Final Four

No, not West Virginia, Duke, Michigan State and Butler. It’s the last four games before the Dodgers head home for the first big league game of the year at Dodger Stadium.

There’s a night game tomorrow in Goodyear, a day game Tuesday in Tucson and then a split squad on Wednesday, with half the team here for the Camelback finale and the other half heading to Vegas.

After that, it’s the first time the Dodgers will be back playing at Dodger Stadium since the NLCS and it should be a fun couple games before the team heads out to Pittsburgh for the real deal.

The game in Vegas on Wednesday night will be televised, so you can tune in on PRIME TICKET or KABC, where the station will be broadcasting live throughout various parts of the day.



  1. nellyjune

    From the previous thread…………..I am thinking if the kid is under the age of 18, and really wants Andre, I would give Andre to him. I am probably one of Andre’s biggest fans (if not his biggest), outside of his wonderful family, and what I have learned most about Andre over the last 4 years, is he would do anything for the kids who come to watch him play. So, if this is truly a kid you are talking about, then I would say give Andre to the kid because it’s what Andre would want you to do IMHO.

  2. dodgereric

    Dodgers say Bellasario missed appointments.
    His agent agrees.
    Bellasario says he didn’t.

    Monkeywhiskers is released, leaves camp and is criticized for doing so.
    Torre says he offered him a place in the organization.
    Monkeywhiskers says he loves playing for the Dodgers but wants to play for someone while he still might be able to.

    Now comes the latest story in the McCourt’s divorce, this one on tomorrow’s hearing that focuses on “how much money, if any, Frank McCourt should pay to support his estranged wife pending trial.”,0,4243729.story

    My favorite line is this one: “Frank McCourt has said the divorce has not affected the Dodgers’ off-season spending.”

    What off-season spending?

    Put it all together and two words come to mind: laughing stock.

    There must be some lawyer out there who would help us sue the McCourts to make them sell the team. Please? Please? Pretty please? I’d rather have Marge Schott.

  3. nellyjune

    A million dollars a month to maintain her marital lifestyle? ………….and another 9 million so her attorneys can prepare for a trial? McCourts engaged in one of the costliest divorce cases in California history?

    I just feel for the players who have to endure this crap.

  4. nellyjune

    So, by that last line, Torre doesn’t seem to think we have an Ace/#1 pitcher, does he? I don’t always agree with some of the decisions he has made, but I will give Joe this, he has asked for two seasons now……………for pitching……………real bonifide pitching, and I really don’t think he got what he asked for either year.

  5. nedajerk

    I’ve got nothing against Doug Mientkewitz and I wish him the best of luck elsewhere but he just wasn’t a versatile enough player to stick on most NL rosters. Because of the double switch and no DH, NL backups, by and large, need to multi task more than their counterparts in the AL. First base is his only position and Loney, barring injury, will probably play 150-plus games this year.

    By on March 27, 2010 9:50 PM

    I want to correct you and he can actually play some RF and 3rd bases but RF might be a sample size.

  6. crzblue2

    After the first game was played at Camelback Ranch and as we were heading toward one of the exits, we noticed a gathering of fans. As we got closer, we saw that it was Mr. McCourt. I posted a picture a few entires away. Josh also came out in that picture. Anyway, I feel for all Dodger fans but looking at Mr. McCourt there I felt bad for him. There was a fan that said “how is the wife Frank?” I feel for their kids too. Divorce is so hard as it is without adding all this additional preasure.

  7. enchantedbeaver

    It wasn’t because Mientke couldn’t play a couple more positions he was “let go.” It’s because he couldn’t throw anymore because of his shoulder injury. He would’ve been strictly a PH. That made him a victim of numbers when you have to carry 12 pitchers.

    From a purely baseball standpoint, I understand and accept the decision to let him go. Its the schmidty way in which Ned and the boys did it that I find UNACCEPTIBLE?.

  8. crzblue2

    Oh Dnelly, the kid is 14. He started his MLb blog two years ago and he is a Red Sox fan. Is hard for me to let him have Andre. I would give him Pujols before Andre. I try to get my favorite Dodger players in my team “Los Azules” but with 22 teams it was not easy and also being a keeper league, Andre is the only Dodger regular that I was able to get.

  9. trublu4ever

    emma ~ I understand how you feel. However, even though it would kill me, the happiness of the 14 year old, after letting him have Andre, would make my day.

  10. sammieramirez99

    Hey ITD good to be back! Hey does anybody know when the job fair is for Dodger Stadium??? Anyways all im hearing from baseball news is how the dodgers got weaker and didnt improve. Stupid MLB network had us finsihing 3rd at a absurd 82-80! WOW all i got to sya is that our team DID improve with REED and JAMIE. Both of them are superior bench payers to PIERRE and LORRETA! As far as pitching, I feel that we are stronger than the beginning of last season! Got a healthy Kuroda, more experienced Kershaw, and Bills well not expecting much but, he’ll improve from a horrible 2nd half, and i feel that padilla is equal or better than wolf, and the 5th spot is lookin a lot better than garbage mcdonald! so happy he was sent down!!!!! anyways got to get back to work! and again when is the job fair???

  11. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!
    Well, we just came back from our vacation and our first trip to Camelback! We were there weekend before last (Friday 3/19 – Monday 3/22). Yes, the four games where the Dodgers lost all four games. 😦 Oh well, we still had a great time and would trade it for the world! I loved being so close to our Boys in Blue!!! I got my autographs (not as many as I would’ve liked) but I did. I got Andre’s and was able to talk to him for a little bit! My mom got his autograph too and was able to talk to him too! I also got autographs from Blake DeWitt, Russ Martin, Rick Honeycutt, and Charlie Steiner. I was looking for Josh Rawitch all weekend, but never did run into him. Too bad; I wanted my mom to meet him. Maybe next time.

  12. crzblue2

    Welcome back Carol!
    Isn’t Spring Training wonderful! I bet you wanted to stay longer like we did! Glad you had a wonderful time! Maybe at the stadium you and your mom can run into Josh.
    When is your next game?

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