Come together…

For those who missed this story in today’s Times, it’s a great article about a number of Los Angeles business leaders and philanthropic types who have helped save the local high school sports programs that were going to be cut due to a lack of funding. As a product of a local high school baseball program, my personal thanks go out to all involved, including the Dodgers Dream Foundation.

Out in Cincinnati, the offense continues to click, as the Dodgers are leading all of baseball in hitting following last night’s rare feat of scoring in eight of the nine innings. They’ll head back out tonight trying to take two of three from the Reds.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention this but I tried to go visit cpompe1 on Opening Day on the reserved level, but couldn’t find you. I went to the seat location you posted to say hello but there were thousands of people around and none who looked like I’d envision a compe1 would look like! So, let me know if you’re out again and I’ll try to pop by.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Martin, C

Padilla, P


  1. jhallwally

    Great defense will make mediocre pitching alot better. Great pitching will make mediocre defense alot better. Good/Great pitching and defense together win championships. Mediocre to bad pitching and defense together spell watching the playoffs!!!

  2. jhallwally

    If we can’t afford top notch pitching(although I believe a major market team with 3M+ attendance can), then our next best hope is to play better defense. Great offense and better than average defense will most likely get us to the playoffs. Winning the World Series however, almost always comes down to superior pitching.

  3. nellyjune

    LMAO Messagebear!!!

    *******Josh – I believe CP couldn’t make it that day. She had posted a few days before Opening Day that she got a job working for the Census and had training that day. I believe her mom and husband went instead.

  4. crzblue2

    I did read that article in the LA Times this morning on the train but thanks for pointing it out!
    That is so sweeeeet that you went to try to find Cpompe on Opening Day! We know how busy you get and you still went to look for her. I saw her with her mom….but wait that was not Opening Day since Opening Day I was dressed as Hilda Chester.
    By reading Josh’s post, it reminded me that I owe you pictures of you and your mom. Sorry! been busy but I’ll try to upload them today. Say hello to your mom!
    Hello ITD!

  5. colliethec

    Nice article in the LA Times. I appreciate the work done by the Dodgers Dream Foundation.
    That being said I’m not letting the Hoodlum fan issue die.
    Please do something about these issues. They have to end.
    Frank — take the challenge…
    Step up & do something about the unruly drunk fans who spoil the game and Dodger Stadium for the many more that are classy and respectful towards others.

  6. colliethec

    In reading the article there is a comment below it that mentions how McCourt didn’t pay taxes.
    In Northern California on the Giants KNBR station they have an add for an income tax lawyer. They’ve had it on for a number of months now. In the add it talks about “legal” ways to avoid paying income taxes if your a small business… like the Dodgers owners Frank & Jamie McCourt, who made over 100 million and didn’t have to pay taxes.
    I don’t know the details with the McCourts and not paying taxes and the add using them but does anyone else know the backround to that?
    Every time I hear the add I’ve gotten ticked off. Because if they aren’t paying taxes that is really bothersome to me.

  7. colliethec

    … like the Dodgers owners Frank & Jamie McCourt, who made over 100 million and didn’t have to pay taxes…
    That is quoted from the add…

  8. crzblue2

    Sometimes you need to be honest with yourself and others. . Collie on april 21, 2010 4:33PM

    Ouch Collie, I am being honest with myself and others. I said that I watched the video that is circulating and that I don’t agree with the force that was used. It could have been handled better.

    I also said that I pride myself in the section where I sit where we are like family. Going to the stadium often you get to know not only the fans around but the security people and all that work around us. If some of us can’t use extra tickets, it gets passed on to friends or to the workers there and they bring their family.

    I don’t agree with the force by the security in that video. I also dislike the foul language used by the “fan” video taping it.

