Congrats to Matt and Orlando…

As you probably know by now, both have won a Gold Glove and are very deserving of the honor. The entire organization congratulates them…

Tomorrow is Silver Sluggers…we’ll keep our fingers crossed on those, too!


Congratulations Matt and Orlando!!!!!! You were both very deserving of the honor.

Let’s hope we get some Silver Sluggers tomorrow as well. That would be sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Matt and Orlando!!!!!! Can’t say I was surprised.

More good news tomorrow. I can feel it!!!!

Good selections for the Gold Gloves. Orlando and Matt deserve it!! Had a great season with the Dodgers and looking forward to seeing them in 2010!!

Shad – Matt has a bobblehead. Andre needs and deserves one 🙂

By nellyjune on November 11, 2009 6:10 PM

lol I knew my memory wasn’t that good. Well Matt need another and sure Ethier need one to.

Congrats to Matt and Orlando!!! Thanks to all our veterans, past and present. Especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks for your veterans day thoughts Nelly!!!

Hi’Ya Trumom!! How’ve you been? Andre is my team MVP!!! I still think we should have taken the 10M option on Garland and probably should have tried to keep the O-Dog!!! I don’t see us competing in the bidding for Lackey!!! And, I’m not ready to give up a heck of a lot for a one year rental in Halliday!!! If we can work out a contract extension with Halliday, I might be willing to pull the trigger. Otherwise, wait till 2011 when he is available.

Once again………..Congrats to Matty and O-Dog!

And, Andre is MY Silver Slugger!!!!

lbirken, I read TJ Simers this morning and came away impressed with Jamie. But then, I might feel the same about Frank if he gave an interview. Or not. The whole thing is a nightmare for Dodger fans, but hey, all is not lost…at least they re-upped Ned and Honeycutt, huh????!?!? And I keep hearing weird rumors about KC’s young second baseman, Alberto Callaspo…a mediocre-fielding decent hitter. If that’s the case, what’s wrong with DeWitt? And then, even worse, I’m hearing Kemp to Atlanta for pitcher Javier Vazquez…?????? Granted, these are hot-stove rumors with no basis, but where do these rumors come from? I prefer to stay in-house and play Dodger-bred players. That’s the philosophy we’ve been hearing the past five years, anyway. In many ways, I’ve HATED the off-season under the current regime. Funny, I never did when Campanis was at the helm.

You would think Andre would have to be a Silver Slugger, but I am with you, Jhall, he is definitely the team MVP.

jhall – you are most welcome!!!!!

Shad – We don’t expect you to remember everything. That job is for Dodgereric – lol!!!!

khali, I too read this afternoon’s article from Simers……Impressed you say??? I will have to re-read it maybe I missed something???
Meanwhile here’s a look at Franks comment’s from Dodger Divorce
Also an article from Plaschke……Talk about playing till the last out…….

Dodger4life – Frank should be ashamed to do that to somebody, especially, as the article states, considering what Dodger money is spent on the McCourt’s personal ventures.

You have to hand it to the gentlemen, he is going to put his head down and continue on….That’s character.
Speaking of character….Jamie states that she had a hand in everything from catsup to hiring Joe Torre but spins the task of parking and ticket prices towards Frank. Apparently those were the really major decisions??? I mean you would think catsup being the bottom and Torre somewhere around the top that the others would fit somewhere in between. I agree it was nice to see her act civil or rather pleasant, I do believe that she put herself and her children along with the fans and organization in this predicament though. The old saying you can’t have your cake and eat it too, comes to mind. Frank is just as much to blame as her in my opinion, it is a two way street, heading straight to the dump. Frankly I don’t believe a word either of them say and doubt I ever will.

That is for sure Dodger4life – George has a whole lot of character. It is something Frank and Jamie need to look into these days.

I thought Simers was under durress also………..I nominate Enchanted or Dodgereric as the next interview…..eees.
Now there’s a story….besides if she can turn them around to her side give her the key’s to the kingdom….LOL!!!

I am sure that as much time as Simers spent listening to Manny sing I am still the king this season…. He too is hiumming that tune tonight as well.

*duress…..* humming

Well, that would definitely be enlightening now wouldn’t it? Plaschke and Simers would be a cake walk compared to what some Dodger fans would put them through if we were giving the chance to interview either one or both of the McCourts.

