First week of September

The first week of September brings many anniversaries for longtime Dodger “Iron Man” Steve Garvey, who made his Major League debut 40 years ago this week against the New York Mets.

Garvey began his career as a third baseman from Michigan State University, and he was the team’s Opening Day third baseman in 1970. But his troubles throwing to first base during the next three seasons eventualy left him in limbo on defense and relagated to pinch-hitting duties. The Dodgers nearly traded Garvey to the Phillies prior to the 1973 season in exchange for Willie Montanez, but Philadelphia reportedly turned down the deal. Garvey’s career fortunes changed early in 1973 when outfielder Von Joshua was injured, prompting manager Walter Alston to move Bill Buckner from first base to left field. That left an opening for Garvey to try the position.

Garvey joined the infield of Davey Lopes, Bill Russell and Ron Cey on June 23, 1973 and the group spent a record 8 1/2 seasons together. But Garvey’s National League record streak of 1,207 consecutive games did not begin until Sept. 3, 1975 after he missed two games with the flu. Garvey had played in 156 of the team’s 162 games during his N.L. MVP season in 1974. 

— Mark Langill

And here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Belliard, 3B

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Billingsley, P

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Fabulous job Northstateblues!!!


Updated to show results through games played to this point:

Dodgers 79-54, .594 639 RS, 504 RA
Phillies 76-53, .589 666 RS, 563 RA

The Dodgers have allowed 59 less runs than the Phils, have 3 more wins right now, and only 1 more loss. The only thing the Phils have on the Dodgers is 27 more runs scored. And their road record, 41-23, is better than our home record, 41-26 (Phillies have 3 less losses). The same can be said of the Dodgers road record, 38-28, against the Phillies home record, 35-30, where the Dodgers have 3 more wins.

Hmm… what’s that you say? The Phillies’ pitching is better? Let’s have a look…

Dodgers 3.50 ERA, 472 Earned Runs, 504 Runs, 1030 Strikeouts, .233 Opponent’s BA
Phillies 4.12 ERA, 534 Earned Runs, 563 Runs, 918 Strikeouts, .262 Opponent’s BA

The Offense situation isn’t as cut and dry…

Dodgers 639 RS, 1265 H, 607 RBI, .274 BA, .347 OBP, .413 SLG
Phillies 666 RS, 1152 H, 641 RBI, .258 BA, .336 OBP, .451 SLG

Yet overall, as of right now, the Dodgers are better than the Phillies. Not by much, but by enough.

Where is this vastly better Phillies team? In the mind of a troll.

What was that sound last night? It’s Yesterday’s News, trying to stay relevant.

Lineup looks good tonight!

Almost forgot…………GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

Hi Everybody!!!

Another squeeker win last night against an inferior team. Let’s hope that sometime this month the team can hit its stride and play to its potential going into the playoffs.

Regarding last night, I for one believe Phan owes Joe Pierre an apology.

JPD ~ I think he does too but you know that will never happen.

The Phatastic Phillies can’t even score a run off Penny! You thought our hitting was anemic, JPD, the Phillies have score one run in 13 innings.

Certainly seems as though the Dodgers lost Tony Abreu in the Garland deal. I read it, didn’t believe it, but he’s no longer on the active roster. Cest la vie.

And, the lowly Giants have already scored 4 runs off their phantastic pitching!!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

jpd – I agree with you wholeheartedly that Oldbrooklynfan is owed an apology. ………and anybody who has read ITD for any length of time would have to would have to agree as well, including Josh and anyone in front office. Joe Pierre is cherished around here, and it makes me very irritated seeing him treated in such a way.


Make that 1 Phillies run in 18 innings…..they just lost to the Brad Penny led Giants 4 – 0!

Hi Everybody ~ Last night was one of those nights when I fell asleep at 9:30 and missed the whole game. What happened between Joe Pierre and Phan, I missed it?

Hi Everybody ~ Last night was one of those nights when I fell asleep at 9:30 and missed the whole game. What happened between Joe Pierre and Phan, I missed it?

Hi Everybody,
I’m hoping for two things tonight and that is that BILZ pitches like BILZ and the offense doesn’t have to depend on the D’Backs defense and wild pitching.
It’s time to put the ball in play.

Hi, Oldbrooklynfan. Good to see you tonight. It would be fun to score lots of runs tonight.