    I praise the woman security that made the guys and women parked next to me dump all their beer in the parking lot.. They were complaining but she was just doing her job.
    Yes, I love Dodger Stadium and on sellouts the security needs to be tighten more. But I also like to point out if they are doing a good job. I really appreciate that even without complaining, one of them came to me last year to my seat and whispered in my ear asking me “Is that fan there bothering you?” The fan in question was being too loud and a little obnoxious. Yes, I was kinda of hearing that “Fan” but I was also listening to the game, keeping score and watching the game so I appreciated that she walked down a few steps to ask me that (I was sitting a few rows down).
    As you all know tail gating is not permitted at Dodger Stadium but “fans” try to sneak alcohol in. More and more this year I have seen security track it down and make fans dump the stuff and in some occasion give warnings or citations. For that I praise them. Some of these fans acted surprised that they tracked down on them, well the reason is because the security has tighten up on this this year. They patrol more on bicycles.
    Some of you might not like me AND THAT IS OK! I learned a loooong time ago you can’t please everyone AND that not everyone has to like you. In the past I have not agreed with you all on some things like continuing to pick on Juan Pierre. I could have gone along with all of you on the bashing BUT I would not have been HONEST WTIH MYSELF if I did that. I’ll continue to be who I am, sometimes agreeing with you guys, sometimes I wont and sometimes speaking out. Let’s just say that if someone does not like you, it might be because you made a stand for something you believe on and that is OK! BUT if offended you, please let me know.

    I just had a flashback of the movie “Meet Joe Black” where the oldest daughter to the role played by Anthony Hopkins tells her dad “I know I am not your favorite and that is OK dad, because you are mine.”
    I mentioned that the last time I went to Angel Stadium was two years ago. From the ticket office where we bought our tickets, my friend and I were made to feel like second cititzens. I have not been back but I won’t let that stop me from trying to get tickets to the All-Star game even though that was a tought trip I made to the Phone booth for the All-Star game there a few years back. I won’t let that stop me from trying to get tickets to Angel Stadium for the game and also to the Fan-Fest. I love Baseball!

    If you ever want to come back Collie and wife, I’ll get you tickets but not dugout or baseline 🙂 I’ll sit with you two. I’ll protect you 😉
    Oh no! while typing this my friend Lore texted me that Weaver is on the 15 day DL.
    Have a wonderful rest of the day everyone!
    I think I exausted my quota here. Need to work now and need to do some work when I get home too.

  9. jhallwally

    Hopefully, the impending divorce will force a sale of the team and we will employ Bobby Cox as our GM when he retires after this year.

  10. enchantedbeaver

    If we still had JP I guarantee Matt and Dre wouldn’t have the HR and RBI counts they have. And I mean that from a perspective of JP would be taking some of their playing time. It is in no way indicative of his .214 BA 🙂

  11. jumprhigh

    Come by and visit my husband Dan and I any time:

    Club Level Section 237 row D (second row) seats 3 & 4

    Would love to see you!

    Gotta say I admired Juan Pierre for class and attitude!

    I miss O DAWG, he plays 2nd base in a way that reminds me of Ozzie Smith at short. And yeah I do know his wrist is trashed and can’t hit much any more. I still admire him.

    Fast losing faith in George Sherrill, not sure what is meant by “mechanical problems” and I know the Dodgers have the best mechanical engineers around, seems like “they” can’t fix him! Worrisome…

    Don’t think the divorce is going to matter, Frank still has loads of assets and cash. Just getting her out of the picture (great time to announce a divorce!) may well relieve a lot of stress/distraction from the front office and let everyone focus on doing their jobs!

  12. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Wow this offense is something else, sure wish we could get good pitching at the same time.
    It’s either one or the other, I guess
    This would be a good time for Padilla to win his 100th
    and congratulations to the Dodgers on their 120th anniversary in the N.L.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OBF, I was thinking the same thing. Now the Dodgers have the ability to score a bunch of runs but the pitching staff gives up too many!

