Another local kid coming to camp…

Tonight, the Dodgers have signed Kennedy High alum Garret Anderson to a minor league deal with an invite to camp. Another local “kid” in the mix, joining Jeff Weaver, Reed Johnson, Trayvon Robinson and Russ Ortiz among the Southern California products wearing Dodger blue this spring.


  1. northstateblues

    Welcome, Garrett, good luck.

    As for our current situation…

    Fresh in from TMZ 2 days ago, here’s Jamie’s monthlies (monthly expectations in separation pay, that is):

    – Expenses for Holmby Hills home – $202,715
    – Expenses for L.A. home – $9,007
    – Expenses for Malibu home – $151,054
    – Expenses for other Malibu home – $88,106
    – Expenses for Cape Cod house – $93,279
    – Expenses for Willowbend house (we don’t even know where that is) – $5,048
    – Expenses for Vail house – $7,784
    – Expenses for Cabo house – $2,530


    Jamie sez: Let them (the Dodgers) eat cake.

    I say: Let her eat pie.

    Oh please, Big Dodger in the Sky, please let questionable pictures of Jamie McCourt with Tiger Woods materialize from thin air. Or Bill Clinton. Or David Letterman, Pee Wee Herman, the penguin from Billy Madison, Quagmire, whoever… as long as there’s an accurate depiction of her character.

    For Christ’s sake, think of the impact that money would make in Haiti, Chile, Taiwan, even/especially here in our own country. Even as a one-time donation, but as a monthly stipend?!!!

    I think the judge should give her a studio apartment and a welfare-level check (from Frank, not from us), and see how real people have to get by.

    Of course, Jamie (and Frank) knows nothing about real people. My anger about that is only eclipsed by my pity for them.

  2. nellyjune

    Funny – over on the facebook version of this thread, there are fans who actually believe they would rather have JP back and that they didn’t feel JP got a fair shake. Ummmm….. do some of these people even watch the game? I am not against signing Anderson to a minor league contract. Just makes me wonder why we need to.

  3. nellyjune

    Northstateblues – those figures are just criminal considering what is happening with the our current economy.

  4. enchantedbeaver

    Perhaps Bear’s observation about Manny has also been made by management? That’s the only reason I can see to sign Anderson when you already have Johnson, Repko and Paul, not to mention the other stiffs Ned has signed. Looks like Repko’s outta here at some point, and Paul must only be trade bait.

  5. jhallwally

    Bottom line, get it done between the lines. Time to step up. Especially Billz, Martin, Manny, and Furcal!!!

  6. enchantedbeaver

    Glad to hear that Wally!!

    Hey, now we can add Anderson to Ned’s illustrious list of off season acquisitions.

    I actually thought Frank was what Ned stepped in.

  7. enchantedbeaver

    You’re right about the young guys needing to step up. They’ve got this year and next to get it done. No way Frank has the cash or the will to resign them after that. From there on out the team will be strictly made-up of scrap heap material.

  8. jhallwally

    LOL Beav!!! It’s very narrow because that is the thinking,(I use that term very loosely), of our owners and GM!!!! They are reactive, not proactive!!!! Also, incredibly greedy and self absorbed!!!!

  9. jhallwally

    Getting late here gang, goodnight and god bless!! Catch you down the road. Excelsior True Believers!!!!

  10. enchantedbeaver

    You gotta love this headline too:
    ? Dodgers strike gold in spare arms

    Its fool’s gold Ned. Fool’s gold.

  11. scott_in_arcadia

    Fire Ned. Never liked Garrett Anderson. Another PVL to suck up valuable spring AB’s or innings from guys who actually might play for us. Ned’s PVL check list:

    Russ Ortiz – check
    Brian Giles – check
    Jamie Carroll – check
    Jeff Weaver – check
    Eric Gagne – check
    Garrett Anderson – check
    Ramon Ortiz – check
    Luis Ayala – check
    Josh Towers – check
    Reed Johnson – check
    Angel Berroa – check
    Nick Green – check
    A. Amezaga – check

  12. enchantedbeaver

    Whatsa matta Scott – you no like a Ned’s fabulous finds? LOL!!

    I think we’re getting an awful lot of outfielders – hedging against a Manny [steroid] meltdown maybe?

    Scott – remember Bowling Square? Got to thinking about that the other night.


    Isn’t it a bit ridiculous to revel in the “local boy” signing of all these PVL’s? To me it’s like “is that the best you can say about them”? First of all, they’re not “local kids” as Josh describes them. They’re pretty well washed up, and you can stick all of them right up Frank and Ned’s a**.

    The local kid angle would play much better if we seriously went about scouting and signing some local prospects, and I’m sure there must be many deserving. The problem with this ownership/ management and really getting some local kids is that they can’t stand the expense of signing really good prospects; otherwise, they would have offered arbitration to Wolf and Hudson and gotten themselves a couple of early albeit expensive draft picks.

    So, gussy it up as much as you want, and I don’t really care if Garrett is signed to a minor league deal, but the bottom line is still SELL THE TEAM, you F**ing miserable cuckhold!

  14. enchantedbeaver

    I’m sensing Bear’s a might peeved… and with good reason!!