I am sure they would rather throw the article in the trash than be subjected to restraint….Simers wasn’t on top of his game there…. if you ask me…maybe he should be checked for fertility drugs……seems like he has lost some of the power attributed to his bat. I mean he barely got out screaming meanie……

I give my full support to a Silver Slugger award for Andre, he was outstanding this season at the plate.

All of the outfield candidates for the Silver Slugger award are worthy of the title. However, and not because I am an Ethieraholic, those walk-offs have got to count for something. Also, in addition to the 31 Homeruns, he had 42 Doubles, and with the 3 triples, he had 76 extra base hits.

I’m pulling for him Nelly……earlier lbirken nominated you for a bobblehead…I second that notion…..I think in a pose of you right after Andre hits one out….Yes that still makes me smile 🙂

Wow! Congratulations ORLANDO & KEMP…great job and keep IT up BOYS!
JHALL & NELLY….yup ETHIER is sure team’s MVP!
I hope everyone is have a wonderful off-season time. I do miss my Dodger Blue and I can not wait for Spring Training.
Check out the video…love the catchy song and great video. Video sure made my slow morning….GOOO DODGERS….THIS IS L.A…….OUR HOME!

Congrats to both Matty and the O-Dawg!!! You both so richly deserve these awards!!! Matty ? Just the first of MANY to come, for sure, in your yet-to-be-written illustrious career!!! O-Dawg ? What can I say, but that you?re the best! I would love it if you re-sign with the Dodgers!

And Rose, I never tire of watching that video!!! 🙂

Oh yes, I?m crossing my fingers and toes and anything else that will cross for Andre and Matty today!!!

Happy Birthday N.STATEBLUE! Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Young’s attempt to rejoin the Dodgers roster for 2009 was derailed when he suffered another minor injury in spring training and he began the season on the disabled list. He was eventually traded on April 14 to the Pittsburgh Pirates for two players to be named later. [4] Although mostly an outfielder, Young began working with Pirates coach Perry Hill on playing second base, a position he played in the minor leagues and occasionally with the Dodgers.

I wonder if Ned forgot about this one.

Jones named Triple-A All-Star
Power hitter led Minors in homers, slugging percentage
fan comments (1)print this page e-mail this page post on facebook By Ken Gurnick /

11/12/09 1:34 PM EST

LOS ANGELES — Veteran Minor League slugger Mitch Jones, who played with the Dodgers’ Albuquerque affiliate in 2009, was named to the Topps’ Triple-A All-Star team as designated hitter.

The 32-year-old Jones won the Joe Bauman Trophy as Minor League Baseball’s top home run hitter with 35 and led the Minors with a .651 slugging percentage. His 103 RBIs ranked second in Triple-A.

Jones made a brief Major League appearance this year, nine years after originally signing. He had a pinch hit on June 17, made three starts and went 4-for-13 with a double in eight games before being designated for assignment July 1.

In 2007-08 he played for the Nippon Ham Fighters in the Japan League. He was drafted by the Rangers and Orioles but didn’t sign, then was drafted by the Yankees in 2000 out of Arizona State. He played in the Yankees’ farm system through ’06.

Congrats Jones to bad you couldn’t stay with us long but hope he stay in our farm system for a couple more years.

1984 Tony Armas Boston Red Sox .268 .300 .531 43 123 [33]

Someone actually won this award with numbers like this. Heck even Ichiro Suzuki has one. Come on give Kemp and Ethier the sliver sluggers award. To bad Ned didn’t added the gold glove amount in Kemp and Odog contract. The last Dodgers OF to win that award was Strawberry in 1990.

Read a stat on O-Dog that floored me, even though I watch or listen to just about every game. After the All-Star break, he amassed a grand total of 14 RBIs. Hence, Torre’s benching of him. If they want offense, I hope they re-sign Belliard. If they want defense…well, it’s obvious they don’t because a Gold Glove second baseman couldn’t find a place in the line-up. But I’m OK with that. Watching Hudson flail those last few months was tough.

Jhall!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you doing?

I think DeWitt deserves a chance to play full time. We thought the same thing about Andre. All he needed was a full year of no obstacles to show what we knew he was worth. If we don’t have the money to get somebody big, then we should just stay home and take our chances with what we have. It’s better than more wasted money on possible PVLs (the bad kind).

