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We interrupt this holiday break…

Over at DodgerThoughts, Jon Weisman offers an incredible look at Dodger blogging through the years and it’s fascinating to see the way the blogosphere has evolved this decade when it comes to our favorite team. It’s hard to believe ITD was the 19th blog on the scene, according to Jon’s list, but far more incredible to think that 26 others have popped up in cyberspace in the four years that this site has been live.

Quite obviously, this blog is different from all the rest…it’s unabashedly pro-Dodgers because it’s written by people who work in the front office and we have an added benefit of seeing the inner workings of the organization. But the truth is, it’s no better than the rest of the sites out there, all of which are run by Dodger fans who have second (some would say “real”) jobs. Each provides a view of the team from a different perspective and every one of them has the potential of a global readership, which is a huge reason why the Dodgers became the first big league team this year to extend media credentials to some of the bloggers who cover the team.

Over the next decade, I have little doubt that many sites out there will become profitable ventures for the people who run them and even more valuable resources for information about the team. They’ll also change in the way in which they create a place for fans to gather, which is really what this is all about.

So from one of the humble hosts of ITD and behalf of all of us at the organization, Happy New Year and Happy New Decade (by the way, fellow blogger Tony Jackson had a great piece on ESPNLosAngeles.com about the Top 10 Dodgers of the decade).  I’ll probably put up one last post on Thursday recapping the 2009 season, much like we did for 2008.