I for one am very sorry that we lost Abreu, and it will become more significant if we’re unable to re-sign Hudson. I’m not surprised, however, that he was designated for departure, considering how poorly our management treated him in the past. Remember about two years ago when he came up with what turned out to be a hernia type of condition? Instead of putting him on DL and carrying on with treatment, Ned sent him back to the minors. Abreu officially complained, because the difference in pay thereafter was significant (he would have been paid a great deal more on DL), but then Ned was cheap even then. The result probably was that his condition got aggravated, but Ned and company thought he was just malingering. Then they had him undergo an operation, which subsequently needed to be done a second time, and that certainly was not Abreu’s fault. I think he came back strong this year and could have been a great prospect for us, still being all of 25 years old. I think Torre just didn’t have a chance to know him, so Ned had an easy time blowing him off. I hope Abreu does well in Arizona – our loss will be their gain, and we’ll be experimenting again at second base next year. Ned is an A-Hole!!!

I intend to watch the game on ESPN, but it doesn’t look like they’ll have the start of the game.
So I’ll settle for MLB.TV until further notice.

Good luck to Tony Abreu.

But not against us.

Yeah Andre!!!!

Alright DRE!! Double #36 two short of his career high.

truebluewill – Phan was just being Phan, but was taking it out on our friend, Joe Pierre. It was totally uncalled for, but that’s nothing different for phan really, but I guess it is just who the comments were toward, which most of us found disturbing, especially if you know Joe Pierre like some of us do now.

Nelly ~ I think the best medicine for Phan would be for the Dodgers to beat the Phillies in the playoffs.

Forgive him.

The Red Sox/Rays game will never be over!!!!

SERVER ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!! SERVER ERROR!!!!!!!!!! I’M **********!!!!!!!!

I’m planning to watch ESPN tonight and of course MLB.TV hasn’t giving me any trouble yet in an inning and a half.

Oldbrooklynfan – already have 🙂

“Though I’ve belted you and flayed you, by the living God that made you, you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.”

Has Billz EVER made it through three innings on 30 pitches before?

I can’t ever remember a quick moving Red Sox game, especially against the Wanks.

What I was trying to explain last night was whenever there’s RISP some people get so excited because they actually expect the runners to score because they are in “scoring position”.
And when they don’t these people become very disappointed and start really getting negative.
My suggestion for these people is not to always “expect” the runners to score so they won’t feels so aggrivated when they don’t.

I think TruMom is a might peeved!!

Why are we all posting 15 minutes ahead of actual time?

OBF ~ I think it’s just we got spoiled as fans earlier this season when the team as a whole had better success hitting with RISP. Now it’s disappointing. 😦
I just hope they hit their stride going down the stretch, not limping into the playoffs.

Everytime I get a submission error, the time warps….and, you are right, JPD, we are 15 minutes off and I am REALLY PEEVED!!!!!

Bills is looking great so far. 12 in a row!!

Yeah Andre!!!!!

Andre 2 – 2!!!!!


Look at the bright side Tru – we’re ALL 15 minutes off. That’s improvement!!

I use to drive myself nuts wondering why the Dodgers left so many men on base, especially throughout the nineties, then I just gave up.
Now I don’t feel anything until something happens.

Well, that wasn’t too good.

Deja vu all over again! Bills does well for the first 4 innings, then things imlode in the 5th, or 6th.

northstateblues, you can keep fooling yourself with numbers going back to April, but the fact is that the Dodgers are about a.500 team since the All-Star break. You can point to a cumulative ERA, but that doesn’t take into account that Cliff Lee was in Cleveland, Hamels was out of focus due to a short offseason and too many distractions, Happ wasn’t even starting and Joe Blanton couldn’t help having at least one inning giving up crooked numbers. All of that has changed. Stop fooling yourself that you have a four man post-season rotation that can touch those four now. The Phillies have a steadily shrinking ERA at the right time of the season. In the end, both the Phillies and Cardinals will pass the Dodgers because they happen to be better teams. In fact, the Cardinals are the best team in the NL right now.


Tb4 ~ I know how you feel about the submission errors. I’m not the best typist and when those errors show up it’s very frustrating to have to type it all over again.

Well Phan, how do you explain getting shut out by a washed up has been Penny today?

Phan ~ why don’t you leave it alone, already! We know you love your Phillies! Just go *****-off!!!!

I’m so ********** I got bleeped!!! LMAO!!!

Boy, they are really being picky tonight about what you can say. I wish they would just delete phan!

