City by the Bay

A big three-game set this week against the Giants…if we win three, we’re back up by 8 1/2 games..and of course, if we get swept, this becomes a really, really tight race. Should be a very good series, as the Giants are a different team than the last time we saw them.

Here’s the lineup for tonight:

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Hudson, 2B

Kemp, CF

Loretta, 1B

Kuroda, P


  1. perumike

    I like the lineup! I don’t like Kemp so far down, but do like him giving protection to O-Dog, who has been struggling. Marty has hit better, so hopefully he can continue that, especially hitting in front of Dre. Let’s go Blue! Destroy the SF Dwarves!!


    Obviously we’re not concerned enough to play our entire best lineup, or Loney may really be in the doghouse. Then again, we may be riding dead horse Loretta, just because that’s Joe’s way.

    Did I hear somebody say “Joe the idiot!”

  3. aeversw

    Chad won’t make his start on Wednesday. I hope this hamstring problem doesn’t linger. It’s nice that he’ll be getting a week off though. He can sure use it.

  4. kpookiemon

    “Joe the idiot.”
    Give me ANY good reason why Martin is in the two-hole…can’t bunt well, can’t hit well, puts pressure on himself in key line-up spots, moves Manny one shot downward after a three-hit game(???), Kemp bats 7th(?????), and the thoroughly “professional hitter” bats 8th simply because Sanchez is a lefty. I think I hate this line-up more than most of Joe’s “pick-names-out-of-a-hat” disasters.
    “Joe the idiot.”

  5. kpookiemon

    Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang have cleared waivers…now Ned can scavenge around the garbage dump again for starting pitching……………….


    Yes, it is Ned’s favorite time once again – he can’t help it; it’s just the Loaiza syndrome again.


    Some comments on the comments above me..

    1) Martin in the #2 hole … he will probably get better pitches to hit batting in front of Ethier..

    2)Blake has more clutch hits this season than Kemp, so I’d leave him in cleanup.. seems like if Blake comes up in a key situation he drives in runs…. Kemp tends to strike out a lot in those spots..

    3) Loney has been really struggling lately so a few days off is probably a good idea.

    4) Lay off Loretta… he’s done a decent job in a rather tough role.. the pinch hitting specialist… he doesn’t have any power but he gets a few hits every week.

    5) Ned doesn’t have many options for pitching help at this point, and most of the teams wont be in much of a hurry to help us out… I’m sure he tried really hard to get some pitching at the deadline… but it didn’t happen.. He didn’t want to trade away our whole farm system for Halladay and nothing else seemed available. Arroyo is probably an improvement over Stults.

  8. shad80

    Loney must be really in Torre doghouse because he can hit lefty and owned Sanchez and also a way better hitter on the road or maybe Torre doesn’t like that 0/20 slump is. Ethier have a lousy average against left handed but he still there heck can Pierre played first? I know Ethier played some at first in ST. I don’t care about Martin batting 2nd either just give us another batter to get on base.

    Ethier vs Sanchez is .188 batting .200 on the road .227 vs lefty. Loney vs Sanchez .273, vs left .319 on the road .322.

  9. shad80

    I’d rather have this. Hudson been doing a good job batting 8th. I don’t think I want him back to batting 2nd until he’s average is over .300.

  10. lny4loney

    Last year we were able to get to the NLCS despite JoJo’s idiocy. We have basically the same team this year plus one more year of experience for all the young guns. Joe couldn’t keep the Yankees from winning a few World Series, so maybe we can overcome Old Bubble Hat too.


    And by the way, from the previous thread, I must be the only person around that does not care much for the city of San Francisco, except for the sourdough bread. Don’t like the hills or driving, the weather changes by the minute, has pretty much the same shopping as anywhere else, and is famous for a horrible natural disaster and a long defunct prison sitting in the middle of the bay (which I must admit is a cool place to visit if you have never done so). Yes, I have heard phone company park is a neat place and I would like to attend a game there someday, but as my daughter said the first time she attended a game there, “it is nice but it isn’t Dodger Stadium”.


    I forgot to mention those charming cable cars rambling through the streets with all the people hanging off them while rolling down a steep incline with cars whizzing past. No thanks.


    Some of us have used the phrase, “smoke and mirrors” to describe the way the Dodgers had been winning not all that long ago and for much of the season. Let’s hope the smoke is not clearing up and the mirrors have not cracked as we go into the series against the Giants.

