Manny to the DL…

Obviously not the best news that Manny is headed to the disabled list. But that opens an opportunity for Xavier Paul, who is en route to the nation’s capital.

Here’s the lineup for today in DC

Furcal, SS

Anderson, LF

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Belliard, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Ellis, C

Haeger, P


That’s not good news at all! Go get ’em XMan.
Hoping for a Dodger Blue victory tonight – my flask is all shined up and ready to pass . . . .

More bad news.
Hopefully we can take the series from the improved Nats.
Go Blue!!!

Exact kind of proof for why steroids do make you better. Not cause they make you better (no one knows that for sure one way or the other) but allow you to be playing at 100 percent all the time. Bonds would still be mashing…Get Well Manny.

You guys I really don’t know how much i’ll be around. I feel like why should I invest in the team when they didn’t themselves. This terrible pitching and not having any of it is a combo of Bad GM’ing (we’d have the money if we weren’t paying Pierre and Jones this season to play for another team and thank god they are but they make more than all of our pitchers combined I think and then of course a cheap *** owner.

Jungar — I hope you stay around and do invest the time. It will make it that much sweeter when they do get a ring.
& I’m guessing that even if they weren’t still paying for Juan & Jones we still wouldn’t of spent that $$$ on pitching. I’m thinking it would of gone elsewhere.

We need you jungar!! Don’t leave us!!! Maybe the Kings will win the Stanley Cup and the Lakers will win the NBA Championship and that will give you renewed hope the Dodgers can do the unimaginable even if their owner is an idiot.

who’s gonna pitch? seriously.

That is definitely the problem, Jungar! 5 runs, not enough….10 runs, hold your breath and pray we can hold on for a win.

I also agree with Nellyjune….we need you here Jungar!

It’s much more fun to drink as a group…lol

I read you loud and clear jungar, ……….and I seriously don’t know who is going to pitch. I just know we have the best lineup in the league and we can’t win, and it’s not because we can’t score runs this season.

Looks like Joe Torre is alive and well with Garrett Anderson and his crappy career OBP batting 2nd of all places. Senile old fool.

Before the season started I predicted Manny would be on the DL by June. I just had one of those suspicions based on what has happened in the past, not so much with him but with other players around his age. I did not think about the PED issue but just the law of averages. I certainly hoped I was wrong and hopefully this is just a minor set back for him and he will return in good form.

it’s not that I mind not being the best, but were going on three years now where heading into the year we knew what we needed and we haven’t gone out and gotten it. I bitch and moan like the rest of you about small stuff but this lack of top of the rotation pitching has been an issue now since McCourt took over.

our best pitcher..Kershaw still has 3-4 years before i would expect him to carry a staff,

Hey tru, you’re right, group drinkin is fun AND good for the soul.

Excellent points, jungar.

Bottoms Up, Sparkleplenty!

jungar – How can you say the McCourts haven’t gone after top of the rotation pitchers? Are you forgetting Esteban Loaiza? What about Claudio Vargas!!

Cheers, Bear!!!!

Garrett Anderson

Career At Bats – 8511 (.294)
Career At Bats in the two-hole – 243 (.284)

Career At Bats in the two-hole in 1994 – 0
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 1995 – 0
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 1996 – 32 (.344)
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 1997 – 9 (.111)
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 1998 – 49 (.265)
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 1999 – 43 (.233)
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2000 – 1 (.000)
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2001 – 0
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2002 – 0
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2003 – 0
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2004 – 0
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2005 – 0
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2006 – 1 (.000)
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2007 – 0
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2008 – 90 (.344)
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2009 – 8 (.125)
Career At Bats in the two-hole in 2010 – 10 (.200)

Of course, this doesn’t tell you if he started in that slot or if it was a pinch-hitting AB. The only pattern I see is that he hits well in the two-hole every 8 years, so in 2016 he should do well. Torre doesn’t base anything on statistics unless they back up whatever he chooses to do regardless. That’s when he’ll tell you it makes sense. I’m guessing that Torre remembers some game in ’96 against the Yankees when Anderson went 4 for 5.

Well one our big hitters, 1/3 of the Dynamic Trio is on the DL.
Hope Manny heals well, he’s been hitting at his best lately.
That’s bad news, needless to say.
But we do have enough fire power left in the lineup.
It’s the bullpen, our pride and joy over the best few years, the backbone of this team, that’s hurting.
3 blown saves and 6 losses already this year, they hav’ta pick it up or we’re goners.
Heaeaeagerer, the knuckle baller, didn’t have it the last time out. Let’s hope he has it right tonight.

That’s pushing them there ELLIS.

Here we go again!!!


How far do you guys think Dunn is going to hit one today?
I’m guessing 440.

Nice play by Belly to handle that hot shot.

Have I told you lately I don’t like knuckleball pitchers? 4:25 pm pst

I’m right with you Birk.

lbirken ~ I haven’t like knuckleballers since Charlie Hough.

Hey ITD bloggers. Quiet over on the MLB comment section so I’ll hang around with you this afternoon/evening. Bummer on Manny hitting up the DL but like some have commented, this is the risk of a 37-38 year old player at the twilight of his career playing OF in the NL. Looks at all of the other players his age or even younger that are DH’ing in the AL.

The positive is we will get to see GA play and bat a lot more. Still love that guy even though I never was an Angel fan.

