It’s been a long time since I simply forgot to post on a given day, so my apologies. Just got busy yesterday in Washington. We’re now in Pittsburgh after a late arrival and lots of extra security from the G-20 Summit going on down the road.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers can practically hold their own G-20 Summit, as we have eight different countries represented on our current roster and 22 different countries that have produced a Dodger player over the years. Pretty cool.

As I’m sure you all know, the Magic number is down to 1, so if we win tonight, we’re in the playoffs for the third time in four years and fourth time in six years. No other National League team can make that claim. Of course, the magic number is four to clinch the division, which is the next goal after making the playoffs, but we all know that our real goal is to play all the way through October and into November.

I’ll post lineups later today from the park…

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I would just like to thank the Giants for playing, and we have some nice parting gifts backstage.

JOSH…we can do it….we win tonight and clinch the playoffs, then we win some more to win the DIVISION….it is just sad that they can celebrate at HOME….sniff sniff…but where ever they are…GOOD LUCK BOYS…KEEP PLAYING LIKE CHAMPIONS…GO DODGERS!

KHALI: So now we are ITD GEEKS……..COOL! Me like!

Good Morning Itd, Dodger Faithful and Our beloved boy’s in Blue……
It happens Josh…….
So when do we start filming revenge of the ITD Nerds???
Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!!!!!
Beat The Pirates!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!
Enjoy the game everyone……..

Good to see ya……. JPD 🙂

Good morning ITDers!
I was reading about all the security regarding the G-20 Summit and how Akasaki-san had to make some travel changes. We know how busy you all have been with the changes so that is OK that we did not have a new thread. We are just glad that the Dodgers took the series.
Congrats to Matt Kemp on his 100-RBI plateau!

Kahli – the first thing I said to my husband this morning after saying good morning is “by the way…..the gnats are mathematically elimated from winning the divsion.” Of course he said “thanks”. Also, on the way to school today, I was listening to the bay area radio stations and they were practically crying over the loss. You are right……….they are being pretty realistic, but it was certainly fun to listen to while my son was in the car 🙂

Josh – thank for the update, and no worries……………I am sure Washington D.C. is a very busy place.

Revenge of The ITD Nerds………LMAO, Dodger4life!

Magic Numbers: One is the number for clinching a playoff berth. Four is the number for clinching the division. But the magic number that I will be tracking over the next week or so is seven. Seven is the magic number for clinching home field advantage for both the NLDS and the NLCS. Thanks to Bud, we won’t get home field advantage in the World Series no matter what. So let’s go Blue, we’ve still got work to do. A sweep of the lowly Pirates would go a long way towards clinching home field advantage. Hopefully Milwaukee and Colorado will help us out, too.
Hey jpd- nice to see you here. Congrats to the Gnats for giving up the ghost. Time for NSB to give us yet another reprise of “Lights Out”.

It’s nice to say “The Giants is dead.” I’m hoping that will bring back happy memories for OldBrooklynFan and others who’ve been long-time Dodger fans. Hey, maybe we can start an old new tradition!

Lineup, from Dodger Thoughts:
Rafael Furcal, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Manny Ramirez, LF
Matt Kemp, CF
James Loney, 1B
Blake DeWitt, 3B
Orlando Hudson, 2B
Brad Ausmus, C
Jon Garland, P

I like the lineup while resting Marty and Casey’s leg. Let’s go Jonny G!

I predict that the PianoMan will like this lineup.

LOL crash!!!

Darn! The time warp is not working in my favor today.
Timestamp: 3:04 pm

Lineup looks great!

Hey, Mike: Congrats on three years of marriage. Keep it going!

Hey Trublu4ever, good to see you. I’m looking forward to Furcal, Dre and Matty opening up a can of whoop-*** on the Pirates today. They are on fire!

I think Hudson should be in the middle of Loney and Dewitt because Hudson need many ab’s as possible since he’s lost some since Belliard came over but I won’t touch the first 5. Odog is one tough cookie tripping over Dunn and back in the lineup 2 days afterward.

Me too, Crash. And, then Matty cleaning up for Manny! lol

Tru- Yeah, Manny has been leaving a lot of messes behind himself lately. Matty is quite capable of cleaning up for him!

I think it is great the the guys are hitting despite Manny. However, I think Manny will show up big time in the playoffs. That’s where he always shines.

Well, he better show up. Furcal is already showing up in September and I think he will just continue this momentum on through October and early November.

LOL, Crash! If James keeps getting his rbis, and Manny kicks it up a notch, we will be awesome! We already know Dre and Matt can hit 🙂

O-Dog really helped himself by sitting on the bench last night. Belliard had a thoroughly forgettable game, both with the bat and the glove. I applaud Joe for the squeeze attempt. About time. Too bad Belliard looked like an 8th grader trying to put it in play. And yes, my 11-year-old son is constantly calling me a nerd for blogging, and he assumes everyone else on here is, too. ITD Geeks forever!!!!!