When it rains, it pours! Just stop the bleeding already!

Of course it’s harder than it looks on TV, but I wish sometimes they would just break down and score some runs.
As far as that phan goes, why bother. He/she is just on here to irritate someone. Ignore it.

And the beat goes on.

And, Phan, only scoring 1 run in 18 innings!!! Just awesome show of power!!!

Great, Billz has a horrible, long inning and we go up there and swing at all first pitches!!!

Oh this is just the Dodgers on national T.V.
They try to keep it a secret how good they are.

BOY!! WTF Bills?!
I’m craving a Dodger Dog really bad now….

OBF ~ and, they are doing a great job of it tonight!!!

Nice throw Russ!

I was watching Billz against the Cubs on WGN, and their announcers had some interesting stats on him. He usually does OK thru 5, but the batting avg. against him goes up quite a bit each inning after that. By the time, like he ever does it, he gets to the 8th, he’s getting crucified. Much to early to give up on such a talent, but I don’t think he’s got what a pitcher needs to be this “ace” we talk about sometime.

Good evening all! I hope you are all well!!!
Not looking good right now. I guess I’m bad luck since when I turned on the tv Bills gave up his 1st hit. Then the rest happened.
I’ve not been in here for awhile as I’ve had such a hard time posting with submission errors and time warped earlier then others posts that I was just wasting my time so I threw up the white flag. If this works I’ll stay around. If not then take care!!!!
Joe — I got/get what you’re saying about RISP. I’m one of the negative ones (Who is usually a positive one). However when they are there the batters need to at least move them over. I know that just because they are on 2nd doesn’t mean they will be an automatic run. But they should be better at moving them up, over, and in.
IMO they have failed in this area especially in the last 2 months.
In regards to Phan, I think it shows what class Joe has to let it go. Many of us younger generation need to learn from the ones before us. There is so much class and kindness that is lacking in this world.
Phan you make comments that appear to be no biggie but are meant to get a negative reaction that then progresses to where people get fed up with your comments.
Such as the comment you made the other day about the amount of homeless in the LA area. Obviously just trying to bait some people. My & most others thoughts right now are with those that are becoming homeless due to the tragedy of the fires.
But hey you are what you are. I don’t need to say it.
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

Stick a fork in Bills. He’s done for the night.

Well said, Collie!

Welcome back Doug!

Yay, a hit!!!

Phan, I didn’t bring up the Postseason rotation, I was talking about this moment. I have no illusions about “aces” currently in the Dodgers rotation, but it’s not the postseason yet, there’s still time for us to succeed, and perhaps still time for Hamels and Blanton returning to their earlier forms.

Right now, the Dodgers are better than the Phillies. And right now, the Phillies are smarting from a whooping by the San Francisco Giants, shut out. And right now, whatever happens to the Dodgers tonight, they’ll end their game still in a better than the Phillies.

The Phillies and Cardinals are going to beat the Dodgers in the Playoffs? Wow, we have a psychic in the house. Nothing’s certain, everything can change in the blink of an eye. Everyone in the sports world thought the Dodgers would steamroll the Phillies to a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series, how did that turn out? Yeah, yeah, Matt Stairs, I know. Yesterday’s News.

“You want to make the good lord laugh? Tell him your plans” – Old Proverb.

Go to see Mientkiewicz back with the team


oops Good


Pitch 1-15 27 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 25.0 23 12 12 1 5 15 4.32 1.12 .258
Pitch 16-30 27 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 21.1 26 7 6 1 11 19 2.53 1.73 .310
Pitch 31-45 27 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 28.0 14 14 13 1 11 23 4.18 0.89 .152
Pitch 46-60 27 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 25.0 19 8 6 3 6 29 2.16 1.00 .204
Pitch 61-75 26 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 25.0 18 4 4 1 11 24 1.44 1.16 .212
Pitch 76-90 26 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 20.0 19 8 8 1 11 15 3.60 1.50 .268
Pitch 91-105 23 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 15.0 18 6 6 3 11 18 3.60 1.93 .316
Pitch 106-20 16 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.0 7 17 16 1 5 7 20.57 1.71 .280
Pitch 121-35 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00 0.00 .000

Dre’s having a good one! Too bad Furcal couldn’t score.
Manny’s funk continues. 😦

The split is weird for Bills.

Say Phan52, Are you really a Phillie fan or a frustrated Dodger Fan?

Walking the opposing pitcher is never good.

