Walter Reed visit

Today we had the good fortune to visit Walter Reed Medical Center and there’s really no great way to put this experience into words.

The guys who came with us were Ned Colletti, Rick Monday, Andre Ethier, Jeff Weaver, Blake DeWitt, Rick Honeycutt, Larry Bowa, Tim wallach, and clubhouse manager Mitch Poole and to a man, we came away floored by the sacrifice these people make to protect our freedom. As Rick Monday said on the way home, it puts an 0-for-4 in a whole new light.

What surprised most of us was that each of the soldiers seemed ready to go back to Afghanistan or Iraq as soon as he recovered and we’re talking about people who have lost limbs, not to mention the mental toll this must take on them.

We also met Cami McCormick, who is a reporter for CBS radio and who could often be heard on KNX 1070 in LA. She had done nine tours covering wars and finally, she said, her luck ran out after an IED exploded underneath her vehicle. Yet just like the soldiers, her attitude was incredible. As someone who deals with media members every day in my current job, this also seems to put what we all do in perspective.

I’m sure I could go on and on but there’s really only so much that words can convey about the experience. All we can really say is thanks to any of you who have served our country or who are currently serving. Perhaps we have servicemen and women overseas reading Inside the Dodgers and please know that we truly, truly appreciate all that you do.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Belliard, 3B

Ethier, RF

Ramirez, LF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Billingsley, P

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Was I dreaming or did we win 14-2 with a different lineup yesterday? If you want to rest Blake, just put Belliard in his spot and Hudson where Bellaird was. Why screw with the top of the lineup!!!!
Good luck anyway Dodgers!

To all the men and women who serve and have served this great country – THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!!

I’ve given up on trying to figure out Joe’s lineups, Scott.

I for one have very little confidence in Billz at this point. He’d have to throw a shutout to impress me. If he gives another crappy 5 innings then I say too bad and let’s move on in the playoffs with something else.
I don’t know if I really want Billz to “fool” Torre with a decent outing against a crappy Pirates team. Do we really want him to start over someone else at this point, regardless? We should have traded him for Halladay while the gettin was good.

I for one am certainly hoping that Chad Billingsley has a good outing tonight and is able to get back on track. Having said that, if he doesn’t have a good outing, I still believe that the D’s have more than enough solid starters for the post season. It seems to me that with Wolf, Kershaw, Garland, Padilla and Kuroda starting and Bills joining that killer bullpen, we can play anybody and be in the series. The Phillies and Cards have good pitching and the Dodgers struggle to score runs against those teams, so the offense should be the concern not pitching. I look forward to the post season and having the best record in the NL certainly throws another advantage into the D’s corner. Think Blue!!

Congrats perumike, and lets go D’s!

Agree kiki! We would have Billz and Weaver in the pen to back up those 5 guys.

Good afternoon everyone! Been a while since I’ve been here, I’ve been super busy but after this weekend things will calm down. I’ll be here for part of the game tonight, but then taking my wife out to dinner for our 3rd anniversary! I hope you’re all doing well!

trublu, good to be here. I was actually a daily member of this blog a couple of years ago, just now getting back and loving it. Nothing like Dodger baseball.

Hi, Perumike. Good to see you……HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
Kiki ~ I don’t think I’ve met you before. Welcome to ITD.

Thanks tru and kiki! Kiki, welcome back!

Joe Torre is the king of the Peter Principle, meaning, promote someone to their level of incompetence. Belliard rakes in the seven-hole…so by all means, move him to the two hole. Martin last week began to find himself at the end of the line-up…so by all means, move him to the two hole, where he fails miserably, and now Joe moves him back down. Joe may have forgotten more about this f**king game than I’ll ever know, but he still drives me to insanity with his moves. Last time I looked, Ethier was doing just fine batting second.

Good afternoon ITDers!
Thanks for the post. It does put everthing into perspective and yes I’ve heard Cami McCormick on KNX 1070.
Good luck with the operations Cami!
God Bless you and all that have served and are serviong our great country.
Happy Brithday Matt Kemp!
Welcome back kikiblue!
Feliz Aniversario a vos y a tu espsa Perumike!
Let’s Go Billz
Let’s go Dodgers

kahli, Joe has never heard of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” I guess…

kahli, Joe has never heard of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” I guess…

I don’t really have a problem with Joe’s lineup choices. Other than the 8 spot where a pitcher can work around the batter to get to the pitcher, it seems that a player should be able to function anywhere in the lineup. The only difference being that the latter part of the order may not get as many at bats in a game. With Furcal and Belliard doing well, it just gives Ethier and Manny more chances for RBIs. If Kemp comes up with men on base, great. If he starts the inning, he is like another lead off hitter and can set the table with his running game for the guys behind him.

Congratulation’s Mr. and Mrs. Perumike, I wish you many more……
The line up last night did have some fire power…..It is all good if we can maintain our productivity and achieve our goals though.
Welcome back to the line up O-Dog…We love ya…

It’s true, you can’t say enough about our troopers serving the country or give them enough support. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Here’s hoping, mostly for his sake, Billz has a good outing. I don’t know if I would want him starting in the post season either, given what happened to him last year and his recent history, but if he can muster a couple of solid efforts, we’ll probably see him start. Right now, it does not take a mental giant to go with the others, but we’ll see what tonight brings.
I was wondering about Belliard batting second last night. This could work out well, but personally I’d have O-dog in the two spot. Hope he gets 2-3 hits and makes it more difficult for Joe. Good problem to have.

Someone bitching about this lineup with one regular out oh come on? I see change the game we should’ve been favor in the first place.

• RHP Chad Billingsley(notes) will return to the rotation today at Washington after having his last start skipped because of poor performance. Billingsley posted a 6.11 ERA in his last four starts, and he is 3-6 with a 5.49 ERA since the All-Star break. He was 9-4 with a 3.38 ERA before the break and was selected to the NL All-Star team.

• RF Andre Ethier is tied for third in the National League with 41 doubles. The last Dodger to lead the NL in doubles was Wes Parker with 47 in 1970. Ethier is also fourth in the NL in extra-base hits with 75.

