Last chance to nominate someone special in your life…

For those who have not yet heard, MLB and People Magazine have teamed up for the PEOPLE All-Stars Among Us program for the second year in a row. This Friday is the deadline and thousands of submissions are pouring in for everyday people who go above and beyond in their community.

Maybe they mentored disadvantaged children, cared for abandoned pets or started a community garden. You tell us! You can even nominate yourself.

A total of 30 everyday All-Stars (one representing each MLB team) will be honored at the 2010 MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim on July 13 and one will be featured in PEOPLE magazine.

Take a few minutes and think about the people in your life who make an impact in other people’s lives. You’ll be glad you did (and so will they!)


  1. scott_in_arcadia

    I nominate messagebear for “service to the community” for continuing to support Frank selling the team.

  2. crzblue2

    LOL tru! The last homestand really put us Dodger fans thru some tough tests. I texted back to the number flashed on the Diamond vision “Charlie Haeger is hindering the enjoyment of the game.” In the sport sectionof the LA Times, Morning Briefing (last paragraph), I noticed someone else texted the same thing.

  3. koufax1963

    I think it was “action beyond the call of duty” that had Jaime fired by Frank.
    I hope edwin jackson doesn’t have anything to prove to the Dodgers tonight. Our first sweep would be sweet

  4. crzblue2

    Since 2005, I’ve been attending road trips to San Diego and four of those years I’ve been part of a group. This is the first year that the Padres are saying “nothing with Dodgers in the name when it flashes on the screen” Thi is BS. I am part of a group of 60 and I know the Dodgers Booster club will have a group of 150 there.
    Also they are giving out “Beat LA” t-shirts Saturday. Last year it was “Beat LA” towels. I know that like last year, there will be Dodger fans “altering” the words.
    Kershaw should be pitching Saturday and Billz on Sunday.

  5. nedajerk

    Is Torre managing the bullpen in Washington to? There this guy the Yankees gave up and he’s 7-1. He just picked up the win today but however that guy pitch last night after he blew the game and gave up 3 runs on 4 hits in 1/3 of an inning. Clippard has 5 blown saves on the year but honestly it should be 2. In those 5 blown saves he’s 4-1.

  6. nedajerk

    If you look at the blown save categories they probably think Clippard can’t keep a lead but when you have a 1 run lead and the starter give up 2 hits and a walk and get taken out you’re going to get screw. If you get a dp at home and 1st and than get another grounded that one on the infielder booted it for an error than the scored would be tied and than you get a cheap blown save that wasn’t really you fault because you did your job and the fielder just blew it. There was time when Gagne had to pitch more than 1 inning and you just had a bad feeling Gagne streak was going to end soon. I would hate to have something like that happen to him. I don’t like when closer have to come into the 8th innings and have to get 4 outs.

  7. selltheteam

    From “Chat with Tony Jackson” on
    “Earl, I have it on good authority (NOT from Colletti, from others) that if anything, Ned UNDERSTATED the issues with Kemp. This kid is really full of himself, to the point that it is becoming an issue in the clubhouse. I’m not saying they WILL trade him. I still think there is less than a 50-percent chance that they will. I’m just saying that if they do trade one of their core young players, he probably will be the one, not only because of these issues but also because he would have the most value.

  8. nedajerk

    Go figure all those runs that the Brewers had against us they should had used them on the Braves.

  9. dodgereric

    Personally, regarding whatever Kemp is supposed to be, I’ll reserve judgement for a while. Mainly because I don’t trust the media to tell the truth. They usually spend most of their time sucking up. Did you notice that there was not one critical word about McCourt, Colletti, Mannion, Torre, Honeycutt? Lots of bad stuff about Kemp though. Even Kershaw and Billingsley were slammed for being too stubborn to take suggestions.

    The way that Q & A session reads, Jackson’s “sources” are a couple of coaches that he is pals with. And no one on that coaching staff has been too impressive to me.

  10. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Great game last night everything went our way and it looks like we found ourselves a pitcher.
    The only thing left to do against one of our former pitchers is to sweep.

  11. trublu4ever

    I agree with your assessment, Dodgereric. I wasn’t thinking that way when I first read it but, now, what you say makes a lot of sense.

  12. dodgereric

    Dennis Mannion is the – I’m guessing – the CEO?? He reminds me of that bean-counter that the Black Widow Georgia Frontandrearie hired to ruin the LA Rams.

