Day 1 in the books…

Joe Torre addressed the team this morning in his 51st season with a big league team (albeit six as a broadcaster).

The first workouts took place and about half the pitchers threw bullpen sessions. One interesting photo caught by team photographer Jon SooHoo (now in his 25th year) was of the Dodgers’ former All-Star closer and current one.
brox and gags.jpg

Plenty of media on site, though it’s amazing that there was more Japanese media here covering Kuroda than all other American media outlets combined.

Otherwise, it was a relatively quiet day. Blake DeWitt checked in and we figured out that he’s one of 19 players on the 40-man who are 26 years old or younger. Amazingly, despite a year-plus of big league service, Clayton Kershaw is still the youngest guy in camp.


  1. kpookiemon

    I’m pulling for Gagne to make the 25-man roster. Compared to some of the crud Ned has dragged in here the past few years, at least Gagne has some drama and excitement attached to his name. He might not have anything left…but for his sake, I hope he does.

  2. Dodger4life

    That’s funny shad….Your post have been up 16 hours now. Only 8 more hours and tomorrows press should be out….then we will have more to read.
    I’ve been saving a shot of whiskey, well…. since the last time so…..
    Here’s To 2010, in Dodger Blue!!! ClinK!! Clink!!
    Down the Hatch!!!

  3. Dodger4life

    Enchanted I’ll start if you finish…….
    In a startling and tragic event….Yogi Bears instructor, has fallen into a food coma, as she was preparing him and Boo for the upcoming Ice Capades, titled A Frozen Picnic Basket…….

  4. nellyjune

    “Currently, the Dodgers’ ticket prices are relatively inexpensive and there is substantial room for prices to increase without resulting in a decline in attendance,” the document read.

    Are you kidding me? There are several other things in that article that are disturbing.

  5. nellyjune

    So, I am not sure if I am more infuriated that he wants to raise prices because he thinks he has room to increase them or that he is soliciting outside OF THE COUNTRY for financial help.

  6. 636566cy

    I feel for you, man. First, the documents that Jaime files show that the McCourts have a PERSONAL line of credit based on the the projected ticket sales of the Dodgers. Hmm, charge more for tickets, even if sales are flat, and the line of credit can be increased.

    Now, this thing about ticket prices possibly doubling by 2018 while payrol stays flat? Oh man, if you can spin this one in a positive manner then you are truly worth your weight in gold, my friend.

    One thing I don’t ever want to hear is how raises in ticket prices are in line with the rest of the industry unless spending also is in line with the rest of the industry (read: clubs that reside in large markets, not KC and SD). It is now more and more obvious what goes into the thinking behind the raises in ticket prices. Frank and Jaime need more flash money and they are trying to pad the books to make themselves look better to foreign investors. Frank being so hell-bent on going to China and Taiwan now make some more sense as well.

  7. nedajerk

    Like I said I love that projected lineup and Martin going to rest alot this year than last year but still mad at that writer using the word typicial fan leaving early when Gagne is about to come in the game. We stay no matter what who care about those other fan not there fault they want to be that traffic and getting out that parking lot is alot of trouble.

  8. nellyjune

    You know I have heard about this already today (about Frank’s interest in looking into foreign financial aid – let’s call it what it is), but I haven’t seen it in print until this article.

    We don’t spend like the Yankees/RedSox, so why should we be expected to pay ticket prices like they do? Unbelieveable!!! Boy, messagebear is going to have 482s coming out the wazoo tomorrow when he reads that article.


    Why does none of this surprise me? We’re only getting the details thanks to the upcoming divorce. What’s been obvious to me all along is the carpetbagger, total scumgab character of this ownership that’s been at work on destroying the tradition of our Dodgers for the last five years. And we thought the Fox ownership was bad.

    482’s only tell the frustration part of the story. This Frank guy is so corrupt in his thinking that an armed revolution is what we need. To him the Dodgers is only a name to trade on, and that’s obviously what he intends whether it be to change the real estate skyline around our stadium or to change the real ownership to a Chinese conglomerate. That’s why I don’t believe anything that this management says, and that includes Josh for me, because he’s only a paid mouthpiece.

    Fortunately we can concentrate on Dodger ball soon coming up and leave the ownership issue to the courts. I think and hope that the owners will screw up their own internal plans just the way they have the fans aspirations. Frank and Jamie deserve to rip each other to pieces in public, and I hope the public media gets the laugh out of it all that these clowns deserve.

    SELL THE TEAM, you worthless MF***ing piece of crap!!!
    482, 482, 482, 482 – wish I knew how to say that to the 10th degree. And a happy 69 to you too, Jamie. The only thing I can say about your prospects is that your ownership might be more American, unless we just don’t know all the details about your proposed partnership yet.

  10. nellyjune

    messagebear – To get that number it would take one of those real fancy calculaters that high schools and colleges use for their math classes. I only teach first grade and it doesn’t require that (yet!!) – LOL!!! I am with you, let’s get these games started so at least we have the news of the Dodger players as something to look forward to and talk about.

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