Double dipping in the Big Apple

Less than an hour from first pitch of the Dodgers’ first double header in a couple years. Many of you will be happy to know that Joe Pierre, will be at the games today at Citi Field. For those who don’t know about Joe Pierre, check out a recap of his visit last year. It was a true highlight from 2009.

Here’s the lineup for Game 1:

Furcal, SS

Johnson, LF

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Carroll, 2B

Kuroda, P


  1. 32and53fan

    12:40 New threaded so I will repeat my post.
    Interesting question about the tickets for the doubleheader. If you have tix for either game do you get in both of them today? If you have tix for both, I assume you do not get a refund. If you have a ticket for the first game and somebody else has your seat for the second game, what happens?
    Maybe there is something else going on besides Penny’s game performance that made Sabean not want to re-sign him.
    Perhaps he is a negative clubhouse presence and the Giants don’t want his attitude to poison the rest of the team.
    I guess prospects don’t always pan out. I remember a couple of years ago or so, Elbert was being touted as the next great Dodger lefthander before we even heard of Kershaw. I don’t know that much about Ely or for that matter, Link. But maybe Colletti, et al knew something that would help get some value for unloading Pierre.

  2. 32and53fan

    Here is Joe Pierre, AKA Old Brooklyn Fan, being ignored by Frank McCourt after McCourt came by OBF’s seat for a visit. I sat next to Joe during that game and took the picture.
    Just kidding. Actually Mr. McCourt was very nice to Joe and the surrounding fans. I doubt if Peter O’Malley or his dad would have done the same thing and made a personal visit to a fan in the reserved section.

  3. northstateblues

    Wow, a REAL Double-Header! I miss those. Will always remember the Dodgers-Padres DH I went to as a kid, my dad bet my Oceanside-raised uncle on who would win the game, winner has to wear the loser’s hat for the second game. Well, the Dodgers won, my uncle wore the hat of the team he absolutely hates. Tony Gwynn knocked in some RBIs, and my uncle stood up and cheered, and someone in my family was quick with the camera, and got a pic of my uncle cheering in a Dodgers hat in Dodger Stadium. The topper: He was wearing a “$#!t Happens” t-shirt!

    Let’s see if we can sweep ’em today!

  4. gibbie23

    LOL sounds like there are maybe 1000 fans total at the Citi Field today. Quiet as heck and a whole lotta empty seats down low (no one behind homeplate in the dugout boxes)

    Cleanshaven Superhero aboard via the walk. Good eye Casey. First Dodger aboard for Santana… here we go Dodgers! Time to score some runs… or not. But nice slide at second to take out the DP Casey.

  5. gibbie23

    Go go go J-Lo!!! The difficult pick-off attempt stolen base! Loney now 4-for-4 in SB’s… two away form last year’s SB total! Time for Frohawk to get a basehit here… or not. He gets a Santana free ride to first base too.

    So up to Jamie Carroll to knock in his first RBI. C’mon Jamie… BASE HIT please.

  6. gibbie23

    Full count bases loaded to Kuroda!

    Darn, Hiroki swung at ball 4. But a 36 pitch inning for Santana means with a pitch count at 49 – he should be out of there by 5-6th inning. We still don’t have a hit…

  7. koufax1963

    I think the strike zone is not consistent. Also to make santana work means not letting him rest long in the dugout, so stop walking mets.!

  8. gibbie23

    Be like Ike… already a fan of the rookie and that 1-out opp-way double looked pretty nice. With Wright on third, 2 Mets in scoring position… now Russell and Hiroki walking the base loaded for the DP opp. Deja vu bases loaded 2nd innings at the plate for the Dodgers and Mets… except NY is actually hitting the ball.

  9. gibbie23

    Darn it Hiroki and Russell, even though it was scored a Wild Pitch, Martin should have easily blocked that pitch down in the dirt. Sigh, giving away runs when our offense is still non-existent is not exactly a smart strategy to winning a ballgame…

  10. nedajerk

    Urgh if it wasn’t for that WP the score would still be tied but don’t really like to ibb a guy who is worst than Barajas. I can’t believe they charge that an earned runs.

  11. enchantedbeaver

    I wouldn’t look for this team to finish much differently than the position they’re in now.
    They’ve got an idiot manager.
    A do nothing GM.
    And an owner who doesn’t care enough to even have Josh address stadium security issues with the people on ITD.

  12. koufax1963

    kuroda has had some good chances to win this game with the bat, not what he is paid for. Another long inning for santana and he might be done.

  13. nedajerk

    Why couldn’t Johnson hit that triple with the base loaded. Is shocking to see Ethier didn’t come throught with 1 out and a runner on 3rd but this isn’t the 1st time when Ethier and Kemp leaving risp.


    It still baffles me how an entire team can go so quickly into an offensive slump, especially after a period of scoring a lot of runs. I understand a team will run into a hot pitcher from time to time but the Dodgers have made just about everybody they have faced on this road trip a hot pitcher. Still a lot of baseball left to be played today so anything can happen.

  15. gibbie23

    WE NEED RUNS! Finally knocked Santana out of the game. Hiroki still looking good at only 87 pitches through 6.0 IP. He deserves a win here. WAKE UP DODGER BATS!!!

  16. gibbie23

    Leadoff Jamie Carroll walk granted. Hiroki coming out? Guess JT has re-earned some faith in the Dodger bullpen. C’mon GA! Do something (productive) with you bat.


    Not sure what firing anyone today will do to help the current team score more runs or pitch better. Another good starting pitching effort wasted but another day in which a Dodger pitcher would have to pitch a shutout to avoid a loss.

