We interrupt this holiday break…

Over at DodgerThoughts, Jon Weisman offers an incredible look at Dodger blogging through the years and it’s fascinating to see the way the blogosphere has evolved this decade when it comes to our favorite team. It’s hard to believe ITD was the 19th blog on the scene, according to Jon’s list, but far more incredible to think that 26 others have popped up in cyberspace in the four years that this site has been live.

Quite obviously, this blog is different from all the rest…it’s unabashedly pro-Dodgers because it’s written by people who work in the front office and we have an added benefit of seeing the inner workings of the organization. But the truth is, it’s no better than the rest of the sites out there, all of which are run by Dodger fans who have second (some would say “real”) jobs. Each provides a view of the team from a different perspective and every one of them has the potential of a global readership, which is a huge reason why the Dodgers became the first big league team this year to extend media credentials to some of the bloggers who cover the team.

Over the next decade, I have little doubt that many sites out there will become profitable ventures for the people who run them and even more valuable resources for information about the team. They’ll also change in the way in which they create a place for fans to gather, which is really what this is all about.

So from one of the humble hosts of ITD and behalf of all of us at the organization, Happy New Year and Happy New Decade (by the way, fellow blogger Tony Jackson had a great piece on ESPNLosAngeles.com about the Top 10 Dodgers of the decade).  I’ll probably put up one last post on Thursday recapping the 2009 season, much like we did for 2008.


  1. dustybkrdodgr

    Thanks to all of you for the great blog. It’s a daily destination for me. Best to all the front office staff for keeping us fantatics up to date with so much of the inside scoop. It’s much appreciated!

    48 days until pitchers and catchers report…not that I’m counting or anything.

  2. nellyjune

    Josh – thank you for the new thread.

    Wow!!! This Ethieraholic is very impressed to see Andre on that list of Tony Jackson’s. He worked so hard at proving he belonged in that lineup, and it is wonderful, once again, to see him get recognized for his accomplishments to date. I have no doubts that he will be a major contribution for years to come, and let’s hope it’s with the Dodgers.

  3. trublu4ever

    I am also glad to see Andre and Shaun on the list. I think they are very similar in their play and mannerisms. Both are very popular with men, women and children.

  4. kpookiemon

    With the Gnats signing DeRosa and Uribe the division is settling into bit parts. Have a feeling Ned is working Garland or Padilla.

    “In any given situation there’s always gonna be more dumb people than smart people.”
    ?Ken Kesey

  5. messagebear@msn.com

    When it comes to baseball smarts and decisions, Frank and Ned lost their quota many Gesundheits ago!!! Now they only fart and get their spinmeisters to acclaim how rosy everything smells for what they’re doing.

  6. enchantedbeaver

    Coming this spring to a ballpark near you…

    If you were thrilled by the Towering Inferno…
    If you were terrified by Earthquake…
    Then you?ll be SCAREDSHITLESS! by the NedCo production of


    Starring Ned Flanders as Dodger?s GM Ned Colletti: Hideliho Frank! Thanks for the extension!! Watch as Ned makes his play for every dead arm and washed-up hurler available to fill the 2010 rotation: Hello in there-there-there-there-there…
    Also starring Woody Allen as Frank McCourt, the ineffectual team owner: You know, I just can?t ever seem to get enough hotdogs at the park. I think I get that from my counsin’s aunt?s sister. Someone go tell that Mannion fella to order us up some more concession stands.
    Co-starring Leona Helmsley as estranged co-owner Jamie McCourt: $480,000 a month doesn?t seem, you know, a little weird when I?m the one getting it.

    A NedCo production 4 years in the making… THAT?S ARMANEDDON.
    Rated B barf. No one admitted under 12 without a note from their mother.

  7. lbirken@aol.com

    Josh, thanks so much for the new threads and all the information. I don’t read the other blogs unless you or someone else points out something of interest. One blog is way too much for me and besides, I cannot imagine the other blogs being so funny. I like the fact that most of the ITD regulars are passionate Dodger fans but also quite creative and downright funny. But since I sneeze alot myself, it is amazing I can function at all.

    But it is a good day anyway because UCLA won its bowl game!