We need the good Bills back since everyone is clicking at the same time. I’m not worry about Kershaw he look good last night. Well we have one Parker streak snap so let’s try to break another one.

Oh n/m how did I forgot the little thing I’ve posted yesterday? Odog need to bat 2because all the incentive he’s going to lose out on.


Josh – thanks for the write up today. A wonderful perspective for all of us to have.


Thanks to all the good, brave folks at Walter Reed and elsewhere serving in our armed forces, and civil services to protect us and our freedoms…..We love and salute you all 🙂
Enjoy the game everyone….

Thanks/Gracias/Grazie to everyone! They have been 3 great years, with decades to come! 🙂 Go Blue!!

That’s our Andre oldbrooklynfan!!

Hi Everybody
The big stories tonight are Chad Billingsley and will we clinch a postseason berth tonight.

ETHIER just gets them in one way or the other.

Love when Furcal get on base steal 2nd and stole in the 1st. We need alot more of that from furcal.


Bills look good in that inning

I just got a chance to read Josh’s column on this blog.
We all need reminding of what real important things that are done everyday by our military and the sacrifices they make.

Nice– RUSSELL’S 50th RBI

That was like the worst and BEST inning for Bills.

Nice hit Martin but dang that got Ethier out.

Wow 6 k’s for Bills I know it’s just the Nats but they do have a good offense to bad their pitching is bad.

Way to go Ronnie…..let’s bring him home!

Gosh after the prefect game now he walk back to back guys.

Nice goin’ LONEY.

I guess the nats knew it Kemp bday so they gave him a free pass.

Loney made them pay

Way to go James!!!!

The wrong pitch, to the right guy.

Gotto get back on top now.


Waiting for the mail.

Dang I wish Furcal would came through there,


That was fantastic 5.2 by Bills.

Too bad Bills blew the lead, but I think overall he made some progress.

I hate walk to a .222. hopefully we get the dp

Maybe Torre should had lift him after that 2 walks in the inning.

That fly to left got Collins scared, as usual.

Kuo got away with that pitch to Willingham. We should start to knock around their bullpen.

Damn that was a sloppy inning. Hudson normally makes that DP. Come on boys let’s rally.

Nice outing by Billz. Too bad that hanging curve spoiled his shut out. Like Martin said, he has been leaving the ball up when he makes a mistake.

Dang the bday boy not having a good night other than that ibb.

Hey 32 after that last night game when the Nats was favor in today game they change it today and had us favor.

I wonder if the Rockies going to scored 4 in the bottom of that inning when the Padres were up 2-0 in last night game?

Gosh damn dp bad timing.

What a difference a day makes.

You have to love Torre bring in Kuo and Sherrill back to back in a tied game. Of course Sherrill hasn’t pitch in 3 days.

That happens to the best of outfields.

Urgh not a good start.

The way the cookie crumbles.

How is that NOT an error on Hudson? He had all the time in the world and he pulled Loney off the bag.
Dodgers looked like yesterday’s Nats in that inning.


You don’t get an error when one runner is out and Dunn was out even though he shouyld get one. Yeah nice hit Thome wish it was a homerun.


Beli’s up.

Come on let put a corked number on the worst bullpen in the league

It’s like a game that nobody wants, but we’ll take it.

Thanks for the gift Guzman. It’s nice playing the Nats. They’re very forgiving/

Baseball, –It’s always been this way.

Damn it

As the old saying goes and it’s true:
Any team can beat any team on any giving day.
Bills looked like his old self so that’s one positive.

Bad loss. Bases loaded no out and we can’t get a run in. That was the game right there. At least the Padres are winning 5-0. They just knocked Marquis out of the game.

At least SD is winning 5-0 but no lead is safe at Coors. We should easy been 4-0 against these Nats.

Cards is losing to bad the Philly leading 6-4 but we still have a the best record in the NL over them 2.

Words really can’t describe this game. Had our chance in the 9th, zilch for Dre, Manny and B-day boy, but we tied!
Then Macdonald, no more pressure situations for him, Post season? I really dislike losing to these type of teams. Don’t care what the Rox do, the Dodgers need to take control and JUST WIN BABY!
Yes Bilz was decent, more debate over post season pitchers looming.
Sweet dreams of tomorrow!

oldbrooklynfan ~ I felt the Dodgers played a bad fundamental game tonight. Letting that fly ball drop and allowing that runner to steal third. Just didn’t seem to have their heads into it tonight.

Yeah I’m still around. I’m keeping track of the other games. Padres just got the Rockies out after they scored two runs and left the bases loaded. At the end of 5 it’s 6-2 Padres.

I really wish Torre would had bring in Kuo to pitch to Dunn.

If you’re still around.
I agree with you TBW.

Don’t forget the potential dp that Odog threw high.

Dunn vs Kuo 1/6 with 2 k’s with a homerun.

I hope Lidge blow another save and the Marlins win. If we lost like we did the Cards, Phillies and Rockies should all lost on time.

Ouch Baker come on Hanley

Look like Fredi just got ejected on that strikeout to Baker.

Well Shad I just watched Lidge blow another one. That’s 0-8 with 12 blown saves. I can’t wait for us to face him in the playoffs.

Hey true check out the Philly board. I love how those fans now hate him again. It’s so weird to see him so unhittable last year and still struggle this year. He has been scored on in his last 4 appearance with 3 saves, 1 blown saves and a lost and this is why I’m not scare of him after he blew 2 saves against us.

Well we didn’t lose any grown on the Phils and Cards infact we gained a day.

I wonder where are resident troll Phan at?

I don’t remember a sloppier game this season……
There is not a bunch you can say about tonight…..we were cruising right along and then……….drove off the road and into a ditch!!!
Check that one off the list and continue on with the journey……

All the teams that I want so far lost hopefully the dback would come back and win after these Giants fans still think they have hope and care so much about Bills when they should worry about Lincecum and Cain.

Come on Padres hold that 6-3 lead.

Funny, I had to leave with the scored tied in the top of the 9th, bases loaded in a tie game. I came back later and game was over. Figured the Dodgers HAD to have won. NOT! Oil well. Crummy game. Move on.