  18. scott_in_arcadia

    Great. A starting pitcher gets through 6 innings under a 100 pitches for a change and we pinch hit for him with crappy GA?

    Uhh, Joe Torre…hello??? There’s a double header today Mr. Wear Out the Bullpen.

  19. bluesplash09

    16 innings without a run, wow. Looking at the schedule for june we needed to be like 10 over .500 this month just to break even in june. Thanks for a great offseason frank

  20. koufax1963

    Torre is off his rocker for pinch hitting for kuroda. This leads to the Bull pen implosion, perhaps not this game, but wait till tonight.

  21. nedajerk

    If Kuroda give up a single double and homerun than you would be complainting why he didn’t lift him sooner?

  22. gibbie23

    Sigh, Kuroda could have done come up and struck out. The .139 hitting GA is definitely in a slump. Anderson hitting only 1-for-19 since his second to last hit back in Florida on the 11th of April!!!

    Doubleplay now ends the inning. Good job Furcal – thanks for the help (double sigh)

    Dumb dumb dumb JT. Kuroda has proven he can go the distance and on 87 pitches we pull him out… with at least 12 more innings of ball to pitch today in the doubleheader. Link back up getting his 2nd MLB relief appearance. Our frequent flying homeboy has gotta be jet-lagged.

    If Link and the Bullpen let’s the Mets go buck wild at the plate this inning I’m going to cuss out JT.

  23. Dodger4life

    khali, I think your on the right track, as lbirken said we can’t all go into a slump at the same time……There has to be something more here… it what you want….It is unproductive at the moment….We need someone to step up ANYONE!! Don’t wait for your name to be called just step on up and lead this club…..NOW, during this darn game!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  24. koufax1963

    Time for hoodlum beer, oh wait they don’t sell that here. Maybe there is Torre tequila, you can’t think straight, vision is blurry and you constantly think there are more pitchers ready to go.

  25. enchantedbeaver

    How much more of this do we have to endure before bozos like Bunnynutts and Ned are fired? Someone’s got to start taking some heat for this crap.

  26. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ the only way that could happen is, if, as you suggested, we, the fans, don’t come to the games.

  27. gibbie23

    Alright, a 3 pitch flyball out to end the inning. So 7th inning Mets damage… minimal. Could have easily been a 4-5 run inning for the Mets.

    Still, damn it JT, a BIG FAIL to you on setting up that 7th inning. Dumb decision to pull Kuroda. If we somehow score a couple runs in the next two innings, I am going to be really mad about JT blowing it with the call to the BP last inning.

    Meanwhile, Dre possibly gets it started with a 1-out double to the gap. Nice easy running stand-up double for him too – go soft on that ankle buddy.

  28. gibbie23

    Whadya know, another waste of an extra base hit. So we’re now 0-for-6 with RISP and have LOB 8. We just can’t put it together for one, just ONE rally inning…

  29. gibbie23

    Our T9 has got to be on one of those insane rally tears to pull this game off… no I’m not holding my breathe and chalking this Loss up to STUPID JT managing. The offense not scoring any runs on failed small-ball strategy is his fault too…

    LOL! Of course Ramon-O pithes a perfect 1-2-3 inning… when the game is just about chalked up as a loss and there is no pressure to protect a lead. Sigh, gotta say, when Ramon is ON, he actully looks pretty good. Too bad the Ramon-O switch has been flipped OFF more than it’s been flipped ON….

  30. enchantedbeaver

    As I was telling Nells yesterday, there’s on old accounting acronym – GIGO – garbage in, garbage out. That’s what this owner and GM have put in, and that’s what they’re getting out.

    The ONLY thing that’s kept this team afloat, especially since Ned took over as GM are Logan’s boys (Ethier the noted exception.)

    Time to punt. Let’s start by firing Bunnynutts today, Ned tomorrow, Torre on Thursday.

  31. nedajerk

    I hope the Lakers tonight is entertain than this game and game 4 when the Thunders blew them out of the arena

  32. gibbie23

    Cheer up guys, we’re actually right on track for a 68-94 season – much better than a 50-112 season.

    Losing game 1 of a Doubleheader has got to be tough especially in a shutout seeing you have to carry in the negative mojo from the first game into the second with minimal time to put it behind you.

    So which starters will sit down for the second game? Pretty sure on Casey, Furcal and Martin coming out with AJ catching for Haeger, Belly/DeWitt coming in as IF’s. But will Jamie-C and Reed sit down? Maybe GA in LF? PLay Dre a second game with the sore ankle?

  33. selltheteam

    Good thing we only burned four relievers in the first game of the twinbill. When does Loney come in to pitch?
    Might as well have pitched Haeger in both games if we weren’t going to score any runs today.

  34. kpookiemon

    Not sure what’s wrong with this club…they’re certainly better than their record, which shows only the Pirates and Orioles as being worse…and we all know how they fared against the Pirates. I see a team that is splintered…not playing as a confident, “take-no-prisoners” unit and maybe it all goes back to Manny. I hate to say that because I feel he’s still a stud with the bat. But his dour mood, media silence, and Spring training comments seem miscast in light of LA’s continued adoration of him. Given the reality of the season (even though it’s early) a trade might be the way to go…and sooner rather than later…none of this July 31 stuff. Maybe his departure would lighten the mood. Then again, I’m not in the clubhouse and maybe he DOES have his teammates’ backs. Only they know for sure. Weird, very weird.

  35. gibbie23

    Our shutout streak continues… no runs in our last 18 innings, only 1 run scored in our last 24 innings!

    Guess you have to balance out the 14 Dodger runs score from last Wednesday in Cin-Cin somehow…

    Time to take a short break before the next game – need a cold shower. GIB OUT… but back in a few.

