Kershaw to start Game 1 (and more)

Clayton will take the mound tomorrow to open up. Game 2 starter still TBA.


Rotation will be Kershaw, Padilla, Kuroda, Wolf

Tomorrow’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Belliard, 2B

Martin, C

Kershaw, P


Okay Josh – you scooped me – LOL!!!! (jk) Now, this is going to be good. LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to see Kershaw on the mound for Game 1. He has been solid all year. Go Dodgers!

Crash nice quotes from Stengel……………….
Here is one from me…………
I have faith in anyone we trot to the mound as long as their fastball is low and on the corners, their offspeed stuff has movement across the plate, and they have the durability to finish a game.
GO GET EM KERSHAW….and….CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who?

“My family was so poor that if I hadn’t been born a boy, I wouldn’t of had anything to play with.”

As I suggested on the previous thread, Kershaw will pitch game one. If Joe is really listening to what I’m suggesting, that’s scary, because most of the time I don’t know what I’m talking about. Having said that, I hope that Kersh really comes through for us – it would put him in a whole new phase of development.

George Carlin?

George Goebel??

Nope! Here’s another.

“The other day I came home and a guy was jogging, naked. I asked him, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Because you came home early.'”

Oh, and bear – Torre can’t POSSIBLY be listening to us.

Googled it and darn….. I missed it 😦

I was making love to this girl and she started crying I said, ‘Are you going to hate yourself in the morning?’ She said, ‘No, I hate myself now.’

Hey Eric, It has to be Rodney Dangerfield…that last one gave it away!

Glad to see Kersh get the nod for game one.
I can say I’ve really been entertained these past few days with all of the fantastic information I have absored.

Congratulations to Clayton. Good Luck to our Dodgers.

Anybody seen a roster?

On the nosey, scott! He kills me. Here’s some more.

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No roster yet. But the rotation and game 1 lineup just out from DodgertownUSA’s twitter:
rotation is Kershaw, Padilla, Kuroda and Wolf
Furcal – SS, Ethier – RF, Ramirez – LF, Kemp – CF, Blake – 3B, Loney – 1B, Belliard – 2B, Martin – C, Kershaw – P
Interesting to see Padilla as Game 2 starter rather than Wolf.

Whoops – I would have known those if I saw Josh’s update up top.

LOL, Crash! I just saw it too!

I have confirmation that Scott Elbert is on his way to LA from Camelback Ranch in AZ and he will be on the roster.

Assuming that Garland is removed from the roster to make room for Kuroda, who would be removed to make room for Elbert? Troncoso? Weaver?

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LMTO, D4life!!

LMAO, Dodger4life!

Answer the riddle????
1. A man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water. The bartender draws a gun from under the counter and points it at the man. The man says, “Thank you” and leaves the bar. Explain.

2. A bus driver was heading down a street in Colorado. He went right past a stop sign without stopping, he turned left where there was a “no left turn” sign, and he went the wrong way on a one-way street. Then he went on the left side of the road past a cop car. Still – he didn’t break any traffic laws. Why not?

3. What falls and doesn’t break? What breaks and doesn’t fall?

2. he’s walking
3. hearts break, but don’t fall?

2 is correct scott…3 may be also but different answer…
My apologies to whomever it may concern but………………..
This just made me laugh!!!

1 ~ he had the hiccups
3 ~ Night falls and day breaks

well that settles the pitching rotation prognostication. I like it. Bilz? I like the batting order, I like the dodgers and Doger4 life, that was funny (the joke), just one more day till Dodger Ball!

Congratulations Kershaw!
I was surprised to see Padilla instead of Wolf getting the second game.
I am going to ask those on the train tongiht. Thanks!
Time for me to leave now.

My guess is Elbert for Troncoso (kid righty vs. kid lefty). With Garland left off, I’m sure Torre wants another long man besides Billingsley. Weaver has experience and he’s a gamer. Surprised Joe would let Ethier hit #2 against a lefty. But I’m not second-guessing Joe. He’s managed beautifully so far.

Yikes! Interesting time to split up. Sorry to hear this.,0,213794.story


May I say…

That the McCourts…

Make Heidi and Spencer of “The Hills” (which I don’t watch and know only from the talk show monologues) look like King Arthur and Queen Guinivere.

Have the common sense, in letting this slip tonight, of Peter Griffin pushing the giant red button that says “DO NOT PUSH”, only to get kicked in the groin.

Here’s to hoping they can play nice until they find another buyer for the team.

And also, here’s hoping the next owners are also Irish. We’ve had good luck with Irish owners.

The McCourts: Stealing the spotlight from the possible Torre/Mattingly/Manny to the Bronx scenario in a way only they can.

… Just when I was starting to think they actually were getting their act together… hard to argue with 3 October trips in 5 years.

On that note, I’ll now give them the “privacy” they so kindly asked for IN THEIR PRESS RELEASE

We got the opponent I think most of us wanted. A chance to knock the king off his throne and some sweet payback at the same time. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from Phan this next week. I have no problem with Kershaw as the Game 1 starter although I’m a bit surprised Torre didn’t go with a veteran. Our starting pitching is going to be the key for us in this series. With our bullpen, if our starters can keep us in games, we’ve got a damn good chance to win this thing and move on. Let the games begin!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

The McCourts won’t have much privacy once everybody know about their separation, North, will they?

And, you are right, North, about them stealing the spotlight. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have made the announcement after we win the World Series.

A peculiar time for the McCourts to announce their separation. Doubtlessly, another “all about me” moment.

Hi’Ya Dad/Chevelle!! Sad indeed. Seems like an inopportune time to bring it up. Same with JoJo and not planning to come back after next season. Our team is playing great baseball and now ownership and management decide to open their yaps!!! Geez!!!!! Couldn’t it all have waited two freaking weeks!!!

Jhall ~ Typical Hollywood, isn’t it?!

I agree that the starters need to keep the score in our favor, although this season has been outstanding from everyone at times…..Belisario, Troncoso, Mota and let’s not forget the only complete game thrown by Stults. At the beginning of the season the pitching staff was keeping the ball on the ground and in the ballpark with good movement and by hitting their spots. If we can’t do that at the seasons end well then something is wrong. Rested….. forget rested, this is where durability and determination….. meet heart and the willpower to succeed….Weaver has been dependable this season, showing guts to get out of tough situations, some his some not. Padilla is unbeaten, with a good chance at ending that way. Kuroda is a veteran who wants to excel in MLB and
( Bring a Ring.) Billingsley has the stuff…… lest not forget that…. he can be a pivotal point for us, either way, starter or bull pen.
Sherrill and Brox what can I say. When these two intensify their focus on getting the job done…They do!!!! Good preparation from our closers is needed, be ready for the call.
I see no reason as to why we shouldn’t be enthusiastic about this group of hurlers. Just remain in good rhythm gentlemen and continue towards the goal 🙂

I need to ponder as to my thoughts on offense…..They are positive though…I’ll be back 🙂
GO DODGERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, why may I ask would this have to come to light now? The day before the Dodgers begin this series. This was no accident, like all the other leaks that have happened this season. I am sure there is a reason, and I am sure the fans will be the last to know as always. All we want is for the Dodgers to play their hearts out this series and get the chance to go to the big dance and bring the ring to LA…………………………………..the real LA team!!!

You read my mind again Trumom!!! We must be related!! LOL!! I’d almost bet Jamie’s lawyers told her to get out while the team has the most value. This will almost certainly force a sale of the team.