I am time warped to real time 🙂

3:25 pm, pst.

I am time warped to real time 🙂

3:25 pm, pst.

………and then I had to resign in, which is the reason for the 1 and 2 minutes delays on my double post 🙂 It’s kind of been like my day………………..all screwed up. I could use a different word, but I am still at school 🙂

I think what most of us think is we need pitching. That has been proven to us for two post seasons in a row now. Money or not, we need to work on pitching. I am not sure of the answers to who or how, but it needs to be seriously addressed this off season. We now have the power(we think). Now we need to focus on defense………….the pitching side of defense.

Pretty good sight my friends. One thing that struck me was, the lack of mention of the Dodgers in trade rumors and free agency activity!!! Really, all we need is top line starting pitching. 2nd base is also a question, but, could be taken care of by DeWitt. What do you think ITD faithful?

I don’t know what our financial situation will be with the impending divorce proceedings. However, Kemp and Ethier are in line for big increases in arbitration. Both justified. Brox, somewhere in the middle. Martin most likely won’t fair as well. He struggled this year. I would have taken the option on Garland for 10M. Also, I would seriously try to bring back Wolf, if we aren’t going to go after Lackey. I really don’t see us as serious players for Lackey with the current situation. Any thoughts?

It’s pretty obvious, the road to the World Series and winning it, is thru the starting pitching mound!!!!

Hi’Ya Nelly!!! I totally agree!!! Well said. I would/will be just fine with giving DeWitt a long look at 2nd.

Not to worry Nelly!!! I always scroll up about an hour these days!! LOL!!!

I know………………….me too 🙂 I am guessing submission errors will be next on my list – LOL!!!!

Bronson Arroyo would be a great fit for the Dodgers and could probably be had at a reasonable cost in a trade with the Reds. Just my opinion!! What do you think gang?

Great to see you Nellyjune and Jhall. I am afraid to see what, if anything we do in the off-season. I’d love to take a shot at landing Halliday. But, I know that won’t happen….we never land an Ace pitcher. I also would like to give DeWitt a shot at playing full time.

Hi’Ya Trumom!!! How’ve you been?

I’m okay, Jhall. Nothing really exciting to report but, doing things to get myself ready for the holidays. I’ve been watching alot of college football. I like it much better than the pros. And, you? Everything going well?

The 2009 Silver Slugger Awards, saluting the Major League’s top offensive performers at each position in each league as chosen by big-league managers and coaches, are being announced on the MLB Network this evening. Refresh this page for the latest results:

Leading off the presentations were the two first baseman, the Cardinals’ Albert Pujols in the National League and the Yankees’ Mark Teixeira in the American League. This is the third Silver Slugger for both, but while Pujols repeated the honor he earned last season, Teixeira is back in the picture for the first time since 2005, when he was still with the Rangers.

At shortstop, the two incumbents reigned again — the Marlins’ Hanley Ramirez and the Yankees’ Derek Jeter. This is the career fourth Silver Slugger for Jeter, whose selection must be considered anticlimactic. After all, he recently picked up the 2009 AL Hank Aaron Award, which recognized the top offensive performer in the entire league, not just at one position.

Quite a contrast at second base: While the Phillies’ Chase Utley received his fourth Silver Slugger, his AL counterpart is first-time winner Aaron Hill of the Blue Jays. This is deserved recognition for Hill’s comeback from a devastating concussion suffered early in the 2008 season, as well as for his 36 home runs and 108 RBIs.

Both catchers honored are Silver Slugger mainstays, taking home their third: The Braves’ Brian McCann may not have the notoriety of the Twins’ Joe Mauer — and for sure McCann never led his league in hitting — but now both own three Silver Sluggers.

The hot corner has turned a new corner: the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman and Evan Longoria of the Rays received their first Silver Sluggers at third base, making their position the only one with two first-time recipients. This dramatizes quite a youth movement at third base, where Zimmerman and Longoria averaged 24 years, 33 homers and 109 RBIs this season.