  36. nedajerk

    Another scoreless 1/3 innings for Sherrill. Sherrill in his last 6 games has pitches 3 2/3 innings with no runs given up in.

  37. sparkleplenty_1

    All I can say is that it’s a dirty rotten deal that we have to consider Sherrill’s scoreless 1/3 of an inning as success. Success used to be measured by wins. AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!

  38. nedajerk

    Uecker to undergo heart surgery

    MILWAUKEE (AP)?Milwaukee Brewers radio announcer Bob Uecker is scheduled to undergo heart surgery on Friday and is expected to need two to three months to recover.
    Uecker, a Hall of Fame announcer, won a World Series ring with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1964 and played in Philadelphia and Atlanta before retiring in 1967. He starred in commercials and the television sitcom ?Mr. Belvedere.?
    He is in his 40th season calling Brewers games.

  39. dodgerzona

    Hi All, Wow what can i say this team sucks…You know when i seen them down here in Tucson…Spring Training…I new this was going to be along year…Honeycutt needs to go man…Needed to go along time ago….This is ridiculous

    Go away Ned and Joe…And McCourt

  40. dodgerzona

    I know alot of name’s in here…..Tru πŸ™‚ I always like reading enchanteds post and bears to lol

  41. dodgerzona

    By the way i live in Az…Luck???? lol…No way Tru i think they are done…Sorry….With the cheap owner we have and a sorry *** GM And Manager…Should i go on lol

  42. nedajerk

    ST. LOUIS (AP)?Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox has an idea of how much St. Louis slugger Albert Pujols(notes) should get in his next contract: $50 million a year.

    Cox saw that Philadelphia star Ryan Howard(notes) got a five-year extension worth $125 million.

    So on Tuesday, before the Braves played at St. Louis, Cox offered his assessment. Cox says Pujols is twice as good as any player in the majors.

    Pujols is in the final year of a seven-year, $100 million contract with St. Louis. The Cardinals have a $16 million option on the three-time NL MVP for next season.

    Damn it Cox 50 millions per year Pujols is great but not 50 millions.

  43. dodgerzona

    Splash….We did not do anything….Our pitching coach sucks…Manager,Owner,Gm…I hope they all go bye bye this or next yr…Tired of this crap

  44. dodgerzona

    Bear i have nothing against the team ok…It’s management and McCourt…And Honeycutt …And Joe T

    I enjoy reading your posts Bear πŸ™‚

  45. enchantedbeaver

    So what would y’all like to talk about? Its obvious ownership isn’t interested in putting a decent team out there nor addressing the security issues at the stadium, so why should we use this forum to talk about the Dodgers?

    So I hear gas prices may come down a little.

  46. gibbie23

    Here we go indeed! Matt Kemp decides to start hitting. First two onboard, no outs! WOO HOO! Belly bat for some Ribbies anyone?

  47. nedajerk

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lyons do you have to bring up last year ba vs lefty for Ethier? What’s he hitting this year vs them?

  48. gibbie23

    WP works too to advance the runners to 2nd and 3rd. Small ball sacs could score 2 runs!

    You guys watching? We’re about to ACTUALLY score a run!?!

  49. trublu4ever

    BPB1 ~ gas prices coming down would be nice. I’ve been enjoying Dancing With the Stars and some of American Idol. It helps me pass the time. We are taking Nells out Thursday for her birthday dinner. Her birthday is actually tomorrow but, Thursday’s the night we will all get plastered.

  50. gibbie23

    Oh yeah, AJ finally decides to become an RBI man. Second Ribbie for Ellis in the last week! The scoring drought is DEFINITELY over. Think positive guys… the good mojo is working.

    Three straight balls to Haeger at the plate… again? HAH, now a 4-pitch walk to our pitcher to load them up for the top of the line-up! SWEET.

    Perez out of the game to a crooning of Mets faithful boos. I like where this game is going…

  51. enchantedbeaver

    Well then a day early HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NELLS!!!

    Gas may come down a little because they feel there’s ample enough supply. Who “they” is, is a little vague though. No doubt the government will be able to take up the slack in taxes though.

    I like yellow… and fossils (except Joe.)

  52. bluesplash09

    wow, not much we can do when the umps are against u as well, and Loney just got tossed, football season cant ge here soon enough

  53. gibbie23

    J-Lo is angry. He had a good point as that sure looked like ball 4.

    Bye bye J-Lo, nice show of fire there but it makes no sense to argue strikes with the HP ump. Should have just walked it off. And yes, Gameday showed it low and off the corner as Ball 4.

    At least we have a brand new ballgame with a shaky Mets bullpen. Maybe the argument anger will put more fire into the bats of the other (remaining) Dodgers – maybe.


    Well, i was at my grandsons olleyball game which he won and was exciting.
    Got home and watched the highlights of the first game. By the way, did we ever take the field for that game.
    Our pitching sucks, our defense sucks and now our hitting went south.
    Overall, this team deserves to be burried in last place. It’s where we may be for the year.

    Fire Joe, fire Ned and fire the guy who hired them both.
    I’m done, until I see a better team take the field. We stand there and watch third strike calls. What the hell is that?

  55. gibbie23

    Sweet DP to get out of the leadoff single jam! Alright D-W, nice quick turn in the middle and awesome scoop by the stretching Belly at first.

    Phew. Thought that was a run in. C’mon Haeger, get this 3rd out. Went from 2 outs and no one on to a 2 RISP jam! Pitcher up though…

    DOUBLE PHEW, that Takahashi can sure hack with the wood! Reed almost overran that ball!

