1. thinkingblue

    Congratulations to the Cisneros. Well now they can afford to seat down low next the Dodgers…LUCKY! They would probably be better Dodger Owners than the McCormicks. Or just pay for a new GREAT pitcher for the Dodgers!
    No comments regarding last nights game :0(

  2. trublu4ever

    Right now, LUCKY and DODGER FANS, doesn’t sound quite right!

  3. enchantedbeaver

    Right now Kersh and Billz are broken and having Bunnynutts try to fix them is like having Joe The Plumber try to fix a Saturn rocket. Sure there’s pipes, but no amount of tinkering will get the job done. So in response to Knouff’s question on the last thread, no, a #1 ace pitcher won’t fix anything. Frank’s cheapness and Ned’s mediocrity have seen to it that we only have 3 starters for a 5 man rotation, and two of those three are broken. The bully’s a shambles and Bunny is worthless to help.

    Now let’s address the fielding. Manny’s Manny – a slight step up from JP. Blake’s another year older and slower. Furcal’s been throwing the ball all over since ST started. For whatever reason Kemp has regressed a little. They swapped out a GG 2Bman for a guy playing out of position. And Martin still sucks. Put that all together and for a staff that already throws batting practice, they give the opposition another 3 outs a night to play with.

    Hitting? Great some nights, pathetic others.

    As the late great Howard Cosell once said, “Now who goofed? I’ve got to know.”

  4. kpookiemon

    I’m sure Honeycutt is a very nice man and he seems to be the scapegoat of choice right now. But sometimes change is a necessary and good thing…especially when it comes to coaching or managing. Either the message gets old, or the players tune you out, or etc., etc. As another old saying goes, you can’t fire all the players. “Coaching job security” is an oxymoron. I guess another old slogan is, you can’t fire the owner. Too bad. But you can fire the GM, right? Gosh, so many deserving heads that could roll and so little time……. We could all say “it’s early,” but Mother’s Day is here and the Dodgers will have played 20% games by week’s end. Frank? Hows’ the house situation? Lawyers doing OK?

  5. lbirken@aol.com

    How nice for the Cisneros. I am sure we will hear all the jokes about how they can now afford tickets to Dodger games. Ha Ha.

    But isn’t it a little disappointing this thread and others lately have led with subjects that have nothing to do with the play on the field? What has happened to the Dodgers? I know many will say it is due to lack of pitching and poor defense. But why? The Dodgers are not the only team with these problems but every time I look at a game I see a journeyman pitcher with a lifetime losing record striking out Dodger hitters in key situations while Dodger pitchers can’t find the strike zone. Many of the teams the Dodgers have faced so far this season have little expectation of making the playoffs yet they continue to dominate a team that despite its weaknesses still has high expectations. Last night the veteran Casey Blake made a bonehead play on a routine rundown situation, something I am sure the team practiced many times during spring training. Now I am not picking on Casey but merely pointing out the absurdity of the situation. He started off by running the baserunner back towards second, which everyone knows is the correct way. However, Casey threw the ball too soon to Belliard giving the baserunner too much space to reverse course. By the time Belliard threw back to Blake, the runner was able to elude Blake and by the way, no one was covering the bag. So Blake’s mistake was compounded by another.

    I know the Dodgers will not win every game and we have all seen the bad Dodger teams from time to time. However, at least so far this current edition is not even competitive, and that bothers me most of all. The Dodgers have one of the best closers in the game but can’t get to him because they seldom have a lead late in the game. The bullpen is basically the same as last year yet this season the results have been far different. What has changed? Did these players overachieve last season? It is starting to look that way. We don’t have enough quality starters? Most teams don’t. What happened to Bills since the All Star game last season? I am tired of hearing about Kershaw’s age; the Dodgers have been stymied by young, no name pitchers so why are Dodger pitchers not able to “stymie” the oppostion?

    There is still plenty of time to turn this season around. Manny will be back soon and hopefully Furcal will be able to pick up where he left off. But clearly every player on the roster has to look in the mirror and determine if he is doing the best he can to help this team win. Maybe it is time for Joe to ask that question. He certainly is not going to get any help from anywhere else.

  6. northstateblues

    Why is the same bullpen having problems? I’m not sure, but I do know that one of the biggest criticisms of Joe Torre is how he’ll ruin bullpen pitchers by depending on the same guy too many times.

