Some serious holiday shopping…

You guys are gonna love this…

As is customary around this time of year, we’re having a merchandise sale right now at the Left Field Team store and everything is 50 percent off. That’s not a typo.

From now until Nov. 27, Monday through Friday 10-5, Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 11-4, you can load up on Dodger postseason merchandise, jerseys, hats, t-shirts…literally everything in the store.

In one day you’ll be done with your holiday shopping for the year. Just throwin’ it out there…


For you minor league followers, Phil Gurnee caught up with De Jon Watson over at True Blue LA about some of our prospects.



    Josh, please notify us when Frank and Jamie are no longer owners. As long as they are, I won’t contribute a dime to anything that benefits them. So, F the Left Field Team Store!!!

    I am delighted with the honors bestowed on Andre and Matt. That should bode real well for them for the upcoming arbitration. Break the bank, guys – break Frank. Don’t sign any measly deal with these F’ers. Ask for the big bucks in arbitration. Between that and Jamie’s support, we ought to bring F to his knees and make him sell the team.


    And a Bear bobblehead with a red face and flying F bombs waving a flag that has a picture of Frank & Jamie with a line drawn through it.

  3. nellyjune

    Hey Josh!! Do they still have the “Today is a Good Dre” t-shirts? I really, really want one of those seeing how I have all the other Ethier-related items. I will be making a trip down that way sometime before the 27th.

    Dodger4life – They won’t need room in the store. They will be sold out the first night – LOL!!!!

    lbirken – much to kind, thanks!!!!!!

    messagebear – I really hope the ownership (whatever that is right now) does what is best for Andre and Matt (and our others who will be in arbitration too) and make them glad they are still with the Dodgers and not want to jump ship the first chance they get.

  4. nellyjune

    That would be good Scott. Enchanted would have to have the brown paper bag because nobody knows what he looks like – LOL!!!!

  5. Dodger4life

    I read that article on TrueBlue LA…..Those guys are very informative……Lindblom if he doesn’t make the big league roster is slated for AAA. DeJesus was regaining his motion and is expected to ready for spring training, and Lucas May has been doing well with the bat, and progressing as a catcher.

  6. nellyjune

    I think they must have seen Enchanted walking around lately………

    In contrast, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ owner and former CEO aired their dirty laundry in public, provided paper bags to fans to hide their embarassed faces and raised ticket prices with unemployment up near 12%. In a related news item, the record 3.7 million fans who attended Dodger games this season are being awarded the “kick me in the behind over and over” award as the fans most willing to forgive exploitation and duplicity by baseball team owners.

    The article is actually about Andre, Matt and our other Dodger award winners so far, but this was pretty funny knowing how we think here on ITD.

  7. Dodger4life

    I wish I could write a song about something other than this but at the moment this is what I have to work with.
    The song choice was tough to listen to over so my apologies to you all…………….
    Anyhooo here we go…………….
    keep in mind though, I am new at this and the master seems to have retired.
    Frank and Jamie Say Goodbye
    Dixie Chicks….Earl had to die

    Jamie and Frank had high hopes in L.A.
    All through their power couple day?s
    Both members of the cheat their fans club
    cause we can?t believe anything they say
    After being scorned by Boston, Frank went looking
    for a new legacy to destroy
    Jamie search all over Los Angeles
    Until she found her a new boy toy
    Well it wasn?t two weeks after she was promomted
    That Jamie was feeling a little screwed
    She remembered those documents that she had signed
    That gave Frank sole control of the Blue
    So as she worked out a plan to file for divorce
    Off to Paris with her new doughboy she flew
    Shortly after they returned, Frank came home from his run
    Where he caught them making waves in his pool
    Right away the Dodgers plan to acquire an ace
    Went away as Ned, tried to save face
    And as Joes horses, started turning to glue
    Frank and Jamie, say goodbye
    Goodbye?. Blue!
    To your Dodgertown dreams
    And your parking schemes?. Frank
    Time to retreat!!!
    Why don?t you save us the hassle?.Please
    Just divide up the castles
    Leave the team to someone who cares, Frank
    Our boys on the field deserve better than this
    And Frankly so do we
    So excuse my demeanor as I call
    You a weiner
    Man that felt good,
    just thought you should know

    Well the weeks went by and
    Spring turned to Summer
    And Summer faded into the Fall
    Turns out
    whatever it takes to win a championship
    Wasn?t whatever it takes after all
    So as our boys get some rest
    And think about the quest
    You promised to help them achieve
    It?s time for us fans to come up with a plan
    That will cut you right off at the knees
    Frank and Jamie say goodbye
    We don?t want you
    We don?t want your visions?. Frank (we have our own)
    We don?t want your press??. Jamie (No TMZ)
    We just want you to do whats best, (Both of you)
    So leave, leave, leave
    Hurry up and leave
    Leave, leave, leave
    Run Them Out Of Town Records
    Whatever It Takes LP

  8. Dodger4life

    It should read………….
    And as Joes horses started turning to glue,
    there wasn’t anything the faithful could do.

  9. Dodger4life

    Josh…….Speaking of (SERIOUS HOLIDAY SHOPPING!!!)
    Here is our list
    And tell Santa that there is extra milk and cookies (DodgerEric Brand) if he will take FRANK amnd JAMIE back to the North Pole with him.

  10. Dodger4life

    Someone has to fill Milton and Ohmans place in the room, granted Weaver was productive, but can lightning really strike twice.

  11. kpookiemon

    Now that Matt and Andre have stepped up, it’s time for Billingsley and Kershaw. It’s really the only way the Dodgers will win a championship. The future of the Dodgers rests on those two kids. I’d resign Garland, if for no other reason than they gave up Abreu to get him–plus he’s an innings eater…Kuroda…then who…who’s the fifth starter? Padilla?