  56. nedajerk

    Game 1 Umpires: HP–Ted Barrett. 1B–Dan Bellino. 2B–Paul Nauert. 3B–Brian Gorman.

    Game 2 Umpires: HP–Angel Campos. 1B–Paul Nauert. 2B–Brian Gorman. 3B–Dan Bellino.
    Ejections: LA DODGERS Player J.Loney ejected in the (4th).

    What happen to Ted Barrett and why do we have a no ump in this series?

  57. northstateblues

    Frank McCourt plays the fiddle as Chavez Ravine burns.

    The comments on this blog about security issues at Dodger Stadium are once again ignored.

    The Dodgers are well on their way to losing both games of a double header, since it was too much for McCourt to remember that he’s the owner of a MAJOR LEAGUE baseball club in the SECOND LARGEST MARKET IN THE COUNTRY.

    It’s still early in the year, and if the team makes it to the playoffs this year, they’ve more than earned it. But as for now…

    There’s no earthly way of knowing
    Which direction we are going
    There’s no knowing where we’re going
    Or which way the river’s flowing

    Is it raining? [I wish] Is it snowing?
    Is a hurricane a-blowing?

    Not a speck of light is showing
    So the danger must be growing
    Are the fires of hell a-glowing?
    Is the grisly reaper mowing?

    Yes, the Danger Must Be Growing
    For the Rowers KEEP ON ROWING

    (apologies to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

    well… I guess we do know which direction we are going.

  58. gibbie23

    The RamTron experiment failed. Twice Troncoso is brought into a 0 outs, runners on base jams and TWICE he gives up hits to score multiple Mets runs. Not exactly his fault the second game if he is tired but more of a dumb call on Torre. Walks are hurting us in both games. ARGH.

    What, so now JT goes back to the “Broken Link” Experiment?!? Is the logic being used about both pitchers (Jon Link and RamTron) being loose from the previous game so why not keep some of you other bullpen relievers rested by not bringing them out? It would be nice for Link to come in and get 3 outs but just seems a bit odd to me to bring him back in for a second appearance.

    Surprise, surprise, the Jon Link experiment also fails… again. Sheriff Sherrill coming in to bail the mess Kink and RamTron made with the base loaded… AGAIN.

  59. northstateblues

    I leave the house for less than half an hour…


    Wouldn’t be so tough if it felt like the front office gave a crap.

  60. nedajerk

    Link 9 ERA goes down to 7.71. Sherrill 7.71 goes down to 7.04. Keep Monsterios in the bullpen I have been surprise with him ERA now down to 1.86. Carlos now had 7 1/3 scoreless innings.

  61. gibbie23

    I left to go help the GF with dinner in the kitchen when Sherrill came in and I knew I shouldn’t have come back. Sheesh, a throwing error followed by a bases emptying triple?!? And of course Georgy Porgy doesn’t get any of those ER’s thanks to the Jamie-C throwing error. What a nightmare of a doubleheader day…

  62. gibbie23

    Three out left to get 6 runs… me thinks the team just wants to quickly get those outs out of the way to get this day over with already and hit the showers. Johnson, Kemp and Carroll have now played ball today for 6 hours. Ethier went out in the 7th after 5 hours of playing ball.

  63. gibbie23

    Sure, we’ll take another charity run! LOL, only looks half as bad now with the Mets “only” doubling our score…

  64. jhallwally

    Hello Gang!! Very disappointing and pathetic showing by our boys today!! Kudos to Kuroda and Monastario!!! A couple of bright rays in an otherwise cloudy Dodger sky!! We really need to rally and take the game tomorrow and not get swept!!!

  65. kpookiemon

    This season is beginning to flash me back some 30 years. After two World Series appearances in ’77 and ’78, Dodgers finished under .500 in ’79…lost a one-game playoff in ’80 (Goltz and Stanhouse–Ned and Frank would have loved that staff), only to be crowned in 1981. Drawback is that the Dodgers discovered a rookie pitcher in 1981 that happened to win the Cy Young. Anyone like that on the horizon???????? This pitching staff, as it stands right now, is a major league embarrassment. Jamie should take the 25-man roster to court with her!

  66. nellyjune

    Thanks for the early B-Day wishes. I see my mother (tru)has already mentioned it.

    Shad ~ I am guessing the sample size is smaller for his lefty stats, but Andre is batting .338, with a .375 against lefties and .347 against righties, and those include tonight’s games. It’s ridiculous they keep using this as a reason to sit Andre. Matt is batting .235 against lefties and .317 against righties right now, and in the last 10 games he is only batting .250 where Andre has batted .294. So, if you are really going by stats, who needs the rest? It’s such a dumb argument and it’s getting really old seeing that reasoning every time Andre doesn’t play. Like putting Garrett Anderson in there is helping. A bad day for Andre and Matt are better days than him right now – geesh!!!

    I am surprised it took enchanted this long to get out his paperbag once again.

    My first question about the first game, is why change the batting order? What could have possibly changed overnight to make Joe change his mind about batting Matt 4th instead of 2nd like he had on Monday.

    I didn’t see any of the games, other than snipets on Game Day, but obviously if enchanted is wearing a paperbag and you are all talking about gas prices, it wasn’t good at all. So, I am glad I missed them. I do, however, feel for Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill for having to endure the games. I am sure they enjoyed themselves nonetheless. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for them and the Dodgers as far the game itself is concerned.

    The gnats beat the Phillies with their worst pitcher. I guess we can at least say we have beat the Giants 2 out of 3 games so far where the Phillies can’t.