    Does anyone think the likes of Johnson, Anderson and the other dancing PVLs would do any better job than Repko and Paul? Hasn’t this “braintrust” learned from the Broxes and Kemps and Ethiers to trust in the youngsters more than the Brady Clarks and Julio Lugos they’re always bringing in? Seems to me that cheaper with an upside is preferable to old with little or nothing left. They want a veteran bat off the bench, fine, go with Monkeywhiskers. Leave the rest to the kids.

  15. enchantedbeaver

    I’ll give you even odds that Ned juggles the DL to keep as much of this crap around as long as he can.

  16. 636566cy

    Well, its seems that I do not have much more to add to this angle that hasn’t already been stated by many of you. I have never been a fan of G-Lope (nickname given by a bunch of buddies because he kind of lopes around the field in a non-chalant manner) and I don’t intend to start being one now either.

  17. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey Enchanted!

    Bowling Square is called something else now, but it’s still a bowling joint.

    Ned’s an idiot, albeit sometimes a lucky idiot with players like Padilla. Frank is bad for this city and I hope he gets his head handed to him in court and both McTurds have to sell everything and head back to Beantown.

  18. Dodger4life

    Good afternoon all……..
    I have to admit that as a long time Fresno State baseball fan…I am pulling for a couple of these PVL’s. It appears that Reed Johnson will be the 4th outfielder, so that being said…it would be better for X-Paul to get bats at AAA to further his development. As far as Repko well he has his work cut out for him. Being that the LH bat off the bench is primarily that….I want the best available option, whether that is Doug M, Giles or GA, or Neds next move, barring an idiotic trade……JMO!!!

  19. crzblue2

    Good afternoon ITD.
    I wanted you all to know that even with some negativity that is understandable, I rather come here than to read the posts in the FB. I much prefer the ITD blogmates as Sparkle so affectionately refers to us all. Where else can you get so much creativity?
    i know some of you say to stay away from the team to make a point but is hard, is really hard. Is my addiction, my enjoyment, so, God willing, tomorrow morning we leave to Camelback Ranch and we do not return until Monday after we watch our Dodgers against the hated Jints at Scottsdale. Scottsale and Tempe’s park will be new ballparks for us to visit.
    Have a wonderful rest of the day everyone!

  20. nedajerk

    What a miss Zito hit Fielders I don’t know who I like worst? The Giants or Fielders charging the clubhouse to fight Mota.

  21. kpookiemon

    I haven’t been commenting much because I’ve become an ion–a spinning ball of negativity…or am I really a wave? It’s all part of the uncertainty principle…which many in this organization excel at. Agree with enchanted…Repko and Paul could bring an equal amount of game to the table–if not more–with the future as an upside instead of the inevitable one-year-and-done PVL crap. And I attributue much of the PVL virus to Joe’s aging immune system. PVLs are like his warm milk, jammies, and a thumb–the cure all!


    I really don’t want to focus my attention on the McCourts. After all, it is Spring Training when it is time for baseball and optomism is the word of the day. And, I really don’t usually care much how people of means spend their money as long as no laws have been broken and others can earn a living from the money. And I really don’t care much how many houses anyone owns. It really is none of my business. However, when a person of means “complains” about not having enough money to support what many would call an exessive life style, I cannot just let that go without a comment or two.

    First of all, I know Jamie McCourt is a smart person. Clearly, her actions are intended to humiliate Frank even at the expense of drawing negative attention to herself. I believe she knows exactly what she is doing and is so ********** she no longer cares how she is perceived as long as she can make life miserable for Frank. Logic is thrown out the window in the war of the McCourts. Normally these sort of disputes don’t interest me; leave them for the gossip shows. But like most of you I am distressed that this crap involves our beloved Dodgers. Frank can say anything he wants about how this dispute will not affect the organization but he is not convincing anyone. Hopefully, the Dodgers get off to a great start this season and we can concentrate on what is happening on the field.

  23. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi everybody
    I like the acquisition of Garret Anderson and I think he could do better than just a left handed pinch hitter off the bench, in fact, I think he can give Reed Johnson some competition for the 4th outfielder, that is if he makes the team.


    I kind of gave a ho hum when I read that the Dodgers had signed Garret Anderson. It just makes for more competition. I doubt he will take too many at bats away from anyone. According to the article announcing his signing, Anderson was told he is competing for a bench postition, primarily as a left handed pinch hitter. I wish him all the luck and if he can help the team win, he will be welcome.

  25. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!! I have enjoyed reading all the comments today. All I know is I am ready to watch some Dodger baseball. The gnats have played two games already, and it’s time for the Dodger blue to start. I was listening to the gnats game, and even though it was them, it was fun just listening to baseball again. Also, I must admit I was for a brief moment happy that Zito pegged Fielder. As much as I am not a gnats fan, I am glad they did what they did. I hope our boys are taking note for any future issues that may arise.

  26. nellyjune

    Here’s is the lineup for today’s first spring training game…

    Furcal – SS
    Kemp – CF
    Ethier – RF
    Ramirez – DH
    Loney – 1B
    Blake – 3B
    DeWitt – 2B
    Martin – C
    Johnson – LF
    Padilla – P

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