BonJour Nelle’!!! Great post and I agree!!!

Jhall ~ I just hope if the team is sold, it doesn’t become a fiasco like the Padres……getting rid of everything valuable!

How hard would it have been for them to say “No Comment”?

Hoity-toity Boston socialite bs.

In hindsight, now we know why there were two houses purchased in Malibu…

The sale of the team to better owners is a good thing. The timing of these items s*cks!!! I think our boys have championship on their minds and will not let this effect them!!!!

Man this is better than the daytimes soaps…….what shall we call it……… about as the baseball turns…..

LOL D4!!! The vain and the greedy!!!

Malibu Blues…….

Good Evening to you too Jhall. It seems like we are all on the same page here. All the comments so far have the same message…………………….Why in the hell is this being brought up now? I think you are right jhall. If anything, this will make them fight even harder,but I think they were ready to fight hard anyway. This timing, like you say, really sucks!!

Didn’t think about that, north.

I’m trying not to get too flip about a separation. They suck. They don’t have kids, do they?

Right now, all I can think about is the fire sale the Pads went through. I swear, if that happens here……

Northstateblues – The two houses in Malibu, hmmmmm – lol!!!!!

I doubt if this is news to the inner workings of the club. You don’t just wake up and say….. I think I will call the media and announce my hardships. I am sure they had some pull in asking for this to come out now, where it will dissipate in a day or two for the games. I do hope that the teams future is put ahead of theirs, in saying that what transpires from here forward adds to the legacy of the McCourts and the Dodgers.

A fire sale would suck dodgereric!

Good point D4!!

Tie up our team in litigation, and crazy things happen!!!!

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

Ironic that I was researching John Wooden quotes earlier.

I sincerely hope there will be no fire sale. Being involved in the business aspect of the team, I doubt Jamie would do that to our team. Would look horrid on her resume.

I wonder if a certain ex-owner who is still in contact with the team would be interested in forming a group…

Nah. But I can dream.

And we thought the impending Shad-Phan blog battle was going to be the highlight!! LOL!!!

North, now that Rush Limbaugh got rejected by the NFL, he might play for the Dodgers!!!

I wonder if Tiger is interested???I kind of like his competiveness and desire to win…along with what North said…. and bring back football with it.

LMAO Wally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, let’s get Tiger!!!

It’s going to get interesting Nelly!!! Sit back and enjoy the fireworks. Don’t Engage!!!! :))

The couple, married since 1979, has four grown sons.

During the Dodgers’ division series sweep of St. Louis, the McCourts didn’t sit together in the owner’s box behind home plate. She sat in the first row and he was in the third, often next to former Dodgers manager Tom Lasorda.

I won’t if you won’t Jhall – LOL!!!! Nah………….it won’t be me this time around.

Thanks Dad!! LOL!!

Jhall, I shudder to think of the hordes of protesters alongside the gates to the Stadium… would give a whole new meaning to the term Dodgers.

He should’ve learned from Dubya and became a sports owner BEFORE dabbling in politics. Once you’ve opened your mouth, you’ve already got half the country who’s made up their mind about you.

And the last thing baseball would want is what they’d view as a male Marge Schott… and the last thing L.A. Sports Fans want is another Missouri blowhard. At least he wouldn’t be able to move them to Missouri, they have their bases covered with their two teams…

The scroller on ESPN says the Dodgers estimated worth is $766 mil. Half of that is ………. most likely more than he has.

More importantly…………………What’s going to happen to the LA Marathon now? – LOL!!!!!!

LMAO North!! Outstanding post my friend!!! You’re right, I feel somewhat relieved!!!

Eric, not to mention the television rights…

Oh, wait.

LMAO!!!!!!!!! Very good Northstateblues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie knew where to park her car!!!!

Rosenboob is checking in. Excerpts:

“The divorce will not be amicable, one source said…..

“They’ve already ‘lawyered’ up,” the source said. “They’re trashing each other terribly. It’s going to be World War III.”

At stake: The future of the Dodgers, a team valued at $722 million [Oops, guess I must have misread that] by Forbes magazine. In May 2009, the couple’s estimated net worth was $1.29 billion, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Any uncertainty in the team’s future ownership could be resolved if one McCourt buys out the other. Jamie McCourt would be better positioned to make such a move, sources say.

Any uncertainty in the team’s future ownership could be resolved if one McCourt buys out the other. Jamie McCourt would be better positioned to make such a move, sources say.

It is not known whether a pre- or post-nuptial agreement exists between Frank and Jamie McCourt that would allow for an orderly ownership transition.”,-wife-heading-for-divorce

Dad, you never cease to amaze me!!!! Thanks and LOL!!!

As a life-long LA Rams fan (until, well, you know), I’m not real pleased with the prospect of a woman owner.

Wow, did he fart and pull the covers over her head?

Yeesh, I didn’t realize I double-pasted that paragraph about Jamie. Guess I was in shock.

Boy, you are just finding out all kinds of information tonight. Thanks for the info Ward Dear!!!!! It’s most likely going to be just more craziness and a whole heck of a lot of drama. Like the Dodgers need more drama – geez!!!!! Well, this will definitely lead to more material for a dearly beloved Enchanted and the rest of the song writers on ITD.



Oh goodness – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care gang!!! Gotta rack it for the night. Catch you all down the road, thanks for the laughs!!! Escelsior True Believers!!!!

See ya jhall……………Love Stinks!!!! LOL!!

Good Night Jhall/Wally!!!!!! Always a pleasure talking to you my friend. Take Care and Sweet Dodger Dreams!!!!

Jhall/son, get some rest. It’s war tomorrow!

How about some more reading about our Dynamic Duo…………….can’t get enough of these two lately.

visit my blog and support me/my blog!

Well Junie, you know what they say about the sincerest form of flattery…..

I gotta hit it. Junie, D4 (if you’re still hanging around) and anyone else out there just reading, it’s time for some shuteye.

Let’s go, Big Blue! Eight more!

REVENGE!!! Now we’re cooking!

Good Night and God Bless to you and yours…. Eric
8 more…………I agree!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:17 and you are going to bed – LOL!!! (jk) Good Night Ward Dear………………….take care and as always, God Bless to you and your family.

‘Night Jhall…

[Note: This rambling has been typed over almost half an hour. But I do want to say: I’m not trying to be negative, just remembering the past, and acknowledging the mostly-paranoid twinges I feel reading this news that I felt back when the NFL teams pulled up the stakes and left L.A. I don’t actually believe that Our 2012 Boston Dodgers will be taking the field because of the rumblings happening tonight, and am especially distrusting of Rosenthal. Tomorrow, this is all forgotten, and hopefully the bats take it out on our foes the rest of the year. But just writing what I feel at the moment. Feel free to skip this if you don’t want to get off track from the exciting Postseason Baseball to come in the NLCS.]

This whole thing’s got me so irritated, when I saw Eric type “It’s war tomorrow.” to Jhall, I couldn’t remember immediately why.

Even if it the shock dulls, this affects the longview beyond anything that happens in the next month, and worst case scenario, any fire sale would render the potential we know the team on the field in future generations that is felt by my father when he tells me of how great an owner Rosenbloom was and the potential the Rams had before his passing, my only rememberence of that being their Super Bowl appearance in ’79 and remembering as a kid how odd it was that Eric Dickerson wasn’t a Ram anymore after knowing he was one of the greatest in the sport at the beginning of his career.