Bummer on Haeger already giving up the leadoff triple and RBI in DC. Hopefully he 1. receives some decent run support tonight, 2. controls the knuckler and 3. lasts longer than 6 innings. I’d love to see the Charlie stay in there for 130-140 pitches or 7+ innings to give our bullpen a rest.

Collie ~ When Dunn hits one, it may never come down!

LOL Tru.

Hmmm, Blake Jr. almost looked safe there sliding into second to try to beat the force out.

I disagree, a knuckler has to mix it up with a few FBs and breakers. Keep tossing them the same knucklers every pitch and a few are bound to leave the ballpark. I’m still not convinced thought that AJ is the smartest catcher to be making the knuckler ball calls and catches.

gibbie23, glad to have you with us. Maybe you can provide a little spark to the team.

LOL on little spark! I think we actually need less sparks as in those sparks that keep flying off the bullpen wheels falling off our blue bus!

Haeger settling in retiring the last 5 straight. But we really need to get the Blue Bats going again. It’s like Deja Vu all over again after the intro SF Friday game (10 run game) where we only scored 2 runs over the next 18 innings.

Charlie needs to stay in more like 8 to 9 innings. Otherwise, the Gas Can Brigade will come in and pour gas on the fire. Then all h3ll will break loose.

Hey, we get a break from the Nationals’ CF! Morgan sure looked like “Gold Glove” Kemp out there starting back in the opposite direction of the flyball… 😉

C’mon Dodgers, capitalize on this bases-loaded gift. C’MON AJ!!!

That pushing them in there ELLIS, nice work.

Well, that’s Dunn.

Thanks, TB4ever. Did it come down yet?

Gas Can Brigade….very good, Crash!
Dunn hit a bomb!!!!

“Mongo hit ball. Mongo hit ball hard. Mongo hit ball into the third deck. Mongo now run around the bases…”

As noted, there is the big risk of the knuckleball. I mean Dunn knocked the SNOT out of that HR ball!

lbirken ~ I think it’s still going….lol

LOL, Gibbie!

By the way, I made a bet on over 10 runs for this game….think I’ll win?

Haeger Didn’t waste much time giving that run back.

Haeger looks good through 5, but on a night the Dodgers can’t spell Atilano, Yet.

Damn, another blown scoring oportunity!


(of course MLBlogs would not let me post this an inning ago)

Atilano looking good with that 1-2-3 5th inning. What is it with us not being able to hit on these newbie pitchers? We did okay against Leakie boom boom down yesterday but can’t seem to get anything really going against this Luis rookie. Does videotape on past pitcher really make that big of a difference?

Hey, Kemp made a catch on the warning track… WITH HIS FEET ON THE GROUND.

Nice return 1-2-3 5th inning for Charlie!

Re: 6th inning runners on 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs with AJ at the plate:

Sigh, rack up another 2 RLISP for the LA stats page. So far in 20 MLB AB’s, AJ is NOT our go-to-guy with the bat. But good to see Blake DeW get his first extra base hit of the season with that double…

Dunn again.

Dunn does it again!!!!!!

BAD BAD call by the 1st plate Ump. HORRIBLE call. J-Lo knew he had the out… you can feel the timing with your feet on the bag versus the pop of the mitt.

Now after Mongo Dunn’s second HR of the ballgame, hey thanks 1st Base Ump, you gave the Nats an extra run… F.U. POS UMP!

Haeger now out of the game too…

Problem tonight is, the Dodgers haven’t struck back………yet.

Send out Ortiz, Bring in Link. simple. now can we at least win this series.

It’s time for Dodger baseball.

I blame Collie on the jinx of Dunn.

I’m so glad Joe has the .176 hitting GA batting second….what an idiot!!!

Didn’t the Dodgers tank the last time they were in Washington? I think there is more going on than a jinx from Collie and I don’t even believe in jinxes.

I see Scott is talking crap about Anderson crappy obp in the 2nd hold I think he seen alot of Anderson and that career average almost over 300 no need to explain to him Eric just be lucky we don’t have Sweeney or else he would probably been in that spot.

I suppose one consolation we can take is since the Giants cooled off after ther quick start, no one in the Western Division is setting the world on fire. Have a great evening, everyone and keep the faith.

*ther= their. Even I am making errors.

Sorry to say this without good pitching we are nothing but a 4th to 5th places team.

If Anderson didn’t have so many bad lucky he would be batting .300.


Adios to Kemp’s hitting streak. Kind of symbolizes how bad this game is for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are going over the Clifford.

Padres 10-2 Reds

Hey old have you seen games like this before I think you have seen alot.

They should’ve had the Mets/Cards games on Fox. Did anyone see it? The Mets won it 2-1 and the Mets held Krod into the 19th innings and blown a saves. Tony LaRussa must have a lot of balls using Lopez and Mather yeah 2 position players that pitch and didn’t even start the game and had Lohse in LF and I never seen a box score this weird in my entire lifetime. I bet old have seen this plenty of time.;_ylt=Anji73Wo4OHQ8PghRbTLKNS4u7YF?gid=300417124

I just don’t get how these pitcher get run out of there and still stuggle. I hope when Weaver is back the other last Ortiz gone.

Guess it’s that time… what time you ask… yes time again for yet another installment of the twice weekly Ramon-O Implosion Show! How many runs will Ramon Ortiz give up in this inning?!?

Stay tuned…

See I guess this is all Honeycutt fault which is totally not his fault.