I’m still waiting for Martin to show up all year long lol

What I want to know is, which one of us is Booger?

Are you asking for a volunteer, JPD? Or would you like the part yourself? lol

Great! All I need now is a T-shirt that says, “Who Farted?”

Tip of the hat to the Padres for the job they did on the Rocks. They don’t seem to lay down ever. I’d feel better if the division is clinched by the time we leave Pittsburgh. Better yet if we wind up with the home field advantage.

Thanks crash!! Your mind-reading skills are amazing! I agree we need to get Odog going in the next week or so, as he can be a big asset to us in the postseason, as I believe Belliard can be.

LMAO, JPD!!!! It’s so good to have you back!

If Bills could pitch like he did the first five innings on Weds, we could be unstoppable!

The last time Karstens started against us Kemp was out and Pierre was batting 7th.


And, JPD, you’d be a sure winner in the belching and arm wrestling contests!

Mike – Belliard will give us a big bat off the bench in the playoffs, something that was sorely lacking before he joined the team!


Its great to be had Tru – thanks!!

Any time, JPG! lol

Oops, JPD!!! Laughing makes it hard to type!


Just call me Booger.

bear, you are one chameleon!!!!

I wanted a sweep of the Pirates only because they have a 9 games losing streak.

Asked to pick who would have the greatest impact in the postseason, this ITD Geek said “it’s gotta be ‘Dre. After six walk-off hits in the regular season, I can’t wait to see his World Series performance!”

Hi All
I guess we’re all ready for another interesting night of baseball.

Hello ITDers!
I don’t like this early games ’cause I am still at work while they play but I am happy for our friends like Oldbrooklyfan and True that are back East and can watch the game earlier.
15 minues till closing time here so I’ll follow the game on my phone. Radio reception on the train is not good.


Way to get that unearned run back Dewitt and Odog.

ODAWG is feeling just fine.

DY saved the Bucs a run.

To bad we missed you at DS Young.

The Pirates have lost 6 straight, they have the law of averages on their side, then again they’ve had it all season.

James was throwing to 2nd before he fielded the grounder!

Dodgers have gotten sloppy in the field. Get it straightened out. Get your heads in the game!

3 freaking unearned runs.

Actually they lost 9.

Let’s eat some veal….Donnie Veal!

The N.Y. papers say they lost 6 in a row.

Oh yeah you’re right is 6 must seen the 1-9.

1-9 in their last 10

Nice to see DeWitt hitting well.

Remember when even Manny’s OUTS were hit hard? Me, too.

Yeah I just assume they had a 9 games losing streak but come on is the bucs.


They may be just the Bucs or Nats (what, 195 losses between the two teams?) but other than Monday these bottom feeders sure are playing the Dodgers tough. The players on those teams can play loose and relaxed knowing all the pressure is on the Dodgers. I said on Monday it looked as if the Dodgers had “peaked” with the way they had played lately but obviously they have done no such thing.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the Dodgers are sleeping…

My advice:

wait for it…

Dang look like the Brewers defense let’s them down.

I think it is safe to say Garland did his job. Now it is time for the offense to come alive.

Kahli ~ WAKE THEM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really hate losing game thanks to errors and not to mention the Bucs have the 3 worst bullpen in the NL.

Kahli, how about an 8-Clap?

We can’t say Garland pitch bad because he didn’t but the defense surely didn’t help him with those 3 unearned runs.

All right top of the lineup. Let’s see if they can wake up.

OK, I hate hesitate to do this, but maybe my cat can wake them up:
Just don’t watch too long because it doesn’t change…

All right Raffy getting us started.

That’s 2nd posts should be 3rd.

Maybe the Dodgers can get Garland a no-decision.

Garland last 2 games covering 14 innings he’s given up 4 runs none earned crazy.

They better are the 3-0 going to be 3-1.


Well, since I don’t think we have much to worry about with Colorado in terms of the division, I hope they beat the Cards to help us in the homefield advantage effort. So far Milwaukee is helping us too!

This is the 3rd worst bullpen in the league come on can’t be tired from last night game.

Well they’re already 4-0 against them way back in St. Louis without Holliday and hope they keep it up and we win.


Come on Boy’s!!!!!!
Hippo and Dog to the rescue……….

perumike ~ That’s what I’m hoping for too.

Don’t forget this team’s lost a lot of games lately they are bound to win tonight.

I don’t think McDonald belongs on this team. He is less than impressive.

Now THAT was a game worth recording to watch over and over again…

Any team can beat any other team on any given day and I guess it was time for the Pirates to win anyway.