I miss the Rams, even though I wasn’t that old when they moved away. The only insult greater than seeing those colors in St. Louis was seeing her change the colors to Millenium Gold and Who-Gives-A-[blank]-Blue… though it made the disconnect easier, since they looked so different. It was like the Real Rams ceased to exist once they won the Super Bowl. The Titans failed to run out that last half-yard, and POOF. No more Rams. That’s when the “Rams” died to me, and there was just “St. Louis”. Those Blue-and-Yellow jerseys-held-hostage refused to recognize it, and head-slapped itself in a blaze of hara kiri. “Not anywhere but L.A.” . The Super Bowl champions were no longer the Rams, they were “Super Bowl Champion St. Louis”.

I hoped that my Raiders would make ’em pay back in ’01, but then the NFL Refs blew the dust off the obuscure rules section of the Rulebook, and gave birth to Tom Brady, who would have been an (pardon the graphic term) abortion, the Pats likely opting to hold on to their established vet QB Bledsoe.

(Yes, you can thank the Oakland Raiders for the snotty headache known as Tom Brady if you root for one of the other 31 teams in the league)

This past weekend, when St. Louis broke out the Blue-and-Yellow throwbacks this weekend, I felt a tinge of excitement, the same when I open the Bristol Shop magazine and see the blue #29 Eric Dickerson throwback. But it quickly dissipated when A.) I remembered the Rams are almost as bad as the Raiders, and B.) I realized that, even though that Dickerson jersey was from a bygone era, at least it was true, not that lie in St. Louis playing on FakeyTurf.

Yes, I do realize that I’m slippery slope-ing my way into Paranoid Delusion Land (Definition of Paranoid Delusion Land: The place SoCal Baseball fans go in Orange County while fooling themselves into believing a rat didn’t try to eat their hot dog first), and that in the wee hours of the night, our best source of information is Rosenthal, who turns whispers at the urinals in the Winter Meetings into “CC Sabathia Is About To Be A Dodger” headlines. I’m not intending on saying this will happen to our team. (Really, “World War III”, Rosenthal? What a hack).

Yet, I do hold the hope that future generations don’t get the feeling I get from seeing Rams #29 when looking at a current Dodgers jersey in future throwback sections of catalogs. The promise of a fruitful future ruined by the pocketbook taking precedence over the product on the field.

Because, with all due respect, fans don’t root for the suits. They root for the teams on the field. They don’t buy Lakers jerseys because they like Dr. Buss. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna have to lament over the loss of attatchment to another set of laundry should they end up somewhere like Boston (Yes, I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaay out on a limb here, but admit it… they do have the “B” cap in their collection, a nice classic feel to it…. no, must not imagine….). Or even if they end up like the Bad News Bears squad that was fielded in Petco Park this year.

Northstateblues – you bring up some very scary thoughts and ones we shouldn’t have to think about, but I am sure the Brooklyn fans never thought the Dodgers would leave and the Rams fans never thought they would be without the Rams in Los Angeles. Just being a Dodger fan these day we have learned that anything can happen and nothing is impossible.

On a side note to your story. My hubby has a football signed by Eric Dickerson. He went to SMU the same time my sister-in-law went there, and when he came back to speak to the team, she got a ball signed from him during his rookie year.

Thanks for the article Nelly…This team has some new faces, quite a few…. The starting position players are relatively the same except Belli and Hudson…..Both improvements. I agree that Matt needs to have a keen sense of where the strike zone is….he is a far better hitter when he sees the ball clearly. Andre has been Mr. Clutch all season, not to say the pressure is on him to be Mr. Rocktober. I am just stating the mindset he approaches the game with, and when stays patient and within himself, the ability he possesses to endure and overcome. Manny has been doing the little things on offense as well, it is just a matter of time before bigger and better things follow. Russell it’s been a different and difficult season for him altogether. He has been our captain though through it all. Alway’s willing to mix it up and fight for his comrades…..I expect him to be battle ready, with an attitude, and something to prove. Russell possesses the the ability. James and that keen eye of his will make a pitcher work to get past him and has power when they don’t….Go Get Em James!!
The veterens in Furcal ( whom I shall say, it all starts with ) Blake, Belliard, Hudson, Loretta, Thome, Ausmus and who can forget Pierre will most likely get some big time opportunities in the series and I have faith they will shine on…….Hitting was contagious earlier in the year, not wanting to be the black sheep and be left out of the crowd…..These guys put the bats together and ignited a spark, that continued to burn on down the line up, and get runners across the plate.
Last season I thought that the Phillies were an excellent ballclub and took advantage of their opportunities. They dug some tough pitches out for hits and continued to scrap until we made a mistake on the mound which they were able to capitalize on big time.
This year it is different………… The series starts in our house. The Magic Castle, and we will be prepared to take advantage of this surrounding. Our fans will be dressed in Dodger Blue waving the cool scented towels…………The place will be electric and noise levels jubilating……Every ounce of energy will be focused on Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue and they will sense it and welcome it’s arrival with jubiliant energy of their own…………….
Man I hope I sleep tonight………..JK…I will dream peacefully, as I share this season with many more dreamers just like me, 25 of them will be lacing them up later today and representing that Dodger name across their chest, just as many of the beloved brethren have before them. And countless millions will be there to share in the joy………Okay I better go to sleep now………….8 more games and the dream is ours…..
Until then…………….Dont Worry About A Thing and Bring the Ring To L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!

Probably the reason Martin stink this year. I surely hope Martin can do better than 2/17 against the Philly in last NLCS.

What was Torre thinking about putting Martin in the clean up spot against the Phillies last year? I like Dewitt but come on Dewitt should’ve even been up last year and only because of injuries was the cause of it. I still think Kent should’ve protected Manny in that series regardless or Manny protected Kent last year. It surely would’ve had avoid Martin in the clean up spot. I surely hope Furcal got those errors in last year series done with. I still can’t believe he made 3 errors in one innings when Maddux was pitching game 5.

Game 1st, 3rd, 5th batting 4th
Game 2nd and 4th batting 2nd

Same teams, but who’s better now?

I think the title should be same team but b oth team has improved.

Ready for the distraction?
The news broke that Jamie and Frank are now separated.
Maybe I’ll get my wish that Frank will have to sell the team.
Unfortunately it can’t bode well for establishing any kind of stability for the franchise while the finances get worked out if the situation goes on to a divorce.

The Times story from last night’s announcement of the McCourt’s separation has been expanded. Excerpts:

Marshall Grossman, the attorney for Frank McCourt, said the couple has not filed for divorce. Grossman also said Frank McCourt is the sole owner of the franchise and is registered as such with Major League Baseball.

“Frank McCourt is the owner of the team. He has always been the owner of the team,” Grossman said. “There should be no change at all with respect to anything the public is used to.”

Grossman said Jamie McCourt remained the Dodgers’ chief executive officer for now but could not say whether that would continue.

“That is up to the Dodgers organization,” Grossman said.

The attorney representing Jamie McCourt, Dennis Wasser, could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday night.

Grossman said there was “not a chance” that the team would be put up for sale. “Speculation about a potential sale of the team is rubbish. Frank McCourt is the sole owner. He has absolutely no intention of selling this team now or ever.”

He did not expect a legal battle over the team.