With Ramon pitching, I may win my bet of over 10 runs!!!

lol Harris

Breaks always come when you don’t need’em.

lol Ramon trying to pulled a Weaver act.

What the… what us going on here? Dodgers and Ramon O get a HUGE BLESSING from the baseball gods? Can’t believe I just saw that freakiest of freaky base loaded double plays!

Willie Harris is a MORON! (thanks moron)

I don’t want to here both pitchers the last 2 games picking up there 1st major leaguers win.

You can’t depend on the offense every night.

I guess old didn’t see my post up there.

If we gave up 4 runs everytime we win than we win easy.

I will take all the blame Shad.
Although I feel most of it should be laid at the feet of the ownership team of the Dodgers.
I just figured that with throwing slowpitch softball pitches that our knuckleballer, who shouldn’t be on the team but the owners can’t figure out that they needed to get pitching, Dunn would crush them. I guess he did (How did you like that sentence!!) . I missed them as I was at work. I hate being correct.
Glad to see the D cut down on the errors by only committing 1 for the game.
Ortiz got lucky there after walking the bases loaded but are they ready to get rid of the dead weight that is on this team.
I know it’s early in the season and for those that have folllowed me for the past few years I always post in a positive light and don’t toss in the season.
I’m not feeling that this year. I think it’s pretty obvious 3 weeks into the season that this team isn’t a playoff team. Offensively we will hold our own. But the rest stinks and I don’t see it improving. I’m hoping at this point that we are far back cone the trading deadline ans are sellers. Sell Manny, Anderson, Belliard, R. Johnson, etc… And sell it all for pitching.
Get rid of the Ortiz, Haeger and any of the other lame pitchers and bring up Jimmy Mac, Elbert, etc… and let them get a full season under their belt and see what they can do full time.
It’s time to build for next year because we don’t have what it takes for this season.

I didn’t want to but I hate jinxing a guy that was due to hit one but not 2 and it probably wouldn’t had matter anyway since we’ve been giving up to many homeruns.

I’ve got a prediction for you:

2 more months of this, and even the most casual of fans will want McCourt out of there.

Better get the drunken thugs out of the stadium while you can. (Hope I’m wrong on this one, violence never solves anything, except a hangman puzzle that looks like this: _ I O _ E _ C E )

Take the challenge Frank.
Make a difference… Make the stadium a violent free environment.
A change is needed. Step up to the plate and do something!!

I don’t blame any players for anything these games. They are who they are and we are going to have our bad games. However, like it has been said many, many, many, many times, it starts at the top, and the top needs to get his head out of his assssss and treat this team like he wants to win. We should have had pitching last season and we should have had pitching this season. I just can’t understand how an owner can allow the immense talent we have in this lineup to go to waste because he couldn’t or wouldn’t pay for a top of the rotation pitcher(s).

On top of our agonizing game, I am now watching the Giants defeat the Cardinals.

red pen from my first post……………….my opening line should say……………I don’t blame any players for any of these games. It’s Friday…the teacher is off duty – lol!!! (jk)

Here’s some salt for that wound Nelly… Fatdrew hit 2 more bombs tonight 1 being a walkoff job.
That being said, don’t be distraught Dnel… I always say,

The worst day being a Dodger fan is far better than the best day being a Giants fan!!!!
Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is very true Collie………….very true indeed!!! ………….and what is wrong with them wearing those gawd awful orange jerseys tonight…………just awful looking!!!

I saw that about Andruw. So, when does he get tested again? 🙂

A medley inspired by Buddy Holly and a song inspired by Buddy Holly. And everything in quotes is spoken by the same “speaker”.

Frank McCourt, Frank McCourt,
Bigtime smallfry comes up short,
Oh Frankie, F-f-Frank McCourt
Oh, they loved you once, but now no one wants Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt, Frank McCourt,
Go back to Hyannisport,
Oh Frankie, F-f-Frank McCourt
So, what do you say? Sell the team now, Frank McCourt?

That’ll be the day that Bud says goodbye,
That’ll be the day that Big Papi cries,
They say I’m gonna leave, I know it’s a lie, ’cause
That’ll be the day that TeamCo-(LA Dodgers baseball team)-division-of-TeamCo-Holding-division-of-LA-HoldCo-division-of-LA-Partners-division-of-TMBLP-division-of-Jamie/Frank-McCourt-and-Entities… :: phew :: dies.”

Everyday, the fans are getting closer
To jumpin’ off this crumbling roller coaster
Pitching help will never come our way, a-hey, a-hey hey…

Everyday comes a little faster
Press room bleached by photographic flashers
Jamie’s jowls drip, waiting for that day, a-hey, a-hey hey…

Everyday seems a little longer,
ERA’s not getting any stronger,
Never thought anyone would long for
Two thousand three…

“Lying, baiting, hoping the fans come back,
I just can’t seem to get the pitching off their mind
Lying, baiting, hoping, saying All-Is-Well
I need 3 million more fans before I can buy that property on Vine…”

What’s with this crony dissing my team?
Why does he gotta front?
What did we ever do to that guy
That runs our team on pocket lint

Oh no, We’ll go and score four runs
Oh no, then we’ll give up five
Oh no, happens every time

Oh-ee-oh, listening to Rick and Charlie
Saying the bullpen gave up 4 more
Frankie says “Who needs pitching aces, anyway,
I don’t care about that,
I don’t care about that.”