If you are suffering from insomnia, Kahli! lol

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! I’m glad that one is over. Just chalk it up to one of those games. The Pirates have to win sometime.

Stupid freaking errors cost us this game and not to mention our offense not showing up.

lol well let’s them win the next series not against us and not when we gave them 3 free runs.

Dodgers played like a team that got to bed at 4 am after playing 153 games.

Well tomorrow’s another day and there’s still more going on tonight, that can change the landscape.

Pittsburgh changing the pitcher early…after we had all the extra travel delays today, seem to keep us from getting into the flow of this game

Hopefully these pitchers would be tired tonight so we can take advantage tomorrow.

I don’t know how many WNBA fan we have here but hopeful this is not Lisa Leslie last game in a Sparks uniform tonight before she retired.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
I saw part of the game today; the part that saw the Dodgers give up 3 runs on 2 errors. Blechhh! Then we went out to dinner. C’mon guys, stop playing down to the level of your competition. I’m glad that they won the Nats series, but we should’ve crushed them. Well, we did on Tuesday, but, oh well, it is what it is. I want the Dodgers to crush the Bucs the next 3 games. And don’t look now, but then we play the Pads; they’ve been playing well in September. And why shouldn’t they? They have nothing to play for. They will definitely be up to play the Dodgers. C’mon guys, crush your opponents, so that the last weekend at home will be meaningless games. Well, meaningless unless we don’t sow up home field advantage in the NL playoffs. Boy, aren’t I demanding? Well, I just want the Dodgers to play the way I KNOW they can play! Is that asking too much?

So how are my ITD friends this fine evening?

Hello gang!!! Tough, disappointing loss today. Oh well, mama said there’d be games like this. Nice post CP. Not asking too much at all!!! I too would like to sew this thing up so we can set up our pitching and rest some guys the last weekend. Hope everyone is doing well. Go Dodgers!!

Hey CP and Jhall!!!!!!!! All I can say about tonight’s game and the two games prior to this one………………………borrrrrinnnnnng!!!! Why in the hell are we playing these two teams anyway. We should be playing our division. If the players feel anything like I do, they are bored out of their minds with these games. Boredom can do weird things, like let you lose ballgames.

sorry – forgot my question mark up there :)))

I think yoy are right, Nellyjune…….I’ll bet they are bored. Not to mention no fans in the stands. Tomorrow will be a better day after they kick themselves in the asss for messing up this game.


No more drinking on the job for me! lol

Dang I don’t care about Zambrano being a cancer he’s a gosh damn good pitcher/hitter and wow another lost to Lincecum.

Hello Nelly and Trumom!! Great to see you!!! Playing two of the worst teams in the NL coming down the stretch ain’t all bad. Our boys need to stay focused and nail down the Division title and best record so we get home field advantage.

Yoy sure trublu….LOL!!!!

Well, the Cards and Phillies losing helped us in the homefield advantage race. I think, like always, games like these tend to pisss them off enough to go after the next game. I don’t think it will be any different now.

LMAO, Dodger4life! Hi, Jhall, nice to see you.

You can drink anytime trublu, 🙂

jhall – Do you still go to the OSU games?

Not really, dodger4life! You should see me right now! lol I am a cheap date, however…..one drink and I’m done for the night!

Yep, Nelly, I go to a couple of games a year. Alot of fun. I guess the Cards and Phillies both losing made today’s loss much more paletable for me. I really want that home field advantage.

We won’t tell anyone…..LOL!!

Hey Jhall/Nelly/Trumom/Shad!!!
Sorry for the slow response (and I hope y’all are still here!) I’m still online, but I’m applying for a job. Just refreshed ITD and saw the posts after me!!!

Jhall – I hope you’re still here! It’s been ages since we’ve talked!

Nelly/Trumom – We should be playing our division. But MLB in its infinite wisdom did it this way; strange to say the least. I didn’t think of the team being bored; perhaps that’s right, but they still have work to do. They can’t count on any other team but themselves.

And Shad – For me, the jury is still out on Zambrano. Yes, he is a good pitcher, but I just hate the idea of someone that is that hot headed in our clubhouse.

Thanks, Dodger4life 🙂

Good evening Jhall and Nelly….yep I want it all to Wally 🙂

Cp ~ great to see you! The very best to you on your job hunt.

Anybody seen, BOOGER…….LMAO!!!

Don’t we all want it all? That is why these games in particular are so hard to watch because we know they are better than this, and if they want it all, playing like this isn’t going to get it all.

Haven’t seen Booger since early this afternoon. LOL It seems Justplaindisgusted became Justplainobnoxious!

Hey D4!!! I don’t blame you, me also!!! CP my friend, how’ve ya’been. It’s always a pleasure blogging with you. I think we will be seeing alot of each other in October, LOL!!!!