  13. truebluewill

    Kuroda looked a little wild to the first couple of hitters, but now he’s really dealing. Those were some nasty strikes he just threw.

  14. nellyjune

    IIIIIIII…………… MISSED IT!!!! I just walked in from work/school, I knew Andre was up to bat because tru had told me, and I knew the moment my phone went nuts, Andre did it again!!!! Thank goodness for highlight videos :))

  15. sparkleplenty_1

    I posted in real time . . . . I don’t get it.
    All I can say is that’s what they get for walking ‘Dre to get to Manny – WOW!!

  16. jhallwally

    WooHoo!!! Andre has truely reached the pinnacle. Intentionally walked to get to Manny. Wow!!! Way to mak’em pay Manny!!! Hey Collie, I also felt a bit sad for Edwin. He was a victom of the crappy Arizona bullpen in this case.

  17. nellyjune

    Well, what do you know………………….Andre gets the IBB to get to Manny. Alright Andre!!!!!!!

  18. nellyjune

    Alright Manny!!!!!!!!!! Do that to Andre and Manny comes back to bite the snakes in the asssss!!!

  19. oldbrooklynfan

    I’m disappointed that it wasn’t a GS but this place is awesome. You have to really give it a drive.

  20. colliethec

    It’s rare I feel sorry for the other teams pitcher but watching Jackson walk realllllly slowly off the field I felt sorry for him.

  21. nedajerk

    We was the 6th worst team with the bases loaded so we was dued. It not hard to figure those categories out. The 5 is hits 2 GS homeruns and so on.
    Los Angeles Dodgers .217 30 5 2 1 0 23 0 .300 .522

  22. nellyjune

    Collie – I watched the dbacks post game show after the game. The manager just was beside himself saying how pathetic the bullpen wa last night and has been. So, I can only imagine what tonight’s conversation will be like.

  23. nedajerk

    Would this be the night that Torre let Kuroda get the CG if Ryal doesn’t PH and we all know what happen?

  24. nellyjune

    I do remember reading this on here earlier in the week, but I thought you were all joking. Ortiz is starting on Friday? Oh boy!!!

  25. nedajerk

    5-2 Padres hard to root for the Giants at this points but I’d rather we sweep the dback and it look good and the Padres sweep them and we sweep the Padres.

  26. colliethec

    Nelly — while watching the last 2 games before tonight I felt like the D-Backs were playing the way we played earlier in the season (Basically up to last week). They made errors, didn’t execute and their bully was horrible. The D-Backs are a weird team. They seem like they have some really great players and good talent but they just aren’t consistent. That and they strike out so much.
    However the game isn’t over yet.
    We need the bully to pull through here tonight.
    As I write this Belly walks a batter. You’re up by 4 don’t put runners on dang it!!

  27. colliethec

    So we’ve had some good starting pitching the last few days! Who thinks that will continue Friday night?

  28. colliethec

    i have never understandf how you bring in a new pitcher and he walk the first guy
    By sellthetm on May 12, 2010 10:25 PM

    Shad — Neither have I!

  29. nellyjune

    So, if our bullpen manages to screw this up, will Joe be just as candid as Hinch last night and tell the media our bullpen was pathetic tonight.

  30. nedajerk

    I’m giving Kuo a break there no excuses for bring in a Belisario if he was that cold and is not like he pitch last night. Belisario thrown 5 pitches 1 strike hmm. I’m glad to see Ryal make the last out before he hurt Kuroda again.

  31. nedajerk

    I miss 1 2 3 innings from Broxton and I hope he’s not turning into Blownitez. I miss that former Giants Benitez.

  32. colliethec

    It sure would be nice if Brox could put his foot down here and shut them down. Don’t let them off the ropes Brox!! This is a game that if we win could really help us for the season and put a dent in theirs.

  33. nellyjune

    Alright Brox!!!!!!!!!! Scary, but you did it!!!!!! Thank you Andre, Jamie, Matt and Manny for getting the hits and Hiroki, Kuo and Brox for finishing the dbacks off!!!

  34. colliethec

    I’m thinking Kemp might be seeing a new jersey soon.
    I wouldn’t be happy with that. Unless Lee was signed to an extension. Manny for him would be ok.
    I really hope they can keep the core together. I just don’t want to see anyone traded for someone like Arroyo or Harang…

  35. nedajerk

    I think he was trying but when you thrown 5 pitches when 1 of them strike that’s going to be problem lol.

