Cactus League play underway…

The players have headed out to the fields for practice this morning, but the first Cactus League game is today here at Camelback Ranch against our co-tenants, the White Sox.

Meanwhile, this morning at 8 a.m. we had a logistics meeting for Taiwan and people are starting to get excited for the trip. Obviously the earthquake there created a few raised eyebrows, but MLB has confirmed that there is no structural damage to any of the areas we’re going and that our Wednesday morning departure is all set.

There will be lots of fun things going on while the team is there, including an autograph signing for fans, a clinic for kids, a Success Seminar they’ve asked Joe Torre to participate in, and a little bit of sightseeing. Taipei 101 used to be the tallest building in the world until a new skyscraper in Dubai recently topped it. I guess we’ll find out if any of our players are afraid of heights.

Anyway, first pitch is at 1:05 and you can listen on KABC 790 or KHJ 1330…Rick and Charley on the English side and Jaime, Pepe and Fernando in Spanish. Tomorrow’s “home” opener will also be at 1:05 p.m. and can be watched on PRIME TICKET.


Today’s lineup

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, DH

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Martin, C

Johnson, LF

Padilla, P


  1. sparkleplenty_1

    Thanks for posting the line-up, Nelly. It’s good to see DeWitt starting; I also like seeing Andre hitting third.

  2. bluesplash09

    There is no way I would be on a skyscraper in a country that just had an earthquake. It’s time for Dodger Baseball!


  3. nellyjune

    Thanks for the update Josh!!!

    From Dodgertown USA, here is the lineup for today’s Spring Training game…..

    Furcal – SS
    Kemp – CF
    Ethier – RF
    Ramirez – DH
    Loney – 1B
    Blake – 3B
    DeWitt – 2B
    Martin – C
    Johnson – LF
    Padilla – P

  4. Dodger4life

    Good Afternoon Dodger Faithful……and our beloved Boys in Blue…………….
    The Quest for #7 starts here……………

  5. truebluewill

    Hi everyone,
    I know it’s very early, but it’s nice to see Padilla get 2 scoreless innings and go 6 up 6 down.

  6. nellyjune


    Oldbrooklynfan – I agree – the pitching sounded good today 🙂

    truebluewill – It’s great to see you back on ITD!!


    Nothing like sending a message the Dodgers mean business by opening the Cactus League with a lineup that minus the DH spot and the pitcher could be what we might see on opening day in April.

  8. lny4loney

    It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame
    A beautiful day indeed
    The fans are out to get a ticket or two
    From Walla Wall, Washington to Kalamazoo
    It’s a beatuful day for a home run
    But even a triple will do
    We’re gonna cheer
    And boo
    And raise a hullabaloo
    At the ballgame
    The wonderful ballgame


    Iny, that is my grandson’s favorite song. O.k., he is only 6 months old and may not know a lot of songs but he does know what he likes!

  10. lny4loney

    I was just reading how George Will sang “Take Me out to the Ballgame” as a lullaby to his infant child.


    Sure good to see games on mlbtv yesterday. Some good individual performances and a win. It’s all good. GO DODGERS!!!

  12. crzblue2

    Greetings from Camelback Ranch!
    Is good to see some of the old gang coming back here.
    It was a beautifu day here at Glendale. I thought it was funny that this guy came over and asked me if I got any tickets? At first I thought he was talking about tickets for the game but he was referring to speeding tickets! He said he reads my blog! I had mentioned that last year I got three speeding tickets. Thought it was funny that someone would recognized me!
    they have some extra warnings for speeding and cameras. We counted 10! The extra ones
    I have not seen Josh Rawitch yet but I did see the other Josh (Dodger Talk) and Tony Jackson.
    I will post a couple of pictures later of Andre and Loney but we are getting hungry now.

  13. jhallwally

    Always fun to watch former players for us going against us. Especially when we are still paying for it!!! Geez!!! Hey Eric/Dad, fire Ned!!!

  14. jhallwally

    Oh no!! Ned has wasted close to 100M or more since he took over because he is out of his league. I don’t know what I’m thinking. Probably should give him a contract extension. Not like we have any more viable candidates for the job!! Oh, but what about Ng or Logan? 185!!!

  15. nellyjune

    Hey Jhall!!! It appears you had the ITD house to yourself for a while tonight. 100M? That is some chunk of change, and there isn’t much to show for it.

  16. nellyjune

    That is so very cool about the teenager who got to tryout with the Dodgers as part of Make a Wish. Very well done Dodgers!!


    From now on I’m referring to Ned as SI#26!
    The ranking seems a little high to me, but what the heck, let’s be generous.

  18. nedajerk

    Garret Anderson Chooses an Appropriate Number
    March 5, 2010 at 9:26 am | In Brian Giles, Doug Mientkiewicz, Garret Anderson, Xavier Paul | 8 Comments

    Despite the fact that Andre Ethier apparently offered to give up his #16 jersey, Garret Anderson decided to go with number that suits him best: #00. The double-zero is appropriate because that?s exactly the amount of contribution I expect the Dodgers to receive from him.

    Wow I knew I always love Ethier is was a nice offered man could you imagine having a 99 and 00 on the roster but I assume he would change numbers.

  19. trublu4ever

    That is a real nice gesture by Andre, Shad. But, if he had done that, lots anf lots of Ethieraholics would not be happy! We’d all have to buy new jerseys. Then again, it would be a lot more money in Franks pocket if he did it.

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