Oh, and now I see D4!!! Didn’t mean to leave you out!!!

Hey CP, yeah I’ve seen you guys didn’t want him and I forgot to post about lol. I don’t want him either after the Carlos Perez incident with the water bottle lol.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at least one LA team won tonight but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Sparks and Dodgers win it all like the Lakers.

You gotta figure, Beav is loading up for the playoffs. Should be exciting.

Like enchanted-Beav-brownpaperbag-justplaindisgusting needs another name. LOL!!!!!!

Hello CP…. I did’nt seeyou either, and hello…. you know nothing. I just had a couple of beers myself tru….

Hey Jhall!!! I’m fine. Still unemployed, but fine. Actually, I mentioned this to Nelly a few days ago, but I went to a seminar last weekend to see about starting up my own bookkeeping free-lance business. Or I could become a certified Professional Bookkeeper and get a regular job. But I signed in for this “course.” It’s an at-home study using DVDs to teach and learn with the various exercises they give. Once I’m done with these DVDs, I take a final to become a Certified Professional Bookkeeper. We’ll see how it goes. But in the meantime, I’m still looking for and applying to jobs.

And about the Dodgers, yes, I KNOW we will be seeing a lot of each other in October & November!!! How are things in Ohio these days?

You gotta figure, Beav is loading up for the playoffs. Should be exciting.

I assumed you did jhall. It must be an awesome experience. Sac State didn’t have that football atmosphere like that so it never became an event in itself.

WOO HOO!!! Jhall!!! I need to go on a beer run, anyone seen dad with the Chevelle….LOL!!!

I hope it works out well for you CP. Keep the faith and work hard, the rewards will follow!!! I love your optimistic and dynamic attitude. That is why I am sure that you will prevail!!!

CP – I hope all is going well with the classes you are doing.

LOL D4!! My first car was a 69 Chevelle. That was a while ago but beer runs and Chevelles then meant alot of making out. LOL!!!

nevermind CP – I see you already explained that to jhall. Like jhall said…………keep the faith. Something will come up.

I hope Dad/Chevelle is getting lucky!! LOL!!!

Oh jhall!!! LMAO!!! You don’t know how funny (and scary) that last comment was to D4. Ward Dear will love to read that (or maybe not)!!!!!! LOL!!!!

Then = making out…Now = passing out…does that sound about right??? CP I wish you all the sucess in the world, you sure deserve it…keep the faith 🙂

Your 10:22 comment jhall!!! LOL!!!!

Whoops… this word is brought to you by Bud Light…success…

Yep Nelly, could be scary as his son uses the car more than him. Oops, isn’t he dating your daughter.

jhall – the last I heard, Dad/Chevelle and family were calming Lucy (their dog) down. According to Mariya, she had major issues at the groomers today. Mariya said she was traumatized by the blow dryer. I am sure she is good now. That was around 6ish pst.

Yes, he is jhall!!!!

I came of age in a Chevelle!! You never forget your first,,,,,car!!! LOL!!!!

Good to hear that Shad! I was starting to wonder! LOL! For me, no more cancers in the clubhouse!

D4 – Just a couple of beers, huh? J/k!

Jhall – Thx for the words. I can use all of the encouraging words I can get!!! That’s why I say I can’t stay away from ITD for too long! I get nothing but encouraging words!!!

Nelly – Yeah, the DVDs seem to be going well. There are 4 modules in the Professional Bookkeeper Certification; I just finished with the first one. It seems that with each and every passing DVD, each one is just a little bit longer and involved. I’ve always had an aptitude for numbers and logical thinking, but some of the exercises, I REALLY need to put my thinking cap on! But by and large, it’s going fine. We’ll see how it goes for the other 3 modules that I still have to do.

All is good jhall!!! They are two great kids, and the parents aren’t so bad either 🙂

See, I should learn to refresh before I post. It always seems that I’m a step behind everyone! So, what else is new??? 🙂

I swear on a bible CP…..I am typing in the dark too…

CP – just the fact that you are so involved with baseball (the Dodgers), makes you pretty good with numbers. Just keeping up with all the stats and stuff is certainly going to add to your apptitude with numbers.

Too funny D4!!! 🙂

Hey Nelly, good to know that she is dating someone from a good family and strong background. They are a class act!!!

My first car was a Chevette, I tore the muffler off so it would sound like a Chevelle….

Yeah, Nelly, you’re right. And I’ve only gotten better as I get older. Well, actually, I’ve gotta credit my hubby on that one. I thought I was good in math in school. Well, I was until I met my hubby who is 100 times faster and better than me! Ya know, I get a few things from him – kinda like getting better by osmosis!!!

Oh, yes they are jhall!!!