  36. kpookiemon

    I am so sick of all this Kemp bashing. Is it any wonder players won’t talk to the jock-sniffing media? Unless we get an attributed, non-anonymous, non-gutless quote, Tony Jackson should keep his pie hole shut about his “good authority.” It’s all crap…innuendo…gossip. Last time I checked Kobe had a pretty big freaking ego. I don’t especially like Kobe but so what? Non story, even if he or Kemp DOES have an inflated sense of self. If I’m facing Tim Lincecum, I’d sure as hell better think I’m a pretty damn good player if I’m going to succeed. Can I vomit now? Long after Ned Colletti (talk about ego!) and his ilk have gone far, far away, Matt Kemp will still be bashing. I only hope the cowardly cancers in the front office don’t cause Kemp to do that bashing in NY and/or Ethier in AZ.

  37. nellyjune

    Yep Shad, and that is why I didn’t list him as a contributor to tonight’s win. I figure you at least have to get one guy out.

    Collie – it would not be good to see any of the outfielders go at this point. We shouldn’t have to be back peddling now to come up with starting pitching. Frank and Ned have known we needed quality pitching since the post season last year, and quite possibly the season before that. Once again, Frank was too busy or too broke to worry about that with all the issues involving his divorce and other non-Dodger events he seems to be more passionate about at the moment.

    Also, do you know that Andre is leading the entire MLB in Batting Average, RBIs and SLG%, and he will at least be tied for 2nd in HRs with his 11th (depends on if any of the 5 tied with him hit one tonight too).

  38. nedajerk

    Wow what a series between the Flyers and Bruins. The Bruins were up 3-0 and now tied 3-3. Blackhawks and Sharks going to be a good series.

  39. nedajerk

    Stadium Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ
    Attendance 22,714 (46.7% full) – % is based on regular season capacity


    Teamed up with Ethier, Manny’s got a similar situation to the one in Boston. Pick your poison.

  41. kpookiemon

    Well, trublu, for fun, I got to thinking about Ned:
    “Ned is a term applied to certain people in Scotland, akin to the term chav in England. The stereotypical view of a ned is a white adolescent male of working class background, who wear brand names, gold jewelry, and engage in hooliganism, petty criminality, loutish behavior, fighting, underage drinking and smoking or general anti-social behavior. They are often assumed to be unemployed.”
    Wow, works for me….

  42. koufax1963

    Ok we swept the snakes, I appreciate that, but I realize that the padres are real and we play 6 times real soon. We come away winning those series then perhaps we have turned the corner. That means hitting, bullpen, starting pitching, fielding all need to be settled, hey not perfect but just consistently good.
    Regarding Matt kemp comments by tony jackson, where there is smoke perhaps it is more than a BBQ, perhaps his new GF has filled his head, regardless, one reason JT was hired was to bring the clubhouse chemistry together (remember Grady little), So if kemp is getting prima donna on us, the team, then a chat is in order, when he plays like willie mays, then he won’t need the chat, because I trust is demeanor will be like Mays. Team Chemistry is so important to it success. This year has had enough obstacles in the way of success we don’t need one on the field.

  43. kpookiemon

    Many moons ago Garvey seemed to alienate his teammates with his ego, and Sutton ended up calling him on it, in the shower, of all places. A few punches were thrown and it didn’t hinder championship runs. What I despise is the “leaking” of all the gossip and innuendo to the media. Who the hell is running the show? Ned? Frank?…well, certainly not Frank, he’s completely checked out to Divorce Court. I can’t EVER remember this kind of crap under Campanis or Claire. Even if any of this has a shred of truth, an organization needs to be professional enough to keep this stuff in the clubhouse, not in some hack writer’s column.

  44. koufax1963

    Kahli- Amen! The media has completely changed since those days, but I agree talking to the media is dangerous. Carlton, koufax and even Manny knows that now. Yea a good team intervention, if warranted, might help. I remember bonds and kent getting in to it in 2001, a struggling team went to the series that year. I like kemp. I hope he likes the dodgers, but I can understand where he wouldn’t, in fact, that might be pervasive through out the field mangement. You think JT wants to manage a team that wont go get the pointed piece he needs to go to the WS?