  67. nellyjune

    ….and why did FranknNed not want to keep Jon Garland? He pitched today again for the Padres, ………….6 innings, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 10 SO, 2.57 ERA. It is just so disturbing seeing all this pitching we either gave away or let walk away and watch them pitch brilliantly on their new teams.

  68. sparkleplenty_1

    First off, a very happy b’day to Nelly!
    Yesterday’s games were really forgettable. For that matter, the entire road trip has been. The guys have left their bats at home and are using facsimiles to hit. On top of that, the “winner’s swagger” the team had last year is missing this year. But what really tees me off is looking at the rankings, even though it’s still early in the season. Ugly, ugly, ugly . . .
    About Andre’s so-called inability to hit lefties – I think that Collins/Lyons don’t have a clue as to why JT doesn’t play him and are making it up as they go. C’mon guys, get new material already!
    Nevertheless, I am an optimist and I know that out of adversity comes strength. GO DODGERS!!!

  69. trublu4ever


  70. nedajerk

    Maybe Lyons should’ve gone back to 2007 when he was hitting at .279 or 2006 when Ethier went 27/77 at .351.

  71. thinkingblue

    Let’s start our day POSITIVE….
    WOW yesterday’s games….I can not believe them. What is up with the Dodgers… just like the economy we saw the dip coming but yet no one did anything. We knew that Dodgers needed pitching but yet they DID NOTHING! Hope Frank is learning his lesson. But it is just sad for Ethier, Kemp and all does players that are trying so hard to win. No matter how many runs we score, the pitcher sure know how to make does runs useless.
    OLDBROOKLYN hope your experience had a better ending!

  72. nedajerk

    I think Ethier miss Manny for those 50 games and struggle big time. I was at the Lakers game last night and they didn’t disappoint me at all. If my day wasn’t ruining already with those 2 doubleheader seeing the Phillies losing suck and they lost to a #5 starters no less.

  73. nedajerk

    The surge has coincided with the arrival of Davis, a rookie first baseman who was called up from the minors on April 19. He helped the Mets earn their first doubleheader sweep of the Dodgers since Aug. 28, 1971, at Shea Stadium.

    So what other record we going to break that been so long and I wasn’t even alive back than.

  74. dodgereric

    Happy birthday, Junie!

    Anyone see this?,0,7598619.story

    I’ve just sent this letter to the Times:

    “In Wednesday’s Times, Dodger GM Ned Colletti is complaining about the team’s performance and is quoted as saying, “The baserunning’s below average,” he said. “The defense is below average. Why is it? Because he got a new deal? I can’t tell you.” He’s referring to Matt Kemp.

    Really? He’s slamming Kemp?

    The team is, as of today, Wednesday April 28th, last in the NL West at 8 – 12. This matches the worst record in the league.
    The team’s ERA is 12th out of 16 teams in the league.
    The team’s defense is tied for 15th (or last) in the league.

    Although he’s slumping a bit with the bat recently (along with the rest of the team), Kemp is still tied for the league lead in home runs and RBIs. And although he hasn’t made the spectacular catches we saw him make so many of last season, he owns only one of the team’s 21 errors.

    Mr Colletti, Kemp is not the reason for the team abysmal performance so far this season. The reasons are: poor starting pitching, terrible relief pitching, horrible defense, and an owner who claims poverty despite lavish spending on himself, his wife, several mansions and the LA Marathon.

    Not in that order.”

  75. trublu4ever

    Fantastic letter, Dodgereric. I hope the Times publishes it. How dare Ned blame the position players! That just goes to show they have no clue on how too run a baseball team.

  76. enchantedbeaver


    I think all you have to say to Colletti in response is, “you built it.”

  77. kpookiemon

    eric, I read the same crap in the Times this morning. I felt like crawling into the ink and strangling Colletti. What a slimy piece of work he is–slamming players publicly in the media–and one of his best young players, to boot. I’m sure Matt Kemp would have a lot to say about his GM (and the abysmal job he’s done in assembling this disaster) if he was classless enough to air it to reporters. If Colletti had ANY walnuts downstairs at all he’d fire a blast at his brain-dead boss for his underhanded ownership. But that sure as hell ain’t gonna happen! Or better yet, he’d fire a blast at the mirror.

  78. nedajerk

    Carlos Monasterios (born March 21, 1986 in Miranda, Venezuela) is a right-handed pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    He was originally signed as a non-drafted free agent by the New York Yankees in 2006 but was shortly traded to the Philadelphia Phillies (along with Matt Smith and C. J. Henry) for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle.

    With the Clearwater Threshers in 2009 he was selected to the Florida State League mid-season All-Star team.

    Monasterios was selected by the New York Mets in the Rule V Draft after the 2009 season and promptly traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who added him to their 40 man roster.

    He made his Major League debut on April 5, 2010 against the Pittsburgh Pirates, working a scoreless inning of relief. His first career victory came in a 13 inning game against the Washington Nationals on April 24.

    Thanks Mets and I forgot who we give up for him?

  79. dodgereric

    I’ve been saying for a while that Kemp, more than any other young player we have, will be the most likely one to leave upon reaching his free agency years.

    This ought to do it.

    Jed Clampett once said of Jethro, “If brains were lard, that boy couldn’t grease a pan.” Ned, that goes double for you, you idiot.

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire Mannion
    Fire the guy who hired Mannion and Ned

  80. kpookiemon

    We can only hope that Colletti will long be in the rear-view mirror by the time Kemp reaches free agency. McCourt, too, for that matter. And Joe. What an assemblage of never-weres and used-to-bes.