Hey gang!! Well, disappointing game today I see. Hard to blame the pitching when your 3, 4, and 5 guys go 0 for 12 and leave 18 on. Not going to win many games with those numbers. On the bright side, it was great watching Lidge blow that win for the Phillies. Socially inept, deep seated issues other than baseball Phan must be looking for a high powered rifle or just settling in with his girly magazine of choice and the Jergens lotion about now. Dude ain’t right!!!

One thing to remember, when the Jerk-Off (pun intended) shows up, don’t engage if he is being his usual derogatory/provoking self. It’s really not worth it. Only a fool argues/debates/engages with a fool!!

Goodnight and Excelsior True Believers!!!!

jhall, I thank you for making me chuckle! As a non-gifted slo-pitch athlete, I know when we play a team that we just punked big time it’s hard to focus, no matter what you say or believe or try to convince yourself. Dodgers will come out a little bit pi**ed off mañana. Still, magic number falls to six. Like I said last night, wonder if Rockies will chase the division title once they and Dodgers clinch a playoff spot. 1996 saw Dodgers and Pods battle each other the final weekend under similar circumstance and BOTH got swept 3-0 in the first round.

Hello and Good Night jhall!!!!!! I am sorry I missed you. I haven’t read anything on this thread since this afternoon, but I can pretty much predict what you had to say. Take Care and God Bless 🙂

Interesting point Kahli!! I would like to see this Dodger team get a little pissed and come out with a chip on their collective shoulders. Once you make the playoffs, its more like football. You got one shot. That’s the mentality that Kirk Gibson brought to the team in 1988 and we won it all when we were considered the weaker team. Coincidence, I Think Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dodger4life – into a ditch describes it pretty good 🙂

Hey Nelly!! Thanks and God Bless you and your family. I guess I’m still around. Not much was happening so I thought I would turn in. Always nice to see you bon mon amie!!!!

Kahli – I have no doubts they will be pisssed off about this game. It usually makes them come out stronger, and I don’t expect tomorrow’s game to be any different.

Great to see you too my friend. There hasn’t been much going on around here, meaning ITD anyway. I didn’t see the entire game, mostly the middle innings. Not too good on offense or defense (outfield anyway). However, like you said, those outfield blunders would have gone pretty much unnoticed if our outfielders, who happen to be batters 3,4 and 5, would have had a better day at the plate.

Hey Nell’, are you/your family watching the G’nats-D’Backs game? Forty niners are looking good so far.

Billz really did pitch well until that one pitch. After the 3-run home run pitch, the game went into the ditch as Dodger4life mentioned.

Bill is watching the game in his room. I am guessing they are still winning 5-2. I am not necessarily a 49er fan, and I am even less of a Raider fan. I am Redskins all the way, and the Chargers are my 2nd favorite. Who are the Buckeyes playing this weekend?

Yep, evidently we had our opportunities and didn’t come thru!!! Got to get the job done at the dish!! Looks like Billz just got burned on one bad pitch.

However, I watch the Raiders more often because Mariya is a Raiders fan. They actually managed to win a game this season already.

It was one very bad pitch obviously. I actually chuckled because I thought it was a mistake to walk Dunn IMO. If you were going to throw that pitch to Zimmerman, you might as well have tried it on Dunn. He at least has more tendency to strike out.

Lost in the nightmare tonight was McDonald’s continued ineptness. He did, after all, give up a lead-off hit and lost the game. Did Jeff Weaver disappear or insult Torre’s wife? Weaver isn’t getting the ball much these days. He’s either a bit tweaked or Torre’s brain is. No way McDonald makes the playoff roster, but Weaver will. Why not get the vet some innings?

As a UCLA grad, I see USC and the Gnats as interchangeable. The more losses, the better!

I think we play Indiana at home. Should not be a big challenge. Good chance to work on our running game. If we could have run the ball, we could have won the USC game. It’s a work in progress. I was shocked that U
SC lost to Washington. Quarterback injuries/issues really hurt!!!

Great point Nelly!!! I totally agree.

Oh…….I know!!! I think Bill and Michael (along with many USC fans) are still in shock. This weekend should be interesting for the top 25.

Definately Nell’!! That’s why I love college football!!!

It has been nothing short of exciting so far.

Most analysts are predicting that every team will have at least one loss. USC is still in the hunt. I wish them well. Good program. Just need Texas and Florida to lose a game and everyone is really back in the chase.

That is very true. Well, maybe this weekend will be the weekend for Texas or Florida to stumble. It would be nice.

Well, I guess I’d better hit the old rack. Thanks Nelly for the chat. Always a pleasure to be in your company. It is a privelidge and a highlight of my day/evening. Same goes for all my ITD friends/faithful!!! You are truely a class act. Top Drawer. Again, God Bless you and your family.

Good Night jhall!!! ….many, many thanks……..and the same goes to you as well. It is wonderful to come on and see your name on here. I am sure “the boys” feel the same way as you are the highlight of our day as well 🙂 Take Care and God Bless!!

Jhall I am sorry I missed ya, ( connection issues ) it is always good to see you around here.
Boy Oh Boy!!! Several people asked me to describe today’s game to them and each time I would describe it, I would finish by shaking my head in disbelief….Then I watched the highlights/ video and realized that Chad had a no hitter going, I was impressed while watching the game live, however the highlights just seemed to strengthen that. Then came the hanging curve, that Zimmerman handled with ease. After that the game turned into something out of a Peanuts cartoon, with poor old Charlie Brown saying again ” Good Grief! ” Unbelievable it is…..One part of the game we were looking like a really good team, then the next part of the game was reminiscent of the high schoolers who keep throwing the ball over each others head while warming up. I know this day will pass with a good nights sleep and a good game tomorrow. Until then though, I will continue to be in disbelief and say ” Good Grief!!!! ” myself.
PS ( Hang in there Billz, another solid performance is in you I know it!! )

Good Night everybody and God Bless us all………
Tomorrow is another day, until then here is Hippo and Dog with the lion sleeps tonight……..

Good Morning ITDland ~ I have a feeling that after last night’s performance, our Boys in Blue will kick asss today!!!! I know Andre, Matt and Manny were pretty ticked off last night. Maybe a game like that will light the fire and carry us to the playoffs!!!