Well, I hate to run, but I’m getting tired. I’ll catch up with y’all later…


submission error, submission error, submission error, submission error, submission error, submission error, submission error, submission error, submission error……………………………this………………….is…………………driving……………………me………………….crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

We certainly aren’t posting more than we used to. We used to nail 100 comments in 30 minutes back in the day.

jhall – this happens to me at the worst time every single time.

Goodnight CP

jhall – you never ever have to apologize, and yes, Eric is definitely one of the good guys, who you definitely want on your side.

Now, I am time warped!!!!

Same here tonight, Nelly…I donated a few post to the mothership as well…….

jhall – you aren’t so bad yourself you know 🙂

Dodger4life – this is sooooooo very irritating.

LOL D4!!! Goodnight CP, great to see you!!!

Sorry if I got carried away reliving my formative years. Didn’t mean to imply anything. Dad/Eric is one of the few guys I would want in my foxhole when crap hits the fan. I admire both of you and your families. Top drawer all the way..

Hey, I’ll take a bullet for ya’ll too…..

Submission errors, time warps, and Phan, Oh My!! We’re off to see the wizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa, 19 minutes now. 11:04

I’m tellin’ ya, Josh. I’m anything but a software writer, but it’s a clock malfunction. Whatever stamps these posts is running just a little faster than reality. Next week it’ll be 20 minutes.

……………..the wonderful wizard of Oz!!!!!

Hey Dodgereric!!!!! The time gap is increasing ever so slightly, but it’s becoming more and more irritating.

Jhall, don’t you dare apologize. There’s nothing to apologize for, I know what you’re talking about. My ’68 Chevelle served as well for me back in ’74. LOL!!

Hey Dad, good to see you. What are our chances in the playoff?

Hiya June Darlin’!! Yes it sure can be. If it would just stay this way for everyone all the time it would be no big deal. It’s when your posts suddenly get posted at the actual time (especially when a lot of people are posted at warp speed) and you get shoved back so far no one can read what you’re saying.

BTW, Lucy’s back to normal. Except that she smells better. LOL!!

Thanks Dad/Chevelle, I wasn’t sure if I crossed the line. You all mean too much to me to ever offend you. I loved those days and got carried away!!! My 69 served me very well in 75. LOL!!!

Well, that’s good to know about Lucy.

jhall – we’ve all been there……………even from the female perspective 🙂

Ooooh Nelly, we want details!!!

Grrrr, just lost a bea-u-ti-ful post to a connectivity issue!!!! Back to Word. I hope I can remember what I said.

I think we have as good a chance as anyone in the playoffs. Although we don’t have the glory starters or a sexy Ramirez (so far), neither the Phils or Cards are scaring me at all right now. And our starters, although not HOF – bound, are steady. Our hitting has the POTENTIAL to be as good as anyone. Our pen is at least as good as anyone. We’ve got a pretty good bench. We’ve got a great blend of youth and vets. They seem to be a really tight group. They’ve come through the season believing in themselves, scoring all kinds of come-from-behind wins. That really bonds a club.

jhall – you and dodgereric don’t share this forum with your mother 🙂


Dos….hey eric….

Are you playing Uno again Dodger4life? LOL!!!!!!


I’m with you Dad!! Two weeks ago the Phillies and Cards seemed a lot more formidable. I do like our chemistry right now. I just hope Manny and Martin get hot. I think everyting else is in place. Alot of times, its just a matter of finding that groove at the right time. Both pitching and hitting. And the defense better be on it as well. Most underrated intangible.

These errors can be rather costly, I hope we get this worked out before the post season…….I also wish Blake a speedy recovery….

Finding the groove together is going to be the key, just as it has all season.

LOL Nelly!!! Goodnight all!! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and our Dodgers get it done. Catch you all down the road. Excelsior, True Blue Believers!!!

Good Night jhall!!!!! Always a pleasure talking with you my friend. Take care and God Bless!!!! Sweet Dodger, Buckeyes and Chevelle dreams 🙂

Wait a minute, can’t let this pass……….

“jhall – we’ve all been there……………even from the female perspective 🙂

By nellyjune on September 25, 2009 11:37 PM”

Yep, I’m pretty sure I had one o’ them females with me at the time……….

Back to the Dodgers.

OK, that other post was very supportive and encouraging, right? Time for a brushback.

I wanted to comment on something I heard on the broadcast tonight. At one point the Dodger Honk Lyons was talking about the Pirates’ first base coach and infield coach and how much he’s helped LaRoche and DY become, and I’m paraphrasing, “many times better, defensively”. That really bothered me. Andy LaRoche was in the Dodger’s system for 6 years. Delwyn Young for 8. They’ve been with the Pirates for such a short time, and now they’re many times better defensively. OK, Lyons is an idiot. But if he’s right, that’s a huge indictment of the Dodger’s farm system.

Goodnight jhall….I have faith in our Boy’s!!!!

