Packed up and walking out…

The office is packed and I’m on the first flight out tomorrow morning to Arizona.

Hope to see many of you out there and yes, we know that many of you don’t go to Facebook and Twitter for your news. Keep in mind that everything we post on Inside the Dodgers automatically goes to Facebook and pops up on twitter, but there are some great benefits to the short-hit news on those sites that I can’t update when I’m on the run. To that end, I’m also trying to update some of the areas that are outdated on this blog but some technical difficulties are delaying me a tad. Thanks for pointing it out.

Anyway, this is all part of the changing face of technology and the way we get our news. Perhaps next year they can just beam us to Camelback from Dodger Stadium!



  1. nellyjune

    You know in the movie “Clash of the Titans”, the Gods always said, “Release the Crackin'”, and this big monster came to destroy the city of their choosing. Well, I think we might have our own ITD saying………………”Release the Bear!!”


    Well, all I can say is “Game Over” – Ned has hit the bottom. There is nothing left in the dumpster. #482!!!

  3. enchantedbeaver

    I’m too busy hurling.

    Reed Johnson
    Justin Knoedler
    Alfredo Amazaga
    Jeff Weaver
    Ramon Ortiz
    Brad Ausmus
    Ronnie Belliard
    Vicente Padilla
    Francisco Felix
    Russ Ortiz
    Juan Perez
    Prentice Redman
    Michael Restovich
    Argenis Reyes
    Doug Mientkiewicz
    Scott Dohmann
    John Lindsay
    Nick Green
    Justin Miller
    Carlos Monasterios
    Armando Zerpa
    Josh Towers
    Luis Ayala
    Jamey Carroll
    John Link
    John Ely
    Angel Berroa
    Eric Gagne

    I am depressed.

    Hey Ned, where’s Mota, Milton, Estes, and Ohman??

  4. enchantedbeaver

    The fun part is going to be watching Ned manipulate the DL to he can keep all his great finds.

    Good one Collie!!

  5. colliethec

    “Last year he played for the Quebec Capitales of the independent Can-Am League as a starting pitcher/coach. In 17 starts, he went 6-6 with a 4.65 ERA and 64 strikeouts in 102 2/3 innings.”
    6-6 with a 4.65 ERA in the powerful Can-Am League…
    I loved Gagne as much as the next Dodger fan. I’ve met him numerous times and he was always really nice. But come on now. I know it’s a minor league deal but why?

  6. nellyjune

    Enchanted – you know not to do that until at least after spring training.

    collie – Not getting much done, but I am enjoying my time off. I take it your vacation was good as well πŸ™‚

  7. colliethec

    I’m ok with a couple of those on the list Enchanted. But so many of them are just wasted $$$. I know he’s just hoping to find a gem in all the “Winnie” but it just seems like many of those are realllllly a stretch.
    Vacation was great Nelly. Macworld one day. Some relaxing, working out, and spring cleaning as well as spent the night & a couple of days in Napa with Wifey for Valentines day.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    To the old Cal Worthington tune:

    It?s Ned Colletti and his team spots…
    If you?re old and need a gig, go see Ned.
    If you?re pitchin? like a pig, go see Ned.
    If your career?s in desperation
    And don?t mind economatin?
    Go see Ned. Go see Ned. Go see Ned.
    If your old team has given you the pink.
    You should be retiratin? cuz you stink.
    There?s a man who has a buck
    And he works for some dumb…… *******
    Go see Ned. Go see Ned. Go see Ned.
    If you?re coming off the ?roids, go see Ned.
    If your hittin?s for the boyds, go see Ned.
    If you need some extra dough
    Here?s the place you oughta show.
    Go see Ned. Go see Ned. Go see Ned.
    If your knees just won?t let you have the wheels.
    He will give some bonus cash to seal the deals.
    Trouble?s over in a flash
    PVLs he likes to stash.
    Go see Ned. Go see Ned. Go see Ned.
    NedCo Broken Records 2010

    Please feel free to add your own verses now and throughout the season. I?m sure we won?t be lacking for material.

  9. enchantedbeaver

    You know, the nice thing about the Cal Worthington song is that its so adaptable…
    If you need a port-a-potty, go see Man.
    Cuz the line is way too long to hit the can.
    Port-o-lets are what we need
    Not a money gobbling steed.
    Go see Man. Go see Man. Go see Man.

    OK, its a slow morning at work.

  10. dodgereric

    The Sheriff is in town, but I don’t care.

    enchanted; love it, love it, l-o-v-e–i-t! I don’t know which lyric I like better:

    “There?s a man who has a buck
    And he works for some dumb…… *******”


    “If you?re coming off the ?roids, go see Ned.
    If your hittin?s for the boyds, go see Ned.”

    I was going to accuse you of lying about them censoring “sch–muck” instead of …… well, you know what also rhymes. But then I went back and counted the asterisks. LMAO!!!

    Well done, e!! You’re my hero! #588 on DodgerLyrics! (I won’t tell you how many are yours, I know how it depresses you.

  11. crzblue2

    That is hilarious! OMG! I remember watching that commercial on tv. Sometimes I would fall asleep on the sofa and wake up late at night to that commercial with the different animals Cal would have with him.
    Thanks for the laugh Enchanted! I needed that after I read in the LA Times that Mrs McCourt now wants double what she asked before for her monthly support. Now is $988.845!

  12. trublu4ever

    You’ve got to be careeful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there……..Yogi Berra


    Go for it, Jamie! Break the bank!

    It’s obvious that both of them have been using the Dodgers as a giant piggy bank over the years – just taking, taking, taking, and reducing the payroll all the time. Frank obviously can’t be seen spending any money for the team, because he’s pleading poor for the benefit of the court. At least if Jamie gets to take over or share in the decision making, we may see some semblance of investing in the team. Can’t really trust that that would be the case, but we already know that with Frank investing in the team is an unknown concept.

    Anything to force the SALE OF THE TEAM. In the meantime, #482 to you Frank, and a big #69 to you Jamie.


    And I was worried that there would be a lack of material now that JP is gone? What was I thinking? Just keep Gagne away from the medicine cabinet. That being said, if he can actually teach Broxton something (other than how to improve by use of chemicals) that makes Brox better, it will be worth it to have Gagne around.

    And is it at all possible we have all been wrong about Frank and his lack of money? Or is Jamie just trying to embarrass Frank with this outrageous request?


    With the signing of Gagne, I see that the collection of lawn statues on the Malibu Estates continues to proliferate. With all the obstacles, the poor groundskeepers must have a difficult time mowing the lawn there. Someone needs to confiscate and cut up Ned’s mlbsalvage Preferred Customer Card……And another “482” to you, Frank!!!!!!

  16. ramslover

    One of if not the greatest days of the year Official report day..Glad to see Manny has reported, it is important he is the old Manny…regain his confidence and has fun..Hopefully last year was an aberration…

    Not too concerned with all the bums that have been signed, one or 2 may work out..

    Lets go Dodgers!!!

  17. ramslover

    Awesome camp officially opens today…what a GREAT DAY!!! Lets go Dodgers!!! Good to see Manny show up early. I hope he rebounds, he is such a great hitter and fun to watch. It seemed as if for the first time in his career he had lost some confidence.

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