Dodgers did well this year in the NL (the league between the minors and the AL) but if they make the World Series the Yankees will bring them back to reality. Torre will cry from the flash backs he will have to his greatest years as the skipper for the best sports franchise in history, rather than the second rate dodgers who were bullied out of the NY market by the bombers.

tcd…OUCH! Golly gee, now you went and hurt all our feelings here in ITD land with your in-depth analysis of NY baseball history. Somehow the Dodgers will bear up and trudge into post season. Good luck and congrats on the enormous Yankee success this past decade, especially against the Red Sox. I know, I know, the Dodgers haven’t won squat since ’88, but hey, they’re second rate, anyway, right?

Kahli ~ 🙂

The tide is turning my friend. The Yankees are back at the helm of the baseball world, and will be for a while.

Until they are eliminated in the first round!

Interesting to see Manny*roid now batting under .300. At best only the third best OF on the Dodger team and highly overpaid. Did Ned sign him for one year too many? I only wish he was stupid enough to back out of next year’s contract. Where’s Borass when you need a little help from him.

HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa. There’still time enough for another bobblehead day, Frank. Manny will fill the park for you, and he doesn’t even have to play.

messagebear, been kind of following Manny’s personal “Mendoza Line” quest for some time now. For a normal human, that would be .200. For Manny, it’s .300. Actually IS shocking to see him batting .298 in late September!

Tcd when you guys have to buy a WS to bad you haven’t won in so long.

Sorry I’d say 4th best OF on the team yeah I said it 4th.

Did anyone read this story about the Cards refused to pay one of their prospect 3.1 millions?;_ylt=AgXvqV87.GXC5zz_SbztQPC3u7YF?slug=jp-mateo092409&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

What’s worst the kid is blind.

I blame Charlie Steiner. I listened to the game on the way home last night, starting in the bottom of the sixth. First thing I heard was Steiner uttering the phrase “no-hitter”. Next thing that happened was Zimmerman’s three-run shot. Making matters worse, in the bottom of the eighth, with Adam Dunn up, Steiner calls out: “… a high fly ball to left center field, and now duhdarnapoodthehsoathjdkwduieeruha! The ball drops between Kemp and Manny” Steiner just went totally spastic on the radio!! What the heck is that? The announcer has got to remain calm and tell us what is happening on the field.
I cannot stand Steiner. My worst nightmare is that when Vinny’s reign finally ends (I hope it never does), that Steiner will be picked as his replacement. If that happens, I will be just watching the game with the sound turned off.

I agree crash! Not sure who’s worse, Steiner or ESPN’s Miller and Morgan!

The ditch metaphor sums it up. I guess these things will happen. Better to get these miscommunications out of the way now. It’s a game that should have been won, but it’s not like the Nats are an American Legion team. They play in the big leagues too. Beat ’em tonight.

Crash & Perumike ~ I think Steiner is awful….Miller and Morgan are obnoxious.

MLB, with help from ESPN, Elias, etc, rank the top 100 players in baseball. Dodgers have 3 in the top 50. Can you name them?
Ethier is 58…

Line up from Washington Post…….

Thanks for the lineup Dodger4life. Love Andre 2nd and Matty 4th.

Haven’t seen much about the O-dog’s wrist. Any news?

No problem……I do too tru 🙂

Just what I seen in the L.A. Times…they said nothing major???

Only exception I’m taking to the lineup is that we’re playing that sub .300 hitting left fielder. I say that playing PP is better than playing the fading wee wee – at least PP has speed.

Otherwise, let’s GO, DODGERS, and let’s wrap things up before we come home again.

Hi Everybody,
Let’s just forget last night and hope for a better night tonight and that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

I’m getting a little tired of slamming Dodger management. I need a break. What to do…….. I know! A little New York Yankee history!

1996 – #1 payroll in MLB, 6% higher than the #2 team (Orioles). Won the World Series.
1997 – #1 payroll in MLB, 7% higher than the #2 team (Orioles). Lost Division Series to Indians (#4 payroll).
1998 – #2 payroll in MLB, (Orioles #1). Won the World Series.
1999 – #1 payroll in MLB, 7% higher than the #2 team (Rangers). Won the World Series.
2000 – #1 payroll in MLB, 3% higher than the #2 team (Dodgers). Won the World Series.

Hmmm, fairly consistent. Have the #1 (or #2) payroll by a modest amount and win the World Series!

2001 – #1 payroll in MLB, 2% higher than the #2 team (Red Sox). Lost the World Series to the Diamondbacks (#8 payroll).

Whoops. Lost the Series to the Dbacks? How to remedy? Let’s boost the payroll……

2002 – #1 payroll in MLB, 14% higher than the #2 team (Red Sox). Lost Division Series to the Angels (#15 payroll).

Gads, even worse. Didn’t even get out of the ALDS. Spend more.

2003 – #1 payroll in MLB, 23% higher than the #2 team (Mets). Lost the World Series to the Marlins (#25 payroll).


2004 – #1 payroll in MLB, 31% higher than the #2 team (Red Sox). Lost the ALCS to the Red Sox (after leading 3 – 0. I just love that one)

Lord, can’t get any worse than that. More.

2005 – #1 payroll in MLB, 41% higher than the #2 team (Red Sox). Lost the Divion Series to the Angels (#4 payroll).


2006 – #1 payroll in MLB, 38% higher than the #2 team (Red Sox). Lost the Division Series to the Tigers (#14 payroll).


2007 – #1 payroll in MLB, 24% higher than the #2 team (Red Sox). Lost the Division Series to the Indians (#24 payroll).


2008 – #1 payroll in MLB, 32% higher than the #2 team (Mets). Did not qualify for the playoffs.


2009 – #1 payroll in MLB, 30% higher than the #2 team.

Time will tell, but it don’t look good: High payroll, Angels and Red Sox hanging around………..

Go Dodgers! Take this series and move on. One at a time. Josh, you may release the new thread now………

Run Furcal Run since you running alot lately. Dang wish Ethier would did that in the 9th.

Where was this in the 9th nice start? Let’s put up 10.

Nice start 3 straight hits and an RBI for M A N N Y.

Wow now you 3 come thought so far? I wish we had that last night. Congrats to Kemp for getting over 100+.