Bang, bang, 2 homers in the fourth,
Donnie picks Torre off the floor,
Fifth inning comes, what do we do?
Don’t look now, they scored another two.
I can’t watch, the arms won’t click,
“Wassamatta fans, are you feeling sick?
Wassamatta, wassamatta, wassamatta you?
Wassamatta fans, are you feeling blue?”

Happens every time…

Oh-ee-oh, listening to Rick and Charlie
Saying the bullpen gave up 4 more
Frankie says “Who needs pitching aces, anyway?
I don’t care about that.
I don’t care about that.
I don’t care about that.
I don’t care about that.”

Maybe the Padres win the division as long the Giants doesn’t get the wild card lol

Dodgers win the division and San Diego gets the wild card.

Well said, Bear. I echo your sentiments 100%. I am going to have to attend one game (Andre’s bobblehead night), in support of HIM…..not FRANK. However, if I need Dodger merchandise, I know of a sources outside of Dodger Stadium, which I use all the time.
I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can see the Dodgers play in SF for a much shorter ride, cheapr prices and, there are just as many Dodger fans there as there are Giant fans. Besides, thanks to Collie, we know how to park cheaply and, we don’t have to spend the night in an overpriced hotel.

Glad to see Paul starting

Hi Guys and Gals
I’m surprised and happy of course that today’s game is being televised on MLB-TV, it’s usually blackedout at this time on Saturdays.
Well I know we all want to see the offense show the people on the east coast just what they can do, after being MIA last night.
I also like to see Loney hit one out for his 500th hit and Kershaw get himself another gem.

Very well said Messagebear!!!

Adam Dunn game way too close to hitting that over.

Great Job James on your 500th hit!!!!

Way to go Casey!

Alright Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job Blake.

Nice going BLAKEY BOY.

How many people thought there was trouble ahead after Loney had trouble getting the ball out of his glove?
How about after Dunn’s accidental hit.
In both cases I give Kershaw credit for being cool.

I say, when Kershaw is pitching from now on go by the score not by his pitchcount.

OBF ~ Sounds good but, you know Joe always goes by pitch count and, that will kill us in the end!

That’s ok Paul.

I don’t know what I like pitching dued to get our team ERA down or highing scoring game with our offense lol.

It seems like it’s hard to get both- Sellthetem

Both at the same time, that is -Sellthetm.

It seems like the 3rd out is the hardest for us to get, today.
Another crazy hit for Dunn this time..

I surely love score 11-3, 12-3 is terrible lol. I don’t mind high scoring game once in a while at least get the overall team ERA down first so are pitching stats doesn’t really seem that bad.

Ok team you can get some hits and runs since Kershaw went his require 5.

btw old I wrote something to you after Harris made that running error but I guess you didn’t see it.

Last week the Mets/Cards should’ve been on Fox. The Mets won it 2-1 and the Mets held Krod into the 19th innings and blown a saves. Tony LaRussa must have a lot of balls using Lopez and Mather yeah 2 position players that pitch and didn’t even start the game and had Lohse in LF and I never seen a box score this weird in my entire lifetime. I want to know have you seen this lot.;_ylt=Anji73Wo4OHQ8PghRbTLKNS4u7YF?gid=300417124

Dang it runners on 3rd with 1 out and Martin and Ethier can’t get him in.

Very usual- this team does better with two out all day long.
I guess sooner or later they had to break through.

Wow, Did we catch a break. We need to do a better job wth runners in scoring position.


Geez I hate pitchers getting hit and scoring to after we blew an opportunity like that.

Thank-you, CASEY!!!!

CASEY comes close to having at least 5 HR, I remember 2 that just narrowly missed.

Nice performance by Kersh, I’d let him go, he’s strong.
Let’s go KUO.

Crap…here comes our Bunynuts Brigade…..Implosions R Us!

Just got home. Boy did we catch a break. Great day for Casey Blake! Now can the bullpen hold the lead?

Clutch K by Kuo, LET’S GO BELI.

TB4 ~ Don’t give up hope, maybe today’s the game the bullpen shuts them down.

Whew!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s win this Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, TBW, I hope so….maybe this is our turning point!

The Dodgers just have to find a way to make a freaking error and I thought Furcal was healthy?

WTG Belisario!!!! Now let’s pad the lead!!

I hate to see those high ERA by are relievers and old did you see my question?

I have a feeling we’re going to see Sherrill. I’d rather have Loney pitch the 8th and Loney is a good pitcher.

No Sherrill, straight to Broxton.

Like Steve Lyon said, if Kemp had backed up the play where Martin threw the ball to second base into the field, this game would be over. Championship teams play good fundamental baseball including the little things like hustling to get into position to back up plays, even though most of the time it is not needed. Kemp is still getting by on his incredible athletic talent, not the baseball smart sense that some players of lesser ability possess.

Just got up to see the end of the game. I didn’t realize it was going to be televised. As mentioned by OBF usually they aren’t.
Nice to see a lead. But I see we have 2 errors again. How can we keep committing these errors??? 20 errors through 17 games.

Time warp update. My post of 1:31 got put before several of the time warped ones.

Great play by Ferk!

Now that makes 4 blown saves.

That probably would’ve been a good spot to PH Belliard.

I hear you Bear the only thing is if he doesn’t and Coso blows it everybody would be calling for Joe’s head for not using your best (Brox) for a 4 out save.
Joe should be able to go to Brox for 4 outs and have him be productive. That move wasn’t a bad one. I for one usually don’t like the 4 out save but with the way the bully has performed I understood it there.