  81. nedajerk

    Florida Marlins outfield prospect Michael Stanton(notes) single-handedly destroyed the Carolina Mudcats on Monday, belting three homers (one to each field) and driving in seven runs. That makes seven hits, five home runs and 11 RBIs over the past two days for the 20-year-old. He’s gone deep nine times for Jacksonville in 17 games, and he’s now batting .338.
    I don’t think I even seen 3 homeruns hit by the same person goes into different OF position but you have to love the hitter park in Jacksonville are ex minor league team.

  82. enchantedbeaver

    My take on Ned’s rantings – trying to shape public opinion that Kemp’s the scapegoat for all this so he can trade him and no one will have a fit.

    Remember, I said it here 4/28/10, 10:24 AM PDT.

  83. selltheteam

    Happy Birthday, Nelly!
    Thanks for unveiling the paper bag, E!
    Those are the only nice things I’ve got to say, so if I listen to my mom, I should shut up now.

  84. colliethec

    WOW! Okay… Now I’m with you guys. Fire Ned!!
    What a classless piece of work. I will post more later as I was thinking of some things I wanted to say after listening to the 2nd game yesterday on my way home from work but Wifey was home sick all day so I needed to spend some time with who is more important.
    Eric great post/letter! Right on point.
    I’m just blown away by Ned.
    What a putz. It just shows how lame our beloved franchise has become. It starts from the top…

  85. enchantedbeaver

    No problem Crash!

    Anyone that wants to join me in the paperbag brigade is most welcome. Maybe they’ll get the hint if they see brownpaperbag2, 3, 4… 75, 76, 77…

  86. selltheteam

    My mom’s not listening right now, so…
    Ned is a horse’s behind, but that is an insult to the horse!

  87. selltheteam

    Dodgers projecting to be 62-100 on the season after today’s loss. When in Mets-land, do as the Mets do.

  88. koufax1963

    Ned has spread his venom in to the club house now. Losing 4-0 doesn’t surprise me. Ned Just leave, take your new contract and just leave. Frank fire him for his unprofessional comments about Matt. It can happen, Omalley did it to Campanis.


    I knew when I read Ned’s comments in the paper this morning that folks on this blog might be a bit enraged. I have to admit I was surprised Ned would make such comments in public like he did; that certainly is not like him. And to single out one player? Is he trying to be like Phil Jackson? If so, maybe he should consider Phil has a few rings in his safety deposit box.

  90. selltheteam

    Juan Pierre’s slugging pct is .211 with an OBP of .268 – all is right with the world. Now I feel better.

  91. selltheteam

    Juan’s teammate has 6 HRs, doesn’t have to play the outfield much, and is still being paid handily by the Dodgers – actually, by Frank.
    Now I feel even better.

  92. koufax1963

    Has it occured to anybody that Frank and Ned want to make the Dodgers a small market team? Just my random thought. Why? So when he has to give half the assests to Jaime it is not worth as much. I better adjust my attitude.
    But right now, this dodger team is collapsing like when Murdoch traded Piazza, at least its setting up that way to me.

  93. nedajerk

    Don’t know why they calls up Ely. Should’ve had calls Towers and like I said before.

    Since 1971, 18 #Dodgers have made MLB debut as starting pitcher: 7-1, 1.94 ERA, avg 6.44 IP/GS #JohnEly

    Is this suppose to be a good thing are not?


    Interesting how the fortunes go for the Dodgers. The opposition does not seem to have trouble adjusting to our no name pitchers while the Dodgers struggle against the oppositions’ no name pitchers.

    Koufax, there are many of us who have thought for a long time that Frank has sent the message that he talks big market but acts small market.

  95. kpookiemon

    Wednesday, before the Dodgers? afternoon game against the Mets, Kemp was irritated and would not respond to criticism of his defense and baserunning, but denied his two-year, $10.95-million contract was impacting his effort.

    “The new deal, that has nothing to do with anything,” Kemp said. “Of course it’s good to make money, but that’s not why I started playing this game. I started playing this game because I love the game, and I’m going to continue to love this game.??

    Kemp said his work ethic remains strong and Manager Joe Torre said Kemp often beats him to the ballpark.

    “People don’t know what goes on,” Kemp said. “People don’t know what time I show up to the stadium. I’m here, I’m here working, I’m here trying to get ready for the game.

    “We work hard. This team works hard. There’s nobody on this team who doesn’t get to the field early to get their work in, watch videos. Everybody’s doing what it takes to win. We’re just not putting it all together right now.”

  96. enchantedbeaver

    This team needs to finish with 100+ losses, and no doubt will.

    But enough of that.

    So, what’d everybody have for dinner last night?


    Shad, does it really make a difference who the Dodgers call up with the anemic offense the Dodgers have right now?

  98. dodge1612

    its games and times like these that make me want to come out of the baseball closet with the Twins… man what happened to this team? the offense sucks now, the pitching has sucked since last october vs Philly, this is frustrating to say the least…

    Ned needs to go, if your going to ostrasize one of our best players then you need to go… idiot…

  99. selltheteam

    Gas House Gang on its way in. Joe will go with Troncoso, Link, and Sherrill – cuz they need the work.


    At the risk of actually discussing a baseball issue today, except for one inning, all things considered Ely didn’t do too badly today.

  101. kpookiemon

    If I were a carpenter and you were a lady
    Umm, you ain’t no lady and I never built s**t but parking lots

    lbirken, that pot roast sounds real good.

  102. enchantedbeaver

    Shad, this team won consistantly last year without Manny for 50 games.

    Ned can blame Kemp all he wants, but the pitching is the worst I’ve ever seen an L.A. team put out there. And NO ONE’S to blame for that except Ned.