“This is not going to be another San Diego-like debacle,” Grossman said, referring to Moores’ sale of the Padres.

Ron Rale, a partner at Trope & Trope, a family law firm that handles many high-profile divorces for wealthy Angelenos, said ……… that the couple could decide to continue as partners in the team, but that would be a rare choice for former spouses.

“Typically, they don’t want to be partners in life anymore and they certainly don’t want to be partners in business,” he said.

Alternatively, one of the McCourts could try to buy the other out.

“And if they don’t have the ability to do that, that’s when a sale could happen,” he said.

In its annual report on baseball’s finances, Forbes earlier this year estimated the Dodgers’ value at $722 million.

One highly placed baseball source, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation, said major league officials do not believe either spouse could afford to buy out the other and still maintain a financial reserve sufficient to run the club without taking on financial partners.

If the McCourts cannot resolve the issue, they could sell the club and split the proceeds.

After Becky Moores filed for divorce last year, the Padres slashed their payroll for this season.

The team was sold to former Arizona Diamondbacks chief executive Jeff Moorad, who imported his own club president from the team and fired 13 front-office employees in July.,0,1268302,full.story
OK. I hate to see anyone’s marriage end. I’m a product of one of those myself. Having said that, the only thing I’m concerned about here is my Dodgers. That’s right, MY DODGERS. I’m sure you all feel the same. Owners come and go, but we’re here to stay.

So on one hand, we have a lawyer telling us “All is well”. Like Kevin Bacon in Animal House. One the other hand, we have reality. I agree with Ron Rale.
1 – No way do they both stay with the team.
2 – No way does Frank have $361 million.
3 – They’re probably upside down on those 4 mansions. For those of you unfamiliar with the bad part of real estate, that means the houses aren’t worth as much as they owe on them.

What happens this off-season at arbitration time? Whose money are they going to use to give our guys the raises they deserve?

Where have you gone, Peter O’Malley?
The Dodger Nation turns its eyes to you
We are screwed
What’s that you say, Peter O’Malley?
Fam’ly own-er-ship has gone away
Sad to say
Our dismay

I said it before and I’ll say it again…we get 100,000 die hard fans, each put up $8000, and we buy the Dodgers for 800 million. Frank and Jamie can make a profit and go far, far away with their pathetic passion play. Hell, I’ll put up $8001 so i can become4 majority owner. We’ve already got put team in place. Remember, I got dibs on Aesthetic Coordinator.

It sounds like a great plan to me, guys! I keep having the vision, if Jamie becomes the owner, of Major League. Will we have to put a Stand-up photo of her in the locker room?

I’m already stuck in a time warp and it’s early in the morning…..Nellyjune does have the list of jobs.
We cannot forget Erica Durance, Dodgereric!

I’d put up $8001 too if I can personally FIRE NED.

I guess have to I’ll paint my Chevelle Dodger Blue and use it for my share.

messagebear, yes, fire away Who was in line for GM? I know eric wants to be manager. Was it enchanted? Who else might you have in mind? Rush Limbaugh? If so, I resign as Aesthetic Coordinator and will become a Gnats fan!

Yeah kahli, enchanted’s the GM. I think Junie has a list filed away somewhere shows all the jobs spoken for.

And don’t forget – Erica Durance is my bench coach.

POWER ////////////// COUPLE?

Is that why enchanted is planning a move to the LA area?

If I seem distracted during the games, well ………. I will be. 🙂

Hey, I didn’t think about that kahli! Coincidence? I think NOT! LOL!!!

I thought the roster had to be submitted yesterday, but I guess it’s today. Last night Gurnick said that Garland’s off the roster to make room for Kuroda. It’s the only change.

You’re right, messagebear…it’s all coming together!!!! Enchanted…errrr GM….WHERE ARE YOU??????

Oh and let’s kick Hamels’ little behind back to north San Diego county!!!!!

Some of our players have a touch of the flu. Please don’t let it spread through the entire team. Weaver, for one, has it.

Maybe Weaver can sneeze on Cliff Lee.

LOL, Kahli….that would be a good thing!!!

Good morning all! I can’t wait for today’s game! Unfortunately I won’t be home for the game, but will be keeping up on my cell phone. I just looked at ESPN’s initial predictions at the start of the playoffs. So far 8 of their people are wrong with the Cards and Sox, and the rest of them will be wrong when the Yanks lose! Nobody picked the Dodgers or Angels, so if there’s a freeway series, it will be great to hear them eat crow!

For the love of gosh I hope Kemp have a good series and Martin is hitting than that pathetic 2/17 in last year NLCS.

Since California is a community property state, what will happen to the Dodgers???
Frank?s half
Ned Colletti
Stan Conte
Joe Torre
Curacao Cow?s salary
Guillermo Mota
Jason Schmidt
Juan Pierre
Russell Martin
Hong Chi Kuo
Casey Blake
Ronnie Belliard
Mark Loretta
Jose Castro
Eric Milton
Eric Stults
Jon Garland
Charlie Haeger
Jeff Weaver
Monkey Whiskers
Will Ohman
Jim Thome
Jamie?s half
Every Day Dre
Kim Ng
Logan White
Donnie Baseball
Matt Kemp
Jonathan Broxton
Clayton Kershaw
Chad Billingsley
George Sherrill
AJ Ellis
Brad Ausmus
Randy Wolf
Hiroki Kuroda (and his translator)
Vicente Padilla
James McDonald
Blake DeWitt
Chin Lung Hu
Travis Schlichting
Xavier Paul
Lasorda (gets split down the middle and bleeds Dodger Blue)

I think Martin and Kemp had the flu in that Cards series.

LOL crash! Awesome!!

Crash ~ I think in California, one of the divorcees gets everything and the other gets the shaft!

Two houses in Malibu
Dodger Stadium
Camelback Ranch
Two apartments in Van Nuys
Vero Beach

Rod Stewart recently said that he’s never getting married again. If he gets the impulse, he’s just going to give a house to some woman he doesn’t like.

LMAO!!!! CRASH………………

I’m guessing that crash believes Jamie has the upper hand??

I’m glad Myers isn’t starting any of these game I remember he had 3 rbi’s on us.

Dodger4life: Let’s just say that after Frank hired Ned, that there is no way possible that Jamie can be dumber than Frank!


Go for the jugular, Jamie!!!
Remember, Cash is King. Don’t settle for his real estate or for part of the team. Make him sell. It’ll make you feel better to break the bast***.

It’s obvious enough why Elbert was included and there is really no way to exclude Billz if you hope to rely on him in the coming years. I hate to see Weaver off the roster, though. Was it his flu symptoms?

Will Joe stick with Martin even though he’s got the flu? It sure is nice to have a solid backup in Ausmus.

Sorry……………been busy today. I do have the list somewhere. Let me check, and I will get back to you on that.

Well Martin should of NOT be going into the jacuzzi…no shirt and it was probably cold…and who knows maybe KEMP took the picture…LOL No Just Kidding, Frank took the picture…LOL still kidding…Well hope both Martin & Kemp are feeling a little bit better. But if they are down, please let others with full energy play. This is the NL Champs we are dealing with here. I hope that it all goes well with the Dodger franchise and may the best Man or Woman win the Dodger ownership battle. But we will worry about that after the World Series…GOOOOOOO DODGERS!
Game 1 tonight…..I GOT A FEELING! We will keep repeating our wins….GOOD LUCK KERSH I hope you get your win 1st win tonight. LET’S GO DODGERS!