M A T T Y Marvelous M A T T Y

Nice Eric

Excellent, dodgereric!

They just said Odog and Blake are available tonight.

dang 7 straight balls

Throw a gosh damn strike and stop getting behind

Every strike Padilla throws is hit hard.

time to get Weaver up

This doesn’t look good.

DAT’s doing it D E W i T T.

Dang after the first 2 men make out he give up back to back walk.

Thanks for trying to chase that Dukes.

We luck out there, that was ball 4.

Time to destory the worst bullpen again after there got lucky last night.

1 Prince Fielder MIL 553 96 164 33 3 42 131 2 3 101 130 .297 .408 .595 1.003
2 Ryan Howard PHI 578 96 157 35 4 42 130 7 1 70 177 .272 .353 .564 .917
3 Albert Pujols STL 534 120 176 42 1 47 129 14 4 110 61 .330 .447 .676 1.123
4 Derrek Lee CHC 517 90 159 36 2 35 109 0 0 71 106 .308 .392 .588 .980
5 Adam Dunn WAS 511 78 143 27 0 38 103 0 1 110 166 .280 .410 .556 .966
Andre Ethier LAD 569 88 159 41 3 31 103 6 4 65 109 .279 .364 .525 .890
Ryan Braun MIL 588 105 185 34 6 29 103 16 6 56 109 .315 .384 .541 .925
8 Hanley Ramirez FLA 552 97 193 41 1 23 102 26 8 56 96 .350 .414 .553 .966
9 Ryan Zimmerman WAS 575 103 167 32 3 31 100 2 0 66 111 .290 .361 .518 .879
10 Mark Reynolds ARI 545 93 145 29 1 43 100 24 9 74 208 .266 .357 .560 .916
11 Carlos Lee HOU 572 63 174 31 1 26 98 4 3 41 47 .304 .349 .498 .848
12 Matt Kemp LAD 570 94 173 25 6 25 97 34 7 51 134 .304 .360 .500 .860

Kemp moved to 9th place tied with Reynolds and Zimmerman. Ethier is tied for 5th Dunn/Braun. That’s interested

Kemp moved to 9th place tied with Reynolds and Zimmerman. Ethier is tied for 6th behind Dunn by 1 rbi’s. That’s interested

Just got in, glad to see Kemp hit a 3 run HR and got hie 100 RBI. Padilla looks so so tonight, we’re going to need more runs.

Freaking blah infield single and 2 out hit

Nice throw Martin! We needed that!

Padilla is navigating through troubled waters here.
We needs runs.

haahahaha nice defense

The bad news is the Dodgers seem to have reverted back to having trouble driving in runs. The good news is the bullpen is rested and will be needed tonight to keep Washington in check. Who said this road trip would be easy?

Come on Dewitt hit a homerun.

Nice played Zimmerman could probably been another run.

Dat DeWitt does it again.

DeWitt showing that you don’t always need hits to drive in runs.

Fish – 17
Everyone else – 13

Your right oldbrooklynfan good fundamental baseball, put the ball in play.
If Padilla gets thru this inning, I say pinch hit for him and go to the pen.

We need to take care of business since we might not get no help from the Padres again after last night frisco.

You got me shad…I give up…what exactly is a frisco???
Please explain……

Good inning for Padilla, with extra credit getting through Dunn and Zimmerman, which is never too easy.

I hope are bullpen is sharp tonight.

Oh you don’t know lol. The bases loaded with no out in a 4-4 with 1 run scoring and having Ethier, Manny and Kemp up and we didn’t get the lead.

Man a close game after last night’s FIASCO.

Joe Torre don’t care to blow pitchers arm out Eric Collins.

With Furcal’s 3 hits tonight he has a 8 game hitting streak. He’s 15 for 33 batting .455 during the streak. Glad to have him back.

LMAO!!!! Dodger4life – I was wondering what in the world a frisco was too.

Dang Gonzalez is owning us tonight.

This game has got to go down as one of the most boring games of the season. It is taking forever to get through these innings on both sides.

I googled it, and it is a city in Colorado or Texas…..It also has another meaning which refers to the city by the bay….
I was confused….

Dang it Belliard, Odog would made that play.

I didn’t even know that. I also heard that term could mean something else just like last night 9th inning.

WTF was that? A gift from Belliard to his former team?

I was going to say earlier that it was anybody’s game but now I’m sure of it.

Glad to see we are “winning”. Glad to see Hudson is not going on the DL. Glad to see Kemp hit 100 RBIs. Now Just Win Baby! Either by frisco or fiasco or al fresco, Just win this.

Damn error! Now we’re really going to have to sweat this one out.

Just got in, glad to see Kemp hit a 3 run HR and got hie 100 RBI. Padilla looks so so tonight, we’re going to need more runs.

Belli will deliver, 3 SOs is more than he can take vs his old team.

Dewitt should be at 2nd and Belliard at 3rd.

remember when we played the nats the day after manny got suspended and we had a 6 run lead in the 1st inning and blew it to lose the game? 4 run lead blown today, why cant we put this team down! side note, Kemp had a grand slam in that 1st inning and a 3 run homer today, i cant believe we are blowing this

lmao I want the inside the park homerun yeah come on Torre argue

I hope Kemp scores.

Nice triple Matt! lets get the lead and keep it this time!

I thought St Louis was a nightmare but this place is one to and dang Loney you have to give that run in.

I think I must had spell the word wrong lol

Fish – 25
Everyone else – 26

Go figure

I was wrong about belli. Are we getting back to that no hits with RISP? Dewitt geez patience

Absolutely, positively PATHETIC. I’m going to dinner…maybe that’ll help.

Don’t worry folks, it all goes with being a Dodger fan.

Dodgereric – I just noticed your Yankee payroll history. Fabulous as always!!!! BTW – the fish is out of control 🙂

This game is very frustrating. When we put up that 4 spot in the first inning I thought we win this game easily. Now, it feels like we’re losing even though the game is tied.

That why I wanted the inside the park homerun.

At least we can’t get swept, like last year.
I remember it well I was there.
Visited the Capitol and the White House, took pictures, to get my mind off it.

WTG RAFFY!! En Fuego!!!