  103. nedajerk

    Pedro Feliciano #25 Relief Pitcher New York Mets Team
    Draft: 1995 – 31st round by the Los Angeles Dodgers

    Just another former 31st round former ex Dodgers.

  104. koufax1963

    Oh and Now the media is eating up the colletti critique of the team. Kemp has responded, Torre has responded and now Ned talking again, and not apologizing. When the dodgers come back to LA they need to have jose feliciano play “Light My Fire” for them or this clubhouse will be more like jail house.

  105. enchantedbeaver

    ? Colletti stands behind critical comments

    Perhaps Ned would like a complete list of all HIS illustrious acquisitions in the last 4+ years.

    Well boys and girls, I’ve seen and heard enough from this ownership and management. It doesn’t deserve anyone’s support. It doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect. And it doesn’t deserve anyone defending it.


    koufax, of course the media is going to have a ball with this sort of stuff. Since when has a Dodger executive said much of anything interesting lately? 12 Dodger hitters struck out today. In order to win a team has to beat some good pitching along the way. Ned said he is disappointed. So am I and I would hope all the players feel the same way. However, they have to have a thick skin and psyche to survive in the big leagues. Hopefully playing in front of the friendly confines of Dodger Stadium will help get the team out of this funk.

  107. selltheteam

    Colletti takes some of the blame.
    “Overall, I’m not satisfied with the presentation, I’m not satisfied with the execution and I’m not satisfied with the thought process,” Colletti said of the Dodgers this season. “It starts with me and goes to the manager and coaching staff and everybody playing the game.”

  108. nedajerk

    Trevor has the same numbers of bs than he had of last year and not to mention he’s given up 2 more runs and 4 extra homeruns.

  109. blueteapartymember1

    Fire Joe
    Fire Ned
    Fire Ned again
    Fire Ned again and again
    Fire Ned again and again and then once more
    Fire Mannion
    Fire the guy (and his wife) who hired Ned and Mannion

  110. scott_in_arcadia

    I’m not surprised the hitters are struggling. What do you think their mindset is after leading the freaking universe in hitting the first 2-3 weeks and barely breaking even? They’re thinking, “Why didn’t that ****** Colletti get us a decent arm or two?” Jon Garland, Randy Wolf? How about Padilla, Haeger and anyone named Ortiz. That has to play mind games on players. Score 9 runs and lose? Are you kidding me?

    All blame goes to management.


  111. nedajerk

    I knew a freaking Phillies fan going to troll the board. Maybe they should’ve had lost the 1st 2 games to the Giants.

  112. selltheteam

    Jungar – I totally agree. What Ned should have said was “It starts with the dirtball owner, who cares more about money than about the team. Then it goes to me, who as you know, learned all the wrong things as an assistant GM (or is that asss GM) in SF.”


    i am so mad right now that i really don’t want any part of this years team. They will have to win me over. I feel they raped this franchise of it’s natural resources for years now and didn’t replenish and now wonder where all the oil is. And now instead of blaming themselves they point fingers at others. And then Torre says it’s not about physical..Like whatever Torre the terrible moves in your head are getting old as well.

  114. enchantedbeaver

    “Overall, I’m not satisfied with the presentation, I’m not satisfied with the execution and I’m not satisfied with the thought process,” Colletti said.
    This is news to me. I didn’t know Ned had a thought process to not be satisfied with…
    Reed Johnson
    Justin Knoedler
    Alfredo Amazaga
    Jeff Weaver
    Ramon Ortiz
    Brad Ausmus
    Ronnie Belliard
    Vicente Padilla
    Francisco Felix
    Russ Ortiz
    Juan Perez
    Prentice Redman
    Michael Restovich
    Argenis Reyes
    Doug Mientkiewicz
    Scott Dohmann
    John Lindsay
    Nick Green
    Justin Miller
    Carlos Monasterios
    Armando Zerpa
    Josh Towers
    Luis Ayala
    Jamey Carroll
    John Link
    John Ely
    Angel Berroa
    Eric Gagne
    Garret Anderson don’t lie.
    Those were Ned’s 2009-2010 offseason moves. It doesn’t even consider JP, The Cow, Schidt, Baez, Bombko, Lurch, et al. of the prior several offseasons.
    Thought process? Really?


    Our team is so bad we couldn’t even beat a rug.
    I mowed my lawn today instead of watching the game on I knew what the outcome was going to be.
    Why cannot we find a good pitcher in the minors. Surely one of our teams has somebody we could bring up.
    I’ll start watching again when we can get hits with runners in scoring postion. And when we can cut down on our fielding miscues and errors. Ths is not a team that will win 80 games this year. We can’t win on the road and are barely winners at home.
    Sell the team and get somebody to run it who cares about winning.

  116. selltheteam

    Some more winners from the 2009 season and the 2008-2009 off-season. Who could forget such classics as Eric Milton, Claudio Vargas, Guillermo Mota, and Will Ohman?
    Jim Thome
    John Garland
    Ronnie Belliard
    Vicente Padilla
    Vinnie Rottino
    George Sherrill
    Will Ohman
    Doug Mientkiewicz
    Orlando Hudson
    Eric Milton
    Tanyon Sturtze
    Charlie Haeger
    Jose Diaz
    Brad Ausmus
    Ronald Belisario
    Guillermo Mota
    Val Pascucci
    Juan Castro
    Claudio Vargas
    Scott Strickland
    Rafael Furcal
    Casey Blake
    Mark Loretta
    Hector Luna
    Mitch Jones
    Erick Threets
    Travis Chick
    Carmen Cali
    Luiz Maza
    This is thought process? Or is it execution? ? Oh, wait a second?


    hes brought in one good player via trade with us long term.., Ethier and I bet that was luck, if his hand wasn’t force to trade Bradley he wouldn’t have.