  14. colliethec

    Emma — I don’t dislike you you at all. Like I said I appreciate your love for all things baseball. My points are that there is a problem with the unruly fans. That’s great that you are in a section that everybody knows each other and are friends.
    The comment … Sometimes you need to be honest with yourself and others. . Collie on april 21, 2010 wasn’t really aimed at you. It was more aimed at the Dodgers ownership & myself. I’m a positive person. But I have to be honest with myself as well as the Dodger Ownership.
    I live in the Bay Area and have to take it from Giants fans all the time about how crummy the Dodger fans are. That we come late, leave early, etc… I always go back and forth with them on that. But I’ve always felt that the fans in LA had class & were respectful. Based on my last few visits and others comments and reports that I’m hearing that is no longer the case. So I have to be honest with myself and I’m embarrassed by it.
    I think the ownership needs to do something to make the stadium a great place to visit. In my experience there wasn’t enough security (Which they even stated to me as well). I’m all for security and am not offended by security when they have to rough someone up due to them fighting with them. Very few people get roughed up when they listen to those in authority. But when beer/alcohol is involved most don’t have very good decision making skills. I’ve been in situations where people are fighting with me and I’m just trying to control them. My issue isn’t with security going “hands on” with someone.
    It’s with stopping the issue before they need to go “hands on”.
    During my last visit for about 5 innings I watched Giants fans get food & beer thrown at them. They weren’t doing anything to warrant it other than sitting there. They weren’t even cheering for their team and they were getting pelted. When they stood up to go to the restroom/get food it was worse and they had people swearing at them & telling them to sit down, go home, etc… while throwing food & beer at them. This was trying to provoke them into a confrontation. One guy who was a couple of rows in front of me kept standing up and getting in the face of a couple of Giants fans and flipping them off and swearing at them saying F**K the Giants and laughing at them and really egging them on.
    The ushers just stood there. These fools should of been gone by inning #2. I thought there was a zero tolerance policy. I thought if you swear your gone, aggressive behavior & you gone, throwing food/drink your gone. Obviously not. Then when I summoned security they just came by and told them to calm down. Which they did until 5 minutes after security left. It got worse & worse.
    In addition to my section there were fights all throughout the game and not just in my section because everybody would stand to watch the other fights going on. With many fans cheering it on.
    This is so wrong IMO. The message is and has been sent for a long time that it’s okay to act like this. Well the ownership I feel needs to change this thinking.
    This is also why I feel the ownership needs to be honest with themselves. I would love to see McCourt sit in the bleachers or anywhere not behind home in a Giants jersey with a hat and sunglasses so no one recognized him. & no security with him. So he can see what the fans are like. He needs to be honest with himself and make a difference.
    I have no issues with you personally. I’m sorry if it seems that way. We are all entitled to our own opinion. But I do feel that anyone that goes to the game regularly would see some of these incidents and be nauseated by them and want some changes to be made.
    Just hearing that the beer was poured on some young kids is enough to put me over the edge to make this an issue. I would hope that you would agree with me even though in your section it’s a non-issue.
    I’m sorry if I personalized my comments towards you. I’m just very frustrated about this issue and really want people to go to the game and have a good time win or lose and for kids to fall in love with the game the way all the others on here as well as you & I have.
    If I can convince Wifey to go to a game again I would love to meet you and sit with you. I really love your excitement for the Dodgers and your enthusiasm for baseball.

  15. nellyjune

    Collie – I think the only thing that saved my son and husband from the same treatment that you are talking about is because they were there with Dodger fans (me, Dodgereric, Chris, Matt and Mariya, who were all wearing Dodger blue), and it was pretty obvious they were with us. However, there were Giants fans around us not being treated so well. What I saw was more of the invoking behavior that you were talking about…….trying to get a reaction from the Giants fans.

  16. bluesplash09

    lets show a stat how Padilla has gotten the last 13 in a row, and what happens next? thanks for the jinx jerks

  17. vl4ecc

    Good evening all.
    Here’s hoping they take the rubber game there in Cincy!
    Just got home from work, turned on the game on the pc, and the NFL draft on ESPN. Just glad my team got some defensive help with the #8 pick – Rolondo McClain (ILB from Bama). Sure hope he helps out the Raiders in helping out stopping the run. They blew hard in run defense this past season.

  18. dodgereric

    Just catching up on the previous posts and ……….

    Josh, if you want to see cpompe for next time, I think I have a couple of shots of her from ITD day last year on

    Waaaaay too many LOL moments courtesy jhall/enchanted/messagebear to re-post, but:
    “Unfortunately Beav, our owner and GM are like an Almond Joy, No Nuts!!!!