  14. bluecrewgirl

    You’re not the only one that feels that way, lbirken. I’ve only been to SF once in all my years in CA, but I prefer So Cal and I like Santa Barbara a lot too. To each their own, but I like warmer weather.

    I was surpised to see Loney out of the lineup for a second game.

  15. oldbrooklynfan

    Good Evening
    Now we get a look at Jonathan Sanchez and see what he has in his bag of tricks
    If we can.
    Let’s go Kershaw, Lets go Dodgers
    Don’t give up.
    Hang in there folks.

  16. bluecrewgirl

    I’ve noticed it seems like Andre’s been more assertive lately with his territory in the outfield because of a few plays where he and O-Dog were both going after a ball that really should have been his play. O-Dog’s a great defensive player but sometimes he goes too far out into the outfielder’s territory and I think it just causes confusion.

  17. boblee4014

    Have we forgotten the strike zone?
    Have we forgotten how to swing?
    Have we forgotten everything we did in the first half of the season?
    Have we forgotten how to hit?
    Have we forgotten how to throw?
    Have we forgotten how to be winners?

  18. bluecrewgirl

    Lol, kahli. We need the mother ship to come back for these Stepford Dodgers and return our real team to us.

  19. boblee4014

    Well, I’m not about to watch this game tonight. When they start hitting and playing like they should, I’ll be back. I’m tired of the don’t give a damn attitude. We’ll be luck to be in first place 2 weeks from now. We’re coming back to the pack. 27 games over 500 and we’ll be lucky to be 20 over when we leave SF.

  20. perumike

    I think we became spoiled with not only the great play, but the fact that for months we never lost more than two in a row. We all knew a more widespread slump would happen, just didn’t want it to come this late in the season. They’ll get it back together.

  21. truebluewill

    Nice inning! That’s what they needed to wake up! It looks like they’re responding to the challenge.

  22. oldbrooklynfan

    Another problem, when the Dodgers score, which is rare lately, the pitchers aren’t letting the runs stand to long, they’ve been giving them back quickly.—so


    Nice inning by Kuroda… Man, he can really stabalize the rotation, and with the way Kershaw’s been going… This is more like it boys!! Keep it up!!

  24. oldbrooklynfan

    I know the feeling, like when I go to Citi Field., Shad.
    Although harder for her since this is more of a rivalry.

  25. northstateblues

    Got off work, turned on the radio to hear Martin throw out Lewis, only to have the Jints hit a homer soon after.

    Came home, threw on my lucky Brooklyn hat, went with the girl to 7 Eleven for slurpees and a Bud Ice for me, and got back in the car, turned on the radio, and heard Charlie say “…And Kuroda takes the mound with his new 3-run lead”.

    This hat isn’t leaving my head tonight.



  26. bluecrewgirl

    I would have let Kuroda pitch to at least one more batter, especially the way our bp has been pitching lately.

  27. northstateblues

    BlueCrewGirl: I’ve worn this hat to Dodger Stadium 4 times:

    First time, Lowe took a no-no to the 7th against Cincinatti… we won, one of the few highlights of ’05.

    Second time, Maddux took a no-no into the 7th against San Diego, winning the first game of the homestand that would end with the 4HRs+1 classic of ’06.

    Third time, Bills took a no-no into the 6th, and ended up pitching his first CG shutout against San Francisco on July 30th of last year.

    Fourth time, the ITD tour/game. Eric Milton took a no hitter into the 1st, a shutout into the 2nd, and Seattle beat us 5-1.

    I’m not wearing it to any more Interleague games.

  28. aeversw

    Joe! Kuo isn’t a left handed specialist. He can get right handers out too! you ******* idiot! No wonder the pen is burned out. I ******* hate joe torre. PLEASE RETIRE YOu OLD STUPID ****!

  29. aeversw

    Even if Garko his a home run, which I highly doubt because Kuo is just dominate, its a one run game. Joe two of our best relievers to get 2 outs. What a waste. He needs to stop making pitching decisions. Our bullpen will be fried in October, assuming we even get there.

  30. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan I hope your right. I’m going to finish this inning and then it’s off to bed for me. You root them home.

  31. sparkleplenty_1

    Am I losing my mind? Didn’t Joe say that he wanted the starters to go 7? Why doesn’t he allow that to happen? Answer: He’s an idiot!!!