  12. Dodger4life

    khali I think we all will agree with you that Kershaw and Bills
    are a big key to our pitching staff. Padilla seems like a gamble for an entire season, but what do I know. Heck I am starting to wonder if Charlie Hough can still throw that knuckleball of his. He could even moonlight as the pitching coach, making Honeycutt obselete. That would free up some payroll on both ends. He would be like a fresh new face no one has ever seen. Although I am pretty sure Ned has already had the scouts take a look at him.

  13. Dodger4life

    Good morning everyone………………
    This date in ITD history…..Spring Training Is just 88 Days Away….Thread, November 14, 2008
    The talk was highly energized last year this time, mainly about Manny Ramirez and CC Sabathia……Although there was much concern for the fires in the south land.
    I am happy to report that those talks have been extinguished for good this hot stove season. Our master song writer Enchantedsunset was topping the billboard charts a year ago today with his artistic wizardry, bringing us three solo hits such as (Ned Flanders, When I Grow Up To Be A GM and Play for me)……DodgerEric also released his solo record that week titled (Your Not A Baseball Mind)
    We look forward to both those Artist returning to the stage in 2010.
    Readers and Writers who contributed to the thread a year ago today
    Hmmmmm….Nelly must have been sick or something??
    Anyhow, I was just curious as to what Ned whats up to last year this time, and took the time to reminisce a little. I hope everyone is doing well this off season.
    In recent times Buster Onley rumors suggest that the Dodgers are thinking internally about Jamey Carroll as a utility infielder
    Also on the thread from a year ago, we were joined by our gloating troll friend with his overwhelming wisdom, here’s a little stroll down the Troll highway, which is currently under construction or has been rerouted through the Bronx

    Greetings from the home of the reigning World Series Champs!

    Now, what are you folks gonna do about your stripped-down roster? You guys look like a AAA team right now.
    I still believe, 2010 is approaching….well it’s approaching and I for one hope we all remain enthusiastically anxious to see the boys return to the Ravine…GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

  14. jhallwally

    I sure wish we had Bear or Trumom dealing with player agents. LOL!!! Not going to bamboozle those two with a load of s**t!!!


    I was reading up on those posts from a year ago. Very interesting. Miss those names “junkyardjamie” (how prophetic), jungar, and MaxPower. Where have you guys been?

  16. Dodger4life

    Thanks jhall…..I was trying to mix it up a little….It was an interesting read to go back in time a bit. I know the garbage we have been exposed to has people in a funk so to speak. Also the Time Warp issues are challanging as well, but as they say life goes on….and what a great life we have here on ITD. I see Ohio State has a challange today as well…GO BUCKEYES!!!

  17. jhallwally

    LOL D4!!! You are more than welcome my friend. Good instincts. We need a little diversion. Thanks for the Buckeye shout!!! I agree, you and all our ITD friends/faithful are great!!! Time Warp does suck!!!

  18. jhallwally

    Actually, in the beginning, junkyardjamie was dnelson. Not sure how that all got switched around. That is why she is Nelly now!!! I think I got tired of typing dnelson. Nelly seemed appropriate and was easier to type. LOL!!!

  19. Dodger4life

    I seen that too…I was kind of hoping USC would face my Broncos in a BCS game, they need to adjust at the half…they are at home….Come on Trojans!!!

  20. Dodger4life

    namesnatchers I think…..I am sure she will respond later 🙂
    I need to get back to my painting jhall…..stop by tonight if you can……good chatting with ya 🙂

  21. trublu4ever

    I also remember around that time, Enchanted had become brownpaperbag, went on vacation, and, we decided to change all of our names so when he got back, he’d get a kick out of our originality. And, boy, did he ever!!!

  22. Dodger4life

    Hi tru, I remember that well, it was fun….We couldn’t wait for him to return…LOL!!! What was your bag name again??? Malibuluebag???

  23. jhallwally

    Thanks Trumom!! Shouldn’t have come to that, but, I’ll take it. Hard fought game, got to give a lot of credit to to Iowa!!!!

  24. nellyjune

    junkyardjamie – Where did that name come from?!?!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!! Oh, what fun times those were. Another one of our many crazy moments to go into the ITD history books.

  25. Dodger4life

    The Boss ~ My Hometown
    Frank Take A Look Around
    Thanks, Thanks a lot
    1 2, 1 2 3 4
    I was eight years old, watching the boys, pretending that I was Vin
    I?d call out the line-up, and welcome the crowd as Sutton came trotting in
    Yes that was me, back in 73, couldn’t?t wait for the games to begin
    They were Alston’s squad, and O?Malley’s team, and the scene was Chavez Ravine
    These are hallowed grounds
    This is our hometown
    Frank take a look around
    The bum is not a clown
    Turn to 81, and although Alston was gone, Tommy took his turn in the sun
    It was a heck of squad, Fernando on the mound
    There was nothing gonna stand in their way
    Not the two games down, as we swept the next three, on these hallowed grounds
    As we took game 7, back in the Bronx
    The bums were all jumping up and down
    These are hallowed grounds
    This is our hometown
    Frank take a look around
    The bum is not a clown
    It?s 2010, and as we wait out the winter
    the quest is on again
    And this off season glory, it ain?t the story, that we all want to hear
    So take a word of advice and do whats right with this is a talented group of guys
    These are hallowed grounds
    This is our hometown
    Frank take a look around
    The bum is not a clown
    At the end of the year, it would be nice to hear
    Vin have the last cry
    As we look to the sky and not have to ask why
    We came so near
    It will be 61 years for the man, that help put us all in the stands
    Cause these are our hallowed grounds
    Proud Of My Blue Records
    Win One for Vin CD
    Restore The Order Tour


    Talk about holiday shopping, and I don’t see any action forthcoming from our management to fill the holes in pitching and second base. Are we going to do anything proactive, or will we just wait until all the other teams have picked over the available players and settle for the bargain basement options?