    By jhallwally on April 22, 2010 1:47 PM”

    …….that one was my favorite.

    Regarding the reversal of Andre’s “catch” yesterday:
    “That’s probably the first time that ever happened in baseball history.

    By oldbrooklynfan on April 21, 2010 6:32 PM”

    Me too, OBF. I still can’t believe that they did that.

    “Great defense will make mediocre pitching alot better. Great pitching will make mediocre defense alot better. Good/Great pitching and defense together win championships. Mediocre to bad pitching and defense together spell watching the playoffs!!!

    By jhallwally on April 22, 2010 2:08 PM”

    Absolutely agree, jhall. As evidence, I present our current won/loss record, and it’s been mostly against poor teams. We have yet to play the cream of the league.

    Emma, your post was heartfelt and genuine and I hope you never cease to post whatever you wish here. But I think your judgement in this matter is a little biased due to the friendships you have acquired among the Dodger Stadium personnel. You’ve frequently mentioned the ushers and security people be name and its obvious they are your friend and you would naturally defend them. I have no problem with that. But you would have to agree that after reading the incidents that nellyjune and collie posted, to say that security is not perfect is an understatement.

    Collie, keep fighting the good fight. You’re pretty classy in your own right. I’m at your side.

    Finally, I would say that the arrival of Kuo and Bellisario is not yet the answer to our bullpen problem.

  19. nellyjune

    About the homerun………… Rick Monday said…………..”It was a very bad pitch”…………..I would have to agree with that.

  20. truebluewill

    Hi guys, had to work late again tonight and just got home. Another bad night pitching wise, especially the bullpen again. I don’t know what it’s going to take to right the ship. We just have to hang in there. What happened to Manny? I hope it’s not serious.

  21. truebluewill

    Hi guys, had to work late again tonight and just got home. Another bad night pitching wise, especially the bullpen again. I don’t know what it’s going to take to right the ship. We just have to hang in there. What happened to Manny? I hope it’s not serious

  22. 32and53fan

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Kemp would have caught that ball last year? He seems clueless sometimes lately trying to catch and missing fly balls that are definitely catchable.

  23. nellyjune

    32and53fan – it sure seems that way at times with Matt. Maybe he needs to get his eyes/contacts checked.

  24. jhallwally

    Well, you get what you pay for. We’re unfortunately paying for Frank the Clown and Jamie the ***** to live the high life!!! Not spending it on the pitching!!! What a pathetic and cruel joke!!!!!!

  25. nellyjune

    This offense deserves so much better than the pitchers that FranknNed has given them. I can’t really blame Torre for this because he DID ask for pitching as well.

  26. jhallwally

    Total Bullsh*t!!! All you LA lemmings that keep going to the games deserve this entree of crap!!! Lap it up morons!!!!!

  27. oldbrooklynfan

    We had a great bullpen for a coupler years so maybe it time for a change. I hate to say.
    Lousy it took our offense this long to mature.

  28. nellyjune

    Jhall – I am glad you weren’t there to see this in person. What a nightmare we have in pitching this season so far(with a few exceptions of course).

  29. northstateblues

    I’m unwarped back here , but in case I’m not with this post, my vote for the name of the Bullpen is at 7:42pm.

  30. oldbrooklynfan

    I guess Kuo and Belisario were a little game rusty tonight.
    and the offense ran out of gas.
    But 5 runs could still win a lot of ballgames.

  31. truebluewill

    Hi guys, had to work late again tonight and just got home. Another bad night pitching wise, especially the bullpen again. I don’t know what it’s going to take to right the ship. We just have to hang in there. What happened to Manny? I hope it’s not serious.

  32. dodgereric

    Well, now I’m in the warp. Cool. I have 2 suggestions:

    We start counting down to the 1 hour mark. We seem to be 6 minutes and counting.

    We start figuring out a new name for our bullpen. I’ll start with something unimaginitive like The Arson Squad.