Blame it on Sherrill this is his territory guess he doesn’t trust any of these scrub this year and Broxton going to get a cheap BS because of Martin errors.

Who is going to pitch the 10th? I have no confidence in this pen. I hope they surprise me.

I think Martin should’ve gotten the bs poor Broxton

Sherrill is warming……not a good sign for us.

I see 3 losses in a row here. Shame the good day by casey is wasted.

The game should’ve been over if we scored furcal from 3rd with 1 out and that bs error by Martin. Why is that everytime I try to ask a question to old he’s always seem to disappear lol?

Where the Capps that was just horrible last year?

Cough Cough Sherrill. If Sherrill get through this it would be his 3rd straight scoreless innings.

Oh My Sherrill, 1,2 ,3 on 14 pitches. Impressive. Now can we score some runs

lol Twins with 1 error so far wow.

Damn Martin that fly ball would had score Furcal easy wrong inning.

WooHoo!! Gutsy win!!! Hats off to Kersch, Blake, and Monastario!!!! Nice game winning hit for Marty after going 0 for 5.

Here is the difference in the game: The catchers one gets them the other doesn’t

WooHoo!! Gutsy win!! Hats off to Kersch, Blake, Monastario, and Marty. Nice clutch hit by Marty when he was 0 for 5. Kudo’s!!! Let’s take this series!!!!!

At least a good outing from Sherrill. I would have let him complete the inning. This will be a good test for Monasterios.

At least they trying to work that ERA down and this would work.

LOL!!!! Yep Shad, I’m time warped big time!!!!! Sweet win!!! Way to go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!


sellthetm ~ I was thinking the same thing. So far the bullpen has 5 IP and 0 ER. This is probably their best game all year.

Did Kemp just get another CS? What wrong with Kemp he can’t steal no more?

Maybe 22th innings no way I don’t want that esp when someone name Ortiz is still in the bullpen.

Dang hbp get the dp now

Wow Monsterious let’s give this rule 5 picks a win but we need more runs since Ortiz is only in the bullpen.

Whoevere wanted to see Loney pitch just might get the chance today.

NICE TO SEE MARTIN finally come through.

Payback on those stolen bases?

Alright Martin!!!

Except that Martin took the bat out of Ethier’s hand. Was that smart?

This would be great if Monasterios can close this one out and get the win.

Well is about damn time and just watch them try to walk Ethier. I hope it doesn’t come down to that so Monasterios could pitch 1 more innings.

Wow I’m shock Torre let him hit.

Ethier probably would had walk anyway

Nice 1 out.


Damn that pudge dp now


Morgan is a Dodgers killer.

That was a big out at home one more

Whew! Too close for comfort!!


Nice 2 ER’s in 13th are ERA today is 1.38. Martin give them an unearned run and got the clutch hit to win it.

C. Kershaw 6.0 8 2 2 3 6 0 1.65 3.13
H. Kuo 0.1 1 0 0 0 1 0 4.50 27.00
R. Belisario 0.2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.71 7.71
R. Troncoso 0.2 1 1 0 0 0 0 1.04 4.15
J. Broxton 1.1 2 0 0 0 2 0 0.57 0.00
G. Sherrill 1.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.40 8.10
C. Monasterios (W, 1-0) 2.2 2 0 0 0 2 0 1.38 2.08

Very nice but too bad Broxton have to get a BS thanks to Martin.

I think Jhall is somewhere in the time warp.

That was too close, But let the party start!

I think Monasterios passed the test. Now he should be used in more critical situations.

Glad to see the boys tough it out today and get a much needed win. Nothing comes easy right now with Broxton blowing a save today.

It was mentioned above about not “blaming” the players for what is happening and while I generally do not playing the blame game, I feel a comment is in order. Yes, Joe has to play what he has and try to get the most out of each player. And I will agree he may not have as much to work with in regards to pitching as we would all like. However, I do feel the players need to take some responsibility for being under .500 at this time. Who is making all the errors? Who is throwing all the pitches in the dirt and running up pitch counts? I realize the hitting pace would not continue the way things started but what happened to all the hitting once the Dodgers got into Washington? What happened against the Reds? Will the Dodgers struggle against decent pitching or will they be able to make the necessary adjustments and get the clutch hits? This is all on the players, and I would guess they are just as aware of these things as we are.

Wasn’t Broxton fault at all Martin error did it in.

Just raad that Padilla was put on the DL.

Great. The pitching is suspect enough as it is. Well, it looks as if we may just a chance to see what Elbert or Link can do. Can it be any worse?