  8. kpookiemon

    “I got a nice vibe playing there,” he (DeRosa) said. “Staying at the Westin St. Francis, going out to lunch in the city, walking to the ballpark and the restaurants. Everything about it, I felt like it would be a cool place to play and an interesting place to bring my family.”

    Come on, Mark. How does that compare to……….arriving by train at L.A.’s historic Union Station, a walk to Olvera Street to pound a few zillion taquitos, a brisk half-hour stroll through China Town, across the pedestrian bridge, over the Harbor Freeway, up Chavez Ravine, and presto! You’re at the stadium!!!!! How convenient is THAT for you and your family?!

    enchanted, is NedCo a publicly-owned corporation? If so, I’d like to buy a few shares as gift certificates. But you’ll need to cast Joe. And what a publicity home run you’ll hit when NedCo casts none other than Jamie McCourt herself to play the part of our beloved manager. Make-up goes a long way.

  9. enchantedbeaver

    The NedCo?, ฉNedCo and NedCoฎ brands are registered trademarks of the Ned Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of FrankCo.

    All attempts and appeals at reaching FrankCo on any level have failed.

    And after 12,459 days, the Generalisimo is still dead.

  10. crzblue2

    Thanks for the new thread! I know you said the offices are closed but you are till working starting new threads! Thanks Josh! BTW, I heard the poster of Matt Kemp at Union Station has been replaced ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope in April it gets replaced with new posters.

    Happy 74th birthday to Sandy Koufax!!!!!
    I put some black and white pictures of Sandy in my blog wishing him a happy birthday.
    Yesterday I was in Duarte a little late and as I was driving back home, I was passing one of the places where they are working on floats. I was remembering my trips back and forth working on the Dodger float. How my friend Erik and I went back on the 31st because it looked like a lot of work still needed to be done. Ahhh, nice memories of working on the float with Dodger fan friends.

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Its only a rumor right now D4 – kinda like NedCo? “pursuing” Halladay. It seems that the Halladay rumor was actually a misstatement. In truth, Ned was merely “following” Halladay down the hotel hallway when returning to his room one evening.

    NedCo? deeply regrets the misuse of this transitive verb and hopes by its [in]actions that it didn’t give rise to any expectations of obtaining a real pitcher.

  12. Dodger4life

    Khali your recent post left me both hungry for taquitos and tired from the treck to ahieve them, albiet only in my mind.
    Enchanted is there any truth to the rumor that NedCo Productions will be teaming with Pillsbury Pictures to produce, Driving Miss Jamie….

  13. enchantedbeaver

    NedCo? would like to nip the current rumor in the bud regarding “Driving Miss Jamie”, and issues this statement: “In no way will this film ever be made due to the fact that we already got rid of the Hudson.”

  14. enchantedbeaver

    Carroll has been signed and will split time with Amanda Blake at second and Susan Blakely at third. NedCo? wishes to express that it feels we found a real [Hello] Dolly here.

  15. Dodger4life

    I guess all that is left is…. who has been signed to do the motion picture soundtrack and when will that be released?

  16. enchantedbeaver

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – NedCo? went on record today saying it was “intrigued” about the possibility of acquiring Dolly Parton to play 2B for the upcoming 2010 season citing “we see how she can still turn two big ones.” “Teaming Dollywood and Mannywood is just a natural” (or a manmade in both cases.) “We don’t feel her age is a factor, and don’t expect she’ll have any problems filling out her role.” “With Halladay, Lee and Bay getting away, we don’t want to look like a bunch of boobs over here” said Ned Colletti himself. “We really think with Dolly in there, our line-up would be stacked, at least at the top.”
    One unexpected issue has arisen in that Dolly would only be available for day games because she’s a “9 to 5″ gal.

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – In a related story of one upsmanship, BrianCoฎ annouced today its intention to sign Pamela Anderson, then proclaimed its line-up would be stacked from top to bottomless.”

  17. enchantedbeaver

    NedCo? would like to announce that Vicente Padilla will play the role of Auntie Maimed in its upcoming tribute to the NRA.