I guess have to I’ll paint my Chevelle Dodger Blue and use it for my share.

By dodgereric on October 15, 2009 8:37 AM
My Chevelle? I thought it was “our” Chevelle – (jk) – LOL!!!!

Weaver must be too sick. I’d rather see him in a clutch situation than Troncoso. Maybe Lasorda can get 25 of his closest, richest friends to help him buy the Dodgers……that is if we can’t round up the 100,000 people needed for ITD to buy the team.

Less than four hours to Dodger Baseball. Go Kershaw!! Go Dodgers!!!

Tiger should buy them …..he has been seen sporting the Dodger Blue and has the ability to generate plenty of income in the years ahead. I am sure he would have to have someone run the day to day for him…….Jamie should make the call.

With Weaver out, Bills should become the long man…. right???
I must say though Weaver has been pretty darn good for us this season.
I wonder if we will see a repeat of the bean ball wars???
If so having Chad, may be a big bonus, call me crazy but he does have some awesome stuff.

Padilla has no problem protecting the hitter and after his removal we shall have the arm of Bills to relieve him, was my line of thinking…..It may make the Phillies want to avoid the subject altogether, we win that battle of removing starters I think.

This is the day we have been waiting for, so bring it on.
The McAborts”separation”, must of been leaked by some Phillie Phanatic, I can’t see any possible positive Pro-Dodgers reason to keep this “private” news from being so public just before the NLCS starts. I think Joe and the D-boys can ignore it for the next couple of weeks and just play solid execution of their best baseball. You know what I am talking about, control pitching, patient ABs, great defense, no mental mistakes, hustle and hit. Kid-K is in a new situation, I trust he has ice water in his veins, if he walks many, I know he doesn’t and that would be his undoing. Im OK with the pitching match-ups, really looking forward to all of it, kuroda vs. Lee really intrigues me. If any of our Dodgers gets thrown at in Game one, we have Padilla the enforcer to throw in game 2. Broxton can’t do that going for a save. Lets Go Dodgers! GO! GO! GO!
Oh yes I have my Koufax picture proudly watching the game with me!

Now, this is the list I had. I am thinking there is a more extensive list somewhere, probably on my home computer, but at least this is a start. I know somewhere along the line I became EnchantedGM’s secretary. Sorry for the delay………….I had an art filled day 🙂

GM – enchanted
Manager – Dodgereric
Trainer – jhall
Bench Coach – sara ( and Erica Durance)
Head Bat Girl – cpompe/CP
Head of Security – Scott (assts – Jessica, Angelina and Halle)
Aesthetics Coordinator – kpookimon/Kahli
ITD Merchandizer – trublu
ITD Activities Director/Spanish Translator – dodgersrule
Royal Usher/ITD Video Choreographer – Dodger4life
Groundskeeper – Diggie/Sparkleplenty
Team Artist – northstateblues
Chief Garbage Removal Engineer (unruly Fans) – dcollins
Team Psychologist – Obi (appointed)
ITD On-Site Event Reporter – Emma/crzblue
Team Mom/CEO ETHIERAHOLICS/ITD Historian – dnelly/June Darlin’
Team nurse – xoxrussell
massage therapist – bluecrewgirl
Community/Media Relations – Jeanette
Director, Hospitality and Ambassador Program – Amy
Scorekeeper and Assistant Trainer – Biddyboo ?
Director of Concessions – Max Power (appointed)
Team Photographer – acardona

D4life – I have to disagree with you there. In last year’s NLCS, Chad would not protect his hitters. That job was left to Kuroda. Remember the “Cryin’ Hawaiian” incident?

Hello ITDers!
just came back from a flu shot.
Weaver is out?? why??
Well I am off to the stadium once I finish getting my stuff ready so rooot rooot here and I’ll rooot root there.
I am excited and nervous like I usually get.

Hi Emma – I got my flu shot today, too. So, just in case, I’m available if the team needs me 🙂

Uh oh – time warping issues are causing problems. Looking back to D4life and Koufax comments – Padilla has been an excellent addition to the team. With his history, the Phillies will always have that little thought in the back of their minds – what is Vicente going to do next?

150 minutes until we start winning the NLCS!!

150 beers on the wall, take one down, drink it down….149 beers on the wall…

Stop blaming Chad for that. Sorry but it not worth it.

Ouch Garland suck vs the Philly no wonder he was left off.

Sigh they have to be a job for me lol

Hiya Everybody
I won’t be posting during the game tonight as I am meeting Truebluewill, on 23rd St and 8th Manhattan, to watch the game together at a restaurant in Manhattan.
I hope Kersh has his “A” game tonight against the Phillies.

Tru it is time to put the margarita’s in the ice box…..
Dodger baseball coming soon…………

So… the anticipation builds for the start of a tough series. It’ll depend on how well the Kid does, and it surely does not take a genius to come to that conclusion. Listening to his interviews you’d think it was an older person. Torre and Honeycutt must think it’s his time to step up.

Dodger4life ~ I ran out of margarita mix! Help!!!! lol

I can help you put the heavy grocery bag (full of tequila, ice and mix ) in the trunk if needed…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Shad – How about ITD Editor?

LMAO, Dodger4life!!!! We will wait until this weekends game and then we will have our margaritas!!
Shad could also be our ITD Scout…..he’s into stats and keeps track of those things.

Perfect 🙂


Shad – How about Dodger Stadium Attendance Statistician?

ITD launguage interpeter

* ITD language interpeter in charge of all foriegn aspects of publicity.

* interpreter…I think…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darn spell check!!!!!!!!!!
help me out here, someone please……

Interpreter sounds good to me! lol

Shad maybe you have something in mind????

Enchanted could use a special advisor to the GM

Shad could be Enchanted/GM’s body guard.

Hello Everyone. I haven’t posted in like a million years.
Great night for wining some baseball 🙂 I can’t wait to watch it!
Nelly- I just want to say that I am honored to still be on the ITD Staff 🙂 I saw your list and it make me smile. It’s good to know I am still family around here!
I hope all is well!

So great to see you back here, Amy. You were a huge part of getting our ITD Staff in place.

Sure Nelly.


lol my mind is empty at the minute lol. Yeah Dodger Stadium Attendance Statistician sound prefect.

Hi Gang,
That was pretty surprising news about the McCourts separation. The thing I don’t understand is why they announced it now. They couldn’t wait another 3 weeks until the season ended? I know there has been some doom and gloom about the Dodgers’ future if the McCourts go through a nasty divorce. The Dodgers have been in the National League for 120 seasons and had a lot of wacky things happen to them, on and off the field, and always seem to turn around adversity and wind up on top. So tonight I’m not going to worry about that. I’m going to watch the game together with oldbrooklynfan and the east coast Dodger fans are going to root hard for our boys in blue. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

Tale of the Tape: Game 1
Cole Hamels
Clayton Kershaw
Dodgers2009 Regular Season
Overall: 32 GS, 10-11, 4.32 ERA, 43 BB, 168 K Overall: 31 G, 30 GS, 8-8, 2.79 ERA, 91 BB, 185 K Key stat: 3.9 K/BB, fifth-best in NL Key stat: Allowed 7 HR all year Postseason
Career: 7 GS, 4-2, 2.70 Career: 3 G, 1 GS, 0-0, 3.12 AT DODGER STADIUM
2009: 1 GS, 1-0, 0.00 Career: 16 GS, 3-4, 1.83 2009: 2 GS, 1-0, 1.12 Career: 27 GS, 6-6, 2.48 Against this opponent
2009: 2 GS, 1-0, 0.56 Career: 4 GS, 2-0, 1.50 2009: 2 GS, 0-2, 5.23 Career: 4 GS, 0-3, 6.64 Loves to face: Andre Ethier, 1-for-10
Hates to face: Ronnie Belliard, 7-for-26, .538 SLG Loves to face: Shane Victorino, 1-for-8, 0 XBH, 0 BB
Hates to face: Chase Utley, 3-for-10, 2 XBH, 2 BB Game breakdown
Why he’ll win: Has owned Dodgers in regular season and playoffs Why he’ll win: Dominant at Dodger Stadium Pitcher beware: 0-6, 5.44 in day games Pitcher beware: Phils have had his number Bottom line: Star of 08 NLCS is back for more Bottom line: Ready for his close-up

I’m going to be joining Nells and D4 for tonight’s game… we’ll be watching it from HELL.