G’nite jhall! Nuff said!!

D4, I thought you were maybe playing 99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall in reverse………

I thought about it earlier…….so how many fish swam through the dam today???? I just had my link to ITD go down, had to use the backdoor….



I lost my connection into ITD. What was up with that?

Fish – 20
Others – 42

just during the game……….

Me too…twice.

LOL!!!! Well, I am hoping that person was female 🙂

Ward Dear – I am reading this book about metabolism, and it had a list of fish that are good for you and a list of fish that are bad for you. Guess what fish was on the bad list? Yep, you are right!!!!

Well don’t that beat all? I always figured that if I had one of them suckers hooked I’d throw it back.

Some say they are good for catching other fish 🙂

Yikes, did you catch how the Yanks clobbered Lester in more ways than one tonight? If he’s ok, the Sox really dodged a bullet.

The magic number is one……The one with the ring attached to it…….
Good Night and God Bless everyone…
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

LOL!! I guess that’s OK, and I do have a sharp knife. I’m just not so sure I could stand the stench!

I heard Lester’s name, but didn’t get the full story. What happened?


Do you get MLB Network? What’s this guy like?

“Even though Scully said he’ll work at least one more year, names of possible successors are starting to circulate.

The name at the top of the list appears to be Matt Vasgersian, the former TV voice of the Padres, who is now working for the MLB Network.”


Yes, I do get mlbtv and it is going to be very difficult to replace Vinny. I am not sure who they are talking about, but I will pay more attention on this channel.

I am falling asleep. Good Night Dodgereric!!! Take Care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family. Have a fabulous Saturday, and I am glad Lucy survived her ordeal.

Good Night and God Bless to you too Dodger4life 🙂

Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!!!! Let’s hope the Dodgers come out ready to take this series this weekend and get closer to clinching our division and homefield advantage. GO DODGERS!!!!

If you Google his name, you can view some clips of him.

Replacing Vin is, of course, a no-win situation for whatever poor ******* gets the job. What they really ought to do is hire some nobody whenever Vin decides the inevitable. Someone like, oh ……. me. I’d be so horrible – stuttering, stammering, yelling at whoever might be the manager – that whoever replaces ME will be welcomed with open arms.


Alright, I guess those first-graders do wear you down. Good night Junie, and may God Bless you and yours as well.

OK Dodgers, you’ve had your rest. Now go out and act like a team who owns the best record in the league and win the next three games against these poor Pirates!

Hey, just noticed that I got censored. I didn’t think that a word that starts with “sch” and ends with “muck” was a bad word and if it is, I apologize.

Good night ITD and Dodger Blue fans everywhere!

Too bad there is not a stat for team loss. Garland did not deserve that. And I know a team is not going to go at it hammer and tongs every night for six months and we’ll see a different team in October, not the sloppy bunch from the last three nights. Still sucks, though.
After I moved the bobble heads into the back room and away from the TV, the team started to do better. Not Manny, though. I’m going to move his bh to change his luck.

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Can’t stay long; just this post, but I saw Eric’s and Nelly’s convo about the rumored “replacement” for Vinny (when the time comes, and I hope it’s not for a LONG time). I watch MLB Network all the time, and see Matt Vasgersian quite often. He is very good at his job. No, not Vin Scully good (but then again, who is?) To me when the time comes that Vinny needs to be replaced, I personally can’t see anyone else better suited than Matt Vasgersian.

I don’t know how many of you have it (I’m sure many do) but MLB Network on DirectTV is on channel 213. Don’t know the # for Time Warner or Dish Network, but I’m sure it should be easily found. Well, on DirectTV, the abbreviation for the channel is pretty straightforward: MLBN. Matt Vasgersian is the host of MLBN’s MLB Tonight that airs at 3 PM Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday. MLB Tonight rotates different commentators around every hour, but many times you’ll see Matt Vasgersian at 3 PM. And when MLBN televises games, sometimes you’ll see him in the booth, so that’s another place where you can see him.

And Eric, yes you’re right. Whoever replaces Vin will not be easy by a long stretch. I was always hoping that Vin would tutor a young cub – someone that no one knows of, except himself and his family. That formula worked before! It worked for Vin!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!! Today is another day for the Dodgers to show off their stuff, their good stuff. I have faith they will come back strong like they always do. I am sure the road trip in general is getting to them, and not to mention all the extra commotion yesterday with the security issues because of the G-20 Conference. I know it’s not an excuse, and they are getting paid to work in these conditions, but I am sure they rather be closer to home playing our division. I sure do.