  18. Dodger4life

    Ascics will be the proud sponsor of both Dolly and Pamela and has plans to flood the market with the new and improved Gel-Nimbus.

  19. kpookiemon

    A Tiger Woods movie is imminent, with Cuba Gooding Jr. being mentioned in the lead role. It would be an utter shame if NedCo is aced out of producing this potential movie blockbuster. I mean, who is better at spinning reality than NedCo? But NedCo needs to move QUICK! They’ll need a sleazy screen play AND a semi-qualified actor and actress to play Tiger and Elin. enchanted, sign Dolly Parton NOW! With any creativity, she could play ALL of the several hundred mistresses. But that still leaves Tiger and Elin uncast. Damn, if only Don Knotts or Phil Silvers was still alive….

  20. Dodger4life

    TMZ is reporting that NedCo is close to signing a deal with Club mans…..only seems fitting since this season seems to be hinging around Beeswax and Vaseline.

  21. lbirken@aol.com

    So it is true about the rumor that Tiger will not be starring in the military’s next training video, “How to Drive a Jeep”?

  22. enchantedbeaver

    NedCo? announces its intention to sign Gary Coleman and Erika Eleniak to co-star in its upcoming semi-biographical account of the Tiger Woods story in Diff’rent Strokes II. We feel Gary as Tiger is a natural: What you talkin’ about Elin?
    A NedCo? spokesman said, “He hasn’t had a real gig in years, so he’ll sign for next to nothing and even be willing to defer that out.”
    Eleniak too hasn’t had many roles since Under Siege – A look into the McCourt Ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  23. Dodger4life

    Tommorrow is the 13th new moon of the year, since we have been known to carry 13 pitchers…..Maybe NedCo is working on their [Once in a Blue Moon Plan]….. I Look for them to strike at midnight!!!

  24. nellyjune

    So, you think he may have a few songs to finish out the 2009 year?

    Speaking of………………… Dodgereric!!! If you are out there somewhere later on tonight (LOL!!!). I need a Dodger Lyrics count for a project I am working on. If not, I will figure it out myself. I have my ways to figure things out too :)))

  25. Dodger4life

    Hmmmm…..Enchanted is still MIA?
    I pose these questions in the form of multiple choice.
    A) It is dinner time in the sunset household
    B) he is enjoying the enchanted sunset where ever he may be
    C) He is on a Tequila run
    D) The ITD buzzer sounded meaning it is half time
    E) He is currently conducting contract negotiations for NedCo, regarding the above mention actresses
    F) All of the above

  26. nellyjune

    As for individual posts, there were soooo many memorable ones to choose from, I couldn’t narrow them down enough to make it feasable to post all of them. Some of the posts were just as LOL funny and, in some cases, just heartfelt and touching as they were back then so it caused me to slow down the process of getting it done because I was reading and reminiscing versus skimming and recording.

    I broke it down by months to make it easier to post in segments. I will try my best to get the entire year posted throughout the next two/three days. Thanks for another incredible year of ITD fun. This blog is so very enjoyable, whether you are one of the serious ones, one of the creative ones, one of the love-my-dodgers-no-matter-what ones, and all of the ones in between, including the ones that have all of the forementioned within them (which I attribute to most of you here BTW). We are a very unique and one-of-a-kind blog, and if you don’t think so, just take a look on dodgerlyrics and the 580 songs/poems that have been written thus far. That pretty much says it all. Take Care and have a Happy New Year. Best Wishes for a fabulous 2010.

    *****ITD 2009 YEAR IN REVIEW – JANUARY*****

    Key Dodger News that sent ITD into a frenzy, either for pure joy or pure frustration
    * Andruw Jones is released from his contract with the Dodgers (the player not the money).
    *The Manny Saga begins.
    *The signing of Vargas (Huggy Bear), Estes and Mota sends many ITD faithfuls into the deepend.
    *JP wants a new home and ITD begins a campaign to help JP find a new home.
    *The words “Sell the team Frank” isn’t anything new from these last couple of months. It’s been around for a long time. The only difference now…………………….many more asterisks used in between the words.
    *Two homes in Malibu are purchased, which sends ITD into another series of rants.
    *Vin Scully is named Top Sportscaster of All-Time by the American Sportscaster’s Association.
    *The Blue Crew is changed to Junior Dodgers and meets strong oppostion to ITD Dodger fans.
    *Jeff Kent retires and is met with mixed feelings on ITD.
    *Andre and the Dodgers don’t settle on a contract for an insignifcant amount difference, and the Ethieraholics revolt with Pay Dre all over ITD in all shapes and sizes, including the actual #16.
    *Jackie Robinson’s would be 90th birthday