    I don’t argue over not exercising our options on Garland and Padilla, because the dollars seemed too high for their value, particularly considering today’s economic climate. I hope we try to land Padilla for maybe two years at something like $12 million total. I would also try to get Wolf for two at maybe $15 million. Padilla can still bring the heat and mix it with good command, and Wolf proved that he can put up the innings and would be a good #3 or #4 starter.

    As for second base, I’m not sure that DeWitt has earned the starting position, so I would at least offer Hudson arbitration and try to get Belliard on a one year deal as a backup. In any case, I’m getting bored with no baseball for months to come and no action being contemplated by our management team. Who needs to hear about Mattingly possibly becoming a “manager in waiting” while we have so many questions about who will be on the team next year?

    Let’s hear what you think, ITD people.

  27. Dodger4life

    Good morning all……………
    Bear here is a look at what DeWitt has been doing in the Carribean Leagues, I am not sure what it means other than he is 7 for 30 at the plate?
    I have shared my concerns with Padilla, yes he has good stuff, his MO is that he loses concentration at times and that worries me for a complete season. I cant say for sure but it seems he was asking for 12 million per season also?
    Khali I was just falling asleep last night when i read your post, I googled….. and googled….. trying to understand the meaning. I never did quite get the complete understanding, other than Jerry Garcia was linked to it. I am so tired today from all of the late night wisdom I was searching for…..LOL!!! If you will please explain in further detail so that I can sleep tonight. Thank you 🙂
    Well it’s a good time to catch up on that lost sleep, have a great Sunday everyone 🙂
    P.S. How would we be feeling if Ned had made that trade at the deadline for Gonzales and Bell…Discuss……..

  28. kpookiemon

    Dodger4Life…didn’t mean to harass your senses or your sleep…but it is INDEED a line from the Grateful Dead–a simple little thought about bad planning, oblivious thinking, bad karma, idiocy, stupidity, lack of foresight, lack of a coherent vision, cockiness, a style-over-substance mentality, and whatever else fits our current ownership stewards. To repeat, “If you plant ice, you’re gonna harvest wind.” As ye sow, so shall ye reap. It is my nightmare apocalyptic vision for the Dodgers…should Frank and Jamie continue fiddling through the blaze.

    bear, I like Dewitt…it’s not his fault Ned blocked him with a three-year deal for Blake. The Dodgers need to find out about DeWitt. He’s either a player of not. I feel he is. As for pitching…………………….free agents…trades…whatever, I’m into wishin’ and hopin’ and think’ and prayin’….as in Billingsley and Kershaw rise up and take charge.

  29. Dodger4life

    JR. DODGERERIC CLUB………This kid has got to be leading the way.
    My 11-year-old son Jacob just told me what he wants for the holidays this year. He asked me for about 100 blank DVDs. “What in the world are you planning to do with them,” I asked. “I want to record every televised game Vin Scully calls next season and keep them forever,” he said.
    If you only had access to dvd’s back in the Eric……. so much more room for your toy’s.

  30. Dodger4life

    By the way thanks for sharing the Black Binder with me it was an enjoyable read. College ruled notebook paper, with line-ups for the entire season, not sure what year. Scorebook’s and complete stats. I was astonished when I seen that he had a player…(unsure of who as my memory is slow these days) goes into the army, and it was notated, two weeks later he was back and it was notated agian. Great stuff 🙂

  31. nellyjune

    Ahem!!! Dodger4life – he already has a fan club – LOL!! So, a Junior Dodgereric Club isn’t much of a stretch. However, that kid does remind me of Eric and his binders. BTW Eric – Great race today by the #48.

  32. bluecrewgirl

    Congrats to Andre and Matt on their Silver Slugger Awards. Well-deserved for both of them. I thing the Dodgers should try and keep Padilla and Wolf and I’ve always liked DeWitt. I would like to see him get a real chance. You can’t really judge what he did this past season because he was jerked back and forth so much.

  33. Dodger4life

    Good Evening Everyone…………..
    I know we have been a little eager to see what Ned’s been up to so…..
    My imagination took a little stroll today, Hope you like it
    It’s time for…..

    Scene: Ned Colletti’s office………
    Act 1:
    Secretary speaking to Ned……. Alright Mr.Coletti we will go over this one more time
    Ned answewring toy phone……Hello, this is Mr. Ed….Uh I mean Mr.Ned…
    Secratary……No Ned!! I will show you one more time how to take a proper call. Ready pay attention now.
    Hello this is Ned Coletti…..Now let’s try this again
    RING, RING, RING…..Hello this is MR. Colletti…..
    Secretary….Very Good Ned, (as she gets cut off….)
    Ned Colletti…Wait I’m talking to G.W. You know who he is don’t ya….He was the head cheese of the Texas Rangers, shoots guns and everything….
    Secretary…Please now Mr.Colletti!!! Yes I know you like it when I call you Neddie but Mr. McCourt and Joe Torre are counting on you right now to assemble a team!! You have to be ready to outsmart those player agents…. We need to tackle this phone ettiquete thing pronto, November 20th will be here sooner than you can snap my bra strap.
    Ned Colletti…..Oh yeah!!! I like the snap, turn around and….(he gets cut off)
    Secretary….Now!! Now!! Mr. Colletti that will be enough of that!!! We have work to do.
    Ned Colletti…..OKay! but I’m thirsty all this greetin on the smiley phone has my mouth a little dry.
    Secretary….Alright, I’ll run down to the break room and get you something to drink…(as she turns to leave the room.) You hear a big SNAP!!!
    Ned Colletti….Ha Ha Ha Ha….I fooled ya!!! Get me Scott Boras on that smiley thing there. I think I can fool him now too….
    End of Act 1…..tune in tomorrow for Hot Stove Action With Neddie

  34. nellyjune

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Dodger4life – very, very good!!! I read that thinking it was Enchanted. Way to go!!! Can’t wait to see what happens in the next act.