  32. bluecrewgirl

    I was worried after he gave up the lead off double, sparkleplenty, but he came back strong and got the next three. Some insurance runs in the top of the 9th would be nice.

  33. oldbrooklynfan

    Scully said that the Giant fans are starting to leave.
    I guess they haven’t been paying attention to the Dodgers, lately.

  34. sparkleplenty_1

    Insurance runs would be wonderful, BCG. Even Vinny was saying something about Broxton’s recent difficulties in saving games.
    aeversw, I have NEVER in all my years as a fan seen such a horrid mismanagement of a pitching staff. It’s so frustrating to see these guys try so hard and get overused to the point of being unable to do the job.

  35. bluecrewgirl

    They never make it easy. A double play would be nice, but I’ll take the force play that just occurred while I was typing. C’mon, Brox. Finish it off.

  36. northstateblues

    Lights Out (based on Journey’s “Lights”)

    OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

    When the lights go down in the city
    And the sunlight hides from the bay
    They’ll ask “Who put the lights out in my city? Oh no!
    THEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEee Dodger Blue!”

    The trophy cabinets are dusty
    Well my friend, they’re empty too
    NY’s winning ways never made it to the bay
    OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

    It’s funny and sad, oh, so many World Series trophies made
    Without you, without your name
    Oooooohhh, my, my my my
    OOOoooOHHHHhhh… why so blue?

    When the lights go down in the city
    And the sunlight hides from the bay
    They’ll ask “Who put the lights out in my city? Oh no!
    THEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEee Dodger Blue!”

    By northstateblues on September 19, 2008 11:26 AM

  37. shad80

    I hate when Broxton pitch on the road and in SF. Good job Broxton don’t like that homerun that you gave up.

    Last game vs. SFO 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0.00 0.00 .000
    Career vs. SF 31 0 4 2 3 5 8 0 0 27.1 29 16 11 2 13 31 3.62 1.54 .266
    Away (this year) 21 0 2 0 12 3 0 0 0 21.0 17 14 14 1 16 29 6.00 1.57 .221

  38. 32and53fan

    Now that’s more like it!

    Great play by Castro to end the game. I hope Nellyjune and family had a good time at the game.

  39. dodgereric

    Oh, I’m sure that Junie and tru and D4 had a great time, but I’m not too sure about Bill and Michael.

    I’m guessing that Torre – at some time in his long career – had a reliever that could throw and throw and throw and never got tired and never got hurt. SOMEBODY TELL HIM THAT HE ISN’T ON THIS TEAM!

    There was no reason to remove Kuroda in the 7th. He was in control, despite that little single. I’ll bet that the Giants pepped up in the dugout when that fool trudged out to the mound and took him out.

    Sign me up for the “Torre’s an idiot” club.

  40. kpookiemon

    Sign me up for the “Wolf needs to come up big tomorrow and join the pennant race and quit being a mill stone,” what with Lincecum going Wednesday. And none of this 6 innings, 4 runs stuff, Randy. That was enough to get Sanchez beat tonight.

  41. shad80

    Actually those numbers are confused without the categories but he had like 5 saves and 8 blown saves against the Giants.

  42. shad80

    I think Torre was trying to play it safe even though he was dominating but hate that Torre took our Kuo after 1 batter when Kuo could get both right and lefty out.

  43. shad80

    I’m going to missed Kurt Rambis but I reall hope he have a good season with the T-Wolves. Get well Gasol I hope it just 3 weeks and no more.

  44. dodgereric

    A comment on one of the comments on the comments above me..

    2)Blake has more clutch hits this season than Kemp, so I’d leave him in cleanup.. seems like if Blake comes up in a key situation he drives in runs…. Kemp tends to strike out a lot in those spots..
    By on August 10, 2009 5:27 PM

    I like Blake just fine. He’s been way better than I thought he would be when we traded for him last year. But……..