    ITD News
    *Enchanted changes his name to brownpaperbag due to much of the above things that happened.
    *Shad changes his name to Spit
    *Unknowndodgerfan and Dodgereric get to know each other
    *Scott changes name to iwastherein88 and then to scott in arcadia
    *Dodgereric makes an appearance in Mrs. Nelson’s first grade classroom and instantly becomes a classroom favorite.
    *Enchanted goes on vacation and all these paper bag names begin surfacing on ITD……………brownpaperrapper, tradejuanpaperbag, malibupaperbag, paperbagblues, imsobluepaperbag
    *Fleamarketfrank, junkyardjamie, malibuestate4me, and gardengnome4ever make an appearance.
    *ITD tour enters early planning stages
    *Dodger,MLB and useless trivia started taking up the in-between-Dodger-news time.
    *Acrostic Poems are used to get across messages in a very creative way.
    *Garden Gnome becomes part of ITD vocabulary.
    *NedCo Productions is launched by Enchanted.
    *Ramslover is confused on who #16 is.
    *Collie becomes an avid JP fan for a few scary moments.
    *A lesson in the difference between trustworthiness and being gullable. It was worth a buffalo nickel at the time.

    *There were 8 ITD songs (or portions of songs) written
    3 by Enchanted
    1 by Northstateblues
    1 by Crash
    1 by Nellyjune
    1 by Kahli
    1 by Dodger4life

  27. nellyjune

    Already messed up! I missed copying the first paragraph – sorry ITD readers and writers. Here you go …………..

    I was thinking of a way to end this ITD Year, and I thought since we are a pretty entertaining blog IMO, I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down ITD Memory Lane, as many in our entertainment industry do (including MLB). So, I came up with a 2009 ITD Year in Review. Feel free to add things that I may have missed (never intentional by any means).

  28. trublu4ever

    Thanks Nellyjune……lots of fun to read and remember. I still LOL when we all surprised Enchanted with the vast array of “paperbags”!

  29. Dodger4life

    Good Morning All………..
    Nelly wonderful post and idea, I look forward to reminiscing through the rest of the year!!
    I would like to thank everyone who comes on here and lends there two cents, it makes the day a little more enjoyable. I would also like to thank Josh, Mark and Scott for their efforts along the way, your leadership is much appreciated! last but not least by any means I would like to thank the Boy’s on the field for the Blue in 2009. You have given us much, much enjoyment….We love what you do, We love the Blue, and we will see this quest through….2010 is our year…end to end again!!!
    Have A Happy and Safe New Years Eve Everyone!!…And May 2010 Bring You All Your Heart Desires…..
    Thanks Again and GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. nellyjune

    Why thank you Tru and Dodger4life!!

    Here comes February 2009 in the next post. This is probably one of my favorite months of the year where I really stopped to reminicse. Probably because of our continued plight to make sure Andre was treated right during his arbitration. We did that without knowing how much of a knockout season he would have because his true fans knew he would be that good. Then there is the whole Monson/Nelson connection that happened. Well, the connection started a while before February 14th and involved my classroom, but it’s that day when our kids decided to make the connection even more so. I believe life (God) purposely puts twists and turns in your life, and this was/is definitely one of them, and what a wonderful turn it has been so far. I write this as Matt is sitting in my house right now spending time with Mariya, and Eric and Chris are getting ready to head up here to the valley to spend New Years with us. I have the Dodgers to thank for putting these wonderful people in my life, and those of you who have met them know exactly what I am talking about. More twists and turns to come in the upcoming months, but this was the first stop of many involving this wonderful group of ITD faithfuls.