  33. truebluewill

    Thank you TB4. I guess I didn’t miss much tonight. I still feel we can turn it around. Maybe Joe and I can change their luck when they come to NY.

  34. trublu4ever

    I’m sure you will have a lot of suggestions for our bullpen, Dodgereric. I’ll bet Jhall, Enchanted and Messagebear will have some doozies!

  35. nellyjune

    Boy Dodgereric!!! You did get shot waaaaaay up there!!! To warp or not to warp…………………it’s a way of life on ITD nowadays. Another fabulous post by the way!!

    Nothing like having the offense we have been dreaming of only to have pitching that is a nightmare. We deserve better!!!

  36. nellyjune

    I agree Shad. Bellsario is a little different. He wasn’t brought in off the DL…………..Kuo was. Good point 🙂

  37. enchantedbeaver

    The obvious first answer is to fire Bunnynutt’s asss. He may not be throwing the pitches, but the problem’s getting worse, not better, and you’ve got to start somewhere. He’s definitely not helping anyone, and obviously has no clue HOW to help anyone or he’d be doing it.

    Why don’t we just call the whole damn pitching staff the Bunnynutts Brigade?

  38. cpompe1

    Oh, Josh, I am so sorry I missed you. That was really sweet of you to remember – and on the home opener! Maybe I forgot to mention it on ITD, but I ended up not going to the home opener because of a job! Okay, okay, it’s a temp job working for the Census, but it’s a job nonetheless and I couldn’t turn it down. Hey, temporary is better than nothing at all! You said you stopped by the Reserved Level, huh? My mom’s seats are in Aisle 1, Row M. If you go down the Aisle 1/Aisle 3 steps, my mom’s seats are on the right. My son took my mom to that game in my stead. I am not 100% sure what game I’ll be at next, but believe me, once I find out, I’ll put a post on ITD to let you know. I STILL would love to have my mom meet you!

    Oh, and if you have a tough time remembering what I look like, you can take a gander at that Joe Pierre video from last year’s ITD tour! I’m the one that was standing right in front of Joe when he made his “Where does Vin Scully sit” comment! 🙂

  39. enchantedbeaver

    I have to agree with jhall. Frank knows he has L.A. by the bunnynutts because they’ll come to see anything he trots out there no matter the cost. Until that stops and people quit buying concessions and merchandise too, Frank will just keep laughing all the way to the bank while he’s telling anyone that’ll listen that he’ll do everything possible to bring a championship to the deserving fans of L.A. Only way this fool will ever give up the team is if he can make more money off of selling it than keeping it. And the only way that’s going to happen is if he starts losing BIG money. Not that on the way down he won’t let payroll dwindle down to $30-40 million a year and sell off all the boys, that he will.

  40. cpompe1

    My Nellygirl!
    Thank you AND TO EVERYONE THAT RESPONDED to Josh! I was flabbergasted by his comment that he stopped by my mom’s seats! I was just tickled pink, no Dodger blue for that matter when I read Josh’s message to me up top! Josh, you had me grinning ear to ear! 🙂

    So how are you? How’s the family? The Academy? You know, my usual questions!

  41. enchantedbeaver

    And I have to say that considering its been a few days and a few threads ago that the issue of security at the stadium was brought up, and has been continually brought up in the subsequent threads through today’s, the silence its being met with speaks volumes.

  42. trublu4ever

    I find it very disturbing that there was no response to the security issue, Enchanted.
    Great to see you again, CP!

  43. nellyjune

    All is well here CP!!! You know Dodger4life got a job with the Census too.

    enchanted – I remember back when I first started reading ITD, and you, jungar, jhall, etc. were hoping they wouldn’t trade off the young talent before they came into their prime, and that if they just have patience, we would be set. Well, the young talent is at it’s prime on the offensive side, but what could have possibly gone wrong with all the pitching? One would think you have to start looking at who is coaching these kids once they get up here.