Of the six outfielders receiving Silver Sluggers, only one in each league added to his collection. In the AL, Ichiro Suzuki received his third. Torii Hunter of the Angels, who earlier this week picked up his ninth consecutive Gold Glove for fielding excellence, finally earned a Silver Slugger to go with it. Another overdue veteran, Boston’s Jason Bay, rounds out the AL outfield. Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun picked up his second straight Silver Slugger and was joined by a pair of first-time Dodgers: Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. That makes the Dodgers the only team other than the Yankees with two selections.

Yes it’s official congrats Kemp and Etheir for winnign the sliver slugger award and the first Dodgers OF since 1990.


We don’t no stinky 2nd baseman we have Young and Abreu but oh wait no we don’t we should give the job to Dewitt after what he has been through last year.

Doing well Trumom!! Thanks!! Congrats to Matt and Andre!!! Thanks Shad for the info!!

Thanks Shad for posting it! It made my day a lot brighter.

YW going to check out the Giants board I love to see them cry lol

Hard to believe just over a year ago, JoJo was benching them to play Pierre!!! LOL!!! Now he has to bench Manny to play Pierre.

Wow, gold glove and silver slugger for Kemp. Impressive. I’d just as soon see DeWitt at 2B. I think he’s a really good hitter, bordering on potentially great. Starting pitching, pitching, pitching. Was NOT addressed last winter…Ned claimed he could fix it mid-stream…tried to…couldn’t…Dodgers fell short of World Series again because of………..starting pitching. I have absolutely no answer. Halladay is a one-year rental that will cost the farm…Lackey will be over-priced…Garland and Wolf are a big yawn. At some point, the only way this team will get over the hump is for Billingsley and Kershaw to “arrive.” Cheapest, safest, sanest way to go. They either do or the team don’t.

Hi’Ya Kahli!! Excellent post and synopsis of our situation. Billz and Kersh’s developement is really the key to our future!!! Not sure Honeycutt is the right pitching coach however!!

LMAO, Jhall. Benching Manny for Pierre would make Bear a happy fella!

Thanks Beltran for getting hurt lol. Too bad Ned didn’t put no bonus for Kemp but this surely make up for the all stars game that Kemp totaled got screwed.

Billz needs to hang around Orel Hershiser this winter!!!

Oh man jhall the memory lol.

LOL Trumom!!!

Now it time for Kemp to break Jones consecutive streak of GG.

Ranks right up there with Schidt signings and Bombko pitching memories Shad!! LOL!!!

Oh my god I kenw Phillies fan was going to complaint about Ethier over Werth? Take a peek if you want to see lol. Did they forget about tha all stars game where Sandoval and Kemp were screwed?

blah @ the spelling typos.

Shad ~ I’m waiting for those Philly jerks to show up here to give us a hard time.

Sad part is, if we had a better management/ownership, we could be looking at a Ethier/Kemp/Werth outfield for the next 2-3 years.

LOL Trumom!! Unfortunately, the road to the World Series next year probably goes back thru Philly!! We are going to have to get better starting pitching to get past them. They’ve got Lee, and Hamels will be better. Sigh!!! Doesn’t give them license to be Jerk-Offs however.

WOOO HOOO!!!! Yeah Andre and Matt!!!!!!!!!!! The Dynamic Duo strikes again.

With Manny set to sit even MORE games in 2010 to rest his creaky knees, it becomes even more imperative to get a DEFENSIVE stud as the fourth outfielder. Paul or Repko fill the bill. JP doesn’t. Better yet, carry five outfielders, like most normal teams, and quit babying the pitching staff with seven relievers. Broxton, Sherrill and Kuo are your late crew, with Belisario, another lefty, and one more innings eater…………….along with some freaking starters who can go more than six innings and a manager/pitching coach who will allow such heresy.

You are probably right about having to go through Philly to get to the World Series, Jhall. I’m hoping with Atlanta’s pittching and maybe a few extras, they can knock them off. Then, again, we need some help if we are going to make it.

Congratulations to our Dynamic Duo!!! There sure are a bunch of very Happy Kempers and Ecstatic Ethieraholics!!!
Kahli, your comments posted at 5:15 are so right on. It was a puzzlement that Joe specifically announced that he wanted the starters to go at least 7 innings and then he constantly took them out in the sixth, and lots of times for no good reason. We had all of ONE complete game last season. That’s nothing shy of utterly ridiculous, again, in my opinion.

