keep an eye out for Ned! πŸ™‚

Tonight’s lineup, from Dodger Thoughts:
Russell Martin, C
Xavier Paul, RF
Manny Ramirez, LF
Matt Kemp, CF
James Loney, 1B
Casey Blake, 3B
Blake DeWitt, 2B
Jamey Carroll, SS
Hiroki Kuroda, P

Alright Hiro, let’s get this done, got a good lineup in front of you!

Alright all, I’m off to the stadium (once I buy dinner OUTSIDE the stadium)!!

In my seats, watching from the top deck as Dre signs down on the field.

Live breaking news… Nelly & Tru have been sighted at Dodgertown!!!!!

Celtics up by 2 at the half. Looking forward to another Celtics-Lakers final for the NBA championship, with the Celtics coming out on top. Kobe’s just an arrogant egotistical a-hole. The Celtics are just the team to shut his pie hole.

I like the chances of extending the streak to nine with Kuroda on the bump tonight.
Go Dodgers!!!

great start so far, beautiful evening at the stadium.

Hi Everybody
Well 8 straight and it came at a very crucial time, when it didn’t look good for the Dodgers, now their right back in the thick of it. Kuroda has started 7 games has 2 ND, 4-1 record averaging 6 innings has 4 gems and two of them going 8 innings.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening everyone………..
Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!!

Too bad about DLing Ethier but it is better than him trying to play through the pain and reinjuring the bone. Let’s hope the team can keep the streak alive. I will be looking for Nelly and Tru on the first base side tonight.

Nice clutch hitting by LONEY.


Loney just squeeked by that tag attempt!! Bourne showed a good arm.

My Loney has a first name…….

The “Horse” trotted around the bases like a nag!

Nice job Kuroda!!!! Settled down and delivered a quality start. He didn’t look comfortable with his stuff but found a way to get it done.

Bummer… 2 out knock.

Crap, time warped again!!

Rough inning for Kuroda. Pitch count went way up. Hope he settles down……..

OUCH!! That’ll leave a mark!

Bad call! Matt was in there!

Leadoff walk — lets cash it in boys!

Nice poke Casey & great hustle James!!!

I’d love it if they beat Bud. He’s from my town here in Northern California and I believe he grew up a Giants fan so he’d love to beat the Blue.

I’m all for hustle but that wasn’t smart by Casey — now HK leads off the next inning. Nice to get the run home though.

Nice dp — DeMitt looked good on that!

Okay — I guess everybody is at the game so I’ll shut up now!

Celtics win! Up 2-0 over the Magic!


I was busy at the time of CARROLL’s SF and it’s good to see MANNY come through.

Geez Vinny doesn’t want to here this record vs the AL in interleague game 29-52. Vinny is bashing the Astros offense.

Wow Vinny they 16th in runners going to 1st to 3rd on a base hit.

It is a great game, but man, it kind of sucks seeing Andre just stand there. I am sure it sucks for Andre even worse, but all the fans around me are really bummed. Come back soon Andre! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

It is a great game, but man, it kind of sucks seeing Andre just stand there. I am sure it sucks for Andre even worse, but all the fans around me are really bummed. Come back soon Andre! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

It is a great game, but man, it kind of sucks seeing Andre just stand there. I am sure it sucks for Andre even worse, but all the fans around me are really bummed. Come back soon Andre! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Boy!!! Triple post!!! I guess the blog is bummed too.

I just want to say that KURODA navigated himself nicely through his 6 innings, tonight.
BELISARIO good going.

Have a good time, Nellyjune.

Let’s shut them down Kuo.

lol 55,662 not a sellout Vinny is 56,000.

So we see we still have the STATUS KUO.

Time to sit Broxton and warm up Monsterious.


WTG Blake 150th homeruns for Blake

Oh come on rest Troncoso.

The BEARD is back
150th HR. #4 This year.

Loney, Martin & Blake each have 4 HRs.

lol at the call to the bullpen in light.

I for one am very happy that all these fans have come out to honor Andre.

Tronny says time!!!!

I still can’t believe we have to played the Astros 2nd times at DS and 4 times in Houston.

Tronny says, F-ing Adios, love you Nelly and Trumom!!!!

Nice win!
G’night all!


Drive safely Nelly & Tru!!!!!

Yep VL4, sweet win. Goodnight!!

Go figure Paul playing for Ethier make the last catch.

Let me not forget EL TRONCO.

Be safe out there Nelly and Trumom!!! Glad you got to see our 9th straight. If we keep it up, we will be in first place by the end of the week. Let’s go Dodgers!!!!

You too PMike!!!

I hope the Giants/Padres played 20th innings lol.

That would be good for us Shad!!! Me too!!! Goodnight All!!! Have a great tomorrow. Catch you down the road!!!!

RamTron in the 9th = DONE DEAL. Way to rack up a Fine Nine in a row Blue!!! All attention to SD (now going into extra innings tied 4-4)

GREAT GAME at Chavez Ravine! Kuroda – even for a rough start – earns his 5th win (5-1), Casey Blake stands in for Ethier BobbleFinger as our Beardless SuperHero going 3-for-4 with a HR, 2 singles and 2 RBI’s.

FYI, the Dodger Bullpen has now thrown 17.1 consecutive innings of scoreless shutout ball! On top of the 9 straight wins, this number is a mini-miracle turnaround stat on it’s own!

Can’t wait to go for the third consecutive sweep and of course for W#10 tomorrow! GO DODGERS!!!

I love LA! Great game, sent nelly and tru home with a victory and a sweep!

Thanks ITDers!!!!! The game was fabulous!!! You are the best!!!

lol this fool trading his kid for some beers

Hurry up Padres win so the Giants could dropped to 3rd place.

Stadium Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Attendance 55,662 (99.4% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

Ouch where was those other 338?

Damn Padres

So closed Padres which you had those run last inning.

Look on the bright side guys, thanks to the Giants we just gained a game on the 1st Place Madres!

Yup-yup, believe it or not but ONE GAME separates the leaders of the NL West… ONE FREAKIN’ GAME! We can do this guys, with a win tomorrow against the Padres and a Giants loss at ARZ tomorrow, it is very possible for our Blue to climb from dead last place to first place in the NL West just over 10 days!


Good Morning ITDland ~ Nellyjune and I had a fantastic time last night. Got to introduce Cat to my oldest son and his boys….she was so sweet bringing us Dodger Dogs and ice-cream for the boys.
Even though he was unable to play, Andre was signing autographs for at least an hour before game time….so sweet.
One problem……they knew it was Andre’s night and, failed miserably to stock Dre merchandise. We got in the stadium a little after 5:30 and, they didn’t have this particular item we needed….could not have sold out since they had just opened. So, IMO, whoever is in charge of stocking merchandise needs be fired!

Nice 9 game win streak! I love how Colletti worked with what he had during the offseason by signing key veterans to fill in for our injured starters. Jamie Carroll is one of them and his play and style reminds me of David Ecksteins style. Both of em are hard workers and grind out each at bat! So my question is…who else in the league have this style of play?

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