    Speaking of enchanted – I hope your travels to California are going well :)))

  35. Dodger4life

    Here is a little more of Hot Stove Action With Neddy
    Scene Ned Colletti?s Office????
    Act 2
    (Secretary)??Oh Neddy?uh hum? I mean Mr.Colletti, I will be right back with your refreshments, now you keep working on those phone skills while I am gone. I?ll be just a minute.
    (Ned Colletti)?.(winding sound? click click click?.winding sound click click click click?.Ring Ring Ring)?.Hello this Neddy Colletti, I need to speak to Arn Tellum?.I want to make a deal with him on that kid of his what his name Furcal. Yeah were prepared to go as high as it takes to bring him back. Atlanta!!! No he?s not going to be happy in Atlanta, there is No Manny in Atlanta?.All the Manny is in Right here in L.A!! L.A.!! I say?.Yeah, I?ll throw in some incentives, I like incentives myself, I use them around the office every afternoon around 4:20 myself?..What scent is it going to take just give me an idea Arn!!
    Secretary…. (returning with refreshments )….Here is your Capri Sun Mr.Colletti, yes I already put the straw in for you….I remember the accident we had yesterday. Have you been practicing your phone skills while I was away?
    Ned Colletti……I am a master darling, me and Mr. Smiley just made a deal with Arn Tellum for Furcal……We need to order a whole bunch more of those vanilla incentives for the deal to go through though….Snap, Snap….Ha Ha…just messing with ya.

  36. Dodger4life

    I am just missing our fearless leader ya’ll where is enchanted and everyone else……Come on guy’s and gals it’s the season to be jolly…..fa,la,la la…fa,la,la,la….

  37. jhallwally

    LMAO D4!! Jingle Bells my friend. Just wondering who Jamie and Frank are hanging out with under the mistletoe now days!!! More importantly, how much money will be left to keep our team on track to win a championship!!! I don’t really give a dam’n about their personal conflict as long as our team doesn’t suffer!!!! Tis the season to improve our starting pitching, Fa La La La La!!! Deck the mound with a true ace and a bullpen teams hate to face. La, Laa, La, La, Laa!!!!

  38. jhallwally

    Good Nell’, and yourself. So far, all quiet on the western front. I’m waiting for a bombshell!!!! I hope it is actually Ned making a good deal!!! Not holding my breath however!!! LOL!!! As Beav and Dad would say, I think Ned will be dumpster diving this off season. Not really his fault in lieu of the current situation!!!

  39. jhallwally

    Happy to report, no serious cold here so far. We’ve had above average temperatures all this month. It won’t last, but we are enjoying it while it lasts!!

  40. jhallwally

    Good to see you all gang!! Keep the faith!! Gonna rack it for now, catch you all down the road. Excelsior True Believers!!!!

  41. nellyjune

    Wow!!!!! Look who is here…………………….Collie and Jhall – How are you sirs?

    Dodger4life – keep it up!!!!

    Collie – you asked about Dan Uggla the other day- I would sign him if we had the resources to do so. Brandon Phillips would be worth looking into as well.

    Hi tru!!! How are you doing? :))))

  42. Dodger4life

    the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds doing some pro-active payroll pruning, and if the Reds are serious about trading Brandon Phillips as has been speculated, the Toronto Blue Jays will be all over him. Blue Jays scouts think he has the arm to play third base ? Phillips won a Gold Glove at second in 2008, but Aaron Hill?s not likely to be moved ? and Phillips is well-known to both general manager Alex Anthopoulos and adviser Tony LaCava. LaCava was with the Montreal Expos in 1999 when Phillips was chosen second overall, and as an adviser with the Cleveland Indians, he pushed for him to be included in the Bartolo Colon deal. Phillips has two years and $19-million (U.S.) left on his contract.

    I remember he did some damage against us last seson as well Collie…..Any trade of signifigance will need to be scrutinized though. I like Gonzales from the Padres they will be discussing his future soon and chances are he will be too expensive for the Pads in the near future. Sorry James I still love my Loney though.

    Nice touch, jhall…..

  43. nellyjune

    No, Jhall, I don’t think we are going to get to blame Ned for much this off-season seeing how it looks he will have so little to work with by the time all the arbitration-eligible players are given contracts and Frank and Jamie have sucked up the rest.

    Glad to hear/read you are doing well. Same old stuff happening around here, other than the weather getting colder, but I can’t complain as I am sure you are much colder than we are right now 🙂

  44. trublu4ever

    Good to see you all here tonight……it’s been very slow around ITD lately….Dodger4life has kept the me going with his play, lol.

  45. nellyjune

    Good Night Jhall!!!!! Thanks for dropping by. I will let your father and Beav know you checked in tonight. Take care and sweet Dodger dreams Wally!!!!

  46. Dodger4life

    Good Night Wally……I seen Collie here as well…..Good to see ya around DC….the mothership is gearing up again I can sense it……I am starting to worry that they have already abducted Enchanted and Eric…..