Enchanted ~ Room for one more?! lol

41 beers on the wall ….take one down….drink it down… 40 beers on the wall…
GO DODGERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick little ditty before the game. J.Geils – Love Stinks.

He hates her,
And she hates him,
We hear they?re splittin? up,
So which will win?
And so it goes
Like a Phew pop fly
To the team we love
We?ll waive bye bye
Jame?ll get the Blues,
The Dreads and the winks.
One things for sure,
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
Two rows high, not side by side
Has Frank got him a prenup?
She?ll tan his hide.
Lawyers will call
He?ll take the fall
Then James? will buy
She?s gonna roar
She don?t care for any overlev?raged thing
All she can say is,
Frank Stinks.
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
She?s had her diamonds
She?s had her minks
She?s going for it all (cuz)
Frank stinks.
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah
(Frank stinks.)
Frank stinks, yeah yeah

2009 NedCo Broken Marriage Records

And here’s what today’s lineup has done against Hamels in the past:

Furcal .143 (1-7)
Ethier .100 (1-10)
Ramirez .250 (2-8) 1 RBI
Kemp .333 (4-12)
Blake .286 (4-14) 2 RBIs
Loney .250 (3-12) 1 HR, 1 RBI
Belliard .269 (7-26) 2 HRs, 3 RBIs
Martin .273 (3-11) 1 HR, 2 RBIs
Kershaw .400 (2-5)

Oh boy Belliard has twice as many ab’s than Loney but than again most of those was with the Nats/Expos/Stl organization.

Just as I thought hell is all Orange and Black……Got ya a seat saved right next to fire though………….

LOL, D4Life!! Eleven minutes to game time.

As the Dodgers and Phillies prepare to meet in the NLCS for the fifth time, no two teams in either league have met as many times in an LCS. Year Winner Loser World Series
1977 Dodgers 3 Phillies 1 Lost to Yankees
1978 Dodgers 3 Phillies 1 Lost to Yankees
1983 Phillies 3 Dodgers 1 Lost to Orioles
2008 Phillies 4 Dodgers 1 Defeated Rays

Gettin’ a might hot in here isn’t it??

Catch y’all down the road.

ROCK US BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Lidge numbers this year and not to mention he does have 2 blown save against us.

There goes enchanted taking the high road out of here…..

Last beer……PLAY BALL!!

Come on Kershaw dp now

I want to see some homeruns and steal tonight.

hahahahaha nice


Nice good inning kershaw 2 k’s

jahahahaha Loney hit a homerun at DS.


Who said he doesn’t have homerun power at home?

Come on Kershaw 1 2 3 innings.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

Damn that not good walking the 8th place hitter.

Damn that not good walking the 8th place hitter.

Time to added 15-20 more pitches to Hamels PC.

Urgh had him 1-2 and lost Howard on a freaking walk geez.

This ump sure has a miniscule strike zone!

Damn it come on Kershaw.

Randy Marsh


Learning expierence kid……shake it off!!
Lets help him Boy’s…. we are always in the game.
LET’S GO DODGERS LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chip away at the lead and get some runs here!!!
KEEP BATTLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot Dam’n!!! Back in the game!!!! Let’s go Dodgers!!!!

We know drama!

I smell a shut down inning.

I knew it let’s get the lead back.

Good evening, ITD!!!! Things are definitely looking up!!!! Manram leads the charge back!!!! Keep fighting, guys!!!! Go bullpen!!!! GO BLUE!!!!!

Good piece of hitting by Loney there!

Let’s go Belliard you have career homeruns.

oops that’s 2

Evening sky 🙂

AMF ~ Adios Hamels! Now it’s time to cash in on their weak bullpen!

Here we go stay out of the dp Martin and put that 2/17 for rest last year against them.

2 on, 1 out, and Hamels is gone. I smell a lead change. LETS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battery is dying so I am saying
RALLY TIME BOY’S!!!!!!!!!!
MAKE THIS OUR GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re in their BP……….game will be ours!!!!!

Thome is announced and Happ is in. You could smell that coming.


Evening, D4L. Let’s hold em, bullpen. We’ve still got 3 shots at them.

Status Kuo!!!!!!!!!!! 2, 3, and 4th spots. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another Andre love letter to Nelly!!! Let’s Go Dodgers!!!! Light this candle!!!

Oh my a Park sighting great let get him in

Sorry Park you was great for us last year but you need to be destory.

damn that not good Manny not even a productive ab’s fudge.


I will second that, Jhall!

That was a clinic on poor fundamental baseball!!!!!!

Hi’Ya Trumom!! Total crap!!! Manny doesn’t advance the runner, and Kemp strikes out on ball 4. Trying to hit home runs.

Well, there goes this game!! We had our shots and blew them!!!

Sherrill threw it right down the middle. How could he miss?
Shades of the Brox – Stairs situation last year, with ALOT less velocity……

I’m not giving up, and writing this game off. They still have 6 outs to get it done. They’ve done it plenty this year.
Time for some late inning magic, and maybe some divine intervention to kick in.

I”m up for some magic VL4!!! Let’s go Dodgers!!!!!


Dang that Ibanez homerun was huge and I knew we would scored now after they got 3.

Time to do work Dodgers!

Come on Ethier hit a 2 runs homeruns

Good start, let’s go!

ANDRE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn oh why yo had to beep up?

Casey is swinging at horrible pitches tonite

Damn oh why did Sherrill had to mess up?


Manny trying too hard to hit a dinger out! A solid base hit would have been fine there.

Exactly VL!!! Not playing smart fundamental baseball. Winning championships comes down to getting your ABC’s right!!!

Ugghhhhh for my computer deciding to be a pain in the assssss, and uuuughhhhh for this game so far. However, never say die………………………we can do this!!!

Nice Job Brox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell’, just advance the dam’n runner!!! What a concept!!!

Oh well, very disappointing. We beat ourselves!! We’ll get’em tomorrow gang!!! Hope you all have a great evening/night!!! Excelsior True Believers!!!!

Too many bases on balls cost them this game. If those dingers by Ruiz & Ibanez were solo shots, they still win the game.

if u told me we would score 6 runs, i would figure we won. Gotta win tommorrow, GO DODGERS!

They will light up Pedro like a pinball machine tomorrow!!!
Good night all.