    Blake – 27 for 107 – .252
    Kemp – 36 for 119 – .303

    2 outs, RISP
    Blake – 14 for 48 – .292
    Kemp – 18 for 56 – .321

    7th thru 9th innings
    Blake – 35 for 118 – .297
    Kemp – 55 for 139 – .396

    As I said, I’m not trying to denigrate Blake. I like him. But………

  45. koufax1963

    Hooray we won! With the amount of runs we have scoring lately I was concerned about getting swept. Reality check is we had one good inning, and that was aided by two walks.
    We still have that RISPitiis, Hudson with a lead-off double doesn’t score, with kemp and loretta following him, and in the 9th pierre and furcal on with none out and nothing comes across the plate. Torre uses 3 pitchers to get out of the 7th, it worked but just sucks up our arms in the BP.
    We go vs. an unknown tomorrow, who apparently is a real deal vs wolf and we have whatever vs. lincecum on wednesday. We should have an offense that would not make it so darn close in 9th like it was. Glad we won this tonight. Go Dodgers with even more intensity!

  46. dodgereric

    Shad, you said it all when you said, “I think Torre was trying to play it safe even though he was dominating”. He tends to play it safe with the starters but couldn’t care less about the pen. This was a good opportunity to save at least a couple of arms in the pen for the next two very important games. There was already one out in the inning and a guy on first. He’d been throwing ground balls. Leave him in.

    And Kuroda’s been back for over 2 months and 14 starts now. That should be enough time for him to be over his injury last spring.

  47. shad80

    Yep I totally agree I would had not mind see Sherrill pitch 1 1/3 innings with no Kuo and no Belisairo since he been overused all year.

  48. nellyjune

    I know, I know, I know…………………….I should be asleep, seeing how I officially report to work(school) tomorrow morning (not that I wasn’t there everyday last week, including Saturday and Sunday), but I am a little wound up still. We just got home from the game about 30 minutes ago, and I can’t fall asleep.

    oldbrooklynfan and Shad – thanks for the thoughts while we were at the game. I was pleasantly surprised how many Dodger fans were there.

    Dodgereric/Ward Dear – Thank you too. We were there with Collie and his wife too, and Michael, Angelica and Bill did just fine. Us Dodger fans took the high road and let the scoreboard speak for itself on the ride home. Howeverm, it really did shut up that “Beat LA” chant for a while though. Michael and Angelica sat right behind JP’s “Caption Contest” Yahoo Sign. We were laughing just thinking about that.

    As for the game itself, we were sitting along the first base side pretty much facing the Dodger bullpen, and right field, where Andre resides. There was a good mixure of Dodger fans and gnat fans, and we only had a few groups of gnat fans who weren’t so fun to be around, but it was more annoying than anything, and like I said, it quieted down real quick when Matt hit his base clearing double. Manny was treated as expected, but I didn’t think it was too bad, definitely nothing that he hasn’t been exposed to even before the suspension. I do have to give the gnat fans credit (at least where we were sitting). All of us (and other Dodger fans around us) at one time or another got up to get food, beverage, what not, and nobody booed us or made us feel unwelcome. That happened at Dodger Stadium when we were there for the gnat game with Dodgereric and family. However, the rivalry is still very much alive and well.

    It was wonderful meeting dcollins (Collie) and his wife. We were supposed to meet them in the afternoon for a late lunch, and we ran into car trouble. It’s been one of those summers where cars and plumbing have been major issues in this household for some reason. Anyhow, all is well, and we got there in time for warm-ups and Dodger batting practice. Now, that was just as much fun in some ways as the game itself. One note about batting practice. Manny hit a homerun ball, my son caught it, and threw it back. Andre was being Andre signing autographs after he warmed up.

    The game itself went on just as you saw it. Good in some parts, frustrating in others, but when you win, it makes those frustrating things not seem so bad. I even cheered for JP…………………………I mean I really cheered for him. Andre didn’t have a great evening at the plate, but he was kept pretty busy in the outfield. Matt, on the other hand, did a fantastic job and Loretta had a productive evening. It’s funny, when Sandoval came up to bat, he is now called “The Panda”. I was thinking and said. The gnats may have “The Panda”, but we have “The Bison”. Just a note on pitching. Kuroda did very well once he settled down. I think he was a little upset about being pulled, but luckily it worked this time. It was great seeing Sherrill and Broxton pitch though.

    On a last night before I try to get a few hours sleep. Collie knows the ins and outs of AT&T Park pretty well. Well enough to know where the Dodgers leave from. So, we hung out there for a while. We saw almost everyone, including Ned, Joe, Vin, Rick and Charlie. Most of the players got on the bus, and as the bus pulled out us remaining Dodger fans cheered them on. And from the back of the bus, you could see them waving to us. We were able to see Matt Kemp very clearly, and that was just very cool indeed.

