Pitchers and catchers and then some…

They’re rolling in left and right at Camelback today to take physicals and get ready for tomorrow’s first workout.

Among the position players I’ve seen here are a beardless Casey Blake, Jason Repko, Xavier Paul, Jamey Carroll, Ivan DeJesus and Chin-lung Hu, among others.

Eric Gagne arrived and is wearing his familiar #38. Ramon Troncoso gave us his uni and will wear #67 for the spring.

I’m sure there will be lots of stories on the front of the site from Ken Gurnick throughout the day, so keep checking dodgers.com for all the latest news.


Thanks for the update Josh!!! Have a great day in the Arizona sun. Can’t wait to watch some Spring Training games.

Dear Dodgers…..I was there last year at Camelback! It was magical, the players were great with the fans. Now I am in Austria, and I am still a #1 Dodger fan!! All the Best this season!! ( too bad nobody plays and has the passion for Baseball here). Lib

Sounds great, Josh! Getting closer and closer to: “Play Ball”!

From the previous thread……………

Ramslover – fabulous post!!!…………and by the way, just to get you train you now……………………#16 is Andre Ethier, projected Right Fielder for the beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. I say projected because I am allowing Andre to think he has to compete for his job, and I am so proud of him for thinking that way. Can’t wait to see how our young core responds to their challenge as a team and individuals this season.

red pen – “just to get you trained now” – sorry 😦 . I think this is a sign I need to go back to school.

a beardless Beard?!?!?! doesn’t that go against the laws of nature?!?!?! hahahah 🙂
Hope everyone has a good workout!!! So excited for the season to start!!!

Just can’t wait for Baseball season! Thanks to the recession, I won’t be hitting up Spring Training as planned for the first time, but exstatic that 12 games will be televised. Other sports, but nothing compares to Dodger Blue, and stoked that my fav closer of all time, will get another chance in the colors he belongs….GO DODGERS!! – Chris Bober- from San Juan Capistrano, CA

I hope Repko absolutely tears up Spring Training. Now that “MVP” JP is gone, I hope Repko somehow got those incriminating pictures of Torre from him. They must exist. How else does one explain Joe’s man crush on that crafty little table setter the past two seasons?

Kahli, I think it is clear Joe and Ned have always preferred “proven” veterans or at best a player with a track record over a younger player with little or no major league experience. Look how difficult it was for Ethier, Kemp and Loney to proove they were solid everyday players. The key for those guys is they made the most of the opportunities when they had a chance to play, kept a good attitude when they did not play and finally forced their way into the lineup. Repko has not been able to do that. I am a bit surprised he is still in the organization which means either other teams don’t think that much of him or the Dodgers still believe he can be of value. I agree with you; I hope both Repko and Paul get a chance during spring training to show what they can do and that both have dynamite springs, forcing the Dodgers to take a closer look. I hope the same thing for DeWitt. But clearly the Dodgers still have doubts about these players and thus have signed a veteran type player about whom they think they know what to expect just in case.

agree, lbirken, Repko’s injuries have made him a mess. But in truth, coming out of Spring Training two years ago, after that Red Sox game in the Coliseum, Torre admitted that Repko had earned the spot…but that he was a victim of numbers: Pierre, Andruw Jones, Ethier, Kemp. Granted, Repko has never put up numbers like Jayson Werth did before HIS injuries led to a Dodger bye-bye, but I get the same feeling about both players. I’d hate to lose him for the likes of Reed Johnson or Jamey Carroll, both if whom won’t even be in baseball a couple of years from now.

I am happy for Jason Werth. The Phillies were willing to take a chance on him and things have worked out pretty well for both parties. I don’t blame the Dodgers for not taking the chance on him. The problem for Repko, Paul and anyone else is no matter how well they do this spring, the left field job still will be Manny’s regardless of the spring he has unless he gets hurt and can’t play. However, winning a spot on the 25 man roster should be incentive enough. I hope I am wrong and Manny stays healthy and productive all season but the odds are against it. The Dodgers may very well need someone to step up who can actually field the position and provide some offense. At least it gives us something to watch during spring training.

Wooohoooooooooooooooooo I can buy me a #38 Gagne jersey again lol. That was really nice from Troncoso since both of them never been on the same team and Troncoso was still in the minor.

Hi everybody,
All I want to say is, “Blake better not shave.”

Each year we need pitching and each year it gets a little worse, or in this year’s case, a lot worse. Sad, but our best chance was in 2008.

By enchantedsunset on February 17, 2010 3:59 PM

I want to go back to this comment but somehow we finished in the top 3 in team ERA to bad most of that help is from our overused bullpen the past 2 years. I surely hope Torre won’t overused that bullpen and we really need starter to go deep and I’d expect Bills to bounce back and I would love to see Kershaw goes 7th to 8th if he can get that PC down.

I surely missed the CG and didn’t Hershiser had something like 15 in one season?

Yep that’s when he won that CY and his 1st GG in the same year and that was our last WS title.

The Dodgers played in a World Series in every decade from the 1940’s through the 1980’s and have not been back since 1988! As someone once so articulately said: “Unacceptable!”

Mattingly is going to be the manager while Torre is in Taiwan. Looks like some role playing until he eventually takes over for good next year.

Rumor is that Casey Black DID shave his beard.

lbirken – another great two cents 🙂

Kahli – great posts by you as well.

I really hope Repko and Paul get a real shot as well. It will be interesting to see how this trip to Taiwan helps or hinders those competing for that 4th outfielder spot and the 2nd base position as well.

scratch that – new from Dodgersnews.com…………….