LOL!!!! Dodgereric – I am thinking that is about 5-10 days out of two seasons now that you have outlasted me (due t sleep and not connection issues) when we have been on at the same time. Nice impromptu Ghostbusters line by the way :)))

Oh, thanks CP!!!!! I went back and found clips like Dodgereric suggested, and yes, he is pretty good. I just couldn’t put the name to the face when he mentioned it last night. You are right………………….no Vin, but he can do the job well. I see you point in getting someone who Vin is willing to take under his wing so to speak. I know you are going. I just happened to check in to see who our morning ITDers were.

Dang Braves

I guess all those errors the Nats had wear off on us and the Braves series.

lol 3 errors by the Nats my god I know we won 2/3 and took the series but we should’ve had swept them.

Just hope the threat of rain passes and we get to play….doubleheaders are not fun!!!!

As to Vin’s replacement, I wouldn’t be surprised if Frank has somebody in mind with a Boston connection. Just imagine someone with a Boston accent on Dodger TV and radio – make you feel right at home, no?

Wow Ichiro got ejected. That’s seem very rare indeed. I’d take Hershiser, Koufax (I don’t know how good his health is), Valenzuela any ex Dodgers would be fine no one can’t replace the legendary Vinny. I don’t even think the late Chick Hearn if he was still alive could replaced him.

knouffbrock, yeah he doesn’t and he was like 3-0 as a Dodgers hard way to lost your 1st game

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful and our Beloved boys in Blue……………..
There will only be one Vinny, therefore you cannot replace him so to speak…….A former Dodger may be a good alternative, or maybe someone with a captivating voice, and the mannerism that we so love and cherish in Vinny. Regardless this is a move that will be paramount for the organization for many years to come. Will they try and catch lightning in a bottle and find someone who is more in synch with the younger generation, or chose to find substance that comes with years of respect and good will towards our fans. Over time one thing is for sure, we will be forever remincing the day’s and years our beloved Vinny graced our air waves.

Ichiro draws first career ejection

Wow his first unbelieveable.

Players salaries likely to increase…L.A. Times…..

I know the Giants isn’t going anywhere but I would love to see them get sweep and the Giants pitching staff give up 7+ runs.

Rain, rain, go away!!!!

Hello Trumom!! It’s raining here (Ohio) also. Liquid sunshine!!! Hope you are having a great day.

Hi, Jhall…..it’s raining in Pittaburgh…..hope we get the game in tonight. Here it’s still 100 with no rain in sight….if the weather keeps up like this, we may have a Thanksgiving Barbecue! lol

Shad, I agree!! Nothing is sweeter than the G’nats being humiliated. One exception is the Yankees and in the last few years the Red Sox!! I’m really tired of the Red Sox nation crap!! And Papilbon makes me want to puke. I confess, when the G’nats are down I pile on.

Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!!!

Hey jhall!!!!! In Jamaica they call rain “sky juice.”

Well, according to my hubby, the gnats have already conceded. They are beginning to play all of their newbies on the roster.

Hi’Ya Tru and Nell’!! In Jamaica it is always, “No Problem Mahn”!! Yea, Tru, a nice November barbeque would be sweet. We don’t have those here. HaHa!! Halloween party cookouts/bonfires are about as close as we get.

That too jhall, that too 🙂

I guess it could be considered a cookout when my brother in law cooked the Thanksgiving Turkey outside when he got his big Turkey deep frier. He did it outside because they are somewhat dangerous.

I guess, if you are boiling 3+ gallons of oil, it is not smart to do it in the house. LOL!!!

C’mon Wolfie and our boys. Let’s lock up the playoffs tonight.

LOL D4!!!

LOL!!!! Yes, I would imagine that would be the reason. We haven’t tried that technique yet, but I heard it is one of the best ways to cook a turkey.

Well, it looks like the Buckeyes are having an easy time with Illinois today.

No Andre in the lineup today 😦

Rafael Furcal, SS
Juan Pierre, CF
Manny Ramirez, LF
Matt Kemp, RF
Casey Blake, 3B… Read More
Ronnie Belliard, 2B
Mark Loretta, 1B
Russell Martin, C
Randy Wolf, P

No James either 😦 However, it’s a long weekend, and I am sure they need a day off.


Warning: This post is only fleetingly Dodgers-related. You can ignore it if you want… well, as much as you can ignore a 5 paragraph post about eating, drinking, and trashing the Giants in enemy bar territory. Cavaet Lector.

Hello from sunny NorCal. Last night was a mild disappointment, though I wasn’t really watching the game anywhere but my cellphone. It was my girlfriend’s mom’s birthday last night, and we hit up the Japanese restaurant, where ESPN2 was appropriately playing the Tyson-Douglas fight that took place in the Tokyo Dome, Tyson’s first loss, with his mouthpiece getting split in two.