    I am sure the others that were with me have some things to say or add, and I think this post is long enough already.

    I do have to say, that between the blogging, the ITD tour, going to games together and now in everyday life for some of us, this is one fantastic group of people on this ITD Board. I know we get into our heating discussions at times, but boy, there is certainly no doubt how much we love this team. It is one of those fun things in life that I am so honored and proud to be a part of everyday. We are one unique and crazy group, and I wouldn’t want to see it any other way. Good Night/Good Morning, and I will see some of you on here in a few hours.

  49. nellyjune

    red pen – there were several, but this one is a glaring. 7th paragraph down – It should say “One last note…….”

  50. thinkingblue

    I’m glad you guys had a great time at the game and to top it all MATT KEMP waving “Bye” to you guys. That is just awsome. The game was great. And yes Vin kept mentioning how KEMP just shut the Gnats fans down. They were quiet, but there was a lot of cheering for the Dodgers. I’m glad you all were there to cheer for our boys. I am glad we won, knowing how the Giants have a better At-Home record.
    And for everyone else that went to the game…COLLIE….you were loud….Dodgers fan were loud…thanks for the great job on cheering for our boys…DODGERS WON (the 1st game)….GOOOOOOO DODGERS!


    Glad the game turned out for nelly
    Broxton makes me uneasy lately. Somebody already pointed out a couple of days ago that Sherrill’s presence should give Joe and Honeycutt food for thought.
    I wear my LA hat more when things are going bad. Probably to prove to myself I’m not a fair weather fan. I’ve made several trips to Colorado lately ( have to go there to see live entertainment. Saw Chris Hillman and Herb Peterson and then Johnny Winter. Should go see Johnny if you care for that music.) and made a point of wearing the hat. Apparently Hillman is a Dodger fan too.

  52. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland ~ NellyJune pretty much stated what a great time we had at the game last night and I sure did too! Collie and his “wifey” were fantastic hosts.
    Keep up the good work Dodgers and take game two tonight!

  53. dodgereric

    knouff, Johnny Winter?!?!?! Awesome!! I’m kind of surprised he’s still alive! LOL!! ROCK ‘N ROLL, HOOTCHIE KOO!!

    Did Edgar make an appearance? I (mis)spent a good deal of my youth listening to the both of them.

  54. thinkingblue

    TRU – I’m glad you had a great time. Wow how about those calls the ump at first was making…I don’t know but WE WON! I had mentioned to HEARTRUSS that KEMP was my heroe and I’m calling him BAT-Man and CASTRO was the mini-heroe and I’m calling him ROBin for robbing the Giants from a chance in winning…LOL


    eric- Edgar did not make it. Johnny has to sit now and he does not walk very well. But he sure as hell can still handle that guitar. Back in the late60’s and early 70’s when I still lived in LA, I went to a lot of shows, and one of the best was Johnny Winter And at the Santa Monica Civic. You should see him if you get the chance. It’s one of those things you have to witness to appreciate.
    I’m sure your doc’s have pointed out you have to keep your electro-lites up as well. My mom got dehydrated, drank a LOT of water, flushed out that good stuff and wound up in the hospital. No doubt you already know this, but I thought I’d mention it.

  56. trublu4ever

    Was watching ESPN and apparently Joe and Ned want to go get a pitcher but Frank doesn’t want to…….so, who wins?

  57. thinkingblue

    Wow, that sucks…obviously NED & JOE knows we need a pitcher but FRANK doesn’t want to cough up the MONEY. WHO WINS??? That’s a trick question.

  58. trublu4ever

    Just want to add, we really don’t have a #5 starter and don’t know how serious Chad’s hammy is….may have to be put on DL.

  59. perumike

    Good morning everyone! Nelly – Thanks for telling us about your great evening. Glad you had a great time!!!

  60. kpookiemon

    Gotta love Joe’s quote this morning in L.A. Times, concerning Manny dropping to 4th in the order: “Just to do something different.” That IS Joe’s mantra. That’s all he EVER does with his batting order. If someone on this blog is REALLY bored I challenge him/her to count how many different line-ups Uncle Joe has trotted out there this season. If any one line-up has appeared five times I’ll be surprised.