  47. nellyjune

    I had heard this original song on the way to Bakersfield a few weeks ago, and I had immediately thought of our present circumstances with our infamous owners. This song could have easily been unchanged and the lyrics still would have spoke volumes of how Jamie could do some serious damage to the Dodger Organization depending on how this divorce unfolds in the months to come. Let’s hope they keep the Dodger Organization as far away from this divorce as they possibly can, but being Dodger fans, it’s never an easy job, is it?

    Original Song ? Witchy Woman by the Eagles

    Jamie’s hair and Jamie’s lips
    Paid for by the DodgerShip
    P-oed voices on our site
    Have a restless spirit with an endless plight
    Wooo hooo witchy woman, see how
    Jamie flies
    Woo hoo witchy woman she’s got
    A new man in her eye

    She had him spellbound in the night
    Dancing shadows and firelight
    Crazy laughter in Malibu
    As she drove Frank to madness
    And into sudden doom
    Woo hoo witchy woman see how high Jamie flies
    Woo hoo witchy woman she got a new man in her eye

    ******Musical Interlude******

    Well we know she has a lover,
    Let me tell your brother, she’s been sleeping
    In the driver’s bed.
    And there’s some rumors going round
    Someone’s going down
    She will rock him in the limelight
    til his skin turns red
    Woo hoo witchy woman
    See how Jamie flies
    Woo hoo witchy woman
    She got a new man in her eye

  48. Dodger4life

    It’s officially November 17th, and time for a look back into ITD History once again…….
    A year ago today the Thread was Andre is back.
    We managed to wring out 423 comments on this thread, spanning right around 3 days….there were 5 new songs introduced, two released by the originator of Dodger Lyrics himself, (The Wonder of You, and A little ditty about retribution.) JunkyardJamie graced the billboards that thread also with (What’s so funny about peace , Love and Understanding) once again she had the crystal ball in good working order….The master Enchanted, brought us a Joan Jett re-write with (I LOVE PVL’S) and our very own aesthetics coordinator the knowledgeable Khali himself graced our presence with an untiled hit we shall call (Take a Load Off Manny…Take a Load for Free.) There was plenty of laughter on this thread as once again it seemed as if Ned was nowhere to be seen.
    Readers and Writers that contributed to the thread
    Like I mentioned before there was allot of very entertaining stuff in this thread it is definitely worth a re read.
    I will leave you with one excerpt that I found rather amusing, as it pertains to the Wish princess himself Andru that is…..
    By enchantedsunset…..
    ATLANTA (APP) The suspect the disappearance of the Three Little Pigs has been apprehended face down in a trough of Fritos near the east side Dairy Queen. Witnesses say his stomach looked enormously distended, and faint traces of pork were in the air. As he was being driven away in the back of a police squad car, he was seen mouthing the words, ?carnitas good.?

    No traces of the Three Little Pigs have been found.
    Here is the links folk’s…enjoy 🙂

  49. nellyjune

    LOL!!!!! Is there a way I can get my name back to dnelly for those threads? I guess I should be thankful it’s not tradejuanpaperbag. I noticed Kahli is kpookimon in those threads. He and Old Fogey were the originals who had their name changed without warning.

    Good Stuff Dodger4life!!!!

  50. Dodger4life

    Hot Stove Action With Neddy
    Act 3
    (Secretary)….Nice ork Mr. Colletti, however Mr. Furcal was last years project. I will order some more of the vanilla first thing bin the moring….(there is ba knock at the door) Knock, knock….mail delivery for Neddy, uh hum… I mean Mr,Colletti there is’nt much here except this big box from Mr. McCourt i was instructed to be extra careful with this package as the season was hinging on it.
    (Ned Colletti)…Oooh look Mr.Smiley phone we got a great big box from the Big Guy
    (as he rushes pulling Mr.Smiley’s red string in tow to the door. I can’t wait to see what it is……Ned pulls out his Swiss Army Knife and cuts the box open. and low and behold much to his amazement it is another instructional tool to further his progress in the upcoming discussions.
    (Secretary)….Ned how come the mailman called you Neddy also…..
    (Ned Colletti)….he did’nt call me neddy darling he said nice teddy, you should probably put my coat on for the meantime…..hey look there are instructions to this bad boy, Mr Smiley……they are from the Big guy himself
    Instructions to Ned….Neddy I am going to need you to be very aware of the spending this winter as things are a little tight around here. So use this as a guide in your negotiations……If you run out of cash in the drawer…..(click, click, click Ding, Ding. Ding)
    (Ned Colletti)…Hehehe,,look at that Mr Smiley Phone….You go Ring, Ring, Ring and mr cash register goes Ding Ding Ding…this is going to be a great Hot Stove season I can tell already………
    Oooops it’s 4:20 time for the medication…….

  51. nellyjune

    It is actually 108 days until the first spring training game. I know………………I should be in bed, but I can’t sleep.

    Dodger4life – fabulous!!!!! So, Act 4 sometime today 🙂


    Ah, it is all so quiet on the hot stove league front.
    Makes me want to turn to the smut league, and there’s not much on TMZ.

    I wonder whom Jamie is diddling tonight.
    I don’t have the same degree of curiosity about Frank.
    But, maybe Josh can let us know whether Frank is a
    right-handed or a left-handed self-diddler.