I’m sorry guys, but I don’t think Elbert can cut it!!!

It’s great to see Doug back in the lineup. Andre needs some bats behind him to bring him in. Poor guy has been stranded three times.

ELBERT got out of the inning, without giving up a run and that’s all he had to do.

Thanks Tru.
Knouff — The WGN announcers are pretty right on with that assessment. He isn’t an ACE in my opinion. He might be some day but not there yet.
I still feel that if the bats got going it would so help some of these pitchers to not feel they have to throw the perfect pitch all the time.
A lot of pressure on a pitcher when his team is only scoring 1-2 runs a game. Earlier in the year they were productive and scored runs at a great clip. Now it’s a bit dry out there…

I think Andre feels good about his hitting but he won’t show it while we’re losing.

colliethic, I don’t know if you were one of the people who was around at the time, but I came on here last year during the playoffs because I thought it would be fun to have a little give and take with your fanbase during what was a fun time. Playoffs and all. But your brethren were all sensitive and touchy, and took everything little thing like it was personal. They failed to see that it was just baseball, not something life-changing in the long run. They turned on me with hate and malice (which really makes me laugh when they have the gall to accuse me of such) so, yeah, now I just push buttons. Because it is soooo easy. You have your little lovefest here like you are somehow above it all but sometime you ought to listen to the vindictive stuff that abounds. I like to see the Mutts fail, but you people take it to another level when it comes to the Giants. And me. Hate and malice are not strong enough words.
Sorry to hold up the mirror, but there it is. Now, I’m outa here. Go Phillies.

I flip-flopped between this game and Casablanca. Four incredible things happened…I saw a great movie for the billionth time…I got to miss much of the Dodgers inept offensive flailing…I got to miss Billingsley’s predictable mid-game meltdown…and best of all, I missed phan. Beautiful world.


Well at least we can’t say they stranded too many runners tonight.

This night doesn’t get much worse: horrible game, Penny shines, Rockies win, and phan comes back. Yuck.

Ph*ck off & pharewell phan.

Phan, Phan, Phan, once again bringing up Yesterday’s News.

Lovefest? Here?!!

Have you ever read this blog?

You’ll likely be lucky and not read anything I write ’cause it’s stuck in that Time Warp that’s affecting all of . Have fun, Ignorance must be Bliss.

Dang we finally get runner on base and Ethier had to lined out.

hmmmmmmmm so Furcal can bunt

blah where was the double steal from Pierre and Furcal I would took my chance

Come on Kemp tied it an extend your homerun streak

Loved that bunt by Furcal. Maury would be proud. Nice hit by Manny. We got a chance.

Hey Collie!!! How are you doing? I have been having submission error issues for a while too. It’s no fun at all.

Urgh so much for that rally

Martin catching Haeger I would never had guess lol

The thing that gets my goat about Phan 52 is he tells it like it is.
Besides being Dodger fans we’re baseball fans and we KNOW how it is.
We don’t have to have him rub it in.

Awright M A N N Y

It’s about time they scored!
Let’s hope Kemp keeps things going…..

This Is how it is now, It doesn’t have to stay the way it is.

Kemp hit that ball real good but right out to Parra.

It really is quite amazing how Martin, Loney, Blake, Hudson, Furcal, and Billingsley have fallen flat on their collective faces for quite a long while now. That this team is STILL in first place is a testimony to……………………what? I can’t figure it out.

Time for a walk off win.


Come boys last chance. Let’s do it! Go Dodgers!!!

Torre, please send a loud message to J. Martin and pinch-hit Thome for him.

Guess not.
Good night.

Kahli – Matt and Andre, collectively have been the offensive, and the bullpen has kept us in the games, don’t you think?

nelly, that is surely the short answer!

Very frustrating watching them play this way. I should have went to bed early tonight too.

Dang 8 pitches 6 strikes for the replacement closer man which Broxton could do that than it won’t be no drama.

Well BILZ wasn’t BILZ again and the D’Backs did help.
Scherzer didn’t make any mistakes.
See you all tomorrow night.

Dang 8 pitches 6 strikes for the replacement closer man which Broxton could do that than it won’t be no drama.

I meant the D’Backs didn’t help.

TBW How could you go to bed, when They’re losing?