Torre wants to manage LA in 2011
Joe Torre, who officially opens his third season as Dodgers manager Sunday with the first workout of pitchers and catchers, confirmed Saturday that he wants and expects to manage through 2011.

I just love to make enchanted smile 🙂

Eric Gagne? You are kidding, right?

That’s OK. He’ll probably be a Philly next year.

LOL!!!! The funny thing is that we have learned that anything is possible with Ned, and we knew he wasn’t kidding when the rumors of Gagne we being heard. I don’t think any of us are surprised anymore. It is more about how much deeper is the dumpster Ned intends to dive into. Just look at the list – LOL!!! That being said, I can’t wait to see what all this acquisitions have to show for themselves. How many are going to actually work out, and how many are going to become part of the ITD comedy act?

BTW – ITDFST is up is between 44 and 45 minutes now.

9:50 pst

I like this article but mad at this part. This must be a Giants fan writing this.


He won the NL Cy Young Award that year and his lively entrances from the bullpen were a spectacle that managed to keep typically early-departing Dodgers fans in their seats.

lol at being 44 mins off

Phan people around here still like Gagne and appreciate what he did for the team or course Ned should’ve had gave him the extra 1 millions to stay with the Dodgers in the first place and no way he should’ve let him go in the first place even though he did pitches 15 1/2 innings in 16 games those 2 years combined. If he stay healthy like he promise the game would be shut down by the 6th innings with Kuo, Troncoso/Belisario, Sherrill, Gagne and Broxton and Torre like to burn the bullpen so this would be no secret. I think if we did have Gagne than no Broxton melt down in game 4 the past 2 years. To be honest I want to flip Kuo with Sherrill in the 7th or sometime the 8th

I hoping it doesn’t come down to that and Bills. Kershaw and Kuroda need to find a way to get through 7th not worry about Padilla.

Projected Lineup:
1. SS Rafael Furcal
2. CF Matt Kemp
3. RF Andre Ethier
4. LF Manny Ramirez
5. 1B James Loney
6. 3B Casey Blake
7. 2B Ronnie Belliard
8. C Russell Martin

For once I’m happy with the projected lineup.

Ausmus, at 41, figures to get more playing time than in 2009 to save the legs of Martin, who caught over 1,200 innings in 2009 to lead baseball. Carroll will be the super utility man on the infield, while Mientkiewicz serves as the left-handed bat off the bench.

Johnson is another player who figures to get a decent amount of playing time since manager Joe Torre already has said that he plans on giving Ramirez more rest this season.

Top Rookies: RHP Carlos Monasterios, a Rule 5 pickup from the Phillies, was recommended by Ron Rizzi, the same scout who pulled RHP Ronald Belisario off the scrap heap a year ago. OF Xavier Paul is ready for a do-over after reaching the major leagues last year only to have his stay reduced to 14 at-bats because of a staph infection in his leg.

I hope we do have another stud in the bullpen with Monasterios.

Gagne might have left the Dodgers but he was never far away. When he was released by the Brewers last spring because of a tear in his rotator cuff, he visited the Dodgers? new spring training complex, in Glendale, Ariz. During the 2009 playoffs, he was spotted in the Dodgers? VIP seats behind home plate.

The Dodgers bullpen is loaded, so Gagne?s challenge is hefty. He would earn $500,000 if he can make the big-league roster and can double that in incentives. If he doesn?t step up, this will indeed be ?Game Over.?

WHERE: Camelback Ranch, Glendale, Ariz. Heading into its second spring, the ballpark the Dodgers share with the White Sox already leads the Cactus League in rust. Fortunately, the oxidation was part of the architect?s plan.

Top Candidate To Surprise: RHP Chad Billingsley(notes) had a horrible second half in 2009 and was a non-factor come playoff time. A mechanical flaw was blamed, but the 25-year old did have surgery on a broken leg the previous offseason. It?s easy to forget he was an All-Star last season.

Top Candidate To Disappoint: LF Manny Ramirez(notes) was suspended for 50 games, slumped badly in the second half, and when the Dodgers were desperate to clinch a playoff spot, he batted .152 over his final 33 at-bats. How could it get worse? He did bat .290 last year with 19 home runs and 63 RBIs.

Authority Figures: Manager Joe Torre has been just what the Dodgers needed, as his teams have gone 179-145 over his first two seasons and won back-to-back NL West titles. Getting the most out of Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake(notes), Rafael Furcal(notes) and Russell Martin(notes) will be his big challenge in 2010.


Just took this part from it

Ramon Troncoso, who pitched in 73 games for the Dodgers last season, surrendered the number without a thought.

?He made that number for the Dodgers,? Troncoso said.

It hangs lifelessly, not even expectant, handed over ? loaned, maybe ? by a guy across the room.

?It?s his,? Troncoso said.

And so it begins, GO DODGERS!

Good Morning all……………
Welcome to spring training Boy’s…We missed ya’ll!!
Khali I will give Repko some support, Come on Repko!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I don’t know where I’m going
But, I sure know where I’ve been
Hanging on the promises
In songs of yesterday
An I’ve made up my mind
I ain’t wasting no more time
Here I go again, here I go again
Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!

It’s nice to see a bunch of guys rolling into to camp early to get a head start. I’m anxious for things to get rolling.

As far as Gagne goes, I’m not really sure how I feel about the move. On one hand, it is great for him to be able to come back to where it all started for one last chance. On the other hand, he was just another guy who couldn’t quite stick until, all of the sudden, he was throwing 99 instead of 90 in the bullpen (I wonder how that happened). When are baseball people going to stop bringing veterans back who were so obviously aided by PED’s when there only good years were when the were obviously using PED’s? I just don’t get it.

Sorry about some of the typos in the previous post…man, my typing skills are lacking this morning.

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