    Song feels really appropriate for the last week, in many ways, shapes and forms not only pertaining to the struggles befalling the Dodgers (or their upcoming Torre’s Eleven poster). Didn’t feel the need to change Frank Sinatra’s words:

    That’s life, that’s life. That’s what all the people say,
    You’re riding high in April, shot down in May.
    But I know I’m gonna change that tune
    When I’m back on top, back on top in June

    I said, That’s life. That’s life. And as funny as it may seem,
    Some people get their kicks stomping on a dream
    But I don’t let it, let it get me down
    ‘Cause this fine old world, it keeps spinnin’ around…

    I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king,
    I’ve been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing:
    Each time I find myself flat on my face,
    I pick myself up and get back in the race

    That’s life. That’s life. I tell you, I can’t deny it
    I thought of quitting, baby, but my heart just ain’t gonna buy it
    And if I didn’t think it was worth one single try,
    I’d jump right on a big bird and then I’d fly

    I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king,
    I’ve been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing:
    Each time I find myself flat on my face,
    I pick myself up and get back in the race

    That’s life. That’s life. That’s life and I can’t deny it.
    Many times I thought of cutting out, but my heart won’t buy it.
    But if there’s nothing shaking come this here July,
    I’m gonna roll myself up in a big ball and die…

    My life…

  7. selltheteam

    Tonight’s lineup, per Tony Jackson:
    Paul 7
    Kemp 8
    Ethier 9
    Loney 3
    Blake 5
    Martin 2
    DeWitt 4
    Carroll 6
    Ely 1

  8. selltheteam

    Bear, I like the way you “shoot from the hip” all the time. No need for you to join the brown paper bag brigade. Maybe we should start a “bear” brigade.
    Meanwhile, this may be Ely’s chance to really impress and shut down the Brewers. If he doesn’t get it done tonight, bring up Lindblom and give him a try at it.

  9. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    It does look like that, Nelly.
    We obviously need pitching, but where would it come from at this point in the season? All we can do right now is hold on and hope for better times. And hope like hell Kuroda does not go down.

  10. crzblue2

    NSB, I love Sinatra’s songs.
    Do I want to go to the game today after seeing the pitching give up 22 runs in the last two days? I am still at work…I do have to drive thru there. guess I am going..
    I had some complaining from yesterday that I posted in my blog.
    Let’s hope Ely has a good game and the bats come ALIVE.

  11. nedajerk

    I wonder if Joe would let Ely pitch another 114 pitches in 6th and what make me mad that Kuroda has a better PC through 8th inning but don’t seem to want to give them a CG and it look like the only way if the guy pitch a prefect game through the 8th innings and probably that give up 1 hit prefer lead off hit and yank him after that.

  12. colliethec

    In response to the question regarding getting a #1… I’d say at this point no. It’s too late. If during the offseason they could of made a trade for Halliday (Or sign Lackey) and Josh Johnson or last year signed CC then we’d be looking better.
    I had wanted them to try to trade for Johnson as he was supposedly on the block. We would of had 3 young guns (Johnson, Kersh, Bills) with someone to lead them (Halliday or Lackey) and a crafty vet (Kuroda) and I think that would of been a great staff. I felt relying on Bills & Kersh because they were another year older was a mistake.
    I don’t think there is a #1 out there now that is available. I think this year is a lost season. I felt this way by spring training. We didn’t make the world series and we needed pitching and dind’t get any (Actually went backwards) as well as our D was obviously weakened by not having Hudson or getting someone for 2nd. I like DeWitt but as many have mentioned is playing a position that he isn’t cut out for.
    I wanted them to also get Kelly Johnson to play 2nd. That or Felipe Lopez.
    So I feel that as mentioned above we need to trade all our PVL’ers and not for just cash (Which I fear is what McCourt will do). Manny, Ferk, Blake, Padilla, etc… Get some good pitching and a couple of position players for up the middle and see how that does for us. Then in the offseason see how we can get a #1. We don’t need to rebuild the full team but we need to rebuild the pitching staff and get a leader in there.
    I would hope that the above happens as well as Frank sells the team by the offseason and the new owner fires Ned, Torre retires, and the whole coaching staff isn’t retained. Then hire a new staff with many of the old Dodgers or Minor League coaches that are now in the system.
    I also want some of the younger pitchers brought up to see what they can do in a full season. Such as McDonald (When he is healthy enough), Lindblom, and Elbert & see how they do.
    I would also be fine if H/cutt was let go now.