  44. cpompe1

    Oh, and I know I’m REALLY late on this, but it is very unsettling to come to Dodger Stadium and witness so much belligerent behavior from so called Dodger fans and fans from opposing teams. It makes me feel bad as a Dodger fan that certain individuals give all Dodger fans a bad name and reputation. Now I know many opposing fans don’t think it’s all Dodger fans that behave this way, but I still feel bad for them. I’ve said it before as has many ITDers. I’ve worn my Dodger jersey to other stadiums and never have I received treatment the way opposing fans do at Dodger Stadium. Maybe the usual and GOOD NATURE ribbing that takes place, but nothing that I would consider a “threat” or “hostile.” Not in the least.

    But I have a hard time believing that Dodgers’ upper management isn’t doing nothing about it. I just think that if Josh or Frank or anyone else doesn’t say anything that perhaps it’s a serious issue and one that is not easily communicated to a few Dodger fans (relatively speaking of course). It’s an issue that I am quite sure that they don’t take lightly.

  45. cpompe1

    Nelly – I’m glad to hear that all is going well with you! And no, I didn’t know that D4 got a job with the Census too? D4, what are you doing? Are you out in the field or in the office?

    Trumom – I’m waiting for sunnier days too. I know you Nor Cal folks are getting slammed a lot more than us So Cal folks are by these Spring storms, but the sun will come out for good soon! At least I hope so!

    Getting back to our Boys in Blue, I just hope the pitching turns around with the return of Belasario and Kuo. I like what I saw the short time that Link pitched the other day; I wouldn’t mind seeing him more!

    Well, I’m getting tired, so I’m going to sign off. Again, thanks to everyone for their comments to Josh on my behalf. I’ll be reading but hopefully I’ll post more on the weekend. Catch up with y’all later…

  46. nellyjune

    CP – This came about because I was listening to Giants fans calling in and commenting on our fans right after the games over the weekend (just like Dodger fans do with the guys on KABC), and they didn’t have very nice things to say about our fans…………………rude, taunting, and spilling beer on them (including kids).

    Where Collie comes from in all this is his background is in security and he takes it very seriously. I think Collie’s idea of a three strikes approach is great, and it might just help in enchanted’s cause as well. Kill two birds with one stone…………………..stop the drunken idiots from coming altogether eventually, which slows down the ticket and beer sales perhaps long enough so Frank sells the team.

  47. nellyjune

    ohhhh, but the Sharks are winnng 5-0, and the A’s beat the Yankees today. Not all is lost up in Nor-Cal. However, I support the Kings too (both the Sacramento and the LA kind). With the Lakers, it depends on who they are playing.

  48. nedajerk

    I have to admit I was rooting for the Sharks all those year only because the Kings didn’t make the playoff for 8 yrs.

  49. nellyjune

    Amen to that Shad!!! The A’s have pitching…………..they will probably give it all away, but for now, they have pitching. What gives? It’s the Oakland A’s for heaven sakes.

  50. dodgereric

    Coming back from the gym just now I remembered something that I wanted to say earlier this evening. I’m really getting sick of Steve Lyons. In the first place, he seems to be his own biggest fan. I know his job is to fill in the gaps in the broadcast, you know, the ones that Vinny doesn’t need to be filled? But lately I’ve been noticing something and it’s really starting to bug me.

    In the first game of this series, Kemp tied the game with a dramatic 3-run HR to cap a 4-run deficit in the top of the 8th. Troncoso came on and got the first hitter. Then he walked Jay Bruce, hitting .188. He got the second out and then walked Ramon Hernandez, hitting .200. Then he gave up a single to score Bruce (walked, hitting .188) to break the tie. Then Hernandez scored an insurance run (walked, hitting .200) in that 3rd-grade rundown when DeWitt forgot to look at third and Belliard dropped the ball. Lyons kept harping on DeWitt’s mental mistake and the director kept showing DeWitt on the screen. Not much of a mention at all of Troncoso’s horrid pitching.

    Then tonight, after Garrett Anderson’s dramatic, lead-changing 2-run HR in the top of the 7th was wasted by the heaven-sent combo of Kuo and Belisario and their 4-hit, 4-run, 2-walk bottom of the 7th inning, all Lyons could talk about was Kemp’s attempted catch in the left-center gap that would have made ESPN’s Top 10 Plays of the Day had he made it.