I was here Phan.
Your give & take was just rubbing it in & kicking fans when they were down due to the team that they loved all year didn’t make it in the end. If your going to give then you need to be able to take.
I live in Giant country & have had to deal with popping off for years about the Dodgers. But timing is everything. & being respectful of others is just the way we should live our lives. I remember you making some pretty bad comments to one of the other posters that got him to respond in a way that he wasn’t happy about. This person is a gentleman. Sometimes you can’t turn the other cheek & sometimes as in his case then, you shouldn’t.
Great your team won last year. Then you continued to pop off. When the Blue knocked off the Cubs I was happy for my team but wouldn’t be going onto their fan site and rubbing it in. If the Dodgers lost to them I would of wished them luck in the next round, unless they had fans here spouting off. I’m a NL guy and found myself rooting for the Rays just based on your actions/comments here. I always have rooted for the team that knocked off my team. Until last year.
& if you think this is a love fest you haven’t read this blog very often. Most of it is banging on Joe, Ned, & Frank. As well as some hits on the trainer and coaches. Not to mention some of the players.
As far as hating on the Giants, their fans are way worse for the most part. If I see a fan with a Giants cap I don’t yell at him. But when I wear my Dodger gear I get many comments. Ones that would earn *********** here!
Now if you want to come here and debate baseball stats & teams & players, then great. But please be respectful and realize that you are at someone else “house” so to speak and have some manners and don’t insult people.
Most of us are here to have fun with one another & enjoy our team as well as get away from the crap that is going on in the world. Not have some guy rubbing things in after they’ve won a game. So come and discuss but please don’t antagonize. No one likes a rude house guest.

Go figure Elbert and McDonald seem to pitch great where we down but them seem to not pitch well when the scored it tied or the team up by 2 to 3 runs. I swear Elbert got squeeze on Parra last night and should’ve had strander that runner on 1st with 2 k’s and we still have the 3-1 lead.

Good Night Oldbrooklynfan!!!

Kahli – We need the whole team to produce on the offensive. When was the last time we came close to batting around. It seems like a long time. And like Dodgereric and others say, hopefully it doesn’t happen, but it seems it’s only going to be a matter of time before our bullpen is spent, and then what? I am guessing with the expansion of the roster, maybe that won’t be too much of an issue seeing how Haeger went into the pen when Garland came on. Do we have any info on when Kuroda is going to be back?

I’m great Nelly!

oldbrooklynfan ~ Sometimes I find it to painful to watch. When they’re winning I’m afraid to go to sleep because I feel something bad might happen while I’m not watching.

Rumor is he’ll be back Sunday night.

It’s funny I woke up after missing the first 4th innings than I see Bills give up a double and a homerun I said oh no not again and than Penny shuting out Philly my night was ruining.

Billy Buckner
2-5, 8.63

Last appearance:
6/26 vs LAA
1.2 IP, 8 ER
Dec = Loss

No excuses for tomorrow night but than again we seen Petit pitch better this time around than in Arizona.

That is good to hear/read Collie!!! BTW – fantastic post 🙂

Disappointing loss. Bills just doesn’t seem himself lately. I really thought he was going to have a solid game tonight. He looked great through the first 4. I was glad to see Andre have a good night at the plate after a couple of quiet ones. Last night’s catch was great though. Loney looked like he was coming out of his funk for a few games, but he seems to be struggling a bit again. He’ll come out of it. It will be interesting to see what Garland does.

lol at having an easy schedule this month is not gurantee the way we have been playing, I surely hope the Pirates won’t beat us 1 time. I guess the Reds got mad and sweep them in that 4 game series.

Urgh actually that wrong stupid or that probably was his last start.

I hate seeing our pitcher having one bad inning and that it.

This make me sick Penny in a Giants hat.

Hey Bluecrewgirl!!! Yes, it was good to see Andre have a good offensive day. Even his last hit was a rocket…………just right at someone. Now, if he and Matt can get on the same page on the same day, we should have it made. It seems like when one is on, the other is off lately, but collectively, they are doing great!!!

I know, Nelly. It does seem like they’re not hot at the same time. They need to get in sync, lol. Andre’s last at bat was just a hair away from being a double that could have changed the game. I am really hoping he figures out what has gone wrong lately against lefties. He hit them well in college and his first 2 seasons too. I’m sure he’ll get it worked out. He mentioned in the article after last night’s game that it has been frustrating.

That is weird about him and lefties, isn’t it? However, like you said, he will figure it out, and once he does, watch out!!! LOL!!! You know he and Matt are on the cover of September’s Dodger Magazine? I can’t wait to get that issue. I still would like to see Andre get a bobblehead, but this will do for now 🙂

I have been waiting all week for it to come in the mail. Should be a great issue. I’d better hit the hay. Have a great day tomorrow.