  31. nellyjune


    Key Dodger News that sent ITD into a frenzy because of pure joy or pure frustration
    *The Manny Saga continues with a game of Cat and Mouse, Chess or Poker (they all work with what we went through as fans).
    *Eric Milton (The Toaster) and Jeff Weaver join the pitching staff.
    *Andre finally signs contract avoiding an arbitration hearing by hours.
    *Dodgers are ranked 2nd for having the worst off-season.
    *The bench is now loaded with Castro, Ausmus and Loretta (JP is currently the left fielder because Manny hasn’t signed as of yet)
    *Orlando Hudson is signed with mixed feelings at the time. We were thinking pitching was more important.
    *Spring training games begin with Alex doing an incredible job with the play by play.
    *Doug (Monkey Whiskers/Minty Fresh) Mientkiewicz is signed.

    ITD News
    *As the Manny Saga continues, this phrase is repeated over and over again………..
    Now batting 2nd…………….left fielder……………….#9…………..Juan Pierre.
    *Ethieraholics become outraged that Andre came within hours of going into an arbitration hearing.
    *Enchanted’s prediction about the Dodgers signing Ausmus is done.
    *Dodgereric asked “what if” Manny was on the list of 104, and he was.
    *Messagebear wished the McCourts would get a divorce and then be forced to sell the team while going into bankruptcy. Part of his wish has happened, and it looks like he may have a complete wish someday.
    *Nellyjune’s daughter (Mariya) and Dodgereric’s son (Matt) go on a date. 10 1/2 months later (yes, they are counting), thousands and thousands and thousands of text messages, phone calls, and many miles driven, they are still together.
    CP, Tru and others begin calling Manny and JP “you know who” because they were tired of hearing/reading their names.
    *Ethieriffic is added to the ITD vocabulary.
    *Ramslover still needs help in remembering who #16 is.
    *Jungar invents a new phrase……..”going Juan Pierre on the man” and thinks he may have a slight addiction to him.
    *miffed, peeved and irked become part of ITD vocabulary
    *Messagebear’s “F’s” are getting louder and louder.
    *Enchanted takes off his brownpaperbag for the time being.
    *Dodgereic changes his phone plan to include unlimited texting.
    *Jhall is welcomed back after a long time away from the ITD family.
    *Bets are taken on what day Manny will sign. The money will come from several different ITD sources, which are noted and discussed throughout the last half of the thread.
    *Enchanted writes song 125.
    *Dodger4life becomes the ITD spririt of winning leader.
    *Enchanted and others were taken off the Juan Pierre Fan Club Mailing List.
    *Both Leekfink and lny4loney make long overdue posts.

    There were 16 songs (or portions of songs) written.
    4 by Enchanted
    3 by Dodgereric
    3 by Northstateblues
    1 by Kahli
    1 by Jungar
    1 by Crash
    1 by Scott
    1 by Seesky
    1 by Nellyjune

  32. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post before Christmas, but I hope that all that do celebrate, I hope and pray that your Christmas went well and that Santa was good to everyone! Is Jhall still traveling, or are you home now?

    Nice list Nelly! I forgot about me refusing to call “you-know-who” by his real name!

    Hey, guess what? My husband, my mom and I will be going to Camelback for a few days!!! Not sure exactly when we are leaving, but it’ll be around March 20, 21. Can’t stay too long, but we’ll be there for a few days! Can’t wait!

    I can’t stay too long, but maybe I can for about 30 minutes. So how are my ITD friends today?

  33. lbirken@aol.com

    Have a safe and healthy New Year, everyone! Thanks for a great year of stimulating discussions, silly songs and tons of laughs.

  34. enchantedbeaver

    I saw that one too Kahli. Did you like Torre’s cameo appearance as the dinosaur?

    Safe and Happy Ney Years everyone!!

  35. kpookiemon

    Yes, Happy New Year, y’all. Watched a Twilight Zone where the airliner couldn’t land because it was 22 years in the past. Hell, that would put us in 1988 and a World Championship. Now boarding!!!!!!

  36. kpookiemon

    enchanted, didn’t notice it was Torre because there was no prehistoric rail for the brontosaurus to lean on……?!?!?!?

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