  13. nedajerk

    Belliard is 6/13 with 2 doubles and a homerun vs Bush.
    Belliard As **** 10 35 4 17 3 0 1 9 4 7 0 1 .486 .538 .657 1.196

  14. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    You’d be seeing a lot more of me, if I won $266 million.
    What are those things in the Brewers bullpen, brooms?
    What’ta they do with them? Haha.
    If you can’t laugh, you cry.
    I missed the days of our marvelous bullpen, with their holds and saves.
    They have to come around and so do the starters. This is the best hitting Dodger team in decades but they can’t keep up with the opposition.
    This has gotta change or we better keep the basement clean.

  15. colliethec

    Nice to see X-Paul making difference! It would be nice to see Kemp get another RBI here…

  16. oldbrooklynfan

    I got this in a while ago but I don’t see it.
    Good to see PAUL on the board with his first RBI.
    .My condolence to the family of the great Robin Roberts.

  17. jhallwally

    My condolences, thoughts, and prayers to Robin Roberts and his family!!!

    Kind of strange to be in the 5th inning and still in the game!! LOL!!! I’m liking Paul and Ely!!!

  18. colliethec

    Kemp with another K.
    Wifey just said, “Women weaken legs…”.
    That of course is a quote from Mickey in Rocky.

  19. colliethec

    Bases loaded & nobody out. We’d better get 1 run here or there might be a remote control broken somewhere!

  20. nedajerk

    That must be a typo did Torre really bring up Belasario in the 7th after trying to get 2nd innings from him last night?

  21. colliethec

    Good news bad news…
    Bad news: They didn’t score.
    Good news: My remote will live to see another day.

  22. colliethec

    Hi Wally! Those 2 words go together like peanut butter & jelly!!!
    Carrol — failed.
    At least so far this season. Just 1 RBI.

  23. oldbrooklynfan

    I’ve been having program errors ever since I tried to comment on JOHN ELY’s tremendous performance.
    I hope I get this in.

  24. sparkleplenty_1

    I’ve been having problems just logging on – quite aggravating.
    Ely did an impressive job. I sure hope he gets to stay with the big club.
    BTW, did anyone else happen to notice that Ely missed first base when Fielder made his key error?

  25. sparkleplenty_1

    Russ is also getting very lazy behind the plate, too. I’d love to see what AJ can do . . . .

  26. colliethec

    5 straight fastballs to Counsell.
    Mix it up once in awhile. Again he keeps doing the same things as in the past and hasn’t matured.
    The same with Bills & Kersh.
    You want to see growth in your young pitchers, but we haven’t seen that at all.
    To me that’s on the staff.

  27. nedajerk

    lol wtf is people on the main board blaming Broxton this time not his fault he went 6 days without pitching. This is not are year.

  28. lbirken@aol.com

    Just when I thought this was finally going to be that game when a Dodger young pitcher kept the opponent in check, Broxton blows a save after the Dodgers can’t score with the bases loaded and no outs. But what really steams me is Greg Counsell. I can’t stand him. I am sure he is a great guy and likes puppies and such but it seems throughout his career he has been a huge thorn in the Dodger’s side. To make things worse, he stunk when he wore Dodger blue!

  29. sparkleplenty_1

    There’s nobody else I’d rather have at the plate now than Andre – make us all proud!!!

  30. oldbrooklynfan

    They use to call Tommy Henrich “old reliable” he could’ve never compared to ANDRE’.

  31. lbirken@aol.com

    When Kemp was at bat they showed a graphic stating he had one walk off hit in his career. Andre now has, what, 11? Talk about being in the right place at the right time and being able to deliver! Now I can go to bed happy.

  32. colliethec

    Yup Nelly! Another “bump the chandelier” moment brought to you by Every Day Dre! All good though. We went on a long hike today!

  33. nedajerk

    We just need 1 run damn Ethier I think I turning gay because I just love Ethier and this is hard for me because I’m a guy. That might even piss Beane even more but it already have. How is that people still can post and I’m still have submit error? Is amazing how the Giants mlb already talking smack and have 3 pages up. I really hope we pass them up in the next 2 to 3 months and let see who be talking crap when they struggle and they would but they should worry about not winning a WS since 1954?

  34. nedajerk

    We just need 1 run damn Ethier I think I turning gay because I just love Ethier and this is hard for me because I’m a guy. That might even piss Beane even more but it already have.

  35. nellyjune

    Speaking of the victory flask, where in the world is seesky!!

    What a pitching day for Ely. I hope he gets to stay. What a breath of fresh air for a change.