Good Night bluecrewgirl!! Have a great day yourself, and maybe we will get our issues tomorrow. Take Care 🙂

I thought Kemp and Andre is always on the same page lol. I wish we can get all 3 of them on the same page and of course Furcal and Martin.

Yeah I forgot to added Manny in their somehow.

The NL Westers below us seem like they’re coming hungry. I think most of us laughed when the talking heads in Bristol and beyond spoke of the Dodgers’ “easy schedule”.

“Ease of schedule” is only as light as the desires of your opponents. Arizona wouldn’t mind setting us up for the same tumble they had in 2008. The Rocks and Jints are playing to get into the playoffs. And the Pads are the Pads. If the D’Bags and Puds are “checking out” of the season, the bitter taste in their mouths over the Dodgers’ recent rise to prominence will ensure that they’ll be taking a few days off for business when the Blue are in town.

The Dodgers shouldn’t use that excuse, though. They should get in gear and win some series for the rest of the season, making any excuses irrelevant.

THEN I’ll worry about October. I’m definitely hoping that Torre isn’t drawing up any Postseason lineups just yet.

I would had thought we would have a magic number posted on the yahoo standing but apparently it had gone to the Cards because they winning their divison by some 10 1/2 games.

So Penny beat a team that he owned with a record of 9-4 in his career so I’m not surprise at all but I hope he failed against us in SF and no way would he pitch the same way like he did in Philly. I wonder if Nelly going to that game next week?

Oh my look what I found on why Padilla was pulled.

Read this:

“Padilla. He limped out of the clubhouse with a badly bruised left calf, the result of a comebacker that went for a bases-loaded single in the first inning and the only run he allowed in his second start for the Dodgers.

Before the calf completely tightened, Padilla kept pitching until there was one out in the fifth inning, when he got the hook at 97 pitches from manager Joe Torre. Five batters later, recently promoted reliever Scott Elbert had let the 3-1 lead slip away.

The way Padilla was limping, he might not make his next start, although it wasn’t clear when that would have been anyway. Hiroki Kuroda is penciled in to return from the disabled list and start in five days after pitching effectively (five innings, one unearned run) in a Minor League rehab start Tuesday night at Class A Inland Empire.

Torre hinted as much.

“Not a tough decision at this time of year; a little extra rest won’t hurt people,” said Torre, who has discussed a six-man rotation. “Padilla took one off the calf today and he is limping around out there, so it’s nice to have an extra guy if needed.”

I knew there was something wrong with him when Torre yanked him so why am I not shocked?

Good Morning, all ITD’ers!

I am assuming that the Dodgers will be in the playoffs even if they only continue their .500 pace of play the rest of this season. Anything can happen in the playoffs, but our style of play since the All-Star Game doesn’t suggest that we even belong there. As far as I’m concerned, there are only two guys who have played this season as if they belong on a playoff team – that is Andre and Matt, plus pretty much the bullpen. The rest of them are either so-so or outright pukey.

Hmmm, interesting about Padilla. I watched the game. I didn’t see him limping. Let’s recap.

He got clobbered in the top of the first.
He batted for himself in the bottom of the 4th with two out and a runner on second.
He then went out and pitched a perfect 5th.
He sat in the dugout and struck out the first batter in the 6th.
Torre immediately went to the mound and pulled him.
He didn’t limp off the mound (to my recollection).
Elbert didn’t replace him as an injured pitcher, so he must have been warming up in the bullpen beforehand.
There was no mention of Padilla’s injury in the Times recap of the game.
I guess it was just a coincidence that he had reached 100 pitches. I hope he’s OK, he’s been pretty good for us so far.

So, what’s the excuse for Torre’s quote on Billz’ performance last night?

“I’m not concerned,” Torre said. “I thought he was great tonight.”
“…… today was a step forward for certain.”

A step forward?
Six innings, 4 runs (3 earned)?
In a home game against a team that’s 12 games under .500?
In a pennant race?
By your supposed #1 (not “ace”, please) starter?

“You’ve got to ac-cent-u-ate the positive
E-lim-in-ate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess around with Joey T.”

I know Eric and I watch that game on Kcal and didn’t see Padilla hurt at all.

lol there is a make up interleague today in Sept? That seem weird.