As always it comes down to pitching and ours sucked.
Beat ’em tomorrow.

We lost the “battle”, but the “war” is far from over.

Watching tonight’s game, I doubt any of us could deny that despite 2008 being crammed down our throats repeatedly tonight, this is NOT 2008.

Maybe we should’ve gone with a vet for game one… but no use crying over spilt milk.

In short, Destiny is not betrothed, it is earned. The Dodgers are NOT going to the World Series if they don’t learn from their past mistakes, and turn the tables. They nearly did it tonight, and both coasts were biting nails down to the quick, no matter how much their braggarts (or our braggarts) would say otherwise.

But if we DO get to the Series, and it pains me to say this about a broadcaster I’ve long respected almost as much as it did to listen to his bordering-on-Tokyo-Rose tripe (really, “Dodger fans waving the white flags”?!!! Those are towels, brutha!), maybe we should leave Steiner in the Bronx. I listen to Dodgers broadcast so I DON’T have to listen to broadcasters rooting for the other team, but for three innings tonight, I doubt it would’ve made a difference which of the four feeds I listened to.

Tomorrow, from innings 4-6, with apologies to Rick Monday, it’s Jaime, Pepe and Fernando for me.

Better team won. If the gold glove SS doesn’t fumble a double play ball it’s not even close. Don’t expect any more gifts like that.

As for Sherill, I don’t blame him. This is why we got him, but he has no postseason experience except against St. Louis last week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Brim Reaper’s a quick learner.

Understood Phan, as long as you don’t expect any more gifts from our bullpen.

2008 is yesterday’s news and doesn’t apply anymore. This is now, and our clubs have a long battle ahead of us. Nothing is won in Game 1 but one game.

Joe made a mistake starting the kid and then stayed with him too long. Advantage Phillies, with the pitching matchups going forward.
Cole lost his cool a little there after the muffed DB, and throwing a change to Manny when his bat had slider speed all night was a mistake. That won’t happen again. He’s better than that.

Vinny was talking RISP…where have we heard that before? Still feel 2009 is the Dodgers’ turn, at least in the NLCS. Much more drama to play out. How ironic…Pedro vs. Vicente. These guys weren’t even a blip on the radar in April. Great game to watch. What more could you ask for…I mean, beside a win? But I have to say, of all the scenes tonight, the most embarrassing for me, as a baseball fan, was Manny’s home run antics. What’s up with that? The TBS post-game boys had no problem with it, so I guess it’s just me.

Bs Phan it wasn’t a mistake the umps was so inconsistant tonight you got a gift tonight.

Northstateblue – you are right. The war is far from over.

No arguments from me on the Manny antics Kahli.

James and Andre sure had good nights, for lefties, who supposedly can’t hit lefties. It’s too bad the batters behind them couldn’t cash them in. Well, James cashed himself in on that shot to right field. BTW – great to see you Leefink!!!!!! It’s seems like it’s been a long, long time.

That umpire was not inconsistent. He squeezed everybody. Hopefully he won’t be behind the plate anymore.

Howard should’ve been struck out. Yes he was troll go back to you board idiot.

The better team lost admit it chump.

I forgot your “s” Northstateblues :)ad

Good Night Jhall – Sorry I missed you. Thanks for the post earlier about one of Andre’s hits.

Shad – it’s not worth it to engage. It will just get worse if you let it get to you……………….take a deep breath and just tell yourself it’s not worth it to get mad. He’s not going to change, but you can change how you react to what is said. Most of us are just choosing to ignore it, and it seems to be the best thing.

Chump? What’s with the namecalling?
Whatever. It’s the MO around here. Touchy, touchy and in denial.
This thing may not get back to LA.

I would think a team with 14 hits,10 lob’s and 3/13 with risp should be the team that have won. Yeah sorry I can’t seem to resist lol.

Nelly- I just want to say that I am honored to still be on the ITD Staff 🙂 I saw your list and it make me smile. It’s good to know I am still family around here!
I hope all is well!

By amyw27 on October 15, 2009 4:11 PM
Amy – You will always be part of our ITD family.

I’m going to be joining Nells and D4 for tonight’s game… we’ll be watching it from HELL.


By enchantedsunset on October 15, 2009 4:31 PM
Enchanted – We wouldn’t want it any other way. It will be one “hell” of a time down there too. BTW – fabulous song you did this afternoon.

Very disappointing loss. I would not have left Kershaw in to face Howard. I had bad feeling about that. They can’t give up that many walks and expect to win. They still could have pulled it out if they hadn’t wasted so many opportunities. All Manny had to do on that last at bat was drive Pierre home and keep the inning going and he’s swinging out of his shoes one every pitch. Nelly and trublu, on a positive note, I’m very proud of our Andre. A solid single and a double against 2 different lefties. On his last at bat, last year he might have done the same thing Manny did that inning and swing for the fences, but he was just patient and took what he was given. Great game for Loney and solid game for Matt. Russell had his best game in a while. Brox has looked great so far in the playoffs. Sherrrill and Blake picked a bad time to have an off game, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I still believe in this team. I agree with vl4, I think they will hit Martinez. I just hope Padilla has another gem in him.

Resist the temptation Shad…………you can do it!!!! ITD believes in you.

Looks like the AL game might get rained out, and then the fun really begins with schedules and travel plans. I am pulling for the Angels in that series, hometown boy being their closer and all. However, as much as I have tried to hate Nick Swisher and Mark Texiera, it’s kind of hard too.

You better be lucky that I didn’t call you a bad name so considering yourself lucky. Hamels walk 1 and Kershaw walks 5 of course it seem Kershaw was totally squeezed more than Hamels tonight and by the 4th innings. You guys can’t win without hitting a homerun. I blame it on the Frank McCourt split up.

As pending Aesthetics Coordinator, I’m pondering a bronze statue to be erected back of center field depicting Frank and Jamie, back-to-back, their heads turned slightly towards one another, faces contorted in angry, squinting stares, Jamie with a rolling pin in her hand and Frank clutching a stack of parking stubs…and lying in tatters at their feet, Ned’s new contract.

The better team did not win tonight. Take that garbage some where else. The team that executed better tonight, won the game. Tonight was not a pitchers duel by any means. The big difference as I see it, was the Phillie’s ability to make a big pitch at a crucial point in the game. Denying our advances on the base paths. Kershaw was a good choice, the pitch he threw that was rocketed over the wall for three runs was not. I said to myself before the game even started, not in fear but in my realistic belief, that win or lose tonight, we will come out of this game stronger. I am proud of the courage these guys showed in battling to the very end tonight, that may prove to be a determining factor in this series. We have good enough pitching to take this series in my opinion although we do need to make better pitches at crucial moments in the game . Sherrill threw a hanging curve after walking men on. No excuses?..Kershaw after giving up a measly hit, walked the next batter and then threw a letters high pitch that was rocketed out for three runs. No excuses, we have to do better than that this year?..Simple!!!!
I have one issue with Manny tonight, yes I am happy he golfed one out of the park??I am just a little peeved that when he hit the grounder to the third basemen and reaches first, he doesn?t have enough momentum to carry his body pass the bag??Run It Out!!! Play Till The End Damnn IT!!!!
P.S. Phan please be kind enough to leave your e-mail address so that we can leave you unwanted crap anytime we feel like it also…….thanks.