  36. nedajerk

    It make more Giants fan wish they had him and still giving him poop but they just some Giants fan that like the swear and put the player name by it. I never seen a board that as bad as the Giants one.

  37. nedajerk

    sigh so the 1st post did posts dang my message got all screw up there but the 1st one is right.

  38. nellyjune

    Andre is the play of the day on ESPN. The Ethieraholics are a very happy bunch right now. When Dre keeps doing things like this, it makes it very hard to quit the habit 🙂

  39. nedajerk

    It make more Giants fan wish they had him and still giving him poop but they just some Giants fan that like the swear and put the player name by it. I never seen a board that as bad as the Giants one.

  40. nedajerk

    Tuesday night Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
    Attendance 50,714 (90.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
    Wednesday night
    Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
    Attendance 35,659 (63.7% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
    Thursday night
    Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
    Attendance 38,456 (68.7% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

  41. nedajerk

    Yeah Mike and it wasn’t even a Bills game I remember he doing that alot lol. That last one would be a sellout for Boston and that 2nd to the last one would be at 96% at night time and in the day 95%.

  42. nedajerk

    I hate when closer get a blown save in the 8th inning and it seem unfair when that run was charged to Troncoso and it was an unearned run thanks to Martin throwing error.

  43. nellyjune

    Happy Birthday James Loney!!!! Hope you get a win for your birthday and a few RBIs or a homerun wouldn’t be too bad either.

  44. nellyjune

    Not only is Andre at the top of the triple crown in the NL, he is 2nd in BA, tied for 1st in RBIs, 2nd in Homeruns, and he is 1st in SLG % in the ENTIRE league.

  45. thinkingblue

    GREAT JOB ELY! Pitching was AWSOME!

  46. nellyjune

    However, having said all that about Andre, I am sure he would prefer to be in first place in our division, and I am sure he would have preferred Ely get his win without all the dramatics.

  47. thinkingblue

    NELLY – Having the Dodgers play soooo close to Hollywood, they add the DRAMA…DODGERS/DRAMA!
    I keep seeing replay over over of last nights grandslam and boy I keep getting the chills. Seeing the fans in the back with their hands together and just seing everyone putting those hands up along with a loud roar. And then Andre runs around gets the blue mob all over. Andre lays on floor and yet he gets up and his white uniform is still clean…HOW IS THAT? Now why can my son do that? VERY IMPRESSIVE!

  48. kpookiemon

    Before Andre’s slam, I was thinking this season has become the “perfect storm,” with Big John deciding to join the parade of mediocrity. As soon as Counsel bounced his single off both Carroll and DeWitt I turned to my son and told him what a shame it was for the rookie who’d just pitched his heart out.

    In this so-far crummy season, Paul and Ely have been pleasant surprises. Why do I get the feeling that when Manny and Weaver come back, it will be those two heading back to AAA, in lieu of a couple PVLs?

  49. selltheteam

    Ely has pitches well with (1) his first start where he calmed down after a shaky beginning and (2) last night was a huge success. Ned and Joe need to keep Ely in the starting rotation for now, until he shows he can’t handle it. Right now, he’s the #2 most effective starter, ranked only behind Kuroda.

  50. selltheteam

    I had a feeling as soon as Jamie Carroll got on base that Andre would be getting the walk-off hit. But I could not have imagined a walk-off grand slam.
    Ely really needs to stay in the starting rotation. If he gets sent down after last nights’ performance, there’s going to be a revolution.

  51. trublu4ever

    If Joe wants to platoon…I’d much rather have Reed and Xavier. they both seem to add a spark to the team.

  52. koufax1963

    With guarded optimism, I hope we can take 2/3 from the rox, even more, perhaps last night’s game will jolt the dodgers to remember that they are a great team, despite Ned’s comments, despite Frank’s thin wallet, but the reality as played out on the field is we got smacked by the brewers and the one game we won was with a blown save. So that is in the Past, and tonight the dodgers can start the season. If Ely and Carlos Monasterios can pitch let them. If manny returns with pop in his bat, great, otherwise have him PH and let Paul play Left. I certainly will welcome a healthy and productive Furcal back. Perhaps last night this season turned around for the Dodgers. Optimistic! GO Dodgers! Yes our chant “Bring the ring to the ravine”

  53. heartruss

    Just a quick note since I get a feeling there will soon be a new thread. Last night’s victory was what we Dodger fans needed with Andre’s huge walk off grand slam homerun. Ely’s pitching was outstanding. Broxton’s blown save probably was due to his not pitching for a while. The night turned out to be one of the most exciting ever.