I thought last night’s game, with the exception of Andre, was one of the poorest overall performances of the year. This is crunch time and we played like crap………let’s get going guys!!!!

TRU – I did not see the game, but I do believe you. D-backs are not a top team, but somehow Dodgers can’t beat them. ETHIER is just HOT right now…..pshhhhhh sizzling HOT!

Furcal – .202 last 28 games
Ethier – .330 last 28 games
Manny – .289 last 28 games
Kemp – .292 last 28 games
Loney – .189 last 28 games
Blake – .188 last 28 games
Martin – .208 last 28 games
Hudson – .282 last 28 games

Mario Mendoza – lifetime BA – .215

……… Sandy Koufax hit .177 in 1965………

Again, I’d like to point out that since the All-Star Game the Diamondbacks have played to a better record than have our Dodgers. In the last ten games both AZ and the Padres are 7-3; better than our 5-5, No? So much for us facing the substandard teams. The only currently substandard team that I see is us.

Of course, we do have:
Substandard manager – JOE
Very substandard GM – NED;
and above all, a failing owner – The BOSTON SCUMBAG

I know that Torre’s style is to be the understanding grandfather, but sometimes they need their assses kicked.

I guess I’m just too old-school.

Good morning ITDers,
yes, is frustrating to see us lose to an inferior team. Not much to see on the field last night other than Andre’s hitting. If some of you want to see a picture of the magazine with Andre and Kemp I took a picture and made that my latest post.
Looking forward to seeing local boy Garland tonight. Every night I hope for a great game!

Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!

I am surprised to see Manny’s 28 game average that high, but other than that, I wasn’t surprised at all by the others. We really need to start scoring some runs like we should be doing. These games lately have been very blah. The only excitement is watching Matt and Andre being Matt and Andre, but they can’t do it alone.


How or where can i get that Magazine?

Just watched a video posted by the Dodgers on Facebook showing Jim Thome’s welcome to Dodgertown. Seems like he has a pretty good personality, nice guy, and he looks great in blue!!! Let’s go Dodgers!!

where are you? You can get it at the stadium or at the Dodger store in Universal City Walk. I know Nelly June subscribes to it. If you are far, I could buy it for you and mail it. It is $5 but note to everyone that they started adding tax to all merchandise so now the mag costs $5.49.

Good Afternoon ITD, Dodger Faithful and OUR BELOVED BOY’S IN BLUE……..!!!!!
Bills……. Keep your head up….Keep fighting your way through the rough spots and continue to have faith….You will get there!!!
We have the talent and the ability to be the best team in the league…..Frustration forget about it….We will turn things around…Notice I said we will turn things around…. not things will turn around….Today’s the day, and everyday forward from here to the crown!!!!
We need to start having fun again…smiling, laughing, playing loose and relaxed but with high intensity. This team looked a little flat in the spring…then come Opening Day they were able to flip a switch and get the motor running…and run it did….Whatever you did once you can do again. Go out and do it…..Put some fear into the other dugout, take thier fun away this is our year ( Its time to get happy. ) cue the Partridge family intro…..
It’s just a baseball….Hit it….Catch it and Throw it!!!!
Paint a Smile On Your Face Boy’s and Lets Go….
Rock and Roll All Night and Party Everyday!!!!!!!
Enjoy the game tonight everyone 🙂

Collie, great post earlier directed towards phan. I could not have said it better myself.

I went to last night’s game and was greatly disappointed, not just at losing but at the way the game went. It was a dull game as if the players on both teams did not want to be there and wanted to get the game over with as soon as possible. I know there are no guarantees that a sporting event will be exciting or that the team I want to win will but it still is disappointing to see the Dodgers play this way so late in the season. I am no hitting expert but has anyone else noticed that Manny, Russell and some others seem to be uppercutting many of their swings? No wonder they hit so many high fly balls that fall harmlessly in the gloves of the outfielders?

A lot of attention has been focused on Bills for his performance last night but he was done in by the two run homer since the Dodgers scored only one run. They did not have many opportunities to score but they had enough to make a difference. I still maintain that in order to win a championship the Dodgers will have to beat some pretty good pitchers along the way and so far, they have been unable to do that.

But enough of the negative. I am looking for a good outing tonight from Mr. Garland and enough runs from the Dodgers to win.

Glad to see the Rox already lost, and we’ll have a good idea about how the Gnats are doing by the time our game starts. Let’s go Blue!!!

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