Red pen – I used the wrong “to” in my last post:)

bluecrewgirl – James and Andre had a great night for two lefties who are marked as having a hard time hitting against lefties, and you are right, Russell had a good game as well. Those were definite positives. It just wasn’t enough tonight.

Kahli – That would be something else. However, I am guessing you will have to get that okayed through EnchantedGM.

Ok that’s enough back to something else I was doing lol

nelly, a GM can’t be bothered with stadium decorations and such. I figure I answer only to the ghost of Danny Goodman!

Oh yeah I almost forgot, Andre Ethier not only was clutch again tonight …..he legged out a dp ball……..I am sure he will say…. he has room for improvement, but hey, that is why I like the guy so much…….
Lead by example gentlemen, get some rest and even the score tomorrow!!!!!

LOL!!!!! yea – you are probably right about that Kahli.

Dodger4life – Andre, in his head, will always think he has room for improvement, but yes, I was proud of him for out running that double play.

Nelly, I noticed Andre was pacing in the dugout during Loney’s last at bat. You can definitely tell they want to take it to the next level and that just ending up in the same place they did last year would be disappointing to them.

bluecrewgirl – I have no doubts about that. I only saw one of Andre’s hits. I missed the first single, the K, and the double, but I saw the fielder’s choice and the second single. I missed James’ homerun as well, but I did see Manny’s. I was in and out throughout the game. My daughter was working on a project for school so I went and got her a few things, and then later in the game, I went and got the dinner for the family. I thought maybe if I left, Andre would hit another homerun, since I seem to always miss them. He didn’t get a homerun, but he did get the double that time.

Saturday is the 20th Anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake, and the World Series between the A’s and the Giants. We could have the So-Cal version of that World Series, minus the earthquake, of course.

Good Night Bluecrewgirl!!!!! We played good, but good wasn’t good enough tonight. I feel good about tomorrow.

Man, that doesn’t seem like 20 years ago. Goodnight, Nelly. It sucks the game is so early, but at least they get to sleep in their own beds tonight. I have a good feeling about tomorrow.

bluecrewgirl – I time warped you, and read your mind 🙂

Meh. I ended up dozing during last night’s game and when the 7th inning ended I looked at the clock, throught about how godawful early I had to get up this morning, shut off my radio and went to bed.

[brightside]I guess the good news is that now we can invert last year’s result and now that the Phils have taken the first game we can go ahead and sweep the next four games.[/brightside]

I’m still prying to the Great Dodger in the Sky that there’ll be a Freeway Series starting in just under two weeks and we can beat those geographically-challenged guys to the south. Regardless of how many Dodger fans want to go old school and have a Yanks/Bums Series.

Hind sight says Joe should have gotten the Kid out of there faster, but you could see why he stayed with him as long as he did. We still played well enough to overcome the 5th and Sherill’s uncharacteristic bad showing. A couple of well hit balls that went right at the fielders could have been the difference. Anyway, as Grant said to Sherman on the First night at Shilo, “Lick ’em tomorrow.”
That phan reminds me of some of my sisters-in-law. Nothing to add and better ignored.

Going to check out Sherrill number vs Ibanez

At least Martin had the same number of hit in 1 game than he had in 5 games vs the Philly last year.

Ibanez vs Padilla might turn out to be ugly at .321.

At leas Garland not in the rotation .344 and it look like Ibanezx had only 1 more ab’s and got a hit.;_ylt=AlCu2bSeL8T6_nUXy9nYGVqFCLcF

I bet Torre want this left handed back Mike Myers.

NOW I remember why Martin is a starter…good job Russell!
From the L.A. Times:

The Dodgers made it clear early that they didn’t intend to be abused by the Phillies the way they were last season, as Martin started jawing at Shane Victorino after the Dodgers caught Victorino in a rundown to end the top of the first inning. The two exchanged words again when Victorino went to the plate to lead off the fourth inning. Martin said he took issue with Victorino’s trick of running out of the baseline to try to draw contact and, by extension, an interference call.

“I was letting him know that was tired,” said Martin, adding that Victorino was using that trick dating back to their days in the minors. “He’s out. Sit down.”

kahli, that’s good to hear. In the old days he’d get one in his ear, but I guess that time has gone away.

Against lefties, Vicente Padilla’s batting average allowed is higher than Wolf’s on-base average allowed, and his on-base average allowed higher than Wolf’s slugging average. Just sayin….

Oh, and excuse Victorino for being a gamer. Martin’s a big baby.


Maybe Martin should concentrate more on stopping a pitch in the dirt instead of worrying about Victorino.

I second that!!!!!!!



Dodgereric – did you feel the earthquake in Riverside County this morning? Our news said it was in the Beaumont area.

Another Red October in the making.

The Dodgers will make you all ‘blue’ indeed.



No Junie, I didn’t feel anything. I just checked my favorite earthquake site ( and there’s nothing remarkable there.

Let me try that again so that the site is a little easier to use.

BEAT THE PHILLIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click on any of the markers and you’ll get to the specifics. I hit the one closest to Beaumont and got this:

“A minor earthquake occurred at 3:03:39 AM (PDT) on Friday, October 16, 2009.
The magnitude 3.5 event occurred 6 km (4 miles) NNE of Beaumont, CA.”

All I know is that it didn’t wake me up.

At the risk of drawing attention to the troll, I’d like to ask my fellow Dodger fans to grant this poor person a little pity instead of reacting with scorn and anger. For one thing, as many have said, that’s exactly what he wants (and apparently needs) to fuel some horribly pathetic hole in his life.

Imagine what his existence must be like, to be sitting at home with nothing to look forward to but for the Phils to outscore the Dodgers so that he can come onto our site and gloat over someone else’s accomplishments that aren’t even his own.

Imagine how empty his life is that he gets enjoyment out of irritating and demeaning other people.

Imagine what it must be like to have to get satisfaction from being so malicious and hateful to people who have done you no wrong and you don’t even know. It’s truly pathetic. What drives a person to be like this? Jealousy? Lack of self esteem? An abusive parent?

Sure, we all know that it’s just a game. Sure, we all know that we have absolutely no control over wins or losses. The bills keep coming in the mailbox, laughter comes over a stupid joke, and the sun rises again to greet another day regardless of the scores in the sports world. We get a sense of fulfillment when our favorite team does well and we die a little when they lose, but all he seems to get enjoyment of is watching his flies squirm as he pulls the wings off. What a tragic existence. And to think he’s reproduced and raised a child that had to grow up with only this as a role model. At least that’s what he claims. Personally, I have a hard time conceiving the notion of anyone past the age of 11 who would take pleasure in doing what he does. I burned up some ants with a magnifying lens once, but I was only 7 or 8.

No, we need to show some compassion for such a person. After all, there but for the Grace of God go you or I.

New thread.

Thanks Eric!!! ……………yea- that’s what the news said too……… damage done.

That was one excellent game last night, except for the final outcome. The Dodgers continue their never say die attitude that has been with them all year long. It was great to see James Loney go yard at DS after having done it only once during the regular season. Then, despite the three-run shot given up by the Brim Reaper, the offense came right back with two runs in the bottom of the eighth. This year’s Dodgers can never be counted out of a game, and that makes me want to watch every single AB, because you never know what’s going to happen.
Last night’s game makes me think this series is going seven games. May the best team win and may it be Blue.

Thank you for your empathy, eric. Glad you wasted 5 minutes of your time to project your sad view of life onto an anonymous poster.

…blue, indeed…LOL!!

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