  61. dodgereric

    knouff, I didn’t know that about the electrolytes. One of the meds I take prohibits me from drinking Gatorade, plus it has a lot of sugar – not good for Type II diabetics. I have an appointment scheduled in a couple of weeks and I’ll ask. Thanks.

    kahli, it’s not hard if you know where to look. Via baseball-reference:

    Most Common Batting Orders

    9 Games

    8 Games

    6 Games

    5 Games

    75 total batting orders (99 when including pitchers)

    Of course, these are not consecutive games. Once this season we have fielded the same lineup for 5 consecutive games (May 12th – 16th). Just this once. There have not been 4 in a row yet (except to include the above 5 of course). There have been 4-5 times we made it 3 straight.

    Look for yourself. It’s amazing.

  62. kpookiemon

    eric, that IS an amazing little library of stats! Funny, not once has Joe fielded MY preferred batting order, not that I know anything… And the order that Joe has used nine whole times bolted the Dodgers out to their best start in a bazillion years….so naturally Joe has to change it around. For me:
    Kemp (the only real protection for Manny)

  63. dodgereric

    Oh, and from the same article that kahli referred to:,0,174736.story

    “Pointing to how the Dodgers have 13 pitchers on their roster and an off day Thursday, Torre said they might not have to make any roster moves if they can avoid overusing their bullpen in the first two games of the series.”

    Reaction: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and HA!!! Torre you idiot! You used 3 arms in the seventh inning ALONE!!! If you had just left Kuroda in to finish the inning (or at least shown that you were tiring), you could have SAVED Kuo and Bellisario for the last two games, but NOOOOOOOOOOO.

    It’s my ferverent hope that the Dodgers win the World Series this year, for two reasons. One is obvious. The second is that MAYBE Torre will decide to go out on top and retire early.

    One can only hope. He certainly has some upside as a manager. He must. Perhaps it’s in the clubhouse where none of us can see it happen. All I know is that his lineups decisions are curious at best and stupid at worst. And his handling of the bullpen borders on the criminal.

    These are my opinions and I’m allowed to have them. Now I will step aside for those of you who think he’s great to say so.

  64. nellyjune

    Not only was Kuroda holding his own at the beginning of the 7th, his pitch count, I believe, was only in the 80’s. I would have at least went one more batter to see if he was really done or a possible double play from the next batter. Like I said, he seemed visibly upset he was being pulled. Tru thought he was hurt because he was kind of slumping his shoulder, but I took it as he was not happy. Then pitching both Kuo and Bellisario in that same inning was just wasteful, and hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite us in the butt later this series or week.

    Thanks perumike!!! We had a great time, and like Tru said, Collie was a fantastic host.

    knouffbrock – I did not know that about the water/electrolyte thing. Very good to know, and I bet alot of people don’t know that. The things you learn on ITD is just fun and informative sometimes.

    Dodgereric – very interesting about the lineups, and you really need to stop laughing like that. Your co-workers are going to start wondering about you. Nevermind, they already do I am sure (jk) LOL!!!!

  65. trublu4ever

    When I was volunteering at our local hospital, one of our volunteers was admitted because she was under the impression that she had to drink tons of water. Well, she drank so much water tat she did, indeed, flush all of the electrolytes out of her system. So, as Knouffbroxk says be careful about how much water you drink. Just remember….MODERATION!!!

  66. thinkingblue

    LONEY in a SLUMP (hope he gets out soon)
    HUDSON with a Groin injury (hopes he gets better)
    But CASTRO was great….GO DODGERS!

  67. Dodger4life

    Good aftrnoon all…..
    The game last night was very enjoyable, shouting 54 after their weak chant and countering the boo’s with where are all the cow’s….made it even that much more enjoyable. It was fun to beat them in their park. Collie almost… underline almost caught one of Andre’s BP balls. I thought it was in the glove David. We tried to get Nelly to take a picture with Ned doing the (Trump Your Fired ) signia….. but Ned walked away. All in all it was a game spent in good company and with a very good outcome. Castro was the man of the moment.
    Have a great afternoon everyone and enjoy the game tonight.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!

  68. ramslover

    Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I have posted on ITD. I hope everyone is well and Nelly, Collie and crew, thanks for representing last night in a hostile environment. I have read most of the comments about the lineup and see everyones points. I am not here to defend Joe, but we are still up 5.5 games and for the most part it has worked out. As for the bullpen that is another issue and our 1st half beliefs are starting to be felt.