  45. crzblue2

    Thanks for TJ’s link. I usually reads his column but had not had a chance to read it before. I was surprised to read what is said about Kemp. The times that I’ve seen Kemp, he has been nice and friendly to the fans. But I’ve seen this patttern before where the players are friendly with the fans but not with the media. As long as they contribute on the field, I am OK.

    As I mentioned before I will be in San Diego for Sat and SUn games. KCAL is doing the game.
    Any ideas on a sign that spells

    Kershaw is starting tht game against Correia. Speaking of Correia, my condolences to the Correa family. Kevin Correia’s brother fell off a cliff while hiking with his friends, and died.
    Has anyone received the next Dodger magazine where Kemp is on the cover? It was at the last homestand but I still do not get it in the mail. I ran into Josh last Saturday and he told me and showed me that I am in the magazine.

  46. kpookiemon

    You can bet your Ned bobble head that Torre is NOT happy. That’s why the “gossip” machine has him leery of signing any kind of extension.

  47. trublu4ever

    I haven’t received my magazine yet either. I did get the Yearbook but not the one with matt on the cover.

  48. selltheteam

    Meanwhile, I’m still in a revolutionary mode, unless somehow Ramon Ortiz puts in a credible performance as our #5 starter tomorrow.

  49. kpookiemon

    Wow, Gnats swept at home on a one-hitter. Hope the Pods got winning out of their system. Must be very quiet in the land by the Bay.


    Kahli, the Tony Jackson chat piece bothered me as well. Clearly, reporters are supposed to check their sources but since they don’t have to reveal them (and in reality probably cannot reveal them for obvious reasons), we are left with unnamed sources not only in the sports world but beyond. But let’s ask a question: does Jackson have anything to gain by revealing this information? He specifically eliminated Ned as the source although I believe that can be questioned as well. After all, he wants access to Ned and he certainly won’t get it if he “rats” Ned out. He will never name any of his sources for the same reason.

    I think I understand your objection: does knowing this make any difference to us, the fans? Has anyone mentioned this before about Kemp? As others have said, he seems to treat the fans o.k. We don’t know for sure how he treats his teammates but as fans, all we care about it what happens on the field. Maybe he does not have much use for the media. After all, how would any of us like dealing with the likes of T.J. Simers whose only goal is to get under the skin of his subject, or with other media types whose best question is, “what pitch did you hit for that game winning home run”, or “what was your mindset when you went to the plate with the winning run on second base”? It takes a certain maturity to deal with this stuff and maybe Matt does not have that maturity. Does that make him a bad teammate? There are some things we are just not meant to know.

  51. nedajerk

    If Ortiz bomb he should be gone but knowing Ned he won’t do it and might keep him for the rest of this month. The Giants have to played the Padres again on the 17th.

  52. nedajerk

    Wow that Ortiz post right on the time and that was my 2nd post but that other post was like 30 mins late.

  53. colliethec

    This is a little something I put on my FB page. I think I ticked off one of my Giant friends…
    Kung Fu Panda has become the Yoga Koala – Don’t worry Panda fans … Houston is coming to town!

  54. nellyjune

    Yes, I think you did make a few gnat fans upset with that comment. My hubby said his hitting flat out sucks lately.

  55. nellyjune

    USA Today………….

    If Ethier gets a single, he wants a double. If he doubles, he believes he should have homered. A line-drive out is the same to him as a weak popup.

    “He’s never satisfied,” said Dodgers hitting coach Don Mattingly. “He gets so mad, so emotional, when he doesn’t get a hit. He could square up a ball perfectly, and hit a line drive, but he’ll be mad because he made an out. To him, he has to be perfect.

    “But with that swing, there’s not a pitcher in game he can’t hit. Nobody.”

  56. nedajerk

    lol I guess not. I’m just waiting for Molina to come down to earth so Sandoval could hit again lol.

  57. selltheteam

    As of this morning, Andre is still leading the NL in all three Triple Crown categories.
    When I first started paying attention to baseball as a kid, Frank Robinson won the Triple Crown. Then, the next year, Carl Yastremski won the Triple Crown. The year after that, I was like, hey, how come there is no Triple Crown winner??
    Maybe this is the year.

  58. perumike

    Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! I am busy with work, but am also sooooooooooo excited about going to the stadium on Tuesday! I think my wife is getting tired of me! πŸ™‚ I’ll see you all in a few hours, around game time! Have a great afternoon!