Yeah Furcal WTF Belisario runs are earned?

F U R C A L we might win this one yet.

Go RAFFY!!!! HOME RUN!!!! When he goes on one of his hot streaks he is awesome.

Furcal is now 10/14 in this series and is at .268 for the season. I hope Furcal finished the season with a .270+.

Wow old that must’ve been tough.

All right 6 out to go. Something tells me it’s not going to be easy.

Does anyone know what team has the most nondecisions?

Eric Collins don’t forget the potential dp that Odog didn’t get.

I bet Eric can figure that one out.

Trouble is on desk.

Dang 2 outs walk and Sherrill struggling against righty.

Wow Ethier

I think if Harris didn’t steal 2nd the inning would still be going. Ha

Thank you Either for saving our bacon with that throw! Nice tag by Martin.

Go Padres 3-2 Rockies but the Padres have bases loaded 1 out.

I thought it was a double that ball stay in the air for a long time.

Not an easy task for Broxton:
Dunn, Zimmerman & Willingham.

Ok, here we go! Fasten your seat belts!

Kuo vs Dunn 1/6 with 2 k’s but he does have a homerun off of him. I do trust Broxton.

Gotta to love that shift on Dunn.

Sorry I forgot the double switch.

Stop overworking Broxton.

Not a pretty game, but, a win is a win! Let’s do it again tomorrow!!!!


We’re almost there everyone, go cubs

Let’s get out of this nightmare. I surely hope that change that hit to an error hate to see Belisario ERA under 2 goes up like it was his fault but it wasn’t. We should’ve easy swept this season series 5-0.

That’s shift Dewitt to the SS spot and Furcal to 3rd it seem

That was a very tense win. My nerves are shot. Glad we got out of there with a series win. Let’s go swept the Pirates!

We did so well in DC, I can’t wait to see what happens in Pittsburgh.

swept – Should be sweep wrong tense

The only reason why I can see Dewitt making that play between 2nd and 1st.

Yeah sorry, I’m not an English major tend to make many mistake with grammar when I type fast lol. I used to hate writing essay in English class. I’m a Math/Stats or any other Math, Science and Computer guy.

Nice to win that one regardless of how scary it got. I missed Ethier’s throw at the plate, but by your reaction I guess it was a good one.

It’s all good shad…..I wasn’t an english major neither, actually I was the kid in the VP’s office quite a bit.

Dre helped us with the arm. Raffy powered up. This didn’t bode well for Padilla, of course it wasn’t all on him. Im all for getting the glitches out of the way on last place teams.
Glad we Won. “Im glad Im glad Im glad” to quote an old blues song. We do like Blues ! Don’t we?

Yeah Dodger4life and I still seem to get confuse on to and too or their and there and so on.

SD leading 5-3

Me too….spell check doesn’t help in those situations….Proofreading before posting helps though….I need to remember that, as i get in a hurry myself…although sometimes it is after losing several post to the mothership….

Sweet win tonight gang. Aren’t all wins sweet no matter how you get it done. LOL!!! Very nice Ethier love letter to Nelly pegging that runner at the plate!!! Not to worry Shad, this ain’t English 101!!! Nice to see Ferk getting hot, we will need he and Manny to win a World Series.

Hi, Jhall. Good to see you, sir.

See shad a classic example…The ( i ) is alway’s capitalized I…..I should have taken the time to proofread.

Hi’Ya Trumom!! Thanks!! You know I love you!!!

Howdy Jhall, and Trumom……everyone else out there as well…..Furcal has been on a mission as of late 🙂

When to use “too”
……..too much. Mark Reynolds strikes out too much.
We had RISP too much tonight and didn’t score.
it means also. Raffy had a great game and Matt did too (you could put also in it’s place) Raffy had a great game and Matt did also.
their ~ Their offense tonight could have been better. Always used when you are talking about something that belongs to a person (people). Their stadium…….their uniforms……their equipment, etc., etc.
They’re – they are ~ They’re the best time in the NL West.
there – any time you are not using the other two.

Yeah I always try to posted it in microsoft words before I posted it here but it doesn’t seem to work very well.

Hey D4!!! Yep, Ferk and Casey Blake are alot better proven veteran leaders (PVL’s) than Kent!!!!

19.2 Pound Bundle of Joy

Wow that’s a big baby.

Nelly, you are too funny!!! LOL!!!

Shad – you asked and I thought I would help out. It’s just in my nature being in that profession. English could have been a minor of mine with a couple more classes.

LOL Shad, I saw that. they should name it Brad Penny!!! HaHa!!

Oh I would probably had used There stadium see that would be wrong. At least I’m not confuse on write and right. Those 2 are so easy lol

I agree jhall….I enjoy watching Furcal rip his batting gloves off after a hit…….It is a little like WWF… quite entertaining….He is fired up and ready to rumble…..

Hey jhall!!!! Are you sure this isn’t an English 101 – LOL!!!

Shad – I love math and science best too. English is very difficult to teach because of all the rules and so often there are all these exceptions to those rules.

Go Bell shut them down. Yeah Nelly thanks alot. I knew you would come in to save the day. I don’t think any of my teacher in high school explain it just like that.



jhall – I didn’t see his throw. I had to take Michael to the ballpark and then get food for everyone else. I always miss the good stuff it seems. Hopefully, it will make a highlight reel. If not, I will check it out on the archived game later.

The Padres just won so what is our magic number now?

I’m sure thy will show Ethier’s throw on the Dodger website.Nellyjune
The Rockies looked very tight.

It should be on the highlight reel Nelly!! He cut down a fast runner by a step and a half. Totally sweet. Saved Sherrills bacon!!

The magic # is 4 for the title.

Thanks oldbrooklynfan!!!

Shad – anytime :))

jhall – you have to stop smiling like that.

Martin made a great catch and tag on the play as well.

Thanks jhall and dodger4life!!!!

I ought to go to dinner more often. Rockies lose…Dodgers win. Didn’t seem like that scenario when I started up the car! I have a buddy in SD and we’re going to the Dodger game Tuesday night. Made plans about a month ago. Had no idea I might see the clincher. In reality, I think it’ll be over by then, so I may drive all that way to see Albuquerque…….. The only other Dodger game I’ve attended this season (and this shocks even me…I used to “live” at Dodger Stadium when I was a nut case) was the ITD TOUR!!!!!!