  53. Dodger4life

    Afternoon bear…and everyone else…….
    I know what you mean about slow, were bound to have some Hot Stove Action from Neddy anyday now?
    In the meantime here is Act 4
    Hot Stove Action With Neddy
    Act 4
    (Ned Colletti)…..Mr Smiley don’t ya just love that vanilla smell, 1st thing in the morning.
    I’m rip roarin and ready to go…..lets get Jed Hoyer on the ringy thingy…..
    (Ring, Ring, Ring)……Jed… Neddy, uh hum…I mean Ned Colletti here…….Let’s talk turkey. You know it is the Holliday season……..And it is a known fact that you guy’s can’t afford a good butterball this year, so I propose a little swap a roonie…..I have this scrappy little outfielder…… What!!….Wait a minute Jed!! I never said he was untouchable, sure he has a good chance at the world record for shot puted baseballs this year but heck…I’m willing to listen to a deal…….(dial tone………) What happen Mr.Smiley…..That is a new trick, you’ve never done that before…………..I’m not talking on you anymore today, Mr. Smarty Phone!!!……(Ding, ding, ding)…..This much better….Yep!Frank will be very happy, I still have all the Happy Meal vouchers…….or as Frank refers to them around here the Big Meal Ticket Money.

  54. Dodger4life

    Dodgers reported to be looking into John Smoltz

    Dodger Stadium is pitcher-friendly, as are the Mets and Mariners’ home parks. Smoltz likely would prefer to stay in the N.L. ? he went 2-5 with an 8.32 ERA in eight starts for the Red Sox last season before going 1-3 with a 4.26 ERA in seven starts for the Cardinals.
    He could be a good guy to have around the youngsters.


    HEY!!! I’VE GOT AN IDEA!!!!! Stairs is a free agent, so let’s get him fast, so Broxton will not have to pitch to him next year when the **** gets thick…I still can’t believe that happened.
    Unf**kingbelievable. 20 years from now I’ll still be saying that.
    When is this hot stove going to start.anyway?

  56. northstateblues

    We’d be right in the fire of the Hot Stove season had our two “Caretakers” shut their mouths instead of bickering like children with double-speak that would make Big Brother’s head spin.

    Smoltz would be a decent add. Can’t be any worse of an offseason add than… say… Milton or Ohman.

    Not gonna take sides re: the divorce… it’s like that politically-incorrect saying that was so big earlier this decade… the one that started “Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Oly…” nevermind… that’s wrong. But Google that much of it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about, and likely agree in this case.

    Whoever “wins” this case will have tarnished their reputation with the fans, and whichever McCourt (if any) is left in control would do wise to take a page out of Artie Moreno’s book on “How to Create a Loyal Fanbase Without Fleecing Your Fans”. Might help a little…

    I know one thing for sure: The way McCourt is handling the L.A. Marathon, he’s going to lose major points with his whole “caretaker of tradition” facade. I can’t fault the appeal of a “Stadium to the Beach” route, but A.) I’m not running the marathon, and B.) Just because the L.A. Marathon doesn’t have quite the prestige of the Boston Marathon doesn’t mean that one should feel free to fix what isn’t broken once they sink their cla… I mean, take hold of the reins.

    But isn’t that emblamatic of the McCourt Era in L.A.? I mean, I’m the first to concede that they’ve done a lot of good, more than I could probably name. But the way that they’re tearing down the traditions they’re supposed to be upholding, it doesn’t take 20-20 vision to see where their priorities lie.

    P.S.: Did you know that registration for last year’s L.A. Marathon had decreased by a third? Now you know, and Knowing is Half the Battle!


    Josh, how about a new thread. Give us something, anything to discuss.

    NSB, I agree that the McCourts have done a lot of good, positive things, especially compared to Fox. I believe they want to win and create a good experience for the fans. To me, they have tried too hard to be important people, big shots, celebrities or whatever you want to call it. They have tried to put their stamp on the organization, which I suppose is understandable. The problem is the McCourts seem to want to make things about them and for whatever reason they just come off as shallow and not totally believable. We just don’t know for sure who these people really are. At least that is the way I see it.

  58. kpookiemon

    Read where the Dodgers have contacted the agent for Mark DeRosa and John Smoltz. I gotta tell you, neither excites me at all. Nothing against DeRosa, he’s a good player, but I see him as yet another PVL roadblock to a Dodger farmhand named Blake DeWitt. Recent history has shown DeWitt breaking in with a bang in 2008…the league adjusting…but DeWitt never getting a chance to make HIS adjustments. I would always choose to err on the side of home-grown talent and I still believe he’s a keeper. Signing PVL DeRosa would pretty much make DeWitt trade bait and I think that’s a mistake. Smoltz?…again, nothing against Smoltz, he’s probably a Hall-of-Famer…but at this late date in his career, he’s just another 6-inning pitcher at best–something this team needs to avoid, not collect. Rumors are just that, rumors. But these kinds of moves would hardly signal a commitment to bold, creative thinking. It smacks of typical Ned garage-sale items at the insistence of marginal ownership. Hey, Ned, Joe, Frank, Jamie, and “the driver.” Look what happened when you gave those “kids” Ethier and Kemp a chance. I’ve got a sick feeling the PVL blues will be staring me right in the face again.

  59. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Kahli!! Good to see you my friend. I tend to agree with you. Good post and well said. Lots of good posts I see. Enjoyed reading you all. Keep the Neddy saga coming D4!!!

  60. jhallwally

    As the Beav so succinctly put it, I think Ned will be relegated to dumpster diving this off season. Give DeWitt a real shot. Let’s see what he can do before we panic. It’s easy enough to pick up a servicable 2nd baseman in July. Concentrate on the pitching Ned!!!!

  61. jhallwally

    It’s very telling to read all the baseball rumors and hot stove talk and see that the Dodgers are very seldom if ever mentioned!!! We appear to be a lame duck this off season.

  62. nellyjune

    Jhall is in the ITD House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kahli, Northstateblues and lbirken – great posts!!!!!!