    Fire Lyons
    Fire the guy who hired Lyons
    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire Ned
    Fire Mannion
    Fire the guy who hired Ned and Mannion
    Fire the guy who allowed the guy who hired Ned and Mannion to buy the Dodgers with a credit card

  51. nellyjune

    Rick and Charlie laid plenty of blame on the pitching tonight. They did bring up the errors, but it was more about how it just compounded the issue of bad pitching, especially the error made by Padilla himself. Boy, Rick pretty much let Padilla have it after he served up that first homerun. He flat out said, that was a bad pitch from the moment it left his hand.

  52. colliethec

    The Briquettes.
    The Kingsford Kids. Or Kingsford Corral and Frank could get some extra cash from the Kingsford company.
    Bully By Bic. Or The Bic Bully. Frank could get some extra cash for that from the Bic lighter company.
    CP nice to see all is well and that you have a job even though it’s temporary.
    A bummer to see the bullpen and defense let us down again. But that is a sentence that will probably be repeated many times this year.
    I was at work so I missed most of the conversation today. But Matt does seem to be a little off this year so far.I think he just needs to get a little more practice and he’ll be okay.
    One issue that I’ve noticed the last few days is dealing with bunts on the defensive side. I can only think that maybe the trip to Asia might have something to do with some of the prep work (Mainly fielding) because the team looks very sloppy and like they are still in Spring Training. I think defensively Spring Training is very important to get timing down with your teammates on the field for making plays. It seemed as if there were so many split squad games this year that it might be trickling down to the season. I hope they look at that.
    As far as the security issue at the stadium, I’m hoping that they are working on cracking down now that the 1st homestand is over and they see that junk is still going on. It hasn’t been mentioned on here by Josh & I’m okay with that. I will continue to bring it up each day however. I think it’s that important.
    Frank has 2 choices… #1 If you build it they will come.
    Or #2 If you pour it they will fight!!
    Now of course I’m joking but I was thinking about the trade off that should be looked at and thought of the above.
    Yes kicking the hooligans out that are getting drunk and starting problems will cut down on beer sales initially. But then in time many more families will start coming to the games and bringing with them their kids. These families will buy merchandise for their kids and they will learn to love baseball & when they are adults they will bring their kids and so on and that is the fan base you will have.
    Or you can have the beer drinking hooligans going to the games buying beer & getting drunk while bringing their kids who grow up to do the same because they see this is how baseball is enjoyed. Then that is the fan base you will have.
    So I have to ask… Frank what is the fan base you want?
    Or you can have both by cracking down on the issue by letting it be known that if they don’t act properly they will be tossed out, then trespassed, and then arrested if they don’t learn the proper way to act in the stadium.
    I just really have a passion for this as I think it’s so important and I don’t feel the proper steps are being taken.
    I hope that the silence is just that a new game plan (A real zero tolerance) in dealing with this issue is being put in place and when completed will then be announced/addressed.
    Signs should be hung at the entrances stating the policy, as well as during pregame it should be put on the scoreboard as well as an announcement made over the loudspeakers between the 1st & second inning.
    Then stick to it. If someone is a problem… gone! My 3 strikes was just a suggestion and a way to weed out the hooligans that continue to be a problem and yet will draw the line with some so they realize what proper social etiquette is and so they can learn the proper way to act. They have a couple of chances until they are then told no more.
    Sort of like when I was little and my mom would count to 3. I learned that if she got to 3 I was toast.
    Anyway I really hope the issue gets eliminated. I remember the Disney commercials saying it’s “The Happiest Place On Earth”. Wouldn’t that be great if the Dodgers could lay claim to the same?!
    Take the challenge Frank. Step up to the plate…

  53. colliethec

    Ok last one… I promise…
    The bullpen could be called the Kilauea Corral. McCourt could work with the tourism of Hawaii for this one.
    Each 7th inning if the opposing team hits a home run off a relief pitcher into the Dodgers bullpen a certain person sitting in a seat at the game gets a paid trip to Hawaii with a helicopter tour of the Kilauea volcano!
    Now that would get me to the stadium!!!!