  54. kpookiemon

    “I want to go up there in that situation, I want to end the game right there,” said Ethier, who cracked four game-winning homers a year ago. “[Hawkins] threw me a fastball right down the middle. I just put an easy swing on it and it just kept going.”

    Added Russell Martin, “When I’m up in a clutch situation, I prefer to pull off the ball, swing as hard as I can, and ground one to third.”

  55. thinkingblue

    Hey maybe the trick is to keep bringing and switching out rookie pitchers. They come in aggressive and the other team does not know their pitching style!

  56. blueteapartymember1

    When (not if) Torre sends Ely and Paul down and keeps Ortiz and Anderson because of their awesome veteran presence, I will scream bloody murder.

  57. nedajerk

    Maybe we would get a surprise and they do dfa Ortiz but he look like he would get sent down but GA I think we would had to suffer even more. Those attendance I surely want to see more of those and I never seen any attendance that low in my life time and see what you did Frank?

  58. selltheteam

    Will Ely be sent down?
    “I don’t know,” Torre said when asked if Ely would be rewarded for his quality start with a demotion to Triple-A. “We’ll meet tomorrow and figure it out. We need to create a spot for Weaver. I told you the other day, it’s a situation, because of the fact he’s one that can be sent [optioned] without losing him. I’m not saying that’s the way it’s going to be, it’s one of the options.”
    Will the fans revolt?

  59. enchantedbeaver

    Sorry, after reading the posts above I couldn?t resist a tribute to one of my favorite posters. Boys Don?t Cry – I wanna Be A Cowboy:

    Writing on this page
    I?ve got my mad – on
    I?ve got my verbs – trusty
    I?ve got bombastic – words of course
    I use like ?F-F-F-Frank?s a ****er?- or worse
    Iwannabelikebear boy
    And you can belikebear2
    Iwannabelikebear boy
    And you can belikebear2
    Iwannabelikebear boy
    (woman?s voice)
    Jumping on his band wagon.
    Worshiping the man
    His name is Bear
    Can you believe that? (Bear, Oh Bear, talking to strangers)
    Crapping on ?ol Franky
    Like he don?t have a care
    Don?t paint Frank none too purdy
    And Jamie too sometimes (Bear?s not too wordy)
    Iwannabelikebear boy
    And you can belikebear2
    Iwannabelikebear boy
    And you can belikebear2
    Iwannabelikebear boy
    [guitar lick]
    Looks like he?s our hero
    His posts are bonafide
    Chewing out ol? Neddy
    MSN not Verizon
    The few words he just spoke…
    Bear is on the warpath
    (Indian voice) White man speak-em with Ferked tongue.
    He?s hot.
    Iwannabelikebear boy
    And you can belikebear2
    Iwannabelikebear boy
    Yippie yippie yi yippie yo muther****er
    Yippie this yo yo
    His name is Bear,
    And he be seein? red yo yo…

  60. enchantedbeaver

    What are the chances that Josh starts a new thread with this breaking news?
    (I’d say 85% chance starting a new thread. 0% chance of mentioning the support payment)
    What are the chances that the Blue will be fighting for a pennant while the McCourts are fighting publicly over who owns the Blue?
    (This one’s easy given the current pitching staff – 0)
    What are the chances that we win a second in a row tonight?
    (50-50. Kuroda’s about due for a bad outing.)

    By brownpaperbag3 on May 7, 2010 5:04 PM

  61. selltheteam

    …so she can pay the mortgage on seven houses.
    ****, she can pay the mortgage on my house, too. She could pay it off in less than a month!

  62. selltheteam

    From the LA Times article:
    Frank McCourt argues that he alone owns the baseball team. Jamie McCourt says they share ownership. The trial on that issue is scheduled to begin in late August.

    SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!

  63. selltheteam

    What are the chances that Josh starts a new thread with this breaking news?
    What are the chances that the Blue will be fighting for a pennant while the McCourts are fighting publicly over who owns the Blue?
    What are the chances that we win a second in a row tonight?

  64. selltheteam

    Shad – I’m keeping this brown paper bag on until we get out of last place, if not longer. [crash]

  65. selltheteam

    Lineup (per Dodger Thoughts) looks a lot like last night:

  66. trublu4ever

    Thanks for the lineup BPB3(Crash). Nellyjune & I figured it was you, Crash, because you are one of the only ones who posts the lineup 🙂

  67. Randy

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