After sushi, a bento box w/ Beef teriyaki and Tonkatsu (which is basically like a breaded pork chop) and two Asahi Super Drys and one cup of sake, we tried out the new British pub in town, where I knocked back a pint of Guinness, a pint of Hoegaarden Belgian white ale, and a few $2 Kamikazes. Due to the large Gnats logo in the bar, I decided I was celebrating their most recent Journey into irrelevance. Speaking of Journey, if I had any shred of sobriety at that point, I should’ve played “Lights” on the newfangled touchscreen jukebox doohickey. Could’ve helped Steve Perry work towards that Latte. Though he wouldn’t appreciate the picture my girlfriend took of me belittling the beloved Giants logo. I made it a quick one, didn’t want to draw attention. That had to be the highlight of the night.

I’m definitely not a “bar” guy, finding I can buy a 12 pack for what I pay for 2 beers, but I haven’t indulged in drinking much over the past few months until last night, and I had hoped that the recent display would’ve had some greater, clinching meaning behind it, but I guess not. Plus, being an English Major who’s taking Comparative Lit and an American Novel class, it’s tough reading when drunk, though I’m sure a few of the authors knocked back a few while they were writing. I’m looking at you, Mark Twain (great author).

As far as our playoff hopes, it’s in our hands now, and I have a few Bud Lights in the fridge that are looking for a purpose tonight. The rain looks like it should be moving out soon, with small-but-yellow-tinged scatterings behind it. They should get this game in, perhaps a little celebration in the rain.

As for my drinking adventures, due to this massive headache, I’m probably gonna hold off ‘til Halloween, when there will be a Manny Ramirez sighting in NorCal. As long as my hair is, I could probably do my own dreads if I had the time. And my friend might dress up as Barry, that would be fun. Hopefully we’ll still be playing at that point. Don’t know about you, but I like our chances.

Make sure the turkey is completely thawed out or it will explode…….inside or outside……My neighbor did this in his former……. garage.

Hey northstateblues!!!!! Always……..always great to read what you have to say. I do like our chances, very much so. I hope your headache goes away soon 🙂

I’ve seen videos of turkeys exploding! I LMAO!!!
I think Dre and James can rest after we clinch! I doubt if any of the Rockies regular players are resting today.

tru – I know, but it’s the only thing that makes me not completely pisssed off. According to dodgereric’s study, it doesn’t help them at all having the day off.

Thanks Nelly. As Montgomery Scott (Scotty) said on Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Never get drunk unless you’re willing to pay for it the next day”.

Well, I have no doubts you are paying for it.

It’s still raining in Pittsburgh.

According to the weather channel, it is supposed to rain until tomorrow around noon.

Hey gang I got some big news! I’m flying to LA to see the Dodgers in the NLDS! It’s always been a dream of mine to see the Dodgers in a playoff game in LA. I already have my plane tickets and game tickets for games 1 & 2. I’m flying out on Tues. Oct. 6. I’m rooting hard for the Dodgers to get home field so I don’t have to change plane reservations. Is anyone else planing to go the NLDS?

According to Joe, in his pre-game interview, he wants all righties in there against their lefty. Isn’t Juanpy a lefty? He did say Juan may have had a hit against this pitcher. Give me a break…..what if the pitcher lasts two innings? Does that mean Dre and James come back in the game?

Helloo ITD
I Think tonight there’s a good chance of winning because it’s hard to imagine losing two straight to the Pirates, with our best starter, of late, on the mound. (although Wolf has a winning streak on the line).
The same can be said of the Cardinals and Wainwright. I can’t see the Cards losing 3 straight.
So IF the above happens, I’m staying home tomorrow, until the 1:35 PM ET game ends or there isn’t a chance at clinching the title, tomorrow.
I’ll make sure I’m watching if they clinch the N.L. West tomorrow.

Great news, TBW! I’m sure you will have a blast. Wish I could go.

Nice going M A N N Y, after Pierre’s triple, too bad Raffy couldn’t make it to 2nd.

Charlie is doing the game with Steve – yuck!!!! Good Job JP!!!!!

That is wonderful news! I’d like to meet you! I’ll be there so shoot me an email or come over and see me at Top Deck behind home (aisle3) last row behind the wall.

Congratulations TBW.
Enjoy it to the hilt.

It seems like Steiner is less annoying lately. But I am not a fan of Eric Collins either.

Emma ~ I’ll be sitting in sec. 1FD Row U field level behind home plate. What do you know about that location? I will definitely get in touch with you and we can meet.

Is Torre scare to bat Loretta 8th? Loretta is a good player but he’s been struggling since he gone down to bat under .300. Why not swap Hudson with Loretta?

Monday is doing the game solo on the radio.
I hate watching the game with my bro Vic so I came upstairs. He likes to switch from the Dodger game, to a soccer gane and something else, then back to game.

There is a new thread, folks

My audio keeps switching back and forth from Steiner to Monday and sometimes I don’t get any audio at all.

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