Good afternoon, early evening everyone????
I have been super busy, studying and working so I am a little behind on what?s been going on, both here and on the field. I did have the pleasure of watching today?s game on Prime Ticket and enjoyed it immensely. Kershaw did a fantastic job keeping the game in check, he struggled just a tad I thought getting a good feel for the curve but at other times it was spot on. That big sweeper is a great compliment to the 90+ fastball, and I thought I seen a few very well timed and executed change ups. Clayton when you do these things well as you did today. You have me smiling in admiration for your wonderful display of talent. Good Job!!
Casey Blake!! What can I say here, other than, Fantastic day at the Plate and in assisting with the game saving play at third?..Excellent Job!!
I haven?t seen all the comments on here this week, but I will agree that the players shoulder some of the burden?..actually at this point they shoulder a lot of it. They are on the field, as I say there are no excuses, just results. And these guy?s need to do what it took to get those results. Plenty of teams have struggled at the start and bounced back. The Phillie?s where this club last season, the Yankees and Red Sox have been in the past as well. Just as the rookie ( Monasterios did on the mound today to close out the game) these guys need to maintain there composure and play to the ability the possess.
Monasterios… I tip my hat to you sir?..That was a big time performance on such short notice. You have my admiration as well. I look forward to seeing you progress as a member of this ball club. And just like Dewitt, I think you deserve to go through some growing pains worry free. Speaking of which DeWitt in my mind has done a fabulous job in Hudson?s place at second, and with so much upside in years to come I am glad to see this transpire. I loved Hudson?s game , however DeWitt is lovable as well?.Good job!! DeWitt and Monasterios!!
Well its that time again back to the books?..See ya all later have a great evening and great Sunday J

Sorry for the errors in my spelling, I am tired.
what it takes….
were this club…..

Great victory today by the Boys In Blue! The bully did well which is great to see!!
But it seems this year we are snake bit. Every day we seem to have a W we still get bad news. Hopefully someone will come up and produce in his abscence.

In reading the article about Padilla we are very very thin in the pitching department. Link might not be able to be called up since he hasn’t been away for 10 days. In addition J-Mac is also on the DL. Towers & Lindblom are options but they aren’t on the 40 Man Roster. I’m guessing it will be Elbert. But what if Sherrill also goes on her since he left the game due to injury? Yikes!!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!! Let’s hope to get two in a row this morning!!!

lbirken – I am the one that mentioned that I don’t blame the players. I was mostly referring to the pitchers, not so much the position players. I lay plenty of blame on the players for bonehead plays, and the errors are very irritating this year. However, I also feel that “most” of the time, those errors weren’t the reason we lost the game either. Now, in yesterday’s game if we had lost, yep, I would have definitely thought it was costly errors that were to blame and not the pitching. The pitching was actually what saved us yesterday………………..that and Casey Blake.

Northstateblues – fabulous song the other day. I read it late the other night, and then I wasn’t able to comment due to our time warping, submission error issues.

Monestarious definitely earned alot of accolades yesterday for pushing through those innings yesterday and getting the win. It was good to see the bullpen keep us in the game.

Good Sunday Morning Everyone………….
Adversity is a state of hardship, or misfortune.
?Adversity is a fact of life. It can’t be controlled. What we can control is how we react to it.?
Good luck isn’t needed……..Good Warriors are…………
CARPE DIEM BOY’S!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay – as I am reading my post to lbirken. Now, it appears I don’t blame the pitchers for their pitching. I do think they are just as responsible in getting the job done. However, we knew all through spring training that some of the pitchers weren’t going to get us to the next level, and so far it is ture. My initial comment was about how they are who they are and I blame our owner for not getting us the pitching we deserve.

Let’s go for two-in-a-row! GO, DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bases loading 1 outs and here we go sucking with risp

I’m surprise Bills didn’t thtrow that away.


Go figure we blow a big opportunity and they come back and score 1 so far.

Good effort from Billingsley. It would be great to get him a couple of runs and get headed in the fight direction.

We have Andre and Blake sitting out!!!!. Why???

These guys work 3 hours a day. An extra hour or two taking batting practice and doing something they love and getting paid millions. Why is Joe sitting the best players? The first inning would have been different with Andre in there.
And we can’t score runs with one out and bases loaded.
Come on.

Boblee ~ I agree with you! This is the way Joe does things and it’s ticking me off! We are struggling right now and certainly don’t need the below .200 hitting GA in the lineup!!!!!!

MILWAUKEE — A spectator fell about 14 feet from the lower level in left field while the Cubs took batting practice about an hour before their game with the Brewers.

The man wearing Cubs gear and believed to be in his 20s was reaching out over the railing down the left field line attempting to catch foul balls on Sunday when he tumbled headfirst over the rail and onto the hard dirt below.

Brewers spokesman Tyler Barnes said privacy laws prevented them from releasing any detailed information about the person or the incident but called the event extremely rare.

“He was observed by fans after the fall moving all his extremities,” Barnes said.

Brewers head athletic trainer Roger Caplinger said the man was cut and bleeding from the face, but was conscious as he was taken off the field by emergency first responders. He was taken to a local hospital, but there were no immediate details on additional injuries.

Several Cubs players went over to see what had happened, and the incident held up batting practice for about 10 minutes.

Too bad Blake couldn’t get a hit with the bases loaded with 1 out.

Wow really since 2002 and the 3rd of his career.

For the last two days, the pitching has been pretty good and we can’t get any runs….feast or famine for us this year!

What’s the deal!!! only so many comments per hour on itd

I hope that person is ok

Maybe everyone is busy today. Wow Wade is killing the Celts

Lady GaGa is hitting a cool .152 now!

that 1-0 pitch to Ethier was not a strike

Urgh stop talking about the damn Padres.

The only guy that the Nats didn’t used and it’s there starting 3rd baseman.

Let’s keep that scoreless inning from our bullpen down.

Olsen has a 6.75 era and we’re making him look like a 20 game winner

Wrong inning Loney should had did that when we got 3 hits in the row.

vs. LAD 10.50 0 2 0 0 2 2 0 6.0 12 7 7 2 3 3 .414

Olsen is a good pitcher to bad he playing for the Nats.