  118. selltheteam

    More winners from 2007-2008:
    Travis Schlicting
    Andruw Jones
    Terry Tiffee
    Rene Rivera
    Victor Garate
    Brian Shackleford
    Tanyon Sturtze
    Angel Chavez
    Wilkin Ruan
    Brian Falkenborg
    John-Ford Griffin
    Greg Jones
    Hiroki Kuroda (okay, one good acquisition)
    Gary Bennett (another classic ? Hey mom, look, I can?t throw!)
    Chris Fussell
    Mike Koplove
    Danny Ardoin
    Matt Riley
    Alfredo Simon
    Chan Ho Park
    George Lombard
    Tom Martin
    Mike Myers (at least he?s good for a laugh, oh wait, wrong guy)
    Rudy Seanez (when you need a burned out reliever, Ned?s the guy to get him)
    Jason Johnson
    Luis Maza
    Mark Sweeney (ranks right up there with Andruw, at least in terms of ?rank?)
    Nook Logan
    Ramon Martinez
    Wilkin Ruan
    Christian Lara
    Mark Bellhorn
    Angel Berroa
    Mitch Jones
    Jerome Williams
    Eric Cyr
    Pablo Ozuna
    Casey Blake (but we gave up Carlos Santana and Jon Meloan)
    Manny Ramirez (and the roids that came with him)
    Eric DuBose
    Greg Maddux

  119. selltheteam

    More super acquisitions by Ned Colletti from 2006-2007:
    Nomore Garciaparra
    Travis Smith
    Juan Pierre (known affectionately to us as ?phew?, ?gnome?, ?Slappy McPopup?, etc)
    Matt White
    Randy Wolf
    Mike Lieberthal
    Jason Schmidt (an ex-Giant signed by an ex-Giant ? isn?t that the first of the Cardinal Sins?)
    Luis Gonzalez (Ned was on a roll in 2006)
    Franquelis Osoria
    Larry Barnes
    Mitch Jones
    Rudy Seanez
    Larry Bigbie
    Marshall McDougall
    Agustin Montero
    Chin-hui Tsao
    Eric Cyr
    Luis Maza
    Joe Mays
    Fernando Tatis
    Choo Freeman
    Kelly Stinnett
    Matt Riley
    Luke Allen
    Brady Clark
    Tomas Perez
    Dwayne Pollok (ten times smarter than Ned)
    Ben Davis
    Chris Fussell
    Rick Bauer
    Roberto Hernandez
    Scott Proctor-ologist
    Mark Sweeney
    Shea Hillenbrand
    Chad Moeller
    David Wells
    Esteban Loaiza (now that was a huge acquisition, he really helped the team)
    Travis Schlicting

  120. 636566cy

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I thought I’d make a quick post.

    While I can honestly say that I have been a bit frustrated by Kemp’s defensive lapses so far this season, I still shudder to think where they would be without his offense so far.

    Ned, take a look in the mirror if you are so ********** about the performance of the team. You are the one that constructed it you freakin moron!

  121. selltheteam

    Olmedo Saenz (hit .191 in 2006; was the first of the ?Mark Sweeneys? acquired by Ned)
    Sandy Alomar (at age 40, played all of 27 games for Dodgers)
    Andre Ethier (see brownpaperbag2 ? infinite monkey theorem; plus ?even a broken clock is correct twice each day?).
    Bill Mueller (at age 35, played all of 32 games for Dodgers)
    Rafael Furcal
    Nomore Garciaparra
    Kenny Lofton
    Chris Truby
    Brett Tomko ***
    Tim Hamulack
    Jae Weong Seo
    Kelly Wunsch
    Aaron Sele
    Danys Baez *** (in the Edwin Jackson trade)
    Lance Carter
    Joe Beimel
    Wilkin Ruan
    Jeff Duncan
    Ramon Martinez
    Pat Borders
    Kurt Ainsworth
    Brian Meadows
    Takashi Saito
    Craig Brazell
    Wilson Valdez
    Ben Kozlowski (in the Cody Ross trade)
    Giovanni Carrara
    Clayton Kershaw drafted (props to Logan White)
    Adam Greenberg
    Toby Hall
    Mark Hendrickson *** (aka Lurch)
    BJ LaMura
    Elmer Dessens
    Wilson Betemit
    Julio Lugo
    Greg Maddux
    Einar Diaz
    Marlon Anderson

  122. selltheteam

    robertelee – most of your comments are showing up under the “true time” PDT that you entered them. With this pathetic blog (not as pathetic as Ned), our comments usually show up time-stamped roughly 56 minutes later.
    Your comments are showing up way above in the blog – welcome to the “time warp”.

  123. kpookiemon

    I like the monkey, to explain Ethier…and I’ll use the Boras to explain Manny…namely, that the Boras engineered and finalized the trade, NOT NED. Ned, until you achieve success on your own, quit ripping your players, most of whom were drafted and developed long before you or the faux owner showed up on the scene. You want to rip someone? Ask your illustrious coaching staff how many hours in the Spring they spent on the fundamentals of running the bases, or the fundamentals of defending the bunt, or the fundamentals of how to attack an opposing hitter, or the fundamentals of moving runners over, or on and on and on. Mr. McCourt, I’m beyond anger; I’m entering the sadness stage. So please, go away quietly, make way for ownership that puts the L.A. Dodgers first and foremost, and let that new owner hire a GM and manager with a bit of fresh air about them, the last two wonderful but unrealized years not withstanding.

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