    Ned, did well in picking up Sherrill, who we have until 2011/12 if I am not mistaking. Now my concern, as it has been since ST, is the starting 5…We need an innings eater and I think Harang is Cincy pays most of his salary is not a bad deal. I was looking at his stats, bad won-loss, but he plays in a bad park and on a bad team. up until last year he had a respectable hits to innings pitched ratio and pitched 200 plus innings. I would not mind seeing him in the 5th spot. He would be an upgrade to what we have been sending out. Arroyo would also be an upgrade…I think Cincy will take a lesser prospect if we take on some salary. They have to want to get out of it. Harang at 5-6 mil is a good deal.

    Padilla is a wild card, good stuff but he does things to annoy the other team and his teammates. He could get Manny hurt by starting a beanball war.

    Big win last night, lets get number 2 and can someone start beating the Rockies?

  69. Dodger4life

    I did’nt mean to pour salt in the wound, I apologize I was just expressing the sheer excitment it was in having the oppourtunity, it was a tough catch.

  70. Dodger4life

    I did’nt mean to pour salt in the wound, I apologize I was just expressing the sheer excitment it was in having the oppourtunity, it was a tough catch.

  71. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    Great win last night and I’m so glad that Nelly, Trumom, Collie & D4 were there to represent ITD! I’m sure y’all had a lot of fun last night!

    Rams – Yes, it’s been a while for you posting, but then again, I haven’t been the most consistent poster – ever. But it’s good to see you. I mentioned this the other day when I was talking to Nelly, but I’m so concerned about our pitching. Honestly right now, I still want a starter, but it’s rather slim pickings right now. I just hope whomever we pick up off the waiver wire, that (1) he’s an innings eater and (2) won’t adversely affect the clubhouse. I see your points about Arroyo or Harang. Padilla, isn’t that the guy from Texas? If that’s the guy I’m thinking of, my husband told me that he’s been pretty much a cancer in any clubhouse he’s been in. Thanks, but no thanks.

    I liked the pick up of Sherrill, but I’m hoping that Torre doesn’t use him in the wrong way. I mean, look at last night’s game. Let’s forget about using 3 pitchers in one inning, but I would’ve liked to see Sherrill close out the game. I’ve NEVER liked the way that Torre manages (or mismanages if you want to use that word) our BP. Even if Torre had JB close like he did, why use 3 pitchers in one freaking inning? That’s ludicrous.

  72. nellyjune

    Dodger4life – Boy, if that wasn’t like putting salt in the wound – LMAO!!!!! (jk) I am glad you brought up that missed Andre fly ball. So, technically, we had a chance to have two Dodger hit balls (Manny and Andre), but we didn’t end up with either one. Well, we did get the win, which is the most important thing. Also, if anybody is looking for a particular baseball card, Collie is the one to ask. If he doesn’t have it already, he will probably know where to find it. Very impressive from the small sample we saw.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!

    Hey Ramslover!!! It’s great seeing you around here again. It’s always great reading what you have to say. …………and he name is Andre (Everyday Dre) Ethier, #16, right-fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers 🙂

  73. nellyjune

    I am just funnin’ Dodger4life – LOL!!! I, unlike you, wasn’t too sure about the hostile environment, normally not my cup of tea. However, I am thinking the win had a lot to do with how I felt by the end of the game thinking it wasn’t so bad. However, we did have safety in numbers with the amount of Dodger fans there.

  74. nellyjune

    However, Dodger4life, I am not normally a violent person, but I really want to go kick that idiot behind us in the cojones, and I don’t think my husband would have cared either. What a frickin’ jerk, and to think he had his family with him – pathetic and so unnecessary the things he was saying. Even Michael, once he was told what things he was saying, said that is just disturbing.

  75. shad80

    Maybe he using Kuo as a left handed specialist now. If he had Beimel he was had still used 3 pitchers in one inning.

  76. shad80

    I’m still can’t believe Torre lifted Kuo after 1 batter or maybe he scared to overused him after all those surgeries Kuo has.

  77. northstateblues

    Joe Torre as the Dodgers manager has his upsides and downsides. The Downside is that he changes the lineups often, and goes through bullpen arms like Darryl Strawberry used to go through… nevermind.