I think we are odds on favorites to win the west again next year if we just stand pat. That is, if the Giants don’t go out and get some hitting/offense. They have the pitching. I am not content just to win the west and divisional championship. It’s a fine consolation prize, but leaves things undone!!!!

I hear the Giants are going after a bat….perhaps Holliday or Bay. Of course, everything is speculation until they sign on the dotted line!

If the G’nats get some bats (they need a couple), they will be a force with their pitching.

I heard they are looking at Holliday and Bay as well, but money is an issue for them as well.

We are now 27 minutes ahead of real time.

5:23 pm, pst.

kahli, don’t you wish you could just snap your fingers and make it happen?

Here’s another eye-opener. I just posted I wanted Dodger starters to go a measly seven innings. Given 162 games divided by 5 starters, they each get 32.4 games….multiplied by seven innings per game, that gives a pitcher 226.8 innings at the end of a season. Guess how many major league pitcher equaled or eclipsed that mark? A grand total of seven: Verlander, Halladay, Hernandez, Wainwright, Sabathia, Greinke and Haren. That’s it! Closest Dodger pitcher? Surprisingly……Wolf with 214. I’m not a stats geek, but I am amazed.

Correction…throw Lee in there, as well.

Nice stats Kahli!! Thanks!! Pathetic but yes, amazing!!!

Kahli, I agree, those stats are eye openers but all they do is tell us how much we don’t like how the game has changed over the years in terms of how we measure performance and how a manager makes decisions.

Kahli – those stats are definitely eye-opening.

Hey all, wanted to thank everyone for the well-wishes earlier. A long day today, but a great present with the Dynamic Duo getting Silver Sluggers. Dre’s getting his bobblehead next year.

Northstateblues ~ I already have Andre’s Bobblehead Day reserved as a sick day if it lands on a school day 🙂 I am glad you had a good birthday.

When Andre has his bobblehead day, we ALL have wear ETHIERAHOLIC shirts!!! Would be awsome!!!

Happy Birthday, again, Northstateblues!

Happy Birthday North!!!!

So Jhall – Are you getting hit with the really cold weather yet?

Oh, and Jhall – I have a student who says they are moving to Columbus, Ohio in the next few weeks. I am guessing over the holiday break, but I thought “What a small world this really is.”

Greetings all! Happy BD 2 U North!!! Great song back on the last thread, BTW!

My congrats to Hudson and Kemp and Kemp and Ethier! Well-deserved all. The scarey thing is that Kemp and Ethier could both be better next year.

And they’re going to have to be better, because I’m getting used to the idea now that we’re doing virtually nothing of interest in the off-season. Oh, we’ll sign our kids in arbitration and a bunch of dumpster-diving rejects from other teams. Walmart shoppers, that’s us.

LOL Dodgereric!!!! Walmart might be aiming high perhaps 🙂

Oh, Walmart is plenty low. Have you been to one of my new favorite sites lately?

LMAO!!!! Yes, you have given some of us the priveledge of seeing your newly found favorite site lately 🙂

LMAO!! I am trying to get passed the first one – LOL!!!!!

Some of these are just yuck, yuck and yuck!!!!! ……………but LMAO funny too!!!!!

I’ve been stuck in Submission Land for about 30 minutes now after making all of 2 comments. Maybe it’s a way of the server to keep us from another one of those 2000 posts days.

That happened to me last night after one comment. So, I know how you feel. Oh, the memories of those 2,000 post days.

Make you think if we did have Werth/Kemp/Ethier would we even have Pierre/Werth platoon lol. LaRoche and Morris would still be here. I want to know who the 2 person that what we got for the Young traded and it look like Ned forgot about this trade lol. BTW Happy Belated Bday North.

Happy TGIF, ITDland!!!!

Good Friday All!
I am so proud of all Hudson, Ethier & Kemp. Kemp pulled a double. That is so awsome. The others Dodgers to ever pulled a double like Kemp were Russel Marting (Yey!) and Dusty Baker back in ’81. Well talking about Dusty, Riverside just dedicated a park to him, Andulka Park. Well he was born in Riverside. Well I live in Riverside and do go to that park alot for my girl’s soccer practice. Did not attend the dedication due to conflict of schedule but I did see his plaque on the wall of the Snack bar building. Of course he is wearing his Dodger Blue uniform. Read below for the dedication!

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