    Dodger4life – just fabulous!!!!!

  63. trublu4ever

    Hello gang ~ Just to put in my two cents…..I don’t want Smoltz!!!! He will not solve our problems. And, to me, DeRosa is also a NO!!!!
    If we are going to get somebody, at least make them an asset to the team. Not somebody signed just to make Ned look like he is doing something important!

  64. jhallwally

    Well gang, it’s pretty obvious that our biggest need is Quality Starting Pitching!! No mystery there!!! I’m not very optimistic we will be in a good position to properly address it however!! Any thoughts?!!!

  65. nellyjune

    Submission error hell once again for too many comments. I have only made one comment all day – uuugggghhhhh!!!!! Attempt #24 to post 🙂

    Do we need to start a campaign to get Ned to focus on pitching, pitching and pitching?

    It’s that ITD touch Jhall. Sometimes we have it sometimes we don’t. Obviously, you have had it the last couple of days.

  66. Dodger4life

    Good evening everybody…….
    What I said about Smoltz was I thought maybe he would be able to nuture the youngsters, and with that in mind could maybe see him in a Weaver sort of role. As a starter I tend to agree with you all. Nothing excites me. Yes we have said it before that it is Honeycutts job to see to the progression of our kids, but let’s face it….Who has confidense in that. I am sure we will be going through many arms once again this season….so……As Khali bhas mentioned several times the kids Kershaw and Bills need to step up there game and get us to that expected level. I have seen a rumor somewhere?? My memory has escaped me as to maybe trading Loney and Martin to San Diego for Gonzales. Lots of if’s in that rumor but what a deal if Ned could manage to somehow pull that off and lock gonzales up for a few years……
    jhall they enchantedtized me….that is when you hit the submit button and your post goes nowhere.

  67. jhallwally

    Sorry to hear it Nelly. I’m not having that problem as much these days since I updated my computer to 1 gig of RAM!!! Just a thought and seems to be making a difference. I’m with you Kahli on Smoltz being a great influence for Billz and Kersh. Hell’, he could also help Brox in the closer mentality!!! I would be OK with signing him, if the price is right. Hell’, I don’t care if the price is right, keeps Jamie and Frank from spending it on big fancy houses. LOL!!!

  68. Dodger4life

    I think Ned may have recieved a Fed Ex package today with some new high tech equipment jhall…we will have to wait and see though…

  69. nellyjune

    Dodger4life – It’s either that or something from Denny Hamlin – hahahahahaha!!!! Fed Ex shows up at my house for that reason 🙂

    Jhall – It’s too cool, and that is why it won’t happen 🙂

  70. jhallwally

    Arroyo would actually be a good fit with the Dodgers. A wanna be rock star and surfer kind of dude. He could flourish in LA!!!

  71. Dodger4life

    Isn’t Arroyo going to require allot of Happy Meal vouchers jhall??? I agree he has the right mindset for L.A..

  72. jhallwally

    The Reds would be open to offers for him as they want to dump salary. He could be had very reasonably in a risk vs reward scenario. I listen to and see alot of Reds baseball, and Arroyo has impressed me. Take him out of the band box ballpark and put him in a pitcher friendly park with a better than average offense, and I think he would do well. Just my opinion.

  73. jhallwally

    I’m hoping Ned actually reads our blog and at least explores the possibility. Lots of good suggestions and ideas have been posed on this blog. Most of the time our instincts are spot on!!! Nothing wrong with gathering info from a different angle on it.

  74. jhallwally

    And I will add, part of his job is to put a team on the field that more people will get behind and come out to watch. What better way to guage what they will buy and support than to actually read and listen to what they are saying. Hell’, there are people here offering opinions that have watched and followed baseball seriously since Ned was in diapers. They’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

  75. nellyjune

    Very discouraging Jhall I agree, if they want to know what the fans are thinking, they don’t need to go further than right here. We have some very, very informed fans on this blog, both young, old and in between.

  76. Dodger4life

    Jhall I have been sleeping with one eye open at night wondering whether Neddy reads our post. You should see me react every time a squirrell runs the rooftop…LOL!!

  77. Dodger4life

    Hot Stove Action With Neddy
    Act 5 (Neds Office)
    Knock, Knock!
    (Ned Collett)….Oh Boy is it refreshment time already…..(Opens the door)…. Fed Ex.. for a Mr. Oh excuse me…. Neddy. I’ll just need you to sign here sir. (Ned breaks out the Big Purple Dinasour Pen)…and scribbles XOXO……Pasta Fagoli…. Another great big box, I wonder what the Big Guy has sent me this time, Mr Smiley Phone… (as he breaks out the Swiss Army Knife and cuts it open.) Holy Schmidt….this thing looks a little high tech….
    It looks like there is another note from the Big Guy, I need to my secretary in here pronto, it is written in some kind of foriegn language. ( Ned bellows for down the hall for his Darling)
    (Secretary)……..Yes!! Mr.Colletti!
    (Ned Colletti)…..I need you to translate this here note from the Big Guy… It is in spanglish or something??
    (Secretary)….Sure Neddy, Ahem…Mr. Colletti….It is just written in cursive though, nothing to translate, you’ll be learning this script soon. (She looks at Ned with much disgust)
    I think we should just set this gadget aside for now Neddy as this note was addressed from Swimmer, and was addressed to Treader.
    (Ned Colletti)…….Swimmer, are we going to the pool today!! Oh Goody, you better bring me plenty of Capri Sun…You know how I get thirsty treading water in the deep end.
    (Secretary)……No swimming today Mr . Colletti… Ahem Neddy, we have a scheduled trip to the wiffle ball park to get you up to date on the kind of movement that Joe Torre will require of his pitchers this season. You will be treading in the deep end soon enough though. yes Iwill pack you plenty of Capri Sun and Mr McCourt has authorized the use of 2 Happy Meal vouchers for the trip today. He also has a very special motivational tool coming to the office later in the day to get you pumped up for the upcoming negotiations, he said you will truly enjoy this one.
    (Ned Colletti)….Oh Boy this job has more perks than Mr. Coffee…..I am ready to go to the Waffle Park, who is putting that thingy ma bob on the Boy Scouts…..I still remember the scout handshake….