That bases loaded with 1 out is a killer.

So tell me that andre and dewitt would not have done betten then anderson and belliard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To bad Bills couldn’t pitch like that. Actually Belliard should be starting over Dewitt.

Note to self again – remember never to buy tickets for Sunday or day games. It certainly isn’t worth the money. The excuse that Andre needs a day off to rest his ankle (fine), but also adding there is a lefty pitching is getting old. He is batting .500 against lefties right now. It is just Joe being Joe, and that is getting old too.

At least more good pitching today.

Hey Jhall!!! It has not been a good road trip. Let’s hope Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill bring them some ITD love to New York and get this team back to winning.

I didn’t expect the Sharks to come back and win that series. Come on Kings you need to win tonight the Coyotes going to force a game 7 and I always love to see the upset.

enchanted – What do you think of our team?

It seems I am stuck out of the time warp for the time being :)))

The Padres lost 5-4.

Lose 2 out of 3 to the big bad Pirates, Reds and Nats. Get shutout for the second time in 18 games.

This team sucks, period.

Hi’Ya Beav!! How’ya doin my brother? Right now our team is very disappointing and quite Frankly, pathetic. When you consistantly leave runners at third with less than 2 outs, you’re screwed. At least Billz pitched well. Blake and Belliard had 10 LOB today. Unacceptable to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No offense.

Lumber in slumber.

Billingsley, like his NorCal mirror image Matt Cain today, pitched a good game, but has no run support to help him out.

Playoffs? Playoffs?!!

Hi’Ya North!! I’m not very optimistic about this teams chances of making the playoffs right now. It is still very early and there is time to get this wagon turned in the right direction. Outstanding song earlier my friend. Kudos!!!

Hey Nelly, how ya’doin mon amie? I see you up there!!! Time warp sucks!!! Hope you’re having a good day other than our offensive blackout today.

What can you say about this team? The fundamentals are horrible. Guess it’s tough to work on that stuff in Spring Training when you split the squad and take half to the Orient. But whatever. Maybe Frank and Jamie split a nice check from the whole affair. Luckily, this division is horrible and no one team will assert itself, so the Dodgers can relax. But it still bugs me that Frank would settle for the mediocrity that Ned + no cash equals. What a loser of an owner. And by the way, Joe…Carroll, Anderson and Johnson are hitting a combined .213, so by all means sit the regulars as much as possible.

Harvick halts 115-race winless streak

WTG Harvick.

lol do you rather lose another 10-8 games when are bullpen blow another game? Where is all those good pitching when we score more than 5 runs?

Hi’ya Kahli!!! Nice post!!!

I think Joe’s an idiot! Andre is our hottest hitter right now and, of course, he gives him a day off in favor of .155 hitting GA! Our pitching the last two days looked much better and he still must enjoy our losing. I am with Nellyjune….NEVER, EVER GO TO A DAY GAME ……AND ESPECIALLY A SUNDAY!!!!!

Hi’Ya Trumom!! Hope your having a great day other than our offensive meltdown. It is sad, that fans can’t come out on a Sunday afternoon and see the best we have. Total crap!!!!

I will repeat I am tired of reading Andre needs rest due to his ankle or he can’t hit lefties. Other than Manny, who is not playing right now, He still has the best batting average and OBP on the team and his batting average against lefties right now is .500. ANDRE does not need rest. He may have not had the best of days these past series, but other than Casey Blake, who did? Nobody.

Maybe they are saving all their runs for Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill :))

Great post Kahli, and I totally agree!!

I usually and most often get to Cincinnati to watch the Dodgers for a couple of games each year. Probably would go to more if they came here more often. They are coming back here in June, and, If we continue to play this pathetic brand of baseball, I most likely will not go. OK, you got me, I probably will go anyway because I love day baseball and my Dodgers!!! More importantly, it is fun way to spend a day with my dad and nephews.

Hi, Jhall. It really is a shame that Joe does these stupid things. I don’t remmber him sitting Arod or Jeter when he was coaching the Yankees. The New York fans would have had him drawn and quartered! I guess he figures the L.A. fans don’t know much and, no matter what, they will come.


Great point Trumom!!! Outstanding!!!! Hey Nelly, glad to see you in real time!! LOL!!!

Well said Bear!!! I would add, totally nutless owner with a wh*re for a wife. Just wanted to put some proper Bear spin on things my friend!!!

Love the way you put things in perspective, Bear!

I don’t what make me happy seeing the Giants losing or Penny shuting them down lol.

This team doesn’t have any balls from what I’ve seen so far. A true reflection of the ownership and management!!!!!!!!!!!! The fish stinks from the head down!!!!


I’m with you Shad!!! LOL!!! I can’t stand Panty, but I love to see the G’nats lose!! The real Panty will prevail!!!

So Nelly what do you think of Havrick halts that 115-race winless streak?

I am really happy for Kevin Harvick!!! I would have loved for Denny to win, but I was glad to see him win.

Shad – In NASCAR, the only drivers I don’t want to see win are Juan Pablo Montoya (he’s a big crybaby IMO), and Brad Keslowski (don’t like his style of crashing drivers on purpose, in particularly mine). Denny is by far my favorite driver right now. To me, especially this season, he is like the Andre of NASCAR. He is trying to move over obstacles people thought he couldn’t, and he is doing a mighty fine job of doing that so far IMO. He respects and admires Jimmie and wants to be like him, and you certainly can’t fault him for that (who wouldn’t), and he has learned not to blame others when things go badly.