    The upside, though is because of or in spite of him, we’ve ended up the furthest we have been in the playoffs in a couple of decades. It wasn’t Grady, Tracy, Davey or Russell taking us to the NLCS. Also, since we have Manny, he’s the perfect manager to have to handle the media situation, after dealing with the NY media and fans for 14 years. It’s hard for me to think of a Dodger manager who could’ve handled the somewhat delicate, blue-ego-crushing situation we have before us (though I could think of a couple of owners who could’ve handled it better than the current one. Might as well be pushing PEDs on their Dream Foundation fields the way they market him, hurts for me to say it too. But I’d have no problem if they did even one 30-second spot with Manny saying “Don’t do drugs, mmmkay? Drugs are bad.” Instead of turning him into a toy. Twice.) Sure, Lasorda would’ve probably had the same tolerance he had for Steve Howe, but that’s not handling the problem, that’s cutting it off at the bud, and making sure it doesn’t grow into something worse that can end up damaging the whole plant. In hindsight, probably a better option, but one that is not an option with the current leadership.

    Yet, Joe handles it, in the way that Tom Cable is uniquely qualified to be the Onfield Coordinator… I mean… Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders, hands tied behind his back, under a microscope 24/7, getting key plays called in by the bespeckeled man in the booth. Difference being, Al’s won 3 championships, gone 5 times to the Championship game, and over the course of his life revolutionized his sport and the way people view it (Though PED use was much more rampant in the Oakland locker room than in the Dodger clubhouse). Al’s gone senile. I think Frank’s a bit young for that excuse.

    Joe and Ned want pitching? I think you’d better listen to what the baseball people are telling you, Frank, they’ve been around long enough to know that teams like this don’t fall of trees, especially as the core that’s up for arbitration sooner than we’d like to think is watching your every move, considering whether the Dodgers are a place they’d like to spend a lengthy part of their careers playing for. For some, you couldn’t blame them if they wanted to leave at this point, let alone if the Owner shows a vote of no confidence in the team, while marketing a bobblehead for the same vacationing player twice, Colonel to Manny’s Elvis.

  78. northstateblues

    And Nelly, not sure what that fan behind you was saying, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried to kick him in the cojones multiple times, and missed every time. “Only try to realize the truth… there is no spoon” – savant boy in The Matrix.

  79. truebluewill

    Nellyjune, I just read your post from 3:31 AM. It sounds like you had a great time. You really gave a great description of not only the game but of the whole day’s events. I especially liked the part about seeing the players on the team bus and having them wave at you. After all we give to the players as fans it’s nice to get some acknowledgment back from them.

    Also it’s nice to see how ITD and the love of the Dodgers has brought all these different people together to form new friendships. I’ve only been blogging on ITD for about a month and a half, and have really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone better and having people getting to know me.

  80. shad80

    Manny Ramirez was moved from third in the lineup to fourth. “Just to do something different,” Torre said, adding that he wanted to move up Russell Martin, who had an on-base percentage of .483 in his last eight games. . . . James Loney sat because a left-hander, Jonathan Sanchez, started for the Giants. Mark Loretta started in Loney’s place. . . . Will Ohman, who has been on the disabled list since May 28 because of shoulder and elbow problems, is throwing off a mound.

  81. shad80

    Does it really matter if a left handed was starting Loney can hit them and Pierre can also but since Torre being a little bit smart not to ever bench Ethier for now Loney doesn’t need to be sitting again.

  82. nellyjune

    northstateblues – The guy wasn’t right behind me but he might has well have been. Instead of cheering on his team, he had some made up phrase for every one of our players, the worst, of course, being about Manny. His specific phrase was “Manny……………you are the father of my twins”, which in and of itself was not so bad, but his real kids were sitting next to him (grade school age), and they were saying the same thing. All I kept thinking is “I feel sorry for whoever is going to be their teacher this year.” I understand the cheering for your own team, telling us we suck, the “Beat LA” chant, and heckling, but I think that particular comment said by a kid was just disturbing, especially when the kid is not even old enough to have his own kids yet.

    truebluewill – Thanks truebluewill. Seeing the bus leave back to the hotel was a nice nightcap to a very fun day/evening. We have Collie to thank for taking us to that spot. …..And yes, we are a pretty fun group, and thanks for sticking around to find out what it’s like on a daily basis. Some of us worry sometimes that if a new reader were to read ITD today, what they must be thinking, but I think if you read a while and get to know the personalities, it becomes pretty clear, we are all here for the same reason……………….Dodger baseball. It only takes a few posts to make yourself known around here, and you have done a wonderful job in doing that. It is a pleasure reading what you have to say.

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