  54. nedajerk

    I was about about to post something but I guess I don’t need to but hope Russ Oritz signed with the Giants since they got the Todd Wellemeyer thread.

  55. nedajerk

    The Yankees had gone 6,632 consecutive regular-season games without a triple play. Their last one came on June 3, 1968, with first baseman Mickey Mantle catching the final out on a ball hit by Minnesota?s John Roseboro.

    Wow it been that long.


    I’m really getting tired of the lousy defense that this team is playing. I understand that our pitching is struggling but the errors don’t help. Kemp is not looking like the gold glover of last year in the outfield. The balls him deep near the warning track are been misjudge, he can’t catch them. I have seen these plays over and over this season. He has caused us a few games this year. And Blake Dewitt, is another one that has cause us a few gamess

  57. dodgereric

    Jeez, all Kemp is doing is hitting .333, leading the league with 7HRs, tied for the lead in RBIs with 20, #3 in Slugging % @ .730 and #5 in OPS @ 1.136 (right behind #3 Andre and #4 Ramirez. He’s only made 1 of our league-leading 17 errors, and although I’ll agree that he hasn’t looked like the Gold Glover so far this year, and I’ll admit that I haven’t watched every inning of every game. But the ones that he hasn’t caught that I’ve seen, as I wrote earlier, would have made ESPN’s Top 10 Plays of the Day had he made them.

    I think you can cut Kemp a little slack. He is not the reason we’re below .500. The reason for that resides in the circle in the middle of the infield, and the reason for THAT is in our front office.

  58. dodgereric

    I think I have it figured out. Remember my theory that Torre sent Padilla in as the opening day starter to embarrass McCourt? I presented it as folly, but now I’m not too sure it is. Honeycutt is Torre’s bud, right? Here’s how the conversations go when he’s on the phone during a game:

    Honeycutt: “OK, what have you got for me? It looks like Billingsley isn’t going to make it too much longer.”

    Bullpen coach: “Well, Troncoso stayed out last night and is nursing a hangover. Sherrill’s arm is hanging by a thread. Monestarios can’t hit the broad side of a barn today. Broxton’s good. Kuo and Belisario can hit the broad side of that barn, but they’ll have to go inside the barn and shut the door. They’re way too rusty but they’re willing. And Ortiz is, well, Ortiz.”

    Honeycutt: “Get Monestarios up, it sounds like he’s my guy. But have Troncoso stick his finger down his throat. He’s next and I don’t want him throwing up on the mound out there. Then it’s Ortiz. I don’t want Broxton unless we still have a lead in the ninth, and you know the chances of that.”

  59. sammieramirez99

    Dodger Fans vote often and as much as you particularly KEMP, ETHIER, RAMIREZ, FURCAL, MARTIN, and even a BLAKE showing will be nice. Anyways I have a question…so the online voting allows you to vote 25 times for an email account. So I have been voting 25 time on 1 email and on another 25 times on my other email. And then I vote again using the first email and then vote again on ther second email and then the first and second and so on…you get the point! So yesterday i voted around 300 times! What do you guys think about this scheme! If it works then I will persuade and advertise this method throuhg dodgertalk. I will continue this for the next 60 something days and If I alone vote around 300 times daily for the next 60 days, thats aroubnd 20,000 votes. So imagine if theyre are 100 dedicated fans that do the same thing, we can easily generate 2 million votes!

  60. jhallwally

    LOL Trumom!!! The Baaaaaaaaaaaa’s turn into Booooooo’s rapidly!!! Darn shame, we have one of the best offenses in baseball, and now we can’t pitch or field. Thanks Frank, Jamie, and Ned!!!

  61. jhallwally

    I’m not really down on JoJo, he can only play the hand he is dealt. Ned also to some extent. In times like these, we need a GM that didn’t ride the short yellow GM bus!!!!

  62. jhallwally

    Good Nelly!! Very disappointed by our pitching and defense thus far. If something doesn’t change, I’m not very optimistic that we will make the playoffs. I have little hope we can make the playoffs or a championship run with our current pitching staff. Thanks!!!

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