  59. selltheteam

    Furcal not being activated tonight (per Dodger Thoughts), also lineup (per Dodger Thoughts)
    Russell Martin, C
    Matt Kemp, CF
    Andre Ethier, RF
    Manny Ramirez, LF
    James Loney, 1B
    Casey Blake, 3B
    Blake DeWitt, 2B
    Jamey Carroll, SS
    Ramon Ortiz, P


    Shad, you asked about Jim Campanis. Pretty much everything about him is on that Wikipedia page. As you can see, he had a limited pro career and it is a bid sad that his claim to fame is being traded by his father. I am sure there are a lot of Dads out there that would like to be able to trade their sons, lol.

  61. crzblue2

    Hi Everyone!
    I need a break! I’ve been so busy at work trying to get stuff done but is almost quitting time (5) and I thought Josh would have a new thread.
    Jim Campanis works for the Dodgers. I took a picture with his W.S. ring last year. Ahhh, that was the first time I tried one of those rings. Jim was one of our coaches last year during the Women Baseball clinic. Wonder if we will have another one this year. I know now the group is called “Women in Blue”
    Have a great weekend everyone and GO DODGERS!
    I can’t wait to be at Petco Park tomorrow and wooof wooof for the Dodgers!

  62. Dodger4life

    We have a good thing going Boy’s………..
    Rememeber Fun……..
    Enjoy the game everyone………..

  63. dodge1612

    I think ortiz is gonna surprise us tonight… going 5 while only giving up 2-3… dodgers win 7-4

  64. oldbrooklynfan

    Hello Everybody
    This Padre lineup looks scary but we faced them all before -no unfamiliar faces.
    Ramon Ortiz, Torre’s choice over Monasterios, I don’t know.
    I like to see Kemp hit one out, the spell, to me, is unbearable.
    No Furcal yet, but Jamie is holding his own.
    Got to keep the streak alive….Our streak.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. kpookiemon

    Watching the Dodgers play in Petco is torture. It’s like watching a zebra eaten alive by ants.

  66. nedajerk

    Are you sure he said that? Just because they said he was ready there is no need to rush Furcal back and we still suck with the bases loaded.

  67. nedajerk

    -B. Molina walked, A. Torres scored on wild pitch
    – N. Schierholtz singled to first, B. Molina scored, J. Uribe to third
    – J. Uribe scored, N. Schierholtz to second on wild pitch

    Interested scoring for the Giants but Molina scored from 2nd bases with singled by Nate.

  68. perumike

    Good evening all! Glad to see the boys are hanging in there, even though down one. Hopefully we can get back even and squeak this out.

  69. nedajerk

    I guess it was too much to ask for should’ve try to get 2 innings from Weaver and should’ve double switch with Carroll.

  70. nedajerk

    I still can’t believe Torre took out Weaver and bring in Sherrill in that game when it was still 4-1 and it ended up as a blowout.

  71. 32and53fan

    Tony Gwynn Jr. almost took that HR away from Kemp. It deflected off his glove on the other side of the fence. He was so mad he punched the wall causing almost as much shaking as the earthquake we had a little over an hour ago nearby.

  72. crzblue2

    We had an earthquake? I was at a bar at Little Tokyo and then I took the Gold line for one stop then a bus to take to where I leave my car. I am at home now but I did not feel a thing. lol.

  73. nedajerk

    I wish we could’ve save Kuo for the 8th. If some how it get to his spot which is 5th coming up Torre should let him hit.

  74. 32and53fan

    Rookie running mistake. It’s nice to be aggressive but it hurts when it ends the inning. Live and learn Dewitt.

  75. nedajerk

    I think he did that on purpose surely I don’t want to see Kuo pitch to 1 batter what a waste and Troncoso has been overused already and knowing Torre he probably would had GA up to bat.

  76. nedajerk

    That’s 2 in a rows that Kemp didn’t overslided. Wow make them pay Manny I knew that was going ibb Ethier.

  77. selltheteam

    FU’Q Y’alll!!!!
    Boy, I wouldn’t want to be Gwynn with a 98 mph fastball coming at my chin.


    best win of the year so far. imagine if the same standings were in august. instead of 6 back it’s 4..come from behind with solid bullpen action. me likey other than loney crapping all overhimself it was solid

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