  78. Dodger4life

    Yes they do Nelly. I was thinking of lining up a bunch of toy soldiers at the edge of the roof so when the pecans roll down they will knock them off one by one. Have me some good ole toy soldier war games.

  79. kpookiemon

    The famous, articulate Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, on the Dodger ownership mess:

    ?Look, the Dodgers are in good hands,? Selig said. ?There?s no reason to get into any debate about what?s going to happen. The Dodgers are going to be in L.A. for as long as any of us are alive and many generations after.?

    Can someone please translate that for me? Am I supposed to feel good about the Dodgers chances of fielding a championship-caliber team in 2010 based on Buddy’s comment? I’m not worried about the Dodgers leaving L.A. I’m worried about Frank and Jamie staying…

  80. Dodger4life

    Hot Stove Action With Neddy
    Act 6
    (Ned Colletti) (Returning from the wiffle ball park)…..Wow!! I am glad we discovered those guy’s first…and to think we were going to go all the way to Asia for prospects when the waffle park is right here in our own backyard. I haven’t seen movement like that since…. The snapping incident…..( You hear a big snap again)…Ha,ha…ah ha,ha…. got ya agian darling…..
    (Secretary)……Now! Now! Neddy, ahem Mr.Colletti There will be no time for horseplay….Here is the new motivational tool from Mr. McCourt.
    and it came with a video…..
    (Ned Colletti)…..Whoo Hoo!! Now I can belt out all my favorite new tunes as well, such as…….Jamie’s Got A Bun……Frank Stinks…..and Simply Unexcceptable!!
    (Ned singing)……
    Frank stinks.
    Frank stinks, yeah yeah
    (Frank stinks.)
    Frank stinks, yeah yeah
    (Frank stinks.)
    Frank stinks, yeah yeah
    (Frank stinks.)
    Frank stinks, yeah yeah
    (Secreary)….Mr.Colletti, Ahem, Neddy….Mr. McCourt is on line 1!
    (Ned Colletti)…(scurries over to Mr. Smiley Phone)…Hello, Ned Colletti, Ahem I mean Neddy here.
    (Secretary) ……No, No, Neddy! It’s the the red phone on the desk the one without the smiley face and red string.
    ( Ned Colletti)…Hello again, this is Neddy…..
    (Frank McCourt on other line)…Ned, Ahem I mean Neddy…I am coming down to your office in a minute with my Guitar so we can get you psyched out for the big day…..
    (Ned Colletti) Okay Big Guy….I’ll fire up the stove, and get her ready. (Ned hangs up the phone and bellows for his darling)
    (Secretary)…Yes, Neddy!
    (Ned Colletti)….Get that aesthetics coordinator down here STAT!!
    have him paint me a smiley face and some little blue eyeballs on the red phone and tell him to put an extra 3 feet of red string on it for me.

  81. nellyjune

    Collie – We did see that article, and I believe many of us thought the same way…………………..lame is right.

    Dodger4life – You are doing good 🙂

    Kahli – Who’s “good” hands might those be?

  82. nellyjune

    Collie – I time warped ya sir – sorry about that. As you can see, we are still having these problems as well 🙂


    But Selig sidestepped the question of what he would say to Dodger fans concerned about their ownership squabbles – the saying “Let them eat cake” comes to mind.

  84. Dodger4life

    Blue Jays asking price possibly includes, a MLB roster starter with upside…..a starting pitching prospect, a catching prospect and a shortstop prospect…..make of it what you will…..


    And that is only the beginning – meaning only one year of Halladay. Who’s going to be prepared to step up and offer him the kind of multi-year contract that he’ll require after that?

    Halladay is a pipe dream for our team. I see us having a payroll even lower than we did in the last of the Fox years. And we thought that ownership was bad!

  86. Dodger4life

    Toronto has said that they may provide clubs with a window to renegotiate Doc’s contract. Although as you said we wonder if Frank has the fund’s to acquire anyone of significant. With the ownership status in lingo, and the anticipated retirement of both Scully and Torre, you would think there is a sense of urgency in keeping the Dodgers in the play offs and obtaining a World Championship. The loss of Scully is in no doubt going to take some shine off of the product. Frank likes to gamble as can be seen from his past dealings, such as the parking lots and the accusition of our beloved club. Can you see him doubling down as things get tight???


    Too bad South Park takes place in Colo. There could have been a great episode or two for us on there.

  88. kpookiemon

    Agree, messagebear, Halladay is a pipe dream. But the more I think about it, the less I want hired guns and the more I want home-grown Dodgers to rise to the challenge. Cliff Lee brought the Phils exactly zero championships on ’09…same as the Dodgers. From the moment the World Series ends…no one gives a rat’s a** who won except that city…and that’s fleeting, at best. NO MORE STOP-GAP PVLs. No more DeRosa. No more Smoltz. No more “whoever” to bail out Ned and Frank and Jamie for dropping the ball on scouting and player development. Personally I would rather have seen DeWitt play an entire season than Casey Blake. Personally, I would rather have seen Tony Abreu than Orlando Hudson.

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