Also on a gnats note Shad – soooo very glad they lost today. I am going to have to be a Phillies Phan for three days now.

Messagbear – very well said!!!

Joe will get to show off his managerial skills….we are on ESPN’s Monday Night Baseball game.

This is a quote I tool from over at LA Times.. It is IMO a very good post.
“It was obvious coming into the season that starting pitching, usually the Dodgers forte, was going to be mediocre at best. Now with Padilla on the DL and shaky performances from the rest of the rotation its time for McCourt to “put up or shut up”.. Last fall this team was 3 wins from the Fall Classic, and no front line starter was acquired. If a competent starter is not acquired now his commitment, financially and otherwise, should be seriously questioned, as should fan support!!!”

Collie ~ with Frank in charge, I have a feeling it will be shut up instead of put up!!!!! And, that’s a shame for the loyal fans. We deserve much better.

For the Ethieraholics……….. a great article about our favorite right fielder.

Andre – I would like to say a few things. 1) I was a fan the day you were traded from the A’s to the Dodgers. 2) I apologize for saying anything negative about JP, and I won’t ever again. However, in my defense, I think most of us were defending you because we thought you should be Everyday Dre’, which meant you should be playing every day. 3) You are an awesome ballplayer, try not to be too hard on yourself (your fans love you regardless), and I think the mom’s think you are good looking too – lol!!! It’s something about your eyes Andre, it really is.

One more thing………….I read the ESPN article that featured Andre and Jake Peavy. It was an awesome article that captured a single at bat that and Andre and Jake told their side of what their thought process was during the at-bat. Andre lost the battle, but it was a great insight into what a pitcher and a batter is thinking.

Collie – let’s hope he puts up. The young core and the fans deserve it.

I just want you to know that no matter how bad this team does at times, I still love watching them play. I think of this ITD family everytime I listen or watch a game. There are times when they frustrate me because I want them to win so badly, there are times I feel so badly for them because of the circumstance their owner has put them in, and there are times when I just love them no matter what.

It has surely been a roller coaster month for me. Earlier in the month, one of my best friends lost her dad suddenly, we found out a mom of one of Michael’s teammates had a stroke at the game on Wednesday night and lost the battle today………..she was only 47, and I have lost two of our cherished pets (dogs) in the span of 4 weeks as well, one being just yesterday. My hubby decided two weeks ago to get two new dogs, (and DodgerEric, I totally understand the frustration of coming home to find your floor covered in materials…………….. mine being all my Dodger Magazines I have collected over the past couple of years, a couple of Dodger books which were taken out to the backyard, a blanket and a variety of shoes, flip flops and slippers. I don’t know whether to think it’s because Shadow (the two year old puppy) loves the Dodgers and wanted to read all about them or is a Giants fan. I will choose to think he’s a Dodger fan for now – lol!!) All this is just reminders that you need to take the time everyday to show love to all those you care about and to make sure you make the best of what life has to offer.

I love watching the Dodgers and no matter how frustrating they may be at times, it is definitely a great escape from the everyday routines of life.

Took a quick break from studying, and wanted to say….. Great Post Nelly.
Losing loved ones is tough, having been down similiar roads myself, I understand the pain all too well. I will say two things that may help someday. Things will get better, although in different ways….. and thoughts and prayers are with the grieving individuals. They will always be a part of you, maybe more so in absense.
Good Night Everyone, and God Bless

Thank you Dodger4life!!!! ……………..for more than you can know at times. I know you think it’s the other way around, but I believe what God chooses to put in our path is always for a purpose. Sometimes I have no idea what that purpose is, but I guess that is where faith comes in.
GO DODGERS!!!!! I am watching the Speed Channel, and Jimmie and Jeff are not getting along so well right now….tsk, tsk, tsk……………..they need to learn how to get along better :))

Hey Nelly . . . I am so sorry about your losses. I’ve also experienced them and although I miss my loved ones, I’ve been enriched by how they touched my life and thank God for them every day.
On the light side, thank you for the two links about Andre and Bills.
BTW, I think Shadow has good taste – and yes, that was meant to make you laugh.
Take care my friend!

Sparkleplenty – no doubt about how they have enriched my life:))) …………and you are most welcome for the articles. I am trying to find the other one on-line about Andre and Jake Peavy, but no luck so far. Also, that did make me laugh.

Pitching is the name of the game.
Otherwise, how do you explain a team that’s tops in batting average, 20 hits above the next place team, 2nd in runs scored, 5th in home runs and 3 games behndin already this short season.
Our defense and pitching have hurt. Here’s a team that should be 4 or 5 games out in front.

Let’s get it together.

Good Morning ITDland. Awesome post Nellyjune. Makes us realize what is really important.
Let’s hope this is a much better week.

Oh no rooting for Phiillies that going to be hard

So sorry to here about that and she was too young to died so soon. I didn’t know there were crybaby in Nascar and I need to watch more of Brad.

Hey Nells, I’m sorry for your loses as well. And you’re right, it does put things in perspective. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Shad – Unless it were going to prevent the Phillies from winning their division AND the Giants are already out of it in the west, I can’t root for the Giants. The Giant-side of my family would do the same thing.

Boblee – other than these last couple of games, it’s been all about pitching and defense IMO.

Thanks enchanted and tru!!!!

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