Well I guess Bell had the night off.

:)) Nell’!! LOL!! Alot to smile about our Dodgers right now, eh?!! I have a feeling we will be using some of our old symbols when we play the Phillies. <f|:-((‘s

NOTES: The last American League team with back-to-back, 100-loss seasons was the Kansas City Royals, who had three in a row from 2004-06. … Washington manager Jim Riggleman said LHP Sean Burnett(notes) has not been the same since he injured his left thumb when he was hit by a line drive on Aug. 23. “I don’t know how much more he’ll pitch for us this year,” Riggleman said. “He’s still feeling some pain in there.” … Los Angeles manager Joe Torre said 2B Orlando Hudson(notes) (shoulder) and 3B Casey Blake(notes) (left hamstring) could play, but he held them out of the starting lineup. … Torre said he would stay with a six-man rotation because his pitchers needed the work. … Dodgers INF Jim Thome(notes) grounded out as a pinch hitter and is just 2 for 11 since his acquisition on Aug. 31. When asked before the game if he was disappointed he hadn’t seen the real Thome, Torre replied: “I’ve seen the real Jim Thome. Unfortunately, it was across the field when I played against him.”

Nice answer Torre.

Kahli ~ So, you don’t think of yourself as a nut case anymore? Petco Park is a pretty good park. It’s not Dodger Stadium, but it definitely has some good things going for it. Are you going to try and go to any playoff games?

Yes, there is jhall……………..yes there is 🙂

I was looking forward to see Penny get bomb tonight.

I really want that home field advantage!! We need at least 3 of 4 in Pittsburg!!!!

The guys who came with us were Ned Colletti, Rick Monday, Andre Ethier, Jeff Weaver, Blake DeWitt, Rick Honeycutt, Larry Bowa, Tim wallach, and clubhouse manager Mitch Poole and to a man, we came away floored by the sacrifice these people make to protect our freedom. As Rick Monday said on the way home, it puts an 0-for-4 in a whole new light.

I hate to bring this up but why didn’t Josh used protected and sacrificed. I always have problem when to used the ed to lol. If you taking about the past you use the ed and if not you just leave it alone.

If we take 3 of 4 from the Pirates, I think we go home with a good shot at the best record in the NL and home field advantage. Then we use the remaining games to set up our pitching for the playoffs.

Could he had used floor and sacrificed.

I’m sure you’re asleep by now, Brooklyn. But we’re tied for the lead the league with 56 No-Decisions with Washington, of all teams.

Anything else you wanna know?

I think you are right jhall!!!! It sounds kind of sweeet, doesn’t it?

Regardless, gonna have to beat some darn good pitchers to win it all!!

Yea – what’s the count? LOL!!!!

Shad – Josh wrote everything correctly. He was talking in the present tense of how they were feeling at the time.

dodgereric – LOL!!!!

Why do I always get submission errored at the worst possible time? This really sucks!!!!!!

Geez, let me try that again. But we’re tied for the league lead with Washington (of all teams), having 56 No-Decisions.

And on English Night, of all nights……..

…and I just got time warped on top of being submissioned errored for the last 10 minutes – uuugghhhh!!!!

Fish – 55
All others – 84

Yes it does Nell’!! Dad is in the house, three smiles :)))!!
How’ya doing Chevelle?!!!

I guess we woke Brad Panty up with the first class bu’tt whoopin’ we put on him!! LOL!!!

It’s figure ands we’re tied for the league lead with the Nats in blown save are did we got up by 1?


It’s figure and are we tied for the league lead with the Nats in blown save or did we go up by 1?

2nd time the charm.

Hey everyone….I’m back from the VP’s office, anyone know when recess is……and ya’ll are a bunch of class clowns…I’m LMAO!!!!

Well, Brian Wilson just blew another save – the gnat fans in the house are pisssed :))

Doing as well as can be expected, Wally! And ya’ll?

Penny sucks.

Shad, Baseball-reference says we’re tied with the Nats alright with 23 Blown Saves, but tied for 2nd, not first. The Astros have 27 of those little beauties.
There’s another stat called “Wins Lost” for starters = Pitcher left in position for a win, but game was blown by bullpen.
In this one we’re tied with the Braves for #2 with 14, but the Astros lead the league with 18.

dodgereric – On the show “Lost” there is a group of people that live on the island. They are called “the others”.

That’s about 66% dodgereric.

Doing well Dad/Chevelle!! Great to see/read you my friend!!

Oh, and speaking of Chevelle’s, how is the Chevelle? I am guessing good seeing how I haven’t heard any grumblings around here 🙂

D4, I figure we’re the trouble-makers and you’re the poor ******* who gets sent packing because you were the one caught reacting.

Nelly, maybe you should suggest to those gnat fans that Wilson ought to lose the moronic haircut.

gnats lost :))))

Say goodnight Gracie/G’natties!!!!

Maybe I should, but I won’t. Like Kruk and Kuip said…….”That one hurt folks”

I guess that fits Junie. Fish swim around the island, right? And the Chevelle seems to be fine. He sure likes having an actual gas pedal. It needs tires and shocks and Matt is lobbying for airshocks.

Same here jhall. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I miss the Beaver.

Kinda breaks your heart, don’t it jhall?

I heard that Mariya was trying to teach her phone how to swim today.

They eat alot of fish on the island, among other things.

Yes, I heard about the gas pedal. He is very happy about that – LOL!!!! Lobbying, huh – Well, that should be fun for you I am sure – LOL!!!!

I miss Theodore as well.

LOL Chevelle!! Me too!! Tends to shake things up a bit. I have a feeling things will get very interesting in the playoffs.

Oh yes she did!!!! ……..but, fortunately, it dried out and is fine now. She was not a happy camper for a few hours though because somebody gets worried when he doesn’t hear from her. I guess she was able to wrangler her old phone from Michael until hers completely dried out.

I think Theodore is tired of looking at fish 🙂

It’s not going to be an easy path to the Series, is it? It sure is nice to see Furcal heat up but the real shot in the arm would be Ramirez.

It is great to see Raffy get going, and yes, it would be even better if Manny started pouring it on as well since it’s kind of why he is on the team to begin with 🙂

I go to do some dishes and the Giants lost. Maybe i’ll do that more often.

We need Martin to heat up

I just saw Andre’s throw to the plate on mlbtv – fabulous!!!! Good job to Martin for holding onto that ball too.

See’ya gang!! Thanks for the chat!! Always a pleasure to kick it at the ITD crib with you. Keep it real!!!! Let’s rock and roll on the Pirates and put this baby away!!

It was spectacular Nelly….

I see that Nelly. The last time I check I was sure Nats and us had lead but I guess the Astros must gotten alot of blow save lately. Actually we have 24 because of Belisario with no help from Belliard and should had been credit with an an error and Belisario ERA should still be under 2.

Good Night jhall!!!!! Thanks for joining us. It’s always a pleasure reading what you have to say. Take care and God Bless.

You will be sleeping by the time this posts. I am being submission errored again:((

Let me get to Manny in a minute, but I was just checking Wolf. The way everyone harps on Wolf’s no-decisions, wouldn’t you be surprised to know that he wasn’t leading the league in that catagory? He’s #2 all right, but Roy Oswalt has him out-ND’d 16 – 15.

Delving further into the world of meaningless stats, there are three ways to get a ND, right? You leave the game with the lead and the pen blows it, you leave the game losing and the offense gets you off the hook, and you leave the game tied.

Oswalt leads the league in “Wins Lost” (the bully blowing your win) with 7. Wolf has 3 of these.

Kevin Correia of the Puds leads the league in “Losses Saved” (the hitters getting him off the hook) with 9. Wolf is tied for 4th with 7. Having a lot of these might make you think that he’s been lucky. But not necessarily. One more stat:

I’m not a real big “Quality Start” guy. Three earned runs in 6 innings is not what I would call a quality start, but it’s generally accepted, so…….

The league leaders in quality starts will surprise no one. Lincecum and Haren with 24. Would you believe that Wolf and 4 others are right behind them with 23? So I have to believe that most of his Losses Saved were games in which we scored less than 2 runs, and that sounds about right.

I have to admit that I winced when we signed him this season and I’d like to go on record as saying that he has far exceeded my expectations. Well done, Mr Wolf.

I would had never guess but looking at his win total this year I would had guess he would be in the to 3 in that categories.

That would be Oswalt that I’m talking about.

Dodgereric – That is some very good information about Randy Wolf. He has really stepped it up these season.

It is becoming rather difficult to make a post tonight so…..see ya all tomorrow.
Great Win Boy’s!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless us all…….
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!

In case no one celebrated, the Gnats were mathematically eliminated from the Western Division title tonight.

Kahli – I will make sure I pass on that information to my family – Thanks!!!!

Good Night and God Bless Dodger4life!!!!

Good night jhall and D4!

Kahli, that would make 35 out of 41 years that the gnats were eliminated from the Western Division title …….. but who’s counting? LOL!!!

Junie, IMO, we’re laying a lot of unrealistic demands on Ramirez. Dingers are down, batting average is down, strikeouts are up, etc. Yeah, he’s only hitting .298.
In 2007 he batted .296 in his last full season for Boston.
In 2005 he hit .292.
Remember that he hit .396 for us in the regular season and .520 in the playoffs.
He spoiled us last year. He’s probably not going to do that again.

But I’d sure like to get that career .314 hitter back.

I do feel Manny has given Matt and Andre some invaluable tips. They have both been pretty forward about that. Heck, Andre even quoted JP in today’s article. So, as much as we rag on him as well, obviously Matt and Andre take into consideration everything that Manny and JP have to say and do. In some ways, Manny’s not so hot return from his suspension has made Matt and Andre much stronger in their roles as outfielders and leaders on this team.

Manny might not be as hot as he was last year around this time. But, let me remind everyone here that Manny has some of the best numbers during post season play. I would like to see him get hot soon. But if not, Hopefully he catches fire in the playoffs. I would rather haveManny on my team in the playoffs then Alex Rodriguez.

Oh yeah, he’s contributed both directly and indirectly. This team really seems like it’s tight, a really good mixture of vets and youth.

I’m falling asleep, it’s time for bed. Good night and God Bless you Junie and whoever else might be out there. And Chris says she misses you!

They really do seem to get along this year. It is a good thing to see and read about.

Good Night Dodgereric!!!! Take care and God Bless to you and your wonderful family. I miss her too 🙂

carcyn – that is a definite. I much rather have Manny than Alex.

Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!

GOOOOOOD MORNING ITD-LAND! Last night our boys played hard. Great throw by ETHIER, KEMP & FURCAL were also great with their homeruns. BROXTON kept it all GOOD!.
First thing I read is the message by NELLY: And I am guessing that they are talking about A-ROD vs M-RAM…well I am not a big fan of A-ROD…so NELLY I am with you!
Well this weekend will be a BIG weekend for the DODGERS…. I hope they do great and they keep playing like winners! GOD BLESS MY BOYS IN BLUE & GOOD LUCK!

Good Morning ITDland ~ So sorry I missed all the fun last night. I was trying to post and kept getting “Submission Errors” so I got ticked off and gave up. It was right after Jhall came aboard and, I was trying to tell Shad that I thinks his posts are one of a kind and I enjoy them a lot. He is also one of our great stats guys and I appreciate that too.

I don’t really want to anger the baseball gods, but I couldn’t help but enjoy myself this morning as I read the hometown recaps of both the Gnats and Rocks heartbreaking losses last night. Tracy’s summary brought back all those Tracy memories for me, implying he wouldn’t have changed a thing. I remember his favorite lines being something like, “I can look myself in the mirror next morning I know I did everything I could have…blah, blah, blah…we control our own destiny, blah, blah, blah…” The Gnats were a bit more realistic, calling it a crushing blow, one strike away, etc., etc. Unless the Dodgers win the World Series there will come a morning in the not-so-distant future when all of us ITD geeks will be singing similar tunes. That’s why I fear provoking the baseball gods. But, hey, a little gloating on a Friday morning can’t be all bad……?!?!??!?

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